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    Glitch/Debug Room FAQ by barbarianbob

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 01/13/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Golden Sun: the Lost Age Glitch Guide

    Version 1.05

    Copyright barbarianbob 2005-2010.



    Welcome to the Glitch FAQ by barbarianbob. This is my first FAQ and it's the best. These glitches are all confirmed to work on Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

    Also, I would like to inquiry that all of you out there find three glitches that are currently left out of this guide. If each person in the entire web-o-sphere were to find three glitches, I'll donate a few dollars to some charity! Send them in along with $4.99 to claim a fabulous prize! (That prize likely being satisfaction for your good deed and nothing more.)

    Changes! For glitches found by myself or found by a lot of people, I will not place "Found by" and their name. This course of action was mainly put in place because I don't know who the original founder actually is. Additionally, this creates some ambiguity on whether I found the glitch or a bunch of other people did, thusly leaning reader's opinions toward my superiority! Hehe... I love getting credit for things I don't do. Except in cases of plagiarism. That's bad. Don't do it!


    This is a glitch faq. Glitches can mess up your save file. Making a backup copy is wise. I will not be held responsible for lost data. It is possible to recover your lost data if you so happen to lose it. It is written in the FAQ section.

    Version History

    • version 1.05
    • version 1.04
      • I added some glitches that people have contributed. Sorry for taking so long to update, guys. I also reformatted stuff and fixed typos. You wouldn't believe how many typos I found in this thing. Neato! I wonder if there's some nifty speelcheek thing in Notepad++ that works as well as Firefox's spellchecker.
    • version 1.03
      • Okay, I finally updated this with some new glitches. Huzzah. I also changed all occurrences of my email so that spam bots navigating the web-o-sphere don't find it. Double huzzah for that. Also included in this version is a bit of information about escaping the debug room. Credit goes to Avihay for discovering this technique. In addition, the Weird Rock glitch was added with dual credit going to Magic Drake and Safari_Hater.
    • version 1.02
      • I thought I'd update this badboy, since I hadn't in over 2 years. Much thanks to zagman505 for sending in some info on a glitch. Fixed some typos and edited a bit of information. Also, I'd like to give a shout out to the owner of the blue SUV parked in the fire lane. I'd just like to say that the text on your license plate kicks butt. Okay, that about wraps it up.
    • version 1.01
      • Fixed table of contents and added a glitch. Fixed some typos.
    • version 1.0
      • Guide finally got accepted.
    • version 0.0
      • Had great idea to make a glitch guide.


    • Requirements: Taopo swamp accessable.

    Enter Taopa swamp. Go right a screen. Jump right, jump up, then right to some stairs. Go on the bubble at the bottom of the stairs. Go straight down to the next bubble. Left, left, down, down-right, straight right, up-right, straight right, up, down-right, up-right, and down-right. Each time, you should get to another bubble. Go up the stairs and into the cave. Go straight through the stairs. Go down and right, while avoiding the air that pushes you. Then go up and to the right. Go down. To the right, you will see stairs, but don't go down them. To the left is some air and five slopes. From any slope, go a bit up and left. When the air is not blowing, hold B+DOWN+RIGHT. You should fall off the ledge, but not fall down to the next screen. From here, you can move left and right and go into battles. Retreat also works.

    Why it works: Unknown. Email me if you figure it out!

    Mind read Conversation

    • Found by Apocalypse Edge
    • Requirements: Have transferred Colosso winning data, but be BEFORE Issac and company join your party.

    Go to Mikasalla and enter the inn. Now use the Mind Read ability on the Colosso warrior. A cutscene will start with the mind read text (Blue text with a black background).

    Why it works: When you use mind read, the game sets a specific value and proceeds with the regular text function, which displays differently when that value is set. When each mind read convo is concluded, this value is swapped back off. When you use mind read on the warrior, it fails to edit the value back to what it should be but still executes the text function, thus starting the convo with the mind read text setup.

    Fall From The Sky

    • Requirements: Sand ability, have the boat, and have completed Ankohl Ruins.

    Go inside Ankohl Ruins, jump left, go up, jump right, go up, jump up, jump left, and go through the door. From here, you will be in the room with a bunch of stone faces. Go down through the door on the far left. Jump to the left and go up the stairs. Go up and through the door. Climb down the vine. Use sand in the sand and go up through the sand. Climb out and go up the vine. Go up the stairs. From here, go down to the door and go in it. Go up, jump right, go up, jump left, turn right, and go down through the door. Step on the switch and go across to the stairway. Go in the stairway. Go left, jump down, jump right, jump down, jump left, jump down, and go through the door. This is the key element: Slide down the cliff. Now, when you go through a door or finish a monster battle, you will fall from the sky. AMAZING!!! Now you're wondering why you did all that work just for that.

    Why it works: When falling of the cliff, it is set as the next way to enter a room. It should reset the value, but it doesn't. Once the trick is done, go back to the cliff and slide down to reactivate it.

    Visit places from the first Golden Sun

    • Requirements: The boat, and grind ability.

    Go to Loho. Go the the shore south-west of it. Now face the land right below the shore(the mountain). Press 'A' and you should get to the land under the mountain. Now, you can explore the two continents for the previous Golden Sun, but the only things visible are the two lighthouses and Vale. Everything else is gone. You can also explore this area with a cheat device. On the internet, you may find a walk anywhere code, which is another way to explore this territory.

    Why it Works: You're at the shore, so you can jump off to land, but the way it was programmed, you just go where you're facing when you jump off the boat, therefore letting you jump to the lower land.

    Can't move

    • Requirements: Beat Serpent at Gaia Rock

    Go to the dead serpent. Use sand near it. Go under it and press 'A' over and over as you move around under it. You should get out of the sand and be trapped on top of the serpent. You can't move unless you use sand again. A bonus feature is that retreat does not work here.

    Why it works: The programmers left a spot where you can walk on top of where the lizard is.

    Play as only Felix

    • Found by Apocalypse Edge; additional info by zagman505
    • Requirements: Start a new game.

    Start a new game and go to Idejima. Use the Sanctum trick (save, reset, put the cursor over your file and HOLD L+R+START as you press 'A' on your file.) You'll appear in Dalia's Sanctum with no party members with you. zagman505 also discovered that after using this glitch, he could only leave Daila the way he came (back towards Idejima) with only Felix in his party. The moment after leaving Daila, the first djinni would join, at which point Jenna and Sheba would miraculously appear in the party.

    Why it works: The "Return to last Sanctum" trick needed a starter sanctum to prevent the game from crashing when using it early on. However, the first sanctum visitable was after when Jenna and Sheba should join your party. To make sure they would be there, the programmers just forced them into your party when you get the first djinni if they weren't already there.

    Walk on top of a pillar

    • Found by Apocalypse Edge
    • Requirements: Get to Anemos Inner Sanctum and have all 72 Djinni.

    Go to the room with the boulders that you can lift. Now walk into the pillar to the left of the boulder and you should appear on top of the pillar.

    Why it works: I'm not exactly sure why it works, but I have seen this type of thing happen in other games, like Goldeneye for N64. It seems to be a problem with elevation. Maybe, when you go right, it has a value for the button the pillar is on. You're able to walk left because the button is there, but then you're under the pillar. When checking your elevation, it notices that you're under the pillar and re-inputs your elevation to on top of the pillar.

    Walk out of bounds

    • Found by Apocalypse Edge
    • Requirements: Get to Anemos Inner Sanctum and have all 72 Djinni.

    Go to the room north of the room with the liftable boulders. Run into the upper-left corner of the room. You will now be able to walk on the black stuff in the room.

    Why it works: The programmers probably left out that that space is actually a wall. They probably copied other sections of Anemos Inner Sanctum and pasted them in different spots to save time. This spot is a bit different from other rooms, so it was probably accidentally pasted from a spot with a door right there.

    Walk on Water

    • Found by Apocalypse Edge
    • Requirements: Get to SW Atteka Islet.

    At SW Atteka Islet, push the box off the cliff and save while on top of it. Reset and go into your file again. You will be on the water and be able to walk around in it.

    While testing this glitch, I noticed that if you push the box left 3 times, up, then left, from it's original location, the fence above it messes up; Your character graphic will go under the fence graphic, possibly because of some elevation error.

    Why it works: When you save, the game stores your location and the location of the box, but when you load the file, it doesn't record that you're on top of the box. When the file loads it sends you down to a probable height.

    "Brighten a sad town's life"

    • Found by Apocalypse Edge
    • Requirements: Get to Prox and have the reveal ability.

    Anywhere is Prox, except in houses, you can use Reveal. When you exit the reveal circle, the town will be brighter than before.

    Why it works: When you use reveal, it forms a circle and the rest of the screen turns black. While doing this, almost everything turns grayscale, therefore removing the fog. When you exit the circle, the game does the same function it would do any other time you exit the circle and doesn't bring the fog back.

    Continuously Walk While Talking

    • Additionally info by KrrAinagotable
    • Requirements: Gaia rock accessible, have growth ability and defeat the serpent.

    Go to the dead serpent. Go to the left side of him. Walk as far to the left as possible. Walk right and once you collide with him, press 'A'. Your character should be in the walking animation. This also works on the right side of the serpent.

    Why it works: You can talk to the serpent from a longer distance than normal people. In other words, you must be stopped to talk to a person, but can be moving while talking to the serpent.

    In addition, KrrA_InAgOtAbLe reported that this same effect can be seen if you try to move while activating a switch.

    Mess Up Speech Window

    • Requirements: Loho accessible.

    Go to the shop/inn. Buy herbs until one character is holding 30 of them. Then try to buy another herb and give it to the same person. The shopkeeper's image bubble is now overlapping the speech window.

    Why it works: The message window holds too much text to fit, therefore going underneath the character picture.

    Duplicate Items

    • Requirements: Have NOT beaten Maopa at Trial Road, but have Trial Road open.

    This is probably one of the most well-known glitches. Before beating Maopa at Trial Road, and after Maopa opens it, drop an item that you want to duplicate somewhere in the Trial Road Dungeon. When you exit Trial Road, you will obtain the item back. Now you can go to a shop and buy a second copy of that item. Some weak battle items won't be copied, but you can copy things such as Water of Life and Lucky Medals, which can prove to be very useful.

    Why it works: In Trial Road, you have to put items in the treasure chest, so it puts all your items in memory. That way you can get the items back after completing Trial Road. But when you drop a significant item in any area, the item goes to the shop so you could get it back (for a price). So when you drop the item in Trial Road, it goes to the shop. When you leave Trial Road, you get the item back, so you end up just like before, but with the item also up for sale at the shop.

    Crack in the air

    • Found by Apocalypse Edge
    • Requirements: Mars lighthouse accessible and beat Flame Dragons.

    Go Mars Lighthouse. Go to the room where you defeat the flame dragons. Use blaze on the fire. A crack will appear where the ice was earlier, but the ice is gone, so it will just be floating.

    Why it works: The programmers accidentally made the crack that appears appear any time you use blaze even if the ice is no longer existent.

    Walk in Lava

    • Found by Hi im Felix
    • Requirements: Have burst and have Magma Rock accessible.

    Go into Magma Rock. Upon entering Magma rock, lift the boulder. Go straight and you'll see a door, a climbable wall, and two statues shooting a fireball back and forth. Go in the door. Jump left twice and climb the wall. Go up the stairs to the right. Climb the wall and jump to the pillar. Take the left door out of the two. Go to the climbable wall. Go up, left, and down it. Go through the tall door. From there, go up until you're next to a ledge with a statue on it that shoots a flame at the big statue when you use burst on it. Use burst toward the statue, while under it (not on the ledge). The lava will rise with you in it. Huzzah. If you remember where a climbable wall was, you can climb it, but then you can't get back in the lava. Also, when you're in the lava, you can go right and up to a room and get the treasure in the treasure chest.

    Why it works: The programmers allowed you to use burst on something at a different elevation.

    Lost Shadow

    • Requirements: Mars lighthouse accessible

    Go to any room with the statues that shoot fire in Mars lighthouse. (The closest one is the door second from the left than into the larger door.) If the statue is able to shoot you off the ledge, your shadow will disappear when you hit the ground. This works at all the statues in that mentioned room, except for the one on the very far right.

    Why it works: When the statue shoots you off the ledge, the elevation gets set incorrectly.

    The Great Escape

    • Requirements: Mars lighthouse accessible

    Go to the bird entrance. (bird, fish, human, dragon door area.) Go all the way left. Climb the stairs and go left all the way. Go up and through the door. Go left and use cyclone. Go right and up. Assuming you have already completed this puzzle, use cyclone on the right swirly thing. Go up and use hover. Go right and down and use cyclone on the swirly thing. Watch out around here. You might want to save around here so you can retry if your timing is off for the next part of the glitch. Downward is a group of platforms just begging you to use reveal near them, but don't use it yet. Go upward from the pillars until you can't see the the middle two. Now, use reveal. Run downward escaping the fire and you will jump to an unseeable place and fall. It can look even cooler if you jump to the nothingness right when the fireball is about to hit you.

    You could also start at the revealed platform and jump upward right as the fireball is about to hit you. It looks like you jumped right over it, but you will still get damage. You won't fall though.

    If you use mind read while on the invisible platform, you will fall into the gap.

    Why it works: The programmers knew that this area could lead to a glitch, so they made a new type of invisible platform: you can jump to it when reveal has been used and also when you cannot see it. It may even be the beta invisible platform.

    Weird Rock

    • Found by Magic Drake and Safari_Hater
    • Requirements: Have access to Shaman Village

    In Shaman Village Cave (South West of Shaman Village), in the room with a lot of boulders,there are several rocks that act different than normal. These rocks allow you to jump over then when you are above them and move down, but not when you are below them and move up.

    Why it works: It's possible that these rocks were copied from another type of object and part of them were considered equivalent to the ledges you can jump across. Perhaps these rocks have messed up elevation, so the game thinks there are gaps between you and the other side of the rock. Or maybe these rocks were purposely programmed this way to prevent you from getting stuck without anywhere to go. It doesn't seem to be useful at all in this particular puzzle, though.

    No Random Battles at Sea Without Wasting PP

    • Found by sbemailexe
    • Requirements: Have boat, boat wings, and hover

    Well, the title is almost accurate; you actually use up 2 PP. While in your boat, simply use the hover psynergy. Your boat will stay on the water and get a yellow/red bar above it like it usually does when your boat flys. Your PP will not decrease during this time, but no random encounters will occur. To cancel this effect, press 'A' or 'B'.

    Why it works: During the programming phase, the hover ability was probably used to lift your ship out of the water. Then the idea of holding 'B' to fly must have been thought up, or the decrease of PP from each character over time was decided upon. At this time, they must have rewritten new code to do this for when holding 'B', but mistakenly left the code for when using hover.

    Steal Isaac and Friends's Stuff!

    • Found by Ryan Brogan
    • Requirements: Have not left Daila, use a cheat device, and have Golden Sun 1 data to transfer over.

    Start a new game and save after going through all the cutscenes and making your way to Daila. Reset the game back to the title screen. Update your save file with information from Golden Sun 1 through password or direct link from another GBA/DS. If you choose the password option, make sure it's the GOLD level password in order to send over your items and Djinni. Now it's time to plug in your cheat device and activate the "Have all characters" code shown below:

    Have All Characters (Action Replay)

    Use this opportunity to steal items and Djinni from Isaac's party. They deserve it! This will also make your main party super overpowered.

    Now, you have much power to abuse, but you also have to take care of those weaklings in your second party. Don't you wish you can just ditch them? Good news: It turns out you can! First save your game and remove your cheat device. Return to your game and exit through Daila. A scene with a Venus Djinni will play. Afterward, check your party. With much relief, you will realize Isaac and Friends are gone! Yipee!

    Why it works: When you meet up with the first djinni after exiting Daila, your party is reset. This is done to force your party to be correct in case someone is missing, as the programers suspected might happen early on in the game.

    Warp Glitch

    • Found by mpglticher
    • Requirements: Be in an area where using retreat will change your location

    First I'd like to note that this doesn't work in all locations. Find a tower/dungeoun/etc where retreat will send you back to the beginning of that area. Go a few rooms into that area. Now, with one of your characters, set Retreat to be used with L or R. (Highlight the psynergy, hold SELECT, then press L or R to bind it to that button.) Now use up enough PP so that you won't be able to perform retreat. (Since retreat requires 6 PP, use up your PP so that it is 5 or less.) Now press L or R to activate Retreat. It will ask you if you'd like to retreat. Choose 'Yes'. It will say that you don't have enough PP to retreat. Good. Now go through any door without encountering any monsters on the way. You will be warped to a different room that does not correlate to the room you are actually going through!

    Why it works: When retreating, it resets the current room to the Retreat Room--the room you are transferred to when you successfully retreat. After resetting some room data to the Retreat Room, it checks if you have enough PP to use Retreat. If you don't, it doesn't do the Retreat animation to return you to the Retreat Room, so you'll stay in the room you are currently in. However, the Retreat Room's data has been partially loaded into the game. Any exit you take in your current room will act as if you took a door in the Retreat Room.

    As you enter a new room, door numbers are loaded. As an example, let's say you're in a room with 4 doors. If you retreat, you will be sent to the Retreat Room. Let's say it has 2 doors. In the current room, you can access doors 1 or 2, to be transferred through doors 1 or 2 in the Retreat Room, effectively teleporting you to a room near the exit. However, you can also enter door 3 or 4. There is no matching door in the Retreat Room to reference, so you could possibly be teleported to weird areas. It can also send you one room away from the exit even if you don't have enough PP to retreat.

    A word of warning, though: Occasionally this glitch will send you to places where you'll be stuck. And by stuck, I mean you can't move, OR you might be stranded in an area without a boat. Use with caution.

    Here's a video of this glitch posted by mpglticher, who discovered the glitch:

    Skip Yampi Desert

    • Found by: Moses The Great
    • Requirements: Be near Yampi Desert, Right outside of it from Madra's side and be able to use sand.

    Go to Yampi Desert but do not enter it, just walk on a sandy place of the desert that is a little outside of the rest desert. If you do it right, you will normaly stand on the desert's sand but you will be on the map. Use sand there. When you transform into sand, go inside the desert. Your location will not change. You should be still seing the map of Weyard. When you have gone some steps inside the desert, you can stop sand psynergy and even after that, your location won't change. Of course, if you reach a point where the desert starts whithout using sand, you will enter the desert normally. The point is, you can skip the desert if you are in Madra and you want to go to Alhafra and you do not have teleport.

    Why this works: The programmers made every location to be changing when Felix (or Jenna at the begining) goes through a door or normally goes out a town e.t.c. In Yampi Desert, from Madra's side, there is some sand on the map that is part of the desert but it does not make you enter it. Now, if you use sand on that place you do not change your location as Felix or any other character but as a sand ball. Here is where the game glithces. That glitch works because the sand ball can't change locations through rooms, towns e.t.c. It would work in other places as well, but the problem is, there is no other place that has sand near it's enterance.

    Dig The Water

    • Found By: Moses The Great
    • Requirements: Have a ship and be able to use scoop.

    With your ship go to Gondowan Cliffs, from the place you sail, of course. Now use scoop on the water. The hand will normally dig like there was sand there.You don't need to use grind. That happens before and after the stone with the same results. This does not work in the Sea of Time (where you fight Poseidon).

    Why This Happens: Not quite sure why this happens. If you know, send me an email to it can be added here.

    Debug Rooms

    Debug rooms are added into this guide because the fact that the programmers left it in the game sort of counts as a glitch. First of all, to enter a debug room, you first need some kind of cheat device like Gameshark, Action Replay, or CodeBreaker. Once you have one of these, go into a sanctum and SAVE the game (To backup your game data if you accidentally save in a debug room).

    Now, turn off the power, insert the Golden Sun cartridge into the cheat device and insert that into your Gameboy. Turn on the power and add one of these codes to you cheat device.

    The magical cheat code table
    Debug Room #Action Replay V3Code BreakerGameShark
    OneD8891F5B 276EEDC9 F9F3CCBD 767EEFC482000420 0141 82000422 0001AE988B32 33CECBED A616F27C 0F297C98
    Two37EECC6D 22BA07DA F9F3CCBD 767EEFC482000420 0142 82000422 000178E4C8FD 39D27546 A616F27C 0F297C98
    ThreeE6F48D76 3D7C94FE F9F3CCBD 767EEFC482000420 0143 82000422 0001E443E2E3 62B30246 A616F27C 0F297C98
    Four89B301A4 6AA80BEE F9F3CCBD 767EEFC482000420 0144 82000422 0001C5611195 4D5585C0 A616F27C 0F297C98
    • For other cheat devices, check the cheat device's website

    Once the codes are entered, turn on ONE of them, (Activating multiple at a time will cause errors) and start the game. When you start your save file, you should start in a different area, one of the Debug Rooms. Hurray! You have made it. If you have not appeared in a debug room, try entering the code again and check for errors. Now, before I get going into the guides for the debug rooms, I will strongly suggest that you DO NOT SAVE in a debug room. Doing so may cause loss of your game data so far. That's not a good thing! Now for guides to each debug room...

    DEBUG ROOM 1: Icon Test

    Press 'A' on the top-left statue to view the icons of all the items included in the game. Use left and right to change the page. 'R' and 'L' switch between items, energy, and status. All the status pages are exactly the same.

    Below that, (the second from the top and all the way on the left) is a list of each character's name and picture. Note that the names do NOT match the picture. Left and right add or subtract one, while 'L' and 'R' add-subtract ten. There are 73 picture total.

    A bit below that, (next to a really ugly picture) is an item list and their details. Up and down add one, left and right add ten, and 'L' and 'R' add 30. There are 460 items total (Whoa). Pressing 'A' makes you obtain the item.

    Next to that is the ugly thing (Looks like a pixelated cat). Pressing 'A' makes you go up one level (changing your experience and stats like you regularly would) and pressing START makes you go up 5 levels. This applies to all the characters in your party.

    The rest of the room is blank space and you can even walk out of view.

    DEBUG ROOM 2: Psynergy Test

    • You can walk on white, blue, black, brown, and the green shaped things.
    • You cannot talk to Garet.
    • Jenna faces you when you press 'A' on her, but says nothing.
    • Ivan also faces you.
    • Mia faces you and uses the psynergy animation.
    • The bald man sells you crappy items. You can also sell to him.
    • The man on his back faces you.
    • The healer invites you to an inn.
    • The Armor seller says every single message that he can involving Garet, Shamshir, and 123456 coins.
    • The fallen Mars Djinni faces you.
    • The bush has the same item, energy, and status icons as in debug room 1.
    • The plant does nothing. Growth has no effect.
    • The ice pillar opens up the selling item menu, but you cannot sell.
    • The square with the weird marks on it gives you the message, "The body is being torn apart.", downs you, poisons you, and haunts you.
    • The LV tile makes you go up 10 levels.
    • The next square gives you 10 game tickets, 10 lucky medals, and sets your coins to 777777.
    • The X square posts the Message, "You got a Djinni!" and gives each character their corresponding djinni from Golden Sun 1.

    Everything else is useless.

    DEBUG ROOM 3: Psynergy Test 2

    • There is something to use lash on by the top-left.
    • Down and right from that, there is a stake pounded into the ground. When you press 'A' on it, dirt flies out.
    • Right from that is the 4 squares from debug room 2, but you cannot do anything with them.

    That is all that you can do here.

    DEBUG ROOM 4: Shop Test

    • This is the biggest of the debug rooms.
    • At the top-left is some stair that you can walk up.
    • Far right from that is something (next to the Kibombo statue) that opens up item-energy-status icon test menu.
    • The Kibombo statue opens up the name and picture menu from earlier with 73 pictures.
    • The sign slightly below allows you to change the 8 character's names.
    • The lightbulb does nothing.
    • The next sign gives you Muramasa and the summon, Eclipse.
    • The people below that from right-to-left are:
      • A normal lady that talks about a blacksmith and sunshine.
      • The man asks if you want an item.
      • The next person sells armor, swords, and healing items.
      • The next person sells healing items.
      • Next sells Armor.
      • Weapons.
      • One of those sanctum healers.
      • Inn keeper.
      • The lightbulb does nothing.
    • Above those is an elevation test and a lightbulb that does nothing.
    • Now for the speech bubbles above the line of people (from left to right)
      • All healer's text.
      • Weapon seller's text
      • Armor text
      • Gear text.
    • The sign at the bottom right corner has the selling item screen, except you can't sell.
    • The lightbulb does nothing.
    • Left of that posts the message, "The body is being torn apart.", and poisons, haunts, venoms, curses, and downs you. How lucky you are!
    • The Earth Djinni gives you a buttload of Djinni (some repeats)
    • The treasure chest says, "You got treasure." It stays closed (Which allows you to open it again). You get 10 game tickets, 10 lucky medals, Hermes' Water, Halt Gem, Mythril Bag, Muramasa, Fairy Ringe, and Mythril Bag. (In that order). Jenna gets Dragon's Eye, Anchor Charm, Bone, Mystic Draught, and Healing ring. Other characters may get other random items.
    • The traveler opens up the item list with 460 items mentioned earlier.
    • The creepy fairy does the level up stuff. Pressing 'A' levels you up once. Pressing 'START' levels you up five levels.

    Return to Last Sanctum Code

    Now, if you saved inside the debug room, and think you're gonna die, than I have some good news that has nothing to do with Geico Car Insurance. To restore your game, at the main menu, HOLD L+R+START as you select your file. You will go to the last sanctum you've been to. It may not work and take you to "Title Screen", which is pretty cool looking and might be worth you losing your game data to look at. Or not. Good thing you made a back up file. You did make a back up file, didn't you?


    Q: I disobeyed your warning and saved. Now I'm stuck. What should I do?

    A: First, try using the retreat ability. If that doesn't work, use the Return to Last Sanctum Code (reset the game, while hovering over your file, hold L+R+START and press 'A'). You should go to the last sanctum you've been to.

    Q: Both retreat and the Return to Last Sanctum Code don't work!!

    A: Bummer... No wait, there's still hope! Avihay discovered that you can return to the last sanctum you've been in if you die! Yes, DIE! Go to that evil square that poisons you, and walk around until all your characters reach zero health.

    Q: Where is SW Atteka Islet?

    A: At the bottom-left corner of the map.

    Q: <insert glitch here> does not work.

    A: Re-read over my explanation of the glitch once or twice more, paying excruciating attention to detail. Now, try doing the glitch again. If you still experience problems, email me.

    Q: I really want to criticize your work. How can I contact you?

    A: Contact me at my email.

    Q: I've found a glitch that you haven't posted yet. How will I tell you it?

    A: Email it to me. You will be credited with the glitch if it has yet to be discovered. Please include what name you would like to be credited as. (your username? your real name? a fake name?)

    Q: I want to send you spam/hatemail!

    A: Okay, send it here: asdf@jklsemi.png

    Q: Can I ask any more questions?

    A: Well, I suppose. Email me if you have any additional questions.

    For questions on anything, email me at: obstipator(at)gmail(dot)com

    • Nintendo for making the GBA.
    • Camelot for making this great game.
    • A LOT of thanks to Apocalypse Edge for finding many of these glitches.
    • Thanks to Hi im Felix, CobraGT, sbemailexe, and DesertEagle97531 for posting some of these glitches on GameFAQs.
    • zagman505 for sending me information on one of these glitches, thus encouraging me to update this guide.
    • Avihay for finding an escape from the debug room if you get stuck in it.
    • Safari_Hater and Magic Drake for the Weird Rock glitch.
    • Ryan Brogan for the Steal Isaac and Friends's Stuff! glitch
    • mpglticher for the Warp Glitch
    • KrrA_InAgOtAbLe for an addition to the Continuously Walk While Talking glitch and for showing me other glitch reports online (one of them being the Warp Glitch)
    • Moses The Great for the Skip Yampi Desert and Dig The Water glitches.

    THAT'S ALL!!!!!

    But wait! There's more!

    Your name can be added to this list by sending me information that this guide currently lacks. Email me at: obstipator(at)gmail(dot)com If you send me an email, please include what you would like to be credited as. (i.e., your Gamefaqs username) Also, please include "Golden Sun 2 Glitch Guide" in the title.

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