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    Summons FAQ by cooldude345

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                         Golden Sun: The Lost Age Summons FAQ       
                         By: Kenny Taylor (A.K.A Cooldude345)
         ____       _     _              ____                  _____ _          
        / ___| ___ | | __| | ___ _ __   / ___| _   _ _ __  _  |_   _| |__   ___ 
       | |  _ / _ \| |/ _` |/ _ \ '_ \  \___ \| | | | '_ \(_)   | | | '_ \ / _ \
       | |_| | (_) | | (_| |  __/ | | |  ___) | |_| | | | |_    | | | | | |  __/
        \____|\___/|_|\__,_|\___|_| |_| |____/ \__,_|_| |_(_)   |_| |_| |_|\___|
                         _              _        _              
                        | |    ___  ___| |_     / \   __ _  ___ 
                        | |   / _ \/ __| __|   / _ \ / _` |/ _ \
                        | |__| (_) \__ \ |_   / ___ \ (_| |  __/
                        |_____\___/|___/\__| /_/   \_\__, |\___|
                  /   _____/__ __  _____   _____   ____   ____   ______
                  \_____  \|  |  \/     \ /     \ /  _ \ /    \ /  ___/
                  /        \  |  /  Y Y  \  Y Y  (  <_> )   |  \\___ \ 
                 /_______  /____/|__|_|  /__|_|  /\____/|___|  /____  >
                         \/            \/      \/            \/     \/ 
                             ________________   ________   
                             \_   _____/  _  \  \_____  \  
                              |    __)/  /_\  \  /  / \  \ 
                              |     \/    |    \/   \_/.  \
                              \___  /\____|__  /\_____\ \_/
                                  \/         \/        \__>
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    | Game:         Golden Sun: The Lost Age |
    | Subject:      Summons                  |
    | Guide Type:   FAQ/Walkthrough          |
    | Author:       Kenny Taylor             |
    | Created:      4/29/03                  |
    | Last Updated: 5/11/03                  |
    | Version:      0.9                      |
    Version History
    _/ 4/29/03 Version 0.1 \_______________________________________________________
    Created the guide.  I made the Table of Contents, Djinn List, Character List, 
    Using Summons, Summons, and Thanks Sections.  I hope to add Summon Descriptions
    in the next update along with ASCII Art for the title.
    _/ 4/29/03 Version 0.15 \______________________________________________________
    I had a little extra time today, so I added the ASCII Art.  Hope I didn't over 
    do it...
    _/ 4/30/03 Version 0.2 \_______________________________________________________
    I added the descriptions for all of the Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter 
    Summons.  I may need to eleborate on "Found At" parts and will add the Multi-
    Elemental Summon Info tomorrow.
    _/ 4/30/03 Version 0.25 \______________________________________________________
    Once again, I found myself here with nothing to do.  I added the Multi-
    Elemental Summons information, but I still may need to elaborate on some other 
    info in this FAQ.
    _/ 5/05/03 Version 0.3 \_______________________________________________________
    I changed the ASCII Art today, along with changing the title numbers to Roman 
    Numerals.  I will be able to finish the Summons part of the guide once I reach 
    Doom Dragon, then I can use the Summons without killing him.  This means I will
    get the elemental bonuses.  I plan on adding further information on where to 
    get sections, along with where to get djinn.  I may add sections for djinn like
    in the summons section of the guide.
    _/ 5/05/03 Version 0.35 \______________________________________________________
    I basically did a little reformating, basically making the found at location 
    for the Multi-Elemental Summons easier to see.  I also took out the "Found At" 
    sections for the Elemental Summons out, seeing how they didn't have any use.
    _/ 5/06/03 Version 0.4 \_______________________________________________________
    Today, I finally finished the Elemental Boost sections of the Summons.  I also 
    found out about a new summon, which I quickly found and added to the guide.  I 
    plan to have this be one of the lst updates, with only djinn information and 
    found at sections to elaborate on.  I also added the Anemos Sanctum section.
    _/ 5/06/03 Version 0.45 \______________________________________________________
    A very small update, but since the previous 0.4 Version had been posted on 
    GameFAQs, this is technically a new update.  I fixed a couple of errors in the 
    Summons Section along with a couple formatting errors.
    _/ 5/07/03 Version 0.5 \_______________________________________________________
    I added the FAQ Section along with specifications for the Found At sections.  
    Many people seem to be having trouble finding them...
    _/ 5/08/03 Version 0.6 \_______________________________________________________
    This updatet fixed an error that has gotten me multiple e-mails.  Very small, 
    but necessary.
    _/ 5/09/03 Version 0.7 \_______________________________________________________
    This version added one of the biggest sections of the the guide, the Summons 
    Stats Section.  This section was courtesy of Terrence Fergusson, who I owe ALL 
    credit for the section to.  To see the original copy, check out the Battle 
    Mechanics guide found at GameFAQs.com.  
    _/ 5/10/03 Version 0.8 \_______________________________________________________
    I reformatted the guide today.  I will also add the Advanced Locations section 
    and put the information from Terrence into my own words, upon recieving 
    _/ 5/11/03 Version 0.9 \_______________________________________________________
    I added the advanced locations section today.  The only thing I need to do now 
    is put Terrence's guide into my own words - and get all those copyright notices
    out of there.
    Table Of Contents
    I.)    Finding Anemos Sanctum
    II.)   Djinn List
    III.)  Character List
    IV.)   Using Summons
    V.)    Summons
    VI.)   Advanced Locations
    VII.)  Summons Stats - Courtesy of Terrence Fergusson
    VIII.) Frequently Asked Questions
    IX.)   Thanks
    I.) Finding Anemos Sanctum
    	Since so many people are having trouble finding Anemos Sanctum, here is
    where to find it.  Go to Contigo, northwest of Atteka Inlet. Then use teleport, 
    a psynergy found in Mars Lighthouse, while on the special pad in the center of 
    the town. You must have all 72 djinn to access the inner sanctum.
    II.) Djinn List
    	Here is a complete list of the Djinn used for Summoning in Golden Sun 2: 
    The Lost Age.  They are listed in four categories: Venus, Mars, Mercury, and 
    ~~~~~   ~~~~    ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
    Venus   Mars    Mercury Jupiter
    ~~~~~   ~~~~    ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
    Flint   Forge   Fog     Squall
    Granite Cannon  Steam   Breath
    Quartz  Kindle  Gel     Gasp
    Vine    Reflux  Eddy    Gale
    Sap     Tinder  Serac   Zephyr
    Ground  Fever   Fizz    Kite
    Bane    Corona  Sleet   Blitz
    Flower  Torch   Mist    Ether
    Crystal Spark   Spritz  Waft
    Petra   Char    Hail    Wheeze
    Salt    Coal    Tonic   Aroma
    Geode   Core    Dew     Whorl
    Mold    Fury    Rime    Lull
    Echo    Fugue   Balm    Gust
    Iron    Scorch  Sour    Breeze
    Steel   Ember   Spring  Smog
    Mud     Flash   Shade   Luff
    Meld    Shine   Chill   Haze
    III.) Character List
    	Here is a list of all the characters and their specialty Element.  By 
    having certain djinn assigned to certain people, your Summons will do more 
    ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~   ~~~     ~~~~    ~~~~~
    Felix Isaac Jenna Garet Piers   Mia     Ivan    Sheba
    ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~   ~~~     ~~~~    ~~~~~
    Venus Venus Mars  Mars  Mercury Mercury Jupiter Jupiter
    IV.) Using Summons
    	In order to use Summons, folow these easy steps.
    Getting Your Djinn On Standby
    A.) Press the "A" Button either on the World Map, Town, or Dungeon gameplay 
    B.) Arrow right over to Djinn and select it.  You should then see a list of  
    your characters and their current djinn.
    C.) Select the djinn you want on standby, then press "R." This will put that 
    djinn on standby.  It should now be colored red, rather than white.
    D.) If you want all of your djinn put on standby, press and hold "R," then 
    press select.  If all of the djinn aren't red, press select a second time.  
    A.) Get into a battle with one or more djinn on standby.
    B.) Select "Fight."
    C.) Arrow right over to "Summon."  It looks like a black monster with two 
    yellow eyes.  Select this option.
    D.) Then arrow up, down, left, or right to your desired Summon.  Select it by 
    pressing the "A" Button.  That Summon will now be used by that character!
    E.) Now either attack or defend with your other characters as you would during 
    a fight.
    NOTE:  By putting a djinn on standby, it can change your stats and class.  Be 
    sure to check that you are OK with your status before entering a battle.  By 
    have all your djinn on standby, you WILL be weaker, but you can use the most 
    powerful attacks - Summons.
    V.) Summons
    	Here is a complete list of summons listed under four categories: Venus, 
    Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Multi-Elemental.  Multi-Elemental tend to be the 
    strongest.  I reccomend you summon them with a person that has strength in the 
    most used djinn.  
    ~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~~~~~~         
    Venus               Djinn Needed         
    ~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~~~~~~         
    Judgement           4 Venus              
    Game Description:  The might of Apocalypse.
    Raises Elemental Power By:  90
    Description:  A figure with a bull helmet, angel wings, sword, and lion head on 
    his right hand comes out of the sky.  The lion head then collect energy that 
    looks like lightnings and shoots out a blast, which explodes on the overworld, 
    beach, forest, and then on your current battle scene.  A very powerful summon 
    for Felix and Isaac.
    Cybele              3 Venus              
    Game Description:  The great mother of the Earth.
    Raises Elemental Power By:  60
    Description:  A tree figure with four feet and a beard pops up on the screen.  
    Then he spews some seeds on the ground, which grow and shoot the enemies up and 
    out of sight.  It kind of looks like a briar attack.  The tree the glows 
    bright, and pops off the screen.  
    Ramses              2 Venus              
    Game Description:  Guardian of an immoratal pharoah.
    Raises Elemental Power By:  30
    Description:  This summon takes your battle to a desert scene.  A sphynx takes 
    it stone hand and pounds the ground, causing an avalanche to fall upon the 
    enemies.  It then punches the enemy, causing an explosion and taking you back 
    to the original scene.
    Venus               1 Venus              
    Game Description:  Elemental power of Earth.
    Raises Elemental Power By:  10
    A venus djinn flies onto the screen and causes a series of explosions to damage 
    your enemies.
    Meteor              4 Mars               
    Game Description:  A meteorite from deep space.
    Raises Elemental Power By:  90
    Description:  A huge meteor, along with many smaller ones, flies onto the 
    battle from Outer Space.  Then the game shows the Meteor crashing onto your 
    enemies while the screen is, basically, a fiery inferno.  A very powerful 
    summon for Jenna and Garet.
    Tiamat              3 Mars               
    Game Description:  The queen of all dragons.
    Raises Elemental Power By:  60
    Description:  A shower of fire rains upon your enemies.  Then a dragon appears 
    on the screen and spews flame all over them.  The the screen is covered by a 
    curtain of fire, like in Kirin, and then leaves like Cybele.
    Kirin               2 Mars               
    Game Description:  A mystical beast cloaked in flame.
    Raises Elemental Power By: 30
    Description:  A flaming dog-like creature jumps out of a flaming portal.  It 
    then runs across the screen and attacks the enemies with flames.  Then a 
    curtain of flames follows its attack, causing the enemies to be burnt to a 
    Mars                1 Mars               
    Game Description:  The elemental power of fire.
    Raises Elemental Power By:  10
    Description:  A mars djinn flies on the screen, and causes damage to the enemy 
    with a fiery explosion.
    Boreas              4 Mercury            
    Game Description:  The god of the north wind.
    Raises Elemental Power By:  90 
    Description:  This summon takes the battle to an icy mountain.  The ice breaks 
    off, then a huge snowball falls into what looks like a big snow cone maker.  
    The ice is then shot onto your enemies, freezing them together.  But an ice 
    missile flies into them causing serious damage.  A powerful summon for Piers 
    and Mia.
    Neptune             3 Mercury            
    Game Description:  An incarnation of the sea king.
    Raises Elemental Power By:  60
    Description:  This summon takes the battle to a large sea.  A huge-tusked whale 
    splashes out of the water and shoots a large blue beam from its nose.  A 
    barrage of beams them hots your enemies, causing a big, blue explosion.
    Nereid              2 Mercury            
    Game Description:  Princess of the sea spirits.
    Raises Elemental Power By:  30
    Description:  A goddess comes onto the screen and causes a huge geyser of water
    to shoot up from under your enemies. 
    Mercury             1 Mercury            
    Game Description:  The elemental power of water.
    Raises Elemental Power By:  10
    Description:  A mercury djinn flies onto the screen and shoots a barrage of 
    water beams at your foes. 
    Thor                4 Jupiter            
    Game Description:  The mighty god of thunder.
    Raises Elemental Power By:  90  
    Description:  This summon takes you to a rainy sky.  The large seal is drawn, 
    then spins back into the clouds and shoots out a lightning bolt.  Then a viking
    god with a large hammer appears where the lightning struck.  He himself then 
    shoots out a powerful lightning beam at your foes.  A great summon for Sheba 
    and Ivan.  
    Procne              3 Jupiter            
    Game Description:  A goddess in bird form.
    Raises Elemental Power By:  60 
    Description:  A tornado comes onto the screen and carries your foes into the 
    sky.  A large bird-like creature then shoots for beams of energy at your 
    enemies causing great damage.
    Atalanta            2 Jupiter            
    Game Description:  The heavenly huntress.
    Raises Elemental Power By:  30
    Description:  A goddess comes onto the screen and summons what seems like 30-40 
    some arrows, and shoots the at your foes.
    Jupiter             1 Jupiter            
    Game Description:  The elemental power of wind.
    Raises Elemental Power By:  10
    Description:  A jupiter djinn flies onto the screen and causes damage with 
    blast of wind.  It looks like the wind slash spells.
    Djinn Used:        9 Mars 4 Mercury  
    Game Description:  Goddess of Rainbows, Guide of Souls.
    Found At:          Anemos Sanctum, Defeat Dullahan
    Description:  Put simply, the most powerful summon in the game.  It not only
                  does substantial damage, but also heals your party to full 
                  health, too!  A bunch of energy balls come together in the sky to
                  form one large one.  A goddess pops out of that ball and shoots 
                  two energy balls from her hands.  Then she flies into the air, 
                  along with your enemy.  She then throws them into the sun, and 
                  you see the explosion from a far-off perspective.  Then the 
                  screen flashes orange, and you see the enemy taking damage in the
                  battle arena.  She then also grants your team full health, your 
                  alternate team included.  This summon is best used with either 
                  Felix or Isaac, maybe Piers and Mia could use it also, if Felix 
                  and Isaac aren't available.  The best Summon, the hardest to get.
                  Dullahan, the guardian you must beat to get it, has around 16,000
    Djinn Used:        8 Venus 2 Jupiter  
    Game Description:  Boatsman of the river Styx.
    Found At:          Walk into the Anemos Sanctum Inner Chamber to see it.
    Description:  Very similar to Judgement, this summon takes you to an overworld 
                  scene, only it's red.  Then a huge explosion, blood red, takes 
                  place upon a magical seal.  An evil looking creature then shoots 
                  an explosion like the one that just took place, that rolls onto 
                  the arena and destroys your enemy.  Best when used by Felix or 
    Djinn Used:        3 Mars 5 Jupiter  
    Game Description:  The embodiment of destruction.
    Found At:          Islet Cave, Defeat Sentinal
    Description:  One of the coolest looking summons.  It takes you to a blood red 
                  sky, thunder strikes.  You can see a warrior, like in Judgement,
                  come down out of the shadows.  He has the bull helmet, shield, 
                  huge agel-like wings, and a large sword.  An energy ball forms on
                  the end of his sword, and is encased in pyramid-like seal.  It is
                  shot onto the overworld, and the ball explodes out  of its case 
                  and destroys everything.  You can see the explosion coming onto 
                  the screen, and a dragon made out of lightning pops out and runs
                  the explosion  into your foes.  Very cool.  Best when used by 
                  either Sheba or Ivan.
    Djinn Used:        3 Venus 4 Mercury  
    Game Description:  An awakened dragon of the deep.
    Found At:          Treasure Island, Defeat Star Magician
    Description:  A large, fish-like dragon comes from above and grabs your foes.
                  Then it takes them to an underwater environment, where it shoots        
                  a large energy ball at them.  The dragon comes from under the 
                  ball, and takes the enemies to the surface where it explodes.
    Djinn Used:        3 Venus 4 Mars     
    Game Description:  Master craftsman of ancient times.
    Found At:          Yampi Desert Cave, Defeat Bullrog
    Description:  This summon takes you to a scene above the forest.  It shows a 
                  giant stone gorilla rise out.  It shoots missiles out of its 
                  shoulders and eyes.  Then its face explodes off, and a huge 
                  missile comes out.  They all come onto the arena an explode on 
                  your foe.  The following turn, the huge missile comes down upon 
                  your enemy, doing further damage.
    Djinn Used:        3 Mercury 3 Jupiter  
    Game Description:  A goddess bearing the water of life.
    Found At:          Cave Southwest of Contigo
    Description:  This summon takes you to an underwater environment.  One rings 
                  appears and begin to spin, two more follow.  Then the goddess
                  appears, and many bubbles begin to float from below her.  She 
                  then directs them towards your party.  They heal your current
                  party only for about 60-70 points of healing.
    Djinn Used:        3 Venus 2 Mars
    Game Description:  A beast that sunder darkness  
    Found At:          Cave northwest of Loho
    Description:  This summon takes you to a dark cave.  A portal appears, and a 
                  hand begins to rise out of it.  Then a bubble of lava pops and 
                  the demon-like creature comes out.  It then charges toward the 
                  enemy and attacks them with a swipe of its claws.  It can make 
                  you foes have strong poison status affects.
    Djinn Used:        2 Mercury 3 Jupiter  
    Game Description:  A dragon whose wings span the skies.
    Found At:          Win the Lucky Medal game in Lemuria.
    Description:  A large, yellow dragon flies from the sky.  Lots of light rays 
                  come out of its closed mouth, then it shoots ont large beam onto 
                  your enemy. It then shows the  huge explosion on the overworld 
                  caused by the beam.
    Djinn Used:        2 Mercury 2 Mars     
    Game Description:  A legendry wandering mage.   
    Found At:          Cave by Izumo                           
    Description:  A card float down onto the arena, and turns into the mage.  It 
                  throws out more cards that turn into lobster claws and bite your 
    Djinn Used:        2 Mercury 1 Jupiter  
    Game Description:  A sacred ice monster.
    Found At:          Inside Madra Catacombs
    Description:  Snow falls on the arena, and then a giant snow dog creature 
                  appears.  Then it blows more snow on your enemies.  It 
                  drastically drops your foes agility.
    Djinn Used:        1 Venus 2 Jupiter  
    Game Description:  The wind rider, goddess of flowers.
    Found At:          Inside Air's Rock
    Description:  This summon takes you to a clear sky.  A bunch of petals float 
                  by, and then the goddess appears.  She shoots more petals out of 
                  a seal, and they attack your enemy. 
    Djinn Used:        1 Mars 1 Jupiter  
    Game Description:  The goddess of vengeance.
    Found At:          Cave by Mikasilla
    Description:  Two large swords fall down from the sky onto the arena.  A fiery 
                  tornado hits your enemy, and from the inferno comes the goddess.
                  It does little damage, but raises your attack power as a bonus. 
    Djinn Used:        1 Venus 1 Mars     
    Game Description:  Earth's might enflamed.
    Found At:          Cave south of Dehkan Plateau
    Description:  A minotaur-like beast rushes onto the screen and strikes your foe
                  with a scythe.  It also lowers the enemy's defense.  Then the 
                  screen shows an explosion and it's over.
    VI.) Advanced Locations
    	This sections will take you deeper into the world of Golden Sun: The Lost
    Age by telling you exact locations of the Combo Tablets, also know as Multi-
    Elemental Summons.
    This is the first Summon Tablet you will be able to recieve. Exit Dehkan 
    Plateau and head west along the road until you see a cave. Enter Indra 
    Caverns. Use the Move Psyenergy on the pillar and move it to the middle, and 
    then use Lash on the rope. Go up the rope and jump from the pillar to grab
    Head north of Mikasalla until you hit a mountain range. Then head east until you 
    see a cave. Enter the cave and go right, keep walking until you are on an X-
    Shaped mark.  Use Scoop on it and go down the new ladder. Walk through the 
    cavern to go up the next set of ladder. Go up and grab Megaera.  
    More to come!
    More to come!
    This Combo Tablet is located in Izumo Catacombs. To enter this cave, head to the 
    north of town and push the wooden pillar one space to the east.  Use Reveal to 
    uncover a hidden entrance. Go down the ladder to enter the Catacombs. Use Frost 
    on the two puddles.  To get to the second one, just use Sand to go underneath 
    the pillar.  Then go back around and go up the ladder.  Hop across all the 
    pillars, and go through the door to the north.  Then go north, then right and 
    down the ladder.  Go north and use Pound on the pillar, then use Sand.  Move the
    pillar to the right one space by using Move.  Go all the way around the cave 
    and hop over the pillar you just moved.  Go down both ladders, then up the next 
    ladder to the right in the next room.  Go around to the left and hop over the 
    pillars to get the Phantasmal Mail.  Then go back around, use Pound on the 
    pillar, and go northwest - passing the first pillar.  Now go up the ladder and 
    walk/run to the north, use Parch on the pool, go down the ladder, go through the
    door, and grab Ulysses! 
    This Combo Tablet is basically dependent on your luck. When you're in Lemuria, 
    play at the fountain and try to hit the center with a lucky medal. The first 
    prize you get will be Eclipse.  
    More to come!
    More to come!
    More to come!
    More to come!
    More to come!
    More to come!
    More to come! 
    VII.) Summons Stats - Courtesy of Terrence Fergusson
    	I borrowed the information for this section from TFergusson's Battle 
    Mechanics guide.  I take absolutely no credit for this section.  If you wish to
    use it in your own guide, you must follow the following rules:
    	[The following is copyright Terrence Fergusson]
    	This document is entirely my work, and was written and is owned by me, 
    Terence Fergusson. All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged where not 
    specifically mentioned. If you wish to reproduce this document AS IS, you may 
    do so without having to ask my permission, providing that the entire document 
    including this copyright notice is left intact, and preferably in ASCII text 
    	Summons are essentially advanced Psynergy. However, there's more to it 
    than that. 
    	By utilising combinations of Djinn that are on standby, you can unleash 
    powerful attacks. These attacks draw on two things. The first is the exact 
    combination of Djinn, which creates a basic Psynergy effect that applies as a 
    bonus to the second more important property: the target's maximum HP. 
    	The base damage of any Summon (with a few exceptions, as we'll see) can 
    be expressed like so: 
    	Base Damage = Summon Base + [Target's Max HP * 3 * Djinn Used / 100]
    	In otherwords, for each Djinni used in the Summon, 3% of the target's Max 
    HP is added to the Base Damage. This can really add up. 
    	Of course, this alone would fail to cause much damage, which is why we 
    return to the first factor: the actual Summon. 
    	At the start of the game, you have access to four basic Summons of each 
    element. Naturally, you cannot use them until you have the Djinn to access 
    them, but they are there. 
    	Scattered around the game, however, are several combo tablets that open 
    up advanced summons, which require Djinn from two elements at once. I will not 
    list their combinaations here; they are notMore to co
    More to come!me!
    More to come!
     really important for 
    	In any case, depending on which combination you use, you will get one of 
    the below Summons, each with their own added effect to the damage. 
    	Once the Summon Base and element has been determined, we apply the 
    finishing touched: random variance and the Psynergy Power Multiplier factor in,
    like all Magical damage. In addition, they are all (with two exceptions) 
    magical area attacks that use the *SUMMON* diminishing ratio. Since they do not
    have a range of A(ll), they are subject to reduced damage against off-centre 
    	Having mentioned exceptions twice, we should take careful note of 
    Coatlicue, which does not cause damage to the enemy, and instead heals you like
    a normal healing spell. I have put the Damage Code of 'c' next to the Summon 
    Base for that summon to make that more clear. In addition, summoning Daedalus 
    is another special case. Although the actual Daedalus summon is a normal summon
    in all respects, it also causes a second attack at the end of the next turn, 
    which I have, for the purposes of this guide, called . This attack cannot be 
    gotten on its own, and has its own special rules that will be covered in its 
    entry in the below table. 
    	And now, the summon effects themselves. Both Base (the additional damage) 
    and HP% are displayed next to each summon, since those few exceptions who don't
    use the above HP% formula do exist. 
              Elm Base HP% Range       Special
    Venus     E   30   3   |||||6||||| ---
    Ramses    E   60   6   |||||6||||| ---
    Cybele    E   120  9   |||||6||||| ---
    Judgement E   240  12  |||||6||||| ---
    Zagan     E   50   6   |||||6||||| -25% Defense : 50% Max
    Haures    E   270  15  |||||6||||| Inflict 'Deadly Poison'
    Charon    E   500  30  |||||6||||| Inflict 'Downed'
              Elm Base HP% Range Special
    Mercury   W   30   3   |||||6||||| ---
    Nereid    W   60   6   |||||6||||| ---
    Neptune   W   120  9   |||||6||||| --- 
    Boreas    W   240  12  |||||6||||| ---
    Moloch    W   100  9   |||||6||||| -50% Agility : 50% Max 
    Coatlicue W   c 60 --- =====A===== *Curative Spell Only, Inflict 'Regen'
    Azul      W   330  21  |||||6||||| Inflict 'Stun'
    * Until Regen wears off, you will regain 60% of your Max HP at the end of each
              Elm Base HP% Range Special 
    Mars      F   30   3   |||||6||||| --- 
    Kirin     F   60   6   |||||6||||| --- 
    Tiamat    F   120  9   |||||6||||| --- 
    Meteor    F   240  12  |||||6||||| ---
    Megaera   F   40   6   |||||6||||| +12.5% Attack (Party Only) : 50% Max 
    Ulysses   F   160  12  |||||6||||| Target cannot move for next Action 
    Daedalus  F   100  7   |||||6||||| At End of Next Turn, Missile is used 
    <Missile> F   250  15  =====A===== *Character's Power not used : Use 78 
    Iris      F   800  40  |||||6||||| **Revives all 'Downed' and Restores HP 
    * Missile is the second part of Daedalus' attack, which occurs at the end of  
      the turn *after* the one in   which it was summoned. Although it is actually 
      listed in the code as a Radius 6 attack, it does not suffer from Area 
      Reduction. In addition, it uses its own Power of 78 in the Power Multiplier.
    ** Iris' special affects all eight characters, even the four not in your active
       party. It revives *any* 'Downed' members, restoring 100% Max HP in the 
       process. To everyone else, it restores 9999 HP using Fire Element and 
       standard Curative formula. The summoner's Fire Power applies to the strength
       of this curative power as well, though you'll likely never notice it unless 
       you hack your Fire Power to something hideously low.
                Elm Base HP% Range       Special
    Jupiter     A   30   3   |||||6||||| --- 
    Atalanta    A   60   6   |||||6||||| --- 
    Procne      A   120  9   |||||6||||| --- 
    Thor        A   240  12  |||||6||||| --- 
    Flora       A   80   9   |||||6||||| Inflict 'Sleep' 
    Eclipse     A   300  15  |||||6||||| -25% Attack : 50% Max 
    Catastrophe A   400  24  |||||6||||| Reduce Target's PP by 10% of Max PP 
    	Finally, after a Summon, your Element Power is raised by a certain amount
    depending on the amount of Djinn of each type you used. Using a Fire+Earth 
    Combo Summon would, for example, raise your Fire Power and Earth Power by a 
    predetermined amount, depending on the number of Fire and Earth Djinn 
    respectively used. The below table details the amount and effect of using a 
    particular number of Djinn.
    Number of Djinn: Effect: 
            1        Raises User's Power by 10 : 200 Max 
            2        Raises User's Power by 30 : 200 Max 
            3        Raises User's Power by 60 : 200 Max 
            4+       Raises User's Power by 100 : 200 Max 
    	The previous section currently has no work of my own.  I believe it was 
    very comprehensive and informational; therefore, I put it in my guide.  Once 
    again, the previous section is 100% work of Terrence Fergusson.
    VIII.) Frequently Asked Questions
    	Here is a list of easily asked questions I have been asked way too many 
    times.  If you have any questions of your own, e-mail at the address given in 
    the Legal sections found under the title.
    Q:  Since you are the author of the GS2 summons faq, I thought that maybe you 
        could help me.  You do mention every combo summon there is but you do not 
        tell where to find them.  I am only missing a few, like Daedalus, Azul, 
        Catastrophe, Charon, Iris.  Where do you find them?
    A:  I believe I did tell you where to find them...  Anyway, You can get Iris by
        defeating Dullahan in Anemos Sanctum. Charon talks to you when you come in,
        actually some spirit does, but you can't miss it. All of the other summons 
        can be found by defeating the other three guardians: 
        Yampi Desert Cave, Defeat Bullrog - Catastrophe 
        Treasure Island, Defeat Star Magician - Azul 
        Islet Cave, Defeat Sentinal - Daedalus 
        Hope that helps. I might write a little mini-walkthrough on getting through
        and to those places later. It may just be that you aren't far enough in the
        game to have them, but good luck!
    Q:  Does anything happen when you get all of the djinn?
    A:  The only thing that I know of is that you gain access to Anemos Sanctum. 
        You can also get new classes that you could only get with 9 djinn (each 
        party memeber has 9 djinn).  If there is anything else, please e-mail me.  
    Q:  Where is Anemos Sanctum Located?
    A:  This question is answered in the Finding Anemos Sanctum section, but the 
        question was asked before that update.  Go to Contigo, northwest of Atteka 
        Inlet. Then use teleport, a psynergy found in Mars Lighthouse, while on the 
        special pad in the center of the town. You must have all 72 djinn to access
        the inner sanctum.  While inside, make sure to get the Charon and Iris 
    Q:  What is the most powerful Summon?
    A:  Iris, it is the most powerful summon because it not only does outstanding 
        damage, but it also heals all your characters to full health.
    Q:  Do I have to complete Air's Rock in order to get the Summon there?
    A:  Yes, I don't believe you can get it without reveal.
    IX.) Thanks
    	This Section gives credit to all who helped me create this guide.
    	CJayC               - For posting this and for making GameFAQs
    	TFergusson          - For giving me all the information on Summon Stats
    	HalyconIV           - For the locations of many Multi-Elemental Summons
    	iViE                - For the Guardian names
    	Astral Fire 	  - For information relating to Elemental Boosts
    	Oleg                - For information relating to Haures
    	WINGERK51           - For notifying me of a couple mistakes
    	Myself              - For writing this
    	You                 - For reading this
    	Camelot & Nintendo  - For making this unbelievable game

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