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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Iron Knuckle

    Version: 1.95 | Updated: 04/28/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          _________  ________  __        _____     ________  __     __
         / _______/ / ____  / / /       / __  |   / ______/ /  |   / /
        / /        / /   / / / /       / /  | |  / /_      / / |  / /
       / /  ___   / /   / / / /       / /   | | /   /     / /| | / /
      / /  /_  | / /   / / / /       / /   / / / __/     / / | |/ /
     / /____/ / / /___/ / / /_____  / /___/ / / /_____  / /  | / /
    /________/ /_______/ /_______/ /_______/ /_______/ /_/   |__/
                 _______    __    __  __     __      * * * *
                / ____  |  / /   / / /  |   / /    * * * * * *
               / /__  |_/ / /   / / / / |  / /    * *     * * *
               \___ \    / /   / / / /| | / /           * * *
                   | \  / /   / / / / | |/ /          * * *
             ______/ / / /___/ / / /  | / /         * * * * * *
            /_______/ /_______/ /_/   |__/        * * * * * *
      _____  _                _                           ___
     |_   _|| |              | |               |¯|       / _ \
       | |  | |___   ____    | |    ___    __|¯   ¯|    | |_| |  ____   ____
       | |  |  _  | / __ \   | |   / _ \  /_ |¯| |¯     |  _  | /    | / __ \
       | |  | | | |(  ___/   | |__( (_) )__/ / | |__    | | | |( (¯| |(  ___/
       | |  | | | | \ ¯¯|    |    |\   / \  /  \   /    | | | | \ ¯  | \ ¯¯|
        ¯    ¯   ¯   ¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯   ¯¯    ¯¯¯      ¯   ¯   ¯¯| |  ¯¯¯
                                                                |¯¯  /  
     Game:           Golden Sun: the Lost Age
     Platform:       Game Boy Advance
     Version:        1.95
     Last updated:   28 April 2013
     Written by:     Iron Knuckle
     Type:           FAQ/Walkthrough
     GameFAQ status: 100 %
    Table of contents
      Version Updates
        Game Selection / Start Menu
        Pause Menu
        Field Commands Menu
        Combat System
          Battle Options
          Battle Methods
        Environmental Map Elements
          Sphere Boulders
          Water Puddles
          Small Plants
          Soft Sand
          Suspicious Marks 
      Main Characters
      Other Important People
        Karst & Agatio
        King Hydros
        Saturos & Menardi
        Prologue: The Venus lighthouse from a different point of view
        1. The trial temple
        2. Team rascal: Riki & Tavi  
        3. Falling through the plateaus
        4. The mysterious prisoner Adept
         4.1. Trapping a scorpion in the desert
         4.2. The pirates' hideout in Alhafra
        5. Revealing lycanthropy of the wind tribe
        6. The witch-doctor's consecration
        7. Out to the open sea
        8. Optional side-quests
         8A. Going back to the Gabomba statue
         8B. Exploring the Taopo swamp & blacksmith Sunshine
         8C. Animal trade quest
        9. Collect the Trident parts
         9A. Backtrack to the Sea God's shrine (Right Prong)
         9B.1. Evaporating water in Aqua rock
         9B.2. The frozen tower of Tundaria (Center Prong)
         9C.1. Sacrifice to the Serpent in Mt. Mikage
         9C.2. Ascend the Ankohl Ruins in sand (Left Prong)
       10. Going to Lemuria
         10.1. Clear the Alhafran boat
         10.2. Forge the trident of the Ankohl
         10.3. Route through the Sea of Time
         10.4. Defeat Poseidon the indestructible
       11. Lemuria at last!
       12. Djinn hunting on the western hemisphere
       13. The road of trials that lie ahead
       14. Jupiter lighthouse - Reunion
       15. Cannon ammunition from Magma rock required
       16. Reaching Prox via the Northern reaches
       17. The Mars lighthouse - The final beacon!
       Final. Dawn of the Golden Sun
    Appendix A:
     Djinn & Classes
       1. Djinn Descriptions
       2. About the Summon
           -Original Summons
           -Additional Stone Tablet Summons
       3. Class & Psynergy Effects
           -Venus Adepts
           -Mars Adepts
           -Jupiter Adepts
           -Mercury Adepts
           -Book Classes
    Appendix B:
     Chart tables
      1. Items
           I - Potions
          II - Attack Items
         III - Scenario Objects
          IV - Raw Materials
      2. Weapons
           I - Long Swords
          II - Light Blades
         III - Axes
          IV - Maces
           V - Rods
          VI - Books
      3. Body Armor
           I - Armor
          II - Clothing
         III - Robes
      4. Arm Protection
           I - Shields
          II - Gloves
         III - Armlets
      5. Helmets
          I - Helms
         II - Caps
        III - Circlets
      6. Accessories
          I - Rings
         II - Under Shirts
        III - Boots
      7. Psynergy Spells
          I - Field
         II - Healing & Status
        III - Attack
      8. Weapon Unleash Attacks
      9. Monster Compendium
          I - Regular Enemies
         II - Bosses
        III - Mad Plants & Mimics
         IV - Djinn
    Appendix C:
     Four Additional Dungeons
       1. Treasure Island
       2. Yampi Desert
       3. Islet Cave
       4. Anemos Inner Sanctum
    Appendix D:
     The Battle Arena
       Monster Battle
       Linked Battle
    Appendix E:
     Golden Sun(1) Linkage
       What gets transferred
    Appendix F:
    E-mail, Questions and Contributions
    Unfinished business
    Version Updates
    Version 0.0
    30 December 2005:
     Started with this Walkthrough, Completed Prologue.
    Version 0.1
    2 January 2006:
     Completed the game up to Yampi Desert
    Version 0.2
    4 January 2006:
     Completed Air's Rock and the events in Alhafra, incorporated the items 
    from "the Lost Age" into the tables taken from my GS(1) walkthrough.
    Version 0.3
    12 May 2006:
     Completed the game up to chapter 7.
    Version 0.4
    15 July 2006:
     Completed the game up to the point where you have to go to Hesperia.
    Version 0.6
    25 July 2006:
     Reached the Mars Lighthouse, only few steps away of completing the game.
    Version 0.7
    26 July 2006:
     Finished all the regular dungeons in the game. I still need to complete 
    the optional dungeons: Anemos Inner Sanctum, Islet Cave and Yampi Desert 
    Version 0.71
    28 July 2006:
     Checked most parts of the walkthrough for errors.
    Version 0.8
    30 July 2006:
     Completed all the optional dungeons and got all Items/Summon/Djinn. Now I 
    can start compiling the appendices.
    Version 0.9
     2 August 2006:
     Filled in most of tables in the appendices. Found out about the statistic 
    increases in the base classes, therefore revised all the tables for this 
    game & GS1. Started with counting chests & hidden items; I currently found 
    258 of them.
    Version 0.95
     6 August 2006:
     I finally managed to complete ALL of the tables, although the Psynergy 
    table is a bit messy at this moment. Added a glitch to the stuff section; 
    Sheba speaking about meeting werewolves whereas she never met them! Reused 
    and updated most of the GS1 information so it fits this game.
    Version 0.97
     7 August 2006:
     Did some additional checks and cleared up some of the lay-out. Added some 
    details about the linked event in Alhafra considering Deadbeard.
    Version 1.0
     8 August 2006:
     Counted and made totals for the number of items and chests, just like in 
    the walkthrough for GS. Added some additional details here and there, also 
    made some lay-out changes to make it more uniform with the corresponding 
    GS1 Walkthrough.
    Version 1.1
     14 August 2006:
     Included a THE easiest 2 Round Strategy that allows you to beat Dullahan 
    on Normal and even on Hard Mode and it works like a charm (read it never 
    fails!). Also added a good strategy for beating all three heads of Doom 
    Dragon in 4 Rounds as well. Updated some other parts as well, but that is 
    just minor. Added descriptions for the Slot machine and Dice games in 
    Contigo as well.
    Version 1.2
     27 August 2006:
     Added some information about the mistranslation of Hsu; Feizhi calls him 
    Ulmuch in this game. Also corrected some of the artifacts in the chart 
    tables. Finally, I managed to find the missing GS1 Djinni's location for 
    the people who get less than 7 Jupiter Djinn from Isaac's team. He's 
    located at the edge of the western hemisphere: SW Atteka Islet. Added a 
    realistic password for those of you who wish to transfer all the important 
    stuff, but not the game spoiling overpowered statistics.
    Version 1.3
     28 September 2006:
     I updated the password section and altered the Maximum password, because I 
    figured out a way to include the GS2 items. These are oh-so much more 
    powerful than the GS1 weapons. Second I also included a Collector password 
    which included about every single artifact that is not obtainable in GS2 
    (it even includesw the Ninja Sandals and other Dummied Out item).
    Version 1.35
     23 November 2006:
     Found four more items in the game; three in the Ankohl Ruins and 1 in 
    Air's Rock. I also fixed some of the left/right directional mistakes, but 
    there are unfortunately more of them. These will be corrected on the next 
    Version 1.4
     29 December 2006:
     Added some information about the RNG methods and strategies in this game. 
    They can be found in Appendix F under the Stuff section. Most strategies 
    are similar to the ones in GS1, but the are some twists here and there 
    rendering the "5x Perfect Bonus" strat for the Lucky Dice useless. Apart 
    from that I included the 6th event which is supposed to be linked with GS1. 
    It is the conversation with Dora, when she is ill. Unfortunately, I didn't 
    find anything in GS2 that could link to that event.
    Version 1.5
     27 February 2007:
     Included the Trial Road duplication glitch for infinite amounts of 
    Tomegathericons and such. :) Removed the Nut from Lemuria's hidden item 
    list as it was just a random item found with "Scoop". Both discoveries are 
    from Jeffrey Ng, so the credits go to him.
     Furthermore I explained a method for getting infinite Game Tickets by 
    using "Scoop" in the Stuff section.
    Version 1.6
     17 March 2007:
     Fixed some mistakes thanks to Jeffrey Ng and added a secret method to 
    set/standby all Djinn in one go (just press Select while holding R)! 
    Furthermore he provided a strategy to get the Excalibur with much better 
    chance. Also added some video links to youtube.com showing the battles 
    against Dullahan and Doom Dragon as suggested in the FAQ.
     Also added some video links to youtube showing the Dullahan and Doom 
    Dragon strategies in their full glory! I even modified the Doom Dragon 
    strategy a bit to make it even possible to slay the dragon in three
    Version 1.7
     18 June 2007:
     Found some problems such as the issues with the Linkage systems using GBA
    SPs by Chris Maka, the bug of getting stuck in Lemuria by Matthew Casler 
    and several other things. Apart from that I've included the RNG strategy
    for the Tisiphone Edge created by Timon Sears. Thank you all for your 
    Version 1.75
     20 November 2007:
     Fixed some errors in the walkthrough and included the fourth requirement
    that is required to make the RNG strategies for item drops work. It also
    includes a new glitch in the Ankohl Ruins.
    Version 1.8
     22 March 2009:
     After some delays all the feedback I received from everybody has been
    processed. Thank you all for your response! Don't hesistate on sending in
    any missing / new info or other improvements This FAQ won't die for
    quite some time. ^_^
     The Gabomba tile puzzle turned out to be random and therefore some people
    where unable to get through it with the description in this game. This
    has been fixed now.
    Version 1.85
     8 August 2010:
     Update after some mails includes a few glitches and stuff like that. One
    glitch about jumping over a rock as if it was a water puddle and some more
    notes on the Lucky wheel.
    Version 1.9:
    28 April 2013:
     Found a missing enemy: Conch Shell, updated several boss strategies and
    reformatted several parts in the guide. Added and simplified several boss
    strategies (such as Doom Dragon & Star Magician).
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Is it Djinn or Djinni?
    A: Actually both; you see Djinn is plural for Djinni. 'A single Djinni or
       several Djinn'. That is the question.
    Q: How can I use "Growth" Psynergy?
    A: The answer to this is pretty simple: You need to have an adept in of the
       right class in other to use Growth. Equip a Mars Djinni to Felix or a
       Venus Djinni to Jenna and either one will be capable of using "Growth". 
       Also make sure to remove those special class items as they otherwise
       prevent class transitions.
    Q: How can I use Whirlwind Psynergy? Sheba can't use it anymore.
    A: Put all of Sheba's Djinn on stand-by and he can use Whirlwind again, 
       this is caused by the class differences, similar to the previous 
       question. Take note that Felix and Jenna can use "Gale" as a substitute 
       in their Ninja class for "Whirlwind". Also make sure to remove those 
       special class items as they otherwis prevent class transitions.
    Q: I can't get over the sand/water streams. The currents are too strong!
    A: Use the 'B' button to make Felix run. While running diagonally against
       the current and into the direction you want, you can reach the other
       side without falling down.
    Q: Which Djinn/Class combination is the best to use?
    A: For most of the game where you have only few Djinn you can best stick to
       the standard and default combination:
          Venus Adepts   (Isaac / Felix): All Venus Djinn
          Mars Adepts    (Garet / Jenna): All Mars Djinn
          Jupiter Adepts (Ivan  / Sheba): All Jupiter Djinn
          Mercury Adepts (Mia   / Piers): All Mercury Djinn
       This party is strong and you can use many Djinn and Summons without
       getting any severe downgrades. After you obtain all 9 Djinn of each type
       you may want to switch to a combination of different Djinn like:
          Venus Adepts:   5 Mercury + 4 Mars     => Paladin
          Mars Adepts:    5 Venus   + 4 Jupiter  => Ronin
          Jupiter Adepts: 4 Mercury + 5 Mars     => Warlock
          Mercury Adepts: 4 Venus   + 5 Jupiter  => Pure Mage
       Statistically speaking this is the best balanced and most powerful
       overall combination, with very powerful mixed Psynergies. However if you
       use many Djinn the downgrades become really terrible, because these
       super classes degrade to regular classes.
       Also take note how the Djinn are distributed among the characters, you
       can see that the Venus Adept (who is strong to Earth and weak to Wind)
       only has Mars & Mercury Djinn. The same applies to the others. You may
       want to check the Appendices for more information about Classes and
       Djinn assignments. Also beware that the mixed setup makes it in some
       cases more difficult to get Djinn Kills. See Appendix F under Djinn Kill
       for more information about this matter.
    Q: Those stupid monsters won't give me the required item drop I want!
    A: Look at the bottom of the FAQ under the Stuff section. There I will
       explain the tactic of abusing the random number generator of this game
       in such a way that you can get any(!) rare item drop with 100%
    Q: Is there a way to put all your Djinn on standby more easily? It is too
       tedious to do it one-by-one.
    A: Well, yes there is actually. Press and hold the "R" button in the Djinn
       selection screen. Then tap 'select' to set or release all Djinn in one
       go. No more sore hands! ;) Why this trick wasn't included in the manual
       eludes me...
    Q: I missed the Tremor Bit in Madra and I am in Alhafra now. The bridge
       is broken and I can't return to Madra to get it. What now?
    A: Yes, the bridge is broken, but it should be possible to retrace your 
       steps to Madra. Go via the Yampi Desert to the Western shore and there
       should be a location on the map where you can walk back to the previous 
       continent. The hike may be a long one, but you can get back at this
       However, if you do this after passing by the initial trip to Madra the
       cave entrance will be blocked off. You'll need "Reveal" psynergy first
       to get through the catacombs via the other entrance!
     Walk around on the map with your leading character. Take note that you can 
    walk diagonally in this game too! It is also used to select different 
    options if those are available (you know, the usual).
     Start the game or in the Field display the Pause Menu 
     Use it in the field to display Field Commands Menu. Or in the Djinn 
    selection screen hold R then press Select to put ALL Djinn on set or 
    standby in one go.
    A Button
     Use it to confirm an attack or command. Also used to talk to people 
    in villages, open chests and pick up items when you examine objects. 
    B Button
     Most often the opposite of the A button: Cancel an attack or command. In 
    the field used to run. This can be very handy so use this option well! 
    Later on when your ship gets wings you fly on the world map using this 
    Top L Button
     Use a direct Psynergy Link attached to the L button in the Psynergy menu. 
    Useful if you need to use a certain Psynergy often like Reveal or Move. On 
    the map you can use this to zoom out a little, so you can see where you 
    headed towards. Inside a battle this can be used to view your statistics 
    and settings for a certain character.
    Top R Button
     Same as L button, but for another Psynergy you can select independently 
    from the L button. On the world map you can use this to bring the entire 
    world map on-screen. Inside a battle this can be used to view your 
    statistics and settings for a certain character.
    In the Djinn selection screen hold R then press Select to put ALL Djinn on 
    set or standby in one go.
    Game Selection / Start Menu
     This dynamic menu appears when you start up the Golden Sun Game Pack. 
    After you press 'start' at the Title Screen (or right away when it is the 
    first time you start the game). There are several options here that may 
    change depending on what you can do, at that moment. There are 3 save files 
    in total. Here are is a brief summary of all the options:
    New Game (Light flash from a jar)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     This does simply what it says. You start a new game, beginning at the 
    prologue. You do need to insert a name for your leading hero. Felix is the 
    default name and that is the reference name I will stick to as well. This 
    option only appears if you have at least one empty file. If you also have a 
    "Clear Data" file saved, then you can even choose a difficulty setting 
    (Easy, Normal or Hard). See the beginning of the walkthrough for more 
    information about this.
    Copy (Two papers; one is purple)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Indeed it copies a game save from one slot to another, however if you have 
    2 empty slots you cannot determine to which slot it gets saved though. This 
    appears only if you have 1 or more empty file.
    Erase (A paper with a piece of gum on it)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     This erases the selected game from the memory permanently. So be careful 
    when using this option. It only appears if you have at least one saved 
    Continue (Some stairs)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     With this you can continue on where you left off the last time you saved. 
    It appears of course only if you have any saved games. If you have a 
    damaged save file than you may start from the last sanctum that you 
    visited. But beware that it might be possible that some items are lost, 
    that may cause you to get stuck. Use this option if there is no other way 
    to retrieve the data.
    Battle (Two people facing each other)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     This brings you to the battle arena, which is actually a mini-game that 
    can be played for fun against a random enemy or you can also compete 
    against a friend in a Linked Battle (Check out the Battle Arena Section 
    below for more information). Your characters (Djinn, Items, Psynergy, 
    Statistics and Configuration) are read from one of the game files before 
    you enter the arena. Any alternations are NOT remembered, this means that 
    if you use an item in the Battle Arena and you continue on the regular game 
    with the same file the item will still be there. This option appears just 
    like continue, erase and copy when at least one Game Save is present, but 
    only after you obtain your first Djinni.
    Update (Bright yellow flash)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     The last option that can be displayed in GS:tLA's Start Menu is the Update 
    option. With this you can transfer data from the original GS to GS: the 
    Lost Age. Check out Appendix F for more information about this Linkage 
    system and how to make the best use of this option. It will not appear if 
    all game saves are only "Empty" or "Post Reunion" data.
    Pause Menu
     While playing the game you can press Start on the field screen in order to 
    bring a small menu up. Here you can do three things, save the game on one 
    of the game slots, put the game in sleep mode so you consume less battery 
    power (if you don't want to switch it off yet) and finally can change the 
    appearance of the window if you like too. Next to the screen color the 
    configuration also allows you to increase the speed of the text messages 
    and mute the characters voices if you find them too irritating. Personally 
    I like the default blue or one of the lighter greenish tones. In this game 
    you can also adjust the speech rate so the game put it on 'Fast' right away 
    to save you some time!
    Field Commands Menu
     During regular game play you can enter this menu, when you are in the 
    field. Sometimes the Field Commands Menu appears instantaneously if you 
    examine a peculiar object. This usually hints you that you need to use a 
    specific object from the Inventory. There are several options you can 
    choose between.
    Psynergy (figure with a whirl of energy)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Select this to get the menu for Psynergy in which you see and use the 
    Psynergy for each character. Some of the Psynergies can do healing while 
    others like Move and Lift can be used in the field. Just select them and 
    press 'A' to use them right away.
     You can also assign a shortcut to 2 Psynergies as well. Stand on the 
    desired Psynergy and press either L or R button to highlight that Psynergy, 
    and press 'A' to confirm that you want to assign that Field Psynergy to the 
    desired button. This way you can use it a lot easier than having to open 
    the entire menu time after time.
    Djinn (Venus Djinni)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     The Djinn Options may seem a bit complicated at first, but it is not that 
    bad. If you have some trouble however understanding the information about 
    the Djinn you can always press 'Select' in this menu to see additional Help 
    data on this subject. Also when you meet your first Djinni he will also do 
    some explaining on how to use Djinn properly. Therefore I will keep my 
    explanation here rather short. A Djinni can be in either one of the 
    following 3 statuses: Set (white text), Stand-by (red) and Recovery 
     Normally a Djinni is on Set which means you can use him in battle; this 
    can be changed into Stand-by by pressing either Top L or Top R button. The 
    color of the Djinni's name will turn into a red color to mark it on "Set". 
    If a Djinni is set he can be unleashed in a Summon (or it can be set again 
    using the Set command) this does more damage than a regular attack. After 
    this happens all Djinn used in the Summon will be assigned to the Recovery 
     In Recovery a Djinni can't do anything other than waiting to recover to 
    the 'Stand-by' status. This happens when you walk around in the field or 
    when you go through the next round in combat, 1 Djinn per turn can be 
    recovered this way until all Djinn are back in Stand-by again.
     When a Djinni is in Stand-by or Set mode, they can be assigned to other 
    party members as well. Just select the Djinn with 'A' to highlight it and 
    move it to the desired party member. Of course you can't assign all Djinn 
    to one member so they can only have even amount of Djinn in which case you 
    can only Trade it. In the other case one character may have 1 Djinn more 
    than the other so you can also Give a Djinni next to trading it.
    Item (An opened Chest)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     This opens the inventory screen where you can see all the items in your 
    possession. A thing I didn't like about the inventory setup is that it is 
    chopped up in 4 parts of 15 items; one for each hero instead of one big 
    jumble. Later on when Isaac joins you get some more leisure as your 
    inventory increase to 8 * 15.
     This means that in some cases you will have multiple copies of items 
    roaming over the place. It can be quite annoying sometimes when you want to 
    equip armor to someone whose inventory is already full, meaning that you 
    have to swap items usually more than once. Luckily most common items can be 
    stacked meaning that 1 character can carry up to 30 of the same kind in one 
    space. As displayed you can use the L+A buttons to arrange all items by the 
    default order, the other visible option is the R button which shows you the 
    current equipment for that character.
     When you just entered this menu, you can select the inventory of the hero 
    you need by pressing right and left. If you found the required item press A 
    so you can select that item with the cursor. After doing so some info about 
    that object appears at the bottom of the screen and you can see six options 
    of which some may be grayed out.
     Option   What it does
     -------- -------------------------------------------------------------
     Use      Allows you to use that item
     Give     Give the item to another character
     Equip    This only works on weapons and armors of course
     Remove   Unequip the weapon/armor if it was equipped initially
     Details  See additional detailed information of that item
     Drop     Throw the item away permanently. Use this to make room in the
              Inventory if you really need to, else I'd recommend to sell
              as much stuff as possible.
    Status (Three papers)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    In here you can rearrange your party format if you like. Just press L and R 
    to move the individual characters from left to right moving them next to 
    the other characters. If you press 'A' when you select a hero his/her data 
    will appear in the screen below it.
     There are three different Status Screens on display, starting with the 
    Detailed Statistics Screen. Here you can see the Class, Ailment Status, all 
    statistics and the current Djinni for that person (The statistics are 
    described in the next section).
     Press 'A' again to see the next screen with a list of all available 
    Psynergies for that person. Here you can see all the Psynergy spells that 
    person can use. For each spell there are five things to see here (from left 
    to right): Icon, Name, Psynergy Point Cost, Type and its Range.
    For the types we have:
        Color    Type (Kind)      
        -------- -------------------
        Yellow   Venus   = Earth
        Red      Mars    = Fire
        Blue     Mercury = Water
        Purple   Jupiter = Wind
        -------- -------------------
    The following possible icons for the range are displayed:
     Image      No. of Targets        Additional information
     --------   -------------------   -----------------------------
         |      One Target            -
        .|.     Up to Three Targets   Center Target has most effect
       .|||.    Up to Five Targets    Center Target has most effect
      .|||||.   Up to Seven Targets   Center Target has most effect
      |||||||   All targets           All Targets have equal effect
    The last page displayed the current items in the inventory of you 
    character. Take note that you can also see the Elemental properties of some 
    of the weapons. For example the Gaia Blade has a Yellow dot next to it if 
    you display it here. This means that it is a Venus elemental weapon, hence 
    it causes more damage to enemies weak to this element!!!
     Like most RPGs the characters in Golden Sun have statistics that increase 
    by leveling up and equipping weapons and armors. Here's a brief summary of 
    kind of statistics used in GS.
    LV - Level
    - - - - - -
     This is overall strength of a character measured on a scale from 1 to 99. 
    Each time you gain enough Experience by battling enemies you go up one 
    level and all your statistics are increased a bit. Sometimes you will also 
    receive a message about a new Psynergy that is learned.
    Exp - Experience
    - - - - - - - - -
     As mentioned about in the description for level, experience is used for 
    becoming stronger. The first weak enemies you encounter will only drop 5 
    Exp, but later on these numbers will increase quite a lot (e.g. 
    Wonderbird). Take note that the amount of experience you get from an enemy 
    can be enhanced by killing an enemy with a Djinn Unleash of the element of 
    the type to which that enemy is weak. For example a Sky Dragon is weak 
    against Wind. If you unleash a Jupiter Djinni against it, it will do more 
    damage and if it kills the Sky Dragon it will give 133% Experience & Gold 
    (the chance for item drop quadruples too).
    HP - Health Points
    - - - - - - - - - -
     This number represents how much damage a character can take. If this meter 
    reaches 0 that person gets downed. If all party members are downed you lose 
    the game and have to start over at either the last sanctum or the last save 
    point (you are however allowed to save the data up to that moment though). 
    So always try to keep these numbers as high as possible using healing 
    spells and/or items. This number can also be increased by eating a Power 
    PP - Psynergy Points
    - - - - - - - - - - -
     Using Psynergy requires energy, and so we have the Psynergy Points which 
    show how much Psynergy a character can use. Each time you use such a spell 
    this meter gets drained a bit. Take note that Psynergy is slowly regained 
    by walking around in the field. Similar to HP, PP can be increased if your 
    character eats a Cookie.
    ATK - Attack
    - - - - - - -
     This number simply displays how strong your character is physically. The 
    higher this number the more damage direct weapon attacks will cause. It can 
    be increased permanently by devouring an Apple and temporarily in battle by 
    using Psynergy spells like "Impact", "Angel Spear" and others.
    DEF - Defense
    - - - - - - -
     The amount of defense determines how much damage you take from direct 
    enemy attacks. Of course the higher this number the stronger you are 
    against enemy attacks and the less damage you receive. It can be increased 
    permanently by using a Hard Nut on your character. In battle you can use 
    Psynergies like "Protect" and "Guardian". Note that an attack in this 
    battle system will always do at least 1 point damage.
    AGL - Agility
    - - - - - - -
     Agility appears to have only one function in battle; it determines who 
    will strike first in a turn. The higher this number is the earlier you can 
    attack, Ivan (Wind Elemental) is very fast and is usually always the first 
    character that may launch initial attack. By eating Mint a character can 
    gain a few points permanently and by using Djinn like Zephyr in battle you 
    can temporarily raise Agility as well.
    LCK - Luck
    - - - - - -
     The final statistic used in this game is Luck. It's a bit hard to tell 
    what luck does exactly, but according to the manual the higher this number 
    the stronger you will become against special attacks and the smaller the 
    chance is that you will be affected by an Ailment. Luck is the only 
    statistic that cannot be increased by Psynergies, Leveling up or Djinn 
    Unleashes. The only thing you can do is using Lucky Pepper on a character 
    to increase it by 2 points or setting some of the Djinn may also increase 
    it by 1 or 2 points. Also some of the stronger and rare armors seem to 
    affect luck as well.
    Elemental Power / Resistance
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Finally there is the elemental power and resistance that each character 
    has. The initial setup for each character is by default:
     Property  | Felix | Jenna | Sheba | Piers
               | Isaac | Garet | Ivan  | Mia
     Strong    | Earth | Fire  | Wind  | Water
     Weak      | Wind  | Water | Earth | Fire
     As you can see the main characters are all strong against one element (the 
    element of their own type) and weak to the opposite element. By setting the 
    proper Djinn to the four characters this may change into a different 
    setting. For example: if we give Sheba a few Venus Djinn she will become 
    strong against Earth, but not necessarily weak against wind. It depends on 
    the values of the other elements too! Check the Status Screen to see these 
     For all Elemental Powers and Resistances the maximum limit is the value of 
    200. The type with the highest value for Resistance is the type against 
    which the ally is strong against, the lowest value is the type against 
    which the character is weak. Some equipment (especially later on) can 
    dramatically change these values. So it would be wise to look at the 
    elemental properties of the armors too, instead of only looking at which 
    armor has the highest Defense value.
     The same default rule applies to the Power values, e.g. Piers can do more 
    damage with water elemental attacks (be it Psynergy, Djinn Unleash or 
    Summon) and less with fire elemental attacks. Once again these numbers can 
    be changed as well by setting the right Djinn / equipping items to your 
     Here I'll describe the main ailments that are used in this game. An 
    ailments is a special status that can be caused by an enemy attack like 
    poison or things like that. Most of the ailments are quite annoying, so try 
    to prevent them as much as possible.
    - - - -
    - - - -
     The Poison status is often induced by enemy attacks, which cause your 
    character to take about 5 to 10% of Maximum HP damage each following round 
    until he/she is downed or purged. The damage is luckily only little so you 
    may last several rounds without too much injury. Poison also remains active 
    after you leave a battle, if you walk around in the field with a poisoned 
    character it will take damage too. So do be careful with this in the long 
    term. In battle a character will have little green skull floating next to 
    him/her denoting this status. Here are some cures:
     Antidote     - This item will remove poison for one character
     Cure Poison  - The Mercury Psynergy will work on one ally costing 2 PP
     Unicorn Ring - Using this item removes Poison
     Tonic/Salt   - These Djinn can cure nearly anything for the entire party
     Sanctum      - In a sanctum you can also cure poison for some gold
     Die & Revive - Not my favorite method, but it does work
    - - - -
    - - - -
     Similar to Poison, but this Ailment does a lot more damage, usually like 
    20% of the Maximum HP. It doesn't occur that often, but it is lethal 
    nonetheless. If you get hit by this you will receive a message that you've 
    been struck with Deadly Poison and it is denoted by little red skull 
    floating over the infected person. Like I said Venom is nearly the same as 
    Poison so the same healing tactics apply:
     Antidote     - This item will remove poison for one character
     Cure Poison  - The Mercury Psynergy will work on one ally costing 2 PP
     Unicorn Ring - Using this item in battle removes Poison
     Tonic/Salt   - These Djinn can cure nearly anything for the entire party
     Sanctum      - In a sanctum you can also cure poison for some gold
     Die & Revive - Not my favorite method, but it does work
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
     A character that is deluded has a higher chance of missing its opponent, 
    although I haven't seen a real significant increase in miss rates it may be 
    annoying sometimes.  
     Elixir       - This item will cure Delusion for one character
     Fairy Ring   - Use this ring in battle works like an elixir
     Restore      - Again a Mercury Psynergy will work for 2 PP
     Luck         - Sometimes a character can regain its sight by itself
     Tonic/Salt   - These Djinn can cure nearly anything for the entire party
     Die & Revive - Not necessary since this status isn't that bad all the same
     Battle End   - After you finish a battle this status will vanish
    - - - -
    - - - -
     Some attacked can make a character fall in a vast sleep so they won't be 
    able to fight. Its effect is similar to sting since it has the same 
    property. Sleep is denoted by some "zZz" marks over the character's head.
     Elixir       - This item will cure Sleep for one character
     Fairy Ring   - Use this ring in battle works like an elixir
     Restore      - A versatile Psynergy will do the job for 2 PP
     Luck         - Sometimes a character awakens from slumber just like that
     Tonic/Salt   - These Djinn can cure nearly anything for the entire party
     Die & Revive - Not necessary since this status isn't that bad all the same
     Battle End   - After you finish a battle this status will vanish
    - - - -
    - - - -
     Odd, why they have two different statuses for one and the same effect... 
    At least the effect is identical to Sleep. Regaining from this status is 
    exactly the same to the previous status as well. If an ally is hit by this 
    you can see some yellow angular lines next to that person.
     Elixir       - This item will cure Sleep for one character
     Fairy Ring   - Use this ring in battle works like an elixir
     Restore      - A versatile Psynergy will do the job for 2 PP
     Luck         - Sometimes a character awakens from slumber just like that
     Tonic/Salt   - These Djinn can cure nearly anything for the entire party
     Die & Revive - Not necessary since this status isn't that bad all the same
     Battle End   - After you finish a battle this status will vanish
    - - - -
    - - - -
     This is a bit similar to poison, since it can cause somewhat damage. The 
    big difference is that it doesn't do damage every single round, it only 
    happens randomly. Also this ailment can't be cured with conventional ways 
    and above all this ailment doesn't go away after the battle ends.
     Tonic/Salt   - These Djinn can cure nearly anything for the entire party
     Die & Revive - It does get rid of the ghost...
     Sanctum      - In a sanctum you can also cure haunted people for some gold
    - - - -
    - - - -
     Of all the status ailments this is naturally the worst since it causes a 
    character to fall down and disabling him or her permanently. This happens 
    when either the spirit gets drained (instant kill) or if his/her HP reaches 
    0. In most RPGs death isn't considered as an ailment, but in GS the game 
    clearly refers to it as Downed hence I included it here in this list. You 
    cannot heal a character in order to undo this status, but you may revive a 
    character using the following:
     Quartz, Dew,
     Spark & Tinder - These 4 Djinn can revive (doesn't always work)
     Revive         - The Venus "Revive" Psynergy can cure this status
     Water of Life  - Revives and fills all HP
     Sanctum        - The spiritual can revive in exchange for some gold
    - - - - - - -
    Sylphon Seal
    - - - - - - -
     This ailment is also known as the more common 'Silence' Ailment, which 
    causes magic spells to be blocked. This means that your character can no 
    longer use Psynergy attacks. It is denoted by a rotating Purple Seal next 
    to the affected character. Unlike the other ailments this one can affect 
    bosses as well.
     Luck         - A character may regain Psynergy abilities automatically
     Tonic/Salt   - These Djinn can cure nearly anything for the entire party
     Die & Revive - Not necessary since this status isn't that bad all the same
     Battle End   - Once the battle is over the seal is gone
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    'Predict Downed' / Curse
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     I don't know anymore how this status is called in battle, but it appears 
    when you get hit by an attack with a candle burning over your character. If 
    it connects you will see 3 big flames and 1 small flame. Each turn a flame 
    is extinguished (big flame is 2 turns), and if all flames are gone the Grim 
    Reaper appears to deliver the fatal blow, causing Instant Death.
     Elixir       - According to the game description this should work
     Restore      - This will Dispel Grim Reaper
     Die & Revive - That would be silly in this case
     Battle End   - Quickly end the battle and the bad omen is lifted
    - - - -
    - - - -
     The last status I will note here is the Cursed status. This status only 
    appears later on in the game when you find and equip your first cursed 
    weapon / armor. Cursed weapons are usually quite strong, yet they have the 
    annoying ability to paralyze the character in rounds 2, 5 and 7 (and more) 
    of a battle when he/she is using it.
     Also once you equip a cursed weapon you can't take it off anymore, which 
    means that you are stuck to it. This status is attached to the item and 
    even though a Sanctum can remove the cursed item from your equipped slot it 
    doesn't dissolve the curse on the item itself. Therefore the cursed item 
    will always remain cursed.
     There is of course one way to prevent the paralysis; by equipping a 
    Cleric's Ring you can use the weapon / armor without the effect of getting 
    paralyzed randomly. However this still doesn't remove the curse from the 
    item. So the only way to unequip an item that causes this is by going to 
    the Sanctum.
     Sanctum       - Removes the item from your equipped slot, but not from
                     the item itself (it remains cursed).
     Cleric's Ring - Cancels the paralysis effect out, but does not remove
                     the cursed item for a character.
    Combat System
     The battle system of both Golden Sun games is a 'Turn based' battle 
    system, in which a good strategy is essential, rather than good timing at 
    pressing buttons. Battles in GS:tLA are almost always random encounter, 
    with the exception of certain events and bosses. All Dungeons/Tower/Caves 
    and the World Map have an infinite supply of enemies in store for you, the 
    random encounter rate is in my opinion a bit high at some parts of the 
    game. This is annoying especially if you're trying to solve a big puzzle. 
    There may be many battles, but it is not that bad as Tales of Phantasia 
    however which happens to be master of random battles by far to my knowledge 
    (that game is still nice though).
     Anyway, when you walk around in the field you may have a chance to 
    encounter a random battle against 1 to 5 enemies at most. You'll hear an 
    enemy growl and the screen flashes to let you know a battle is about to 
    commence. Your characters get warped to the battle arena where they are 
    standing next to each other opposite of the enemies. At the start of each 
    turn there will be 3 options you can choose between:
    Battle Options
    Fight (Figure with a sword)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     If you choose this you can select which attacks you want to use on your 
    enemy. See below for more information about these battle tactics.
    Switch (Two figures with two exchanging arrows)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     After Isaac and his friends join your party you have 8 characters at your 
    disposal. In combat you can only use four at a time, so you are allowed to 
    exchange 1 member from the back up party to the attacking party each turn. 
    Using this you can interchange characters, if you really need to. Take note 
    that all four members of the back up party automatically appear if the 
    first party is completely downed.
    Flee (Running figure)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     You can always try to run away in a regular battle and most of the time 
    this will be successful. Sometimes however there will be no escape and you 
    will have to endure the attacks of your enemies without having a chance to 
    strike back. So I recommend not to overuse this option, and I think you 
    won't need to if keep your party maintained you can take on most regular 
    enemies without too much effort on reasonable levels.
    Status (Three papers)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Before you start combat you may wish to check your statistics and such. 
    You can do this by selecting this option. I myself hardly ever use it, 
    Battle Methods
     Take note that you can always go back to the Battle Options by canceling 
    (pressing 'B') in this menu. You can also use this to go back some steps if 
    you reconsider the attack you had assigned to a character.
    Attack (figure swinging with a sword)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Use this option for a direct physical attack on 1 enemy with the weapon 
    your character is currently holding. If the targeted enemy gets killed 
    before he can land a blow the computer automatically executes the Defend 
    command for that character.
    Psynergy (figure with a whirl of energy)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Use battle Psynergy on one or more targets. You will get an additional 
    list of the possible Psynergies that character can use. After selecting the 
    Psynergy you can (in most cases) choose the target on which the spell must 
    be applied to. If this is also a multi target spell the Psynergy will have 
    most effect on the center target; the enemy with the biggest Cursor arrow 
    over its head.
     The power of the Psynergy is mainly determined by the amount of Elemental 
    Power that you have for that element. You can see the elemental power of 
    each character in the statistics screen; these powers can reach a value up 
    to 200, which is the maximum limit. Also take note that the Psynergy will 
    do less damage if the corresponding Elemental Resistance of the target is 
    Unleash Djinn (Venus Djinni)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Using this you can unleash the special ability of a Djinni in combat. Most 
    of these attacks are quite strong and useful, do be careful that after you 
    unleash a Djinni your characters power decreases a bit since the Djinn will 
    go to Set mode. Finally the statistics may drop even more when your class 
    degrades to a lower type, because the Djinni is no longer on Stand-by. On 
    the other hand 'Setting' more Djinn allows you to use stronger Summon 
    attacks at the start of the battle.
    Summon (Tall black creature in a cube)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     The summon attacks are truly the most devastating attacks you party 
    members can use. The Summon of a single Djinni on itself is not that 
    strong, but you can use Summons of up to 13 Djinn (Iris) simultaneously. 
    These Summons are the very strong and if unleashed by a character of the 
    same element they are even powerful. For example: When a Venus Adept 
    summons a Venus elemental Summon he/she can do more damage than the other 
    three elemental type members could do.
    Item (Opened Chest)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     You can use items like Herbs and Elixirs in battle to heal and cure your 
    party members, but also you can use some of the weapons and armors. Since 
    some of these have an ability so you can use them as an item, be warned 
    that Weapons/Armors/Rings you use in battle may break if you use them too 
    often (Sometimes they already break the first time I use them). If this 
    happens the object will become useless and you will have to fix it at one 
    of the Weapon / Armor Stores around the continents.
    Defend (Shield)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     This option can be used if you don't want a specific character to attack. 
    In Defend mode a character will raise its defense and thus will take less 
    damage. Enemies sometimes do this too and oddly it seems that for your 
    enemy the defend works the entire turn, meaning that they have high defense 
    even before they actually get a chance to defend.
    Environmental Elements
     Around the world you will come across various puzzles that need to be 
    solved, these puzzles usually consist of making use of the objects that are 
    nearby in your surroundings. Here is a small list of the some of these 
    elements that you may encounter during the extensive travels.
    - - - -
     These little green bushes look lighter than the average normal looking 
    ones that are in the background. If you use "Whirlwind" or "Gale" on them 
    they may reveal hidden passages or objects.
    Pillars / Columns
    - - - - - - - - -
     There are several types of pillars in this game and all of them can be 
    pushed around. Some however serve for other purposes too.
      -Tall & Thin pillars
        These are roughly twice the length of Felix and can be used for
        creating passages on the upper level of a map (climb a ladder first)
        and you can walk over the tops of these columns.
      -Small & Fat pillars
        Only a few of these pop up in your adventure. Usually you have to push
        these into the water so only the top will stick out creating a little
        bridge Felix can use to reach the other side of the water.
      -Fallen Pillars / Logs
        The kind pillars you'll find on the ground are the ones you can push
        around (if no objects are blocking them). Most of the time you have
        to push them in a certain order to create the desired path through a
    Sphere Boulder
    - - - - - - - -
     This kind of obstruction appears very late in the game. The only way to 
    get past them is by using "Lift" Psynergy which you can obtain after Isaac 
    joins you.
    Water Puddles / Ice Pillars
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Water puddles can be frozen using "Frost" in order to create a tall ice 
    pillar. These columns can then be melted into water puddles again by 
    placing a heat source next to them like a torch.
    Small Plants
    - - - - - - -
     In some places you will come across little plants that are standing up 
    against a wall similar to GS1. These plants can be transformed into long 
    climbing vines if you apply "Growth" on them. Reminder again: in order to 
    get "Growth" give Felix a Mars Djinn or Garet a Venus Djinn. Apart from 
    that some new type of plant appears in Gaia Rock, if you use "Growth" on 
    these they will become guidance arrows.
    Soft Sand
    - - - - -
     If you are on soft (desert) sand like in the Yampi Desert Felix can cast 
    "Sand" in order to submerge underground. This way he can travel past rocks 
    and other obstacles. Above all you won't encounter any enemies, while 
    residing beneath the surface.
     Another thing is that Desert / Soft Sand is usually a good location to use 
    "Scoop" on in order to find hidden items. In fact if you "Scoop" long 
    enough you always find weak random items like: Smoke Bomb, Sleep Bomb, 
    Elixir, 'random number below 10' Coins or a Game Ticket!
    Suspicious Marks
    - - - - - - - - -
     If you come across some stones that form a circle, a peculiar lone rock or 
    other odd (out of place) looking configurations try to use the "Reveal" 
    formula Ivan obtains just before traversing through the Lamakan Desert. 
    Also "Reveal" can also be used to make hidden objects (in pots, crates) 
    appear as twinkling little stars! This helps you searching every bit a lot 
    faster. Sometimes marks on the group mean that you need to use "Scoop".
    Main Characters
    Felix - Venus Adept (18 years)
     We don't get to know too much about Felix other than that he was taken 
    away by the river after the accident during the storm with the boulder that 
    also took his parents leaving his sister Jenna behind as a lonely orphan. 
    Saturos & Menardi however rescued him for some reason and he makes his 
    reentrance in Vale again. He has different ideas about the issue of Alchemy 
    than Isaac. Unlike him he wants to see the lighthouses lit again. Near the 
    end of the game his motives become clear.
     Pros: Overall character; not particularly excelling or weak in any region 
     Cons: -
    Initial Equipment
    Weapon  Short Sword
    Armor   Cotton Shirt
    Shield  Padded Gloves
    Helmet  -
    Items   1. Mythril Bag - Holds Jupiter Star (Cannot be removed)
            2. Shaman's Rod
            3. Herb (2x)
    Djinn   -
    Jenna - Mars Adept (17 years)
     She lost her parents and her brother Felix after the accident that you saw 
    in the Prologue of GS1. Jenna decided to come along with Isaac and Garet to 
    Sol Sanctum, but after she does so she is captured by Saturos and Menardi. 
    In GS:tLA the game starts with her as the leading character just before the 
    Venus Lighthouse is lit. Traveling together with Kraden and Alex she have 
    to travel back to Idejima to the boat which is docked over there.
     Pros: Powerful healing abilities combined with attack Psynergies
     Cons: As with the other girls she is a somewhat weaker than average,
           but better than Sheba or Mia.
    Initial Equipment
    Weapon  Wooden Stick
    Armor   One-piece Dress
    Shield  Padded Gloves
    Helmet  -
    Items   1. Herb (3x)
    Djinn   -
    Sheba - Jupiter Adept (14 years)
     Even more mysterious than Felix is Sheba, this young girl appears near the 
    end of the game. She is called "Child of the Gods" by the people of 
    Lalivero, because according to them she fell from the sky as a gift from 
    God. Lord Babi held her hostage for a long time so he could enforce the 
    people of Lalivero to build him his own lighthouse for his own needs. 
    Because didn't have any parents Faran from Lalivero raised her as his own 
    child, therefore she sees him as a father figure.
     Pros: She is very fast like the other Jupiter Adept 
     Cons: Physical strength is her weakness
    Initial Equipment
    Weapon  Wooden Stick
    Armor   Travel Vest
    Shield  Leather Armlet
    Helmet  Circlet
    Items   1. Herb
    Djinn   -
    Piers - Mercury Adept (Age unknown)
     The final member of the second team is the Lemurian Piers. You meet him 
    for the first time in Madra where he is held prisoner for a crime he did 
    not commit. Later on after you proved his innocence he leaves for Kibombo 
    trying to find the Black Orb the Kibombo warriors stole from him. He needs 
    the item to enter his ship and find a way back to his home town. After you 
    help him getting his precious item back he joins your party and helps you 
    in lightning the beacons of Jupiter and Mars.
     Pros: Physically the strongest member of the GS:tLA team
     Cons: He is a bit slower than the rest, but not as bad as Garet
    Initial Equipment
    Weapon  Battle Mace
    Armor   Chain Mail
    Shield  Iron Shield
    Helmet  Bronze Helm
    Items   1. Herb
            2. Antidote
            3. Elixir
    Djinn   1. Mercury - Shade
            2. Mercury - Spring
    Isaac - Venus Adept (17 years)
     Isaac is born and raised in Vale with his mother Dora and his father Kyle. 
    The people of Vale have always been the protectors of the Elemental stars 
    that are hidden deep within Sol Sanctum to the north of Vale. After the 
    dreadful incident with the boulder on the rainy day Isaac lost his father 
    just as Jenna lost her parents and brother. A few years later Isaac goes 
    with Garet, Jenna and Kraden to Sol Sanctum to find out its secrets. Inside 
    they meet the two people who are their enemies: Saturos & Menardi. They 
    take Jenna and Kraden away, leaving him and Garet behind in the crumbling 
    ruins. After this event they set foot outside of Vale on their quest to 
    stop the two fiends. The young Venus Adept appears again in the Jupiter 
    Lighthouse, and not long after that he will team up with you as the other 
    three members of his party. 
     Pros: Overall character; not particularly excelling or weak in any region 
     Cons: -
    Garet - Mars Adept (17 years)
    Born in Vale as well is Isaac's childhood friend. Garet is the grandson of 
    the mayor of Vale. He travels with Isaac right from the start of the game 
    and he usually makes rather dumb comments during the conversations though, 
    but is a good fighter although he is rather slow.
     Pros: Physically the strongest member of the team
     Cons: He the slowest party member
    Ivan - Jupiter Adept (15 years)
     This young boy was an orphan found by Master Hammet the merchant of Kalay. 
    Ivan's most useful ability is to read other peoples' minds, which can be 
    handy during some parts of the game. Master Hammet gave the mystical 
    Shaman's Rod (also called the Rod of Hesperia) to Ivan and he seems to have 
    lost it somewhere in Vault a village to the south of Vale. At the end of 
    GS1 Felix claims the rod from him. That's why Felix has the Shaman's Rod in 
    his inventory at the beginning of the game.
     Pros: Very fast chap
     Cons: His physical attacks are weak
    Mia - Mercury Adept (17 years)
     The fourth adept of Isaac's team is Miss Mia from icy village called Imil 
    to the far north. She is protector of the Mercury Lighthouse just like Alex 
    who happens to be a Mercury Adept as well. Mia's greatest asset is her 
    healing abilities. She is capable of healing the entire party with her Wish 
    Psynergy. Other than that her attack is not that bad, although her Mercury 
    classes lack some strong attack Psynergies like "Prism".
     Pros: Great Healing abilities
     Cons: She is somewhat slow (but not as much as Garet)
    Other important people
     This guy appears in the beginning of the game where he wards of some 
    Laliverian guards so Jenna and Kraden can escape. Later on he turns up in 
    several towns. In Champa you find out that he is together with a new duo 
    from the Mars clan: Agatio & Karst. He is not an ally to anybody, and just 
    wants all the lighthouses to be lit for his own reasons. Alex is like Mia 
    from the Mercury Clan and has an oath to protect the Mercury Lighthouse, 
    but he broke that oath for his own good.
    Babi - (Near 150 years - deceased recently)
     The ancient mayor of Tolbi has strange vitality for someone of his 
    unnatural old age. In turned out that he used a drought from Lemuria to 
    keep him going around, however over time this drought is nearly completely 
    depleted leaving him old and frail again. In Golden Sun 1 he sent out 
    Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia to search for Lemuria using his ship.
    Karst & Agatio
     Karst is a young woman from the same clan as Saturos and Menardi and she 
    is a relative of Menardi. Isaac killed Menardi in GS1 on top of the Venus 
    Lighthouse, and because of that Karst out on the loose searching for 
     Agatio is her companion and they travel together in order to find Felix, 
    because they know that he has the Jupiter Star; an item that is required 
    to ignite the Jupiter Lighthouse.
    King Hydros - Ruler of Lemuria
     After reaching Lemuria you get to go on audience with the king. This (what 
    seems to be) a middle aged man has much knowledge. King Hydros will tell 
    you about his finding of Weyard decreasing in size as the world withers and 
    this is all because alchemy isn't released on the world to nourish it. 
    After hearing this Felix & companions are even more determined to light the 
    remaining two lighthouses. After this you will get the Grind Stone from his 
    Kraden - (Too old)
     The old man is a scholar who lives on the far west side of Vale. He has 
    studied alchemy for quite some time and has vast knowledge about it, 
    although the long conversations with him seem to be annoying sometimes. 
    Kraden helps Felix and the others with silly comments. I usually don't pay 
    too much attention to him.
    Saturos & Menardi
     They are two adepts from the Mars clan who live in the far northern 
    reaches of Weyard in a town named Prox. They were killed in Golden Sun by 
    Isaac's group. Now that they are gone Karst and Agatio have appeared on the 
    scene to avenge their death.
    Story            (Taken from the Instruction Booklet)
    Alchemy - The power to manipulate the building blocks of reality - has been 
    sealed away for generations. This ancient science has been hidden deep 
    within Sol Sanctum and protected by the small village of Vale, which lies 
    at the foot of Mount Aleph, home to Sol Sanctum. Now, however, that seal 
    has been broken, and the Elemental Stars, the jewels that channel the power 
    of alchemy, have been stolen.
    Stories tell that the master of alchemy knows no limits to his power and 
    can attain everything his heart desires. Using the four jewels, someone is 
    trying to light the elemental lighthouses and release of the power of 
    alchemy upon the world of Weyard. The lighthouses of earth and water have 
    already been lit. Now, a great adventure across the open seas in search of 
    the remaining two lighthouses begins!
     At the registry it is possible to give all main characters from the game a 
    new name. Normally you can only rename Felix and also for Isaac, but if you 
    like you can change the other names by pressing the following button 
    combination as given below. I will keep to the default names myself to make 
    the walkthrough clear and easier to read.
    Rename - Jenna, Sheba and Piers
     When you get to rename Felix at the beginning of a New Game press 'Select' 
    3 times. You will hear a chime. Complete his name and you get to rename the 
    other three members.
    Rename - Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia
    When you are renaming the characters from GS:tLA press the following button 
                   Up,   Down,  Up,   Down,
                   Left, Right, Left, Right,
                   Up,   Right, Down, Left,  Up
    Now press 'Select' and there will be chime as well. Take note that this 
    only works, when you are playing a non-linked game.
    Import Golden Sun 1 Data
     After renaming everybody of tLA's party to your heart's content you get 
    the chance of uploading the information of the Clear Data file in GS. After 
    you finish Golden Sun you can transport the data of Isaac and companions 
    over to this game. Check out Appendix E for more information about this 
    topic. If you don't import Gold or Silver data you get to rename Isaac as 
    well. After this moment you also get a peek at what the GS1 party 
    characters have in their inventory after you insert the password. This is 
    done so you can verify whether everything is still in its place.
    Choose your difficulty setting
    If you have a completed game in the shape of a "Clear Data" file on the 
    cartridge you can get the option of choosing a difficulty setting. There 
    are three difficulties you may choose from:
      Easy:   You get the levels you had in the previous game, making the
              battles even easier to complete in this game! No items are
              transferred; this is not Chrono Trigger sorry...
      Normal: Same as a normal game (nothing special happens).
      Hard:   Start a normal game, but the enemies have increased statistics:
              150% Max HP, 125% ATK & 125% DEF.
    Prologue: The Venus lighthouse from a different point of view
    --Venus Lighthouse--
    Chests: 1 (total hidden items / chests: 1)
     We start at the Venus Lighthouse; this was the second and last lighthouse 
    that was to be lit in the original Golden Sun. This game however starts 
    just before it was lit. The difference now is that we start with a party of 
    Felix, Jenna and Kraden. The last one is a Non Playable Character (NPC). As 
    Felix departs from the group the other two go down and meet up with Alex; a 
    mysterious adept from the Mercury clan. After doing some chitchat (get used 
    to it, because we have to do this many times) it is decided that the three 
    of them should leave the lighthouse and wait for Felix at Idejima. You gain 
    control over Jenna from this moment on. Most curiously Jenna starts at 
    level 5 by default instead of level 1 and she has a default set of 
    equipment (so Jenna's information is not transferred in a linked game).
     There are no random battles around here leaving you free to roam anywhere 
    you like without having to deal with pesky cretins all the time. From the 
    start go left, down, and then take the upper right passage and Jenna will 
    find herself in a stepping stone puzzle. People who have played GS can 
    easily get to the exit here, but for the others it is important to remember 
    that you can only jump over 1-tile gaps, so take the left route and you'll 
    find a chest in the room after this. This was the chest containing the 
    "Carry Stone" and it was already opened by Isaac's team, but for some 
    reason it has an additional Herb is inside if you check it out. Strange... 
    It wasn't there in Golden Sun.
     Retrace your steps to the big room and this time take the south exit. Once 
    you get outside you will be hindered by some soldiers. Alex pops up again 
    and wipes them out with a single blow. After this the road is cleared to 
    the Suhalla Gate and Alex leaves the scene so he can make sure no other 
    soldiers will meddle with Jenna and Kraden. Head west for our very first 
    fight, it is an easy one though. With only two strikes (about 30 damage) 
    or one "Fume" psynergy the Ruffian goes down (of course if you are 
    replaying this game in Hard mode it will be a bit more difficult).
    --Suhalla Gate--
     Continue on and you'll have to fight another Ruffian, which is identical 
    to the last one. Go left, climb down the two vines and try to enter the 
    crevice. Three Ruffians appear this time round. So we better start using 
    some Psynergy to take them out quickly. You should still be able to win 
    without having to heal, if not use an Herb to heal about 50 HP.
    --Gateway Cave--
     Punch Ant
     There is only one direction here so stick to it. After some walking you 
    will come across a purple jewel. This is a Psynergy stone that can heal all 
    you Psynergy Points, but before you can collect it a Punch Ant appears. BTW 
    for those of you new to Golden Sun, you can recover your Psynergy slowly by 
    walking around in the field. After some crappy comments of Kraden, Jenna 
    can reach the peninsula without any difficulty.
     Alex reappears and the Venus Lighthouse beacon is lit (once again), 
    resulting in a mighty tremble. This causes Idejima to tear apart from the 
    continent of Gondowan. After this we get to see the same dialogue as in the 
    epilogue of the last game (although the island looks different somehow), 
    Felix and Sheba join the others and the five of them crash into the 
    continent of Indra near the village of Daila riding along the tidal wave 
    and land-wrecking into the continent of Indra.
    1. The Trial Temple
    As you regain consciousness you get control over Felix the main character 
    of this game. You can check for injuries if you like to see some silly 
    animations. Check for the others (yes, you have to take even Kraden with 
    you) and oddly enough Alex disappeared somehow. Walk around on the world 
    map and Felix will find a small town to the south of where we started. Take 
    note that you can equip the "Shaman's Rod" in your inventory to one of the 
    girls, its ATK (attack power) is better than the wooden stick.
     6 Coins
    Hidden Items: 7 (8)
     Smoke Bomb      - Inside lower left barrel outside inn 
     Sleep Bomb      - Inside barrel near entrance inside the inn
     3 Coins         - Inside jar within the house on the right in Daila
     12 Coins        - Inside jar left side of Mayor's home (elevated building)
     Herb            - Inside jar behind Mayor's home
     Psy Crystal~    - Use "Scoop" on NE tile of the rightmost water puddle
     Sea God's Tear* - Use "Frost" on the pillars in the Sanctuary
                       * = Reachable after chapter 6
                       ~ = Reachable after chapter 4A
     This small village is still recovering from the big splash, which is why 
    there are salty puddles all over the place. I bought a new sword for Felix 
    here and also some better armor for all three characters, since you should 
    have some money by now. Talk with the villagers if you like. If you do so 
    some of the residents give you information about the Kandorean Temple of 
    Master Poi. Note that behind the guy in the sanctuary there is a blue drop 
    shaped rock. We cannot yet reach it, but we will get back here some point 
    later on. Leave town via the southern exit and go to the temple that all 
    those people mention.
    --Daila (South) - World Map-- 
     Venus - Echo
     Felix will encounter the first Djinn in this game right around here. He 
    will join you no matter what you say, refuse him a few times for some nice 
    comments. ;) You can choose for a brief introduction (which is very similar 
    to the one in GS). From here you can go into two directions: east to the 
    Tower of the Sea God, or southwest to the Kandorean Temple. Heading east 
    only gives you a small cut scene and nothing more, since Felix doesn't have 
    the right Psynergy to continue on around there. 
    --Kandorean Temple--
    Hidden Items: 1 (9)
     Lash Pebble
    Chests: 1 (10)
     Mysterious Card
     Mercury - Fog
     Mimic, Amaze, Angler Worm, Giant Bat, Punch Ant, Wild Wolf
     Chestbeater (3x)
     The entrance of the temple is locked tightly, because of the meditation 
    session that started just ago. Felix must find another path into the 
    temple. Go to the upper left corner and use "Whirlwind" Psynergy on the 
    bush to enter the cave. Walk around the shallow water and climb the rope on 
    the far right. The central door in the courtyard is your entrance to the 
    temple itself.
     Inside Master Poi is putting three of his students to the test. Only the 
    third one's ability to levitate is good enough to undergo the final test. 
    We might as well follow this guy as there is not much else to do. Go up in 
    the cavern to find the very first Mimic chest of this game. The critter has 
    quite some HP so don't hesitate in using strong Psynergies like Jenna's 
    "Fume", beating it earns you a Game Ticket.
    Mimic 1
     HP:  207    ATK:  47    AGL:   23    Weak:    Fire
     PP:   12    DEF:  12    LCK:   15    Strong:  Water
     Special: Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Slash
     Exp:     64
     Coins:   46
     Item: Game ticket
     Navigate through the tight corridor on the left towards the next room. 
    Walk to the lower left corner here to find the bloke who does not seem to 
    be strong enough to undergo the test after all, I pity the fool. Head up 
    from here walking between the long pillars, because there is a passage 
    although it is partially hidden behind the pillars. Climb the ladder and 
    jump over the gaps using the tops of the columns to reach the passageway. 
    Go left here and you'll reach a treacherous current. Use the 'B' Button to 
    run diagonally up to the right (this way you will reach the other side 
    without sliding down). Keep on going up through the maze of rocks and you 
    will reach a room with a moveable pillar and two air vents.
     If you want the Mysterious Card then push the pillar on the left platform. 
    The weight of the pillar will keep the other platform in its position 
    allowing you to reach a higher level. Stand on the right platform to ascend 
    and reach out for the chest with that item. You can equip this item to any 
    character and it will turn him/her into the Pierrot Class. Stand on the 
    platform again, when it reappears to go down one level again. Push the 
    pillar on the lower platform and walk on the left one. Go over the 
    tightrope and walk behind the pole so you will reach a moveable pillar. 
    Push it to the right using the "Move" Psynergy, jump over the gap and keep 
    on pushing it further until it blocks the shaft.
     You can safely go over the second rope. DON'T go down the ladder, but 
    instead follow the path on the right side, jump over some gaps and enter 
    the next area. There is a Mercury Djinni here, but we can't reach it just 
    yet. Go up the stairs twice and use "Move" on the pot with boiling water in 
    order to chuck it aside. Walk up to find the last challenge meant for Poi's 
    Boss: Chestbeater (3x)
     HP: 155    ATK: 44     AGL: 20     Weak:    Fire
     PP:   0    DEF: 11     LCK: 24     Strong:  Wind
     Special: Beat Dance, use 'Herb', Claw Attack
     Exp.:   40 each
     Coins:  28 each
     Item:   Nut
     These three monkeys are not that hard to beat, just concentrate your 
    attacks on one of them (and use your strongest Psynergies) to take them out 
    one by one. The Claw attack may cause some damage, but other than that 
    there doesn't seem to be any trouble at all.
     A ladder will appear leading you towards the exit. Poi will think that his 
    student completed the test, but is amazed to see that an outsider managed 
    to do it without any training. You will receive the Psynergy "Lash" from 
    the 'spring chicken' for your troubles in the shape of the Lash Pebble. 
    Equip this rock on one of your characters in order to use the Psynergy. My 
    suggestion would be Sheba, since she has the most Psynergy Points at her 
     Since we can get the Mercury Djinni with this Psynergy go back where we 
    came from. Stand next to the pole with rope tied to it and use "Lash" to 
    tie the end to the other pole automatically. Climb the rope and get ready 
    for a battle (not all Djinn can be collected without a fight).
    Mercury Djinni
     HP: 165    ATK: 32    AGL: 22      Weak:    Fire
     PP:  14    DEF:  6    LCK:  6      Strong:  Water
     Special: Douse, Frost, Escape
     Exp:     28
     Coins:   85
     Item: -
     The special attacks of this Djinni are pretty strong compared to the level 
    your characters are on right now, so heal Sheba if her HP bar drops is less 
    than a half (she has weak defense). After beating it Fog will join you. 
    Because we don't have a Mercury Adept yet, think carefully to whom you are 
    going to set it (if you set it at all). My pick would be Sheba so she gains 
    some additional HP, also using the Mysterious Card she turns into a 
    Pierrot, giving her extra power and two attack Psynergies. For now this is 
    the best we can do for her. Use "Retreat" for a quick exit away from the 
    dungeon. The meditation session has ended and thus you can leave through 
    the front door.
    2. Team rascal: Riki & Tavi  
    --Shrine of the Sea God (first visit)--
    Hidden Items: 1 (11)
     Right Prong* - See Chapter 8A.
    Chests: 1 (12)
     Rusty Staff* (forges into Glower Staff)
     Jupiter - Breath
     Angle Worm, Ghost, Punch Ant, Wild Wolf
     * = reachable after Piers joins you
     Next stop is the Shrine of the Sea God located to the east of Daila. We 
    can only get a Jupiter Djinni there for the time being. However we do need 
    to save the two boys here, or else we can't move on to enable some upcoming 
     If have already been here before you know that there is a place where we 
    can use our newly acquired "Lash" Psynergy. In case you haven't been here 
    yet, just watch the small cut scene featuring two rascal boys. After 
    securing the rope Tavi thinks Riki threw the rope and he climbs down. Then 
    both of them meet with your group and talk about catching a small flying 
    critter, but because they are hungry they leave. Go through the left 
    passageway and walk around until you find that flying beast; yep, a Jupiter 
    Djinni. After you fall down the Djinni flies off, go after it right away!
     You can follow the footsteps in the next room, or just go to the south 
    right away. There are three passageways around here. Take the most southern 
    one and the Djinni will appear again. Go back up again and go through 
    either one of the other two stairways, the Jupiter Djinni will appear again 
    and move upwards. Follow it again and the Djinn will move to an elevated 
    section. Place the torch against the northern wall so the Djinni will get 
    trapped if it tries to flee again. Attack it and you'll have to fight it.
    Jupiter Djinni
     HP:  184    ATK: 37    AGL: 27     Weak:    Earth
     PP:   16    DEF:  8    LCK:  6     Strong:  Wind
     Special:  Bolt, Ray, Slash, Whirlwind, Escape
     Exp:     43
     Coins:   89
     Item: -
     Not much special to note about this Djinni, he seems to be easier to beat 
    than that Mercury Djinni. After a short battle Breath joins you group, 
    giving a total of 3 Djinn. We can't do anything with those water puddles, 
    hence we have to leave this place and come back sometime later.
     After freeing Tavi most of the salty water has dried up, leaving only some 
    small water puddles around the scene. Try to enter the mayor's home and 
    Alex will show up again. He speaks about buying a boat in the city of Madra 
    to the south. Just after that he leaves you again. In order to get to Madra 
    we have to go through the Dehkan Plateaus, this location can be found by 
    going southeast from Daila, then go over the small bridge and head to the 
    3. Falling through the Plateaus
    --Dehkan Plateau--
    Hidden Items: 1 (13)
     Pound Cube - Mars Djinni Cannon has it
    Chests: 5 (18)
     Full Metal Vest, Elixir, Mint, Themis Axe, Nut
     Mars - Cannon
     Angle Worm, Ghost, Mini-Goblin, Rat Soldier, Skeleton
     You don't have much choice in the beginning, so walk around until you fall 
    down one of those cracked gaps. You can see by the darker tone of the crack 
    whether you can walk over it (once) or not. Anyway, after falling down take 
    the lower passage and collect the Full Metal Vest from the chest, the very 
    first new armor (i.e. not available in GS). Go back again and once you're 
    inside the cave take the other exit on the right side.
     Further on you will see three grey pillars here, be careful because Felix 
    can only stand on them once just as with the cracked floor tiles. First 
    take the upper path in order to collect an Elixir. Climb back up, take the 
    lower path and go south for the northern path is block by a cone shaped 
    structure. Carefully walk over the little cracks avoiding the bigger cracks 
    (BTW. you can't fall down a gap, but you can jump over it). Fall down the 
    most northern dark crack to access a chest containing Mint.
     Once you are back outside again move the pillar in its place and jump over 
    the gap. Walk over the lower left crack so you can reach the center again, 
    instead of falling down jump over the gap (not crack) so you reach the 
    right. Keep on going up to find another area filled with columns. Hop over 
    to the first 'island', take the upper left pillar, jump over another island 
    and jump twice on the lone pillar to the right. Here is a path to another 
    chest with the Themis Axe inside. This is quite a good weapon for Felix and 
    it has 'Stone Justice' as an Unleash. Since the first pillar crumbled we 
    have to go back one screen and return to reset the field and make the 
    pillars appear instantly complete again.
     This second time round just jump over to the left side, from there on the 
    path to the next screen is easily found. Again we have to fall down one of 
    the gaps around here; it doesn't matter which one. After getting back 
    outside you'll see a Mars Djinni who tries to flee away from you, fall down 
    the first gap(you don't have any choice), go outside, climb the vine and 
    meet up with our Mars Djinni who leaves again. Before venturing on, put the 
    pillar in between the gap for this will be handy later on.
     On the next screen the Djinni runs away over the bridge again, before 
    going after him climb down the vine below, go over the tight ropes and move 
    the lower pillar as far as possible to the right. Climb it using the 
    overgrowth and use "Lash" to get a Nut. Let the upper pillar fall down, 
    follow the path, climb the vines on the far right and watch how the Djinni 
    uses "Pound" in order to escape from you. Follow him to the next screen 
    where he crumbles 2 pillars in order to get away from you once more. Climb 
    down the vine and move the pillar to the right, climb it, go to the other 
    two grey pillars and step on the rightmost one. When you walk back you fall 
    down. Walk around to the rightmost pillar and use "Move" to get it to the 
    left. Climb on it as well and make the other grey pillar fall apart.
     Head north into the cavern, walk over the upper left crack (the small 
    one), walk on the crack to the Djinni's right (not the one in front of 
    him), then go down and right so you can reach the passage to the next room. 
    Follow the path and head outside fall down the RIGHT darkened crack and you 
    bump into the Djinni who loses its precious cube shaped artifact. Step over 
    to the Pound Cube and equip it (don't go strait up, or else you fall 
    down!). Take the passage on the right and you'll encounter the little 
    cretin for the final showdown.
     It is time to stop his evil escapades, but before going near him climb 
    down the vine and use "Pound" to smash the cone into the ground. Finally 
    the Mars Djinni is stuck, however it doesn't seem to be that afraid since 
    he starts a battle against you!
    Mars Djinni
     HP: 203      ATK:  43    AGL: 32       Weak:    Water
     PP:  18     DEF:   10    LCK:  7       Strong:  Fire
     Special: Blast, Flare, Escape
     Exp:     58
     Coins:   93
     Item: -
     This Djinni tends to run away very often so if possible try to stun him or 
    put him asleep. Other than that it should be relatively easy especially 
    with the Mercury Djinni's Unleash. After the battle Cannon finally joins 
    your team. Continue on and ascend several levels until you reach the exit 
    of the Dehkan Plateau. 
    --East Indra Shore--
    Hidden Items: 1 (19)
     Cookie* - Use "Frost" on the water puddle to reach the wooden box
               * = reachable after Piers joins you
     There is a ship very close by the exit of the Dehkan plateau on the world 
    map. If you enter this area all party members show up and Kraden thinks it 
    is Menardi's ship, but they don't have the orb to control the ship rendering 
    it is useless to them. There is a peculiar barrel on a ledge here, but we 
    need "Frost" to get it, so we'll have to come back later as well.
    --Indra Cavern--
    Stone Tablet:
     To the west of the ship the is a small cavern, use "Move" and "Lash" to 
    get the stone tablet lying out in the open. This will give you a new 
    summon: Zagan by putting both one Venus & one Mars Djinn on standby! Zagan 
    appears to be aligned with the Mars elemental and can lower enemies' DEF as 
    --Madra East - World Map--
     Venus - Iron
     To the east of Madra you can go over a small bridge and you will come 
    across a Venus Djinni at the bottom part near the water. Defeat it to make 
    Iron join you, if the Djinni escapes just walk around and it will appear 
    Venus Djinni
     HP: 223     ATK: 49     AGL:  37      Weak:    Wind
     PP:  20     DEF: 12     LCK:   7      Strong:  Earth
     Special: Growth, Quake, Escape
     Exp:     73
     Coins:   96
     Item: -
    4. The Mysterious Prisoner Adept
     12 Coins
    Hidden Items: 6 (25)
     Antidote     - Wooden box outside the home to the left of town's entrance
     Smoke Bomb   - barrel in the house to the left of town's entrance
     Sleep Bomb   - left jar upstairs in the inn
     Elixir       - jar in left cavern home
     15 coins     - wooden box in the town elder's home
     Cyclone Chip - Get it from the young Mayor want-to-be (after Chapter 6)
    Chests: 1 (26)
     Nurse's Cap
     Mars - Char
     The upper right corner has a ladder leading into the ground, if you try to 
    go down a man pops up telling you that you have to come back later if you 
    wish to enter. Upon entering town via the main gate two people inspect you 
    in order to make sure that you are not one of Champa's men. Some pirates 
    raided Madra and came for a guy named Briggs, that's why the security in 
    this region is raised. After participating in this event you can climb down 
    that ladder into the catacombs of Madra to collect the Tremor Bit. There is 
    more than one entrance to the catacombs, but you can only reach the Bit by 
    going down the rightmost one behind the graveyard to the east (see below).
     You can walk around various places around here. First of all go to the 
    balcony of the inn and walk over the roofs of the market tents to the left, 
    jump over and collect the Nurse Cap. Also note the old man inside the 
    biggest home on the left. He is interested in mushrooms from the Gondowan 
    Cliffs. Later on when you pass by there you can collect the Laughing and 
    Healing Fungus. The Laughing Fungus is useless, but if you give him the 
    Healing Fungus he will trade it for Char the Mars Djinn.
    --Madra Catacombs--
    Chests: 5 (31)
     Tremor Bit, Lucky Medal*, Apple~, Mist Potion~, Ruin Key~
    Stone Tablet:
      Drone Bee, Mini-Goblin, Rat, Rat Soldier, Troll
      * = reachable after learning "Reveal" 
      ~ = reachable after learning "Reveal" & "Frost"
    Entry from the graveyard (only accessible first time round):
    Go through two screens following the upper path, down the ladder and take 
    the up-left passageway to reach a deserted subterranean village. Use "Move" 
    on the pillar on the elevated section on the northern part, continue on to 
    the left and enter the entrance in the wall. Inside descend to the bottom 
    floor and head up one room to find a chest with the Tremor Bit. That's all 
    we can do around here.
    However, if you do this after passing by the initial trip to Madra the
    cave entrance will be blocked off. You'll need "Reveal" psynergy first
    to get through the catacombs via the other entrance!
    Entry from the main ladder:
    After obtaining "Frost" and "Reveal" Psynergies go down the entrance 
    inside the town walls of Madra. Back in the Catacombs, go down and left 
    into the big room again. Use "Reveal" on the closed doorway to display a 
    push button. Press it to open the door to the deserted town. 
     Walk around town, use "Frost" on the water puddle on your way and you'll 
    reach a chest with an Apple. From here "Move" the 2 pillars to the east and 
    north. Climb the northern pillar and run around the upper level to reach 
    the eastern pillar. Jump over to the west, use "Lash" on the rope and enter 
    the first floor of the broken building. Inside cast "Tremor" on the 
    bookshelf to make a chest drop down. If you go inside the left entrance in 
    the back of the main room, then walk around the main level counter 
    clockwise to reach red chest with a Lucky Medal inside.
     Head outside again, follow the path and climb down to get a Mist Potion, 
    then slide down the lower level of the town catacombs. Enter the building 
    via the main entrance, go up one room and collect the Ruin Key from the 
    chest that fell down. Go down the stair in the right room and use the key 
    to open up the big, locked & red door. The flames will ignite and the 
    tablet on display is now yours. After examining it Felix can summon Moloch 
    for the price of 2 Mercury & 1 Jupiter Djinn.
     Felix is back at the entrance of town, so if you didn't go down (which you 
    should do anyway) you can continue on reading here. Talking to the people 
    around here tells you that they think the boat docked at the shore is a 
    boat from Champa. Mind reading the ill person in the left cavern home gives 
    you a vague hint of what is coming next. Inside the town elder's home you 
    can see a very interesting gem on the mantel, unfortunately we can't get 
     Outside again to the left is the town's jail. The people around here speak 
    of the imprisoned guy who came ashore with his ship. They claim he's from 
    Champa's camp, but you can never be certain without verifying this. So 
    Felix goes to meet the man in question.
     Inside some people are interrogating the prisoner who is called Piers. 
    Piers claims that he is innocent and even uses Psynergy to ward of one of 
    the interrogators. "Mind read" him tells you that he seems to be able to 
    sense you Psynergy as well. Exiting the prison at this point starts a small 
    conversation and the woman grants you permission to travel to Osenia to the 
    --Osenia Cliffs--
     Chests: 1 (32)
      Pirate's Sword
     After obtaining permission from 'milady' cross over the Madra Drawbridge 
    and you'll reach some cliffs around here, talk to the people for some 
    information (this is not mandatory). One of the guys reasons that Piers is 
    not a Champa and therefore should be released. Jump over the garbage that 
    is left after the Champa Ship broke apart, use "Lash" to reach the Pirate's 
    Sword inside a lone chest. Head over to the exit on the right side.
     We can do two independent quests at this moment, but we do have to 
    complete both of them. One quest is to prove Piers' innocence and another 
    has to be completed so Sheba will learn "Reveal" Psynergy. The first quest 
    (starting at 4A) has somewhat easier enemies than the second (chapter 5) so 
    I'll put that one up first. You can go either way, so make the choice for 
    your own.
    4A. Trapping a scorpion in the desert
    --Yampi Desert (Exterior)--
    Hidden Items: 2 (34)
      Scoop Gem, 315 Coins
    Chests: 4 (38)
      Guardian Ring, Antidote, Lucky Medal*, Trainer's Whip
     Jupiter - Blitz
     Dino, Emu, Kobold, Momongo, Spider
     King Scorpion
      * = reachable after learning "Reveal" 
     On the first screen you can find a chest in the right bottom corner, just 
    smash the wooden pole to get the Guardian ring. On the next screen there 
    are a bunch of people trying to find their way through the desert, talk
    to them for some information. At the bottom of this field there is a 
    peculiar shaped sand puddle. There is nothing we can do with it right now, 
    but later on we will be able to use some Psynergy on it.
     In the next area stomp the pillar blocking your path to the north and do 
    NOT "Pound" the one straight beneath the chest, as we require the path over 
    the top. Instead, go around and use the Psynergy on the other pillar. Then 
    walk over to collect an Antidote here. "Pound" the pillar hiding a 
    climbable wall section and go up, walk and jump around, until you reach the 
    Jupiter Djinni: Blitz. This Djinni also fights you before joining in. Just 
    Unleash Echo and the rest should be easy as pie.
    Jupiter Djinni
     HP: 267      ATK: 65      AGL:  50      Weak:    Earth
     PP:  24      DEF: 17      LCK:   8      Strong:  Wind
     Special: Bolt, Ray, Slash, Whirlwind, Escape
     Exp:     109
     Coins:   126
     Item: -
     Exit the screen on the right side and collect the Psynergy Stone if you 
    wish to restore any PP (There is a boss battle coming up next). Go up one 
    screen and you see that something is moving beneath the surface. Use 
    "Pound" on the wooden column to make a scorpion appear and leave for the 
    next screen. Repeat the process and you'll reach a third screen.
     The final sequence requires some planning in order to trap the scorpion. 
    The easiest way to get it right is to use "Pound" on the right pillar just 
    after he passes it while he's moving horizontally. Immediately use "Pound" 
    and the creature is trapped. Prepare yourself for this battle, because it 
    is not that easy if you haven't been to Air's Rock yet. If you get close 
    it, he will use "Scoop" on you. The both of you fall down and the battle 
    against the King Scorpion begins.
    Boss: King Scorpion
     HP: 1064   ATK: 101   AGL: 39     Weak:    Fire
     PP:    0   DEF:  32   LCK: 40     Strong:  Wind
     Special: Defends, Desert Gasp, Paralytail, Poison Tail, Sand Breath,
              Twin Shear
     Exp.:   440
     Coins:  228
     Item:   Vial
     Immediately unleash Blitz, for this Djinni may stun your opponent. My 
    strategy would be unleashing Djinn and using the Summon: Ramses or Zagan to 
    hit the king hard. This boss tends to defend a lot, so it may be hard to 
    get a good hit on him. Then again, if he defends he cannot hurt you either.
     After taking him down you receive the Scoop Gem, equip it to someone and 
    use "Scoop" on the sand puddle in the middle of the screen between the four 
    rocks to get a trip to the World Map again. Backtrack to the sand puddle 
    that I mentioned earlier and use "Scoop" on it. Use the newly revealed 
    ladder and follow the path, until you reach the group of people from the 
    other side. A small conversation takes place and you can now exit via the 
    northern passage. Only the sand puddle on the right holds treasure; 315 
    Coins to be exact, after getting it continue on inside the northern cave. 
    BTW: Using the Scoop Gem in various places might give you some random weak 
    items, but sometimes a Game Ticket may appear!
    --Yampi Desert (Interior)--
    Chests: 2 (40)
      Blow Mace, Hard Nut
     Dino, Emu, Gnome, Kobold, Momongo, Spider
     Walk around the sand slides (use 'B' for easier navigation by running). 
    The chest in the middle has a Hard Nut as a prize. Go with the flow and try 
    to get on the main land near the middle, run up against the wall here and 
    you'll make it across the sand slide. Continue upwards by running 
    diagonally from side to side against the current. Stand on the ledge to the 
    left of the chest then use "Pound" on the pillar blocking the road towards 
    it, after doing so you can collect & equip the Blow Mace. Follow the slide, 
    run to the right edge to exit the cave again.
    --Yampi Desert (Exterior)--
     Outside again leave for the next field to the right. After this you'll 
    come across a slide that is 3 squares wide. You might as well climb down 
    here, for the upper section is a dead end (at least for a very long while). 
    If you have "Reveal" from Air's Rock you can get a hint from the 9 rocks, 
    but it won't do you any good at this moment. Further on the next set of 9 
    rocks has a Lucky Medal if you cast "Reveal" on it. Don't worry if you 
    don't have that Psynergy, yet. We'll go back here on a later occasion.
     Climb the wall here and run diagonally over the sand slides. On the left 
    side of the screen use "Lash" to get the Trainer's Whip from the chest. Go 
    back and climb the second wall in order to get to the top, then go to the 
    right and fall down on the most right square of the right slide. This way 
    you will make it to the exit.
     You can go either to the north (Alhafra) or the south (Air's Rock and 
    Garoh) around here, but the southern exit is 1-way only. You will have to 
    walk back all the way around if you wish to go to Alhafra (see 4B), so I 
    _strongly_ suggest you go to the north first, then afterwards fall down 
    here to complete the other events (see 5).
    4B. The pirates' hideout in Alhafra
     21 Coins
    Hidden Items: 8 (48)
     Sleep Bomb  - Jar next to entrance Alhafran Cave
     Elixir      - Barrel in the upper half of the double house
     32 Coins    - Upper crate to the east of the Mayor's mansion
     7 Coins     - Barrel inside lower right room of the Mayor's mansion
     Smoke Bomb  - Upper left jar up the pier in Eastern Alhafra
     Large Bread - Use "Tremor" on the box in the backroom of the boat
     Apple       - Jar upper level of the inn
     Lucky Medal - Jar between two broken houses on the right
    Chests: 1 (49)
     Psy Crystal - Use "Reveal" on the six gravestones
     Briggs & Sea Fighters
     You can only get here if you went north after doing 4A, so go through the 
    Yampi Desert first. If you walk around a bit here, the people you met in 
    desert made it as well. Also this village was hit by the Tidal wave as 
    well, meaning that there are no usable boats around here. Although there 
    does appear to be a wrecked boat around (you can see in on the world map). 
    Mind reading the man on the far left tells you something is going on around 
    here. Unfortunately we cannot yet enter the Mayor's mansion, so investigate 
    the other parts of Alhafra.
     If you go upstairs in the inn you'll meet Alex again. He has nothing 
    special to say however. After he leaves (when you enter Champa) you can 
    meet two sailors here, if you are playing a Linked Game. They speak about 
    Crossbone Isle being swept clear by Isaac and his companions. One of the 
    sailors also tells that Isaac even bested the 'dreaded' undead pirate 
    Deadbeard. And because of this Isaac is bound to be the leader of all 
    pirates, at least according to them. After the conversation they leave 
    walking past Felix without even noticing him (whether Isaac is in the party 
    or not doesn't matter).
    --Eastern Alhafra--
     The boat's mast lying around here is badly damaged, after overhearing the 
    conversation between the workers here you are free to walk around. Go 
    inside the cabin and Felix will also overhear a conversation between Briggs 
    and one of his mates. Then suddenly Jenna starts talking out loud, thus 
    blowing their cover. Kraden wants Briggs to attest that Piers is innocent, 
    but he doesn't want to so they start a fight.
    Boss: Briggs & Sea Fighter
     HP: 984     ATK: 129     AGL: 76      Weak:    All
     PP:   0     DEF:  29     LCK: 42      Strong:  -
     Special: Echo Cut, Signal Whistle, uses 'Herb' / 'Nut' / 'Oil Drop'
     Exp.:   333
     Coins:  891
     Item:  Vial
    Sea Fighter
     HP:  197    ATK: 119     AGL: 61      Weak:    All
     PP:    0    DEF:  28     LCK: 26      Strong:  -
     Special: Echo Cut, uses 'Smoke Bomb' / 'Herb' / 'Oil Drop'
     Exp.:    89
     Coins:  130
     Item:     -
    As always when fighting humans, they are weak to all elements so the 
    elemental type doesn't matter at all. Take note that Briggs can call for 
    allies with Signal Whistle. Both enemies tend to use a lot of items like 
    herbs and Briggs also has a nut healing him for about 200 points, so it may 
    take some time to finish this battle. 
    After the battle Briggs says he will cooperate with your terms and thus 
    freeing Piers, then his wife named Chaucha appears and some more people as 
    well. After a very long conversation it is decided that Briggs and his 
    mates go to prison, but Chaucha and her child Eoleo may stay on the ship. 
    You can try to clear the debris on the ship's mast, but you cannot yet 
    remove the big rock that blocks the main mast. You'll need something more 
    explosive here (See Chapter 7D for more information about this side quest). 
    After doing all the things we can possible do leave the ship. We'll have to 
    come back later. Talking to the mayor give you the opportunity to 
    participate in another event, but for as long as the boat is stuck it won't 
    start. BTW: You can give the Large Bread found on the ship to the crying 
    little boy on the lower east side of Alhafra, in return his father will let 
    you pass into the Alhafran Caves via the rear entrance.
     Anyway after the battle on the ship go the Alhafran jail. Here another 
    scene takes place between Briggs and his family. Eoleo the youngest member 
    of the family seems to be able to use Psynergy as well. After they leave 
    "Mind Read" Briggs to confirm these thoughts if you will.
    --Alhafran Cave (rear entrance)--
    Hidden Items: 1 (50)
     Power Bread* - Check jar in Brigg's Cell
    Chests: 6 (56)
     123 Coins, Ixion Mail, Lucky Medal, 777 Coins*, Potion*, Psy Crystal*
     Ghoul, Harpy, Ooze
     * = Reachable after Briggs' escape
     If you gave the Large Bread to the boy, you can enter the caves from the 
    rear entrance (next to the Mayor's home). Inside there are some valuable 
    treasures. From the entrance go down the stairs and go down the left path. 
    In the next room use "Pound" and "Lash" to reach 3 treasure chests 
    containing: 123 Coins, Ixion Mail and a Lucky Medal.
     Until Briggs escapes the other paths in this cave are a dead end, so leave 
    if he is still in jail. After he does later on, the pillar will be removed 
    allowing you to access some additional chests. Use "Frost" on the water 
    puddle to reach three chests containing 777 Coins, a potion and a Psy 
    Crystal. You can also get a Power Bread from the jar in his cell room.
     Now that Piers' innocence is proven, we might as well go back and check on 
    him (or go to Air's Rock to get Reveal, if you haven't gotten that yet). 
    Piers has left and the villagers now speak of the Kibombo tribe that 
    attacked Madra. It is also the case that the Black Orb was stolen, a 
    crucial item if you want to control a certain type of ship. You can enter 
    the Madra Catacombs again, but you won't get much further than before. The 
    Psynergy called "Frost" is required to complete this dungeon. If you have 
    "Reveal" go towards the west on the world map, until you get to the 
    Gondowan Cliffs (see Chapter 6).
    5. Revealing Lycanthropy of Wind Tribe
    We can start at two places for this quest and we'll have to visit 5 places 
    around here in order to do everything. So here is a brief summary:
    Start at:
     1. South from Osenia Cliffs
     2. Southeastern exit of the Yampi Desert
    Places to visit:
     1. Mikasalla (far south of the Osenia Cliffs)
     2. Osenia Cave (north-east of Mikasalla)
     3. World Map between Osenia Cave and Mikasalla (for a Mercury Djinni)
     4. Air's Rock (south of the Yampi Desert)
     5. Garoh (south east of Mikasalla & far south of Yampi Desert)
    So I ordered the items in the order of the first starting point, but you 
    can do it the other way around too.
     24 Coins
    Hidden Items: 4 (60)
     Nut          - Wooden box near the lower left corner near a sheep
     Elixir       - Barrel in the lower right corner
     Herb         - Jar in the lower right home
     Lucky Pepper - Barrel inside the inn next to the oven
    Chests: 1 (61)
     82 Coins     - Climb the first level of the tower, jump over to the right
                     and head up to the northern part of Mikasalla
     Mars - Spark (requires "Scoop")
     Buy some new armor here, because the enemies are getting stronger. Some 
    of the people mention the tribe of the Garoh to the east. If you went 
    through the desert already use "Scoop" in the center of the lower left 
    corner (close to the chicken and the sheep) to dig out a ladder leading 
    down. Enter it and eventually you'll reach a Mars Djinni in the backyard of 
    the inn. It's quite a surprise to see that Spark joins you without a fight 
    at all.
     If you are playing a Linked game (and you won the Colosso Event) Galahad 
    the 3rd ranked gladiator from the Colosso event in Tolbi appears inside the 
    inn. He asks if you know Isaac the knight, but it doesn't matter which 
    answer you give. Galahad will tell Felix that the three fighters: Satrage, 
    Navampa and Azart who were defeated by Isaac are out seeking revenge on 
    --Osenia Cave West - World Map--
     Mercury - Sour
     There is a Mercury Djinni wandering around in the field between Mikasalla 
    and Osenia Cave. Just walk around and Felix will meet him in battle. If 
    your party is victorious in this battle you will get Mercury Djinni: Sour 
    for free. It may be difficult to spot him, but he is located very close to 
    the river bed
    Mercury Djinni
     HP:  291    ATK: 75     AGL: 57     Weak:    Fire
     PP:   26    DEF: 19     LCK:  9     Strong:  Water
     Special: Cool, Douse, Frost, Froth, Ice, Escape
     Exp:     130
     Coins:   152
     Item: -
    --Osenia Cave--
    Stone Tablet:
     This cave can be found a little bit to the east of Mikasalla, it is 
    located to the far north of it (use 'L' on the world map to get a better 
    overview). Inside the cave use "Scoop" to open a passageway to the other 
    side, walk up to the Stone Tablet and learn a new summon. Using 1 Mars and 
    1 Jupiter Djinn to call up a new power: Megaera. Megaera is a fire 
    elemental and also raises the ATK of all your allies after she is summoned.
     24 Coins
    Hidden Items: 4 (65)
     Smoke Bomb    - Barrel next to the inn
     Elixir        - Jar inside the inn between two beds
     Nut           - Barrel upper left corner on the elevated section
     Sleep Bomb    - Blue jar inside the home in the upper left corner
    Chests: 1 (66)
     Hypnos' Sword - After learning "Reveal" come back and use it on the six
                     platforms in the cave on the left side of town.
      Jupiter - Ether
     Upon entering the town from the world map you have to climb some stairs in 
    order to reach the actual homes of the people of Garoh. By the time you 
    reach the top the day has turned into night. Further on you will hear some 
    howls and the person belonging to those. A lycanthrope Werewolf will move 
    along the path and back into the village.
     Some of the people of Garoh explain that they are the protectors of Air's 
    Rock. They also claim that no such thing as werewolves exist. To continue 
    our trip walk up the stairs in near the sanctuary and an old looking 
    werewolf pops up from a crevice. He quickly disappears again, that is all 
    we can do here for now as well, quite boring indeed. Oh well, our final 
    destination for now is Air's Rock, which is close by from here. Just go to 
    the north and walk into the purple rock in the center in the big desert 
    --Air's Rock (Exterior)--
    Chests: 6 (72)
     Cookie, Fujin Shield, Sleep Bomb, Smoke Bomb, Storm Brand, Vial*
     Mimic, Creeper, Dino, Emu, Ghoul, Harpy, Kobold
      * = reachable after learning "Frost" 
     Take note that these type of dungeons are quite long, especially when 
    compared to GS1 standards so make some time free. Also you can get Piers to
    join you before you tackle this dungeon, but that does require more effort.
    From the start walk up to the Wind Stone and cast "Whirlwind" on it. This
    will amplify its power and removes the sand barrier blocking the passageway 
    up ahead, then go left and take the lower left branch. Here you can use 
    "Whirlwind" again to open southern path to a chest (it is not yet 
    reachable). Go back to the branch and walk by the upper left way, until you 
    reach a different chest. This is a mimic!
    Mimic 2
     HP:  431    ATK: 126    AGL:   77    Weak:    Fire
     PP:   36    DEF:  33    LCK:   16    Strong:  Wind
     Special: Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Tundra
     Exp:    272
     Coins:  241
     Item: Lucky Medal
     Fight it and after the battle you will receive a Lucky Medal for your 
    troubles. Continue on and you'll reach another fork in the road. Follow the 
    right route, at the next junction go right and use "Whirlwind" on the Wind 
    Stone at top end of the screen. Run down all the way until you find another 
    Wind Stone, cast "Whirlwind" on it, walk back a bit and navigate past the 
    small pebbles around the left, then "Whirlwind" the Wind Stone TWICE to 
    demolish both blockades. Walk back all the way to that chest and you can 
    claim your Cookie (just follow the left wall).
     Follow the path to the south from here, at the bottom head towards the 
    left, use "Whirlwind" on the rock while standing on its right side. Stroll 
    back to the entrance, follow the left path and use the Psynergy again at 
    the end. Felix can also claim a Smoke Bomb from the chest below here. Use 
    the newly created path to reach a huge twister shaped purple rock; of 
    course use "Whirlwind" on it. This will remove all the mud from the wall 
    allowing you to climb it.
     On the next screen climb up two times using the leftmost route, then fall 
    down and let yourself be guided by the small whirlwinds. Do this a second 
    time and you will reach a brown pillar on the right side of the screen. 
    Push it into position, walk on to the right, make another pillar fall, go 
    over the closed gap and climb to down on the far right to the previous area 
    to collect Storm Brand.
     Climb back up and ascend another two levels on the right, until you reach 
    a dead end with a statue exhaling little whirlwinds to the left. Use one of 
    these and climb down the cliff from the right edge, use another whirlwind 
    trip to the left, climb up two more times, push the pillar down and use the 
    whirlride to the left again. If you have Piers in your party you can use 
    "Frost" on the pillar to the left, if you slide down. Then go to the start 
    of this screen, climb up the wall and go to the right. You should be able 
    to collect a Vial from the chest here.
     In the following area carefully climb past all the statues and do not get 
    hit by the twisters or else you will have to start over again. Once you are 
    at the top you can fall down the cliff here (don't worry), move another 
    pillar to the right (creates a shortcut if you wish to go back sometime), 
    collect a Sleep Bomb, stand on the statues mouth to get a free ride to the 
    top again and go right to the next field.
     Here we have to climb up two times, move the left pillar one space to the 
    left, climb down 1 level, run to the far right, fall down, use the whirl 
    ride up, move the right pillar to the left fall, jump over the gap, fall 
    down again and take the left whirlwind ride to the top. Exit to the left 
    and ascend to another screen. Here it is quite foggy and the only thing you 
    can at this moment is moving the pillar in the gap with "Move" Psynergy. Go 
    back two screens, fall down two times and use the left route to get back to 
    the purple whirl rock. Use "Whirlwind" on it and we can finally get to the 
    top of Air's Rock, but don't think we are done yet! We actually have to 
    begin. BTW: if you can afford some time go back and use the right route to 
    climb all the walls to get 1 chest with a Fujin Shield. It is worth your 
    troubles since it has +50(!) Wind Resistance, but still I think it is evil 
    of the developers to make you run around all over the place so many times.
    --Air's Rock (Interior)--
    Chests: 6 (78)
     Elixir, 666 Coins, Clarity Circlet, Psy Crystal, Vial(2x)
    Stone Tablet:
     Creeper, Dino, Emu, Ghoul, Harpy, Kobold, Mummy
     Anyway once you reached the top following the left route use "Whirlwind" 
    on the twister rock here to open a new road leading to the interior of 
    Air's Rock. Inside there is only one path. There is nothing useful we can 
    do here so go to the next room. Felix will be standing on a tile marked 
    with two yellow dots for reference. Go through the door on the right, 
    follow the right upper path, use "Pound" on the right grey pillar once and 
    move the brown pillars in such a way that we have the following setup:
                            G B _ G _ B
      _ = Empty Space 
      G = Grey Cone Pillar
      B = Brown Pillar
     Jump on the upper left brown pillar and go over to the other side, use 
    "Whirlwind" on the rock and it should hit the wall, because we left the 
    left cone pillar untouched. Walk back, go through that new passage, cast 
    "Whirlwind" on the wind Stone back here, move the pillar behind the section 
    we just opened up and walk around using the pillar as a stepping stone to 
    reach a door with three red dots.
     Move to the upper right corner of this "Three Red Dots" room and "Move" 
    the pillar one space to the right, in order to walk past the non-venting 
    gap. Further to the north use "Move" to push the pillar to the right, walk 
    past the non-venting shaft and you are very close to the pillar again. 
    Stand one space to the right of it, "Move" the pillar away from you, this 
    way Felix can jump over it after ascending to the elevated level. Keep on 
    following the left path and push a pillar one space to the right so another 
    ventilation shaft gets unblocked on the elevated section. Go back to the 
    lowered section in the middle, push a pillar down two squares in order to 
    be able to traverse over it on the higher level. After doing so slide down 
    and climb up again. Felix can safely walk past the shaft here, follow the 
    path and you'll be back in the big room again.
     Hop over to the passage on the left marked with "Three Blue Dots". In here 
    use "Whirlwind" Psynergy on the stone, while standing on its right side. 
    This will cause a wall segment to rotate so you can walk over it, then 
    follow the left route and use your Psynergy again on the rock so the wall 
    in now aligned vertically. Go back to the junction and pick the other path, 
    before going over that wall part. Here Felix can push a pillar in the gap 
    so we have a shortcut if you ever wish to come back here. You can exit here 
    to a room marked with "Four Blue Dots".
     Go left here to find a chest with an Elixir as minor treasure. Follow the 
    upper route in this room and eventually you will reach another rock on 
    which you can use Psynergy. Do so and walk over the tightrope to the north, 
    once you're on the other side use "Whirlwind" again to make the wall appear 
    horizontal again. Walk over it towards the left, DON'T fall down the slide 
    here or else you have to do the previous thing all over again. Instead jump 
    over to the brown pillar and continue past some more gaps.
     Again back in the big chamber again descend to the bottom level using the 
    wall. Inside a crystallized room you may touch the Psynergy rock to 
    replenish PP, but that is not very important at the moment. Finally we can 
    activate all the statues in this place by using your well-known Psynergy on 
    the purple twister rock around here. Use the small face to the south to get 
    a free trip back to one of the first rooms.
     In here use "Whirlwind" to activate the statues in this room, "Move" the 
    pillar on the left so you can walk around here. You should now easily be 
    able to reach the Vial in the chest on the right. Exit this room via the 
    doorway on the left side. Back in the main room again we can go two 
        1. Right for a Summon Tablet
        2. Left for completing this dungeon.
    So I split the thing up with a small intermezzo, so you know where to go 
    from here.
    Summon Tablet
     Go right and continue on until you reach the "Three Red Dots" room. 
    Remember the lone brown pillar in the center that didn't seem to have any 
    use the last time we went past it? Well, we are going to use it now. Push 
    it 1 square to the right, then go all the way to the north and use the 
    activated statue to reach the left ledge. Use "Whirlwind" on the rock while 
    looking to the south so the pillar is transported along with it. From here 
    on I think it is rather easy to get the Summon: Flora. It requires 2 
    Jupiter and 1 Venus Djinn to call her. Next to that her secondary ability 
    is to put enemies asleep.
     Take the left route through the door and push a pillar two spots to the 
    right before taking the air ride to the other side. Jump over to the north, 
    push the statue to the most northern tile and use a whirl to get to the 
    chest with a Clarity Circlet. Push the statue down again, use the 
    whirlwinds (you can create another shortcut with the pillar here too), 
    follow the left path, jump around, "Move" the brown pillar to the left to 
    unblock a ventilation shaft. Our hero can exit this room using the stairs 
    just to the right.
     Still not reached the final room, *sigh*, these dungeons are so much 
    bigger as in the original game. At least it keeps you off the streets. 
    Anyway, just walk over some tightropes and you'll reach the "Four Blue 
    Dots" room. Use "Whirlwind" on the rock here from both west and north 
    sides, so you can collect your 666 Coins... Told you the developers are 
    evil. Before exiting this room, don't forget about the pillar a little 
    further on.
     In the "Five Blue Dots" room (there are no enemies in this room) follow 
    the western path in order to obtain another Vial. Go to the north here, 
    "Move" the statue to the right, this allows Felix to walk over the right 
    path safely. Back in the main room use the free whirl ride to the right. 
    Climb up the wall here and the rest is easy from here on.
     After entering the center room, jump over some stepping stones that seem 
    to disappear once you get past them and investigate the stone tablet around 
    here. Sheba pops up and learns "Reveal" from the inscriptions (Hmmm... no 
    boss fight or anything). Best of all there are no Psynergy objects required 
    that clutter up your inventory. From here take the left route and use your 
    newly acquired Psynergy to get a Psy Crystal. Then take the right route and 
    go back to the main room.
     We can exit this place via either one of the following two paths: the 
    front (the way which we came by) or the back door. This second path is 
    found at the very lower right corner of the bottom floor of the main room. 
    Also you can just use Felix's "Retreat" to get back very quickly. Now what 
    else can we do with "Reveal"? Go back to Garoh, that's what.
     Back in Garoh again, use "Reveal" on the big rock to the right of the 
    sanctuary. A crevice opens up and inside the party meets a small werewolf. 
    Kraden, the old man, gets very excited and wants to continue on. Do so by 
    following the upper left route. All the members of the group appear here 
    and finally the werewolves show up using the "Reveal" formula as well. Some 
    explanations are made and Maha tells you to come back later. After sleeping 
    in the inn, all the werewolves have turned back into their human forms 
    again, because it is daytime now. After going back to Maha during daytime 
    he will give you the Jupiter Djinni: Ether.
     Also using "Reveal" on the six platforms inside the cavern on the left of 
    town opens a path to a chest with the Hypnos' Sword. That's all for this 
    chapter. Go back to the western entrance of the Yampi Desert (in order to 
    complete 4A and 4B), or if Piers is already set free continue at Chapter 6.
    6. The Witch-doctor's Consecration
    --Gondowan Cliffs--
    Hidden Items: 3 (81)
     Sleep Bomb, Laughing Fungus, Healing Fungus
     Mars - Kindle
     Wild Gorilla, Wolfkin Cub, Wyvern Chick
     Optionally, go to the left at the start, "Whirlwind" the foliage and 
    enter the cave to find some Kibombo Warriors. Something is definitely going 
    here. Back at the entrance "Mind read" the dog to get a free hint! Use 
    "Scoop" on the yellow sand to make a small geyser appear. Stand on it to 
    reach the left of the field. There are some mushrooms growing around here, 
    but we can't collect them at this moment so leave them be.
     Continue on to the left (there is only one path) until you reach three 
    slides from which you can fall down. The Left and Right slides lead you 
    back to the where you started, hence take the Center slide. Jump over the 
    gap, use "Move" on the small pillar to the left and push it into the water. 
    This creates the extra step we need to get past this screen. Walk back, 
    fall down the slide here too, climb down another vine, jump over the rocks 
    and climb up the next vine. The jumping field you come across here may be a 
    bit difficult to navigate through for some people so here's a short list of 
    movements starting from the first tile:
                   LLLLU ULuUl LuLlD DLuUU URRdR RUUULL 
            L = Jump Left
            U = Jump Up
            R = Jump Right
            D = Jump Down
      l,u,r,d = move one tile left, up, right or down
     After climbing back onto the main land, head up, climb a vine, jump over 
    the gap you just walked underneath, climb a third vine and collect the 
    Smoke bomb from the chest. Go back, climb down the lower left vine and 
    continue on to the north. Here you will pass by a tightrope to the west. 
    Take it if you want to exit, or go right and eventually you'll reach an 
    aggressive Mars Djinni. Time to do some battle:
    Mars Djinni
     HP:  403     ATK: 114     AGL:  90      Weak:    Water
     PP:   37     DEF:  29     LCK:  11      Strong:  Fire
     Special: Beam, Blast, Flare Wall, Fume, Mad Blast, Escape
     Exp:    228 
     Coins:  273 
     Item: -
     Stun / Sleep him so he won't be able to run away or attack you, other than 
    that it should not be too difficult all the same. After he had enough 
    Kindle will most certainly aid you in your quest.
     If you like Felix can collect the red mushroom called 'Laughing Fungus' 
    over to the right. It is a useless item actually, but for the collectors it 
    may be interesting as well. Anyway, head back to the far west and use the 
    tightrope to get you back to Gondowan; the same continent where we started 
    in the Venus Lighthouse.
    --Naribwe far south - World map--
     Djinn: Chill
     Near the beach in the southern center part there is a Djinni in the field 
    that will attack you as soon as you get close. Fight it to prove your 
    worthiness of Chill's abilities.
    Mercury Djinni
     HP:  414     ATK: 124     AGL:  96      Weak:    Fire
     PP:   37     DEF:  31     LCK:  12      Strong:  Water
     Special: Cool, Drench, Ice, Prism, Tundra, Escape
     Exp:    234
     Coins:  282 
     Item: -
     30 Coins
    Hidden Items: 4 (85)
     Elixir       - Jar on the far left side (near Weapons & Armor Shop)
     Sleep Bomb   - Rightmost blue jar inside the inn
     18 Coins     - Left jar inside upper left home
     Unicorn Ring - See description below
    Chests: 1 (86)
     Thorn Crown  - Use "Lash" on rope on the right of the screen
     For the Unicorn Ring do the following: Go to the upper left corner using 
    the house there to reach the backyard. Use "Whirlwind" to make the ivy 
    overgrowth disappear, climb the ladder appearing underneath and use 
    "Reveal" on the stone to get a Unicorn Ring.
     This small desert town is populated by a few native people. One of them 
    tells you that back when Oeia (that an original name!) was the Kibombo 
    Witch-doctor their tribe was much more peaceful, but after Akafubu took 
    over things went different. It sounds like there is definitely something 
    going on to the north. A Witch-doctor in a hut can tell your fortune for 20 
    coins. Most of the items you can show him give a default answer, but the 
    Shaman's Rod seems to be different from the pack. Head to the north towards 
    the Kibombo Mountain range.
    --Kibombo Mountains--
    Hidden Items: 2 (88)
     Smoke Bomb - Check right wooden box in cavern on the second screen
     Bone       - Use "Tremor" on the chest it is lying (DON'T pick it up;
                  you can't get rid of it!)
    Chests: 3 (91)
     Power Bread, Tear Stone, Disk Axe
     Jupiter - Waft
     Assassin, Dirge, Pixie, Wild Gorilla
     If you get close to the actual entrance some Kibombo warriors show up. 
    Start working very carefully, because if a Kibombo warrior sees Felix you 
    will have to start all over again. Go right and place the big crates in 
    such a way you can jump over them after climbing up the vine. Once you're 
    past this climb another vine, walk over to the left, push the pillar in the 
    gap (creates a shortcut) and continue on. 
     Walk up behind the crate here, and make sure the Kibombo bloke doesn't see 
    you. Push the crate to the right (your enemy doesn't notice a moving 
    crate..?). Don't climb down on the other side or he will see you. You can 
    get the Disk Axe by falling down the slide a little further on to the right 
    from the chest. Use "Move" to get the crate here to the very left so you 
    can climb the vine without being caught. Once you are back up again use 
    "Lash" on the rope. Go down if you wish to create a shortcut that may come 
    in handy later on, else head up along the tight edge.
     On the next screen you can collect the Power Bread from the chest, but in 
    order to do so you need to make the crate fall on top of the Kibombo guy 
    the moment he is right beneath the edge. Beware of the dog around here, if 
    he sees you he'll alert the other Warriors! So don't let him see you. Drop 
    the pillar to trap the dog on either side; if you trap him in the upper 
    part you can collect the Tear Stone from the chest. Go back one screen to 
    do this over again so we can move on by trapping him/her on the other side. 
     Inside the cavern there is a Smoke bomb hidden in the wooden crate (I knew 
    it! They are terrorists). Outside the pillar is back up again like magic, 
    so you need to use "Tremor" on the crate to the right to make the bone drop 
    on the floor. This keeps the dog occupied for as long as you stay on that 
    screen. Cast "Whirlwind" on the overgrowth to open up a small cavern, 
    continue along, go outside again, climb up and down some vines and you'll 
    see a Jupiter Djinni around here. As expected, we cannot get to him so we 
    have to leave him be; jump over the river and continue on the left exit. On 
    the world map just head north and everything is getting dark all of a 
    sudden, there must be something going on at Kibombo!
      48 Coins*
    Hidden Items: 3 (94)
     Lucky Pepper - In jar on the left side of village
     Nut          - Inside barrel 1st floor of the inn*
     Lucky Medal  - In the blue jar inside back room of upper left home*
     Mercury - Spring   (Piers' pet)
     Mercury - Shade    (Piers' pet)
     * = after consecration event is completed
     The single person standing at the bottom of town tells you that Akafubu may 
    not be the true witchdoctor, because the Gabomba statue doesn't open its 
    mouth. After getting this interesting information, it is time to go to the 
    consecration to the north. We can't reach the statue by conventional 
    walking, because all those people are in your way. Therefore use "Lash" on 
    the rope in the lower left corner of the village, jump over all the poles 
    and work your way around until you reach the 'dead end' near the water 
    puddle. It is actually not a dead end, for you can simply step on the roof 
    of the home a little below here! This way we can still reach the left side. 
    It is time to meet up with a very special person. The fourth and final 
    member of the team!
     But first watch the cut scene where Akafubu tries to make the statue's 
    mouth open up using the Black Orb as a sacrifice (nice hairstyle!). After 
    this, walk up and meet with Piers, indeed he is the final Adept who 
    remained a mystery for so long. Piers seems to be in trouble for he cannot 
    reach the Black Orb; the reason for which he came here. So it is up to 
    Felix to lend a hand with "Move". After some talking the Mercury Adept 
    joins you (without a fight), bringing in Spring and Shade Djinn as pets! 
    Lastly, being a mercury adept means that Piers has "Frost" Psynergy,
    something we will need quite often in the future to complete the other
    quests. It turns out that he is a Lemurian and that is something that
    excites Kraden very much, but now is not the time for stories. It is your
    mission to reclaim the Black Orb from Akafubu.
     Walk around a bit and it seems to be a dead end. Of course the viewer has 
    already noticed the markings on the ground; you know what to do next, or 
    actually Felix does it for you. After some more talking they come to the 
    conclusion that there is a ventilation shaft around here. Indeed, after you 
    use "Scoop" on the left patch you just came by the path to the Gabomba 
    Statue is opened.
    --Gabomba Statue--
    Hidden Items: 1 (95)
     Black Orb - Retrieve it from the inner Gabomba Statue's lap
    Chests: 2 (97)
     Bone Armlet, Elixir
     Venus - Steel
     Mimic, Bone Fighter, Death Head, Doomsayer, Red Demon*, Salamander, Spirit
            * = rarely drops Staff of Anubis
     Walk around, climb the stairs and you'll be forced through the rotating 
    pinions. In the next room head up to the horizontal corridor, then follow 
    the lower wall and you'll reach a Mimic!
    Mimic 3
     HP:  536    ATK: 177    AGL:  110    Weak:    Fire
     PP:   50    DEF:  43    LCK:   17    Strong:  Wind
     Special: Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Tornado
     Exp:    400
     Coins:  380
     Item: Hard Nut
     Go down the third corridor from the right to reach a chest with Bone 
    Armlet. The rightmost path leads to the next room. Walk around the 
    cogwheels, then use "Lash" on the rope to make all the gears stop. This 
    allows you to reach the ladder on the right side of the room and ascend one 
    floor. There is not much to do here at this moment, so go up another set
    of ladders.
     Walk around in this room, if you try to walk to the far left a little 
    mouse pops up and it will show you some interesting moves. Felix can use 
    the cogs to hop around the place too. Head further to the left and go down 
    two rooms, head down, take the leftmost path in order to continue on and 
    use "Pound" on the cone pillar next to the flashing cog.
     Retrace your steps back to the room where you saw the mouse, follow the 
    same route as he did and you'll end up on the right side of this room. 
    Descend 2 floors, take the left route for an elixir and use the right to 
    get to the flashing cog again. "Pound" the other pillar as well and all the 
    cogs start to rotate into the other direction! Go back two rooms again, go 
    to the center and use the left pink cog to fall down one room and crash 
    into a Venus Djinni.
    Venus Djinni
     HP: 446      ATK: 143     AGL: 116       Weak:    Wind
     PP:  46      DEF:  54     LCK:  16       Strong:  Earth
     Special: Briar, Gaia, Mad Growth, Spire, Quake Sphere, Escape
     Exp:    279  
     Coins:  340 
     Item: -
    After a quick battle Earth Djinni Steel comes along, this should give
    you 5 Mercury Djinn and 3 Djinn of the other types. This allows him to 
    summon Boreas. Use "Lash" to get out of this position and back to the 
    previous room. This time go up the ladder near the bottom part of the room. 
    Go through the pinions, climb another ladder to reach a very strange room 
    with a small Gabomba Statue in the middle. 
     Ascend yet another level and a small cut scene takes place. It turns out 
    to be that Felix and the other have reached the eyes of the statue, outside 
    the jewel is again presented to the statue. Kraden notices that the flow of 
    energy is stuck, so Felix has to solve a puzzle in order to remove the 
    disturbance. Hence the objective is to make 1 blue and 1 red spark reach 
    the head in the center of the room.
     This puzzle is randomized per game, therefore I can't give straight
    directions. It shouldn't be to hard to solve in any case. Here's some
    general directions:
     -First use "Pound" on the grey cone; this will raise all the tiles
     -Step on the arrow tile to rotate all remaining floating tiles
     -Look for a path so there are paths towards the goal for both gullies
     -Use "Pound" to bring down each individual tile and rotate the others
      if needed, before pounding those down as well
    After completing this puzzle the statue stretches its tongue and devours 
    the Black Orb, after this Akafubu enters the statue as well. Piers and the 
    others see how the Orb passes by, but they do not even try to get it before 
    it vanishes into the hole (it looks rather silly when this happens).
     After some talking with the Witch-Doctor a.k.a. Afro-man, he will retrieve 
    the orb for you. Better follow him to make sure he keeps his promise. Try 
    to pick up the Orb in the back room and the statue starts to speak. He 
    grants Akafubu the rank of Witch-Doctor, but Akafubu is so caught up with 
    himself that he leaves before the statue gives him his treasure. When the 
    statue is done talking Felix can get the Orb for free, if you paid any 
    attention you know that you have to talk to Akafubu before you can claim 
    your prize here!
     After speaking to Akafubu and his father you can walk around as you 
    please. Don't forget to buy the Frost Wand. It's a very good weapon for 
    Sheba. You might want to go back to the Gabomba statue and you can as its 
    tongue is still sticking out so you can easily enter (doesn't that make it 
    dry out?). Unfortunately we have to come back here some time later as well! 
    Things like these make it quite complicated sometimes to write a good 
    comprehensive walkthrough with all this backtracking...
     There are quite a lot of places that we can explore using Piers' "Frost" 
    as you may remember from all the water puddles we have come across. 
    You might better wait for a moment and get the ship back first. This way
    you will also obtain "Cyclone" Psynergy which allows us to complete all 
    optional events in one go. Hence we first go back to Piers' ship located 
    near Madra.
    7. Out to the open sea
    --Kibombo Mountains--
     If you enter from the west you can use "Frost" right away on the puddle on 
    the third level. Use this icy pillar then equip a Mars Djinni to Felix or a 
    Venus Djinni to Jenna so you can use "Growth" on the plant. Use it to reach 
    a Jupiter Djinni named Waft.
    Jupiter Djinni
     HP: 440      ATK: 134      AGL: 104      Weak:    Earth
     PP:  40      DEF:  34      LCK:  13      Strong:  Wind
     Special: Flash Bolt, Plasma, Storm Ray, Whirlwind, Wind Slash, Escape
     Exp:     255
     Coins:   309
     Item: -
     Fight him to gain ally for your team. The Kibombo's don't mind your 
    presence anymore. This is good as you can walk around the place freely 
    without having to sneak around.
     Visiting the fortuneteller Witch-doctor and showing him any item and gives 
    you the following hint: "You must forge a weapon to defeat a mortal enemy. 
    Seek out the pieces!". This is indeed a very vague hint, but it will become 
    clear later on.
    --Gondowan Cliffs--
     After entering from the left side use "Frost" on the puddle to the far 
    right, climb the vine, jump over the gap using the icy pillar, fall down 
    the slide, then collect the Healing Fungus for free. Pay a visit to the old 
    man in Madra (in the biggest home) and he'll trade it for Char the Mars 
    --East Indra Shore--
     Upon entering this location (a ship on the world map) with Piers and the 
    Orb a small conversation takes place; Piers is willing to take everybody 
    with him to Lemuria, but before he does so he wants to see the mayor of 
    Madra. This is actually a good thing, since we need to get an item there. 
    Make sure to use "Frost" on the puddle to the left here and collect a
    Cookie from the wooden box. 
     When you try to approach the Mayor's residence a young woman with red hair 
    and equally colored dark eyes shows up. She is calling out for her sister 
    Menardi. Talking and Mind Reading her doesn't seem to help, albeit she 
    clearly senses your Psynergetic powers. Talk to the mayor and eventually 
    you will get the Cyclone Chip, which allows you to use "Cyclone" Psynergy. 
    The moment the mayor leaves and thanks Felix as the young woman turns to 
    the party members. She recognizes that name as one of Menardi's companions,
    so she asks about her whereabouts.
     After some more talking Menardi's sister says that she, Karst, will avenge 
    her sister. Her number one priority is taking care of Felix, hence she 
    won't help out on lighting the Jupiter Lighthouse somewhere in the western 
    sea. After Karst leaves some more talking has to be done before you can 
    start playing again. Notice how Jenna's color turns, when Sheba makes 
    suggestive remarks about her and Isaac.
    --Madra - Overworld (Linked Game only)--
    Hidden Items: 1 (98)
     Golden Boots - Defeat Bandit & Thieves
     If you talked to the mayor of Vault in GS1 after the thieves left and 
    linked that game file to this file, then they will reappear right now. Both 
    thieves and the bandit are going to do battle with you, because you know 
    Boss: Bandit & Thief (2x)
     HP: 346    ATK: 200    AGL:  98     Weak:    All
     PP:   0    DEF:  42    LCK:  34     Strong:  -
     Special: Slice, Glower Ferociously, use 'Sleep Bomb'/'Nut'/'Weasel's claw'
     Exp.:   136
     Coins:  183
     Item:   -
     HP:  212   ATK: 196    AGL:  87     Weak:    All
     PP:    0   DEF:  38    LCK:  26     Strong:  -
     Special: Glower Ferociously, skip turn, use 'Nut' 
     Exp.:   115
     Coins:  169
     Item:   -
    This battle is hardly more difficult than the one in Golden Sun. So after a 
    very short battle they should be done for. Your reward for this optional 
    linked battle are the Golden Boots.
    --East Indra Shore--
     Back again for the third time here, you can finally board the ship. If you 
    didn't use "Frost" on the puddle outside do so now, for this will be the 
    last chance to reach the Cookie that I mentioned earlier on. The final part 
    is to get the main engine running again. Of course this will be more 
    difficult than just switching the power button to 'On'.
    --Lemurian Ship--
    Hidden Items: 3 (101)
     Elixir - Check lower left barrel in the first room
     Antidote - Check the upper left wooden box in the rightmost room.
     Oil Drop - Check the barrel on the upper level in the room of Aqua Hydra 
    Chests: 2 (102)
     Potion, Mist Potion*
     Aqua Jelly, Conch Shell
     Aqua Hydra
     * = reachable after learning "Parch" and docking the boat
         in Lemuria or Atteka Inlet
     Inside go down one level and beat up both Aqua Jellies, then freeze the
    water puddle the second Aqua Jelly leaves with "Frost". This allows you 
    to reach a chest containing a Potion. Continue down the lower set of stairs,
    move along three rooms until you reach a room with a movable crate and 6 
    Aqua Jellies. Destroy the lowest two, freeze the puddles and move the crate
    in between. Jump over to the other side and exit this room. Go to the next 
    room where you have to repeat the process of beating all jellies and using 
    the frozen puddles to reach the upper left exit in that room (don't forget 
    to move the crate in this room one square down and then one to the left). 
    There is also an Antidote in the wooden box here.
     After some more walking you'll reach an Aqua Jelly that gets scared of 
    you. Let him escape to the lower level, go down the ladder and attack him 
    on the lower level. After his defeat use "Frost" to make certain the 
    moveable platform stays up, instead of falling down every time you step on 
    it. Continue on and check the barrel in the following room to find an Oil 
    Drop. Go down one level and touch the Aqua Jelly. Instead of fighting you 
    on its own it merges with the other Jellies into an Aqua Hydra!
    Boss: Aqua Hydra
     HP: 2276   ATK: 173    AGL: 63      Weak:    Fire
     PP:   70   DEF:  38    LCK: 44      Strong:  Water
     Special: Drench, Raging Flood, Rising Venom, Slaver, Triple Chomp
     Exp.:    963
     Coins:  1612
     Item:   Vial
    This boss has quite some HP so prepare for a longer battle than usual. His 
    attacks are not really devastating and of course good fire based attacks 
    have much effect on him. I reckon that this boss should not cause too much 
     After you beat this goon the water floods the entire lower level, causing 
    you to miss a chest. This was meant intentionally by the programmers, yo 
    can however claim the item much later on when we reach Lemuria. Take the 
    upper left exit and continue on to the lowest part of the ship. Here you 
    have to use "Douse" on the right pillar in order to fill it with water. 
    Next push it on to the tile marked by a water droplet. Walk through the 
    corridor and you'll reach the engine room. Inside Piers will activate the 
    main engine and the ship can set out to the open sea!
    --Eastern Sea--
    Hidden Items: 2 (105)
     Rusty Mace - Examine the light mark (See location on the map below)
     Rusty Axe  - Examine the light mark (See location on the map below)
    Your current mission is to go to Lemuria, but there is so much to do that I 
    will split up the walkthrough in smaller parts, because the plot is no 
    longer linear from here on. Just below here is the world map with all the 
    new (and interesting) locations that can be reached.
                                   \_______                         \__
                                           \     ^ ^^^^^^            ¥ \ 
                                15         |    ^^  20 ^^^         ____/
                           16 _..______    /     ^^^^^^^           \______
                        __.../         \__/                   __          \
                   ____/             _                       /  |         |
                  |__               /3|                     .4/ |         |
                     \              ._/      ######        . /7/          |
                      |                     ########       \_/¯          /
                     / ____                  # 8 ##                      \
                    /9/17  \         _                     .           _  \
                   / /     |        /2|             $     / \       _ .6\ |
                  / /      .B       ._/                   \5/      / \\_/ |
                   /      /                                ¯       \12\   /
                  |    14/  __..__________________...__             \_.  /
                  \ ____/13/         1             10  \                /
                           \                  __11____./               /
                            \_____________.__/  ¯¯                    /
              __             ^^^^^^^^^^^                             |
          ___/18\____________  ^^^^^^_____    __                     /
         / D                 \^^^^^^/  __.   /19\                   /
        /                     ¯¯¯¯¯¯  /^^^  ^\ .                   /
     1. Alhafra                          D Jupiter Djinni - Wheeze
     2. N Osenia Islet                   ¥ Rusty Mace (Hagbone Mace)
     3. SE Angara Islet                  $ Rusty Axe (Captain's Axe)
     4. Izumo                            . Coast
     5. Sea of Time Islet                ^ Spike (not traversable by boat)
     6. Apojii Islands                   B Boat; you are currently here
     7. Gaia Rock
     8. Sea of Time (entrance Lemuria)
     9. West Indra Islet
    10. Yallam
    11. Taopo Swamp
    12. Aqua Rock
    13. Osenia Cliffs
    14. Madra
    15. Ankohl Ruins
    16. Champa
    17. Daila
    18. Tundaria Tower
    19. E Tundaria Islet
    20. Treasure Island
     I'll try to represent all the locations in the most logical order and also 
    the easiest, because some locations have enemies that are too strong for 
    your current party. The initial mission is to get to Lemuria; however you 
    cannot reach that straightaway. We can go to chapter 9 and start to collect 
    the parts of weapon that we need to continue on, because an initial attempt 
    to reach Lemuria will fail. There are also some optional events that can be 
    cleared in the chapter below here. You can also visit each place right now 
    to map them and to get some of the interesting easy to reach items like the 
    Gold Ring from Champa (in a Linked Game).
    8. Optional Side-quests
     Check the map a little above and you will see that there is a vast amount 
    of locations to explore. Most of them are optional or are required to be 
    completed in a later stage of the game. Therefore I will provide a path 
    through all the locations in the most optimal way, however since there are 
    so many optional parts I will go through these first. This way people who 
    wish to continue on with the actual quest to get to Lemuria can simply skip 
    this part and read chapter 9. So without further ado, here are all the 
    things that can be cleared up to now.
    8A. Going back to the Gabomba Statue
     Using the boat you can easily get to Kibombo without having to go through 
    the cliffs and the mountain range. So quickly head to the statue and go 
    down all the way, until you reach the catacombs.
    --Gabomba Catacombs--
    Hidden Items: 2 (107)
     Mint           - see below
     Tomegathericon - Gift from the Gabomba Statue
     Venus Djinni - Mud
      Mad Plant, Bone Fighter, Death Head, Doomsayer, Mad Plant, Red Demon,
      Salamander, Spirit
     Go to the lower level right away walk up via the right wall. You reach a 
    dead end here, because the rocks are blocking your path to a large patch of 
    bushes. Use "Cyclone" here and you will trigger a 'teleporter' stone that 
    is hidden to your north. Felix will be transported one level down and here 
    you can catch a Venus Djinni in plain sight. Indeed, it wants to fight with 
    Venus Djinni
     HP:  500     ATK: 153     AGL: 122       Weak:    Wind
     PP:   44     DEF:  41     LCK:  15       Strong:  Earth
     Special: Briar, Gaia, Mad Growth, Spire, Quake Sphere, Escape
     Exp:     360
     Coins:   358
     Item: -
     After this battle Mud will join your party and you should have at least 
    four Djinn of each type. Fall down the slide and go back up the stairs. Go 
    a bit to the south and use "Cyclone" to uncover another teleporter stone, 
    which sends you to down one level, but at a different location. Follow the 
    right wall and in the next room unveil Mint with "Cyclone" from the bushes. 
    Climb down the ladder to the north and use the Psynergy again on the five 
    bushes to reveal a water puddle. As expected, use "Frost" on it, go over 
    the new passageway to reach another dead end and cast "Reveal" on the wall 
    here in order to continue on.
     Walk up over the water stream to the other side, when you reach it 
    carefully look for a gap covered by a long pole in the water. You walk 
    behind it and reach the area that lies behind it. Reuse this trick two more 
    times and you should be in the upper left part of this room. Use "Cyclone" 
    & "Frost" combination again, so you can reach the stairway in the center of 
    the screen.
     You have nearly reached the end of this cavern; use "Cyclone" one more 
    time on the group of bushes to uncover the first of five Mad Plants in this 
    Mad Plant 1
     HP:  449     ATK: 181     AGL:  87       Weak:    Fire
     PP:    0     DEF:  41     LCK:  19       Strong:  Water
     Special:  Poisonous Bite
     Exp:     321
     Coins:   347
     Item: Game Ticket
     Defeat it from some Exp and then walk up to the Gabomba Statue. The statue 
    speaks to you and gives you the 'Tomegathericon'. Either walk back or use 
    "Retreat" to get out of this place.
    8B. Exploring the Taopo Swamp & Blacksmith Sunshine (Optional)
     64 Coins
    Hidden Items: 5 (112)
     Elixir   - Check wooden box in the inn
     16 Coins - Jar outside the inn on the left side
     Antidote - Use "Cyclone" on the two bushes on the upper level
     Nut      - Use "Cyclone" on the bushes in the lower right corner
     Oil Drop - Upper right barrel in Sunshine's shop 
    Chests: 1 (112)
     Masamune (Only reachable after Isaac joins AND Orb of Force is linked)
     Here in Yallam you can meet the local blacksmith called Sunshine. He is 
    usually lying on his bed waiting for new material to be brought to him so 
    he can forge it for the right price. In order to complete the forging 
    process you just need to leave the village and reenter from the World Map. 
    That's all there is to it. He can forge the items as listed in the table 
    Rusty Weapon    Forged Weapon    Location
    ------------    --------------   ----------------------------------------
    Rusty Axe    -> Captain's Axe    Eastern Sea - West of Sea of Time Islet
    Rusty Axe    -> Viking Axe       Treasure Island
    Rusty Mace   -> Hagbone Mace     Eastern Sea - Most NE corner
    Rusty Mace   -> Demon Mace       In the plant maze
    Rusty Staff  -> Glower Staff     Shrine of the Sea God
    Rusty Staff  -> Dracomace        Islet Cave ("Teleport" not required)
    Rusty Staff  -> Goblin's Rod     Western Sea - Most NW corner
    Rusty Sword  -> Robber's Blade   Aqua Rock (use "Parch" near exit)
    Rusty Sword  -> Corsair's Edge   Lemuria ("Scoop" near Lunpa's house)
    Rusty Sword  -> Pirate's Sabre   Western Sea - SE corner
    Rusty Sword  -> Soul Brand       Western Sea - East Contigo (need wings)
    Tear Stone               Star Dust                Sylph Feather
     Drop - Gillman Lord      Drop - Sand Scorpion     Drop - Great Seagull
    ----------------------   ----------------------   ----------------------
    Cloud Wand       (25%)   Comet Mace       (20%)   Sylph Rapier     (25%)
    Clear Bracelet   (30%)   Planet Armor     (20%)   Faery Vest       (25%)
    Pure Circlet     (25%)   Luna Shield      (20%)   Aerial Gloves    (25%)
    Spirit Ring      (20%)   Astral Circlet   (20%)   Floating Hat     (25%)
                             Star Dust Ring   (20%)
    Dragon Skin              Salamander Tail          Golem Core
     Drop - Winged Lizard     Drop - Pyrodra           Drop - Bombander
    ----------------------   ----------------------   ----------------------
    Dragon Mail      (20%)   Burning Sword    (15%)   Huge Sword       (15%)
    Dragon Robe      (15%)   Apollo's Axe     (15%)   Gaia's Axe       (15%)
    Dragon Shield    (25%)   Salamander Rod   (20%)   Tungsten Mace    (15%)
    Dragon Helm      (25%)   Ardagh Robe      (25%)   Chronos Mail     (30%)
    Dragon Boots     (15%)   Flame Shield     (25%)   Titan Gloves     (25%)
    Mythril Silver           Dark Matter              Orihalcon
     Drop - Soul Army         Drop - Wonder Bird       Drop - Sky Dragon
    ----------------------   ----------------------   ----------------------
    Levatine         (10%)   Darksword        (10%)   Excalibur        ( 5%)
    Mythril Blade    (20%)   Stealth Armor    (30%)   Stellar Axe      (10%)
    Mythril Clothes  (20%)   Terra Shield     (25%)   Nebula Wand      (15%)
    Mythril Helm     (15%)   Fear Helm        (20%)   Xylion Armor     (20%)
    Mythril Armlet   (20%)   Demon Circlet    (15%)   Big Bang Gloves  (15%)
    Psychic Circlet  (15%)                            Cosmos Shield    (15%)
                                                      Millennium Helm  (20%)
    Forge rate% between parenthesis
     From Yallam take the northern exit and head to the west, go south over the 
    bridge and you'll reach the swamp. This dungeon is optional, but it has 
    some nice items. The enemies around there are weaker than in the dungeons 
    that follow so this allows you to gain some extra experience, before having 
    to take on the adversaries that have yet to come.
    --Taopo Swamp--
    Hidden Items: 4 (117)
     Tear Drop    - Use "Scoop" on the lowest level of the eastern dungeon.
     Tear Drop    - Use "Scoop" on the lowest level of the western dungeon.
     Star Dust    - Use "Scoop" on the lowest level of the center dungeon.
     Bramble Seed - Use "Cyclone" on bushes inside east entrance
    Chests: 2 (118)
     Cookie, Vial
     Venus - Flower
     Mad Plant, Cave Troll, Death Cap, Dire Wolf, Faery, Ghost Mage, 
     Mad Vermin, Undead
     There is not much to do on the first screen so go to the next and use 
    "Move" on the small pillar towards you so it disappears. Use "Whirlwind" on 
    the distinct overgrowth to the left and inside the cave use "Scoop" to 
    collect a Tear Stone. Go outside again and check out the swampy area to the 
    right. When you step on mud you will gradually sink with each step into the 
    mud, but if you touch some bubbles you will regain your height again.
     With this in mind go from start to the first bubble down, then walk to the 
    left (twice), down, left and down-left. From here on go to the south 
    because you won't make it to the western shoreline. At this bubble go left 
    up the stairs, get a Cookie from the chest and return to the previous 
     From here follow the path of bubbles to the lower right corner. Ascend 
    the stairs again and use "Whirlwind" on the overgrowth in order to blow 
    it away. Go inside, downstairs, and run past the ventilation shafts with 
    care. If you fall down here you can find a bramble seed hidden in the 
    foliage. Anyway, get past those blowers and walk around the room to the far 
    right, until you come across another Djinni. Use "Move" on the pillar so 
    the ventilation hole gets covered, this will cause a gust to blow against 
    the Venus Djinni making him fall down one level so follow him via the 
    second slide to your right. Jump over to the Djinni for a battle (is it me 
    or are the Djinn in this game a lot less willing to cooperate?)
    Venus Djinni
     HP:  590     ATK: 182     AGL: 149       Weak:    Wind
     PP:   53     DEF:  51     LCK:  18       Strong:  Earth
     Special: Clay Spire, Briar, Mad Growth, Mother Gaia, Quake Sphere, Escape
     Exp:   519
     Coins: 432 
     Item: -
     After a victory in battle Flower will serve you and adds his power to 
    yours. If you use "Cyclone" on the leftmost bush on the lower floor a Mad 
    Plant will appear! Beating it yields a Lucky Medal as reward.
    Mad Plant 2
     HP:  518     ATK: 227     AGL: 104       Weak:    Fire
     PP:    0     DEF:  56     LCK:  19       Strong:  Water
     Special:  Poisonous Bite
     Exp:     507
     Coins:   409
     Item: Lucky Medal
     Get back up one level and go through the passageway to the north. The path 
    will eventually lead to a place where a Tear Drop is hidden somewhat in the 
    ground. Use "Scoop" to collect it. Go back outside and use "Growth" (i.e. 
    equip a Mars Djinni to Felix) continue on and use "Whirlwind" on another 
    piece of foliage covering another hole. Inside the cave again follow the 
    path, until you reach a dead end. There appears to be a strange circular 
    shaped spot on the ground. If you use "Douse" on it and then quickly 
    "Frost" before the air stream blows the water away you can continue on to 
    the west.
     Follow the path down, until you reach a room filled with lava. Use "Douse" 
    on the red glowing rock to cool it down. Next push into the lava and 
    finally use it as a stepping stone to reach the bottom of the room. In the 
    next room jump on the pillar and quickly get past the upper left section, 
    when the air stream stops. Go to the lower left corner and use "Douse" & 
    "Move" on the rock to get to the chest with a Vial. Get back to the upper 
    right corner and use the Psynergy combination again to exit this room from 
    a different passageway.
     When you get back into the previous room use "Tremor" on the pillar with a 
    huge rock on top of it. Doing this will open up a new passageway for you to 
    explore. You know what to do with the red rock that appears so continue on 
    to the north and down the stairs. Use "Douse" again on another rock to turn 
    the lights out and then push it out of your way.
     Go clockwise around the next room and you'll reach the final chamber of 
    this mini-dungeon. Cool the rock down again and a light will become visible 
    in the darkness. Use "Scoop" on it to uncover some Star Dust. Go back all 
    the way, until you reach a rope. You can use "Lash" on it and exit the 
    swamp, or just use "Retreat" to get the job done much quicker. You might as 
    well go to Yallam now, because you can use the raw material to forge some 
    random new armor and weapons.
    8C. Animal Trade Quest (Optional)
    The trade quest will eventually help you in finding a very powerful new 
    Summon, so it is worth your troubles. We start at East Tundaria Islet, 
    which is a small island covered with snow to the far south near the 
    entrance to the frozen continent of Tundaria.
    --E Tundaria Islet--
    Hidden Items: 2 (121)
     Lucky Medal  - Check the blue left jar inside the hut
     Pretty Stone - Save Pengulina
    "Mind Read" the penguin to find out that his girlfriend has hurt her leg 
    and cannot swim back. So you jump over all the moving ice bergs in order to 
    push the wooden log into the water. This way she can walk back to safety, 
    that is you have to push her back to her boyfriend. For your efforts of 
    saving Pengulina the male penguin gives you a 'Pretty Stone'.
    --SE Angara Islet--
    Hidden Items: 2 (123)
     Lucky Medal - Check the wooden box in the lower right corner of the screen
     Red Cloth   - Trade with the bird for the Pretty Stone
     Talking to the 2 suspicious persons yields a hint about Treasure Island, 
    but again that is a location beyond reach. Notice the two small boxes 
    around this area. First use "Move" on the highest located one to get it to 
    the lowest level and move it towards the water puddle on the left. Place it 
    so that it is two squares away from it. Freeze the puddle with "Frost", 
    push the other small crate onto it, you can climb the vines and reach a 
    bird's nest. If you get close to it the bird will get back onto its nest. 
    If you "Mind read" it you will get to hear that the bird wants something to 
    make it look extra fancy. If you have the pretty stone from the penguin 
    then the bird exchanges it for a very fancy Neckerchief a.k.a. Red Cloth.
    --N Osenia Islet--
    Hidden Items: 2 (125)
      Lucky Medal - Check the leftmost barrel inside the lonely home
      Milk        - Trade the Red Scarf for this item with the Cow
    After you get "Sand" Psynergy from Gaia Rock you can reach the cow in the 
    backyard. "Mind read" the cow and she will trade the scarf for some fresh 
    produced Milk. That's all for this place.
    --West Indra Islet--
    Hidden Items: 2 (127)
     Lucky Medal - Check barrel on the pier near the upper left corner
     Li'l Turtle - Trade the Milk for the turtle with the Dog
    The dog in the water complains about the salty water and would like to 
    drink something more juicy. The milk that the cow gave you is very useful 
    right now. He trades it for a little turtle he found in the water called 
    Li'l Turtle.
    --Sea of Time Islet--
    Hidden Items: 1 (128)
     Lucky Medal - Check the barrel in the left corner outside the only hut
     There is not much to do here. You can "Mind Read" the turtle for a hint 
    why he seems so sad. He feels lonely and needs a friend, so give him Li'l 
    turtle and Lonesome George has a friend now. He doesn't have another trade 
    for you, but instead he shows you his secret spot. This location will be 
    very valuable as it contains some good items.
    --Islet Cave--
    Chests: 2 (130)
     Turtle Boots, Rusty Staff (forges in Dracomace)
     Venus - Meld
     Dinox, Harridan, Magicore, Squirrelfang, Stone Soldier
     For the moment we can only discover a few rarities around here. The Turtle 
    boots can be located on the left side of the water. Take the exit to the 
    right, ride across the water then go down, and use the log to ride all the 
    way up to a Venus Djinni, who will fight you of course. After combat Meld 
    will be a new addition to your pets, I mean Djinn inventory.
    Venus Djinni
     HP: 710      ATK: 221     AGL: 187       Weak:    Wind
     PP:  65      DEF:  65     LCK:  22       Strong:  Earth
     Special: Clay Spire, Mother Gaia, Nettle, Quake Sphere, Wild Growth, 
     Exp:   729 
     Coins: 531 
     Item: -
     Take the upper left passage and you'll reach another log in the water, at 
    the other side you can find a Rusty Staff (Dracomace). Exit this place and 
    come back when you have "Teleport" for some more fun!
    9. Collect the Trident Parts
     As mentioned in chapter 7 it is impossible to reach Lemuria, by going 
    through the Sea of Time as you currently are equipped. Even if you manage 
    to get past the Sea of Time itself using the route given by the children of 
    Yallam (see 10.1) you will meet your demise at the hand of Poseidon; the 
    Levantine. He is gifted with a force field which will nullify ANY attack 
    that is launched on him, thus rendering any attempt to eliminate him 
    futile. If you have been listening to some of the hints given by various 
    people like the Naribwe Witchdoctor you will know that you need to find a 
    Trident weapon in order to overcome your problems.
     This Trident however is split up in three different parts. So we first 
    need to collect these and then forge them. Because it is possible to attain 
    any of three parts in any random order I split the walkthrough up in three 
    parts: Right Prong (9A), Center Prong (9B) & Left Prong (9C). I follow this 
    order, because on this route the enemies will gradually grow stronger so 
    this should be the easiest route to traverse through.
     After acquiring all three parts (or actually after getting the Burst 
    Brooch) you can complete some parts of chapter 10. Our first and easiest 
    task is to claim the Right Prong from the Shrine of the Sea God. As a 
    final note I'd like to point out that for any of you who have skipped 
    Air's Rock, you'd better go there right now. Because you really need 
    "Reveal" to get any of the three Trident parts!
    9A. Backtrack to the Sea God's Shrine (Right Prong)
     Inside the shrine use "Frost" on the two leftmost puddles and collect the 
    watery Sea God's Tear. If the water is still high you need to rescue Tavi &
    Riki as explained earlier in the Shrine of the Sea God. This is the event
    which drains the water from the shrine's interior.
    --Shrine of the Sea God (second run)--
     Go back to the room where you caught Breath. Use "Frost" on the puddles to 
    the left to create a passageway. Follow it and you will reach a field that 
    is outdoors. Take the leftmost route and jump over the gaps until you reach 
    brown pillar; let it fall into the water and step onto it. Jump over to the 
    right and enter the next room.
     Climb down the wall into the water, and ascend again to the south of here. 
    Run over to the right and let yourself fall down the broken bridge. Walk 
    around here to reach a Rusty Staff (after Sunshine from Yallam forges this 
    you'll get the Glower Staff in return). Use "Lash" to reach the elevated 
    section again, run around and fall down the other broken bridge. This way 
    Felix can reach the following area. 
     Continue on and hop over the stones in the water, use "Reveal" near the 
    hexagon of rocks to make a 7th stone in the center appear. On the island 
    there a similar statue as in Daila's Temple is seen, hence use the 'Sea 
    God's Tear' to make the water level rise. Climb three more ladders in order 
    to claim the Right Prong! Use "Retreat" for a quick exit.
    9B.1. Evaporating water in Aqua Rock
    --Apojii Islands--
     56 Coins
    Hidden Items: 5 (135)
     182 Coins    - Check brown jar to the far south of town's entrance
     32 Coins     - Hidden in a wooden barrel inside the upper right hut
     Mint         - Use "Cyclone" on a bush in the lower right corner of town
     Herb         - Use "Cyclone" on the group of bushes below the Aqua Stone
     Bramble Seed - Use "Cyclone" on the bushes 1 screen to the right of town
     Jupiter Djinni - Haze (reachable after getting "Sand")
     People around here speak about Aqua Rock and Gaia Falls. This is sure a 
    watery environment near the edge of the world. The merchant around here 
    sells the Dragon Axe, which is a strong weapon that may serve you pretty 
    well. Use "Douse" on the big blue tear shaped rock in the center of the 
    village. This will cause the Moai statues to move out of the way at the 
    entrance of Aqua Rock on the island to the south. You should go there right 
     One screen to the right of Apojii village you can find a Jupiter Djinni in 
    the lower right corner near the edge of the world, but a visit to Gaia Rock 
    is needed before we can get to him. If you already got "Sand" from Gaia 
    Rock then use it here, while standing on the beach. Then go to the right 
    under past the rocks. On the screen to the right fall down the cascade and 
    you can enter a cave.
    --Apojii Islands Cave--
     Faery, Man o' War, Roc
     Inside use "Whirlwind" on the third patch of overgrowth foliage on the 
    wall to reveal a hidden passage. Follow it and you will get to Jupiter 
    Djinni Haze, whom joins for free (for a change).
    --Aqua Rock (Exterior)--
    Chests: 4 (139)
     Nut, Elixir, Oil Drop, Mist Sabre
     Faery, Man o' War, Roc, Virago
    Walk around this place and climb up the first wall, run up diagonally 
    against the current towards the left and keep on following the leftmost 
    route. Do this, until you reach a movable pillar and two red Moai statues. 
    "Move" the pillar in front of the left statue, but don't push it past it or 
    you will fall down (the push animation takes too long to get this done). So 
    climb down a bit and take the right branch. Pull the statue towards you 
    with "Move", when you stand little more than one square away from it. This 
    allows you to place the pillar in front of the right Moai. Climb down again 
    or let the current take you there (much faster) and use the right path to 
    reach a dead end on the next screen.
     You can't cross the big pool by jumping around the tiles here, but you can 
    climb down the rightmost wall and then try to run as far to the right as 
    possible. You will fall down, but that is okay. After falling down keep on 
    heading diagonally up-right and you can reach a chest with a Nut inside. 
    From here go down right again and use "Douse" on the dried up Moai statue 
    so it will create a new water stream. Step on this stream and you will 
    reach a lower level near the entrance of Aqua rock, where you will find 
    another Water stone. "Douse" it and you will notice that the stream changes 
    direction upwards! 
     Walk to the climbable wall to the left. If you would like another Elixir, 
    who doesn't... (<-sarcasm), take the left branch first. Fall / Climb down 
    and carefully maneuver past the water stream on the right. Climb atop 
    another wall and push the pillar on your right so you don't have to do that 
    part again. After creating this shortcut you can ascend the wall by using 
    the reversed water stream.
     On the next screen push the little blue rocks into the water and use the 
    lower passage to get over the current. Once you are on the other side you 
    can use the up most spot of the stream to reach an Oil Drop. Anyway go up 
    against the wall. Follow the left path, use "Frost" on the three water 
    puddles (don't forget the two in the back if you want a Mist Sabre as 
    well). Continue on to the right and use "Douse" on the tear-shaped rock on 
    the next screen. This will open the path to the inside of Aqua Rock.
    --Aqua Rock (Interior)--
    Chests: 7 (146)
     Vial, Crystal Powder, Tear Stone, Water of Life, Lucky Pepper,
     Aquarius Rock, Rusty Sword (forges Robber's Blade)
      Mercury Djinni - Steam
     Mimic, Faery, Ghost Mage, Lizard Fighter, Man o' War, Roc, Sea Dragon,
     This is a very confusing dungeon so stay close to the description, unless 
    you wish to wander around this place for a long time. Of course you can 
    listen to the BGM if you like it that much. From the start go one screen 
    down and follow the right wall, jumping over the yellow tiles in order to 
    reach the passage. Go up through another doorway and you will reach a room 
    with two columns, two vents and a chest. To get the chest and past the 
    vents do the following things:
     1. Push the left pillar in front of the vent
     2. Walk past it and pull the pillar with "Move" towards you
     3. Use "Move" on the right pillar so it moves in front of the second vent
     4. Walk around this one as well and "Move" it away from the vent
     5. Collect the Vial
    Follow the path down, on the next screen, "Move" the pillar in front of the 
    Moai so the water level drops, freeze 3 puddles and jump around towards the 
    lower right exit. At the branch take the lower path first and Felix will 
    end up at the lone chest with some Crystal Powder (all these treasures are 
    so lame). At the branch again, head up until you reach another Water Stone.
     "Douse" this Water Stone to create a new path. Follow it and stick to the 
    left wall here. You will reach two more ventilation shafts, so use the 
    pillar to obstruct the RIGHT vent with "Move". Let yourself fall down using 
    the left vent, jump over one tile and walk to a puzzle room. You can only 
    move upper right pillar so there is only one path to create; just move it 
    one square right & down. "Douse" the Moai then Aqua Stone in this order and 
    keep on walking through various room (there is only one path), until you 
    reach a room with a big waterfall.
     Inside keep on running diagonally up against the current on the upper 
    level, this will cause you to fall down on the 2nd tile. By doing this you 
    should be able to get across the other side. Once you get down, you need to 
    walk a little into the water, fall down and "Move" the pillar away from 
    you. This helps you to reach a chest with a Tear stone. The next room has 
    various exits, but all of them except the leftmost one are dead ends for 
    the time being. So go to the leftmost passage way and activate the Moai 
    statue inside so you can reach the next puzzle a few chambers ahead.
     For this puzzle room you can use either two set-ups:
      1. Push the small blue rock on the center of the three tiles and
         "Frost" on the water puddle.
      2. Push the small blue rock on the left-most tile
     Then use "Douse" on the statue to reach:
      1. Chest with Water of Life
      2. The next chamber 
     Jump over the yellow tiles in the big chamber and use "Move" on the pillar 
    so you can push it into the gap (this also creates a shortcut). Continue 
    on, push another pillar into its gap and take the stairway to the north of 
    the pillar. Follow the path and go over the tightrope, jump over the 
    rightmost path of yellow tiles to reach another puzzle room. Look at the 
    picture below and just simple move pillars 1, 2 and 3 into the correct 
    position. Activate the Moai statue and the Aqua rock (marked by A) 
            _________________              __________________
           |                 |            |                  | 
           |   A      +      |            |   A       +   1  |
           |                 |            |                  |
           |   +  1 2 + 3 +  |     =>     |   +   2   +   +  |
           |                 |            |                  |
           |      +       +  |            |       +   3   +  |
           |_________________|            |__________________|
    After doing this go down the stairs a push another pillar out of the way, 
    jump over to the other side and jump around the tiles in the next part of 
    this dungeon. The too-easy-to-reach chest in the upper right corner is 
    actually a Mimic!
    Mimic 4
     HP:  676    ATK: 240    AGL:  145    Weak:    Fire
     PP:   62    DEF:  66    LCK:   17    Strong: Water
     Special: Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Wild Growth
     Exp:    760
     Coins:  531
     Item: Potion
     After beating him (or not) go to the left exit and there will be a huge 
    Psynergy rock in the center of this cave like room. Touch it to replenish 
    all PP and exit via the lower path. Outside "Douse" the big rock to reach a 
    Lucky Pepper and an Aquarius Rock (you are very close of finishing this 
    dungeon). On the right half of this place, take the exit to the far south, 
    walk around following the left wall as much as possible and Felix should 
    end up at the empty column. Place the Aquarius Stone then some magic will 
    occur and you can finally reach the new Psynergy called "Parch" that is 
    written on the tablet hidden deeply in this temple. Use it right away so 
    you can exit this room.
     Of course you could use "Retreat" to get on with your quest, but there are 
    still some things to be done around here. So I'll handle those here. For 
    one thing you can use it on the water near the sunken chest with a Rusty 
    Sword (Robber's Blade) inside in the southern most room. Take the exit here
    to get outside Aqua Rock.
     Go back to the location where you found the Aquarius Stone, this time 
    follow the lower rightmost exit. Reach out for the other side of the 
    watery current and use "Parch" on the statue to stop the stream. Again, 
    as expected Djinni "Steam" wants to fight before joining.
    Mercury Djinni
     HP:  620     ATK: 192     AGL: 159       Weak:    Fire
     PP:   56     DEF:  54     LCK:  19       Strong:  Water
     Special:  Froth Sphere, Glacier, Hail Prism, Ice Horn, Supercool, Escape
     Exp:   571    
     Coins: 457
     Item: -
     After this just use "Retreat" twice to save you some hassle of walking 
    back the entire road for nothing. To continue our search for the Trident 
    part seek out for Tundaria.
    9B.2. The Frozen Tower of Tundaria (Center Prong)
    --Tundaria Continent (World Map)--
     On open sea go to the far south of the world and head for point 18 on the 
    map (see Ch. 7). It is a very long walk so it will take some time to get 
    there. Before entering the Tundaria tower go a bit farther to the south
    west, until you reach a dead end inlet. Here is the location where you can 
    find a Jupiter Djinni called Wheeze.
    Jupiter Djinni
     HP:  740     ATK: 234     AGL: 197       Weak:    Earth
     PP:   68     DEF:  58     LCK:  23       Strong:  Wind
     Special: Destruct Ray, Shine Plasma, Sonic Slash, Escape
     Exp:   781
     Coins: 556
     Item: -
    --Tundaria Tower--
    Hidden Items: 2 (148)
     Burst Brooch, Center Prong
    Chests: 8 (156)
     365 Coins, Mint, Crystal Powder, Hard Nut, Lucky Medal, Sylph Feather,
     Lightning Sword, Vial
     Mars Djinni - Reflux
     Dinox, Harridan, Living Armor, Magicore*, Minotaurus^, Needle Egg,
     Stone Soldier
       * = Drops Aura Gloves
       ^ = Drops Tartarus Axe
     Enter the tower and "Parch" both left and right bodies of water. Take 
    the right door and follow the path, until you reach a branch with two 
    exits. From here on follow the upper branch and collect 365 Coins from the 
    chest, then walk on the black ice. Continue on until you reach another 
    black ice field. In order to solve this puzzle go from the entrance to the 
         RURULDR - URUR   -> Chest (Mint)
                 - UL     -> Center Exit
                 - DRURDR -> Right Exit (Back to start; don't take it)
                              (L = Left, R = Right, D = Down, U = Up)
    As denoted in the part above do not take the right exit, but use the 
    passage in the center of the field. Go upstairs and you will find three 
    exits here. There is more than one route to choose, so I'll start with the 
    door on the left. Go on and use "Pound" on the icy column, do it again on 
    the leftmost pillar in the next chamber for a chest with Crystal Powder, 
    use the other two to reach another for a Hard Nut. 
     Go back and take the lower path, fall down the black ice slide and you 
    reach yet another sliding puzzle. This time a Mars Djinni called Reflux is 
    your reward. From the start follow this route.
        LURU RDLU RDRU LDRU R -> Djinni  
        (L = Left, R= Right, D = Down, U = Up)
    Mars Djinni
     HP:  756     ATK: 231     AGL: 199      Weak:    Water
     PP:   69     DEF:  68     LCK:  23      Strong:  Fire
     Special: Eruption, Fiery Blast, Inferno, Serpent Fume, Supernova, Escape
     Exp:   794
     Coins: 563
     Item: -
     After collecting him you should have 5 Djinn of each type, except Mercury
    of which there should be 6 in your inventory. Go to the initial room and
    head through the remaining right exit. Slide over the ice towards another
    simple puzzle. Follow these steps:
      -"Pound" both right and center ice columns
      -"Move" the right pillar: Down, Left, Up
      -Go up the right ladder and pull the pillar towards you with "Move"
      -"Move" the left pillar: Left, Up, Right
      -Climb up the left ladder and push the other pillar out of the way
     In the backroom go up one level until you reach a dead end in the shape of 
    an icy wall. Cast Sheba's "Reveal" on it to open up your path. Outside 
    climb up the ladder to your lower right, "Move" the pillar out of your way 
    and collect the Burst Brooch. This will bestow the "Burst" Psynergy on the 
    person you equip it to. After this climb down three ladders and use "Burst" 
    right away on the brown part of the exterior wall. This provides a 
     Next backtrack to the first room (or use "Retreat"), follow the center 
    path and you'll reach an ice crystal with something stuck inside. Use 
    "Burst" on it and you'll obtain the center prong from the broken icy 
     Before exiting Tundaria Tower go down the left path in the first room, 
    follow the path and use "Burst" on the icy wall at the dead end. This 
    allows you to get: a Lucky Medal, Sylph Feather (forgeable ore for 
    Sunshine), Lightning Sword and a Vial from the chests grouped by two in 
    each room.
     Now is a good time to visit Yallam to forge some weapons and sell all the 
    junk you retrieved. The inventory is too small in this game, thanks to all
    the junk Psynergy items... Do you remember the ship in Alhafra? There was 
    a big rock blocking the mast. How about using "Burst" on it! See the 
    Chapter 10.2 a few pages down about this matter, if you really want to
    complete that part. Other than that we can seek out for the remaining 
    Trident part(s).
    9C.2. Sacrifice to the Serpent in Mt. Mikage 
     You can come here right away, but it may actually be a better idea to get 
    the "Center Prong" first because the monsters in that quest are somewhat 
    easier. First we go to Izumo and Gaia Rock located on the big island in the 
    northern east hemisphere.
     60 Coins
    Hidden Items: 7 (163)
     Festival Coat - In a wooden box inside the home to the south east of town
     Antidote(2)   - Use "Cyclone" on bushes in the lower right corner
     Lucky Medal   - Use "Cyclone" on bushes on the elevated section (NW part)
     Elixir        - Check the right jar outside the most northern home
     Water of Life - Jar far north; jump across river behind the left home
     Smoke Bomb    - White jar inside the most eastern home
     Mars - Coal
     The people of Izumo speak of a sacrifice that is being held. A young woman 
    will be chosen to be sacrificed to the Serpent of Gaia Rock (known as Mt. 
    Mikage to the locals). Apparently this year Kushinada is the woman that 
    will be sacrificed. If you try to talk to her in her cabin in the northwest 
    corner she sends you out without seeing you for she thinks that you are 
    Susa. Susa is the man who will meet his demise when he tries to rescue her 
    from the Serpent or so she thinks. Take note that you can buy weapons like 
    the Shamshir and Ninja Blade here.
    --Gaia Rock (Exterior)--
    Hidden Items: 1 (164)
     Dancing Idol
    Chests: 2 (166)
     Nut, Apple
     Clay Gargoyle, Fire Worm, Golem, Gnome Mage, Wight
     Before going inside the rock we first need to complete some events 
    outside. At least you can challenge the serpent right now, but the battle 
    is nearly impossible to win. First go up the left wall and push the pillar 
    down the edge. Climb up and down so you can "Move" the pillar into the 
    center tile, so this creates a path over the gap. Use it and climb up 
    towards the next screen. 
     Climb up the right wall until you cannot get up any further, then go down 
    in the center to reach a chest with a Nut. Get up again, fall down the 
    slide on your left and climb up again via the leftmost route. To your left 
    you see an Air's Rock like statue blowing wind against a vine causing it to 
    move. With this in mind climb down, until you see a vine hanging over a 
    gap, cast "Whirlwind" on it and Felix can swing to the other side in Tarzan 
    style. "Move" the brown pillar to the left and head back to the right, 
    climb down and follow the only path around here.
     Two screens further you will encounter some more wind statues. Be careful 
    in the next part, because statue faces will pop up from the wall causing 
    you to fall down all the way. The easiest way to avoid them is by starting 
    at the right and following the right path as much as possible. At the part 
    you can choose between three distinct paths follow the center of the center 
    path for the shortest safe route to the top. At the top follow the northern 
    path through the mini-maze (you also have to jump over a pillar here) to 
    find a chest with an Apple inside.
     Go back a bit and "Move" the pillar to the lowest position. Follow the 
    path and use "Reveal" on the altar to make a dancing idol appear. Examine 
    the odd little guy and you get it as an item (although it color is brown 
    now). Backtrack/"Retreat" to the start and go inside Gaia rock.
    --Gaia Rock (Interior)--
    Hidden Items: 1 (167)
     Cloud Brand - Use "Sand" to get behind the serpent on the right side,
                   then examine the rightmost tile
    Chests: 1 (168)
     Rusty Mace (forges Demon Mace)
     Mad Plant, Mimic, Clay Gargoyle, Dread Hound*, Fire Worm, Gnome Mage,
     Golem, Mad Vermin, Wood Walker
      * = Can drop Prophet's Hat
     Use the Idol on the first altar inside the rock. There are three paths to 
    choose from Left, Center & Right. Take the right, inside follow the left 
    path as much as possible and use "Cyclone" in the center of the spot filled 
    with bushes. This creates some green moving platforms, but you can't reach 
    them from this side so go back and take the left route.
     Back in the first room go left. Go on to where you reach the platform room 
    again. Follow the lower path of platforms and you'll reach a huge room with 
    several exits. Firstly, follow the left exit and use "Cyclone" on the 
    bushes for a fight with a Mad Plant.
    Mad Plant 3
     HP:  556     ATK: 254     AGL: 114       Weak:    Fire
     PP:    0     DEF:  65     LCK:  20       Strong:  Water
     Special:  Poisonous Bite, Maneater
     Exp:     630
     Coins:   451
     Item: Potion
     Continue on down, but before traveling over the wall step down and use the 
    Idol on the altar in the back room to activate the first light beam (which 
    weakens the Serpent). Go back and climb over to the right, keep low at the
    first junction, and follow the topmost route from the second part to the
    end. In the next room use "Cyclone" on the spider cobweb. This will cause
    the altar to fall down one floor, go down the slide behind it and use
    "Cyclone" on the bushes here to activate the 2nd light beam. Use the Idol
    two more times and all four should be active right now.
     The center path leads to a small puzzle with two rocks. To solve this one 
    use "Move" in upward direction on the first rock, do it again, and "Move" 
    it to the right. Next pull the other rock with "Move" towards you until you 
    can place it in the left inlet. Continue on and you will reach a maze with 
    a small plant in the center of each screen. Equip a Mars Djinni on Felix or 
    a Venus Djinni to Jenna in order to be able to use "Growth" (assign it to 
    L or R button to make the next part easier). Use it on the plant so it will 
    point out the direction for you. Note that in the third room you find a...
    Mimic 5
     HP:  707    ATK: 240    AGL: 145      Weak:    Fire
     PP:   64    DEF:  66    LCK:  17      Strong:  Wind
     Special: Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Curse, Sonic Slash
     Exp:    840
     Coins:  531
     Item: Game Ticket
     Keep on going and you'll find a Rusty Mace (Demon Mace) in a chest along 
    the 7th screen. Do this 12 times and you'll reach the mighty Serpent's 
    lair. You'll see a small cut scene where Susa is trying to beat the reptile 
    in order to save Kushinada. You can take on the Serpent if you like, but 
    its strength differs depending on the amount of crystals you have 
    activated. If all four are out then the Serpent heals about 2500 HP per 
    battle and has 3 turns each round; which makes it nearly impossible to 
    beat, unless you are cheating of course. If on the other hand you activated 
    all 4, then it heals only 30 HP and has only 2 turns per round. BTW. Don't 
    forget to set your Djinn back to their original status.
    Boss: Serpent
     HP: 3536    ATK: 249     AGL: 135       Weak:    Wind
     PP:  160    DEF:  76     LCK:  46       Strong:  Earth
     Special: 'Attack $x', 'recover * HP' Black Ice, Briar, Cure Well, 
               Mighty Press, Quake Sphere, Toxic Breath
     Exp:    1995
     Coins:  2898
     Item:      -
         Active   | $ |    * |
         0 Lights | 3 | 2430 |
         1 Light  | 3 |  810 |
         2 Lights | 3 |  270 |
         3 Lights | 3 |   90 |
         4 Lights | 2 |   30 |
     Even with all four beams active this monster still has a huge amount of 
    HP, so this battle will take some time. Make sure you have at least one 
    character capable of using Wish/Aura Psynergy, because most of the 
    Serpent's attacks are multi target. So all four adepts may need to be 
    healed most of the time; you can also use your Mist Potion for this as 
     After his defeat the Serpent is squalling in pain, but it not even close 
    to dying. Susa appears again and delivers the fatal blow to grant the 
    creature his rest and also saving Kushinada. He kindly thanks you and 
    leaves you behind. Before you leave check out the stone tablet that appears 
    from the ground. It is a new Venus Psynergy for Felix.
     This is the power of "Sand" which allows you to traverse through the sand. 
    Use it right away to get past the petrified serpent. Examine the rightmost 
    watery tile near the end of his tail to find the Cloud Brand! Now that you 
    have learned this Psynergy you can complete the animal trade quest plus you 
    can finally tackle the Ankohl ruins with success.
     Back in Izumo talk to Kushinada at Uzume's place and after some dialogue 
    you get to hear about the Cloud Brand Susa found at Mt. Mikage (Gaia Rock) 
    and this quest has ended successfully (you could have collected it right 
    away if you read the text above). After the conversation give the Dancing 
    Idol to Uzume and she'll give you Coal the Mars Djinni in return. Before 
    leaving town, go to the most northern part and "Move" the leftmost pillar 
    to the right, use "Reveal" allowing you to enter the cave.
    --Izumo Ruins--
    Chests: 1 (169)
     Phantasmal Mail
    Stone Tablet:
     Fire Worm, Golem, Gressil*, Wight, Wood Walker
        * = drops Otafuku Mask
     Inside use your newly acquired "Sand" Psynergy on the sandy area in the 
    center to get to the other side. This way you can use "Frost" on both 
    puddles without having to stomp the center columns. Jump over to the other 
    side, in the next room go to the right, down the ladder, "Pound" the 
    pillar, use "Sand" to reach past the obstacle and "Move" to get the brown 
    pillar at the end in the center.
     Go back to the beginning of the room and follow the left path so you can 
    reach the ladder leading down one floor. Climb up the ladder to the right 
    and collect the Phantasmal Mail (Luck +7). Then get back down and "Pound" 
    either pillar. "Parch" the pool on the left so you can reach the back room. 
    In here you can find the stone tablet, which contains the Ulysses Summon. 
    This deity can stun your opponents meaning that they must skip a turn 
    8C.2. Ascend the Ankohl Ruins in sand (Left Prong)
     After getting "Sand" by completing the events in Izumo and Gaia Rock you 
    can get the Left Prong from the ancient ruins of the Ankohl.
    --Ankohl Ruins--
    Hidden Items: 1 (170)
     Left Prong
    Chests: 10 (180)
     210 Coins, Crystal Powder, Nut, Thanatos Mace, Power Bread, 365 Coins,
     Vial, Muni Robe, Sylph Feather, Potion
     Dinox, Harridan, Living Armor, Minotaurus*, Squirrelfang, Wood Walker
       * = drops Tartarus Axe
     Inside you can find 3 empty chests on either left and right alcoves (so 
    you could skip these anyway). There are many fake overgrowth bushes in here 
    so to spare yourself PP and time only use it on the bushes/overgrowth that 
    are mentioned. Head up and use "Whirlwind" on the center bush, and follow 
    the path straight up. From here you can go into three different directions. 
    But before continuing on use "Move" on all the statue faces and to create
    several new paths for to explore. Start on the right and collect some 
    Crystal Powder in the room behind the rightmost stone face. Go back and 
    enter the entrance directly to the left of it, "Whirlwind" the overgrowth
    and use "Move" on the column in the back room. The second left entrance
    contains a chest with 210 Coins. Lastly, enter the passage behind left 
    most statue and use "Sand" to reach a hidden chest with a Nut.
     Back in the central room go down the bottom left passage. Walk to the 
    left and keep close to the lowest path. Go to up the stairs and use 
    "Sand" in the next room on the sandy part to reach a chest (it contains 
    the Thanatos Mace). Follow the path up into the back room, push the left
    part of the stone face into its position and watch how the area fills up
    with sand. Go back to the first room just before reaching the central
    chamber and use "Whirlwind" on the upper left bush. This reveals a hidden
     Climb down the vines, collect the Power Bread in the back room and use 
    "Sand" to get behind the wall. Upstairs follow the path to the southeast, 
    go into the back room, "Move" the pillar in the upper left corner to the 
    left. Go back to the previous room, get to the upper left passage and use 
    "Sand" in the room behind to get past the pillar you just moved. This will 
    give you a Vial from the red chest as a reward. Go back and if you like to 
    collect 365 coins (I'm having a déjà vu here) from the chest to the 
    south of here.
     Back in the corridor where you pushed the pillar to the left continue on 
    to the far right. In the next room trigger the switch, wait a moment and 
    the area fills up with enough sand so you can also trigger the right 
    switch. Do so and the path to the next corridor is opened. Inside that room 
    you'll have to jump over all the gaps and go down the slide. Push the brown 
    pillar and the part of the stone face into the correct positions. Exit via 
    the upper passage, "Move" the pillar out of the way on the right side of 
    the screen, go back where you came from and use the lower passage (climb 
    down one vine), follow this path and use "Sand" along the way.
     Hey, you're back in the central room. Guess what, the right passage is the 
    only place left to go. Inside that room use "Sand" to get to the staircase 
    in the center, upstairs use "Whirlwind" on the left overgrowth to find a 
    Muni Robe in the room behind it. Continue on, climb down and up some vines 
    on the left side of the screen and head through the doorway, use "Sand" to 
    get past all the square blocks. Provided that you moved the pillar as 
    explained earlier. 
     Use "Whirlwind" to remove the left overgrowth here; behind it is a Sylph 
    Feather. Go down the right door and repeat the switch triggering scene as 
    before. Don't forget to run, because the sand fills up much quicker! In 
    the next room remove the right overgrowth, go inside the entrance, push the 
    pillar, climb down the vines and jump over the gap to get the chest's 
    Potion for free. Get back and exit via the leftmost doorway.
     Push the right half of the statue in its place and the eyes start to glow 
    greenish. Go back all the way, until you can reach that face statue from 
    the left, climb down the vines and stand before it. The statue will now try 
    to push you out of the corridor. So quickly go to the sandy area and use 
    "Sand" to hide underground. Once it is past you, get on the surface and use 
    "Sand" on the sand patch near the upper wall. In the rooms that follow 
    directions are easy. Use "Move" on the pillar so you have a shortcut.
     Next you will reach a room with brown and red stones and a part of a stone 
    face statue. Use "Reveal" to make a gap appear and then push the statue 
    into it. Go downstairs push the face into position, then exit it and enter 
    the room again from the other side (use the shortcut). Use "Sand" to get to 
    the leftmost stairway, follow the route and finally collect the Left Prong 
    outside on top of Ankohl Ruins! You should have gotten all three parts in 
    your collection as of this moment. What remains is forging them into one 
    again. This can be done in Champa by the old ma'am Obaba.
    10. Going to Lemuria
     Even after you collect all three parts of the trident you still need to 
    forge it and find your way through the Sea of Time. This chapter deals will 
    all the small subtasks you need to complete in order to enter the kingdom 
    of Lemuria.
    10.1. Clear the Alhafran Boat
     71 Coins
    Hidden Items: 7 (187)
     Smoke Bomb  - Wooden box first box when you walk over tightrope 
     12 Coins    - Wooden box outside the sanctum
     Elixir      - Box in the inn
     Sleep Bomb  - Barrel most right room inside the cliff
     Lucky Medal - Jar outside the cliff on the highest level
     Golden Ring - Get from Feizhi (Linked Game only)
     Trident     - Forged by Obaba with the three Prongs
    Chests: 1 (188)
     Viking Helm - use "Reveal" on the 6 gravestones to the east
     Walk around here and if you are playing a linked game and you saved Hsu 
    from Alpine Crossing in GS1 Feizhi will appear asking you where to find 
    Isaac. After a short conversation Felix gets the item that was meant for 
    him: the Golden Ring. Take note however that she calls Hsu Ulmuch in this 
    game for some strange reason. The translators probably screwed up here.
     Inside the cliff you can meet Obaba; Brigg's grandmother. If you visit her 
    at this moment she won't come out, until her grandson Briggs returns. So 
    you'll have to give Briggs 'permission' to leave his cell. Unfortunately it 
    doesn't work out that simple, but go to Alhafra anyway. When you try to 
    leave town Alex pops up. After some chitchat Karst and her fellow Mars 
    Adept Agatio appear. After some 'encouraging' words to get the remaining 
    two beacons lit they leave town. And if Alex's words are true the old lord 
    Babi has met his demise as well. In order to get Obaba to fix your trident 
    you will need to reunite her with her grandson Briggs; so back to Alhafra.
    In order to get Briggs to escape we need to fix the Alhafran Boat, hence 
    Felix and the others need to work on clearing the ship's mast. Here's the 
    list of things to be done:
     1. Jump over to the right (just below the wooden log) and push
        the 'x' marked block into the water.
     2. Roll the wooden log into the water.
     3. Walk over the mast to the lower right corner and push another
        'x' block into the water.
     4. Use "Move" on the crate to create a path in the water.
     5. From the boat climb down the rope and jump over the debris to the
        right, after reaching the main land again. Use "Move" on the
        crate while standing to the left as far as possible, then pull
        the crate towards you.
     6. Walk up the mast and walk over to the rope towards the rear of
        the ship. Use "Lash" on the rope and poles to reach the other side.
     7. "Pound" the grey cone pillar to free the rope.
     8. "Move" the wooden crate another space to the left and finally push
         it into the water. 
     9. Use "Burst" on the big block in the water. Oh, wait a moment we
        don't have that, until you reach Tundaria Tower. Anyway if you use
        a different Psynergy Jenna will tell you that you have to leave it like
        this, because there is nothing to do about it. If you do use "Burst"
        the mast will be ready for repairs.
    If you fixed it completely and try to leave the boat two men will 
    compliment you about fixing it. Eoleo and Chaucha will also be pleased to 
    see that you managed to fix it... You will be invited for a visit at the 
    mayor's place. After a very lengthy conversation (in which you don't have 
    to press any buttons, fortunately) a guard comes in and tells you that 
    Briggs and his companions escaped.
     The mayor expects you to find Briggs and capture him. So, the only thing 
    you can do is checking out the boat docked at the bay, which is indeed gone 
    by now. Briggs no longer fears Felix for he thinks that he can never reach 
    Champa, because he doesn't have a boat. Briggs also 'thanks' you in his 
    polite manner. Better chase him back all the way to Champa for a surprise 
    10.2. Forge the Trident of the Ankohl
     Be prepared for a big fight and also you'll fight Poseidon very soon so 
    you might as well get as many items and Djinn as possible. You should have 
    6 Djinn of each type at this moment, so don't forget about Haze and Meld.
     If you walk up to the cavern you will see Briggs again at the entrance. He 
    runs inside towards the highest level of the caverns. Follow him and you'll 
    meet him together with Obaba. She doesn't like somebody beating her 
    grandchild up so she sends a monster out of the forging well. This battle 
    is quite tough so Obaba actually grants you one chance to leave this place, 
    and you better might if you are not well equipped. 
    Boss: Avimander
     HP: 3792     ATK: 281     AGL: 94       Weak:    Water
     PP:   87     DEF:  89     LCK: 41       Strong:  Fire
     Special: 'attack 2x', Fiery Blast, Fire Breath, Guard, Heat Stun,
              Impair, Star Mine 
     Exp:    2176
     Coins:  1330
     Item: Potion
    This boss' weakness is water. So you'd better stick to have Piers attack 
    and have Jenna do the healing. If Jenna has more than four Mars Djinn she 
    can use the Aura Psynergy series, so she can heal the entire party. The 
    Avimander may attack twice and his Fire Breath attack is the most powerful 
    attack of the lot. So keep using (preferably water) attacks and eventually 
    he will go down.
     Your best summon in this battle is Moloch so put two Mercury and one 
    Jupiter on Stand-by at the start of the battle to call him right away. It 
    may even induce the "Sleep" status on Avimander plus it raises Mercury 
    Power for the caster. So if you summon Moloch twice with Piers the second 
    time round it will do much more damage. If you have all Djinn and 
    reasonable levels the Avimander should go down without too much trouble, 
    but if you take him on before getting any of the Trident parts he may be 
     After the battle (if you are victorious of course) Obaba will be surprised 
    that you defeated her little salamander. She says to Briggs that he has to 
    take care of himself now, but Briggs keeps on insisting on how evil Felix 
    is supposed to be. Finally Kraden and the other members appear and tell 
    Obaba the truth about Briggs. About him being a pirate and stealing the 
    Alhafran ship. Chaucha also steps in to protect Briggs and tells everybody 
    that Briggs just lend the necessary items to save Champa from starvation 
    (that explains the food, but why the jewels anyway...). After some more 
    discussion Briggs and his wife leave. Obaba tells you that if you ever need 
    any help you can always consult her for information.
     If you show Obaba a piece of the trident she will reveal to you that it is 
    a 1/3 of the legendary trident of Ankohl. She even offers to take care of 
    the parts you already gathered, saving some slots in your inventory. If you 
    give her all three parts the forging process commences. Obaba will throw 
    all the pieces into the well, watch the animation and you'll get the 
    Trident in return (use "Reveal"). This weapon is actually an item that can 
    be used in battle; so it doesn't have any attack power. This item doesn't 
    break in battle and can be used on any enemy for some damage. The Trident 
    increases water resistance by 20 so I guess Piers or Jenna will have the 
    best use for it (equip it permanently).
    10.3. A route through the Sea of Time
    --Sea of Time (Optional)--
     No matter how good you are eventually you will get caught by the currents 
    and you will be sent back to the entrance of this sea. You party members 
    will talk about how to reach it. Even the Lemurian Piers doesn't know how 
    to get back into Lemuria. Question remains how to find the path through 
    this sea. The answer lies in Yallam so go there right now.
     There are two reasons to go to Yallam:
     1. The blacksmith Sunshine can create wonderful items for you.
     2. The children that live here can teach you a song that will help
        you in your quest.
     First go to Sunshine and give him the Rusty weapons you have in your 
    inventory. Give him an item and leave for the world map. Immediately return 
    to Sunshine and his work is completed, it is as easy as that. I marked to 
    locations of Rusty weapons on the world map so get those. Also forgeable 
    items like the Tear Stone/Sylph Feather/Star Dust can be forged into 
    something neat. Next are the young children on the east side of town. Talk 
    to them and they will teach you the following three songs written by Yepp:
    Song 1:
     If you want to go to the stars,
     if you want to go to the stars.
     Go north past the twins,
     passing two swirls, run
     deasil twice 'round the trunk
     Haste without waste, and head to
     the east, past three to the north.
     Then, run 'round thrice and wait
     for the waves. When they stop
     run north and go to the stars.
     If you race full of folly and
     take the wrong way, you'll
     find yourself a watery grave.
    Song 2:
     If you want to go to the moon,
     if you want to go to the moon.
     Face west from the stars and
     run straight past three swirls,
     then circle 'round twice.
     Haste without waste, and head to
     the south, then one swirl west.
     There, run 'round thrice and wait
     for the waves. When they stop,
     run south and go for the moon.
     If you race full of folly and
     take the wrong way, you'll
     find yourself a watery grave.
    Song 3:
     If you want to go to the sun,
     if you want to go to the sun.
     Face south from the moon
     and run straight through two
     swirls, then circle 'round twice.
     Haste without waste, and head to
     the west, then six to the north.
     There, run 'round thrice and wait
     for the waves. When they stop,
     run north and go for the sun.
     If you race full of folly and
     take the wrong way, you'll
     find yourself a watery grave.
    Basically, what this means is a description of how to get through the 
    currents in the Sea of Time. Going round the trunk, simply means that you 
    have to go in circles around those little volcanoes that you will see along 
    the way. If you are doing it correctly stars will appear around the 
    volcano. The numbers mean the amount of vortexes that you have to pass in 
    each direction, for the rest it should be strait forward.
    10.4. Defeat Poseidon the Indestructible
    --Sea of Time--
     If you have the complete Trident, then you can undergo an attempt to beat 
    Poseidon who guards the path to Lemuria. Follow the path as given by the 
    children from Yallam. It is easy to understand, but sometimes the currents 
    makes this a very tricky endeavor to complete successfully. If you get 
    stuck in a swirl and can't seem to get out use the current of the swirl to 
    get a little boost. For example if you need to get out of a swirl towards 
    the west, then try to press Up & Left at the same time just before you 
    reach west so you will start pushing the Lemurian ship outwards as much as 
    possible, I noticed that helped somewhat.
     After you reached the 'sun' the final field appears here there are only 
    few currents so you have some room to navigate through. Make sure you have 
    the Trident equipped and all your characters are battle ready (i.e. set you 
    Djinn or put them on standby). Poseidon is a water creature so expect water 
    attacks and use fire power to hit him good. Anyway, go to the left then up 
    and meet this so-called indestructible monster.
    Boss: Poseidon
     HP: 4905      ATK: 302     AGL: 185       Weak:    Fire
     PP:  162      DEF: 100     LCK:  47       Strong:  Water
     Special: 'Attack 2x','Force Field Protection', Counter Rush, Deluge,
              Ice Missle, Ocean Fist, Ply Well, Typhoon Blow, Watery Grave
     Exp:   2930
     Coins: 3762 
     Item:  Psy Crystal
    At the start of the battle have the character that has the Trident use it 
    immediately to shatter Poseidon's force field! Only after that item is used 
    will he be vulnerable. Also using the trident damages Poseidon quite good 
    (for a regular attack). Beware of his counter-rush as well, because he will 
    counter all attacks that follow. Make sure you have somebody ready to use 
    healing items/Psynergy so you HP doesn't get too low. Summons like Ulysses 
    (approx. 1500 Damage) can do great amounts of damage causing Poseidon to 
    fall relatively quickly.
     After you finally defeat this merman the path to Lemuria is opened. Go 
    north and you'll be on the world map again, but this time you can clearly 
    see Lemuria to the north. Don't let your expectations run too high, for 
    Lemuria is nice, but as you will notice not the great city it once was.
    11. Lemuria at last!
     Dock you boat to the north were lots of Lemurian ships are docked. You 
    regain control of Felix and are allowed to search through the ship as well.
    By the way you can also collect the Mist Potion from the ship's chest by 
    using "Parch" on the raised water level! 
     After getting on the main land you'll notice all the ruins and debris 
    along the path. If you use "Move" on the blue Mercury Lighthouse like 
    statue two Lemurian guards will notice you. They tell you that you that by 
    beating the leviathan Poseidon you are too dangerous to enter town. As 
    decreed by their ruler King Hydros. Fortunately our own Lemurian Piers 
    steps up and handles with these silly guards.
    --Lemuria (main city)--
    Hidden Items: 5 (193)
     Lucky Medal  - "Scoop" patch with butterfly right of the lucky spring
     Bone         - "Scoop" patch with butterfly near the dog (junk item)
     Star Dust    - "Scoop" patch with butterfly to the left of the palace
     Rusty Sword* - "Scoop" patch with butterfly near the rightmost home
     Hard Nut     - "Growth" on plant to the right, "Cyclone" on the patch
                     of bushes to the south
     * = forges in Corsair's Edge
     If you walk up then Kraden will appear to look around Lemuria and sees the 
    palace as a good spot. If you talk to the people you find out that they 
    have no motivation to do anything at all. The reason for this is that they 
    are near immortal people who age so slow, each and every day seems to be 
    the same. You cannot yet enter the palace so Piers suggests looking around 
    somewhat more.
     To the left of the lucky spring you can enter a home. Inside a Lemurian 
    asks where you come from. It appears to be Piers' uncle and he has some bad 
    news for Piers. It turns out that his mother passed away and Piers runs off 
    having to cope with this on his own. If you leave you get to hear why Piers 
    was send out by King Hydros in the first place. He went outside the Sea of 
    Time for the sole purpose of finding Felix & the others and to return them 
    to King Hydros! The uncle writes a letter to Lunpa so you can check him out 
    in the mean time, while Piers is off.
     After he sends the bird go to the far right, try to open the main door and 
    you will see Lunpa on the highest balcony. He tells you the door is broken 
    so use "Lash" to enter a home from the middle balcony. Enter the home and 
    you can meet him inside, by going down either left or right stairs (they 
    look like darkened wall next to the ladder). For the people that played 
    GS1, indeed Lunpa is the father Donpa of Lunpa village. After some talking 
    Lunpa exits his place via the door and settles an audience with the king. 
    You are now allowed inside the palace (oddly, Piers has vanished from the 
    graveyard as well).
    --Hydros' Castle--
    Hidden Items: 1 (194)
     Lucky Medal  - In a barrel inside the palace barracks on the right side
    Chests: 1 (195)
     Grind Stone 
     Inside you can walk around freely and go upstairs towards the King's room. 
    Piers, Lunpa, Conservato and King Hydros are all here. A conversation 
    starts, which will take some time, but there is some useful information in 
    it about the game's plot. You get the Grindstone in order to destroy the 
    rocks that block your path to the outside world and now you can also 
    destroy the rock at the Gondowan Cliffs allowing you to reach the western 
     When you leave you get to hear a conversation about Piers' age, but he 
    won't tell under any circumstances. Before leaving Lemuria go back and use 
    "Grind" on the brown rock to reach another part of Lemuria.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Spring of Lemuria
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Up in center of town is a spring. Talk to the guy in front and he'll tell 
    you about throwing coins into the center for lucky prizes. This thing is 
    exactly the same as in Tolbi from Golden Sun 1 (so people how have played 
    it know how it works). Talk to the guy in front of it and you are allowed 
    to go near the fountain itself. The goal of this game is pretty simple: 
    Turn your back to the fountain and throw a coin or a Lucky Medal in it, and 
    see where it lands. Throwing in coins is rather useless since you hardly 
    get anything back for it:
    Center Circle: 20 Coins
    1st Circle:    10 Coins
    2nd Circle:     2 Coins
    3rd Circle:     1 Coins
    Outer Circle:   0 Coins
    Outside:        0 Coins
    Lucky Medals (Known Prizes)
    Reward            |Bull | 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | Out |
    Summon: Eclipse   |   X |     |     |     |     |     |
    Hestia Blade      |   X |   X |   X |   X |     |     |
    Mighty Axe        |     |   X |   X |     |     |   X |
    Fireman's Pole    |     |     |   X |     |     |   X |
    Erebus Armor      |   X |   X |   X |   X |     |     |
    Floral Dress      |     |   X |   X |   X |     |   X |
    Wild Coat         |     |     |     |   X |   X |   X |
    Aegis Shield      |   X |   X |   X |     |     |     |
    Leda's Bracelet   |     |     |   X |   X |   X |     |
    Crafted Gloves    |     |     |     |   X |     |   X |
    Minerva Helm      |     |   X |   X |     |   X |   X |
    Crown of Glory    |     |     |   X |     |     |   X |
    Brilliant Circlet |     |     |     |   X |     |   X |
    Water of Life     |     |     |     |     |   X |   X |
    Potion            |     |     |     |     |   X |   X |
    Psy Crystal       |     |     |     |     |   X |   X |
     This is a list of the prizes that I found in the corresponding circles. 
    Also note that Eclipse only turns up once, automatically rewarded the first
    time when you score in the center bull's eye ring. He requires 3 Jupiter & 
    2 Mercury Djinn on Stand-by. His secondary effect is lowering target's ATK.
    --Ancient Lemuria--
    Djinn: Mercury - Rime
     The only thing we can do here is using "Cyclone" on the leftmost bush (you 
    can just reach it with the Psynergy). This trigger a Mercury Djinni to 
    appear, which will hide in the blue statue (obviously) and after using 
    "Tremor" it joins you after a fi... wait a sec, it you joins you straight 
    12. Djinn hunting on the Western Hemisphere
    --Gondowan Cliffs--
     Use "Grind" on the rock here and you are done! Continue to the south and 
    you have reached the western part of Weyard.
    --Western Sea--
    Hidden Items: 3 (198)
     Rusty Sword - Examine light spot (see location on map below)
     Rusty Sword - Examine light spot (see location on map below)
     Rusty Staff - Examine light spot (see location on map below)
     Fortunately, the west is much simpler even though it is bigger in size. 
    The western part is actually much smaller in the sense that there are only 
    a few interesting places:
           ______^^^^^^^^^^ M ^^^^^^\ 
        __/  3   ^^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^|   
       /           _       _       /L
       |       ___/ \     /K\     /   
       |    __/   5_/     \./     \_N 
      /    /    H I\                \ 
     /     \__G    _¯/             _/    
    |         \___/               /    
    |          _______          _/    
     \        / F     \        /   
     /       .   4  E  \       \J        |A|      
    |        |__C    __|        \  O    /  \_____/ /  
     \  *    ^ _/   |            |     |          / 
     | *2*   *^\  B/             |    /           | 
      \_*       \_/              |   |            | 
      _/                          \_/             | 
     |D _/                                        \__
      ¯¯ |                                   1       ^^^^ 
      |¯¯                      _                   ^^^^^^ 
      \^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_________/ \________________^^^^^^
    A. Gondowan Cliffs            1. Rusty Sword (Pirate's Sabre)
    B. Atteka Cavern              2. Rusty Sword (Soul Brand)
    C. Atteka Inlet               3. Rusty Staff (Goblin's Rob)
    D. SW Atteka Islet            4. Mars Djinni Core
    E. Contigo                    5. Venus Djinni Petra
    F. Jupiter Lighthouse
    G. Hesperia Settlement        .. Coastline
    H. Shaman Village Cave        ^. Spike (non traversable by boat)
    I. Shaman Village             *. Small spike (traversable with wings)
    J. Gondowan Settlement
    K. Kalt Island
    L. Angara Cavern
    M. towards Northern Reaches
    N. Loho
    O. Magma Rock
    First of all get the two items from the water marked by 1 and 3 (2 is not 
    reachable yet) for some new weapons. 
    --SW Atteka Islet--
    Chests: 1 (199)
     Dragon Skin
     Jupiter - "missing GS1 Djinni"
     Push the pillar into the water, next push the crate into the water at the 
    higher level. Because of the waterfall it will slide down and get stuck 
    behind the pillar. This creates a path to a chest with Dragon Skin. After 
    Isaac joins your team you can use "Lift" on the boulder here to find a 
    missing GS1 Jupiter Djinni, if you got less than 7 Jupiter Djinn from the 
    GS1 Squadron.
    --Kalt Island--
    Hidden Items: 1 (200)
     Apple - Left of the screen in the tree; use "Catch" on it
     Mercury - Gel
     The 2 people on this island give you hints about the northern parts of the 
    sea. They speak about a village named Prox to the north, this village is 
    isolated from the rest of the world, because the river is completely 
    frozen. However if you happen to have a so-called Magma Ball then you may 
    be able to pass it. Take note that the Apple outside can only be collected 
    with "Catch". This is a Psynergy you will obtain when Isaac joins you after 
    the Jupiter Lighthouse. Anyway, to get the Mercury Djinni to join you do 
    the following things. From the frozen river entrance go into the following 
    directions (they are abbreviated) LDRULURULURULDL, then use "Lash" on the 
    rope, next get Gel the watery Mercury Djinni.
    --Gondowan Settlement--
    Hidden Items: 1 (201)
     Lucky Medal - Check the center left gravestone
    Chests: 1 (202)
     Star Dust
     There is not much to do around here some people talk about Magma Rock 
    being dangerous and stuff like that (what else is new). Use "Cyclone" on 
    the leftmost bush to reveal a staircase. Down under is a chest with Star 
    --Hesperia Settlement--
    Chests: 1 (203)
     166 Coins
     Mars - Tinder
    At the entrance climb the left vine, use "Growth" on the plant to the left, 
    "Move" the crate towards you and then push it down via the leftmost gap. 
    Next push it down, use "Move" on it towards the right, and finally climb 
    over the wall to collect Mars Djinni Tinder. You can also collect 166 Coins 
    from the chest in the back room inside the wall around here.
    --Hesperia North (World Map)--
     Venus - Petra
    From the north-east beach navigate your ship into the river and keep 
    following the left route. Eventually you'll reach a dead end, get out of 
    your ship on the left side and Felix will find Petra wandering about around 
    Venus Djinni
     HP: 830     ATK: 260     AGL: 227       Weak:   Earth
     PP:  77     DEF:  79     LCK:  26       Strong:  Wind
     Special: Briar, Mother Gaia, Quake Sphere, Stone Spire, Wild Growth,
     Exp:   937 
     Coins: 631 
     Item: -
    --Atteka (World Map)--
     Mars - Core
     Go to the continent of Atteka. There is only one thing you can do here 
    right now and that is getting a Mars Djinni. On the world map go to the 
    most western beach of the lower big continent, dock your boat here and walk 
    to the rightmost place you can get here. Around one of the clearings in the 
    forest you should meet a Mars Djinni that goes by the name of: Core.
    Mars Djinni
     HP:  840     ATK: 264     AGL: 226       Weak:    Water
     PP:   79     DEF:  80     LCK:  26       Strong:  Fire
     Special: Inferno, Pyroclasm, Searing Beam, Serpent Fume, Supernova,
     Exp:   946
     Coins: 642
     Item: -
    --Atteka Inlet--
    Chests: 2 (205)
     Vial, Orihalcon* (Linked Game only)
     Venus - Geode*
     * = reachable after Isaac joins you
     From the left screen climb up the ladder, walk over to the right to the 
    right screen, get down the vine and collect the Vial from the chest near 
    this place. After Isaac joins in you can get a Venus Djinn around here. Use 
    "Lift" on the sphere boulder and then "Cyclone" on the bush behind it to 
    make it appear. This Djinni called Geode will come along without a hassle. 
    To the north of the Atteka Inlet you'll find a large crater next to a 
    small town. This is Contigo home to the ancient Jupiter tribe.
     80 Coins
    Hidden Items: 3 (208)
     Corn         - Examine the lower part of the corn table
     Bramble Seed - Use "Cyclone" on the upper left bush in town
     Power Bread  - Inside the barrel near the sanctum on the east side
     Venus - Salt
     Mars  - Shine (Need "Force" - Linked Game only)
     From the entrance of town walk to the right and you'll see a huge patch of 
    bushes, with the center patch being open. "Scoop" here and you find Venus 
    Djinni Salt. You can also find the Slot Machine and the Lucky Dice games 
    from GS1, plus an additional new dice game.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Lucky Wheels - Slot Machine
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     To the left of the Inn is a tent that leads to the Lucky Wheels gambling 
    game. This is actually one of the more interesting ways to spend your time, 
    at least try to get some shirts and boots for these are very handy. The 
    shirts can be worn underneath your regular armor, so be sure to equip them 
    anyway even if they may appear to be a bit weak. Also the Hyper Boots have 
    the ability to increase the chance your weapon does an Unleash (if the 
    weapon has one in the first place), these unleashes are quite important 
    since those attacks are very strong.
     You can either spend 1, 2, 3 or 4 tickets at once. It would be a waste to 
    spend 4 tickets in one turn, since you can easily get an item if you play a 
    little strategically (I can say this out of own experience that 2 tickets 
    is more than enough usually). Walk up to the slot machine and press A to 
    start playing. After the first turn select the group you want that has the 
    most aligned items already. For example if you want to win either any Ring,  
    Shirt or Boot then look at which row has the most of either of these items 
    (e.g. has the greatest chance). Lock those Slots including the Slots on 
    which the row has a Moon (Moon is a "Joker" that counts for anything) and 
    pull the lever again and hope for some good results, then go for that type 
    for the next 4 rounds. 9 out of 10 times I can get the desired prize this 
     Note that it is even possible to get more than one item using this method. 
    I once managed to win some boots and a shirt with another row. In theory 
    this would mean that you can earn up to 7 prizes, but I it is impossible to 
    pull this off in practice without hacking the game. I think you can 
    consider yourself very lucky if you get three items in one go.
      Boots         Shirts          Rings          Star/Heart     Moon (Joker)
      ------------- --------------- -------------- -------------- -------------
       Fur Boots     Mythril Shirt   Adept's Ring   Vial           Anything
       Quick Boots   Running Shirt   Sleep Ring     Water of Life
       Hyper Boots   Silk Shirt      War Ring       Potion
     Additionally, each time you reset the GBA the first item you win cannot
    be either Hyper Boots or Mythril Shirt. Also game does not reward you with
    the same prize in a row. Thus after getting the first boots / shirt you
    have 50-50 chance of getting Hyper boots / Mythril shirt for the next time
    if you get the a win in the category boots or shirts respectively. Lastly,
    because the RNG is highly time dependent (in frames) it's impossible to 
    generate a decent RN strategy to fool the game. To get infinite amount of 
    game tickets see the Extra appendix for a trick.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Lucky Dice
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Inside the small tent (Marked with a Dice on the front) you can play the 
    Lucky Dice Mini-Game. The idea here is that you either match up the same 
    dice or you throw the dice in such a way they land on the same area on the 
    table. This is called a pair. 
       Single Match:    1x your bet (No loss / Profit)
       Double Match:    2x your bet
       Triple Match:    3x your bet
       Quadruple Match: 5x your bet
    This game doesn't give you any prizes other than coins and the winning you 
    make with it are not very useful, so you might as well spend your time on 
    other things.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Super Lucky Dice
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Somewhat similar to the Lucky Dice game this game features four dice. You 
    throw all four on the table a see if you have any matches if you get 
    anything better than a 'Two of a kind' you get to play the Hi-Lo Game. Here 
    you must guess whether the next throw will have a higher or lower value 
    than the current one. Each time you guess correctly the amount of coins 
    doubles, after 5 successful guesses automatically get paid.
       Two of a Kind:   1x your bet (No loss / profit)
       Three of a Kind: 2x your bet
       Two pairs:       3x your bet
       Four of a Kind:  8x your bet
       Hi-Lo Game:      2x your bet each correct guess
       Highest win: Four of Kind & 5 correct guesses Hi-Lo game
                        8x * 2x^5 = 128x your bet
    As with the Lucky Dice this game doesn't allow you to win any prizes other 
    than coins.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After going through all of these various location, mapped all places. You
    should have collect 8 Venus, 8 Mars, 6 Jupiter & 8 Mercury Djinn by now.
    The lack of Jupiter Djinn will soon be compensated, so don't worry about 
    missing any of them.
    13. The Road of Trials that lie ahead
    After you get the Djinn, Forgeable items (and a visit to Sunshine) read on 
    to continue with the quest. So we continue on with the actual adventure; go 
    to the most upper left beach part Hesperia. Walk to the east from here, 
    until you reach a cave.
    --Shaman Village Cave--
    Hidden Items: 1 (209)
     Golden Shirt* (Linked Game only)
     Mercury - Eddy*
     Pteranodon, Slayer, Talon Runner, Wargold, Wild Gryphon, Wolfkin 
       * = reachable after Isaac joins
     Inside the center path leads to a Mercury Djinni that can only be reached 
    after obtaining "Lift", but we don't have that now, so go to the left. Use 
    "Whirlwind" on the overgrowth, follow the path behind it and push the brown 
    pillar two spots to the right to create a shortcut. And viola, that was 
    --Shaman Village--
     80 Coins
    Hidden Items: 4 (213)
     Elixir        - The white jar downstairs the inn
     Weasel's claw - Right barrel downstairs in Moapa's house
     Lucky Pepper  - Right jar in Shaman's hut (after Trial Road)
     Lucky Medal   - Jar on balcony of rightmost home (after Trial Road)
    Chests: 1 (214)
     Spirit Gloves
     Jupiter - Aroma
     Nobody seems to talk to you. "Mind read" some people and you'll find out 
    that there are strict order from the village shaman to keep outsider out. 
    The cleric inside the cave is the only person who will talk. For some 
    Spirit Gloves: Check out the inn, go downstairs here, outside again, head 
    to the north, use "Growth" (Venus / Mars Djinn swap in order to learn it, 
    remember) and collect them from the chest.
     Go to the upper left cabin and Moapa comes out. This may seem like a dead 
    end. Every time you talk to them the inventory opens up meaning that he 
    requires an item, but which one? GS1 player should know that the Shaman's 
    rod is also referred to as the rod of Hesperia. Now, which continent are we 
    on? Indeed, show him this rod and finally it will become clear what the 
    purpose of this thing is, that has been stuck in your inventory for so 
     After you display the rod Moapa comes towards you, he speaks about 
    guarding the Hover Jade, which bestows "Hover". He is supposed to give it 
    to the people who bring the rod, but Moapa doesn't think you are worthy. So 
    he puts you to the test. Go to the north of town and meet up with Moapa at 
    Trial Road's entrance.
    --Trial Road--
    Hidden Items: 1 (215)
     Hover Jade - Receive from Moapa after battling him on Trial Road
    Chests: 11 (226)
     Hard Nut, Nut, Potion (3x), Vial (6x)
     Moapa & Knights (2x)
     Moapa tells you to make the sand disappear as a first test. You see a 
    purple rock similar to the ones at Air's Rock so you know what to do! 
    Because it is a special occasion Sheba will personally appear and use 
    "Whirlwind". After some mockery that a woman can't claim the Hover Jade 
    even though Sheba cleared fulfilled the task the real trial begins. Walk up 
    to Moapa again and he gives you hints about what is about to happen. This 
    event looks somewhat similar to the Colosso event in GS1; so GS1 players 
    should be familiar with this.
     There are four stages each having a door at the end. You work your way up 
    and at the end you have to place items in the blue chests in order to open 
    the door. This means that you will have to drop some equipment you have 
    obtained, because light equipment like items won't open the doors (don't 
    worry you'll get it back after the event). Note that in this conversation 
    Felix says "Why?"!
     Also make sure you reach the top before your adversary does or else you 
    will be in a bad position, for you will have to drop twice the weight. So I 
    recommend you read the instructions below carefully in order to get to the 
    top a.s.a.p., or use the arrow button to reset the trial from the start 
    again. You may choose either left or right route, I've noticed that the 
    left route is far easier than right so I'd pick that to get at the top of 
    each chamber in the fastest manner. Before you start you can pick up a Hard 
    Nut from the chest to your left. 
    The time spend using Psynergy doesn't count, so using "Move" or "Whirlwind" 
    doesn't slow you down at all! Finally note that you get stripped of all the 
    non equipped weapons and armor, so you can't cheat your way out of placing 
    items into the chests. There are four stages so I guess giving 1 piece of 
    armor from each character is the most balanced way of getting to the top. 
    --Trial Road Stage #1 Left--
     For the quickest rout, use "Sand" to get up the stream, enter main land on 
    the right side, use "Whirlwind" to reveal a vine, climb up (this is quicker 
    than walking the tightrope). Put some type of armor into the chest at the 
    top, because you really need the weapons to cause damage to Moapa at the 
    end. The chest to the left here contains a potion, if you really want it.
    --Trial Road Stage #2 Left--
     Push the horizontal log up, then push the lower vertical log to the left 
    (and to the right if you want the Vial). Next:
      -"Move" the pillar up 1 spot
      -Push the horizontal log up
      -Push upper vertical log left
      -Push the horizontal log down
      -Push the pillar into the upper left corner
      -Push the upper log into the water
    Now you can climb up to the second door, put an item in (you should be 
    ahead of your opponent). 
    --Trial Road Stage #3 Left--
     Go up again, use "Whirlwind" on the right bush covered pillar, Push/"Move" 
    it up, climb the left vine, jump over the gap, climb the center vine 
    (collect the Vial to the left if you please) and put another item in the 
    chest (when I did this Moapa was still on the second stage, but he goes 
    through stage #3 in breeze so don't slow down!).
    --Trial Road Stage #4 Left--
     The quickest rout in my opinion is pushing the pillar in the center spot, 
    climbing the vine and using the fountains to reach the final door (you have 
    to wait in the middle). Collect the Potion from the chest by going down the 
    vine on the right, but that is optional.
    --Trial Road Stage #1 Right--
     Use "Pound" on both cone shaped rocky pillar and push the left pillar on 
    the left pounded pillar, use "Whirlwind" on the center pillar to remove the 
    overgrowth and place it on the other pounded pillar. The chest in the 
    center contains a Vial.
    --Trial Road Stage #2 Right--
    If you don't want the Vial, then just push the left pillar to the up most 
    position. Climb the vine and leave to the next room.
    --Trial Road Stage #3 Right--
     Optionally collect the nut from the chest to the left. Go up the right 
    vine, stand on the pillar twice so it crumbles and climb up the right vine 
    behind it. The other two chests on the upper level contain a Potion and 
    Vial from left to right.
    --Trial Road Stage #4 Right--
     You can collect the Vial from the chest by pushing the right torch against 
    the icy pillar. This will melt it allowing you to reach that chest behind 
    it. Go back Refreeze the puddle after moving the torch to either left or 
    right. "Move" the two pillars towards you, melt the left icy rock with the 
    aid of the torch and push the torch so it doesn't touch the water puddle 
    anymore. Jump over it and cast "Frost" on it again. After this you can 
    reach the top.
    --Trial Road Final Stage--
    Go up to the center where the battle takes place. Moapa and his companions 
    will appear immediately if you are the first to reach the top, else they 
    will be waiting. Time for a Boss Battle:
    Boss: Moapa & Knights (2x)
     HP: 3042     ATK: 354     AGL: 181       Weak:    All
     PP:    0     DEF:   *     LCK:  40       Strong:  -
     Special: Bosca Hit, uses 'Crystal Powder' / 'Nut' / 'Water of Life'
     Exp:   1670
     Coins: 2460
     Item:  -
     HP:  1954     ATK: 321     AGL: 143       Weak:    All
     PP:     0     DEF:   *     LCK:  36       Strong:  -
     Special: Strong Hit, uses 'Bramble Seed' / 'Nut' / 'Elixir'
     Exp:   835
     Coins: 205 
     Item:  -
            Defense Table:
            Win        |Moapa |Knight
            0 Rounds   |  219 |  151
            1 Round    |  219 |  106
            2 Rounds   |  219 |  106
            3 Rounds   |  174 |  106
            4 Rounds   |  120 |  106
    This battle is not the hardest, but it will be quite long since all three 
    members have a lot of HP. Try to focus your attacks on one enemy, before 
    taking on the other two. Moapa's Bosca Hit causes over 150 damage. I 
    noticed that these opponents are very vulnerable to the Sleep Status 
    induced by "Sleep" Psynergy and the Ulysses Summon, so use these to make 
    your life a little easier. As always humans are weak to all elements so all 
    attacks and any kind of Summon will work here.
    After the battle Moapa surrenders the Hover Jade as a trade for the 
    Shaman's Rod (finally, you get rid of that silly thing). You get warped 
    back to the village where you see Felix resting on a bed in the inn.
     Felix can get a Jupiter Djinni now. Go to the rightmost home and ascend 
    the stairs inside, go outside and exit to the right screen. "Move" the 
    pillar in the gap and go back to Moapa's place, use "Lash" and now you can 
    reach Aroma.
    14. Jupiter Lighthouse - Reunion!
    In order to reach the lighthouse go to the south continent and enter via 
    the center right river, then go south-west to reach Atteka Inlet, and from
    then on head to the far north. The lighthouse awaits!
    --Jupiter Lighthouse--
    Hidden Items: 4 (230)
     Mint      - Use "Cyclone" on the bushes outside the lighthouse
     Red Key   - Get it with "Hover" after activating the lighthouse
     Blue Key  - Retrieve from the left sub-tower (fall down several layers)
     Mars Star - Get it from Isaac after his battle with Agatio & Karst
    Chests: 8 (238)
     Erinyes Tunic, Meditation Rod, Psy Crystal, 306 Coins, Mist Potion, 
     Potion, Water of Life, Phaeton's Blade
     Jupiter - Whorl
     Mad Plant, Mimic, Blue Dragon*, Devil Scorpion, Ghost Army, Macetail,
     Foul Mummy, Wyvern^
     Karst & Agatio
      * = Can drop Rising Mace     (weakness Fire)
      ^ = Can drop Aeolian Cassock (weakness Wind)
    --Jupiter Lighthouse (Entrance)--
     At last we have found the third of the four lighthouses. This dungeon is 
    going to be big and long so take your time. Walk around here and you'll 
    find a dead end with Cyclone teleporter. Before using it, use "Cyclone" on 
    the lower right bushes to obtain Mint leaf. Once you use the teleporter you 
    get beneath the surface. In the lower right corner use "Cyclone" to reveal 
    a Mad Plant.
    Mad Plant 4
     HP:  726     ATK: 352     AGL: 152       Weak:    Fire
     PP:    0     DEF:  99     LCK:  20       Strong:  Water
     Special:  Poisonous Bite, Maneater
     Exp:  1065
     Coins: 594
     Item: Mint
     Continue on via the rightmost path and use "Hover" which you obtained from 
    Moapa in Hesperia on the purple energy tile to float to the right. Using 
    "Cyclone" on the teleporter behind it gets you get back into the 
    lighthouse. Push the pillar onto the button so the main gates are opened.
    --Jupiter Lighthouse--
     Go up into a big central room. There is not much to do here for the moment 
    so follow the left path, until you reach a log moving puzzle. Actually,
    they are all fallen pillars, but it is essentially the same. I'll call 
    the upper log 1, and the other three logs are 2, 3 and 4 from left to 
       1 -> up
       2 -> up
       3 -> left
       4 -> up
       3 -> right
       Collect Erinyes Tunic from the chest
    Go down the doorway and use "Cyclone" to get one level up. Enter the 
    building again, follow the lower left route, go outside to find another 
    entrance, go up stairs, walk to the back in that room and use "Reveal" in 
    order to reach jumping puzzle room.
     Jump over the gaps to the right path, go a bit down and jump back to the 
    center. Here you can use the slide for a one-way ride to the lower level. 
    "Move" the upper pillar to the far left, push the lower right pillar left 1 
    square and the leftmost pillar up as far as possible. Climb up on the left 
    side of the screen and you should be able to reach the chest with the 
    Meditation Rod inside.
     Go outside and push the grey block one square to the right, next stand on 
    the button to make the block fall down a few layers. By doing this you have 
    created a shortcut. Go back inside, and up the stairway in the upper left 
    corner. Follow the only path, until you reach the lighthouse aerie. Take 
    note that you still have to remove the lit from the gap in order to throw 
    the Jupiter Star in. So go inside the lighthouse at the left entrance 
    (opposite to where you came from). 
     Inside again, go down the stairs, fall down the slide and walk up to the 
    center of the room. Then you hear a voice saying that you should show the 
    power of the Anemos, which means that a Jupiter Psynergy is required. Get 
    up the ladder and use "Hover" on the elevated platform to trigger all the 
    hover platforms in the building. Now that the lighthouse is activated, we 
    can do a lot more.
     Go through the rightmost passage, use "Hover" on the purple tile to get 
    the Red Key. Push the center block onto the purple tile in order to be able 
    to jump over the gap to the left. Retrace your steps, until you reach the 
    room with the hidden platform (you used "Reveal" here). Instead of going 
    back via the left path, go right (use "Reveal" again) for a Psy Crystal. 
    Now you can go back all the way to where you found a Cyclone teleporter 
    that we skipped earlier.
     Go up one level by use "Cyclone" on it, use the Red Key on the Red Door, 
    continue past it and you will be outside again. Watch out for the 
    whirlwinds that are exhaled by the stone face on the left. Use the gaps as 
    safe places, when one is close to you.
    --Jupiter Lighthouse (Left Tower)--
     Inside you can see a statue of an archer pointing east, just a clue of 
    what is about to come. Naturally the easy to reach chest on the left side 
    of the screen in the back room is a decoy.
    Mimic 6
     HP:  907    ATK: 349    AGL: 204      Weak:    Fire
     PP:   78    DEF: 108    LCK:  18      Strong:  Wind
     Special: Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Curse, Condemn, Ice Missile
     Exp:   1420
     Coins:  700
     Item: Psy Crystal
    After this very short battle go up via the right passage, until you reach 
    some blue logs. However, you should come to the conclusion that it is never 
    possible to the reach the blue key. You have to fall down here from a 
    higher level in order to reach it. For now push the lower right log down 
    and go up the stairs once again.
     Exactly as expected, there is dark blue cracked floor tile in the center 
    which should lead to the blue key, but again you cannot reach this crack so 
    you'll have to drop down from another floor up. Take note that you can step 
    only 1 time on the tiles with little cracks. The easiest way to collect 
    both chests is by following right route first and collecting the 306 Coins 
    from the right chest. After you do this you have to fall down one room, so 
    get up and after reaching this room again go through the lower passage.
     Now step back into the previous room (the crack will be complete again), 
    "Move" the column on your left to the left so it falls down the gap. Walk 
    counter clockwise around the room following the route close to the wall and 
    you can collect a Mist Potion. Fall down again and continue your way to the 
    top of this mini tower (note that on the highest levels stronger creatures 
    like the Blue Dragon start to appear).
     Eventually you will reach a room filled with cracked floor tiles. To solve 
    this puzzle complete the following steps:
     1. Walk over to the left hover tile
     2. Use "Hover" on it and get to the far left pillar
     3. "Move" it onto the button
     4. Walk to the upper right corner
     5. Use "Hover" on and walk past the array of darkened tiles in mid air.
     6. Get to the lower right passage and go upstairs.
     Once you are outside the building and you'll see a big version of the 
    stone archer statue. Push the energy path block into the gap and the Archer 
    will shoot an arrow towards the left angel. This will energize it in such a 
    way that it starts to lift the left half of the lid. Now we have to do this 
    for the right angel as well and we are done!
     Go inside again, fall down the crack, then head upstairs in the room 
    below, and get to the lone cracked tile so you can collect the Blue Key. 
    After obtaining it make your way back to the main tower of the lighthouse.
    --Jupiter Lighthouse--
     Go down again using the Cyclone teleporter. Walk up to the pillar in the 
    back of the room, use "Move" on it (this is part of a short cut for later 
    on). Backtrack somewhat more, until you reach a room with 5 grey blocks of 
    which 4 are hovering. "Move" the rightmost block in its place so you have a 
    little bridge to the right side of the room. Follow the route and you'll be 
    back in the central room of the tower on a high ledge. Push the energy path 
    block down the ledge, fall down and push it into the gap. Felix can now 
    "Hover" to the left ledge.
     Use "Cyclone" to reach the upper right stairway around here. In the back 
    of the room another pillar can be found. Use "Move" on it and you have now 
    created a shortcut allowing you to reach both left and right part of the 
    tower with relative ease. Anyway, follow the lower right branch to get 
    outside again. Push the weird block it the gap and observe as Felix watches 
    around him how the upper right hover square gets activated. 
     Retrace your steps to the central room again and use "Hover" on the ledge 
    you currently are. In mid air walk to the left and you'll step on the beam 
    in the center. Once this happens you get transported to a higher level. 
    Walk to the right, climb down the stairs and "Move" the grey block one 
    right. This way you can obtain a Potion from the chest. After getting this 
    item or not, follow the passageway so you will reach the blue door. Note 
    that whatever you do; DO NOT use "Cyclone" on the teleporter here or else 
    you have to walk around the entire way back. Use the Blue Key on the door, 
    then use "Hover" outside and Felix reaches the right tower.
    --Jupiter Lighthouse (Right Tower)--
     Similar to the left tower you'll find an archer statue at the entrance. 
    Walk up the center path and you find a big room with a Jupiter Djinni on 
    the left side. First use "Hover" on the only purple tile around, then push 
    the energy path tile down, follow using the slide, push it into the 
    rightmost gap and use the newly created purple tile to reach the left 
    ledge. Push the other block down with "Move" then slide down as well, push 
    it into the gap and the cone shaped pillar appears to the right.
     If you have some time to get the Djinni "Pound" the pillar so the blocks 
    emerge from their gaps and place the corner tile in the leftmost gap and 
    the strait line in the right gap. At last you can reach out for the Djinni 
    Jupiter Djinni
     HP:  852     ATK: 273     AGL: 233       Weak:    Earth
     PP:   78     DEF:  84     LCK:  26       Strong:  Wind
     Special: Blue Bolt, Destruct Ray, Sonic Slash, Spark Plasma, Tempest,
     Exp:    943
     Coins:  643
     Item: -
     After combat Whorl decides to get smart and tag along with your group. You 
    actually do NOT need to reset both blocks because from this second set up 
    you can reach the upper right passage as well. Simply use "Hover" on the 
    lower right tile and Felix can reach behind the upper ledge just behind the 
    three blocks. Upstairs "Pound" the pillar, push the block in the center of 
    the three gap squares, jump over to the right and climb down the stairs. 
    Here is the lay-out for this puzzle. There are two paths one for the chest 
    (containing Water of Life) in the lower right corner and one for the exit 
    in the lower left corner.
          Setup 1: chest             Setup 2: exit
          --------------             -------------
                 |                          |
                 v                          v 
           O-OOB-BO                   O-BOB-BO
           ¦  ¦  ¦¦                   ¦  ¦  ¦¦
           ¦ O-BB-¦                   ¦ B-OO-¦
           ¦ ¦    ¦                   ¦ ¦    ¦
           O-O--B-B                   B-B--O-O
     When you are done with the setup get back up to the entrance of the room, 
    "Move" the block back into the energy path and now you can jump over the 
    gaps using those blocks. After you reached the exit push the pillar onto 
    the button thus creating yet another shortcut. Go upstairs and walk to the 
    right over the cracked floor tile. Carefully avoid the dark tiles and watch 
    out for the whirlwinds coming from the two faces on the wall. Get to the 
    lower right corner, the passage should be just south from here.
     This room has a ton of hover tiles on the ground allowing you to be under 
    the influence of "Hover" constantly. You can go up via either left or 
    right passageway. Again dodge the whirlwinds from the mouths of the statues.
    The left passage contains a chest with Phaeton's Blade. Equip this on 
    Felix for he needs a strong weapon at the lighthouse aerie later on. Follow
    the right branch and get to the passage behind the hover tiles. This 
    part may be extremely hard to traverse, but it can be done. You have to 
    pass the second statue from the right path over the cracked tiles, run in 
    mid-air and you can just barely make is past in one go. Outside do the same 
    thing in mirror as with the left side and lid is removed from the 
    --Jupiter Lighthouse--
     You know your way around by now. Backtrack to the lighthouse aerie, but 
    wait the moment you get close you come across the other party! First you 
    see Garet and Mia in distress, then Isaac and Ivan appear (Note how Isaac 
    is no longer mute in this game). Kraden and the others appear as well and 
    they are watching how Garet is hanging from the ledge of the lighthouse. 
    Next you hear Agatio and if he is here then Karst is close by as well! 
    After a short introduction they start to fight. It turns out that Mia and 
    Garet were part of a trap placed by the two of the Mars clan and so Isaac 
    and Ivan have to fight two on two. Note that Alex who was also expected by 
    Karst doesn't appear at all.
     So get your party over to them in order to help Isaac and his companions 
    out of their troubles. Just before you reach them Alex appears just in 
    front of you. He asks whether you are going to light the beacon or not, 
    regardless of your answer he will tell you to save them and being a Mercury 
    Adept he fully heals your party for the upcoming battle. Outside you see 
    how Ivan collapses and how Isaac gets a huge amount of damage in-battle. 
    After this cut scene the badly damaged duo leaves for the lighthouse aerie, 
    because they still want Felix to ignite it. Felix obliges to this request 
    and Piers joins along, while the others take care of Mia and Garet. He also 
    collects the Mars star from Isaac and puts it in the Mythril bag along side 
    the Jupiter Star.
     Walk up back inside and Alex will be gone. At the top of the lighthouse 
    you'll meet up with Karst and Agatio. This will be one big battle two on 
    two so be prepared. Throw the Jupiter Star in the big hole and of we go! 
    The beacon is lit and Karst steals the final elemental star from you, 
    because the Mars Lighthouse is located near Prox; the village they come 
    from. In other words you are no longer needed by them. They do tell you 
    that Felix's parents are released after this lighthouse is lit, but with 
    nobody to guide them home they are stuck there for their remaining years.
    Boss: Agatio & Karst
     HP: 4248     ATK: 377     AGL: 178       Weak:    Water
     PP:  280     DEF: 114     LCK:  46       Strong:  Fire
     Special: Cage, Rolling Flame, Meteor Blow, Rising Dragon, Debilitate
     Exp:   3000  
     Coins: 3750
     Item: -
     HP: 3186     ATK: 354     AGL: 235       Weak:    Water
     PP:  320     DEF: 107     LCK:  50       Strong:  Fire
     Special: Death Scythe, Djinnfest, Fiery Blast, Healing Aura, Heat Kiss,
     Exp:   2813 
     Coins: 5280
     Item:  Dark Matter
    The battle commences and you have only Felix and Piers at your disposal. 
    Take note that Jenna and Sheba will join you in 2 and 4 rounds 
    respectively. Piers' Diamond Berg attack is strong and does mayor damage to 
    any of the two Mars Adepts. Take note that Karst's Djinnfest causes 1 Djinn 
    of each character to be put in recovery mode! Using the Eclipse / Boreas 
    Summon may prove to be valuable. At least have one party member that is 
    capable of using Wish/Aura Series, because you need to heal quite often in 
    this battle. Preferably use Jenna for this as her Mars Djinn cause less 
    damage on both foes (Jenna needs at least four Mars Djinn in order to use 
    the Psynergy from the Aura Series).
    When you finally beat the two Mars adepts Alex shows up and heals them as 
    well. You cannot deliver the fatal blow to them, or else Felix's parents 
    will die. The three bad guys leave just as the rest of the group appears. 
    They leave for Contigo and await your arrival there. You'll automatically 
    go down the elevator back to the entrance of the lighthouse. Exit and go 
    back to Contigo.
     Go inside the upper left home (to the north of the inn) to meet up with 
    the rest again. The entire story of the disastrous day on Mt. Aleph all 
    those years ago is brought up again. Everybody thought that Felix parents 
    and Isaac's father got killed, but that did not happen. Nobody died that 
    day! They were all saved and captured by Saturos just like Felix himself.
     Not much later Hamma (people from GS1 know her) appears. She is the 
    Jupiter adept that passed the ability of "Reveal" down to Ivan. She turns 
    out to be a descendant of the Anemos. Ivan is so too and indeed, Ivan and 
    Hamma are brother and sister as well. All 8 of you (excluding Kraden) have 
    to visit the Mars Lighthouse, because Agatio cannot light the beacon on his 
    own for there seems to be a powerful force blocking him. Before leaving 
    Hamma tells you to meet her at the inlet to the south where you boat is 
    docked. After some chitchat Felix and his companions join your group. You 
    have now 2 adepts of each type and 8 members in total. In battle you can 
    only use 4 of them at the same time. If you didn't link the game only the 
    following things are inherited:
     All four are on level 28
      Isaac            Garet            Ivan              Mia
      ---------------- ---------------- ----------------- ----------------
      Great Sword      Great Axe        Master Rapier     War Mace 
      Steel Armor      Steel Armor      Silver Vest       Silver Vest
      Knight's Shield  Knight's Shield  Silver Armlet     Silver Armlet
      Knight's Helm    Knight's Helm    Platinum Circlet  Platinum Circlet
      Carry Stone      Lifting Gem      Catch Beads       Frost Jewel
                                                          Douse Drop
     4 Venus Djinn   - Flint, Granite, Quartz & Ground
     4 Mars Djinn    - Forge, Scorch, Ember & Torch
     5 Jupiter Djinn - Gust, Breeze, Zephyr, Squall & Luff
     5 Mercury Djinn - Fizz, Sleet, Mist, Spritz & Dew
    Additional Battle Options:
     'Auto-exchange' - If your active party is defeated your back-up party
                       will automatically kick in for them.
     Switch          - Allows you to interchange one character from the
                       active party with the back-up party.
     Catch Beads, Lifting Jewel and Carry Stone always get transferred even if 
    you don't link the game. This is given, because you need those Psynergies to 
    complete the game. If they wouldn't be transferred you get stuck in the 
    dungeons later on. The following three items: Cloak Ball, Orb of Force and 
    Halt Gem are optional. We don't need Frost Jewel, Douse Drop, Halt Gem and 
    Cloak Ball in this game, but the Orb of Force and its Psynergy open up new 
    areas. If you got it then use "Force" right away on the tree stump behind 
    the inn to find a Mars Djinni: Shine who is glad to join you. The Halt Gem
    can be used to get a Venus Djinni in the Yampi Desert cave easier.
    --Atteka Islet--
     Don't forget to get Djinni Geode with "Lift" and go to your ship to meet 
    Hamma again. As you can see some wings are attached to the ship so you can 
    now fly around the world of Weyard! If you saved master Hammet in GS1 and 
    Linked that game file a messenger arrives a places a chest in front of you. 
    The gift from Master Hammet turns out to be a piece of Orihalcon. With this 
    forgeable item you are able to forge the legendary and powerful Excalibur 
    (if you are lucky). 
     And above all there are no random battles in the air. The only downside is 
    that it consuming much Psynergy. On the world map use "B" button the make 
    the ship fly over the obstacles. After you get past everybody cheers, but 
    Sheba feels empty. It turns out that she thought the Jupiter Lighthouse 
    would help her find out where she came from. As the people of Lalivero only 
    know her as she 'fell from the sky'. After the conversation, collect the 
    Rusty Sword from the ring to the west marked with '2' on the map in Ch. 11 
    (you could not collect this item before).
    --Shaman Village Cave--
     If you are playing a linked game and you won the Colosso event the three 
    defeated gladiators appear inside the cavern for a rematch!
    Boss: Azart, Navampa & Satrage
     HP:  365     ATK: 328     AGL: 134       Weak:    All
     PP:    0     DEF:  66     LCK:  10       Strong:  -
     Special: Defends, use 'Nut' / 'Weasel's Claw'
     Exp:   355
     Coins: 232
     Item: -
     HP:  735     ATK: 368     AGL: 156       Weak:    All
     PP:    0     DEF: 100     LCK:  17       Strong:  -
     Special: Defends, use 'Crystal Powder' / 'Nut' / 'Sleep Bomb'
     Exp:   398 
     Coins: 267
     Item: -
     HP:  485     ATK: 342     AGL: 145       Weak:    All
     PP:    0     DEF:  74     LCK:  13       Strong:  -
     Special: Defends, use 'Bramble Seed' / 'Nut' / 'Smoke Bomb'
     Exp:   378  
     Coins: 249
     Item: -
     I can hardly call this a boss batlle, just like that battle against the 
    Bandit and friends. The three Gladiators are still pretty weak and can be 
    taken out without any trouble if you ask me. Nuff' said.
    After their defeat you get the Golden Shirt as a prize for letting them 
    off. The three of them disappear never to be seen again.
     Use "Lift" on the rightmost boulder in the back room and then again on the 
    boulder that can be reached behind this path. Go back to the entrance, 
    "Lift" the leftmost boulder, freeze the water puddle and remove the foliage 
    to reveal some stairs. Climb them and go to the Mercury Djinni in the 
    center. He can't escape anymore, because the boulder is lifted! So meet 
    Eddy in combat.
    Mercury Djinni
     HP:  860     ATK: 270     AGL: 237       Weak:    Fire
     PP:   80     DEF:  80     LCK:  27       Strong:  Water
     Special: Deluge, Freeze Prism, Froth Spiral, Ice Missile, Megacool, Escape
     Exp:   989  
     Coins: 656
     Item: -
    After this he joins your camp as usual. Eddy is a very handy Djinni who can 
    cause all Djinn in recovery mode to regenerate 1 round faster. This is an 
    excellent ability in the later boss battles.
    --Trial Road (Summit)--
    Chests: 1 (239)
     Jupiter - Gasp
     Mad Plant, Mole Mage, Nightmare, Pteranodon, Talon Runner, Wargold, 
     If you go back again to the top of Trial Road after Isaac and co. join you 
    can safely collect all the chests without time limit. You can use "Hover" 
    on the purple energy tile to the left. Use it to get to the left cavern. 
    "Lift" the rock inside, to reach a small fountain outdoors. "Cyclone" the 
    left bushes and a Mad Plant pops up. 
    Mad Plant 5
     HP: 730     ATK: 358     AGL: 174       Weak:    Fire
     PP:   0     DEF: 103     LCK:  21       Strong:  Water
     Special: Electric Bite, Poisonous Bite, Maneater
     Exp:  1121
     Coins: 591
     Item:  Lucky Pepper
     Use "Reveal" on the water pools to reveal a hidden tile in the center 
    allowing you to reach a chest with an Elixir in the upper right corner and 
    Jupiter Djinni that will mimic your movements in the opposite direction.
    Jupiter Djinni
     HP: 870     ATK: 276     AGL: 239       Weak:    Earth
     PP:  81     DEF:  84     LCK:  27       Strong:  Wind
     Special: Blue Bolt, Destruct Ray, Sonic Slash, Spark Plasma, Tempest,
     Exp:  1000
     Coins: 660
     Item:  -
    --Angara Cavern--
    Stone Tablet:
     To get here go north from Loho and you'll see a big cave on the map. Enter 
    it and traverse several levels down, use "Carry" on the small grey block to 
    make it move up 1 position and leave it in the center. Use "Carry" also on 
    the upper grey block so it fall down on the right. "Carry" the right block 
    1 space to the left and claim your Summon named: Haurus. He costs 3 Venus 
    and 2 Mars to summon.
    --Atteka Cavern--
    Stone Tablet:
     In order to get here use the Lemurian Ship after it gets its wings to 
    navigate through the air towards this cave. Start from the eastern beach of 
    Atteka and work your way down. Avoid the trees, because the ship even in 
    flight cannot navigate through there. At the very south is the cave. Inside 
    use "Parch" on the water from the right side and use the ladder to reach 
    the tablet. The inscriptions tell you how to call Coatlicue. Have 3 Mercury 
    and 3 Jupiter Djinn on standby.
    --SW Atteka Islet--
     I already mentioned much earlier, but if you got less than 7 Jupiter Djinn 
    from the GS1 team you can find an additional Djinni here. Just use "Lift" 
    on the sphere boulder and walk around in the area behind it to find him.
     Use "Force" on the tree stump near Sunshine's home to open the passage to 
    a new area. Cast "Cyclone" in the center of the bushes to reveal a passage 
    to a chest with the Masamune (also known as the dummied out Kunasagi in 
    15. Cannon ammunition from Magma Rock required 
    Our goal is to reach Prox and the Mars Lighthouse to the north of the 
    northern seas. However if you travel there right now you'll find a huge 
    solid ice wall blocking your way, hence we need some heavy artillery to 
    blast our way through. Coincidently the people of Loho have a cannon, but 
    they need it themselves to blast a wall down. They seem to be stuck as 
    well, because they don't have any ammunition. If you manage to find some 
    suitable ammunition to load the cannon, then the diggers of Loho will give 
    you the cannon in return. Question is where to find some ammo... Perhaps 
    taking a look at the nearby mountain range called Magma Rock will shed some 
    light on the situation.
    --Magma Rock (Exterior)--
    Chests: 3 (242)
     Oil Drop, Salamander Tail, 383 Coins
     Mimic, Lich, Little Death, Phoenix, Raging Rock, Wise Gryphon
    At the start use "Lift" to get entrance to Magma Rock. 
    --Magma Rock (Interior)--
    Hidden Items: 1 (243)
     Magma Ball - Retrieve it after learning "Blaze"
    Chests: 4 (247)
     Lucky Medal, Mist Potion, Salamander Tail, Golem Core
     Mars - "missing GS1 Djinni"
     Mars - Fury
     Mimic, Grand Chimera, Lesser Demon, Lich, Little Death, Phoenix,
     Raging Rock, Wise Gryphon
     Go inside right away and challenge the Mimic, but that is all that can be 
    done around here for now.
    Mimic 7
     HP:  936    ATK: 364     AGL: 210      Weak:    Fire
     PP:   80    DEF: 114     LCK:  18      Strong:  Wind
     Special: Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Curse, Condemn, Stone Spire
     Exp:   1500
     Coins:  726
     Item: Apple
    --Magma Rock (Exterior)--
     Climb up the wall near the entrance and use "Burst" on the left statue in 
    order to destroy the cracked column. Climb up where the column was and push 
    the pillar out of your way, go up the wall again and fall down the left 
    slide. Use "Burst" on the statue around here as well, climb up the wall 
    just to its right, stand tall on the statue itself and wait, until it fires 
    you upward. Jump over to the left and follow the path against the wall. 
    Push another pillar to the right and climb up to the next screen. 
     On the right side of this screen you can climb down and collect the Oil 
    drop down there. Go up again and follow the rightmost path, use "Growth" on 
    the right plant (don't forget to use "Burst" on the statue here) and once 
    you are up the wall slide down at the left. "Burst" is the Psynergy to use 
    on the Moai statue up here. Go down back to the start of this screen and 
    cast "Growth" on the plant around here. Climb up and again use "Burst" on 
    the statue to get a free ride up. From here push the pillar to the far left 
    and now there are two paths to go (although the upper is a dead end for 
     The left path has 4 different slides. Go down the second from the right to 
    find a chest with 383 Coins. Get back up the upper ledge, go down the 
    second from the left and use "Lash" on the rope. Activate the statue with 
    "Burst" slide down the left slide and quickly get up its head before the 
    Moai ignites. Climb all the way over to another pillar and move it so that 
    you have another shortcut. Go up one screen using the left branch of the 
    right climbable wall section. Walk and jump around to the leftmost pillar, 
    "Move" it to the right and jump on the cracked pillars so you end up in the 
    center path. Cast "Burst" once again on the statue to make another pillar 
    disappear. Climb towards that section and head to the right.
     Before continuing on, follow the lower path and go down one screen, to the 
    far left you can find a chest with Salamander Tail. Go back where you came 
    from and climb the wall, but beware of the magma rocks the statues are 
    volleying. Stick to the left route as the right leads to a dead end. On the 
    final screen of Magma Rock's exterior use the Moai on the far right of the 
    screen. The Psynergy rock amplifies the power of "Burst" and creates a huge 
    --Magma Rock (Interior)--
     Inside walk around the only possible path and use "Burst" on the statue to 
    make the rooms flood with lava (BTW: a missing GS1 Mars Djinni may appear 
    here in the most southern part). Go back one room and jump over the lava 
    using the moving platform, follow the left wall from here on until you 
    reach the lava room again. The left path leads to a Lucky Medal whereas the 
    right leads to the switch that removes the lava from the level. Once you 
    did that go down the previously with lava filled part and push the pillar 
    up, go up one room and down the stairs marked by the blue gem in the wall. 
    Climb down the wall here and take the left southern path, go through the 
    upper left exit here and push the pillar down three squares. Next, go back 
    one room and then down and eventually you'll reach Fury. 
    Mars Djinni
     HP: 890      ATK: 280     AGL: 247       Weak:    Water
     PP:  83      DEF:  86     LCK:  26       Strong:  Fire
     Special: Dire Inferno, Pyroclasm, Searing Beam, Escape
     Exp:   1041
     Coins:  681
     Item: -
    After adding Fury to your collection, go back to the central room and 
    "Burst" the Moai Statue so the floor fills up with lava. Walk to the lower 
    right corner, jump over the gap, walk the tightrope and collect a Mist 
    Potion from the chest in the next room. Cross the lava here using the 
    pillar which you placed in the correct position. In the next room you get a 
    one way single chance to get across the lava, so use it well. After this 
    use "Burst" on both cracked pillars.
     Get back in the big room and let the lava disappear through the gap. Climb 
    down again and go down the center exit. Now that the pillar is gone you can 
    climb up and go through the passage marked by the blue gem. Follow the path 
    behind it, use "Burst" to raise the lava level in the room that follows. 
    The moving platforms are activated and you can reach the very left side of 
    the room. Go down as far as possible and you can let the lava run away 
    through the gate by pressing the button. 
     Go back up use "Whirlwind" on the chains, climb down the wall and collect 
    a Salamander Tail from the chest in the room behind the entrance. Go up one 
    room and push all the pillars to the right. Before raising the lava level 
    again, go up one room to where a second gate is located and collect the 
    Golem Core from the chest. Also you can go down via the lower right passage 
    in the main room and push the pillar to the right for yet another shortcut. 
    In the end get back up the higher level using those chains again and this 
    time use the left Moai Statue to flood all the rooms with lava in the 
    central room.
     After flooding use the moving platforms and the pillars to get to find a 
    new path. At the very end push a pillar into the lava, head up via the left 
    passage and make the lava flow away by opening the gate once again. Head 
    down and through another passage marked by a blue gem. You are back at the 
    entrance here! Push the pillar into the lava and go into the next chamber. 
    If you jump on the right ledge you will see that some rocks, fireballs and 
    a very rare magma rock appear. There is not much to do about this so 
    continue on to the next room.
     Inside follow the path and you'll reach a tablet with a new Psynergy. Of 
    course this is meant for a fire adept and Garet... hey the game 
    automatically prefers Jenna here to get the "Blaze" Psynergy. This allows 
    you to manipulate existing fires (you cannot create fire with it). So use 
    it right away on the flame to open the passage outside again. Go back to 
    the room with the Magma Ball and use "Blaze" on the lower left flame so you 
    can ignite the left torch. Use "Blaze" again to open the passageway, follow 
    the short road and collect the Magma Ball from the red rock.
    Inn: 88 Coins
    Hidden Items: 4 (251)
     Crystal Powder - Check Barrel near the most south eastern home
     Mythril Silver - Use "Scoop" under right wall in the lower left corner
     Golem Core     - Use "Scoop" on it behind the wall after using the cannon
     Golem Core     - Cast "Lift" on the rock and then "Scoop" on the ground
     Jupiter - Lull
     Here in Loho there are many diggers trying to find valuables, but none 
    have been successful. There is a cannon at the far right end of town, but 
    it doesn't have any ammunition to shoot down the wall to the north. If you 
    manage to do this you can get the cannon for free! So now that you have 
    been through Magma Rock use the Magma Ball on the cannon and BOOM! The 
    three guys are also willing to put the cannon on your ship for free, 
    because you helped them. Now you can reach Prox behind the northern 
    reaches. Note that you can get some Golem Cores and access to Lull the 
    Jupiter Djinni. 
    16. Mars Lighthouse behind the northern reaches
    --Northern Reaches--
     Grand Chimera, Phoenix, Spiral Shell, Turtle Dragon
     Navigate through the seas here and you'll find the icy wall that is 
    holding you back from reaching Prox and the Mars Lighthouse. Use the cannon 
    on it and your passage is clear. After some talking you can go up and reach 
    Prox right away. 
     200 Coins
    Hidden Items: 4 (255)
     Cookie         - Look in the jar just outside the inn on the left
     Potion         - Check the green jar in the inn
     Sacred feather - Wooden box in the basement of the most northern residence
     Dark Matter    - Use "Lift" on the boulder and "Scoop" on the black dot
     Venus   - Mold 
     Mercury - "missing GS1 Djinni"
     The people of Prox know Felix pretty well and the innkeeper also tells him 
    that his parents just left. Also note how all the people in Prox look 
    frozenly blue, and most of them are living in poverty. Walk up the riverbed 
    that is covered with snow and go up one screen. Here you'll bump into a 
    Venus Djinn. Touch it and it disappears. Use "Scoop" on the little pile of 
    snow to make him appear again, so Mold can join you.
     Head up via the northern exit and visit the mayor to the right. You'll 
    overhear a conversation about setting Felix's parents free. Inside the home 
    is a Mercury Djinni from GS1 if you didn't get all 7 in the previous game. 
    Go up the left branch and you'll meet Puelle the leader of the clan. They 
    are pretty surprised to see Felix return after all this time.
    --Mars Lighthouse--
    Hidden Items: 1 (256)
     Mars Star - On the floor after the battle against the Fire Dragons
    Chests: 7 (263)
     Apple, Orihalcon, Sol Blade, Valkyrie Mail, Psy Crystal, Teleport Lapis,
     Alastor's Hood
     Mercury Djinni - Balm
     Mars Djinni    - Fugue
     Mimic, Aka Manah*, Devil Frog, Doodle Bug, Fire Bird, Minos Warrior~,
     Fire Dragon (2x)
    Ultimate Boss:
     Doom Dragon
     * = Can drop Gloria Helm      (Weakness: Fire)
     ~ = Can drop Clotho's Distaff (Weakness: Wind)
    The final mandatory dungeon of this game and it is a big one. Right from 
    the start walk up to the lighthouse, climb up the ladders and go to the 
    place where you would, except the left elevator. Here you will see a chest 
    containing an Apple. Use it for a small boost in power. Enter the 
    lighthouse, use "Pound" on the rightmost ice cone pillar and examine the 
    chest to start a battle against Mimic, who will relinquish a Cookie when 
    you beat it.
    Mimic 8
     HP: 1008   ATK: 397     AGL: 224      Weak:    Fire
     PP:   84   DEF: 126     LCK:  18      Strong:  Wind
     Special: Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Curse, Condemn, Spark Plasma
     Exp:   1668
     Coins:  772
     Item: Cookie
    Walk through the maze of pinnacles to the right entrance, walk around the 
    back room and exit it on the left side. Back in the main room go up the 
    leftmost entrance, follow the left wall, climb the stairs, "Pound" the ice 
    cone in your path and continue on until your reach a dead end. Examine the 
    ice here and use "Grind" on it to cause a crack to appear in the big ice 
    sheet one floor below. Go back to that place and "Burst" it.
     In the room behind it is a teleportation circle, but you need "Teleport" 
    in order to be able to use it. So go through the doorway on the far left. 
    In the chamber behind you have to avoid the flames, which is not that 
    difficult. Note however that you also have to get the statue on the far 
    left all the way to the right to block the last flame thrower. So set 
    "Move" to the 'L' or 'R' button and use it to move the statue over there.
     The directions to get past the black ice field towards the left are: 
    LURDL. In the room behind use "Blaze" to activate the dragon statue and it 
    will cause a crack in the ice for you. Go back and take the lower passage, 
    use "Burst" on the cracked ice and another pathway is clear. Inside is a
    hidden Teleporter Circle that will only show itself when you "Reveal" it. 
    So take the right passage all the same. In the right room use "Blaze" so 
    the dragon statue emits a fire ball. This melts all the ice on its way 
    clearing the route to the doorway to the south. 
     Here you'll be in a corridor with three entrances. The center only has a 
    chest with Orihalcon. Go inside the rightmost one, "Pound" all the ice 
    cones from the side and use the newly created gaps to evade the constant 
    stream of fireballs. Work your way up towards the next chamber. Again a 
    Black Ice room, but before starting to slide use "Move" on the left dragon 
    statue (clever trick, programmers!). Slide into the following direction: 
    DLDLURULDL then go either Down (for a battle against Mercury Djinni) or Up 
    for the exit.
    Mercury Djinni
     HP: 940      ATK: 300     AGL: 261       Weak:    Fire
     PP:  88      DEF:  94     LCK:  30       Strong:  Water
     Special: Deluge, Freeze Prism, Froth Spiral, Ice Missile, Megacool, Escape
     Exp:   1112
     Coins:  720
     Item: -
    After the battle Balm becomes friends with you. Slide up, go upstairs, fall 
    down towards the chest and collect the Teleport Lapis. The final Psynergy 
    "Teleport" is now yours to command! Now you can tackle all of the optional 
    Dungeons: Yampi Desert, Islet of Time & Anemos Inner Sanctum (See appendix 
    C for details). But before you do so, you'd better collect some stronger 
    weapons and the most powerful weapon in the game is very near, so get it 
     In any case, equip the Lapis and use "Teleport" on the circle. Go back to 
    the room where you removed the ice and the hidden teleporter, which I 
    mentioned just a few minutes ago. Use "Teleport" here, go down the stairs, 
    but do NOT slide down right away. Go down to the lower level on the right, 
    run all the way to the left and collect the Valkyrie Mail from the chest. 
    Get back and you may slide down. This will trigger a fire breathing dragon 
    face to go all the way to the left. If it gets there the big dragon gets 
    activated and a huge fireball will wipe out Felix, which means you have to 
    start all over again. So get the following part done in one go.
     Once the head is activated use "Pound" on all the rocks and work your way 
    over the black ice using the most northern route. At the end use "Pound" 
    two more times on the most upper cones. You should have about 3 to 4 
    seconds to spare. Don't go via the teleporter, but walk by the corridor 
    behind it. "Move" the statue so it blocks the flames. Now it is safe to 
    "Teleport". After this Felix will reach another jumping puzzle.
     Jump from the leftmost tile down 3 times, walk to the right, jump up, down 
    4 times, then go to the upper right and collect the almighty Sol Blade 
    (this weapon begs for a field test!). The left path leads to the following 
    rooms. Walk up and you'll see two yellow dragons frozen in ice, as expected 
    when you use "Blaze" and "Burst" they will unfreeze. This causes a boss 
    battle! Strange two dragons; with one being a bit smaller than the other...
    Boss: Flame Dragon & Flame Dragon
    Flame Dragon (big one)
     HP:  5724     ATK: 400      AGL: 158       Weak:    Water
     PP:   250     DEF: 137      LCK: 48        Strong:  Fire
     Special: 'recover 4 PP', Cage, Flame Breath, Meteor Blow, Rising Dragon,
              Rolling Flame, Stun Muscle
     Exp:   2502
     Coins: 1521
     Item: -
    Flame Dragon (Small one)
     HP: 5348      ATK: 389      AGL: 215       Weak:    Water
     PP:  320      DEF: 134      LCK: 55        Strong:  Fire
     Special: 'recover 4 PP', Break, Djinnfest, Flame Breath, Fiery Blast, 
              Healing Aura, Heat Kiss, Supernova
     Exp:   2502
     Coins: 1872
     Item:  Psy Crystal
    There attacks seem to be very similar to the ones of another duo... Could 
    it be? Indeed they are Karst and Agatio. You beat them one time, so do it 
    again. The Sol Blade's unleash Megiddo and Diamond Berg Psynergy will 
    surely help you out. Also Summon Azul from Treasure Island's Tablet with 
    Piers for over 2000 damage! So actually it is not too hard to beat them up 
    a second time round.
    When the battle is over their true identities are revealed indeed, they are 
    however in no condition to complete their current task and gives Felix the 
    Mars Star. Pick it up from the floor and put it in the Mythril Bag, walk up 
    to the statue behind it and examine it. Just after you got the Mars Star 
    you give it away by putting it in the statue's face. The ice disappears and 
    the Mars Lighthouse becomes a place of the fire element once more. Pick up 
    the star again and leave this room. There is nothing you can do to help the 
    two wounded people.
     Go back to the entrance of the lighthouse ("Retreat" saves some time). Use 
    "Blaze" on the leftmost flame to melt all the ice and then "Burst" on the 
    big sheet of ice. Go inside the rightmost room, follow the right wall, and 
    you'll come across a second Djinn in this dungeon. Mars Djinn Fugue puts up 
    a fight before joining you however.
    Mars Djinni
     HP:  950     ATK: 280     AGL:  247      Weak:    Water
     PP:   83     DEF:  86     LCK:   28      Strong:  Fire
     Special:  Dire Inferno, Dragon Fume, Fiery Juggle, Pyroclasm,
               Searing Beam, Escape
     Exp:   1145
     Coins:  731 
     Item: -
     After the battle go back again to the entrance room and go up the center 
    stairs. The big dragon statue tells you to complete the four quests for 
    each element. You can do these in any order, but I'll present them like 
    Wind - Bird... On the wings of truth, they ruled the winds.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Enter the upper and left tower use "Cyclone" on the left teleporter. In the 
    next room use it on the left teleporter as well, use "Move" on the statue, 
    go back all the way and the use the right teleporter. You'll be back in the 
    big room and the fire will be blocked allowing you to pass by.
     Climb down the stairs, use "Reveal" and "Cyclone" on the 6 blocks to get 
    to the next room. "Cyclone" back again on the other pad, quickly use "Move" 
    to activate the hover tile on the left and let yourself fall down by 
    getting hit by the flame. Use "Hover" to get past the flame thrower and 
    "Cyclone" to get to the higher level on the center teleporter pad.
     Quickly get out of the way or else you'll get hit by the fire ball. 
    Collect the Psy Crystal from the chest on the left. After a fire ball 
    passes by use "Reveal" on the stepping stones to find a secret path to the 
    right. Follow it, go outside and cast "Blaze" on the purple flame to 
    activate the Jupiter Beacon. Just three more flames to go. Let yourself get 
    hit by the big fire ball inside for a shortcut back. 
    Water - Fish... With cold courage, they ruled the water.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Go to the entrance of the lower left tower. Ascend the stairs and walk on 
    to the black ice field. The directions are: LDRULU. Go inside the doorway 
    and here you'll have to fix the pipeline.
     1. Freeze the upper right water puddle
     2. Push the upper horizontal pipe up
     3. Freeze the center puddle
     4. Push the upper horizontal pipe down
     5. Push the vertical pipe right
     6. Push the lower horizontal pipe up
     Next go back and start on the black ice again from the right. Go LDRURU 
    use "Blaze" so most of the ice bergs are removed (odd that that ice doesn't 
    melt itself). Go over the black ice for a third time following: LDRDL. Head 
    outside and ignite the Mercury Beacon.
    Fire - Dragons... Burning with might, they ruled the fires.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Before entering the dragon Tower, collect the Alastor's Hood in the far 
    right corner outside. Inside use "Burst" on both cracked wall sections. Go 
    up the left passage and in the top left corner press the button to activate 
    a torch. Go back to the beginning, take the right path and use "Blaze" on 
    the torch to crack the center wall section. Go back, "Burst" it and follow 
    that path to reach the stairs on the left. 
     In the pipe maze room push the first pipe into position, then follow the 
    path behind it and use "Move" on the statue near the right wall. Next use 
    "Move" on it again from above so the flame thrower is blocked. Follow the 
    path that is now opened. Push the pipe section out of the line again so the 
    flame thrower runs dry. This allows you to reach the bottom exit, outside 
    "Blaze" the torch again to light the Mars Beacon. Only one more to go!
    Earth - Mankind... With the power of wisdom, they ruled the earth.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Inside this tower only use "Move" on the rightmost statue, the other two 
    are traps. In the next room only the leftmost statue conceals a doorway, 
    take it, jump over the gap on the lower level and fill the two gaps on the 
    upper ledge with the two "Carry" stones. Push the upper stone to the far 
    right so it blocks the flame thrower. Walk down the tightrope, push the 
    statue down and go to the left. Use "Sand" to hide from the flame thrower 
    if they get close. Go outside again and ignite the final flame of Venus.
     Get back into the central room and the path to the Mars Lighthouse Aerie 
    is opened! Let Felix "Teleport" towards the final showdown on top of the 
    lighthouse midst the storm (hmm this setting reminds me of the prologue in 
    Final. Dawn of the Golden Sun 
    --Mars Lighthouse Aerie--
     You get teleported just outside the lighthouse aerie, so jump up the 
    floating platforms. Heal all yours characters to the max, set all your 
    Djinn and prepare for battle! As expect you will deal with a fire enemy 
    that is weak to water. So consider having both Piers and Mia in your first 
    party. Or alternatively use some of the other class settings to get strong 
    Mercury attacks.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
       WARNING: This is the last point where you can save! If you have any
                unfinished business make sure you do it now. Once you start the
                battle against the upcoming boss you will not be able to save,
                other than an unplayable "Clear Data" file.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
     Walk up to the center of the aerie and somebody calls you "betrayers". All 
    8 party members and Kraden appear trying to figure out where the voice came 
    from. Just before Felix throws in the Mars Star he gets blocked. The voice 
    tells you that Isaac and Garet should know him, but they both shake their 
    heads. Kraden recognizes the voice and GS1 player should remember that very 
    same character at the very beginning of the game. Indeed, it is the Wise 
    One. The Cyclops Rock appears and Isaac explains what happened back that 
    day when they met inside Sol Sanctum. 
     He is very unpleased to see that Isaac and all the others disobeyed his 
    command in retrieving the elemental stars. Instead all the other 3 
    lighthouses were lit. The Wise One reasons that if Alchemy is released 
    mankind itself may destroy the world with all the powers that will be 
    unleashed along with it. Similar to what the elders of the Lemurian Council 
    feared. Come to think of it, what do you think Alex's motives are? He is 
    currently climbing Mount Aleph and will be at the right spot where all of 
    the light will gather if the last lighthouse is lit. The Wise One tells you 
    that when the final light beam hits Sol Sanctum the Golden Sun shall rise, 
    which will give him a near infinite amount of power. 
     The rock also tells you that he cannot interfere with human actions and 
    therefore cannot stop Alex. Yet he does prevent Felix from throwing the 
    final star in the hole. He then tells that even though he can't stop you 
    himself a 'miracle' could occur that prevents you from completing the task, 
    however... A three headed dragon appears, which seems to be similar to the 
    two-headed Fusion Dragon from GS1. How much more difficult could that be to 
    defeat. Kraden figures out that the two headed dragon was Saturos and 
    Menardi together. So what would the 3-headed dragon be? But before Kraden 
    can stop the 8 adepts they go into battle!
    Ultimate Boss: Doom Dragon (3 Heads; 2 Heads; 1 Head)
    Doom Dragon (3 Heads)
     HP: 5000      ATK: 470      AGL: 200       Weak:    Wind
     PP:  500      DEF: 155      LCK:  50       Strong:  Earth
     Special: 'Attack 4x', Blast Breath, Cure, Curse, Defend, Djinn Blast,
              Earth Force, Earthquake, Fiery Blast, Flare Storm, Gravel Blow,
              Haunt, Psy Boost, Pressure, Quake Sphere, Thorn
     Exp:   0
     Coins: 0
     Item: -
    Doom Dragon (2 Heads)
     HP: 4200      ATK: 470      AGL: 200       Weak:    Wind
     PP:  500      DEF: 155      LCK:  50       Strong:  Earth
     Special: 'Attack 3x', Blast Breath, Briar, Clay Spire, Cruel Ruin,
              Desert Gasp, Djinn Blast, Earth Force, Guard Aura, Inferno, 
              Haunt, Serpent Fume, Spire
     Exp:   0
     Coins: 0
     Item: -
    Doom Dragon (1 Head)
     HP: 4000      ATK: 470      AGL: 200       Weak:    Wind
     PP:  500      DEF: 155      LCK:  50       Strong:  Earth
     Special: 'Attack 2x', Cruel Ruin, Darksol Gasp, Djinn Storm, Earth Force,
              Guard Aura, Nettle, Stone Spire
     Exp:   0  
     Coins: 0 
     Item: -
    This is the final battle that consists of three consecutive rounds. Each 
    time you slay the dragon it will lose one head and can use one attack less, 
    however the intensity of the attacks does increase with each round. This 
    enemy is capable of using Djinn Blast: All Djinn on Recovery for one 
    Character. With only 1 head left the dragon gets Djinn Storm, which puts 
    all Djinn for all your main characters in recovery! This is a pretty cruel 
    attack if you are hoarding Djinn for a Summon Rush, then again I noticed 
    that Doom Dragon doesn't use these very often so you can make use of the 
    Summons. The normal 'Summon Rush' won't work on him, because you have to 
    face all three versions of the Doom Dragon in the same battle 
    independently. Moreover, the power of a Summon depends on the maximum amount 
    of HP of the target. Thus keep in mind summon rushing this adversary won't
    Regular Strategy
     What you can do is boost all statistics and then start beating him up 
    good. This tactic will work, because the Doom Dragon is one of the few 
    bosses that is not capable of using "Break", meaning that you can always 
    attack with increased powers. Try to distribute some Elixirs and Mist 
    Potions among your members so everybody can heal/cure everybody when 
    needed. The Doom Dragon tends to use Status Ailment attacks (e.g. Curse & 
    Haunt) more often than the other enemies in this game and this will be a 
    long battle so you do have to worry about these matters.
     The Dragon is in all three cases weak to wind so if you are going to 
    Summon make sure that it is Catastrophe or Eclipse for maximum damage. 
    Don't let the 4 attacks of the Doom Dragon's initial attack set intimidate 
    you, for all of the attacks except Earth Force cause only minimal damage. 
    And even if he does you should be able to use "Aura" / "Wish" / Mist Potion 
    to do some fast healing.
     Attack weapons that work best are the Wind & Water Elemental Unleash 
    weapons like Excalibur and Masamune, but the Sol Blade's Megiddo does quite 
    some damage on him so that shouldn't be an issue. On the other hand armor 
    that raises Wind Power like the Feathered Robe / Aeolian Cassock / Leda's 
    Bracelet are great to have and can increase the amount of damage you deal 
    The Easiest Strategy - Kill the dragon without enemy actions
     After some toying around I found a possible setup that can take out the 
    Doom Dragon in just several rounds. The key to his defeat lies in the 
    Excalibur/Sol Blade & Tomegathericon. It does require you to have 
    at least one character on level 47 however, because we are going to use the 
    power of Dullahan called: Formina Sage! Note that this weapon/armor setup 
    is purely optimized for Doom Dragon, so you may want to equip your 
    characters like this just before entering the center of the Mars Lighthouse 
    Initial Attack Party
    Felix              Garet (Level 47+)  Sheba              Isaac
    -----------------  -----------------  -----------------  -----------------
    Chaos Lord         Necromage          Wanderer           Apprentice
    AGL > 200          AGL > 200          AGL > All          AGL > 200
    2 Venus            3 Venus            Mars: Forge        Jupiter: Lull
    7 Mars             3 Jupiter          Mars: Kindle       
                       3 Mercury          4 Mercury Standby  3 Mars Standby
                                          3 Venus Standby    5 Jupiter Standby
    -----------------  -----------------  -----------------  -----------------
    Sol Blade          Tomegathericon     Don't care, but    Don't care, but
    Warrior's Helm     Anything that      should be fastest  should be slower
    Riot Gloves~       boosts ATK, but    Use: Elven Shirt   than the others
    Valkyrie Mail      equiping just the  or Wild Coat etc.
    Hyper Boots        Fire Brand should
                       be sufficient
    ~ = Aegis shield also works
    Back up Party
    Jenna              Piers              Mia                Ivan              
    -----------------  -----------------  -----------------  -----------------
    Ronin              'any'              'any'              'any'         
    AGL > 200          AGL > 200          AGL > All          AGL > 200
    5 Venus            3 Venus Standby    2 Mars Standby     3 Mars Standby  
    4 Jupiter          4 Mercury Standby  6 Mercury Standby  5 Jupiter Standby
    -----------------  -----------------  -----------------  -----------------  
    Anything that      Don't care         Don't care         Don't care
    boosts ATK, but  
    equiping just the
    Masamune should
    be sufficient    
    This gives every character the following primary roles:
     Felix: Sol Blade's Megiddo
     Isaac: Use Lull the first turn
     Jenna: "Quick Strike"
     Garet: "Call Dullahan"
     Sheba: Boost party ATK (Forge & Kindle)
     Ivan:  Summon Catastrophe
     Piers: Summon Azul
     Mia:   Summon Boreas & Ulysses (additional backup)
     Since you can't do 5000 damage the first turn (unless you use up all the
    strongest summons rightaway or have Level 90+ characters) the main strategy 
    of this setup is to get your attack and elemental power up the first round,
    then have Isaac use Lull to prevent Doom Dragon from executing any attack. 
    The next round Jenna comes in and with the attack & elemental power buffs 
    you should be able to maximize damage to slay a head of Doom Dragon each 
    round. The main damage comes from Felix using Sol Blade's Megiddo & Garet 
    using "Call Dullahan" to cast the almighty Formina Sage attack. Hence Garet 
    has equipment for maximal ATK power and Felix for a near guaranteed weapon 
     During the first two turns Sheba's high agility ensures that you can get
    both Kindle & Forge's ATK boosts in order to strike with maximal power. After
    that she can be exchanged for any other member with Djinn on standby. With
    the given setup and level 48 party members the attack pattern and damage
    results should be as following:
    Round #1
    Sheba - use Kindle         0 Damage -> Felix/Garet ATK +12.5%
    Felix - Azul           ~1000 Damage -> Venus Power +60
    Garet - Catastrophe    ~1700 Damage -> Jupiter Power +100 (Maximizes)
    Isaac - use Lull           0 Damage -> Doom dragon gets no turn
    Turn ends immediately because of Lull. 
    Doom dragon gets no chance to attack.
    Round #2
    Exchange Isaac -> Jenna
    Sheba - use Forge          0 Damage -> Jenna/Felix/Garet ATK +12.5%
    Jenna - Quick Strike   ~ 600 Damage
    Felix - Megiddo        ~1100 Damage
    Garet - Call Dullahan  ~1200 Damage
    Turn ends immediately, as Doom Dragon's 1st head is slain.
    Doom dragon gets no chance to attack.
    Round #3
    Exchange Sheba -> Ivan
    Jenna - Quick Strike   ~ 600 Damage
    Felix - Megiddo        ~1100 Damage
    Garet - Call Dullahan  ~1200 Damage
    Ivan  - Catastrophe    ~1600 Damage
    Turn ends immediately, as Doom Dragon's 2nd head is slain.
    Doom dragon gets no chance to attack.
    Round #4
    Exchange Ivan -> Piers
    Jenna - Quick Strike   ~ 600 Damage
    Felix - Megiddo        ~1100 Damage
    Garet - Call Dullahan  ~1200 Damage
    Piers - Azul           ~1200 Damage
    Battle ends immediately, as Doom Dragon's last head is slain.
    Doom dragon gets no chance to attack.
     Under normal circumstances the dragon should not be too difficult to beat.
    Doom dragon might use up a turn for 'Defend'/Guard Aura, but when that
    happens it does lose a turn for the other commands. So the battle might
    be a turn longer, but you can still bring in Mia whom serves as a backup.
    She has 6 Mercury & 2 Mars Djinn on standby allowing you to summon both 
    Boreas & Ulysses. Moreover, you could let her remaining Djinni be Shade, 
    Eddy or another Djinn you prefer to ensure the recovery goes easier. As
    the damage values show there's enough leeway, even if Megiddo isn't 
    unleashed so you should be pretty safe as long as your agility is better 
    than Doom Dragon. For a demo watch following the above strategy watch
    here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCOiIE1fOX0 .
     It is also possible to defeat the dragon by slaying a head each turn. This
    does require high level characters and a near ultimate equipment set, using
    3 Excaliburs together with the Tomegathericon. A video at this URL of 
    youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDLhMBS31Vg . This here is a video
    showing the destruction of the Doom Dragon in 3 turns without the dragon
    ever getting a chance to attack. :P
     After the battle everybody finds out what Kraden already expected. The 
    three heads were the parents of Felix and Jenna and Isaac's father Kyle. 
    The Mercury Adepts Piers and Mia step forward in a last effort to save them 
    from death, but the battle has taking its toll on them and the victims are 
    to close to death to be brought back. Even though this is a tremendous 
    loss, everybody agrees that if the last beacon isn't lit it was all for 
    naught. You regain control of Felix and you can talk to everybody, just 
    before you finally throw the Mars Star into its rightful place to finally 
    end your quest.
     After this happens the lighthouse tears apart similar to what happened at 
    the Venus Lighthouse. The beacon rises up and starts to glow mysteriously. 
    This event with all four beacons lit releases Alchemy into the world. Two 
    children at the Mercury Lighthouse are now able to "Mind read" over a huge 
    distance with Mia. It turns out the Wise One send a message to them telling 
    everybody to leave the lighthouse as soon and as far as possible. Master 
    Hamma also blends in the conversation and after they decide to leave the 
    beacon of Mars stars to turn color. The Golden Sun is forming right now. 
    The screen flashes and you are back in Prox again. 
     After a short conversation about what is going to happen you regain 
    control of Felix once more. Isaac & Kraden join you and the rest is waiting 
    for you to the south of the village. You can now walk outside Prox that is 
    more calm now that the storm raging over it has settled down.
     Go to the south exit and everybody including the three parents are 
    standing up strait. It turned out that the Wise One did have a plan to save 
    them after all. The Psynergy emitted from the Mars Lighthouse reenergized 
    them so they live another day! After some more talking with Kraden the 
    three of them wave their hands as a good bye. And the credits start to 
    --Mt. Aleph--
     During the credits you'll see Alex climbing to the summit of Mount Aleph 
    hoping to catch the light of the Golden Sun. Next you'll also see the four 
    lighthouses - Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter - each radiating a beam for 
    one of the four elements they represent.
     In the last sequence Alex is holding his hands up trying to grasp the 
    power. The earth starts to glow gold and Alex thinks that he has obtained 
    eternal life and limitless power, then the Wise One appears again! He 
    speaks down to Alex and tells him that the power is not exactly what Alex 
    was hoping for. The Wise One puts him down and tells him that he must flee 
    Mt. Aleph in order to live, because the mountain will be drawn into the 
    earth. If the incapacitated Alex survives they might meet again in the
     The screen is black here and everybody is eagerly awaiting to what became 
    of Vale. Finally Felix speaks and says that Vale and Mt. Aleph are both 
    gone! Fortunately as everybody thought the Wise One warned everybody and 
    all families are reunited. You get to see some nice pictures and that's it.
    You can also choose to save your file into "Clear Data", this allows you to 
    restart a new game with the option to choose a difficulty setting as 
    mentioned in the very beginning of the walkthrough. Take note however that 
    the file you save over becomes unplayable (you can go to the battle arena 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Total Regular Hidden Items / Chests:   263
     Total 4 Elemental Dungeons:             20 +
     Grand Total                            283 (found up to now)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                             GAME FINISHED!!!!
                         Did you find everything?
    Appendix A: Djinn & Classes
    1. Djinn Descriptions
     In Golden Sun: the Lost Age there are 44 new Djinn you can find throughout 
    the continents. Most of them are quite easy to find, while others may prove 
    to be more difficult to locate. Here's a list of all Djinn sorted by 
    element and the moment you can find them in-game. If you transfer not all 
    Djinn from GS1, then 1 Djinn of each elemental type will appear again in 
    this game. If you transfer all 7 Djinn of one type then that additional 
    Djinni will not appear, because you already have it in your possession.
     There is one remark that has to be made here; the statistic boosts of the 
    Djinn may differ from the values given here, this is so because classes 
    affect the statistics relatively (i.e. in percentages). To put it simple 
    this means that the upgrades may vary a bit. For more information on that 
    topic see the third section about Class changes. The exact Djinn locations 
    can also be found in the FAQ, just search for the Djinni's name with 
    "Ctrl+F" in most Windows / Linux based text editors or viewers.
    Venus Djinn
    Name    HP PP AT DF AG LK  Location                Ability
    ------- -- -- -- -- -- --  ----------------------- ------------------------
    Flint    8  4  3  -  -  -  GS1 - Collect one       Swift Strike
    Granite  9  -  -  2  2  1  GS1   missing Djinni    Reduce Damage
    Quartz  10  3  -  -  3  -  GS1   in                Revive Downed Ally
    Vine    12  4  -  3  -  1  GS1   Treasure Island   Lower enemy AGL
    Sap     10  -  3  -  -  1  GS1                     Hit & Drain enemy HP
    Ground   9  3  -  -  3  -  GS1                     Enemy must skip a turn 
    Bane    12  -  4  -  -  -  GS1                     Hit & Venom Enemy
    Echo     9  4  3  -  -  -  Diala (WM)              Double Attack
    Iron    11  -  -  2  3  -  Madra - east(WM)        Raise Allies' DEF
    Steel    9  -  4  2  -  1  Gabomba Statue          Hit & Drain enemy HP
    Mud     10  4  -  -  3  -  Gabomba Catacombs       Lower Enemies AGL
    Flower  12  4  -  -  -  -  Taopo Swamp             Recover Allies' HP
    Meld     9  -  -  -  4  1  Islet Cave              Strike with a partner
    Salt     9  5  -  -  -  1  Contigo ("Cyclone")     Cure Allies' Ailments
    Geode   12  -  6  -  -  -  Atteka Inlet ("Lift")   Attack Enemy
    Mold     8  -  4  -  2  1  Prox ("Scoop")          Someone attacks target
    Petra   11  -  -  3  -  -  Hesperia - North (WM)   Enemy must skip a turn
    Crystal 10  5  -  2  -  -  Yampi Desert Cave       Recover Allies' HP
    Mars Djinn
    Name    HP PP AT DF AG LK  Location                Ability
    ------- -- -- -- -- -- --  ----------------------- ------------------------
    Forge   10  -  2  -  2  2  GS1 - Collect one       Raise Allies' ATK
    Fever   12  -  3  -  1  -  GS1   missing Djinni    Delude Enemies
    Corona  12  3  -  3  -  1  GS1   in Magma Rock     Raise Allies' DEF
    Scorch   8  -  3  -  -  -  GS1                     Stun Enemy
    Ember    9  4  -  2  2  -  GS1                     Recover Allies' PP
    Flash   14  3  -  2  -  -  GS1                     Reduce damage
    Torch    9  -  3  -  -  1  GS1                     Hit through Enemy DEF
    Cannon  10  -  3  -  -  -  Dehkan Plateau          Attack 1 Enemy
    Spark   11  6  -  -  -  -  Mikasalla ("Scoop")     Revive Downed Character
    Kindle   8  -  5  -  -  1  Gondowan Cliffs         Raise Allies' ATK
    Char     9  -  2  -  2  1  Madra (Healing Fungus)  Hit & Stun Enemy
    Coal    11  3  -  -  3  -  Izumo (Dancing Idol)    Raise Allies' AGL
    Reflux   9  -  -  3  -  2  Tundaria Tower          Counter all attacks 
    Core     8  -  4  2  -  -  Atteka - East(WM)       Hit through Enemy DEF
    Tinder  12  6  -  -  -  -  Hesperia Settlement     Revive downed Character
    Shine    9  -  3  3  1  -  Contigo ("Force")       Attack an Enemy
    Fury    12  4  -  -  -  -  Magma Rock              Hit Enemy & induce Haunt
    Fugue   11  4  -  2  -  -  Mars Lighthouse         Lower Enemies' PP
    Jupiter Djinn
    Name    HP PP AT DF AG LK  Location                Ability
    ------- -- -- -- -- -- --  ----------------------- ------------------------
    Gust     9  -  2  -  2  -  GS1 - Collect one       1 or 2 Wind Attacks
    Breeze  12  5  -  2  -  1  GS1   missing Djinni at Raise Allies' Resistance
    Zephyr  11  3  -  -  2  1  GS1   SW Atteka Islet   Raise Allies' AGL
    Smog     9  -  3  -  -  -  GS1                     Delude Enemies
    Kite     8  3  -  -  3  -  GS1                     2 Attacks Next Turn
    Squall  10  -  5  -  -  -  GS1                     Stun Enemy
    Luff    11  5  -  2  -  1  GS1                     Seal Enemy's Psynergy
    Breath   9  -  3  3  -  -  Shrine of the Sea God   Recover Ally HP
    Blitz   10  4  3  -  -  -  Yampi Desert            Hit & Stun Enemy
    Ether    8  4  -  -  3  2  Garoh (From the elder)  Recover Ally PP
    Waft    11  -  4  -  -  -  Kibombo Mountains       Hit enemy & induce Sleep
    Haze    10  -  -  2  3  2  Apojii Islands ("Sand") Avoid all attacks
    Wheeze   9  3  5  -  -  -  Tundaria - far west(WM) Hit & induce Venom
    Aroma    9  -  -  -  3  2  Shaman Village          Recover Allies' PP
    Whorl    9  -  4  2  -  -  Jupiter Lighthouse      Hit an enemy
    Lull    10  6  -  -  -  -  Loho (use Magma Ball)   Nullify attacks after it
    Gasp    12  5  -  -  -  -  Trial Road ("Lift")     Hit & induce Haunt
    Gale    10  -  -  -  5  3  Treasure Island         Hit enemy
    Mercury Djinn
    Name    HP PP AT DF AG LK  Location                Ability
    ------- -- -- -- -- -- --  ----------------------- ------------------------ 
    Fizz     9  4  -  3  -  -  GS1 - Collect one       Recover ally's HP
    Sleet   12  -  3  -  -  1  GS1   missing Djinni    Lower Enemy ATK
    Mist    11  -  4  -  -  -  GS1   in Prox           Make Enemy Fall Asleep
    Spritz   8  4  -  -  3  -  GS1                     Recover allies' HP
    Hail     9  -  4  -  -  1  GS1                     Lower Enemy DEF
    Tonic   10  3  -  2  -  2  GS1                     Restore all ailments
    Dew     13  4  -  -  4  -  GS1                     Revive Downed Ally
    Fog      9  -  -  2  2  1  Kandorean Temple        Hit & induce Delusion
    Sour     8  4  5  -  -  -  Osenia Cave - west(WM)  Hit & lower Resistance
    Spring  11  5  -  -  -  -  Piers' Pet              Recover Ally HP
    Shade    9  -  -  3  -  2  Piers' Pet              Reduce Damage
    Chill   10  3  -  2  -  -  Naribwe - far south(WM) Hit Enemy & lower DEF
    Steam   10  -  5  -  -  -  Aqua Rock ("Parch")     Raise Allies' Resistance
    Gel      9  5  -  -  2  -  Kalt Island             Hit Enemy & lower ATK
    Eddy     9  -  -  -  3  2  Shaman Village Cave     All Djinn Recover 1 Turn
    Rime    10  5  -  -  -  -  Ancient Lemuria         Seal Enemy's Psynergy
    Balm    13  4  -  -  -  -  Mars Lighthouse         Revive all downed Allies
    Serac   12  -  3  -  -  -  Islet Cave ("Teleport") Powerful Strike
     (WM) = battle encounter on the World Map
    2. About the Summons
     Next to the original 16 Summons from GS1 some additional Summons are 
    available in this game. The only difference is that these won't appear in 
    the Summon List right away. Instead you need to find the so-called Summon 
    Tablet which has an inscription telling you how to summon a new deity. Also 
    these new spirits are multi-elemental meaning that they require Djinn of 
    two different types. The attack of such a spirit is always mono-elemental, 
    depending on the Djinn type that is dominant for that Summon. Most of the 
    additional Summons also have extra side effects that are listed below the 
    Djinn requirements.
    Original Summons (Also in GS1)
    Djinn            Spirit         Djinn            Spirit
    ---------------- -----------    ---------------- -----------
    1 Venus          Venus          1 Mars           Mars
    2 Venus          Ramses         2 Mars           Kirin
    3 Venus          Cybele         3 Mars           Tiamat
    4 Venus          Judgment       4 Mars           Meteor
    Djinn            Spirit         Djinn            Spirit
    ---------------- -----------    ---------------- -----------
    1 Jupiter        Jupiter        1 Mercury        Mercury
    2 Jupiter        Atalanta       2 Mercury        Nereid
    3 Jupiter        Procne         3 Mercury        Neptune
    4 Jupiter        Thor           4 Mercury        Boreas
    New Tablet Summons
    Spirit       Djinn                      Element    Location
    -----------  -------------------------  -------    ------------------------
    Zagan        1 Mars + 1 Venus           Fire       Indra Cavern
                 Lower Enemies' DEF
    Megaera      1 Mars + 1 Jupiter         Fire       Osenia Cave
                 Raise Allies' ATK
    Moloch       2 Mercury + 1 Jupiter      Water      Madra Catacombs
                 Lower Enemies' AGL
    Flora        1 Venus + 2 Jupiter        Wind       Air's Rock
                 Induces Sleep
    Ulysses      2 Mars + 2 Mercury         Fire       Izumo Ruins
                 Induce Paralysis for one turn
    Coatlicue    3 Mercury + 3 Jupiter      Water      Atteka Cavern
                 No damage; Heal all and regenerate
                 HP during the next rounds 
    Eclipse      3 Jupiter + 2 Mercury      Wind       Spring of Lemuria
                 Lower enemies' ATK
    Haurus       3 Venus + 2 Mars           Earth      Angara Cavern
                 Induce Venom
    Azul         4 Mercury + 3 Venus        Water      Treasure Island
                 Induce Stun
    Daedalus     4 Mars + 3 Venus           Fire       Yampi Desert
                 Two attacks; initial &
                 at the end of 2nd round
    Catastrophe  5 Jupiter + 3 Mars         Wind       Islet Cave
                 Lower enemies' PP
    Charon       8 Venus + 2 Jupiter        Earth      Anemos Inner Sanctum
                 Instant Kill
    Iris         9 Mars + 4 Mercury         Fire       Anemos Inner Sanctum
                 Huge damage to all opponents
                 Heal/Revive all 8 Allies
    3. Class & Psynergy Effects
     Next to these effects assigning a Djinni to a character may change his/her 
    class level. In some cases these changes can create huge statistic upgrades 
    and stronger Psynergy Spells, however in some cases the class may actually 
    downgrade a character so experiment yourself to find out which classes are 
    most suitable. Of course the clean sweep with all Djinn assigned to the 
    characters with the same elemental is a good combination. Actually it seems 
    to be the only good combination, whereas assigning 1 Djinni of another type 
    to the list breaks up the entire set-up weakening the character to the 
    lowest class possible. Later on however when you have more Djinn more 
    interesting combinations take place. Here's a list of all the Class levels 
    that each character can reach.
    A word about the notation here:
    - "x|y" means all number of Djinn between x and y. For example: 3|5
      means either 3,4 or 5 Djinn of that kind.
    - All percentage were calculated after subtracting the effects of the 
      Djinn, so the actual percentage may appear even higher than listed
    - an "->" denotes that the Psynergy is reused in the upgraded class
         "~>" denotes that the Psynergy is upgraded in the upgraded class
    - After working in the ROM I finally found out that the base classes have 
      A certain percentages as well! This means that the statistics of a 
      character in its base class also receives some class bonuses. 
    Venus Adepts - Felix & Isaac (Base Class: Squire)                       |
                Req. Djinn         Statistic Change ('-' = No Change, 100%) |
    Class      | Ven Mar Jup Mer  | HP   | PP   | Att  | Def  | Agl  | Lck  |
                Venus Series                                                |
    Squire     | 0|1  0   0   0   | 110% |  80% | 110% |   -  | 110% |   -  |
    Knight     | 2|3  0   0   0   | 130% |  90% | 120% | 110% | 120% |   -  |
    Gallant    | 4|5  0   0   0   | 150% |   -  | 130% | 120% | 130% |   -  |
    Lord       | 6|7  0   0   0   | 170% | 110% | 140% | 130% | 140% |   -  |
    Slayer     | 8|9  0   0   0   | 190% | 120% | 150% | 140% | 150% |   -  |
                Mars Series                                                 |
    Brute      |  0   1   0   0   |   -  |  70% | 120% |  90% | 110% |  70% |
    Ruffian    |  0  2|3  0   0   | 120% |  80% | 130% |   -  | 120% |  70% |
    Savage     |  0   4   0   0   | 140% |  90% | 140% | 110% | 130% |  70% |
    Barbarian  |  0  5|9  0   0   | 160% |   -  | 150% | 120% | 140% |  70% |
    Berserker  |  1  6|8  0   0   | 180% | 110% | 160% | 130% | 150% |  70% |
    Chaos Lord |  2   7   0   0   | 200% | 120% | 170% | 140% | 160% |  70% |
                Jupiter Series                                              |
    Apprentice |  0   0   1   0   |   -  | 120% | 110% |   -  | 120% |  90% |
    Illusionist|  0   0  2|3  0   | 120% | 130% | 120% | 110% | 130% |  90% |
    Enchanter  |  0   0  4|5  0   | 140% | 140% | 140% | 120% | 140% |  90% |
    Shaman     |  0   0  6|9  0   | 120% | 150% | 110% | 110% | 130% |   -  |
    Druid      |  1   0  6|8  0   | 150% | 170% | 130% | 130% | 140% |   -  |
    Conjurer   | 2|3  0   6   0   | 170% | 160% | 150% | 130% | 150% |  90% |
    War Adept  |  2   0   7   0   | 190% | 170% | 160% | 140% | 170% |  90% |
                Mercury Series                                              |
    Swordsman  |  0   0   0   1   |   -  |  90% | 110% | 110% |  90% | 120% |
    Defender   |  0   0   0  2|3  | 120% |   -  | 120% | 120% |   -  | 120% |
    Cavalier   |  0   0   0  4|5  | 140% | 110% | 130% | 130% | 110% | 120% |
    Shaman     |  0   0   0  6|9  | 120% | 150% | 110% | 110% | 130% |   -  |
    Guardian   | 1|3  0   0   6   | 170% | 130% | 140% | 140% | 130% | 120% |
    Druid      |  1   0   0  7|8  | 150% | 170% | 140% | 130% | 140% |   -  |
    Protector  |  2   0   0   7   | 190% | 140% | 160% | 150% | 130% | 120% |
                Other Series                                                |
    Ninja      |  0   3   3   0   | 160% | 140% | 150% | 120% | 170% |  90% |
    Disciple   |  0   4   4   0   | 180% | 150% | 160% | 130% | 180% |  90% |
    Master     |  0   4   5   0   | 200% | 160% | 170% | 140% | 190% |  90% |
    Samurai    |  0   4   3   0   | 190% | 130% | 150% | 140% | 140% |  95% |
    Ronin      |  0   5   4   0   | 190% | 140% | 160% | 150% | 150% |  95% |
    Dragoon    |  0   3   0  3|4  | 160% | 130% | 140% | 140% | 110% | 120% |
    Templar    |  0   4   0   4   | 180% | 140% | 150% | 150% | 120% | 120% |
    Paladin    |  0   4   0   5   | 200% | 150% | 160% | 160% | 130% | 120% |
    Venus Series
    ___   ____________________    ____________________    ____________________
    lvl   Squire & Knight         Gallant                 Lord & Slayer
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Cure                ->  Cure                ->  Cure
      2    Quake               ->  Quake               ->  Quake
      4    Earthquake          ->  Earthquake          ->  Earthquake
      6    Spire               ->  Spire               ->  Spire
      7                            Gaia                ->  Gaia
     10    Cure Well           ->  Cure Well           ->  Cure Well
     13    Ragnarok            ->  Ragnarok            ~>  Odyssey
     14    Quake Sphere        ->  Quake Sphere        ->  Quake Sphere
     19                            Revive              ->  Revive
     20    Clay Spire          ->  Clay Spire          ->  Clay Spire
     24                            Mother Gaia         ->  Mother Gaia
     26    Potent Cure         ->  Potent Cure         ->  Potent Cure
     42    Stone Spire         ->  Stone Spire         ->  Stone Spire
     54                            Grand Gaia          ->  Grand Gaia
    Mars Series
    ___   ____________________    ____________________    ____________________
    lvl   Brute & Ruffian         Savage & Barbarian     Berserker & Chaos Lord
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Growth              ->  Growth              ->  Growth
      6    Blast               ->  Blast               ->  Blast
      7                            Spire               ->  Spire
      9                            Impair              ->  Impair
     12    Mad Growth          ->  Mad Growth          ->  Mad Growth
     13    Planet Diver        ->  Planet Diver        ~>  Planetary
     16    Nova                ->  Nova                ->  Nova
     17    Haunt               ->  Haunt               ->  Haunt
     19                            Revive              ->  Revive
     20                            Clay Spire          ->  Clay Spire
     23                            Debilitate          ->  Debilitate
     24    Curse               ->  Curse               ->  Curse
     28    Wild Growth         ->  Wild Growth         ->  Wild Growth
     29    Condemn             ->  Condemn             ->  Condemn
     40    Supernova           ->  Supernova           ->  Supernova
     42                            Stone Spire         ->  Stone Spire
    Jupiter Series
    ___  _______________________   ____________________    ____________________
    lvl  Apprentice & Illusionist  Enchanter               Conjurer & War Adept
    ¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1   Delude                ->  Delude              ->  Delude
      5                             Impact              ->  Impact
      6                             Ward                ->  Ward
      6   Gaia                  ->  Gaia                ->  Gaia
      9   Weaken                ->  Weaken              ->  Weaken
     11   Astral Blast          ->  Astral Blast        ~>  Thunder Mine
     14   Sleep                 ->  Sleep               ->  Sleep
     17   Haunt                 ->  Haunt               ->  Haunt
     21                             High Impact         ->  High Impact
     22                             Resist              ->  Resist
     24   Mother Gaia           ->  Mother Gaia         ->  Mother Gaia
     25   Enfeeble              ->  Enfeeble            ->  Enfeeble
     31   Drain                 ->  Drain               ->  Drain
     39   Psy Drain             ->  Psy Drain           ->  Psy Drain
     54   Grand Gaia            ->  Grand Gaia          ->  Grand Gaia
    ___   ____________________
    lvl   Shaman & Druid
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Cure
      2    Bolt
      3    Growth
      5    Ward
      6    Flash Bolt
     12    Mad Growth
     10    Cure Well
     18    Bind
     19    Revive
     22    Blue Bolt
     23    Resist
     26    Potent Cure
     29    Wild Growth
     31    Drain
     39    Psy Drain
    Mercury Series
    ___   _____________    ______________    ______________   ________________
    lvl   Swordsman        Defender          Cavalier        Guardian&Protector
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1                     Ply           ->  Ply           ->  Ply
      4    Thorn        ->  Thorn         ->  Thorn         ->  Thorn
      5    Cure Poison  ->  Cure Poison   ->  Cure Poison   ->  Cure Poison
      6                     Avoid         ->  Avoid         ->  Avoid
      8                                       Wish          ->  Wish
     10    Mad Blast    ->  Mad Blast     ->  Mad Blast     ->  Mad Blast
     11    Cutting Edge ->  Cutting Edge  ->  Cutting Edge  ~>  Plume Edge
     13    Restore      ->  Restore       ->  Restore       ->  Restore
     14    Briar        ->  Briar         ->  Briar         ->  Briar
     16                     Ply Well      ->  Ply Well      ->  Ply Well
     19    Revive       ->  Revive        ->  Revive        ->  Revive
     22                                       Wish Well     ->  Wish Well
     30    Break        ->  Break         ->  Break         ->  Break
     34                     Pure Ply      ->  Pure Ply      ->  Pure Ply
     36    Nettle       ->  Nettle        ->  Nettle        ->  Nettle
     46                                       Pure Wish     ->  Pure Wish
    ___   ____________________
    lvl   Shaman & Druid
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Cure
      1    Growth
      2    Froth
      5    Cure Poison
      8    Wish
     10    Cure Well
     12    Mad Growth
     13    Restore
     14    Froth Sphere
     19    Revive
     22    Wish Well
     26    Potent Cure
     28    Wild Growth
     34    Break
     40    Froth Spiral
     46    Pure Wish
    Other Series
    ___   ____________________    ____________________ 
    lvl   Ninja                   Disciple & Master
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Gale                ->  Gale
      4    Punji               ->  Punji
      6    Fire Bomb           ->  Fire Bomb
      7    Mist                ->  Mist
      8    Thunderclap         ->  Thunderclap
     12    Death Plunge        ~>  Death Leap
     15    Punji Trap          ->  Punji Trap
     16    Cluster Bomb        ->  Cluster Bomb
     18    Typhoon             ->  Typhoon
     21    Shuriken            ->  Shuriken
     26    Thunderbolt         ->  Thunderbolt
     31    Annihilation        ->  Annihilation
     36    Punji Strike        ->  Punji Strike
     40    Carpet Bomb         ->  Carpet Bomb
     44    Hurricane           ->  Hurrican
     50    Thunderhead         ->  Thunderhead
    ___   ____________________    ____________________ 
    lvl   Samurai                 Ronin
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      3    Guardian            ->  Guardian
      5    Demon Spear         ->  Demon Spear
      6    Rockfall            ->  Rockfall
      8    Lava Shower         ->  Lava Shower
     10    Magic Shell         ->  Magic Shell
     12    Dragon Cloud        ~>  Epicenter
     15    Protector           ->  Protector
     18    Demon Night         ~>  Thorny Grave
     21    Angel Spear         ->  Angel Spear
     22    Molten Bath         ->  Molten Bath
     24    Rockslide           ->  Rockslide
     27    Magic Shield        ->  Magic Shield
     33    Helm Splitter       ~>  Skull Splitter
     40    Quick Strike        ->  Quick Strike
     48    Magma Storm         ->  Magma Storm
     54    Avalanche           ->  Avalanche
    ___   ____________________    ____________________
    lvl   Dragoon                 Templar & Paladin
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      2    Blast               ->  Blast
      4    Thorn               ->  Thorn
      5    Cure Poison         ->  Cure Poison
      6    Avoid               ->  Avoid
      8    Wish                ->  Wish
     10    Mad Blast           ->  Mad Blast
     11    Cutting Edge        ~>  Plume Edge
     13    Restore             ->  Restore
     16    Ply Well            ->  Ply Well
     17    Briar               ->  Briar
     22    Wish Well           ->  Wish Well
     27    Fiery Blast         ->  Fiery Blast
     34    Pure Ply            ->  Pure Ply
     36    Nettle              ->  Nettle
     46    Pure Wish           ->  Pure Wish
    Mars Adepts - Jenna & Garet (Base Class: Flame User & Guard)            |
                Req. Djinn         Statistic Change ('-' = No Change, 100%) |
    Class      | Ven Mar Jup Mer  | HP   | PP   | Att  | Def  | Agl  | Lck  |
                Venus Series                                                |
    Brute      |  1   0   0   0   |   -  |  70% | 120% |  90% | 110% |  70% |
    Ruffian    | 2|3  0   0   0   | 120% |  80% | 130% |   -  | 120% |  70% |
    Savage     |  4   0   0   0   | 140% |  90% | 140% | 110% | 130% |  70% |
    Barbarian  | 5|9  0   0   0   | 160% |   -  | 150% | 120% | 140% |  70% |
    Berserker  | 6|8  1   0   0   | 180% | 110% | 160% | 130% | 150% |  70% |
    Chaos Lord |  7   2   0   0   | 200% | 120% | 170% | 140% | 160% |  70% |
          Jenna Mars Series                                                 |
    Flame User |  0  0|1  0   0   |   -  | 120% |   -  |   -  | 120% |  90% |
    Witch      |  0  2|3  0   0   | 110% | 130% | 110% | 110% | 130% |  90% |
    Hex        |  0  4|5  0   0   | 130% | 140% | 120% | 120% | 140% |  90% |
    Fire Master|  0  6|7  0   0   | 150% | 150% | 130% | 130% | 150% |  90% |
    Justice    |  0  8|9  0   0   | 170% | 160% | 140% | 140% | 160% |  90% |
          Garet Mars Series                                                 |
    Guard      |  0  0|1  0   0   | 110% |  80% |   -  | 110% |  70% |   -  |
    Soldier    |  0  2|3  0   0   | 130% |  90% | 110% | 120% |  80% |   -  |
    Warrior    |  0  4|5  0   0   | 150% |   -  | 120% | 130% |  90% |   -  |
    Champion   |  0  6|7  0   0   | 170% | 110% | 130% | 140% |   -  |   -  |
    Hero       |  0  8|9  0   0   | 190% | 120% | 150% | 150% | 110% |   -  |
                Jupiter Series                                              |
    Page       |  0   0   1   0   |   -  | 120% | 110% |   -  | 120% |  90% |
    Illusionist|  0   0  2|3  0   | 120% | 130% | 120% | 110% | 130% |  90% |
    Enchanter  |  0   0  4|5  0   | 140% | 140% | 140% | 120% | 140% |  90% |
    Ascetic    |  0   0  6|9  0   | 120% | 140% | 120% | 120% | 140% | 120% |
    Conjurer   |  0  1|3  6   0   | 170% | 160% | 150% | 130% | 150% |  90% |
    Fire Monk  |  0   1   7   0   | 160% | 160% | 140% | 140% | 160% | 120% |
    War Adept  |  0   2   7   0   | 190% | 170% | 160% | 140% | 170% |  90% |
                Mercury Series                                              |
    Swordsman  |  0   0   0   1   |   -  |  90% | 110% | 110% |  90% | 120% |
    Defender   |  0   0   0  2|3  | 120% |   -  | 120% | 120% |   -  | 120% |
    Cavalier   |  0   0   0  4|5  | 140% | 110% | 130% | 130% | 110% | 120% |
    Ascetic    |  0   0   0  6|9  | 120% | 140% | 110% | 120% | 140% | 120% |
    Luminier   |  0  1|3  0   6   | 170% | 130% | 140% | 140% | 130% | 120% |
    Water Monk |  0   1   0   7   | 150% | 160% | 130% | 140% | 160% | 120% |
    Radiant    |  0   2   0   7   | 190% | 140% | 150% | 150% | 140% | 120% |
                Other Series                                                |
    Ninja      |  3   0   3   0   | 160% | 140% | 150% | 120% | 170% |  90% |
    Disciple   |  4   0   4   0   | 180% | 150% | 160% | 130% | 180% |  90% |
    Master     |  4   0   5   0   | 200% | 160% | 170% | 140% | 190% |  90% |
    Samurai    |  4   0   3   0   | 190% | 130% | 150% | 140% | 140% |  95% |
    Ronin      |  5   0   4   0   | 190% | 140% | 160% | 150% | 150% |  95% |
    Dragoon    |  0   3   0  3|4  | 160% | 130% | 140% | 140% | 110% | 120% |
    Templar    |  0   4   0   4   | 180% | 140% | 150% | 150% | 120% | 120% |
    Paladin    |  0   4   0   5   | 200% | 150% | 160% | 160% | 130% | 120% |
    Venus Series
       See Venus Adepts "Mars" Series (are identical)
    Mars Series (Jenna)
    ___   ____________________    ____________________
    lvl   Flame User & Witch      Hex - Justice
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Flare               ->  Flare
      5    Fume                ->  Fume
      6    Flare Wall          ->  Flare Wall
      7    Beam                ->  Beam
      9                            Aura
     10    Impair              ->  Impair
     16                            Healing Aura
     18    Flare Storm         ->  Flare Storm
     21    Cycle Beam          ->  Cycle Beam
     23    Debilitate          ->  Debilitate
     26    Serpent Fume        ->  Serpent Fume
     33                            Cool Aura
     41    Searing Beam        ->  Searing Beam
     47    Dragon Fume         ->  Dragon Fume
    Mars Series (Garet)
    ___   ____________________    ____________________    ____________________
    lvl   Guard & Soldier         Warrior                 Champion & Hero  
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Flare               ->  Flare               ->  Flare
      3                            Guard               ->  Guard
      4    Fire                ->  Fire                ->  Fire
      6    Flare Wall          ->  Flare Wall          ->  Flare Wall
      8    Volcano             ->  Volcano             ->  Volcano
      9                            Impair              ->  Impair
     12    Heat Wave           ->  Heat Wave           ~>  Liquifier
     14    Fireball            ->  Fireball            ->  Fireball
     15                            Protect             ->  Protect
     18    Flare Storm         ->  Flare Storm         ->  Flare Storm
     22    Eruption            ->  Eruption            ->  Eruption
     26                            Debilitate          ->  Debilitate
     36    Inferno             ->  Inferno             ->  Inferno
     48    Pyroclasm           ->  Pyroclasm           ->  Pyroclasm
    Jupiter Series
    ___   ____________________    ____________________    ____________________
    lvl   Page & Illusionist      Enchanter               Conjurer & War Adept
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Delude              ->  Delude              ->  Delude
      3                            Guard               ->  Guard
      5                            Impact              ->  Impact
      6    Ward                ->  Ward                ->  Ward
      8    Volcano             ->  Volcano             ->  Volcano
      9    Weaken              ->  Weaken              ->  Weaken
     11    Astral Blast        ->  Astral Blast        ~>  Thunder Mine
     14    Sleep               ->  Sleep               ->  Sleep
     15                            Protect             ->  Protect
     21                            High Impact         ->  High Impact
     23    Eruption            ->  Eruption            ->  Eruption
     25    Enfeeble            ->  Enfeeble            ->  Enfeeble
     31    Drain               ->  Drain               ->  Drain
     39    Psy Drain           ->  Psy Drain           ->  Psy Drain
     48    Pyroclasm           ->  Pyroclasm           ->  Pyroclasm
    ___   ____________________ 
    lvl   Ascetic & Fire Monk
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Slash
      6    Ward
      8    Volcano
      9    Plasma
     10    Wind Slash
     18    Bind
     22    Eruption
     24    Resist
     26    Shine Plasma
     30    Sonic Slash
     33    Drain
     41    Psy Drain
     48    Pyroclasm
     50    Spark Plasma
    Mercury Series
    ___   _____________    ______________    ______________    ______________
    lvl   Swordsman        Defender          Cavalier          Radiant
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1                     Ply           ->  Ply           ->  Ply
      2    Blast        ->  Blast         ->  Blast         ->  Blast
      3    Guard        ->  Guard         ->  Guard         ->  Guard
      5    Cure Poison  ->  Cure Poison   ->  Cure Poison   ->  Cure Poison
      6                     Avoid         ->  Avoid         ->  Avoid
      8                                       Wish          ->  Wish
     10    Mad Blast    ->  Mad Blast     ->  Mad Blast     ->  Mad Blast
     11    Cutting Edge ->  Cutting Edge  ->  Cutting Edge  ~>  Plume Edge
     13    Restore      ->  Restore       ->  Restore       ->  Restore
     15    Protect      ->  Protect       ->  Protect       ->  Protect
     16                     Ply Well      ->  Ply Well      ->  Ply Well
     22                                       Wish Well     ->  Wish Well
     28    Fiery Blast  ->  Fiery Blast   ->  Fiery Blast   ->  Fiery Blast
     30    Break        ->  Break         ->  Break         ->  Break
     34                     Pure Ply      ->  Pure Ply      ->  Pure Ply
     46                                       Pure Wish     ->  Pure Wish
    ___   ____________________
    lvl   Ascetic & Water Monk
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Douse
      5    Cure Poison
      6    Prism
      8    Volcano
      9    Wish
     12    Drench
     13    Restore
     20    Hail Prism
     22    Eruption
     24    Wish Well
     30    Deluge
     34    Break
     46    Pure Wish
     48    Pyroclasm
     52    Freeze Prism
    Other Series
       See Venus Adepts "Other" Series (are identical)
    Jupiter Adepts - Sheba & Ivan (Base Class: Wind Seer)                   |
                Req. Djinn         Statistic Change ('-' = No Change, 100%) |
    Class      | Ven Mar Jup Mer  | HP   | PP   | Att  | Def  | Agl  | Lck  |
                Venus Series                                                |
    Seer       |  1   0   0   0   |  90% | 130% |  90% |  90% | 110% |   -  |
    Diviner    | 2|3  0   0   0   | 110% | 140% |   -  |   -  | 120% |   -  |
    Shaman     | 4|5  0   0   0   | 120% | 150% | 110% | 110% | 130% |   -  |
    Enchanter  | 6|9  0   0   0   | 140% | 140% | 130% | 120% | 140% |  90% |
    Druid      |  6   0  1|3  0   | 150% | 170% | 130% | 130% | 160% |  90% |
    Conjurer   | 7|8  0   1   0   | 170% | 160% | 140% | 130% | 170% |  90% |
    Oracle     |  7   0   2   0   | 170% | 180% | 140% | 140% | 170% |   -  |
                Mars Series                                                 |
    Pilgrim    |  0   1   0   0   |  90% | 120% |  90% |   -  | 120% | 120% |
    Wanderer   |  0  2|3  0   0   | 110% | 130% |   -  | 110% | 130% | 120% |
    Ascetic    |  0  4|5  0   0   | 120% | 140% | 110% | 120% | 140% | 120% |
    Enchanter  |  0  6|9  0   0   | 140% | 140% | 130% | 120% | 140% |  90% |
    Fire Monk  |  0   6  1|2  0   | 150% | 160% | 140% | 140% | 160% | 120% |
    Conjurer   |  0  7|8  1   0   | 170% | 160% | 150% | 130% | 160% |  90% |
    Guru       |  0   7   2   0   | 170% | 170% | 150% | 150% | 170% | 120% |
                Jupiter Series                                              |
    Wind Seer  |  0   0  0|1  0   |  80% | 140% |  80% |  90% | 130% | 110% |
    Magician   |  0   0  2|3  0   |  90% | 150% |  90% |   -  | 140% | 110% |
    Mage       |  0   0  4|5  0   | 110% | 160% |   -  | 110% | 150% | 110% |
    Magister   |  0   0  6|7  0   | 130% | 170% | 110% | 120% | 160% | 110% |
    Sorcerer   |  0   0  8|9  0   | 150% | 180% | 120% | 130% | 170% | 110% |
                Mercury Series                                              |
    Hermit     |  0   0   0   1   |  80% | 140% |  80% |  90% | 130% | 120% |
    Elder      |  0   0   0  2|3  |  90% | 150% |  90% |   -  | 140% | 120% |
    Scholar    |  0   0   0   4   | 110% | 160% |   -  | 110% | 150% | 120% |
    Savant     |  0   0   0  5|9  | 130% | 170% | 110% | 120% | 160% | 120% |
    Sage       |  0   0  1|3 6|8  | 150% | 180% | 120% | 130% | 170% | 120% |
    Wizard     |  0   0   2   7   | 180% | 190% | 130% | 140% | 180% | 120% |
                Other Series                                                |
    Medium     |  3   0   0   3   | 130% | 170% | 120% | 120% | 150% |  90% |
    Conjurer   |  4   0   0   4   | 140% | 160% | 120% | 130% | 160% |  90% |
    Dark Mage  |  5   0   0   4   | 160% | 170% | 130% | 140% | 170% |  90% |
    White Mage |  3   0   0  4|6  | 150% | 180% | 130% | 130% | 150% | 120% |
    Pure Mage  |  4   0   0   5   | 180% | 190% | 140% | 140% | 160% | 120% |
    Ranger     |  0   3   0  3|6  | 130% | 160% | 120% | 120% | 160% | 120% |
    Bard       |  0   4   0   4   | 150% | 170% | 140% | 130% | 170% | 120% |
    Warlock    |  0   4   0   5   | 170% | 180% | 150% | 140% | 180% | 120% |
    Venus Series
    ___   ____________________    ______________________
    lvl   Seer & Diviner          Shaman, Druid & Oracle
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Cure                ->  Cure
      2    Bolt                ->  Bolt
      3    Growth              ->  Growth
      5                            Ward
      6    Flash Bolt          ->  Flash Bolt
     12    Mad Growth          ->  Mad Growth
     10    Cure Well           ->  Cure Well
     18    Bind                ->  Bind
     19                            Revive
     22    Blue Bolt           ->  Blue Bolt
     23                            Resist
     26    Potent Cure         ->  Potent Cure
     29    Wild Growth         ->  Wild Growth
     31    Drain               ->  Drain
     39    Psy Drain           ->  Psy Drain
    ___   ____________________    ____________________
    lvl   Enchanter               Conjurer
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Delude              ->  Delude
      5    Impact              ->  Impact
      6    Gaia                ->  Gaia 
      9    Weaken              ->  Weaken
     11    Astral Blast        ~>  Thunder Mine
     14    Sleep               ->  Sleep
     17    Haunt               ->  Haunt
     20    Curse               ->  Curse
     21    High Impact         ->  High Impact
     22    Resist              ->  Resist
     24    Mother Gaia         ->  Mother Gaia
     25    Enfeeble            ->  Enfeeble
     31    Drain               ->  Drain
     39    Psy Drain           ->  Psy Drain
     54    Grand Gaia          ->  Grand Gaia
    Mars Series
    ___   ____________________    _________________________
    lvl   Pilgrim & Wanderer      Ascetic, Fire Monk & Guru
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Slash               ->  Slash
      6                            Ward
      8                            Volcano
      9    Plasma              ->  Plasma
     10    Wind Slash          ->  Wind Slash
     18    Bind                ->  Bind
     22                            Eruption
     24                            Resist
     26    Shine Plasma        ->  Shine Plasma
     30    Sonic Slash         ->  Sonic Slash
     33    Drain               ->  Drain
     34    Break               ->  Break
     41    Psy Drain           ->  Psy Drain
     48                            Pyroclasm
     50    Spark Plasma        ->  Spark Plasma
    ___   ____________________    ____________________
    lvl   Enchanter               Conjurer
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Delude              ->  Delude
      3    Guard               ->  Guard
      5    Impact              ->  Impact
      6    Ward                ->  Ward
      8    Volcano             ->  Volcano
      9    Weaken              ->  Weaken
     11    Astral Blast        ~>  Thunder Mine
     14    Sleep               ->  Sleep
     15    Protect             ->  Protect
     21    High Impact         ->  High Impact
     23    Eruption            ->  Eruption
     25    Enfeeble            ->  Enfeeble
     31    Drain               ->  Drain
     39    Psy Drain           ->  Psy Drain
     48    Pyroclasm           ->  Pyroclasm
    Jupiter Series
    ___   ____________________    ____________________    ____________________
    lvl   Wind Seer               Magician                Mage - Sorcerer
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Whirlwind           ->  Whirlwind           ->  Whirlwind
      4    Ray                 ->  Ray                 ->  Ray
      5                            Impact              ->  Impact
      6                                                    Ward
      8    Plasma              ->  Plasma              ->  Plasma
     12    Sleep               ->  Sleep               ->  Sleep
     14    Storm Ray           ->  Storm Ray           ->  Storm Ray
     17    Bind                ->  Bind                ->  Bind
     18    Tornado             ->  Tornado             ->  Tornado
     21                            High Impact         ->  High Impact
     22                                                    Resist
     26    Shine Plasma        ->  Shine Plasma        ->  Shine Plasma
     36    Destruct Ray        ->  Destruct Ray        ->  Destruct Ray
     44    Tempest             ->  Tempest             ->  Tempest
     50    Spark Plasma        ->  Spark Plasma        ->  Spark Plasma
    Mercury Series
    ___   ____________________    ____________________
    lvl   Hermit & Elder          Scholar - Wizard
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Impact              ->  Impact
      6    Prism               ->  Prism
      8    Plasma              ->  Plasma
     12                            Wish
     18    Bind                ->  Bind
     21    High Impact         ->  High Impact
     22    Hail Prism          ->  Hail Prism
     24                            Wish Well
     26    Shine Plasma        ->  Shine Plasma
     30    Break               ->  Break
     31    Drain               ->  Drain
     39    Psy Drain           ->  Psy Drain
     46                            Pure Wish
     50    Spark Plasma        ->  Spark Plasma
     52    Freeze Prism        ->  Freeze Prism
    Other Series
    ___   ____________________ 
    lvl   Ranger - Warlock
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Douse
      1    Slash
      6    Ward
      8    Volcano
     10    Wind Slash
     12    Drench
     18    Bind
     22    Eruption
     24    Resist
     30    Sonic Slash
     30    Deluge
     33    Drain
     34    Break
     41    Psy Drain
     48    Pyroclasm
    ___   ____________________ 
    lvl   Medium - Dark Mage
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Cure
      2    Froth
      2    Bolt
      6    Flash Bolt
     10    Cure Well
     14    Froth Sphere
     17    Haunt
     19    Revive
     20    Curse
     22    Blue Bolt
     26    Potent Cure
     29    Condemn
     31    Drain
     36    Psy Drain
     40    Froth Spiral
    ___   ______________________ 
    lvl   White Mage & Pure Mage
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      2    Prism
      5    Cure Poison
      6    Ward
      8    Plasma
     11    Dull
     12    Wish
     13    Restore
     17    Revive
     20    Hail Prism
     24    Wish Well
     26    Shine Plasma
     31    Resist
     37    Blunt
     46    Spark Plasma
     46    Pure Wish
     52    Freeze Prism
    Mercury Adepts - Piers & Mia (Base Class: Mariner & Water Seer)         |
                Req. Djinn         Statistic Change ('-' = No Change, 100%) |
    Class      | Ven Mar Jup Mer  | HP   | PP   | Att  | Def  | Agl  | Lck  |
                Venus Series                                                |
    Seer       |  1   0   0   0   |  90% | 130% |  90% |  90% | 110% |   -  |
    Diviner    | 2|3  0   0   0   | 110% | 140% |   -  |   -  | 120% |   -  |
    Shaman     | 4|5  0   0   0   | 120% | 150% | 110% | 110% | 130% |   -  |
    Cavalier   | 6|9  0   0   0   | 140% | 110% | 130% | 130% | 110% | 120% |
    Druid      |  6   0   0  1|3  | 150% | 170% | 130% | 130% | 160% |   -  |
    Guardian   | 7|8  0   0   1   | 170% | 130% | 140% | 140% | 130% | 120% |
    Oracle     |  7   0   0   2   | 170% | 180% | 140% | 140% | 170% |   -  |
                Mars Series                                                 |
    Pilgrim    |  0   1   0   0   |  90% | 120% |  90% |   -  | 120% | 120% |
    Wanderer   |  0  2|3  0   0   | 110% | 130% |   -  | 110% | 130% | 120% |
    Ascetic    |  0  4|5  0   0   | 120% | 140% | 110% | 120% | 140% | 120% |
    Cavalier   |  0  6|9  0   0   | 140% | 110% | 130% | 130% | 110% | 120% |
    Water Monk | 1|3  6   0   0   | 150% | 160% | 130% | 140% | 160% | 120% |
    Luminier   |  1  7|8  0   0   | 170% | 130% | 150% | 140% | 130% | 120% |
    Guru       |  2   7   0   0   | 170% | 170% | 150% | 150% | 170% | 120% |
                Jupiter Series                                              |
    Hermit     |  0   0   1   0   |  80% | 140% |  80% |  90% | 130% | 120% |
    Elder      |  0   0  2|3  0   |  90% | 150% |  90% |   -  | 140% | 120% |
    Scholar    |  0   0   4   0   | 110% | 160% |   -  | 110% | 150% | 120% |
    Savant     |  0   0   0  5|9  | 130% | 170% | 110% | 120% | 160% | 120% |
    Sage       |  0   0  1|3 6|8  | 150% | 180% | 120% | 130% | 170% | 120% |
    Wizard     |  0   0   2   7   | 180% | 190% | 130% | 140% | 180% | 120% |
          Piers Mercury Series                                              |
    Mariner    |  0   0   0  0|1  | 110% |  90% |   -  |   -  |  90% | 120% |
    Privateer  |  0   0   0  2|3  | 130% |   -  | 110% | 110% |   -  | 120% |
    Commander  |  0   0   0  4|5  | 150% | 110% | 120% | 120% | 110% | 120% |
    Captain    |  0   0   0  6|7  | 170% | 120% | 130% | 130% | 120% | 120% |
    Admiral    |  0   0   0  8|9  | 190% | 130% | 140% | 140% | 130% | 120% |
            Mia Mercury Series                                              |
    Water Seer |  0   0   0  0|1  |  90% | 130% |  90% |   -  |  80% | 130% |
    Scribe     |  0   0   0  2|3  |   -  | 140% |   -  | 110% |  90% | 130% |
    Cleric     |  0   0   0  4|5  | 120% | 150% | 110% | 120% |   -  | 130% |
    Paragon    |  0   0   0  6|7  | 140% | 160% | 120% | 130% | 110% | 130% |
    Angel      |  0   0   0  8|9  | 160% | 170% | 130% | 140% | 120% | 130% |
                Other Series                                                |
    Medium     |  3   0   3   0   | 120% | 150% | 110% | 120% | 150% |  90% |
    Conjurer   |  4   0   4   0   | 140% | 160% | 120% | 130% | 160% |  90% |
    Dark Mage  |  5   0   4   0   | 160% | 170% | 130% | 140% | 170% |  90% |
    White Mage |  3   0  4|6  0   | 150% | 180% | 130% | 130% | 150% | 120% |
    Pure Mage  |  4   0   5   0   | 180% | 190% | 140% | 140% | 160% | 120% |
    Ranger     |  0  3|6  3   0   | 130% | 160% | 120% | 120% | 160% | 120% |
    Bard       |  0   4   4   0   | 150% | 170% | 140% | 130% | 170% | 120% |
    Warlock    |  0   5   4   0   | 170% | 180% | 150% | 140% | 180% | 120% |
    Venus Series
    ___   ____________________    ______________________
    lvl   Seer & Diviner          Shaman, Druid & Oracle
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Cure                ->  Cure
      2    Froth               ->  Froth
      3    Growth              ->  Growth
      5    Cure Poison         ->  Cure Poison
      8                            Wish
     10    Cure Well           ->  Cure Well
     12    Mad Growth          ->  Mad Growth
     13    Restore             ->  Restore
     14    Froth Sphere        ->  Froth Sphere
     19                            Revive
     22                            Wish Well
     26    Potent Cure         ->  Potent Cure
     29    Wild Growth         ->  Wild Growth
     30    Break               ->  Break
     40    Froth Spiral        ->  Froth Spiral
     36    Pure Wish           ->  Pure Wish
    ___   ______________    ______________
    lvl   Cavalier          Guardian
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Ply           ->  Ply
      4    Thorn         ->  Thorn
      5    Cure Poison   ->  Cure Poison
      6    Avoid         ->  Avoid
      8    Wish          ->  Wish
     10    Mad Blast     ->  Mad Blast
     11    Cutting Edge  ~>  Plume Edge
     13    Restore       ->  Restore
     14    Briar         ->  Briar
     16    Ply Well      ->  Ply Well
     19    Revive        ->  Revive
     22    Wish Well     ->  Wish Well
     30    Break         ->  Break
     34    Pure Ply      ->  Pure Ply
     36    Nettle        ->  Nettle
     46    Pure Wish     ->  Pure Wish
    Mars Series
    ___   ____________________    __________________________
    lvl   Pilgrim & Wanderer      Ascetic, Water Monk & Guru
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Douse               ->  Douse
      5    Cure Poison         ->  Cure Poison
      6    Prism               ->  Prism
      8                            Volcano
      9                            Wish
     12    Drench              ->  Drench
     13    Restore             ->  Restore
     20    Hail Prism          ->  Hail Prism
     22                            Eruption
     24                            Wish Well
     30    Deluge              ->  Deluge
     34    Break               ->  Break
     46                            Pure Wish
     48                            Pyroclasm
     52    Freeze Prism        ->  Freeze Prism
    ___   ____________________    ____________________
    lvl   Cavalier                Luminier
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Ply                 ->  Ply
      2    Blast               ->  Blast
      3    Guard               ->  Guard 
      5    Cure Poison         ->  Cure Poison 
      6    Avoid               ->  Avoid
      8    Wish                ->  Wish
     10    Mad Blast           ->  Mad Blast
     11    Cutting Edge        ~>  Plume Edge
     13    Restore             ->  Restore
     15    Protect             ->  Protect
     16    Ply Well            ->  Ply Well
     22    Wish Well           ->  Wish Well
     28    Fiery Blast         ->  Fiery Blast
     30    Break               ->  Break
     34    Pure Ply            ->  Pure Ply
     46    Pure Wish           ->  Pure Wish
    Jupiter Series
    ___   ____________________    ____________________
    lvl   Hermit & Elder          Scholar - Wizard
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Impact              ->  Impact
      6    Prism               ->  Prism
      8    Plasma              ->  Plasma
     12                            Wish
     18    Bind                ->  Bind
     21    High Impact         ->  High Impact
     22    Hail Prism          ->  Hail Prism
     24                            Wish Well
     26    Shine Plasma        ->  Shine Plasma
     30    Break               ->  Break
     31    Drain               ->  Drain
     39    Psy Drain           ->  Psy Drain
     46                            Pure Wish
     50    Spark Plasma        ->  Spark Plasma
     52    Freeze Prism        ->  Freeze Prism
    Mercury Series - Piers
    ___   ____________________    ____________________    ____________________
    lvl   Mariner                 Privateer & Commander   Captain & Admiral
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Douse               ->  Douse               ->  Douse
      1    Frost               ->  Frost               ->  Frost
      2    Ply                 ->  Ply                 ->  Ply
      4    Cool                ->  Cool                ->  Cool
      5    Cure Poison         ->  Cure Poison         ->  Cure Poison
      6                            Avoid               ->  Avoid
      8    Tundra              ->  Tundra              ->  Tundra
     12    Diamond Dust        ->  Diamond Dust        ~>  Diamond Berg
     13    Restore             ->  Restore             ->  Restore
     17    Ply Well            ->  Ply Well            ->  Ply Well
     21    Supercool           ->  Supercool           ->  Supercool
     24    Glacier             ->  Glacier             ->  Glacier
     30    Break               ->  Break               ->  Break
     35    Pure Ply            ->  Pure Ply            ->  Pure Ply
     48    Megacool            ->  Megacool            ->  Megacool
    Mercury Series - Mia
    ___   ____________________    ____________________
    lvl   Water Seer & Scribe     Cleric - Angel
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Ply                 ->  Ply
      4    Ice                 ->  Ice
      2    Frost               ->  Frost
      8                            Wish
      9    Tundra              ->  Tundra
     13    Restore             ->  Restore
     16    Ply Well            ->  Ply Well
     17    Ice Horn            ->  Ice Horn
     22                            Wish Well
     25    Glacier             ->  Glacier
     30    Break               ->  Break
     34    Pure Ply            ->  Pure Ply
     42    Ice Missile         ->  Ice Missile
     46                            Pure Wish
    Other Series
     See Jupiter Adepts "Other" Series (Are identical)
    All Adepts - Book Classes                                               |
                Req. Djinn         Statistic Change ('-' = No Change, 100%) |
               |Own | Other Elem. | HP   | PP   | Att  | Def  | Agl  | Lck  |
                Mysterious Card Series                                      |
    Pierrot    |  0 | 0   0   0   |   -  |  80% |   -  | 110% | 130% | 120% |
    Harlequin  |  0 | 1   1   1   | 130% |   -  | 110% | 120% | 140% | 120% |
    Punchinello|  0 | 2   2   2   | 160% | 110% | 120% | 130% | 150% | 120% |
    Acrobat    |  0 | 3   3   3   | 190% | 120% | 130% | 140% | 160% | 120% |
                Trainer's Whip Series                                       |
    Tamer      |  0 | 0   0   0   |   -  |  70% | 110% | 120% |  90% |  80% |
    Trainer    |  0 | 1   1   1   | 130% |  90% | 120% | 130% |   -  |  80% |
    Beastkeeper|  0 | 2   2   2   | 160% |   -  | 140% | 140% | 110% |  80% |
    Beast Lord |  0 | 3   3   3   | 190% | 110% | 160% | 150% | 120% |  80% |
                Tomegatericon Series                                        |
    Dark Mage  |  0 | 0   0   0   |  80% | 140% |  80% |  90% | 140% |  90% |
    Crypt Lord |  0 | 1   1   1   |   -  | 160% |   -  | 110% | 150% |  90% |
    Necrolyte  |  0 | 2   2   2   | 130% | 170% | 120% | 120% | 160% |  90% |
    Necromage  |  0 | 3   3   3   | 160% | 190% | 140% | 130% | 170% |  90% |
    Mysterious Card Series
    ___   ____________________    _____________________
    lvl   Pierrot & Harlequin     Punchinello & Acrobat
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      3    Baffle Card         ->  Baffle Card 
      5    Juggle              ->  Juggle
      6    Avoid               ->  Avoid
      8    Sword Card          ->  Sword Card
     10    Sabre Dance         ->  Sabre Dance
     13    Flame Card          ->  Flame Card
     15    Sleep Card          ->  Sleep Card
     17    Heat Juggle         ->  Heat Juggle
     22    Fire Breath         ->  Fire Breath
     25    Thunder Card        ->  Thunder Card
     27    Death Card          ->  Death Card
     29                            Backstab
     33    Bramble Card        ->  Bramble Card
     37    Fiery Juggle        ->  Fiery Juggle
     46    Frost Card          ->  Frost Card
    Trainer's Whip Series
    ___   _____________    ______________    ______________    ______________
    lvl   Tamer            Defender          Beastkeeper       Beast Lord
    ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      1    Wild Wolf    ~>  Orc           ~>  Dinox         ~>  Troll
      5    Cure Poison  ->  Cure Poison   ->  Cure Poison   ->  Cure Poison
      6    Impact       ->  Impact        ->  Impact        ->  Impact 
      7                     Pixie         ~>  Faery         ~>  Weird Nymph
     10    Whiplash     ->  Whiplash      ->  Whiplash      ->  Whiplash
     10    Salamander   ~>  Cerebus       ~>  Chimera       ~>  Macetail
     13    Restore      ->  Restore       ->  Restore       ->  Restore
     15                                       Elder Wood    ~>  Estre Wood
     20    Emu          ~>  Harpy         ~>  Gryphon       ~>  Minotaur
     22    High Impact  ->  High Impact   ->  High Impact   ->  High Impact
     24                                                         Succubus
     27                                       Lich          ~>  Phoenix
     28                                                         Manticore
     32                     Wyvern        ~>  Blue Dragon   ~>  Fire Dragon
     45    Roc          ~>  Grand Golem   ~>  Living Armor  ~>  Ghost Soldier
    Tomegatericon Series
    __   ____________________    ____________________    ____________________
    lvl  Dark Mage & Crypt Lord  Necrolyte               Necromage
    ¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      9   Raging Heat         ->  Raging Heat         ->  Raging Heat
     17   Haunt               ->  Haunt               ->  Haunt
     19   Revive              ->  Revive              ->  Revive
     20   Fire Puppet         ->  Fire Puppet         ->  Fire Puppet
     22   Fiery Abyss         ->  Fiery Abyss         ->  Fiery Abyss
     24   Curse               ->  Curse               ->  Curse
     26                           Call Demon          ->  Call Demon
     29   Condemn             ->  Condemn             ->  Condemn
     31   Drain               ->  Drain               ->  Drain
     33   Poison Flow         ->  Poison Flow         ->  Poison Flow
     39   Psy Drain           ->  Psy Drain           ->  Psy Drain
     47                                                   Call Dullahan
     53   Dire Inferno        ->  Dire Inferno        ->  Dire Inferno
    BTW. You do NOT have to beat Dullahan before "Call Dullahan" becomes 
    available. This to clear an old rumor, just get to level 47 in Necromage 
    Class and the Psynergy appears.
    Appendix B: Chart Tables
    1. I Items - Potions
    Name            Value  Description
    --------------  -----  ----------------------------------------------------
    Herb               10  Heals 50 HP
    Nut               200  Heals 200 HP
    Corn               12  Heals 200 HP
    Vial              500  Heals 500 HP
    Potion!          1000  Heals all HP
    Mist Potion!     9000  Heals 300 HP for all
    Empty Bottle!~   1000  Use to store Hermes' Water
    Hermes' Water!~  2000  Heals all HP
    Psy Crystal!      500  Heals all PP
    Antidote           20  Cures Poison
    Elixir             30  Cures Delude, Stun, Sleep, Haunt & Curse
    Sacred Feather     70  Decreases Encounter Rate (Less Monster Battles)
    Water of Life!   3000  Revives a dead character and heals all HP
    Power Bread!      500  Increase maximum HP with +5 permanently
    Cookie!           500  Increase maximum PP with +5 permanently
    Apple!            500  Increase ATK with +3 permanently
    Hard Nut!         500  Increase DEF with +3 permanently
    Mint!             500  Increase AGL with +3 permanently
    Lucky Pepper!     500  Increase LCK with +2 permanently
    1. II Items - Attack Items
    Name            Value  Description
    --------------  -----  ----------------------------------------------------
    Smoke Bomb         30  Use induces Delusion
    Sleep Bomb         60  Use induces Sleep
    Oil Drop           30  Attack with Fire power 
    Weasel Claw        40  Attack with Wind power
    Bramble Seed       50  Attack with Earth power
    Crystal Powder     60  Attack with Water power
    Trident             -  Water Res. +20, Use break Poseidon's Force field 
    1. III Items - Scenario Items
    Name           Value  Description
    -------------- -----  -----------------------------------------------------
    Lucky Medal!      50  Use for winning items at Lemurian Fountain
    Game Ticket!     100  Use for winning items at Contigo's Slot Machine
    Burst Brooch       -  Learn "Burst"    (Tundaria Tower)
    Carry Stone        -  Learn "Carry"    (Get from Isaac)
    Cloak Ball~        -  Learn "Cloak"
    Douse Drop         -  Learn "Douse"    (Get from Isaac)
    Frost Jewel        -  Learn "Frost"    (Get from Isaac)
    Grind Stone        -  Learn "Grind"    (Lemuria)
    Halt Gem~          -  Learn "Halt"
    Hover Jade         -  Learn "Hover"    (Shaman Village)
    Lash Pebble        -  Learn "Lash"     (Kandorean Temple)
    Lifting Gem        -  Learn "Lift"     (Get from Isaac)
    Orb of Force~      -  Learn "Force"
    Pound Cube         -  Learn "Pound"    (Dehkan Plateaus)
    Teleport Lapis     -  Learn "Teleport" (Mars Lighthouse)
    Tremor Bit         -  Learn "Tremor"   (Madra Catacombs)
    Mythril Bag        -  Can hold one or more of the elemental stars
    Jupiter Star       -  Use to light beacon of the Jupiter Lighthouse
    Mars Star          -  Use to light beacon of the Mars Lighthouse
    Aquarius Stone     -  Find and use in Aqua Rock to get "Parch"
    Black Orb          -  Used for entering & controlling the Lemurian Ship
    Dancing Idol!    400  Use to light Serpent, trade with Uzume for Coal
    Magma Ball!      800  Found in Magma Rock, use to load Loho's cannon 
    Sea God's Tear!  300  Get in Daila's Shrine, use in Shrine of the Sea God
    Dragon's Eye~      -  No use
    Cell Key!~        30  No use
    Ruin Key!        230  Open door in Madra Catacombs to Moloch Tablet
    Blue Key           -  Open red door in Jupiter Lighthouse
    Red Key            -  Open blue door in Jupiter Lighthouse
    Bone               -  Wastes inventory space / Distract dog
    Large Bread        8  Feed the hungry Alhafran boy
    Laughing Fungus  700  No use, Give Madran Man for some comments
    Healing Fungus!  300  Trade with Madran man for Mars Djinni - Char
    Pretty Stone!    300  Animal trade quest item
    Red Cloth!       120  Animal trade quest item
    Milk!             90  Animal trade quest item
    Li'l Turtle!     500  Animal trade quest item, get entrance Islet Cave
    1. IV Items - Raw Materials
    Name            Value  Description (See below for the forging list)
    --------------- -----  ----------------------------------------------------
    Tear Stone!       300  Forge by Sunshine; dropped by Gillman Lord
    Star Dust!        400  Forge by Sunshine; dropped by Sand Scorpion
    Sylph Feather!    700  Forge by Sunshine; dropped by Great Seagull
    Dragon Skin!     1200  Forge by Sunshine; dropped by Winged Lizard
    Salamander Tail! 1400  Forge by Sunshine; dropped by Pyrodra
    Golem Core!      1500  Forge by Sunshine; dropped by Bombander
    Mythril Silver!  2000  Forge by Sunshine; dropped by Ghost
    Dark Matter!     3000  Forge by Sunshine; dropped by Wonder Bird
    Orihalcon!       4000  Forge by Sunshine; dropped by Sky Dragon
    Tear Stone               Star Dust                Sylph Feather
     Drop - Gillman Lord      Drop - Sand Scorpion     Drop - Great Seagull
    ----------------------   ----------------------   ----------------------
    Cloud Wand       (25%)   Comet Mace       (20%)   Sylph Rapier     (25%)
    Clear Bracelet   (30%)   Planet Armor     (20%)   Faery Vest       (25%)
    Pure Circlet     (25%)   Luna Shield      (20%)   Aerial Gloves    (25%)
    Spirit Ring      (20%)   Astral Circlet   (20%)   Floating Hat     (25%)
                             Star Dust Ring   (20%)
    Dragon Skin              Salamander Tail          Golem Core
     Drop - Winged Lizard     Drop - Pyrodra           Drop - Bombander
    ----------------------   ----------------------   ----------------------
    Dragon Mail      (20%)   Burning Sword    (15%)   Huge Sword       (15%)
    Dragon Robe      (15%)   Apollo's Axe     (15%)   Gaia's Axe       (15%)
    Dragon Shield    (25%)   Salamander Rod   (20%)   Tungsten Mace    (15%)
    Dragon Helm      (25%)   Ardagh Robe      (25%)   Chronos Mail     (30%)
    Dragon Boots     (15%)   Flame Shield     (25%)   Titan Gloves     (25%)
    Mythril Silver           Dark Matter              Orihalcon
     Drop - Soul Army         Drop - Wonder Bird       Drop - Sky Dragon
    ----------------------   ----------------------   ----------------------
    Levatine         (10%)   Darksword        (10%)   Excalibur        ( 5%)
    Mythril Blade    (20%)   Stealth Armor    (30%)   Stellar Axe      (10%)
    Mythril Clothes  (20%)   Terra Shield     (25%)   Nebula Wand      (15%)
    Mythril Helm     (15%)   Fear Helm        (20%)   Xylion Armor     (20%)
    Mythril Armlet   (20%)   Demon Circlet    (15%)   Big Bang Gloves  (15%)
    Psychic Circlet  (15%)                            Cosmos Shield    (15%)
                                                      Millennium Helm  (20%)
    Forge rate% between parenthesis
    2. I Weapons - Long Swords            (Used by Felix, Garet, Isaac & Piers)
    Name             ATK Value Unleash        Other
    ---------------- --- ----- -------------- ---------------------------------
    Rusty Sword!      10   277 -              Forges Robber's Blade
    Rusty Sword!      14   435 -              Forges Soul Brand
    Long Sword        14   200 -
    Broad Sword       40  1000 -
    Arctic Blade!~    55  2600 Blizzard
    Storm Brand!      60  3900 Hurricane
    Claymore          70  4000 -
    Great Sword       90  7000 -
    Shamshir!         99 10000 Acid Bath
    Robber's Blade!  101  7600 Shred
    Silver Sword!    108 12000 Aqua Sock
    Masamune!        115 13400 Rising Dragon
    Muramasa!~       126 13600 Demon Fire     Cursed
    Cloud Brand!     130 11800 Raiden's Wrath
    Lightning Sword! 134 11400 Flash Edge
    Gaia Blade!~     135 17000 Titan Blade    (Earth) Earth Pow. & Res. +20
    Soul Brand!      141 11600 Soul Shatter
    Hestia Blade!    145 12900 Crucible Fire
    Huge Sword!      155 14000 Heavy Divide
    Mythril Blade!   160 14600 Lethe Albion
    Rune Blade!      162 15000 Void Beam
    Levatine!        173 19700 Radiant Fire
    Fire Brand!      176 23400 Purgatory
    Excalibur!       180 29200 Legend
    Sol Blade!       200 31200 Megiddo
    Darksword!       210 24200 Acheron's Grief Cursed
    2. II Weapons - Light Blades             (Used by all except Mia and Sheba)
    Name             ATK Value Unleash        Other
    ---------------- --- ----- -------------- ---------------------------------
    Rusty Sword!       9   240 -              Forges Corsair's Edge
    Rusty Sword!      13   390 -              Forges Pirate's Sabre
    Machete^           6    28 -              (Dummied Out)
    Short Sword        8   120 -
    Bandit's Sword!~  12   700 Rapid Smash
    Hunter's Sword    28   520 -
    Pirate's Sword!   34  2000 Dreamtide
    Elven Rapier!~    44  2200 Vorpal Slash   (Wind)
    Hypnos' Sword!    49  2900 Moon Air
    Battle Rapier     58  2900 -
    Mystery Blade!~   85  6400 Life Nourish
    Master Rapier     86  6800 -
    Assassin Blade!~  90  7800 Mortal Danger
    Corsair's Edge!   90  6300 Lunar Slash
    Ninja Blade!      99  8800 Cyclone Attack
    Swift Sword!     104  9400 Sonic Smash     Wind Pow. +10
    Mist Sabre!      110  8600 Searing Fog
    Sylph Rapier!    124 10100 Mad Zephyr     (Wind)
    Kikuichimonji!~  128 13400 Asura
    Pirate's Sabre!  136 10600 Scorpionfish
    Phaeton's Blade! 151 13600 Light Surge
    Burning Sword!   157 14600 Blaze Rush
    Masamune!        161 16400 Rising Dragon
    Tisiphone Edge!  178 23000 Vengeance
    2. III Weapons - Axes                 (Used by Felix, Garet, Isaac & Piers)
    Name             ATK Value Unleash        Other
    ---------------- --- ----- -------------- ---------------------------------
    Rusty Axe!        10   255 -              Forges Captain's Axe
    Rusty Axe!        14   412 -              Forges Viking Axe
    Battle Axe        24   280 -
    Themis' Axe!      30  1900 Stone Justice
    Broad Axe         50  1400 -
    Vulcan Axe!~      76  4600 Barrage
    Disk Axe!         76  4700 Power Drive
    Great Axe         80  5200 -
    Burning Axe!~     84  7500 Broil          (Fire)
    Captain's Axe!    95  6800 -              Use DEF+
    Dragon Axe!      100 10300 Heat Mirage    (Fire)
    Giant Axe!       114 14000 Meltdown
    Tartarus Axe!    127 10800 Vein Tap
    Demon Axe!~      132 16000 Poison Cloud   Cursed
    Viking Axe!      137 11000 Stun Bolt
    Mighty Axe!      142 11900 Heat Shatter
    Apollo's Axe!    158 15200 Flare Burst    (Fire)
    Gaia's Axe!      163 16400 Mother Earth   (Earth)
    Stellar Axe!     171 19700 Supernova
    2. IV Weapons - Maces                     (Used by All except Jenna & Ivan)
    Name             ATK Value Unleash        Other
    ---------------- --- ----- -------------- ---------------------------------
    Rusty Mace!       11   315 -              Forges Hagbone Mace
    Rusty Mace!       12   345 -              Forges Demon Mace
    Mace               6    80 -
    Heavy Mace        26   500 -
    Blow Mace!        45  2800 Boost Hack
    Battle Mace       56  2600 -
    War Mace          84  6200 -
    Grievous Mace!~   88  7000 Terra Strike   (Earth)
    Comet Mace!      105  8000 Ice Crush
    Hagbone Mace!    108  8400 Wyrd Curse
    Righteous Mace!  112  8400 Blinding Smog  HP rec. +3
    Demon Mace!      115  9200 Evil Eye
    Thanatos Mace!   125 10400 Heartbreak
    Blessed Mace!    126 14500 -              HP rec. +2, Use rec. +200 HP
    Wicked Mace!~    130 13800 Poison Death   Cursed
    Rising Mace!     152 13900 High Vitals
    Tungsten Mace!   159 14700 Hammersphere
    2. V Weapons - Rods & Staffs             (Used by Ivan, Jenna, Mia & Sheba)
    Name             ATK Value Unleash        Other
    ---------------- --- ----- -------------- ---------------------------------
    Rusty Staff!      11   360 -              Forges Goblin Rod
    Rusty Staff!      12   375 -              Forges Glower Staff
    Wooden Stick       4    40 -
    Shaman's Rod      10     - -
    Magic Rod!        16   380 Murk
    Witch's Wand!     32   850 Stun Voltage
    Blessed Ankh!     46  1600 Psyphon Seal
    Psynergy Rod!     64  3800 Psynergy Leech
    Frost Wand!       76  5400 Frost Bite      (Water)
    Staff of Anubis!  83  5500 Sarcophagus
    Angelic Ankh!     83  6400 Life Leech
    Demonic Staff!    92 10000 Bad Omen        Cursed
    Cloud Wand!       98  7000 Stun Cloud
    Zodiac Wand!~    102 11400 Shining Star
    Crystal Rod!     106 13400 Drown
    Glower Staff!    126 10100 Flash Force
    Dracomace!       128 10700 Aging Gas
    Fireman's Pole!  130  8200 -               Use all Res.+
    Goblin's Rod!    134  9800 Sargasso
    Meditation Wand! 150 13400 Nirvana
    Salamander Rod!  156 14300 Fire Dance
    Nebula Wand!     165 15200 Reverse Star
    Clotho's Distaff!168 17200 -               Use rec. +1000 HP
    Atropos' Rod!    169 18900 Life Shear
    Lachesis' Rule!  177 21700 Apocalypse
    2. VI Weapons - Books                                         (Used by All)
    Name              Value  New Class    Other
    ----------------  -----  -----------  -------------------------------------
    Mysterious Card!    333  Pierrot      Found in Kandorean Temple
    Trainer's Whip!     666  Tamer        Found in Yampi Desert
    Tomegathericon!     999  Dark Mage    Found in Gabomba Catacombs
    3. I Body Armor - Armor               (Used by Felix, Garet, Isaac & Piers)
    Name             DEF Value Other
    ---------------- --- ----- ------------------------------------------------
    Leather Armor     12   240
    Psynergy Armor!   21  1000 Max PP +20
    Chainmail         25  2000
    Ixion Mail!       26  1300 Water/Wind Res. +20
    Armored Shell!    30  3600
    Spirit Armor!~    32  4000 all Res. +15
    Plate Mail        33  4400
    Spiked Armor!~    34 14000 ATK +10, Crit. +6%
    Steel Armor       36  4900
    Planet Armor!     36  4800 All Pow. +10
    Phantasmal Mail!  38  5800 LCK +7, Use induce Delusion
    Asura's Armor!~   42 15000 ATK +5, HP rec. +8
    Erebus Armor!     43  9000 HP rec. +6
    Dragon Mail!      44  9700 Water/Fire Res. +15
    Dragon Scales!~   44 17000 Water/Fire Res. +30
    Chronos Mail!     47 13100 Max HP +20
    Stealth Armor!    48 14000 Cursed, Earth Res. -10
    Xylion Mail!      50 22500 ATK +12
    Demon Mail!~      50 17000 Cursed, Wind Res. -10
    Valkyrie Mail!    53 25500 Crit. +20%
    3. II Body Armor - Clothing                                   (Worn by All)
    Name             DEF Value Other
    ---------------- --- ----- ------------------------------------------------
    Cotton Shirt       3    20
    Travel Vest        6    50
    Fur Coat~         16   400 Water Res. +20
    Adept's Clothes   18   850 Max PP +8
    Full Metal Vest!  21  1100
    Elven Shirt!~     22  1700 AGL *1.5
    Kimono!~          25  2800 AGL +10, Fire Res. +10
    Silver Vest       28  3200 
    Festival Coat!    28  2800 LCK +10
    Water Jacket!~    30  3000 Water Res. +30, Fire Res. +20
    Ninja Garb!~      36  6900 AGL +30, Wind Res. +10
    Wild Coat!        37  4000 AGL +40
    Faery Vest!       38  6900 Use to restore 200 HP 
    Floral Dress!     38  6600 Use induce Sleep
    Storm Gear!~      42  9800 Water/Fire/Wind Res. +30
    Mythril Clothes   44 14900 Crit. 15%
    Erinyes Tunic!    45 10400 ATK +5, Crit. +10%
    Triton's Ward!    47 16200 Water Pow. +30, Water Res. +70
    3. III Body Armor - Robes                (Used by Ivan, Jenna, Mia & Sheba)
    Name             DEF Value Other
    ---------------- --- ----- ------------------------------------------------
    One-Piece Dress*   4    24
    Travel Robe       10   200
    China Dress!~*    19  1600 Use enemy ATK-
    Silk robe*        20  1400
    Jerkin*           26  2400
    Cocktail Dress!~* 29  4000 Max PP +15
    Blessed Robe!     36  7000 HP rec. +5
    Magical Cassock!  39  9000 PP rec. +2
    Muni Robe!        39  6300 HP rec. +10
    Dragon Robe!      42  8900 Water/Fire Res. +18
    Oracle Robe!~*    43 13500 HP rec. +10, Water Res. +40 
    Ardagh Robe!      44  9900 Fire Pow. +20, Fire Res. +40
    Feathered Robe!   45 14000 AGL +30, Wind Pow. +20, Wind Res. +30
    Aeolian Cassock!  46 11400 Wind Pow. +15, Wind Res. +50
    Iris Robe!        47 16600 LCK +15, Fire Res. +30, PP rec. +12
    Mysterious Robe   48 11000 HP rec. +20, PP rec. +10
    4. I Arm Protection - Shields         (Used by Felix, Garet, Isaac & Piers)
    Name             DEF Value Other
    ---------------- --- ----- ------------------------------------------------
    Wooden Shield      6    40
    Bronze Shield     14   500
    Iron Shield       20  1200
    Fujin Shield!     23  1400 Wind Res. +50
    Dragon Shield!~   26  2400 Fire Res. +30
    Knight Shield     28  3000
    Earth Shield!~    31  4100 Earth Res. +20, Use rec. 150 HP
    Luna Shield!      33  3900 Earth Res. +30
    Mirrored Shield!  39  5200 Use induce Delusion
    Aegis Shield!     41  6700 Crit. +10%
    Dragon Shield!    42  7400 Water/Fire Res. +15
    Flame Shield!     44  8600 Fire Res. +60
    Terra Shield!     48 11200 Cursed, ATK +5
    Cosmos Shield!    49 12200 All Res. +20
    4. II Arm Protection - Gloves                                 (Worn by all)
    Name             DEF Value Other
    ---------------- --- ----- ------------------------------------------------
    Padded Gloves      2    10
    Leather Gloves    10   220
    Gauntlets         23  1600
    Battle Gloves!~   26  2100 ATK +8
    Vambrace!~        27  1800 ATK +5
    War Gloves!       31  4000 ATK +10
    Spirit Gloves!~   34  5200 All Pow. +5
    Crafted Gloves!   35  4600 ATK +5
    Aura Gloves!      36  6500 Use boost all Res.
    Aerial Gloves!    37  5400 AGL +30, Wind Pow. +20
    Spirit Gloves!    40  7200 Max PP +20
    Titan Gloves!     43  8100 Max HP +30
    Riot Gloves!      45 10400 ATK +15, Crit. +20%
    Big Bang Gloves!  47 10200 Fire Pow. +40
    4. III Arm Protection - Armlet           (Used by Ivan, Jenna, Mia & Sheba)
    Name             DEF Value Other
    ---------------- --- ----- ------------------------------------------------
    Leather Armlet     7   180
    Armlet            17   900
    Heavy Armlet      25  2000
    Guardian Armlet!~ 27  2600 Use boost DEF  
    Silver Armlet     30  4000
    Clear Bracelet!   31  3500 Water Pow. +25
    Virtuous Armlet!~ 35  7000 Fire & Wind Pow. +10, Use rec. +100 HP
    Spirit Armlet!    38  9000 Earth & Water Pow. +10, Use cure Ailments
    Leda's Bracelet!  38  5800 Wind Pow. +30
    Jester's Armlet!  39  5100 Max PP +30
    Mythril Armlet!   46  9700 Crit. +10%
    5. I Helmets - Helms                  (Used by Felix, Garet, Isaac & Piers)
    Name             DEF Value Other
    ---------------- --- ----- ------------------------------------------------
    Open Helm          9   180
    Bronze Helm       14   600
    Iron Helm         20  1600
    Steel Helm        27  3100
    Adept's Helm!~    29  3700 Max PP *1.2
    Silver Helm       30  3900
    Viking Helm!      30  4000 Water Res. +30
    Knight's Helm     33  4600
    Warrior's Helm!~  35 10000 Earth Pow. +10, Crit. +10%
    Dragon Helm!      42  8900 Water/Fire Res. +20
    Minerva Helm!     43  8700 Max PP +20
    Mythril Helm!     44 11400 Crit. +12%
    Millenium Helm!   45 11400 Max HP +20
    Fear Helm!        48 12800 Cursed, ATK +10
    Gloria Helm!      49 13800 HP rec. +10
    5. II Helmets - Caps                                          (Worn by All)
    Name             DEF Value Other
    ---------------- --- ----- ------------------------------------------------
    Leather Cap        3    30
    Wooden Cap        10   400
    Nurse Cap         18  1200 Use to heal
    Thorn Crown!      28       ATK +8
    Lure Cap!~        20  3000 Increase Encounter Rate
    Mail Cap          23  2000
    Ninja Hood!~      28  2800 AGL +20
    Prophet's Hat!    30  4600 Use induce Curse
    Otafuku Mask!*    31  3900 Use 'Water Breath'
    Hiotoko Mask!#    33  6600 Use 'Fire Breath'
    Lucky Cap!~       33  5200 PP rec. +2, Crit. +8%
    Floating Cap!     34  5700 LCK *1.2, Wind Res. +20
    Jeweled Crown!    35  4000 LCK +5
    Thunder Crown!~   40  7500 Cursed, PP rec. +4
    Crown of Glory!   40  7400 PP rec. +8
    Alastor's Hood!   47 11800 Use induce Haunt
    5. III Helmets - Circlets                (Used by Ivan, Jenna, Mia & Sheba)
    Name              DEF Value Other
    ----------------- --- ----- -----------------------------------------------
    Circlet             6   120
    Silver Circlet     16  1300
    Clarity Circlet    21  1500 Wind Pow. +15
    Guardian Circlet   25  3400
    Glittering Tiara!*~27  3600 Use prevent Delusion
    Platinum Circlet   29  4200
    Pure Circlet!      29  3700 Water Pow. +20
    Astral Circlet!    32  4600 Max PP +15
    Mythril Circlet!~  34  7000 PP rec. +3
    Brilliant Circlet! 36  6100 LCK +10
    Psychic Circlet!   39  8800 PP rec. +12
    Berserker Band!    46 13700 ATK +15
    Demon Circlet!     50 15800 Cursed, Crit. +15%
    6. I Accessories - Rings                                      (Worn by All)
    Name             Value Other
    ---------------- ----- ----------------------------------------------------
    Adept Ring!       3100 Use rec. 7 PP
    Aroma Ring!       2300 Use all allies rec. +100 HP (Dummied Out)
    Cleric's Ring!~   6400 Nullify effect caused by Curse (doesn't remove it)
    Fairy Ring!~      2900 Use as Elixir
    Golden Ring!      4000 Use elemental Res.+
    Guardian Ring!    1700 DEF +4, Max HP +20
    Healing Ring!      800 Use rec. 70 HP
    Rainbow Ring!      900 Use induce Delusion (Dummied Out)
    Sleep Ring!       1400 Use induce Sleep
    Soul Ring!        1800 Use recover Downed (Dummied Out)
    Spirit Ring!      3600 Use to rec. +160 HP for all
    Stardust Ring!    2500 Use to Seal Psynergy
    Unicorn Ring!     1100 Use cure Poison
    War Ring!         2600 Use ATK+
    6. II Accessories - Under Shirts                              (Worn by All)
    Name             DEF Value Other
    ---------------- --- ----- ------------------------------------------------
    Running Shirt!     1   400 AGL +15
    Casual Shirt!      3    50 HP rec. +5 (Dummied out)
    Silk Shirt!*       6  1800 LCK +1
    Herbed Shirt!      7  1900 Use DEF- (Dummied out)
    Mythril Shirt!    10  2900 Max HP +5
    Divine Camisole!* 10  2700 LCK +5 (Dummied out)
    Golden Shirt!     12  2400 Max HP +10
    6. III Accessories - Boots                                    (Worn by All)
    Name             DEF Value Other
    ---------------- --- ----- ------------------------------------------------
    Turtle Boots!      3   600 AGL *0.5
    Fur Boots!         2  1200 Water Res. +15
    Quick Boots!       3  2100 AGL +20
    Hyper Boots!       4  2400 Crit. +12%
    Ninja Sandals!     5  2000 Crit. +15% (Dummied out)
    Leather Boots      6   270 -
    Knight's Greave!   8  2700 Max HP +5 (Dummied out)
    Silver Greave!    11  3800 LCK +4 (Dummied out)
    Safety Boots!     12   700 AGL *0.7
    Dragon Boots!     13  4200 Earth/Water/Fire Res. +10
    Golden Boots!     15  4400 AGL +30
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    ATK = Attack
    DEF = Defense
    AGL = Agility
    LCK = Luck
    'item name'! = Item is an Artifact
    'item name'~ = Item can only be obtained by Transfer from GS1
    'item name'* = Item can by used by girls only (Sheba, Mia & Jenna)
    'item name'# = Item can be used by boys only (Felix, Gareth, Isaac,
                                                  Ivan & Piers) 
    Crit+        = When equipped item increases Unleash Rate
    ('Element')  = Regular attack is of type: 'Element'
    Note 1: Selling an item gives you only 75% of its original value. Using
            this I calculated the original values, instead of having 2 columns
            for price
    Note 2: All items, except the trident, that are used in battle can break
    Note 3: Ivan, Jenna & Felix can't use the Machete, even though it is a
            Light blade class weapon.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    8. I Psynergy Spells - Field
    Name           Lvl Elem. PP Item           Effect and Notes
    -------------- --- ----- -- -------------- --------------------------------
    Avoid            6 Wind   5  -             Encounter Rate decreases 
    Blaze            - Fire   1  -             create fire stream from a flame
    Burst            - Fire   2 Burst Brooch   Make cracked objects explode
    Carry            - Earth  2 Carry Stone    Carry an object to another tile
    Catch            - Earth  1 Catch Beads    Catch small objects
    Cloak            - Water  1 Cloak Ball     Cloak to hide in the shadows
    Cyclone          - Wind   2 Cyclone Chip   Removes bushes from the ground
    Douse            1 Water  5 Douse Drop     Small rain cloud
    Force (Ki)       -  -     2 Orb of Force   Use Ki to strike an object
    Frost            1 Water  5 Frost Jewel    Freeze puddles of water
    Gale             1 Wind   3  -             Same as "Whirlwind"
    Growth           1 Earth  4  -             Make small plants grow
    Halt             - Wind   2 Halt Gem       Stop 1 Target's Movements
    Hover            - Wind   2 Hover Jade     Walk on thin air
    Lash             - Wind   1 Lash Pebble    Create tightropes
    Lift             - Wind   2 Lifting Gem    Lift boulders
    Mind Read        1 Wind   1  -             Read peoples' Minds
    Move             1 Fire   2  -             Move an object one square
    Parch            - Wind   2  -             Vaporize still water
    Pound            - Fire   2 Pound Cube     Hammer objects into the ground
    Retreat          1 Earth  6  -             Retreat to the dungeon entrance
    Reveal           - Wind   1  -             See things normally invisible
    Sand             - Earth  2  -             Travel underground in sand areas
    Scoop            - Earth  1 Scoop Gem      Dig in the ground
    Teleport         - Wind   3 Teleport Lapis Teleport to different places
    Tremor           - Earth  1 Tremor Bit     Shake objects
    Whirlwind        1 Wind   5  -             Use to blow away small bushes
    8. II Psynergy Spells - Healing & Status
    Name           lvl Elem. PP Ran Effect and Notes
    -------------- --- ----- -- --- -------------------------------------------
    Revive          19 Earth 15   1 Revives downed and recover HP
    Lich            27 Earth 10   1 Revives downed and recover HP
    Phoenix         27 Fire  10   1 Upgrade Lich
    Cure Poison      5 Wind   2   1 Cures one poisoned ally
    Restore         13 Wind   3   1 Cures sleep, stun and Delusion Statuses
    Break           34 Water  5 All Nullify any enemy status boosts
    Impact           5 Wind   7   1 Raise Ally Attack
    High Impact     21 Wind  12 All Raise Allies Attacks
    Demon Spear      5 Wind   7   1 Raise Ally Attack
    Angel Spear     21 Wind  12 All Raise allies' Attacks
    Guard            3 Fire   3   1 Raise Ally Defense
    Protect         15 Fire   5 All Raise Allies Defenses
    Guardian         3 Wind   3   1 Raise Ally Defense
    Protector       15 Wind   5 All Raise Allies' Defenses
    Ward             6 Wind   3   1 Raise Ally's Resistance
    Resist          22 Wind   5 All Raise Allies' Resistance
    Magic Shell     10 Wind   3   1 Raise Ally Resistance
    Magic Shield    27 Wind   5 All Raise Allies' Resistances
    Dull            11 Wind   6   1 Lower Enemy Attack
    Blunt           37 Wind  11   3 Lower Enemies Attacks
    Impair           9 Fire   4   1 Lower Enemy Defense
    Debilitate      23 Fire   6   3 Lower Enemies Defenses
    Weaken           9 Wind   4   1 Lower Enemy Resistance
    Enfeeble        25 Wind   6   3 Lower Enemies Resistances
    Sleep           12 Wind   5   3 induce sleep
    Bind            18 Wind   4   1 Chance of Sealing enemy's Psynergy
    Delude           1 Wind   4   3 induce Delusion
    Mist             1 Wind   4   3 induce Delusion
    Haunt           17 Earth  5   3 induce Haunt
    Curse           20 Earth  6   1 induce Curse
    Condemn         29 Earth  8   1 Chance of disabling enemy
    Annihilation    31 Earth 18   1 Chance of Instantly killing enemy
    Sword Card       8 Fire   6   1 Lower Enemy Attack
    Sleep Card      15 Wind   5   3 induce sleep
    Baffle Card      3 Wind   4   3 induce Delusion
    Death Card      27 Earth  8   1 Chance of Instantly killing enemy
    HP Drain        33 Wind   3   1 Chance of draining HP
    Psy Drain   *39/41 Wind   0   1 Chance of draining PP (if it has any)
    Cure             1 Earth  3   1 Cure Series, Cures 70 HP
    Cure Well       10 Earth  7   1 Cure Series, Cures 150 HP
    Potent Cure     26 Earth 10   1 Cure Series, Cures 300 HP
    Ply              1 Water  4   1 Ply Series, Cures 100 HP
    Ply Well        16 Water  8   1 Ply Series, Cures 300 HP
    Pure Ply        34 Water 12   1 Ply Series, Cures 1000 HP
    Pixie            7 Water  5   1 Cure 115 HP
    Faery            7 Water  5   1 Cure 120 HP
    Weird Nymph      7 Water  5   1 Cure 125 HP
    Succubus        24 Water  9   1 Cure 250 HP
    Aura             9 Fire   7 All Aura Series, Cures 50 HP
    Healing Aura    16 Fire  11 All Aura Series, Cures 100 HP
    Cool Aura       33 Fire  16 All Aura Series, Cures 200 HP
    Wish             8 Water  9 All Wish Series, Cures 80 HP 
    Wish Well       22 Water 13 All Wish Series, Cures 160 HP
    Pure Wish       46 Water 20 All Wish Series, Cures 400 HP
    Elder Wood      15 Water 14 All Cures 170 HP
    Estre Wood      15 Water 14 All Cures 180 HP, upgrade Elder Wood 
    Manticore       28 Fire  18 All Cures 300 HP 
    * = Some classes learn this spell on different levels for some unknown 
    reason. Check the individual classes for more details.
    8. III Psynergy Spells - Attack
    Name           lvl Elem. PP Ran Effect and Notes
    -------------- --- ----- -- --- -------------------------------------------
    Sabre Dance     10 Earth  7   1
    Ragnarok        13 Earth  7   1 Attack with a huge sword
    Odyssey         13 Earth 18   1 Upgrade of Ragnarok
    Helm Splitter   33 Earth  8   1 Attack & Induce Paralysis
    Skull Splitter  33 Earth  8   1 Upgrade Helm Splitter
    Heat Wave       12 Fire   6   1 Attack with Fiery Bolts
    Liquifier       12 Fire  17   1 Upgrade Heat Wave
    Planet Diver    13 Fire   7   1 Attack with a gigantic leap
    Planetary       13 Fire  19   1 Upgrade Planet Diver
    Dragon Cloud    11 Fire   6   1 Attack with a Fire Dragon 
    Epicenter       11 Fire  33   1 Upgrade Dragon Cloud
    Whiplash        10 Wind   6   1 
    Astral Blast    11 Wind   5   1 Attack with heaven's power
    Thunder Mine    11 Wind  16   1 Upgrade Astral Blast
    Death Plunge    12 Wind  14   1 Attack with a gigantic leap
    Death Leap      12 Wind  22   1 Upgrade Death Plunge
    Backstab        29 Wind  16   1 
    Quick Strike    40 Wind  12   1 Attack in a split second
    Diamond Dust    12 Water  6   1 Attack with crystallized water
    Diamond Berg    12 Water 17   1 Upgrade Diamond Dust
    Cutting Edge    11 Water  5   1 Attack with a water shockwave
    Plume Edge      11 Water 15   1 Upgrade Cutting Edge
    Fire Puppet     20 Earth  7   3 Attack & Induce Stun
    Demon Night     18 Earth 12   3 Attack with monster spirits
    Thorny Grave    18 Earth 24   3 Upgrade Demon Night
    Fire Breath     22 Fire  13   3 Attack with a stream of fire
    Shuriken        21 Wind   8   3 Attack with knives
    Poison Flow     33 Wind  28   5 Attack all, induce Venom
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Quake            2 Earth  4   3 Quake Series
    Earthquake       4 Earth  7   5 Quake Series
    Quake Sphere    14 Earth 15   7 Quake Series
    Spire            6 Earth  5   1 Spire Series
    Clay Spire      20 Earth 13   3 Spire Series
    Stone Spire     42 Earth 22   3 Spire Series
    Gaia             6 Earth  7   3 Gaia Series
    Mother Gaia     24 Earth 17   5 Gaia Series
    Grand Gaia      54 Earth 32   5 Gaia Series
    Rockfall         6 Earth  5   3 Rockfall Series (similar to Gaia)
    Rockslide       24 Earth 15   5 Rockfall Series
    Avalanche       54 Earth 30   5 Rockfall Series
    Growth           1 Earth  4   1 Growth Series
    Mad Growth      12 Earth 10   3 Growth Series 
    Wild Growth     28 Earth 19   5 Growth Series
    Thorn            4 Earth  6   3 Thorn Series
    Briar           17 Earth 11   3 Thorn Series
    Nettle          36 Earth 23   5 Thorn Series
    Punji            4 Earth  7   3 Punji Series (similar to Thorn)
    Punji Trap      15 Earth 13   3 Punji Series
    Punji Strike    36 Earth 24   5 Punji Series
    Flare            1 Fire   4   3 Flare Series
    Flare Wall       6 Fire   7   3 Flare Series
    Flare Storm     18 Fire  12   3 Flare Series
    Fire             4 Fire   6   3 Fire Series
    Fireball        14 Fire  12   5 Fire Series
    Inferno         36 Fire  23   5 Fire Series
    Raging Heat      9 Fire   9   5 Raging Heat Series
    Fiery Abyss     22 Fire  18   5 Raging Heat Series
    Dire Inferno    53 Fire  32   7 Raging Heat Series
    Volcano          8 Fire   6   1 Volcano Series
    Eruption        22 Fire  14   3 Volcano Series
    Pyroclasm       48 Fire  29   5 Volcano Series
    Lava Shower      8 Fire   4   1 Lava Shower Series (Similar to Volcano)
    Molten Bath     22 Fire  12   1 Lava Shower Series
    Magma Storm     48 Fire  27   1 Lava Shower Series
    Blast            6 Fire   7   3 Blast(1) Series
    Nova            16 Fire  13   5 Blast(1) Series
    Supernova       40 Fire  31   7 Blast(1) Series
    Fire Bomb        6 Fire   5   3 Fire Bomb Series (Similar to Blast(1))
    Cluster Bomb    16 Fire  11   5 Fire Bomb Series
    Carpet Bomb     40 Fire  29   7 Fire Bomb Series
    Blast            2 Fire   5   3 Blast(2) Series
    Mad Blast       10 Fire   9   3 Blast(2) Series
    Fiery Blast     27 Fire  19   5 Blast(2) Series
    Fume             5 Fire   6   1 Fume Series
    Serpent Fume    26 Fire  14   1 Fume Series
    Dragon Fume     47 Fire  35   1 Fume Series
    Beam             7 Fire   7   3 Beam Series
    Cycle Beam      21 Fire   7   3 Beam Series
    Searing Beam    41 Fire   7   3 Beam Series
    Juggle           5 Fire   7   3 Juggle Series
    Heat Juggle     17 Fire  13   5 Juggle Series
    Fiery Juggle    37 Fire  25   5 Juggle Series
    Whirlwind        1 Wind   5   3 Whirlwind Series
    Tornado         18 Wind  14   5 Whirlwind Series
    Tempest         44 Wind  27   5 Whirlwind Series
    Gale             1 Wind   3   3 Gale Series (Similar to Whirlwind)
    Typhoon         18 Wind  12   5 Gale Series
    Hurricane       44 Wind  25   5 Gale Series
    Ray              1 Wind   6   3 Ray Series
    Storm Ray       14 Wind  10   3 Ray Series
    Destruct Ray    36 Wind  21   3 Ray Series
    Plasma           8 Wind   8   3 Plasma Series  
    Shine Plasma    26 Wind  18   5 Plasma Series
    Spark Plasma    50 Wind  37   7 Plasma Series
    Bolt             2 Wind   4   1 Bolt Series
    Flash Bolt       6 Wind   7   3 Bolt Series
    Blue Bolt       22 Wind  14   3 Bolt Series
    Slash            1 Wind   4   1 Slash Series
    Wind Slash      10 Wind   9   3 Slash Series
    Sonic Slash     30 Wind  20   5 Slash Series
    Thunderclap      8 Wind   9   3 Thunderclap Series (Similar to Plasma)
    Thunderbolt     27 Wind  19   5 Thunderclap Series
    Thunderstorm    50 Wind  39   7 Thunderclap Series
    Frost          1/2 Water  5   3 Frost Series
    Tundra         8/9 Water  8   3 Frost Series
    Glacier      24/25 Water 15   3 Frost Series
    Ice              4 Water  5   1 Ice Series
    Ice Horn        17 Water 11   3 Ice Series
    Ice Missle      41 Water 23   3 Ice Series
    Froth            2 Water  5   3 Froth Series
    Froth Sphere    14 Water 12   5 Froth Series
    Froth Spiral    40 Water 31   7 Froth Series
    Prism            6 Water  7   3 Prism Series
    Hail Prism      22 Water 16   5 Prism Series
    Freeze Prism    52 Water 31   5 Prism Series
    Douse            1 Water  5   3 Douse Series
    Drench          12 Water 10   3 Douse Series
    Deluge          30 Water 20   5 Douse Series
    Cool             4 Water  6   3 Cool Series 
    Supercool       21 Water 14   5 Cool Series 
    Megacool        48 Water 33   7 Cool Series 
    Flame Card      13 Fire  11   3 Attack with cards of Flame Suit
    Thunder Card    25 Wind  17   3 Attack with cards of Thunder Suit 
    Bramble Card    33 Earth 22   3 Attack with cards of Thorn Suit
    Frost Card      46 Water 28   3 Attack with cards of Ice Suit
    Wild Wolf        1  -     3   1 Call a Wild Wof
    Orc              1  -     3   1 Upgrade Wild Wolf
    Dinox            1 Earth  3   1 Upgrade Orc
    Troll            1 Earth  3   1 Upgrade Dinox
    Salamander      10 Fire   7   3 Call a Salamander
    Cerberus        10 Fire   7   3 Upgrade Salamander
    Chimera         10 Fire   7   3 Upgrade Cerebus
    Macetail        10 Fire   7   3 Upgrade Chimera
    Emu             20 Wind  10   1 Call an Emu
    Harpy           20 Wind  10   1 Upgrade Emu
    Gryphon         20 Wind  10   1 Upgrade Harpy
    Minotaur        20 Earth 10   1 Upgrade Gryphon
    Roc             45  -    22   1 Call a Roc
    Grand Golem     45 Earth 22   1 Upgrade Roc
    Living Armor    45 Earth 22   1 Upgrade Grand Golem
    Ghost Soldier   45 Wind  22   1 Upgrade Living Armor
    Wyvern          32 Fire  17   5 Call a Wyvern 
    Blue Dragon     32 Fire  17   5 Upgrade Wyvern 
    Fire Dragon     32 Fire  17   5 Upgrade Blue Dragon 
    Call Zombie      1 Water  5   1 Strike with a Zombie
    Call Demon      26 Earth 13   1 Strike with a Demon
    Call Dullahan   47 Wind  21   1 Strike with Dullahan's Formina Sage
    9. Weapon Unleash Attacks
    Name            Elem.  Effect and other notes
    --------------- -----  ----------------------------------------------------
    Acheron's Grief Earth  Induce Venom
    Acid Bath       Fire   Drop ATK
    Aging Gas       Wind   Drain HP
    Apocalypse      Wind   Induce Curse (7 rounds to death)
    Aqua Sock       Water  -
    Asura           Wind   Can strike through enemy DEF
    Bad Omen        Fire   Induce Haunt
    Barrage         Fire   Induce Stun
    Blaze Rush      Fire   Drop DEF
    Blinding Smog   Wind   Induce Delusion
    Blizzard        Water  Drop ATK
    Boost Hack      Fire   -
    Broil           Fire   -
    Crucible Fire   Fire   Drop AGL
    Cyclone Attack  Wind   Drop Res.
    Demon Fire      Fire   Induce Haunt
    Dreamtide       Water  Induce Sleep
    Drown           Water  Instant kill 
    Evil Eye        Earth  Induce Delusion
    Fire Dance      Fire   Drop ATK
    Flare Burst     Fire   Drain HP
    Flash Edge      Wind   Induce Delusion
    Flash Force     Water  Seal Psynergy
    Frost Bite      Water  Induce Stun
    Hammersphere    Earth  Drop DEF
    Heartbreak      Earth  Instant kill
    Heat Mirage     Fire   Induce Delusion
    Heat Shatter    Fire   Drop Res.
    Heat Smash      Fire   Drop Res.
    Heavy Divide    Earth  Drop DEF
    High Vitals     Wind   Drain HP
    Hurricane       Water  Drop ATK
    Ice Crush       Water  drop DEF
    Legend          Wind   Can do either 1x or 3x damge
    Lethe Albion    Water  Seal Psynergy
    Life Leech      Water  Drain HP
    Life Nourish    Earth  Drain HP
    Life Sheer      Fire   Instant Kill
    Light Surge     Wind   induce Delusion
    Lunar Slash     Wind   Drop elemental Resistance
    Mad Zephyr      Wind   Can do either 1x or 3x Damage
    Megiddo         Earth  Always does 3x Damage
    Meltdown        Fire   Drop DEF
    Moon Air        Wind   Induce Sleep
    Mortal Danger   Earth  Instant Kill
    Mother Earth    Earth  Induce Sleep
    Murk            Wind   Induce Sleep
    Nirvana         Wind   Drain PP
    Psynergy Leech  Water  Drain PP
    Psyphon Seal    Wind   Seal Psynergy
    Poison Cloud    Earth  Induce Poison
    Poison Death    Earth  Induce Venom
    Power Drive     Fire   -
    Purgatory       Fire   Induce Sleep
    Radiant Fire    Fire   Can strike through enemy DEF
    Raiden's Wrath  Wind   Strikes through enemy DEF
    Rapid Smash     Wind   Can do either 1x or 3x Damage
    Reverse Star    Water  Drain PP
    Rising Dragon   Water  Can do either 1x or 2x Damage
    Sarcophagus     Earth  induce Haunt
    Sargasso        Water  Instant Kill
    Scorpionfish    Fire   Induce Venom
    Searing Fog     Water  Induce Delusion
    Shining Star    Wind   Induce Delusion
    Shred           Fire   Drop DEF
    Sonic Smash     Wind   Can do either 1x or 3x Damage
    Soul Shatter    Fire   Drain PP
    Stone Justice   Earth  Drop AGL
    Stun Bolt       Wind   Induce Stun
    Stun Cloud      Water  Induce Stun
    Stun Voltage    Wind   Induce Stun
    Supernova       Wind   Induce Stun
    Terra Strike    Earth  -
    Titan Blade     Earth  -
    Vein Tap        Earth  Drain HP
    Vengeance       Earth  Can do either 2x, 4x or 7x Damage
    Void Beam       Wind   Seal Psynergy
    Vorpal Slash    Wind   -
    Wyrd Curse      Earth  Induce Haunt
    10. Monster Compendium
    This is the Monster Compendium and it has detailed data about all the 
    monsters in this game. Most statistics speak for themselves, but some of 
    tem are a bit harder to understand.
    -Elemental properties are abbreviated:
          E = Earth   F = Fire    W = Wind    w = Water
    -ICC stands for Item Chance Class, there are 9 classes ranging from 1 to 9. 
    Each class has its own percentage with ICC1 = 100%. The next class (ICC2) 
    has a drop chance of 50% and this gets halved each time. We get the 
    following list:
         ICC1  = 100.0%
         ICC2  =  50.0%
         ICC3  =  25.0%
         ICC4  =  12.5%
         ICC5 ~=   6.3%
         ICC6 ~=   3.1%
         ICC7 ~=   1.6%
         ICC8 ~=   0.8%
         ICC9 ~=   0.4%
    ICC9 is in this game only used for Cruel Dragon's Tisiphone Edge & Mad 
    Demon's Lachesis' Rule. Other than that ICC2 is non-existent in this game. 
    Most drops have a chance of ICC5 and ICC6, but most of those items are just 
    weak and regular items. If you manage to pull off a Djinn Kill / "Dark 
    Panther Method" (see below in stuff section) this class is lowered by 2, 
    meaning that the chance is quadrupled! Hence if you use it on a Faery (ICC 
    3) you are guaranteed to get a Nut, any time, anywhere!
    -Monsters are sorted in four lists, one for regular enemies, one for the 
    bosses (and non-regular enemies), one for the Mad Plants & Mimics and the 
    last is for the Djinn. Also all monsters are listed by alphabetical order 
    of their names.
     (WM) = Enemy can only be found on the World Map.
    I. Regular Enemies
    Monster Name    HP    Att  Agl  Exp.  Weakness      Power: E    F    W    w 
                    PP    Def  Luck Coin  Strong       Resist: E    F    W    w
                    Dropped Item     ICC  Location
                    Special Attacks
    --------------- -----------------------------------------------------------
    Aka Manah        479  405  187   546   Fire               85   85   85  100
                      70  129   32   318   Water             100   72  100  127
                    Gloria Helm        8   Mars Lighthouse
                    Curse, Demon Eye, Freeze Prism, Human Hunt 
    Alec Goblin      147  190   91   126   Wind              100   85   85   85
                       0   48    7   146   Earth             100   72   48   72
                    Smoke Bomb         6   Yallam (WM)
                    use 'Nut' / 'Oil Drop'
    Amaze             39   36   18     5   Wind              100   95   95   95
                       0   10    2     6   Water              48   72    7  100
                    Oil Drop           5   Kandorean Temple
    Angle Worm        37   40   14    12   Fire               95   90   85   85
                       0    9    1    10   Earth              48   25   48   48
                    Elixir             6   Kandorean Temple
                    Angle Spike
    Aqua Jelly       225  161   78    96   Fire               95   75   95  125
                       5   33    7    99   Water              48    7   48  127
                    Sleep Bomb         6   Lemurian Ship
                    Douse, Electric Bite, Poisonous Bite
    Assassin         129  150   84    97   Wind              100   85   85   85
                       0   35   13   131   Earth             127  100   72  100
                    Antidote           5   Kibombo Mountains
                    Poison Sting
    Blue Dragon      408  349  133   490   Fire               95   85   95  115
                       0  121   23   297   Water             100   25  100  175
                    Rising Mace        7   Jupiter Lighthouse
                    Ice Breath
    Bombander        548  541  141   624   Water              95  115   95   85
                     110  224   10   325   Fire              100  175  100   25
                    Golem Core         7   Anemos Inner Sanctum
                    Dragon Fume, Fiery Blast, Heat Stun, Supernova
    Bone Fighter     122  131   52    51   Earth             100   80   80   95
                       0   35    3    63   Water              25   72   48  127
                    Sleep Bomb         6   Gabomba Statue
                    Undead Sword
    Calamar          104  130   46    59   Fire               95   75   95  125
                       0   34    1    79   Water              48    7   48  127
                    Elixir             5   Sea (East)
                    Electric Bite, Searches for Allies
    Cannibal Ghoul   249  274   80   194   Fire              100   80   80   95
                       0   82    4   160   Water              25    7   48   72
                    Antidote        ICC6   Treasure Island
                    Cannibal Fang, 'Search for Allies', 'Smell of Decay'
    Cave Troll       212  199   44   106   Fire              100   70   80   80
                       0   45    3   134   Wind               48   25   72   48
                    Nut                5   Taopo Swamp
                    Brute Force, 'Regenerate 20 HP'
    Chimera Worm     251  452  152   359   Fire               95   90   85   85
                      22  133    5   179   Earth              48   25   48   48
                    Water of Life      6   Islet Cave
                    Angle Spike, Briar
    Clay Gargoyle    209  210   84   307   Earth             100  100   95  100
                      24   90    7   170   Wind               48  100  127  100
                    Potion             7   Gaia Rock
                    Guard, Ice Breath, Mother Gaia
    Conch Shell      102  158   72    80   Fire               95   90   85   85
                       0   43    8    81   Wind               72   48  100   72
                    Elixir             5   Piers' Ship Hallways
                    Mucous Gel
    Creeper           89   79   29    32   Wind              100   95   95   95
                       6   19    2    38   Water              48   72    7  100
                    Weasel's Claw      6   Air's Rock
                    Douse, Frost
    Cruel Dragon     636  539  162   661   Fire               95   85   95  115
                      65  216   26   358   Water             100   25  100  175
                    Tisiphone Edge     9   Islet Cave
                    Freeze Prism, Ice Breath
    Death Cap        117  159   90    48   Fire              105   80   70  100
                       0   19    5    56   Water              48    7   72  100
                    Sleep Bomb         6   Yallam (WM)
                    Sleep Star
    Death Head       128  130   47    55   Earth             100   80   80   95
                      15   31    3    73   Water              25   72   48  127
                    Nut                5   Gabomba Statue
                    Impair, Slash
    Devil Frog       282  347  173   417   Fire               95   85   95  115
                       0  102   15   248   Water             100   25  100  175
                    Elixir             6   Mars Lighthouse
                    Acid Breath, Rotten Blood, Thrash
    Devil Scorpion   181  308  126   284   Fire               95   90   85   85
                       0  121    6   180   Wind               72   48  100   72
                    Antidote           4   Jupiter Lighthouse
                    Poison Tail, Sand Breath, Twin Shear
    Dread Hound      252  211   90   116   Water              95  115   95   85
                       0   56   13   176   Fire              100  175  100   25
                    Prophet's Hat   ICC7   Gaia Rock
                    Double Fang, Fire Blessing, Wicked Howl
    Dino              82   84   35    40   Wind              110   95   90   95
                       0   23    8    39   Earth             152  100   48  100
                    Herb               5   Yampi Desert
                    Power Bite
    Dinox            172  264  116   239   Wind              110   95   90   95
                       0   82   10   166   Earth             152  100   48  100
                    Nut                5   Tundaria Tower
                    Terrible Bite
    Dire Wolf        155  186  101   118   Fire              100   70   80   80
                       0   44    6   114   Wind               48   25   72   48
                    Weasel's Claw      6   Yallam (WM)
                    Ice Breath, Fatal Fang
    Dirge             91  122   60    47   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0   32    2    61   Earth             127   48    7   72
                    Nut                5   Kibombo Mountains
                    Flying Attack
    Doodle Bug       202  329  173   417   Water              95  115   95   85
                      22  109   12   176   Fire              100  175  100   25
                    Smoke Bomb         6   Mars Lighthouse
                    Briar, Sonic Wave, Wild Growth
    Doomsayer        107  148   77   107   Wind              100   85   85   85
                      30   31   21   173   Earth             127  100   72  100
                    Oil Drop           6   Gabomba Statue
                    Clay Spire, Condemn, Curse
    Drone Bee         63   68   36    19   Wind               90   95  105   90
                       0   19    2    28   Earth             100   48    7   48
                    Elixir             5   Sea (East)
                    Numbing Sting
    Druj             672  549  205   627   Fire               85   85   85  100
                      66  197   33   348   Water             100   72  100  127
                    Berserker Band     8   Islet Cave
                    Demon Eye, Human Hunt, Megacool, Psy Drain
    Earth Golem      298  299   70   218   Wind              120   95   80   95
                       0  114    5   183   Earth             193  100   25  100
                    Giant Axe       ICC8   Treasure Island
                    Truncheon Fist
    Emu               98   89   46    53   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0   21    9    51   Earth             127   48    7   72
                    Sacred Feather     6   Air's Rock
                    Claw Slash
    Faery            105  182  150   172   Wind               95   95  110   95
                      30   46   27   175   Earth             175   72   25  100
                    Nut                3   Taopo Swamp
                    Psy Drain, Sleep, Tornado, Wind Slash
    Fire Bird        303  376  259  5838   Water              95  125   95   75
                      98  124   32   304   Fire              100  193  100   25
                    Water of Life      7   Mars Lighthouse
                    'Attack 2x', Fire Dance, Inferno, Searing Beam, Supernova,
                    Regen Dance, Escape
    Fire Dragon      648  513  166   681   Water              95  115   95   85
                      40  178   35   354   Fire              100  175  100   25
                    Atropos' Rod       8   Yampi Desert Cave
                    Dragon Fume, Fire Breath
    Fire Worm         97  211   94   158   Fire               95   90   85   85
                       0   49    4   113   Earth              48   25   48   48
                    Oil Drop           6   Gaia Rock
                    Angle Spike, Fire Breath
    Flash Ant         76  119   62    61   Fire               95   90   85   85
                       0   38    3    71   Earth              48   25   48   48
                    Elixir             6   Yallam (WM)
                    Flash Punch
    Foul Mummy       238  320  118   376   Fire              100   80   80   95
                       0  100   10   297   Water              25    7   48   72
                    Potion             7   Jupiter Lighthouse
                    Crusher Grip
    Ghost             56   38   12     9   Wind              100   95   95   95
                       6   12    2     9   Water              48   72    7  100
                    Oil Drop           5   Shrine of the Sea God
                    Impair, Rumble
    Ghost Army       250  342  133   454   Wind              100   95   95   95
                      18  136   25   254   Water              72  100   25  152
                    Mist Potion        7   Jupiter Lighthouse
                    Pike Assault, Sonic Slash
    Ghost Mage       161  168   86    80   Wind              100   95   95   95
                      19   43    9   110   Water              48   72    7  100
                    Bramble Seed       5   Taopo Swamp
                    Haunting, Spire, Whirlwind
    Ghoul             99   93   16    34   Fire              100   80   80   95
                       0   20    1    42   Water              25    7   48   72
                    Antidote           5   Alhafran Cave
                    Cannibal Fang
    Giant Bat         32   30   22     6   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0    6    1     6   Earth             127   48    7   72
                    Herb               5   Kandorean Temple
                    Sonic Wave
    Gillman          234  291  142   330   Fire               85   85   85  100
                       0   89   11   210   Water             100   72  100  127
                    Crystal Powder     6   Sea (East)
                    Hydro Slash
    Gillman Lord     284  456  174   459   Fire               85   85   85  100
                       0  136   13   257   Water             100   72  100  127
                    Tear Stone         7   Treasure Island (Back Room)
                    Hydro Slash, use 'Crystal Powder'
    Gnome             85   73   38    29   Water              85  100   85   85
                       5   15    3    40   Fire               72  100   72   48
                    Oil Drop           6   Yampi Desert (Interior)
                    Bolt, Flare, Guard, Escape
    Gnome Mage       162  179  108    86   Earth              85   85  100   85
                      24   50    8   126   Wind               48   72  100   72
                    Crystal Powder     5   Gaia Rock
                    Delude, Fireball, Flash Bolt                         
    Golem            266  217   40   105   Wind              120   95   80   95
                       0   57    2   161   Earth             193  100   25  100
                    Vial               7   Izumo Ruins
                    Forcible Arm
    Grand Chimera    313  336  168   396   Water              95  115   95   85
                      48  109   27   300   Fire              100  175  100   25
                    Mist Potion        7   Northern Reaches
                    Eruption, Fire Breath, Mad Dash, Rabid Fang, Recovery
    Grave Wight      460  530  151   551   Fire              100   80   80   95
                      20  213   11   379   Water              25    7   48   72
                    Psy Crystal        6   Anemos Inner Sanctum
                    Crusher Grip, Haunt
    Great Seagull    266  411  206   363   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0   93   12   211   Earth             127   48    7   72
                    Sylph Feather      7   Treasure Island (Back Room)
    Gressil          175  243  145   259   Wind              100   85   85   85
                      30   70   30   208   Earth             127  100   72  100
                    Otafaku Mask       7   Izumo Ruins
                    Curse, Nova
    Harpy            105  104   46    38   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0   25    4    53   Earth             127   48    7   72
                    Elixir             5   Alhafran Cave
    Harridan         231  261  118   150   Wind               95   95  110   95
                      29   66    8   164   Earth             175   72   25  100
                    Nut                6   Tundaria Tower
                    Banshee Howl, Crazy Voice, Wind Slash
    Hydra            276  256  102   408   Fire               95   85   95  115
                       0   82   12   317   Water             100   25  100  175
                    Antidote           5   Sea (West)
                    Slaver, Triple Chomp
    Kobold            77   80   47    40   Wind              100   85   85   85
                       0   17    7    45   Earth             100   72   48   72
                    Oil Drop           5   Yampi Desert
    Lesser Demon     410  374  178   511   Wind              100   85   85   85
                      44  119   28   304   Earth             127  100   72  100
                    Rune Blade         8   Magma Rock (Interior)
                    Stone Spire, Vital Moon
    Lich             187  305  146   401   Wind              100   85   85   85
                      30   81   22   330   Earth             127  100   72  100
                    Psy Crystal        8   Magma Rock
                    Condemn, Curse, Haunt, Nettle
    Little Death     222  335  191   420   Wind              100   85   85   85
                      40  108   30   273   Earth             127  100   72  100
                    Hiotoko Mask       7   Magma Rock
                    Condemn, Curse, Supernova
    Living Armor     201  266   90   320   Wind              100   95   95   95
                       0   99   21   205   Water              72  100   25  152
                    Water of Life      6   Tundaria Tower
                    Defend, Power Crush
    Lizard Fighter   212  204   60    89   Fire               85   85   85  100
                       0   61    2   124   Water             100   72  100  127
                    Nut                5   Aqua Rock
                    Water Breath
    Macetail         284  327  110   426   Water              95  115   95   85
                      28  105    9   248   Fire              100  175  100   25
                    Vial               7   Jupiter Lighthouse
                    Guard, Heat Stun
    Mad Demon        745  567  213   671   Wind              100   85   85   85
                      96  234   29   363   Earth             127  100   72  100
                    Lachesis' Rule     9   Anemos Inner Sanctum
                    Condemn, Grand Gaia, Thorny Grave, Vital Moon
    Mad Vermin       131  164   67    55   Fire              100   70   80   80
                       0   22    2    80   Wind               48   25   72   48
                    Herb               6   Gaia Rock
    Magicore         321  253  109   169   Water              95  115   95   85
                      34   74   11   208   Fire              100  175  100   25
                    Aura Gloves        8   Islet Cave
                    Bind, Nova, Poisonous Tail, Sleep
    Man o' War       137  193   70    55   Fire               95   75   95  125
                       0   42    1    87   Water              48    7   48  127
                    Antidote           6   Aqua Rock
                    Poison Ink
    Merman           162  184   93   134   Fire               85   85   85  100
                       0   46   10   139   Water             100   72  100  127
                    Crystal Powder     6   Sea (East)
                    Hydro Slash
    Mini-Goblin       62   61   25    25   Wind              100   85   85   85
                       0   16    5    28   Earth             100   72   48   72
                    Sleep Bomb         5   Dehkan Plateaus
                    use 'Herb'
    Minos Knight     454  517  175   577   Wind              110   95   90   95
                       0  170   21   294   Earth             152  100   48  100
                    Riot Gloves        7   Yampi Desert Cave
                    Power Crush, Sack
    Minos Warrior    353  397  164   525   Wind              110   95   90   95
                       0  130   20   276   Earth             152  100   48  100
                    Clotho's Distaff   7   Mars Lighthouse (Upper Level)
                    Power Crush, Sack
    Minotaurus       268  276  123   318   Wind              110   95   90   95
                       0   84   18   207   Earth             152  100   48  100
                    Tartarus Axe       7   Ankohl Ruins
                    Power Crush
    Mole              96  119   36    39   Fire              100   70   80   80
                       0   22    1    60   Wind               48   25   72   48
                    Bramble Seed       5   Gondowan (WM)
                    Mad Spatter
    Mole Mage        199  265   74   191   Fire              100   70   80   80
                      14   47    4   132   Wind               48   25   72   48
                    Antidote           6   Trial Road (after "Lift" rock)
                    Mad Growth, Mad Spatter
    Momonga           53   66   51    29   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0   16    4    31   Earth             127   48    7   72
                    Weasel's Claw      6   Yampi Desert
                    Quick Slash
    Mummy            113  116   44    72   Fire              100   80   80   95
                       0   30    8   102   Water              25    7   48   72
                    Elixir             6   Air's Rock
                    Vanish Claw
    Needle Egg       119  234  147   214   Fire               95   90   85   85
                       0   94    7   110   Wind               72   48  100   72
                    Antidote           5   Tundaria (WM)
                    Poison Sting
    Nightmare        258  287  138   241   Earth              85   85  100   85
                      28   89   13   198   Wind               72  100  127  100
                    Healing Ring       7   Trial Road
                    Bind, Fireball, Heartrender, Shine Plasma
    Numb Ant         101  172   91   111   Fire               95   90   85   85
                       0   57    4   111   Earth              48   25   48   48
                    Bramble Seed       6   Yallam (WM)
                    Flash Punch, Formic Acid
    Ocean Dragon     473  478  143   590   Fire               95   85   95  115
                      32  154   16   307   Water             100   25  100  175
                    Triton's Ward      8   Treasure Island (Back Room)
                    Chill Breath, Deluge
    Ooze              72   72   30    26   Fire               95   75   95  125
                       0   19    1    40   Water              48    7   48  127
                    Herb               5   Alhafran Cave
                    Speed Surge, Sticky Goo
    Phoenix          281  344  243  3750   Water              95  125   95   75
                      80  112   31   286   Fire              100  193  100   25
                    Water of Life      7   Northern Reaches
                    'Attack 2x', Fiery Blast, Fire Dance, Inferno, Regen Dance,
    Pixie             75  135  112    96   Wind               95   95  110   95
                      30   31   27   127   Earth             175   72   25  100
                    Nut                4   Kibombo Mountains
                    Bind, Sleep, Wind Slash
    Pteranodon       242  291  166   341   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0  100    8   174   Earth             127   48    7   72
                    Nut                5   Loho (WM)
                    Banshee Howl, Ice Breath                         
    Punch Ant         26   26    6     5   Fire               95   90   85   85
                       0    8    2     6   Earth              48   25   48   48
                    Smoke Bomb         5   Gateway Cave
    Puppet Warrior   310  469  125   555   Wind              100   95   95   95
                       0  180   22   283   Water              72  100   25  152
                    Psy Crystal        7   Treasure Island (Back Room)
                    Defend, Power Crush
    Pyrodra          384  451  125   568   Fire               95   85   95  115
                       0  125   14   387   Water             100   25  100  175
                    Salamander Tail    7   Treasure Island (Back Room)
                    Fire Breath, Rising Venom, Triple Chomp
    Raging Rock      186  312  173   401   Water              95  125   95   75
                      20  180    6   209   Fire              100  193  100   25
                    Vial               ?   Magma Rock
                    Dynamite, Fiery Blast, Headbutt
    Raptor           366  354  180   521   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0   96   19   295   Earth             175   72   25  100
                    -                      Mars Lighthouse
                    Twin Beaks, Wing Stroke                         
    Rat               49   52   15    14   Fire              100   70   80   80
                       0   27    1    17   Wind               48   25   72   48
                    Herb               6   Osenia (WM)
    Rat Soldier       69   56   19    17   Fire               85   85   85  100
                       0   13    2    19   Water              72   48   72  100
                    Smoke Bomb         5   Osenia (WM)
    Ravager          189  185   60    90   Fire              100   70   80   80
                       0   47    2    95   Wind               48   25   72   48
                    Elixir             6   Yallam (WM)
                    Bear Claw
    Red Demon        228  173   90   129   Wind              100   85   85   85
                      10   43   26   154   Earth             127  100   72  100
                    Staff of Anubis    7   Kibombo Statue
                    Mad Growth, Vital Moon
    Roc              245  214  116   238   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0   50   17   193   Earth             175   72   25  100
                    Vial               5   Aqua Rock
                    Wing Flutter
    Ruffian           29   24   11     5   All               100  100  100  100
                       0    6    3     5   -                 100  100  100  100
                    Herb               1   Suhalla Gate
    Salamander       212  158   50    84   Water              95  125   95   75
                      18   49    6   190   Fire              100  193  100   25
                    Oil Drop           5   Kibombo Statue
                    Blast, Fire Breath, Fireball, Guard
    Sand Scorpion    259  457  147   366   Fire               95   90   85   85
                      12  185    7   207   Wind               72   48  100   72
                    Star Dust          7   Yampi Desert Cave
                    Curse, Desert Gasp, Twin Shear
    Sea Dragon       270  231   90   257   Fire               95   85   95  115
                       0   68   14   194   Water             100   25  100  175
                    Unicorn Ring       7   Aqua Rock
                    Water Breath
    Sea Hedgehog     177  402  188   319   Fire               95   90   85   85
                       0  160    8   145   Wind               72   48  100   72
                    Potion             6   Treasure Island (Back Room)
                    Stun Sting
    Seabird          133  166  110   106   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0   31    9   114   Earth             127   48    7   72
                    Sacred Feather     6   Sea (East)
                    Wing Beat
    Seafowl          191  262  168   261   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0   61   10   172   Earth             127   48    7   72
                    Sacred Feather     6   Sea (West)
                    Wing Beat                                      
    Skeleton          60   46   18    10   Earth             100   80   80   95
                       0   14    1    11   Water              25   72   48  127
                    Herb               5   Dehkan Plateau
                    Bone Charge
    Sky Dragon       657  562  191   686   Wind               95   95  110   95
                     111  232   22   358   Earth             175   72   25  100
                    Orihalcon          8   Anemos Inner Sanctum
                    Poison Flow, Spark Plasma, Storm Breath
    Slayer           220  300  158   344   Wind              100   85   85   85
                       0   90   14   254   Earth             127  100   72  100
                    Sleep Bomb         6   Shaman Village Cave
                    Kill Sting, Poison Sting
    Soul Army        356  508  156   586   Wind              100   95   95   95
                      54  207   26   299   Water              72  100   25  152
                    Mythril Silver     8   Yampi Desert Cave
                    Destruct Ray, Pike Assault, Tempest
    Spider            69   75   22    25   Fire               95   90   85   85
                       0   22    1    32   Earth              48   25   48   48
                    Antidote           5   Yampi Desert
                    Spider Web
    Spiral Shell     155  268  117   236   Fire               95   90   85   85
                       0   92    9   129   Wind               72   48  100   72
                    Elixir             6   Sea (West)
                    Poison Gel
    Spirit           116  114   48    49   Wind              100   95   95   95
                      11   30    6    67   Water              48   72    7  100
                    Crystal Powder     6   Kibombo Statue
                    Douse, Ice
    Squirrelfang     130  229  168   176   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0   59    6   131   Earth             127   48    7   72
                    Elixir             6   Tundaria (WM)
                    Quick Slash
    Stone Soldier    179  241  104    98   Water              95  125   95   75
                       6  105    5    98   Fire               48  127   48    7
                    Elixir             6   Treasure Island
                    Blast, Dynamite (Kamikaze), Mad Blast, Headbutt
    Talon Runner     228  303  159   367   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0   88   11   215   Earth             127   48    7   72
                    Bramble Seed       6   Loho (WM)
                    Mega Slash
    Troll            101   73   14    30   Fire              100   70   80   80
                       0   16    1    34   Wind               48   25   72   48
                    Nut                6   Madra Catacombs
                    'regenerate 10 HP', Brute Force
    Turtle Dragon    340  305  117   424   Fire               95   85   95  115
                       0  100   15   251   Water             100   25  100  175
                    Blessed Mace       8   Northern Reaches
                    Aqua Breath
    Undead           165  180   58    74   Fire              100   80   80   95
                       0   27    1    90   Water              25    7   48   72
                    Antidote           5   Taopo Swamp
                    'Search for Allies', Smell of Decay
    Urchin Beast      89  163  101    93   Fire               95   90   85   85
                       0   54    6    79   Wind               72   48  100   72
                    Antidote           5   Sea (East)
                    Beast Needle
    Vile Dirge       173  228  120    75   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0   56    2    98   Earth             127   48    7   72
                    Weasel's Claw      5   Sea (West)
                    Flying Attack, Wing Beat
    Wargold          202  303  181   321   Wind              100   85   85   85
                       0   78    9   226   Earth             100   72   48   72
                    Oil Drop           5   Loho (WM)
                    Defend, Doublestep
    Wight            192  205   54    92   Fire              100   80   80   95
                       0   55    2   115   Water              25    7   48   72
                    Elixir             5   Izumo Ruins
                    Rotten Blood, Smell of Decay
    Wild Gorilla     130  122   76    77   Fire              100   70   80   80
                       0   32    5    80   Wind               48   25   72   48
                    Bramble Seed       6   Gondowan Cliffs
                    Beat Dance, Ransack
    Wild Gryphon     370  332  170   322   Wind               90   95  110   95
                       8  112   10   290   Earth             152   72   48  110
                    Feathered Robe     8   Shaman Village Cave
                    Bind, Twin Beaks, Wind Stroke
    Wild Wolf         45   34   13     7   Fire              100   70   80   80
                       0    8    4     7   Wind               48   25   72   48
                    Herb               5   Kandorean Temple
                    Fatal Fang
    Will Head         54   42   10     9   Earth             100   80   80   95
                       0   10    1    10   Water              25   72   48  127
                    Smoke Bomb         6   Kandorean Temple
                    Mystic Flame
    Winged Lizard    337  452  202   467   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0  160    9   212   Earth             127   48    7   72
                    Dragon Skin        7   Yampi Desert Cave
                    Banshee Howl, Fire Breath
    Wise Gryphon     297  367  215   487   Wind               90   95  110   95
                      33  111   18   320   Earth             152   72   48  110
                    Psy Crystal        7   Magma Rock
                    Bind, Twin Beaks, Wing Stroke
    Wolfkin          213  309  174   337   Fire               85   85   85  100
                       0   89    9   219   Water              72   48   72  100
                    Weasel's Claw      5   Shaman Village Cave
                    Shriek, Ur Flash
    Wolfkin Cub      115  136   79    82   Fire               85   85   85  100
                       0   32    5    95   Water              72   48   72  100
                    Nut                6   Gondowan (WM)
                    Ur Flash
    Wonder Bird      424  510  285  8622   Water              95  125   95   75
                     102  190   34   333   Fire              100  193  100   25
                    Dark Matter        8   Islet Cave
                    'Attack 3x', Fire Dance, Pyroclasm, Regen Dance,
                    Searing Beam, Supernova, Escape
    Wood Walker      230  213   94   242   Fire              105   80   70  100
                      21   75   24   201   Water              72   25  100  175
                    Bramble Seed       5   Gaia Rock
                    Briar, Mad Growth
    Wyvern           340  339  149   469   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0  108   21   284   Earth             175   72   25  100
                    Aeolian Cassock    7   Jupiter Lighthouse
                    Fire Breath                         
    Wyvern Chick     124  128   76    83   Wind               95   95  110   95
                       0   36    6    76   Earth             127   48    7   72
                    Weasel's Claw      6   Gondowan Cliffs
                    Fire Breath
    II. Boss List
    Monster Name    HP    Att  Agl  Exp.  Weakness           E   F   W   w(Pow) 
                    PP    Def  Luck Coin  Strong             E   F   W   w(Res)
                    Dropped Item    ICC   Location
                    Special Attacks
    --------------- -----------------------------------------------------------
    Agatio          4248  377  178  3000   Water             100  110  100   90
                     280  114   46  3740   Fire              100  175  127   72
                    -                      Jupiter Lighthouse Aerie  
                    Cage, Debilitate, Eruption, Meteor Blow, Rising Dragon,
                    Rolling Flame, Stun Muscle
    Anger Ball       460  357  173   387   Water              95  115   95   85
                      43  125   27    30   Fire              100  175  100   25
                    -                      Treasure Island
                    Angry Mine (Kamikaze)
    Aqua Hydra      2776  173   63   963   Fire               95   85   95  115
                      70   38   44  1612   Water             100   25  100  175
                    Vial               1   Lemurian Ship
                    Drench, Raging Flood, Rising Venom, Slaver, Triple Chomp
    Avimander       3792  281   94  2176   Water              95  115   95   85
                      87   89   41  1330   Fire              100  175  100   25
                    Potion             1   Champa
                    'Attack 2x', Fiery Blast, Fire Breath, Guard, Heat Stun,
                    Impair, Star Mine
    Azart            365  328  134   355   All                80   80   80   80
                       0   66   10   232   -                  90   90   90   90
                    -                      Shaman Village Cave
                    Defends, use 'Nut' / 'Weasel's Claw'
    Briggs           984  129   76   333   All               100  100  100  100
                       0   29   42   891   -                 100  100  100  100
                    Vial               1   Alhafran Ship
                    Signal Whistle, use 'Herb' / 'Nut' / 'Oil Drop'
    Chestbeater      155   44   20    40   Fire              100   70   80   80
                       0   11   24    28   Wind               48   25   72   48
                    Nut                1   Kandorean Temple
                    Beat Dance, Claw Attack, use 'Herb'
    Doom Dragon     5000  470  200     0   Wind              110  105   95  100
     (3 Heads)       500  155   50     0   Earth             190  175   98  130
                    -                      Mars Lighthouse Aerie
                    'Attack 4x',  Blast Breath, Cure,       Curse,      Defend,
                    DjinnBlast,   Earth Force,  Earthquake, Fiery Blast,
                    Flare Storm,  Gravel Blow,  Haunt,      Psy Boost,
                    Pressure,     Quake Sphere, Thorn
    Doom Dragon     4200  470  200     0   Wind              110  105   95  100
     (2 Heads)       500  155   50     0   Earth             190  175   98  130
                    -                      Mars Lighthouse Aerie
                    'Attack 3x', Blast Breath, Briar, Clay Spire, Cruel Ruin,
                    Desert Gasp, Djinn Blast, Earth Force, Guard Aura, Inferno,
                    Haunt, Serpent Fume, Spire
    Doom Dragon     4000  470  200     0   Wind              110  105   95  100
     (1 Head)        500  155   50     0   Earth             190  175   98  130
                    -                      Mars Lighthouse Aerie
                    'Attack 2x', Cruel Ruin, Darksol Gasp, Djinn Storm,
                    Earth Force, Guard Aura, Nettle, Stone Spire
    Dullahan       16000  676  241 15600   Wind              110  100  100  100
                     300  269   59  6775   Water             150  130  110  190
                    -                      Anemos Inner Sanctum
                    'Attack 3x', 'recover 200 HP', Bind, Break, Condemn, Curse,
                    Djinn Storm, Element Swap, Formina Sage, Summon 'Charon',
                    True Collide
    Flame Dragon    5348  389  215  2502   Water              95  115   95   85
     (Small)         320  134   55  1872   Fire              100  175  100   25
                    -                      Mars Lighthouse
                    'recover 4 PP', Break, Djinnfest, Flame Breath, 
                    Fiery Blast, Healing Aura, Heat Kiss, Supernova
    Flame Dragon    5724  400  158  2502   Water              95  115   95   85
     (Big)           250  137   48  1521   Fire              100  175  100   25
                    -                      Mars Lighthouse
                    'recover 4 PP', Cage, Flame Breath, Meteor Blow,
                    Rising Dragon, Rolling Flame, Stun Muscle 
    Guardian Ball    520  317  292   439   Wind              110   95   90   95
                      43  127   33   289   Earth             152  100   48  100
                    -                      Treasure Island
                    Guard Aura
    Karst           3186  354  235  2813   Water             100  105  100   95
                     320  107   50  5280   Fire              127  175  100   72
                    Dark Matter        1   Jupiter Lighthouse Aerie
                    Break, Death Scythe, Djinnfest, Fiery Blast, Healing Aura,
                    Heat Kiss, Supernova
    King Scorpion   1064  101   39   440   Fire               95   90   85   85
                       0   32   40   228   Wind               72   48  100   72
                    Vial               1   Yampi Desert
                    Defend, Desert Gasp, Paralytail, Poison Tail, Sand Breath,
                    Twin Shear
    Knight          1954  321  143   835   All               100  100  100  100
                       0    *   36   205   -                 100  100  100  100
                    -                      Trial Road
                    Strong Hit, use 'Bramble Seed' / 'Nut' / 'Elixir'
                    * = 151 / 106
    Moapa           3042  354  181  1670   All               100  100  100  100
                       0    *   40  2460   -                 100  100  100  100
                    -                      Trial Road
                    Bosca Hit, use 'Crystal Powder' / 'Nut' / 'Water of Life'
                    / 'Antidote'
                    * = 219 / 174 / 120
    Navampa          735  368  156   398   All                80   80   80   80
                       0  100   17   267   -                  90   90   90   90
                    -                      Shaman Village Cave
                    Defends, use 'Crystal Powder' / 'Nut' / 'Sleep Bomb'
    Poseidon        4905  302  185  2930   Fire               95   85   95  115
                     162  100   47  3762   Water             100   25  100  175
                    Psy Crystal        1   Sea of Time
                    'Attack 2x','Force Field Protection', Counter Rush, Deluge,
                    Ice Missle,Ocean Fist, Ply Well, Typhoon Blow, Watery Grave
    Refresh Ball     360  317  136   448   Fire               95   85   95  115
                      43  124   36   278   Water             100   25  100  175
                    -                      Treasure Island
                    'recover 10 PP', Cure Poison, Earnest Ply, Restore
    Satrage          485  342  145   378   All                80   80   80   80
                       0   74   13   249   -                  90   90   90   90
                    -                      Shaman Village Cave
                     Defends, use 'Bramble Seed' / 'Nut' / 'Smoke Bomb'
    Sea Fighter      197  119   61    89   All               100  100  100  100
                       0   28   26   130   -                 100  100  100  100
                    -                      Alhafran Ship
                    Echo Cut, use 'Herb'/'Oil Drop'/'Smoke Bomb'
    Sentinel        8736  608  171 10538   Earth             100  120  110  130
                     780  216   54  6144   Water              72  127  152  193
                    'Attack 3x', 'recover 200HP', 'recover 30PP', Armor Crush,
                    Blue Bolt, Break, Destruct Ray, Guard, Searing Beam,
                    Spark Plasma
    Serpent         3536  249  135  1995   Wind              110   95   90   95
                     160   76   46  2898   Earth             152  100   48  100
                    -                      Gaia Rock
                    'Attack $x', 'recover * HP' Black Ice, Briar, Cure Well,
                    Mighty Press, Quake Sphere, Toxic Breath
                    $ = 3 / 2
                    * = 2430 / 810 / 270 / 90 / 30
    Star Magician   7486  460  268  7866   Fire               90   85   95  105
                     560  139   52  5566   Water             130   72  150  180
                    -                      Treasure Island
                    'Attack 2x', Megacool, Mine Ball, Mystic Call, Spark Plasma
    Thunder Ball     280  329  219   387   Earth              90   95  110   95
                      43  123   30    30   Wind               48  100  152  100
                    -                      Treasure Island
                    'recover 10 PP', Flash Bolt, Shine Plasma, Storm Ray
    Valukar        12960  550  206  8702   Water              95  105   95   85
                       0  175   46  4980   Fire              100  175  100   60
                    -                      Yampi Desert Cave
                    'Attack 2x', 'Summon', Djinn Stun, Crucible, Stun Jip
    III. Mad Plant & Mimic List
    Monster Name    HP    Att  Agl  Exp.  Weakness           E   F   W   w(Pow) 
                    PP    Def  Luck Coin  Strong             E   F   W   w(Res)
                    Dropped Item    ICC   Location
                    Special Attacks
    --------------- -----------------------------------------------------------
    Mad Plant        449  181   87   321   Fire              105   80   70  100
                       0   41   19   347   Water              48    7   72  100
                    Game Ticket        1   Gabomba Catacombs
                    Poisonous Bite
    Mad Plant        518  227  104   507   Fire              105   80   70  100
                       0   56   19   409   Water              48    7   72  100
                    Lucky Medal        1   Taopo Swamp
                    Poisonous Bite
    Mad Plant        556  254  114   630   Fire              105   80   70  100
                       0   65   20   451   Water              48    7   72  100
                    Potion             1   Gaia Rock
                    Poisonous Bite, Maneater
    Mad Plant        726  352  152  1065   Fire              105   80   70  100
                       0   99   20   594   Water              48    7   72  100
                    Mint               1   Jupiter Lighthouse
                    Poisonous Bite, Maneater
    Mad Plant        730  358  174  1121   Fire              105   80   70  100
                       0  103   21   591   Water              48    7   72  100
                    Lucky Pepper       1   Trial Road
                    Electric Bite, Poisonous Bite, Maneater
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Mimic            207   47   23    64   Fire               95   75  105  100
                      12   12   15    46   Wind              100   25  152  127
                    Game Ticket        1   Kandorean Temple
                    Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Slash
    Mimic            431  126   77   272   Fire               95   75  105  100
                      36   33   16   241   Wind              100   25  152  127
                    Lucky Medal        1   Air's Rock
                    Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Tundra
    Mimic            536  177  110   400   Fire               95   75  105  100
                      50   43   17   380   Wind              100   25  152  127
                    Hard Nut           1   Gabomba Statue
                    Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Tornado 
    Mimic            676  240  145   760   Fire               95   75  105  100
                      62   66   17   531   Wind              100   25  152  127
                    Potion             1   Aqua Rock
                    Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Wild Growth
    Mimic            707  251  153   840   Fire               95   75  105  100
                      64   71   18   531   Wind              100   25  152  127
                    Game Ticket        1   Gaia Rock
                    Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Curse, Sonic Slash
    Mimic            879  333  196  1336   Fire               95   75  105  100
                      76  103   18   677   Wind              100   25  152  127
                    Power Bread        1   Treasure Island
                    Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Curse, Nettle
    Mimic            907  349  204  1420   Fire               95   75  105  100
                      78  108   18   700   Wind              100   25  152  127
                    Psy Crystal        1   Jupiter Lighthouse
                    Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Curse, Condemn, Ice Missile 
    Mimic            936  364  210  1500   Fire               95   75  105  100
                      80  114   18   726   Wind              100   25  152  127
                    Apple              1   Magma Rock
                    Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Curse, Condemn, Stone Spire 
    Mimic           1008  397  224  1668   Fire               95   75  105  100
                      84  126   18   772   Wind              100   25  152  127
                    Cookie             1   Mars Lighthouse
                    Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Curse, Condemn, Spark Plasma
    IV. Djinn List
    Monster Name    HP    Att  Agl  Exp.  Weakness           E   F   W   w(Pow) 
                    PP    Def  Luck Coin  Strong             E   F   W   w(Res)
                    Dropped Item    ICC   Location
                    Special Attacks
    --------------- -----------------------------------------------------------
    Jupiter Djinni   184   37   27    43   Earth              80   95  120   95
     (Breath)         16    8    6    89   Wind               25  100  193  100
                    -                      Shrine of the Sea God
                    Bolt, Ray, Slash, Whirlwind, Escape
    Jupiter Djinni   267   65   50   109   Earth              80   95  120   95
     (Blitz)          24   17    8   126   Wind               25  100  193  100
                    -                      Yampi Desert
                    Bolt, Ray, Slash, Whirlwind, Escape
    Jupiter Djinni   440  134  104   255   Earth              80   95  120   95
     (Waft)           40   34   13   309   Wind               25  100  193  100
                    -                      Kibombo Mountains
                    Flash Bolt, Plasma, Storm Ray, Whirlwind, Wind Slash,
    Jupiter Djinni   852  273  233   965   Earth              80   95  120   95
     (Whorl)          78   84   27   643   Wind               25  100  193  100
                    -                      Jupiter Lighthouse
                    Blue Bolt, Destruct Ray, Sonic Slash, Spark Plasma,
                    Tempest, Escape
    Jupiter Djinni   870  276  239  1000   Earth              80   95  120   95
     (Gasp)           81   84   27   660   Wind               25  100  193  100
                    -                      Trial Road (after getting "Lift")
                    Blue Bolt, Destruct Ray, Sonic Slash, Spark Plasma,
                    Tempest, Escape
    Jupiter Djinni   980  309  277  1197   Earth              80   95  120   95
     (Gale)           92   97   31   756   Wind               25  100  193  100
                    -                      Treasure Island
                    Destruct Ray, Sonic Slash, Spark Plasma, Tempest, Escape
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Mars Djinni      203   43   32    58   Water              95  125   95   75
     (Cannon)         18   10    7    93   Fire              100  193  100   25
                    -                      Dehkan Plateaus
                    Blast, Flare, Escape
    Mars Djinni      403  114   90   228   Water              95  125   95   75
     (Kindle)         37   29   11   273   Fire              100  193  100   25
                    -                      Gondowan Cliffs
                    Beam, Blast, Flare Wall, Fume, Mad Blast, Escape
    Mars Djinni      756  231  199   794   Water              95  125   95   75
     (Reflux)         69   68   23   563   Fire              100  193  100   25
                    -                      Tundaria Tower
                    Eruption, Fiery Blast, Inferno, Serpent Fume, Supernova,
    Mars Djinni      840  264  226   946   Water              95  125   95   75
     (Core)           79   80   26   642   Fire              100  193  100   25
                    -                      Atteka (WM)
                    Inferno, Pyroclasm, Searing Beam, Serpent Fume, Supernova,
    Mars Djinni      890  280  247  1041   Water              95  125   95   75
     (Fury)          83   86   28    681   Fire              100  193  100   25
                    -                      Magma Rock
                    Inferno, Pyroclasm, Searing Beam, Serpent Fume, Supernova,
    Mars Djinni      950  304  267  1145   Water              95  125   95   75
     (Fugue)          89   95   30   731   Fire              100  193  100   25
                    -                      Mars Lighthouse
                    Dire Inferno, Dragon Fume, Fiery Juggle, Pyroclasm,
                    Searing Beam, Escape
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Mercury Djinni   165   32   22    28   Fire               95   75   95  125
     (Fog)            14    6    6    85   Water             100   25  100  193
                    -                      Kandorean Temple
                    Douse, Frost, Escape
    Mercury Djinni   291   75   57   130   Fire               95   75   95  125
     (Sour)           26   19    9   152   Water             100   25  100  193
                    -                      Mikasalla east (WM)
                    Cool, Douse, Frost, Froth, Ice, Escape
    Mercury Djinni   414  124   96   234   Fire               95   75   95  125
     (Chill)          37   31   12   282   Water             100   25  100  193
                    -                      Naribwe South (WM)
                    Cool, Drench, Ice, Prism, Tundra, Escape                 
    Mercury Djinni   620  192  159   571   Fire               95   75   95  125
     (Stream)         56   54   19   457   Water             100   25  100  193
                    -                      Aqua Rock
                    Froth Sphere, Glacier, Hail Prism, Ice Horn, Supercool,
    Mercury Djinni   860  270  237   989   Fire               95   75   95  125
     (Eddy)           80   83   27   656   Water             100   25  100  193
                    -                      Shaman Village Cave
                    Deluge, Freeze Prism, Froth Spiral, Ice Missile, Megacool,
    Mercury Djinni   920  290  257  1093   Fire               95   75   95  125
     (Serac)          86   90   29   706   Water             100   25  100  193
                    -                      Islet Cave (corridor)
                    Freeze Prism, Froth Spiral, Ice Missile, Megacool, Escape
    Mercury Djinni   940  300  261  1112   Fire               95   75   95  125
     (Balm)           88   94   30   720   Water             100   25  100  193
                    -                      Mars Lighthouse
                    Deluge, Freeze Prism, Froth Spiral, Ice Missile, Megacool,
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Venus Djinni     223   49   37    73   Wind              120   95   80   95
     (Iron)           20   12    7    96   Earth             193  100   25  100
                    -                      Madra - East (WM)
                    Growth, Quake, Escape
    Venus Djinni     466  143  116   279   Wind              120   95   80   95
     (Steel)          46   37   16   340   Earth             193  100   25  100
                     -                     Gabomba Statue
                     Briar, Gaia, Mad Growth, Spire, Quake Sphere, Escape
    Venus Djinni     500  153  122   360   Wind              120   95   80   95
     (Mud)            44   41   15   358   Earth             193  100   25  100
                     -                     Gabomba Catacombs
                     Briar, Gaia, Mad Growth, Spire, Quake Sphere, Escape
    Venus Djinni     590  182  149   519   Wind              120   95   80   95
     (Flower)         53   51   18   432   Earth             193  100   25  100
                     -                     Taopo Swamp
                     Clay Spire, Briar, Mad Growth, Mother Gaia, Quake Sphere,
    Venus Djinni     710  221  187   729   Wind              120   95   80   95
     (Meld)           65   65   22   531   Earth             193  100   25  100
                     -                     Islet Cave ("Teleport" NOT required)
                     Clay Spire, Mother Gaia, Nettle, Quake Sphere,
                     Wild Growth, Escape
    Venus Djinni     830  260  227   937   Wind              120   95   80   95
     (Petra)          77   79   26   631   Earth             193  100   25  100
                     -                     Hesperia NE (WM)
                     Briar, Mother Gaia, Quake Sphere, Stone Spire,
                     Wild Growth, Escape
    Venus Djinni     990  309  280  1211   Wind              120   95   80   95
     (Crystal)        94   97   33   764   Earth             193  100   25  100
                     -                     Yampi Desert Cave
                     Grand Gaia, Nettle, Stone Spire, Thorny Grave,
                     Wild Growth, Escape
    Appendix C: Four Additional Dungeons
     The following part is a bit similar to what Crossbone Isle was in GS1, but 
    now there are four smaller dungeons instead of one big one. Next to all the 
    obligatory caves and dungeons that you come across there are also four 
    special dungeons. Each one has a powerful guardian at the end, that 
    protects a powerful Summon Tablet. 
    All of these dungeons can only be accessed very late in the game, because 
    the "Teleport" Psynergy from the Mars Lighthouse is required for three of 
    them. Hence the only exception is Treasure Island in the eastern sea, but 
    in order to get all the good items and the Summon here you do need "Grind" 
    from Lemuria and Isaac's "Lift" Psynergy. Anemos Inner Sanctum will always 
    be the last dungeon you can visit, because it requires you to have all 72 
    Djinn from both games in your possession. There is also Taopo Swamp 
    (Chapter 7C. in the Walkthrough) as an optional place to go to, but you 
    don't meet a strong boss or Summon Tablet there. Above all each dungeon 
    features special enemies that rarely drop the strongest items and weapons.
                           Monster Name       Rare Dropped Item
                           ---------------    ---------------
    Treasure Island        Earth Golem        Giant Axe
                           Gillman Lord       Tear Stone
                           Great Seagull      Sylph Feather
                           Ocean Dragon       Triton's Ward
                           Pyrodra            Salamander Tail
                           Turtle Dragon      Blessed Mace
                           ---------------    ---------------
    Yampi Desert Cave      Fire Dragon        Atropos' Rod
                           Minos Knight       Riot Gloves
                           Sand Scorpion      Star Dust
                           Soul Army          Mythril Silver
                           Winged Lizard      Dragon Skin
                           ---------------    ---------------
    Islet Cave             Cruel Dragon       Tisiphone Edge
                           Druj               Berserker Band
                           Wonder Bird        Dark Matter
    Anemos Inner Sanctum   ---------------    ---------------
                           Bombander          Golem Core
                           Mad Demon          Lachesis' Rule
                           Sky Dragon         Orihalcon
    1. Treasure Island
     Located in the north east corner of Weyard this dungeon is reachable very 
    early in the game, but can only be completed after obtaining both "Grind" 
    and "Lift". You can visit here several times, or go through the whole thing 
    in one go after Isaac joins you.
    --Treasure Island--
    Chests: 11 (11)
     161 Coins, Lucky Medal, Jester's Armlet, 911 Coins, Sylph Feather,
     Rusty Axe(forges Viking Axe), Psy Crystal, Star Dust, Cookie,
     Iris Robe, Fire Brand
     Jupiter - Gale
     Venus   - "missing GS1 Djinni"
    Stone Tablet:
    Monsters (Before "Lift" Rock):
     Stone Soldier, Turtle Dragon, Earth Golem, Cannibal Ghoul, Harridan,
     Horned Ghost
    Monsters (After "Lift" Rock):
     Sea Hedgehog, Great Seagull, Pyrodra, Gillman Lord, Puppet Warrior
     Star Magician
     From the start follow the left wall and you will reach two chests 
    containing 161 Coins and a Lucky Medal, the four chests in the other rooms 
    are all empty. Continue up and trigger the button on the ground (6 chests 
    before this button are also empty). "Grind" the right spiky rock and go to 
    the next room. In here jump your way to the column, but do not push it onto 
    the switch, instead push it just one square to the south of it. Now, jump 
    back to the other side and "Move" it from behind the rocks onto button. 
    This way you can get past this obstacle.
     The next chamber forces you to trigger another button, "Grind" the 
    rightmost spiky rock, jump to the back, climb the structure and use the 
    tightrope to reach a Jester's Armlet. Go back, "Move" the right column over 
    the gap to the left, "Grind" the leftmost rock and finally "Move" the 
    pillar another square to the left. Follow the lower branch, to get back 
    into the second room, "Move" the pillar out of the way and jump over the 
    gap. If you didn't "Grind" the upper spiky rock you can reach those chests.
    They contain: 911 Coins, Sylph Feather, Rusty Axe(turns into Viking Axe 
    after forging), Psy Crystal, Star Dust and Cookie. Back in the previous
    room follow the left wall and a Mimic awaits you.
    Mimic 9
     HP:  879    ATK: 333    AGL:  196    Weak:   Fire
     PP:   76    DEF: 103    LCK:   18    Strong: Water
     Special: Debilitate, Psy Drain, Sleep, Curse, Nettle
     Exp:   1336
     Coins:  677
     Item: Power Bread
    After a short battle go down the stairs to the north and use "Lift" on the 
    rock here, which should be yours after you get Isaac to join your party. 
    There are stronger enemies in the random battles behind this rock so 
    beware. The Iris Robe can be collected fairly easy from the chest around 
    here. "Lift" another rock so you can enter the room behind it. In this room 
    "Lift" the center boulder and you can get to the Jupiter Djinni on the left 
    side of the screen. 
    Jupiter Djinni
     HP: 980     ATK: 309     AGL: 277       Weak:    Earth
     PP:  92     DEF:  97     LCK:  31       Strong:  Wind
     Special:  Destruct Ray, Sonic Slash, Spark Plasma, Tempest, Escape
     Exp:   1197
     Coins:  756
     Item: -
    This Djinni is extremely fast so beware of his initial attack. When the 
    quick battle is over Gale will team up with you. Felix can also collect the 
    Fire Brand from the chest to the right. Reset the room by exiting and 
    entering it again. This time use "Lift" on the leftmost boulder, the 
    boulder behind it and the one in the upper right corner. Go south from 
    there and jump over the gap to the left, climb the wall and exit via the 
    upper southeast passage.
     If you are playing a game where not all Venus Djinn from GS1 are 
    transferred then a missing GS1 Djinni appears on the left side of this room 
    and joins right away. The end of this watery dungeon is near! Go up via the 
    right branch and you'll reach the final room of this dungeon. Inside is 
    powerful boss so be prepared. He tells you that in order to get the prize,
    a summon tablet, behind him that you must defeat him in combat.
    Star Magician & Balls
    Star Magician
     HP: 7486     ATK: 460    AGL: 268       Weak:   Fire
     PP:  560     DEF: 139    LCK:  52       Strong: Water 
     Special:  'attack 2x', Megacool, Mine Ball, Mystic Call, Spark Plasma
     Exp:   7866
     Coins: 5566  
     Item:     -
    Anger Ball
     HP:  460     ATK: 357    AGL: 173       Weak:   Water   
     PP:   43     DEF: 125    LCK:  27       Strong: Fire
     Special:  Angry Mine (Kamikaze Attack)
     Exp:   387
     Coins:  30
     Item:    -
    Guardian Ball
     HP:  520     ATK: 317     AGL: 235      Weak:   Wind 
     PP:   43     DEF: 127     LCK:  50      Strong: Earth
     Special:  Guard Aura, Defend
     Exp:   439
     Coins: 289
     Item:    -
    Refresh Ball
     HP:  360     ATK: 317     AGL: 136      Weak:   Fire  
     PP:   43     DEF: 124     LCK:  36      Strong: Water
     Special:  'recover 10 PP', Cure Poison, Earnest Ply, Restore
     Exp:   448
     Coins: 278
     Item:    -
    Thunder Ball
     HP:  280     ATK: 329     AGL: 219      Weak:   Earth   
     PP:   43     DEF: 123     LCK:  30      Strong: Wind 
     Special:  'recover 10 PP', Flash Bolt, Shine Plasma, Storm Ray
     Exp:   387
     Coins:  30
     Item:    -
     As you can see this battle is about the Star Magician, which can produce 
    various balls that make your life miserable. You have to take out the 
    Refresh and Guardian Balls or else all your efforts are for naught. Because 
    Earnest Ply and Guard Aura offer the Star Magician so much strength that 
    you can barely scratch him. Of course the Thunder and Anger Balls are 
    annoying as well, because of their damaging properties. The Star Magician 
    himself is actually not that danger, but the combination is troublesome.
    An effecient strategy on low levels would work with the following party:
     (Numbers in parenthesis are in stand-by)
    Felix           Isaac           Jenna           Ivan
    --------------  --------------  --------------  ---------------  
    Ninja           Ninja           Flame user      Dark Mage
    4x Jupiter      4x Jupiter      6x Venus(6)     3x Jupiter(3)
    4x Mars(1)      4x Mars(1)      3x Mars(2)      2x Mercury(2)
                                    -Flash to Set   3x Venus(1)
                                                     -Ground to Set
                                                     -Petra to Set
    --------------  --------------  --------------  ---------------  
    AGL > 300       AGL > 300       'don't care'    AGL > 300       
    --------------  --------------  --------------  ---------------  
    Gaia Blade      Warrior's Helm  -               Elven Shirt
    Sheba           Garet           Piers           Mia
    --------------  --------------  --------------  ---------------
    Wind Seer       'any'           'any'           'any'
    4x Venus(4)     'remainder'     'remainder'     'remainder'
    4x Mars(4)
    --------------  --------------  --------------  ---------------  
    AGL > 300       'don't care'    'don't care'    'don't care'       
    --------------  --------------  --------------  --------------- 
    Clarity Circlet -               -               -
    Aerial Gloves
    Feathered Robe
    In case certain characters have too little agility use some Quick Boots,
    Running Shirt or Golden boots to boost them up. Once the AGL of the
    required characters is over 300 this will ensure the Star Magician 
    can't get a turn durin the second round. The Tomegathericon on Ivan
    boosts his AGL as 2 Venus Djinn seriously hamper his class' base AGL.
    With this setup you can enter the battle and use Flash on your own party
    to prevent any serious damage. Next, Ivan can use Ground on the Guardian
    ball to prevent him from casting 'Guard Aura'. However, because both
    attacks are used with high priority Ivan's AGL must be higher than the
    Guardian Ball to prevent him from getting a turn (otherwise Ground's use
    is wasted). After that you can spam him with some Haures' unleashes. This
    gives the following battle overview:
    Round #1
    Ivan:  Ground on Guardian Ball
    Jenna: Flash 
    Isaac: Haures
    Felix: Haures
     -> No 'Guard Aura' cast, leaving Star Magician open to damage
     -> 2600 Damage on Magician
     -> Refresh Ball dies
     -> Thunder Ball dies
     -> Star Magician & Balls attack (minor to no damage thanks to Flash)
    Round #2
    Exchange Jenna for Sheba
    Ivan:  Petra on Guardian Ball
    Sheba: Eclipse
    Isaac: Haures
    Felix: Haures
     -> No 'Guard Aura' cast, leaving Star Magician open to damage
     -> 5200 Damage on Magician, Star Magician dies
     -> Guardian Ball dies
     -> Anger Ball dies
     -> Any balls spawned in the previous turn are either dead or weakened
    For an example video you can watch it right here:
    When this battle is finally over read the text on the tablet behind the 
    Star Magician and claim your new summon: Azul. To summon him use 4 Mercury 
    and 3 Venus Djinn. This is the end of this optional dungeon.
    2. Yampi Desert Cave
     After you get "Sand" & "Teleport" Psynergies you can go back to Yampi 
    Desert to get some additional treasures. The easiest route to the required 
    part in the desert is by going to Alhafra by boat and then entering the 
    desert from the south entrance.
    --Yampi Desert--
     From the rear entrance use "Sand" on the leftmost sand slide (near the 
    arrow formed by rocks that becomes visible with "Reveal"). Enter the crack 
    in the wall for a hidden cave.
    --Yampi Desert Cave--
    Chests: 1 (12)
     Water of Life
     Get the Water of Life from the chest right at the start (hmm... that 
    looked suspicious like a Mimic). Other than this there is not much to do 
    around here. We need to get back here once we get "Teleport".
    --Yampi Desert Cave (Inner Dungeon) --
    Hidden Items: 1 (13)
     Mythril Silver 
    Chests: 4 (17)
     Water of Life, Dark Matter, Orihalcon, Mythril Silver
     Venus - Crystal
    Stone Tablet:
     Fire Dragon, Minos Knight, Sand Scorpion, Soul Army, Winged Lizard
     Use "Teleport" on the circular mark to enter the inner Desert Cave, which 
    houses pretty strong enemies. In here use "Sand" in the most northern part 
    to reach the broken pillar to the left. Cast "Burst" on it, walk around in 
    the back room, push the logs out of your way and use "Sand" at the most 
    northern part to reach a stairway. On the left use "Scoop" here so Felix 
    obtains some Mythril Silver. 
     Follow the path, use "Sand" to reach the left side and "Move" on the 
    pillar (you need it later on). Exit to the south to find a chest with 
    Dark Matter in it. Go down again to reach a log pushing puzzle. 
      lower horizontal log = 1      left vertical log    = 3
      upper horizontal log = 2      right vertical log   = 4
     Push the following logs:
       1 -> Down,
       2 -> Up,
       1 -> Up,
       4 -> Right,
       Use "Sand" to get behind 1,   1 -> Down, 
       Use "Sand" to get behind 2,   2 -> Down,
       Use "Sand" to get left of 3,  3 -> Left
     Climb up the ladder, use "Move" on the column in the room behind and go 
    back again. Head down one room, collect the Orihalcon and "Burst" the 
    pillar on the elevated section. Back in the initial chamber go down the 
    stairs on the left. Here you'll see something moving in the sand at a high 
    velocity. Use "Scoop" on it the moment you are next to it to make a Venus 
    Djinni appear. If you find it hard to get "Scoop" going a the right moment
    you could try "Halt" on him with the transferred Halt Gem from GS, if you
    got it in your inventory. This way the Djinni will freeze at the spot where
    he is. Once you dig him up he gets mad at you for disturbing his rest 
    so Crystal attacks:
    Venus Djinni
     HP: 990     ATK: 309     AGL: 280       Weak:    Wind
     PP:  94     DEF:  97     LCK:  33       Strong: Earth
     Special: Grand Gaia, Nettle, Stone Spire, Thorny Grave, Wild Growth,
     Exp:  1211  
     Coins: 764 
     Item: -
    After this Crystal comes with you. "Pound" the cone pillar to the north, 
    then get the pillar in the back room on the correct tile. Backtrack all the 
    way to that spot on the upper level walk up to the room behind it and meet 
    up with Valukar the elemental being of Fire guarding a Stone Tablet.
    Boss: Valukar
     HP: 12960   ATK: 550    AGL: 206       Weak:   Water
     PP:     0   DEF: 175    LCK:  46       Strong: Fire 
     Special:  'attack 2x', 'Summon', Crucible, Djinn Stun, Stun Jip
     Exp:   8702
     Coins: 4980  
     Item:     -
    With over 12000 HP you really need to do some heavy damage on this goon. 
    Also he puts your Djinn on Standby with Djinn Stun and then he can use 
    your Djinn to summon the your deities against you! So basically use Summon 
    as much as possible (even weak ones) to make sure that he can't Summon them 
    against you.
     After the battle with him you can examine the Tablet and you learn how to 
    summon Daedalus. This spirit requires 4 Mars and 3 Venus Djinn to call. 
    "Retreat" / or walk back out of this dungeon.
    3. Islet Cave
    --Islet of Time--
     After you complete the Animal Trade Quest you can enter this place (see 
    Chapter 7D in the walkthrough). Go right up to the teleporter circle and 
    "Teleport" to the inner corridor of this dungeon. This dungeon is pretty 
    small actually! It is just several times the same corridor, but each 
    consecutive corridor is darker than the last one.
    --Islet Cave (Corridor)--
     Mercury - Serac
    Stone Tablet:
     Chimera Worm, Cruel Dragon, Druj, Wonder Bird
    BTW. The Cruel Dragons in here drop the infamous Tisiphone Edge one of the 
    most powerful short blades.
     In the second corridor use "Tremor" to make a Mercury Djinni appear. This 
    little guy is one of the last remaining Djinn in this game and will fight 
    you to the end.
    Mercury Djinni
     HP: 920     ATK: 290     AGL: 257       Weak:    Fire
     PP:  86     DEF:  90     LCK:  29       Strong:  Water
     Special:  Freeze Prism, Froth Spiral, Ice Missile, Megacool, Escape
     Exp:   1197
     Coins:  756
     Item:     -
     Personally I think that Serac finishing blow is the strongest Mercury 
    based unleash, so use him well in Djinn Kill strategies. After this you 
    have to go through 4 more corridors that get darker each time. At the end 
    is a chamber where the Wind elemental warrior Sentinel awaits you.
    Boss: Sentinel
     HP:  8736   ATK: 608    AGL: 171       Weak:   Earth
     PP:   780   DEF: 216    LCK:  54       Strong: Water
     Special:  'attack 3x', 'recover 200 HP', 'recover 30 PP', Armor Crush,
               Blue Bolt, Break, Destruct Ray, Guard, Searing Beam,
               Spark Plasma
     Exp:  10538
     Coins: 6144  
     Item:     -
     As you can see Sentinel can use "Break" so power ups are hardly useful. 
    Try to use as many Earth elemental summons to get this guy down as fast as 
    possible. He is a wind elemental yet he is strong against water not wind!
    This may seems odd, but it is the truth.
    To beat him easily, get all Djinn including Serac from this corridor and
    visit the entrance of Anemos inner sanctum. There you can claim the tablet
    for summoning Charon. If you return to Sentinel and set all your Venus
    Djinn on standby you can summon Charon twice the first turn. Each Charon 
    summon will do roughly 4000 Damage each, so you can beat this boss in one
    turn. This battle is also available on video here:
     After the battle walk up to the Summon Tablet and you can now command the 
    power that be Catastrophe. If you use this in battle it looks like 
    Judgment, but bigger and stronger. It requires 5 Jupiter & 3 Mars Djinn put 
    on Stand-by in order to command this deity.
    4. Anemos Inner Sanctum
     In Contigo you hear about the Sanctum of the Anemos, which seems to be 
    sealed complete. If you take a closer look at it you'll find that one a 
    chest with Dragon Skin is reachable directly. In order to get into the 
    actual inner sanctum you need all 72 Djinn and "Teleport" (which you 
    obviously must posses, if you have 72 Djinn).
    --Anemos Inner Sanctum--
    Chests: 3 (20)
     Dragon Skin, Dark Matter, Orihalcon
    Stone Tablet:
     Charon, Iris
     Bombander, Grave Wight, Mad Demon, Sky Dragon
     To reach the chest with Dragon Skin, go to Anemos Sanctum main entrance 
    and use "Reveal" on it. You can walk towards the chest containing that 
    item. For the rest nothing can be done here; this path is just a dead end. 
    Use "Teleport" on the circle in the center of Contigo to reach the actual 
    Anemos Inner Sanctum. In order to advance in this ultimate dungeon you need 
    all 72 Djinn on order to open the door. If you have all Djinn walk up to 
    each elemental symbol and light all 72 dots (one for each Djinni). This 
    will cause the four flames to be ignited opening the way to the last set of 
    enemies and items this game has to offer.
     Inside the same BGM is used as in GS1's first dungeon: Sol Sanctum (what a 
    coincidence). Walk up to the unguarded stone tablet in order to inherit the 
    power of destruction: Charon. He requires 8 Venus and 2 Jupiter Djinn. 
    Charon is the second strongest Summon after the most deadly force we will 
    obtain at the end of this Sanctum.
     Continue on downstairs, jump over the gap to the left and in the room 
    behind carefully walk so the mimic stone on your left can reach the button 
    and open the door for you. Watch out he mirrors horizontal movement! In the 
    next room follow the right path, push the pillar to the right (shortcut) and 
    in the room to the east press all the 7 buttons to activate the single 
    tile elevator.
     On the next floor push the pillar to the far left, then go to the upper 
    left corner and descend two floors. Walk to the left here, go down the 
    stairs and collect some Dark Matter for the chest. Go back and enter the 
    back room of that same part. You will come across another button pusher 
    puzzle with cracked floor tiles. Follow these directions from the entrance:
    All lights should be on and you can go up to higher level. Take the passage 
    leading down again, push the pillar to the left (shortcut), move on to the 
    far right, "Lift" the boulder and take the lower passage. Follow the left 
    wall and you'll see another mimic stone. In order to solve this puzzle get 
    the mimic stuck above the lone green pyramid then walk down 3 or 4 tiles. 
    The causes the mimic to be 3 tiles above you and Felix can easily guide to 
    the button in the upper right corner without making the mimic fall in a 
    gap. Back in the big room push the 3rd pillar to the far right.
     Head back to the boulder and use "Lift" to reach the upper room. Go down 
    and push the 2nd pillar in the open gap, finally head back to the boulder 
    again, "Lift" it for the third time, "Move" the pillar below to the far 
    right, jump over the gap and "Move" the upper column to on the left button. 
    Miraculously the door opens and we can continue on. Follow the left path 
    for another mimic puzzle. This one is harder, though. Move in the following 
    directions (take care that the mimic is in the center of an individual 
    tile or else the pattern may not work!): 
     1. URRU      - mimic stone is stuck against the lone obstacle from below
     2. UUUR      - mimic stone is free and three tiles below you
     3. UUL       - mimic stone is stuck against the lone obstacle from above
     4. DDD       - the both of you should be on the same horizontal line
     5. RUULUULLL - Finish
    In the next room let Felix go down the left stairs from some Orihalcon. The 
    passage to the right leads to a room with three passages and 9 cracked 
    floor tiles in the center. Go to the left path not touching the upper and 
    right tiles (they must remain complete). "Move" the pillar on the far 
    right, go down the center path and use the tiles that are left over to 
    reach the right path. Cast "Sand" on the sandy area and you'll come by the 
    pillar you just moved. Move it even farther to the right go up and push the 
    last column out of your way. 
     In the final room complete the 6 tile block puzzle representing a bird. 
    This is not difficult, but will take some time to complete. WARNING: This 
    is the final moment to save or "Retreat". After saving go over the gap the 
    battle against the strongest enemy commences and beware strong he is 
    indeed. Use "Hover" on it after bird it is activated. You'll be transported 
    to an area for a showdown with a headless knight. This is the legendary 
    Dullahan! "I am the shadow the keeper of light. If you want the sun's 
    power, show me your own". After these words the knight steps forward 
    towards you.
    Boss: Dullahan
     HP: 16000    ATK: 676     AGL: 241      Weak:   Wind   
     PP:   300    DEF: 269     LCK:  59      Strong: Earth 
     Special:  'recover 200 HP', 'Attack 2x', Bind, Break, Condemn, Curse,
                Djinn Storm, Element Swap, Formina Sage, Summon 'Charon',
                True Collide
     Exp:  15600
     Coins: 6775
     Item:     -
     Similar to Deadbeard, this adversary is the optional boss that is much 
    more powerful than the final boss in the game. As you can see the 
    statistics of this fiend are through the roof. Djinn are hardly useful 
    here, because one Djinn Storm and they will ALL go in recovery mode. You 
    really need much power to get him. There is however a small consolation for 
    the Hard Mode players; Dullahan's HP can never exceed 16383 due to 
    technical restrictions (see the glitches section in appendix F). So you 
    only have to cause roughly 16000 Damage either way. 
     The standard way of doing combat will cause defeat way too soon even for 
    high level parties, therefore a strategy has to be devised. Try to get at 
    least you base class agility of some of your characters above that of 
    Dullahan with a margin (at least 250) or else he may attack before you, 
    screwing your attacks up.
        Dullahan's Main Attacks
        Djinn Storm    - Put all Djinn in recovery mode!
        True Collide   - Absorb HP damage
        Formina Sage   - >700 damage
        Elemental Swap - Waste a turn; next turn will be Summon Charon!
    The Easiest 2 Round Strategy - The Jupiter Summon Rush
     Here is one strategy that might work out for you. Because Dullahan puts 
    all Djinn in recovery with a huge chance you might as well try to Summon 
    Rush him with the following set up. In both your parties put at ALL your 
    Djinn on Stand-by. I used the following item setup on a party of, which the 
    level is irrelevant! If the AGL of the base classes is below 250, then I 
    suggest training against Wonder Birds in Islet Cave to raise it very 
    Attack Party
    Ivan               Jenna              Sheba              Felix / Isaac
    -----------------  -----------------  -----------------  -----------------
    Wind Seer          Flame User         Wind Seer          Apprentice
    AGL > 250*         AGL > 250*         AGL > 250*         AGL > 250
    Jupiter Pow: 164   Mars Power: 164    Jupiter Pow: 154   Venus Power: 144
    -----------------  -----------------  -----------------  -----------------
    9 Jupiter Djinn    7 GS1 Mars Djinn~  8 Jupiter Djinn    5 Venus Djinn
                       2 Mercury Djinn    1 Venus Djinn      3 GS2 Mars Djinn~
                                                             Jupiter Lull
    All on Stand-by    All on Stand-by    All on Stand-by    All, but Lull on
    -----------------  -----------------  -----------------  -----------------
    Swift Sword        'any weapon'       'any weapon'       Gaia Blade
    'any helm'         'any helm'         'any helm'         Warrior's Helm
    Leda's Bracelet    Big Bang Gloves    Leda's Bracelet    'any shield' ^
    Feathered Robe     Ardagh Robe        Feathered Robe     Planet Armor
    -----------------  -----------------  -----------------  -----------------
    * = Use Running Shirts, Running boots if AGL is less than Felix/Isaac.
        They must attack before Lull is unleashed. In case that is not
        enough you can also try to raise it with Mint, or give the Venus
        Adept some Safety Boots to slow him down...
    ^ = If you transferred the Spirit Gloves from GS1 then equip them
        for 5 more Earth points.
    ~ = Jenna's Djinn must be drained by Summoning BEFORE Felix's. Therefore
        Set her Djinn manually BEFORE setting Felix's.
    Back up Party
    Garet                    'other Venus Adept' / Mia / Piers
    -----------------        ---------------------------------
    Guard                    'variable'
    AGL > 250
    Mars Power: 154          Power doesn't matter
    -----------------        ---------------------------------
    2 Mercury Djinn          All the Djinn that are left over
    7 Mars Djinn
    All on Stand-by
    -----------------        ---------------------------------
    'any weapon'             Whatever you like best & left over
    Ninja Hood (AGL+)            "
    Big Bang Gloves              "
    Planet Armor                 "
    -----------------        ---------------------------------
     Indeed, the weapons & armors listed above is all you need, nothing more 
    and nothing less! Armors like Warrior's Helm, Planet Armor, Big Bang 
    Gloves, Leda's Bracelet & Feathered Robe are a must; you CANNOT afford to 
    miss these. Notice that I gave the Venus Adept the Gaia Blade, because 
    raises Earth Power. Finally, this is a party setup that is optimal for this 
    and only this battle!
     The rest of the lot is actually superfluous for the following reason. This 
    party prefers elemental increases over strong defense or attack, because we 
    are going to beat him using Summons solely and Dullahan never even gets the 
    chance to attack. Therefore we need as much elemental power as possible. 10 
    additional points for Elemental Power makes a BIG difference when summoning 
    here, because the increase is much more significant. Just make sure that 
    Ivan, Sheba & Jenna are all quicker than Felix, who in his turn must be 
    faster than Dullahan.
     You need to Summon Catastrophe, Eclipse & Daedalus in the first round, so 
    that's why Felix, Jenna & Garet have such an odd Djinn combination. Jenna 
    will be exchanged for Garet hence all of her Djinn need to be drained, 
    whereas Felix's Mars Djinn must remain active. In order to make sure this 
    happens you have to put her Djinn on 'standby' manually before setting 
    Felix's. Doing this will make sure those Djinn get drained earlier. 
     Exchange 1 Venus Djinn for Felix and give him Lull on SET (again: make 
    sure Felix is the slowest of the four even after he changes into Apprentice 
    class). Use Lull to prevent Dullahan from attacking at all & it puts Lull 
    on Stand-by for another Catastrophe. That's 2 doing two things at the same 
    time! About the attacks I can say the following; use Catastrophe! This guy 
    does more damage than Charon and can be summoned three times in two rounds 
    with this setup as well. Many people think that Charon is the Summon to 
    use, but this is not true. Charon's Damage / Djinn ratio leaves him too 
    weak to be of real use for the simple reason that Dullahan's Venus 
    resistance is too high. With this setup I got the following damage on Hard 
    mode (I rounded the values down to give you even more room!).
    First round:
     6 Venus, 10 Mars, 17 Jupiter & 2 Mercury on Stand-by
     Ivan:  Catastrophe           ~3500 Damage (Jupiter Power maximizes)
     Sheba: Eclipse               ~2100 Damage (Jupiter Power maximizes)
     Jenna: Daedalus' Initial      ~900 Damage
     Felix: Unleash Lull              0        (Dullahan can't attack!)
     Dullahan Recovers HP          -200 Damage 
                                  ----- +
                                  ~6300 Damage
    Second Round:
     3 Venus, 3 Mars, 10 Jupiter & 0 Mercury on Stand-by
     Exchange Jenna for Garet
     3 Venus, 10 Mars, 10 Jupiter & 2 Mercury on Stand-by
     Ivan:  Catastrophe           ~4000 Damage
     Sheba: Catastrophe           ~4000 Damage
     Garet: Ulysses               ~1500 Damage
     Felix: Haures                ~1700 Damage (Dullahan should die now)
     Daedalus' Delayed Missile    ~1500 Damage
                                  ----- +
                                 ~12700 Damage
    6300 + 12700 ~= 19000 Damage so any party following this setup can kill him 
    in a mere two rounds in Normal or Hard mode. Provided that the base 
    elemental powers of your characters are strong enough (see equipment)! The 
    Delayed Missile of Daedalus is actually not even required, but it is just 
    there in case he survives Haures.
     Your attack party may have very poor defense, but even if he manages to 
    kill all four then the Back-up party comes into play at the end of the 
    second round. On top of that this allows the Missile from Daedalus to bump 
    in and kill him no matter what. So even if Dullahan kills everybody 
    Daedalus will get his ass!
     As with Doom Dragon check the video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=caHWbRrTGxU. 
    Here's a video showing the inventory just before the battle show the viewer
    of the correctness of this strategy. It's nice video if you wish to see
    many different summons in one go and watching D die without even getting a
    chance to attack. :P
     After a successful battle Dullahan seems to have left the building! :) He 
    leaves Summon Tablet unguarded and open for you to examine. Take a look at 
    it and now you are able to call upon the power that is: Iris (As a Lufia 
    player I know that she is the goddess of the Rainbow). She is the ultimate 
    summon who does not only deal enough damage to deliver the fatal blow to 
    any normal monster, but she will also heal all party members completely 
    (including the back up party!). She comes at the price of 9 Mars & 4 
    Mercury Djinn, though.
    Appendix D: The Battle Arena
     The Battle Arena is a special feature in the game that you can play just 
    for fun. There are no treasures to be won here (actually you can't earn 
    anything other than a new high score), but this is a nice additional 
    section that can be good especially if you have some friends to compete 
    against. The main thing the Battle Arena consists of is the Monster Battle 
    and the Linked Battle as described below.
     In order to do battle you will have to collect your first Djinn (Venus 
    Djinni: Echo) if you which to participate in the Battle Arena. I guess 
    don't know the main reason behind this, but that is all that is needed. To 
    get to the Battle Arena select the "Battle" option from the Main Selection 
    screen after you start up your GBA. Then you will have to choose one of the 
    save file. Pick the data file which you want to use; all your Characters, 
    Djinn and Statistics will be used from that data file. After doing so Isaac 
    will enter the arena's waiting Lobby. Check the map below for all the 
    interesting parts (Looks more like a boat, if you don't see the perspective 
    of this picture...):
       |   P        4                           p      |
       |   _                                           |
       |  |_|                                     M    |
       |   P                                    J|¯|S  |
       |       _                                  I    |
       |      |_|                                      |
       |         ____________________________ G        |
       |        |                  _____     |         |
       |        |              _  |9|9|9|    |         |
       |      PP|             /D\  ¯¯¯¯¯     |i        |
       |      __|____________/DDD\___________|__       |
       |      \      1  |          3 |  2      /       |
       |______ \---------      o     ---------/ _______|
       |      \ \                            / /       |
       |_______\                              /________|
       |     P              P            P             |
       | Z          __________   __________          P |
       |___________|          |E|          |___________|
       1. Receptionist    - Start Battle
       2. Man             - Counts consecutive Linked Battles
       3. Old Man         - Counts consecutive Monster Battles
       4. Sanctuary Guy   - Same as in the regular game 
       o.   Central tile; Gladiator's Circle
       D.   Passageway to the arena
       999. Consecutive Linked Battle Counter 
       P.   Various people who make some comments about the arena.
       I.   Ivan    (if he has joined you)
       i.   Isaac   (if he has joined you)
       J.   Jenna
       G.   Garet   (if he has joined you)
       M.   Mia     (if she has joined you)
       p.   Piers   (if he has joined you)
       S.   Sheba
       Z.   Talk to this woman with the shoulder 'R'-button pressed in order
            to start the Music Test.
    Monster Battle
     Talk to the lady (1. on the map) behind the counter and the lady will ask 
    if you want to battle a monster right away, when you don't have a second 
    GBA connected to your GBA. If you do have a second GBA attached you will 
    have to opt for the single player battle if you want to battle a monster. 
    She'll tell you stand on the central circle (marked with o ) to start the 
    battle. If you do so you'll enter the arena where you have to fight any 
    monster that you have defeated in battle. This includes the bosses and so 
    on, which means that even Doom Dragon and Dullahan may pop up if you have 
    defeated them in that particular save file.
     I noticed that you'll only battle the strongest monsters you have 
    defeated, which usually means many Dullahans and other bosses if you bested 
    them. After checking out the statistics of the monsters I found out that 
    the monster in the Battle Arena are a lot stronger than the ones in during 
    regular game play. Just take a look at this example:
     Statistics Comparison for 3 enemies: Regular game VS. Battle Arena
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                   Punch Ant     Dullahan      Mad Demon
       Statistic | Reg. Arena  | Reg.  Arena  | Reg. Arena  
       --------- | ---- -----  | ----- ------ | ---- -----  
       HP        |   26   937  | 16000 16383* |  716  1317
       PP        |    0   141  |   300   373  |   96   184
       Attack    |   26   999  |   676   999  |  567   999
       Defense   |    8   318  |   269   430  |  234   428
       Agility   |    6   485  |   241   490  |  213   513
       Luck      |    2     2  |    59    59  |   29    29
                 |             |              | 
       Pow - Ven |   95   200  |   110   200  |  100   200
       Pow - Mar |   90   200  |   100   200  |   85   200
       Pow - Jup |   85   200  |   100   200  |   85   200
       Pow - Mer |   85   200  |   100   200  |   85   200
                 |             |              |
       Res - Ven |   48    48  |   150   150  |  127   127
       Res - Mar |   25    25  |   130   130  |  100   100
       Res - Jup |   48    48  |   110   110  |   72    72
       Res - Mer |   48    48  |   190   190  |  100   100
       All Hero Characters are on level 99 upon testing
       * = 16383 is the maximal value for HP an enemy can have, so it might
           have been even higher if it wasn't limited due to technical
           restrictions (See App. F for more details).
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     As you can see in the above table even a weak enemy like a Punch Ant can 
    become a fierce opponent if your levels are really high. I am not entirely 
    sure if only the levels alone determine the strength of your opponent, but 
    it is certain that they become stronger when you are strong too. Therefore 
    the monsters in the battle arena are a lot harder to defeat than during 
    regular game play. Only the Elemental Resistances and Luck remain the same 
    for each monster.
     There are some other differences with the regular battles too. For one 
    thing you don't receive any item drops, experience and coins from the 
    enemies you defeat in the battle arena. Secondly, if you party dies 
    (including the back up party) this has no further consequences other than 
    that your consecutive Battle counter gets a reset. Third thing is that all 
    items you use aren't removed from your inventory if you play the regular 
    story again. If you manage to beat a monster and you return to the main 
    lobby you are asked to battle another random monster or quit. If you quit 
    all your characters' HP and PP gets restored to the original values.
    Linked Battle
     When two GBAs who are both equipped with a Link Cable and they both have a 
    game pack of Golden Sun: "the Lost Age" (no mixes with GS1 are allowed) of 
    the same language you can do a Linked battle against your friend (Watch out 
    when connecting European Versions of the game). An important rule in the 
    Linked battle is that there can only be three allies in the same group in a 
    Linked battle. Therefore Piers (and the entire Back up party) will fall out 
    by default, if you wish to change this you need to move the characters in 
    the statistics screen (press select, select the Statistics option and use L 
    and R to move the characters from left to right here). Second Rule is that 
    again you can't earn any Exp. and coins with these battles. Third and most 
    important rule is that after the other player has inserted all of his 
    commands you only have 15 seconds to set your characters attacks or else 
    the will become "Defend" by default.
     Talk to the receptionist again and if the GBAs are connected properly you 
    will get an extra option that allows you to challenge your opponent; if 
    your opponent accepts this challenge you both have to step to the center 
    circle for the battle to start. I myself didn't have much experience with 
    the linked battles, but what I did remember from the few battles is that 
    trying to Summon Rush (using all Summons at the same time) doesn't work 
    well if you have an opponent that is not incredibly weak. Therefore you'll 
    need to create good tactics to beat him, since with all the Djinn and 
    healing/reviving spells it sometimes may take a very long time for the two 
    of you to complete one battle.
     Most tactics you may have used against bosses in the regular game may 
    prove ineffective, but you may find other weaknesses and exploit these. A 
    very effective tactic is entering your attacks very quickly; leaving the 
    other player only 15 seconds to think. This may seem a lot, but many people 
    usually need more than that to come up with a good strategy so playing fast 
    may be a possible tactic to win. Of course you need to bear in mind that 
    playing fast can cause you to make errors all the same.
    Appendix E: Golden Sun Linkage
     So what's the deal with this linkage system you may have heard about 
    already? Well, basically it allows you to transfer your data from GS 1 to 
    GS2: the Lost Age so you can continue on where you left off in GS. This is 
    a very nice idea and works fine although if you don't have a link cable & a 
    second GBA you will have to do some very tedious and error-prone work 
    first. To make things a little easier there are three levels of passwords 
    which allows you to choose what you do want to transfer and what doesn't 
    get transferred.
    What gets Transferred
     As I said in the introduction you can choose 3 levels of password you wish 
    to transfer data. They are Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal passwords.
       Bronze                Silver                Gold
       -------------------   -------------------   -------------------
       Character Levels      Character Levels      Character Levels
       Djinn                 Djinn                 Djinn
       Psynergy Items        Psynergy Items        Psynergy Items
       Quest Data(*)         Quest data(*)         Quest data(*)
       -                     Character Stats       Character Stats
       -                     Coins                 Coins
       -                     -                     Items in Inventory
    (*) = This data doesn't appear on the list, but it is in the password. 
    Basically there are six different events that the password memorizes and 
    send to the Lost Age, I was however unable to connect the 6th event... Each 
    event will give you something (be it item or just a message) in Golden Sun: 
    The Lost age. 
    1  GS1:   Talk to the Mayor of Vault after the bandits escape
       Event: The bandits come by in Madra. After a battle you also get the
              Golden Boots
    2  GS1:   Beat the Colosso Event in Tolbi
       Event: The Gladiators return in the Shaman Village Cave. After a battle
              you get the Golden Shirt
    3  GS1:   Save Hsu at the Alpine Crossing before Hama does
       Event: Upon entering Champa you receive the Golden Ring from Feizhi for
              saving Hsu/Ulmuch(?)
    4  GS1:   Beat Deadbeard
       Event: Some folks in Alhafra tell you that Crossbone Isle is swept clean
              and Deadbeard was defeated by Isaac.
    5  GS1:   Save Master Hammet from Lunpa Fortress
       Event: You receive a chest with Orihalcon, when your ship gets wings.
    6. GS1:   Talk to Dora in Vale after she gets ill (after reaching Altin)
       Event: Isaac has an extra segment of conversation with his dad about 
              his ill mother in Prox during the epilogue.
    How to transfer data
     Actually this is described in detail in the Golden Sun: the Lost Age 
    manual, so you should read that. It is possible however to look at the data 
    right away using the "Send" option in the Game Selection Menu of GS1. In 
    order to make this appear you need to have at least one "Clear Data" file 
    on the GS1 cartridge. If you have one or more do the following:
       Start up your GBA with Golden Sun (1)
       Press 'start' to get to the main file selection menu
       Press and hold left on the D-pad
       Press and hold the R shoulder button at the top of your GBA
       Press 'B'
     A new option should appear on the far right of the selection menu: Send. 
    Select it and you will have to choose which data file you which to 
    transfer, you can only select the "Clear Data" files; e.g. the files that 
    have been saved after finishing the game. Select one of those files and you 
    get another option: Password or Cable. If you choose "Password" you can 
    choose which level you want, before the game shows you the password. You 
    have to write it down or (memorize it) and enter this in GS:tLA. This 
    password is not that long for Bronze and Silver Medals, but Gold is lengthy 
    5 pages * 50 characters per page + 10 additional characters = 260 
    Characters in all.
     So I recommend you write it down carefully, since you don't want to 
    receive an error after filling in all those characters in GS:TLA. The most 
    problems occur with the letters that look similar in upper and lower case 
    like: v,V u,U o,O w,W and so on. The Cable Option will automatically 
    transfer the Golden Password to the Lost Age using 2 GBAs and 1 GBA Game 
    Link Cable. This is a lot easier than writing down, but not everybody has 
    two GBAs and such a cable around.
     Furthermore Chris Maka found out that using GBA SP with wireless linking
    doesn't work. You really need two GBAs with a wired link, in order to
    transmit the password over to the other cartridge. Apparently Nintendo
    didn't design their hardware to be backwards compatible. If your uplink
    doesn't work because of this, then you still have to use the manual
     Here are some of the most interesting patches you may want to use. There 
    are three prefabricated passwords:
    The first one has everything maxed out to get the strongest characters 
    available. The second is game file played by me with normal items and 
    statistics at the end. Finally the third password has about nearly every 
    single artifact so you can get a complete inventory in the Lost Age.
     Take note that all passwords have been verified with the Password 
    Generator made by Paulygon. I did this to prevent typographical errors in 
    the password codes (I know how irritating an error can be if you just 
    entered 260 characters). In other words:
                = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
                = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
     There is however one thing I do wish to point out. On www.neoseekers.com
    some of the characters are misinterpreted into HTML codes (e.g. "&" sign
    becomes "&amp;"). I cannot resolve this problem as the error lies at
    Neoseeker's servers not mine. Please interpret the aformentioned html code
    with the ampersand sign. See this picture for an example:
    Maximum - a hacked password for THE strongest setup
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     This password was generated with the objective of making the game as 
    simple as possible (from the perspective of the battles). Initially I used 
    Paulygon's Password Generator to create this password, but I noticed that 
    it is possible to get ANY item from GS2 transferred to GS2. So, I made up 
    my own password that features all of these Uber-items. The statistics are 
    raised to the highest possible levels, but the actual effects may vary due 
    to Djinn or Class properties. I deliberately put the characters on level 54 
    so all the Psynergies are available and yet you can train them even 
    stronger by leveling up.
     I also included four of those pretty Ninja Sandals (dummied out... 
    normally), because they seem to be more effective than Hyper Boots. At 
    first I tried to include "Orihalcon *30", but that didn't work out properly 
    and the same goes for the others like Mist Potion and Mythril Silver. You 
    only get 1 of them once the password is read in GS2. I know the problem 
    lies in the GS2 cart, because the password itself did store it as 
    "Orihalcon *30".
    The main features of the password are:
      999999 Coins
      All Djinn
      60x each Statistic Increasing Item
      All Psynergy Items
      All Side-Quest completed
      All Characters Level 54
      All Statistics maxed out (as far as possible, that is) 
    Isaac              Garet              Ivan               Mia
    ----------------   ----------------   ----------------   ----------------  
    Sol Blade          Clotho's Distaff   Cleric's Ring      Catch Beads
    Lure Cap           Atropos' Rod       Cleric's Ring      Carry Stone
    Warrior's Helm     Lachesis' Rule     Lucky Medal *30    Lifting Gem
    Big Bang Gloves    Tisiphone Edge     Game Ticket *30    Orb of Force
    Big Bang Gloves    Huge Sword         Ninja Sandals      Mars Star
    Riot Gloves        Levatine           Ninja Sandals      Black Orb
    Berserker Band     Stellar Axe        Ninja Sandals      Frost Jewel
    Storm Gear         Tungsten Mace      Ninja Sandals      Douse Drop
    Mythril Helm       Valkyrie Mail      Cloak Ball         Halt Gem
    Leda's Bracelet    Triton's Ward      Power Bread *30    Power Bread *30
    Leda's Bracelet    Triton's Ward      Cookie *30         Cookie *30
    Planet Armor       Ardagh Robe        Apple *30          Apple *30
    Excalibur          Feathered Robe     Hard Nut *30       Hard Nut *30
    Excalibur          Feathered Robe     Mint *30           Mint *30
    Excalibur          Cosmos Shield      Lucky Pepper *30   Lucky Pepper *30
     ?Fgcv Z#wVy
     iR?e& Z
     9qSJP Ae+xq
     B?D?j nF+Fi
     unF+z sJW#d
     7N&%P R=C5Q
     X6JC5 WPG8A
     mTvcT VdZQU
     uHYyi XLJJB
     g=VPk 5TteF
     27Gp6 gcmA$
     b9?Xj dAthh
     J&qv6 Du$!Q
     CZzxR qyzz&
     5jADY eWb94
     Wr?Lv !Zz#q
     F!eB? =B8Nk
     FQyzB iw52f
     w2KJd rVfS$
     Ap=Jj T%i%F
     s7utc HFRP9
     Vrm3m j%$Ai
     QgBTr CJVMc
     Fxb2i EMtn$
     9S7bd Wbfhy
     3gkn7 kqsbs
     rvxgv z?kzG
     $+r$A CvAEV
     H!FKM $KPBS
     eV7fX U7eK=
     Z57Q5 9bU9q
     9J#jv C5ind
     rapts Sj!zk
     jy#$p #TAcE
    Realistic - an Actual Game Password
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    This is an actual game file played through to the end, that's why this 
    password is realistic. This is for everybody who wishes to be able to get 
    every feature in GS2, but who doesn't have the original GS or doesn't need 
    to be a god and ruin the game play. To be even more specific it is the game 
    file I used for the creation of the GS1 walkthrough. The main features of 
    the password are:
      813168 Coins
      All Djinn
      4x each Statistic Increasing Item (except 5x Hard Nut)
      All Psynergy Items
      All Side-Quests completed
      All rare item drops that can only be found in GS1
      Characters: Isaac - Level 47
                  Garet, Ivan & Mia - Level 46
     kCDR# Nh=gx
     X6Edg m
     ju=G? $d+fA
     F!DyC #68MN
     E2ncG BE&k9
     hSc9n MWPgm
     vuTrk ?ZK5i
     k$Pc! PFFC&
     whk?n fQKJV
     yG86K wUMjQ
     nCKER !zLQY
     RxRa! C5#=y
     dws!5 9pKpB
     egxKF 4xzRz
     6keKZ =uKKU
     EZ+Z% ?3Kmi
     RsKEq s=yqu
     ?NHD? 4CQCK
     VdeqQ F%#h+
     CtPbt uP2Fd
     9ND4T Nw#d5
     B#BEg k=$7%
     BLB?b +ixpv
     +hrS& L&W5J
     9A3ad E7ehN
     Kcjjf gpsTM
     muxYr y?ZpR
     r8q2= Cd$Dm
     HiBJM nFNRw
     tLTWx QX2?8
     V47+Z 8bC5A
     dgHah kMex4
     rSjss QNEzC
     3u?$7 v2AUR
    Collector - Nearly Complete Inventory
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    This password mainly focuses on getting a complete inventory so you have 
    ALL artifacts this game provides. There are more than 60 Artifacts not 
    attainable in GS2, therefore I had to drop some of them. This is so because 
    the party members can only carry 15 * 4 = 60 Items at most. I chose to drop 
    the following items/artifacts: 
       -Frost Jewel      Mia & Piers have it already
       -Douse Drop       Mia & Piers have it already
       -Cloak Ball       "Cloak" isn't used in GS2
       -Halt Gem         "Halt" isn't used in GS2
       -Empty Bottle     Can be obtained from Hermes Water
       -Cell Key         Useless in this game
       -Black Orb        Useless in this game
       -Mars Star        Is already removed from inventory when Isaac joins
     If you can find a way to drop even more artifacts (i.e. that can be found 
    in this game) it might be possible to transfer these items as well.
    Password Features: 
      513000 Coins
      All Djinn
      All Side-Quests completed
      Includes the dummied out Rings, Under Shirts & Boots
      Only Psynergy Items that are unique are included (see inventory below)
      Characters: Isaac - Level 35
                  Garet - Level 35
                  Ivan  - Level 34
                  Mia   - Level 36
    Isaac              Garet              Ivan               Mia
    ----------------   ----------------   ----------------   ----------------  
    Arctic Blade       Oracle Robe        Vambrace           Catch Beads
    Gaia Blade         Cocktail Dress     Spirit Gloves      Carry Stone
    Muramasa           China Dress        Battle Gloves      Lifting Gem
    Elven Rapier       Ninja Garb         Virtuous Armlet    Orb of Force
    Assassin Blade     Kimono             Guardian Armlet    Fur Coat
    Mystery Blade      Storm Gear         Warrior's Helm     Hermes' Water
    Kikuichimonji      Water Jacket       Adept's Helm       Divine Camisole
    Bandit's Sword     Elven Shirt        Ninja Hood         Herbed Shirt
    Vulcan Axe         Spiked Armor       Lucky Cap          Casual Shirt
    Burning Axe        Asura's Armor      Thunder Crown      Knight's Greave
    Demon Axe          Demon Mail         Lure Cap           Silver Greave
    Grievous Mace      Dragon Scales      Mythril Circlet    Ninja Sandals
    Wicked Mace        Spirit Armor       Glittering Tiara   Aroma Ring
    Zodiac Wand        Dragon Shield      Fairy Ring         Rainbow Ring
    Machete            Earth Shield       Cleric's Ring      Soul Ring
     x=3=U %wUks
     +jK9x 9
     wRP+V P!VmK
     QPG4r SGj!y
     PQyKz $kBjg
     a=7qZ w5g%i
     UrYe$ 8tUHE
     fqgrg !q?TV
     =7B3J 9Nisg
     a=h6d $9bH7
     gD2DT JpB4k
     N8FCN #&Rmb
     ?L&3& Khbw$
     ru#AM eYR9d
     n6Pu& hTjx7
     3$%wG 4KHeR
     Hy?X2 U?WmU
     ZF#?# Dw9VH
     ZnmY3 N4=em
     ExZC7 DXNqy
     L8MGR K#KC&
     &xD?s hxfG!
     FALXQ Z#AW6
     9vBrU G!&nq
     zG5B& L9F=g
     ReLEV iQJZ+
     pVP6t ZTax6
     6Yf#a 4j+eM
     9qDjd uHphQ
     zNun& Sys=g
     X&xE3 =?J7E
     E+PcJ CTgNv
     HYmTL PnpR%
     9w4Wd !!2cd
    Appendix F: Bugs, Glitches and Stuff
     -So far no real bugs in this game. Yowza!
     Here I will describe some of the mistakes in the game that may seem odd, 
    but don't influence game play too much.
    Walking off screen in Taopo swamp
    In the swamp area where you find the Venus Djinn repeat you can get 
    yourself stuck offscreen. when you blow away the Venus Djinni, directly 
    south of the pillar you just moved there is a slide. When you take this 
    slide like usual, nothing happens and the game progresses. Now hold down 
    the RIGHT button while sliding down. This means you actually press the 
    RIGHT and DOWN together and keep them pressed. When you do that the game
    doesn't trigger the map transition event to the next screen. 
    You can walk on the 'bottom' of the screen while Felix's sprite is 
    invisible. Monster encounters occur, actually everything is the same except 
    for a way to escape. The only thing one can do is use the load game trick 
    which sends you back to the last visited sanctuary.
    The stone that wanted to be a waterpuddle
    In the Shaman village, go to the place where you found Mercury djinni Eddy
    and look for the water puddle to the right. Right next to it is a rock, but
    if stand one tile above it and press down, your character will jump over
    it as if it was a water puddle too.
    Stone soldier can't use his "Mad Blast" Psynergy Attack (AGAIN)
     Up to this moment this is the only enemy script glitch I could find in the 
    entire game, is identical to the one in GS1. The Stone Soldier you come 
    across in Treasure Island has 6 PP, but in order to cast Mad Blast (a spell 
    this creature has) he needs 10 PP. So this means that this creature has to 
    skip a turn, if he tries to use this Psynergy.
     I guess the programmers didn't take into account to give him at least 10 
    PP even after 2 years of the original release! I wonder if they would have 
    fixed it if GS3 would have appeared...
    Dullhan's HP in Monster Battle & Hard Mode
     It is widely known that Dullahan has 16000 HP in combat during regular 
    gameplay. Many people also know that Hard Mode features enemies that have 
    150% of normal HP and 125% ATK and DEF. So naturally one would think that 
    Dullahan has 24000 HP, but this is not true!
     The game cannot give creature more HP than 16383, for the following 
    reason. HP is stored in two bytes each containing 8 bits (oddly the first 
    bit isn't used at all, which means 15 bits only), but the value is signed 
    hence the first bit determines plus or minus. So we have fourteen bits 2^14 
    - 1 = 16383, which is the maximal value for enemy HP!
     Lucky you, or else it would have been 24000! This saves you 7617 HP, but 
    then again you still have to worry about his increased attack and defense 
    power. On the other hand Summons grow stronger as the maximum HP gets 
    larger so it might actually become even easier to beat big D. BTW: the same 
    thing applies to Valukar, his HP would exceed this value as well but is 
    bounded too in Hard Mode.
    Infinite Item Reproduction
     Hmmm... yes, there is this glitch in Trial Road brought to my attention 
    via Jeffrey Ng. It deals with duplicating some items including the class 
    changing items (the Tomegathericon, Trainer's Whip and Mysterious Card) 
    allowing you to get all your characters in that class! All items work 
    except: Apple, Bone, Bramble Seed, Cookie, Crystal Powder, Hard Nut, Large 
    Bread, Laughing Fungus, Lucky Pepper, Mint, Power Bread, Sleep Bomb, Smoke 
    Bomb & Weasel Claws. Hence you can duplicate rings, boots, shirts and the 
    class items.
     The trick is to drop any equiped item(s) during Trial Road and then 
    before completing it you must leave this area. And with dropping I mean
    dumping them, not putting them in a blue chest. By doing so your items 
    return in your inventory, but mysteriously duplicates will also appear 
    in the shop lists as if they were sold... This allows you to keep on 
    generating new items, hence four Tomegathericons or Hyper boots can be 
    obtained which is normally either impossible or very hard!
    Sand Raising glitch in the Ankohl Ruins
    If you go into the room in the Ankohl Ruins, where you step on the button
    and the sand rises to a certain level, wait until the sand stops pouring 
    from the head. Do a soft reset WITHOUT saving inside that room. You will 
    reappear in the room with the sand at its highest level. The bottom 1/5th 
    of the screen is glitched and you can step on the button again and the sand 
    will raise and cover half of each platform. The sand stops right before the 
    door so you can exit and re-enter to reset the room (note: this glitch 
    might cause corrupt data, so try it out with caution).
    Mars Lighthouse's air cracks when breathing fire
    After beating Karst & Agatio in the Mars Lighthouse reuse "Blaze" on the 
    flamy pillar to make the heads spit out more fire. If you do this the
    same special effects will be used causing the 'crack' graphic that 
    previously displayed on the ice sheet to appear floating in the air.
    The biggest fireball in GS, and yet it can't even hit Felix
    When travelling through the Mars lighthouse you come upon a section with a
    switch which activates a moving/blazing dragon head. At a certain point 
    the head will ignite a larger dragon statue causing a huge fire ball to be
    shot at you.
     Usually, you run between all the ice shards towards the exit before the
    ball hits you or otherwise you have to start all over again. However, if
    you push the switch and stand still the ball will go right through you
    giving you a free ride to the end of the corridor with ease! For some
    reason the ball can't hit you when you remain on the switch.
     Hmm... the people at Camelot became a bit sloppy in this last dungeon I
    Piers' Lash Pebble non-issue in Lemuria
     Initially, I heard that when Piers is gone from your party during your
    stay in Lemuria you could get stuck. This because when Piers carries the 
    Lash pebble there would be no way to get to Lunpa.
     Afterwards, many people mailed me about my mistake and so I fix this issue
    by telling all others to use another random psynergy on the "Lash" rope,
    when Piers has the Lash pebble. When this happens Lunpa comes outside and
    throws down a ladder. Case closed.
    Rename - all main protagonists
     When you get to rename Felix at the beginning of a New Game press 'Select' 
    3 times. You will hear a chime. Complete his name and you get to rename the 
    other three members.
    When you are renaming the characters from GS:tLA press the following button 
                   Up,   Down,  Up,   Down,
                   Left, Right, Left, Right,
                   Up,   Right, Down, Left,  Up
    Now press 'Select' and there will be chime as well. Take note that this 
    only works, when you are playing a non-linked game.
    Put all your Djinn on Set / Standby in one go
     A little trick that may be very handy before entering a boss battle to 
    save yourself from doing tedious work is pressing and holding the 'R' 
    button and then press 'select' to set or free all Djinn with a single 
    command. Handy if you do not wish handle each one separately.
    Warp back to the last Sanctum
    Whenever you continue a saved game you can start in the sanctum you last
    visited by pressing: Shoulder L, Shoulder R & Start buttons.
    Infinite Game Tickets
     If you run out of Game Tickets you can sell or buy some equipment, but the
    more Game Tickets you obtain the higher the value of your purchase needs to
    be in order to get a game ticket. You can however get Game Tickets for
    a relatively cheap price by doing the following. Note that this tactic
    doesn't work 100% of the time, but it should get you tickets with 2-out-3
     1. Go to any item shop
     2. Buy 30 Nuts from the item selling clerc for a Game Ticket
     3. Return to the main menu (where you choose between Buy/Sell/Repair)
     4. Repeat step 2. & 3. and sell them if your inventory is full.
    The crux of this strategy is that you return to the main menu
    (Buy/Sell/Repair) before buying any more Nuts. If you don't do this the 
    trick won't work. KrrA_InAgOtAbLe who found this interesting method made a 
    video about this on Youtube:
     Otherwise, you can use "Scoop" on various locations some random items may
    appear including (but not limited to) Herbs, Nuts, Antidotes & Sleep Bombs, 
    but also on rare occasions Game Tickets may appear. This way you can get as 
    many tickets in this game as you wish... However obtaining them may be a 
    very tedious chore.
    The rumor of the 'legendary' Wheat Sword
     For some reason there are always rumors about special items in many games. 
    In this game some people started to spread another silly rumor. Supposedly 
    there is a sword in this game called the Wheat Sword. This item has "Flying 
    Dutchman" as its unleash and has mindboggling statistics... Of course being 
    skeptical about this I initially thought this rumor would kill itself over 
    time. But I've received some mails about it so here's the deal: The Wheat 
    Sword does NOT exist.
     Here's my proof: each item (be it weapon/armor/item) has a special 
    identification number within the game so the computer knows which item it 
    is dealing with. I hacked the game to get the complete list of items, and 
    guess what? The Wheat sword didn't appear among them.
     End of proof. Tuff luck guys the weapon is a ruse, so think of something 
    more realistic next time. :P
    Sheba suffers from delusions
     When you first sea out to sea on Piers' ship the four adepts and Kraden 
    talk about what already happened and what is still to come. Here Sheba 
    mentions that they've met Werewolves and learned new Psynergies.
     The thing is that you can reach the Lemurian Ship without visiting Garoh 
    or Air's Rock (you don't need "Reveal" to get this far). So I tested this 
    out and skipped Air's Rock and Garoh completely, but Sheba still insists 
    that she saw Werewolves! How can this be? Is she dreaming or something?
    Hsu's naming inconsistency 
     If you meet Feizhi in Champa Felix gets to hear that Isaac saved a guy 
    named Ulmuch in GS(1). This is strange, because there exists no Ulmuch in 
    that game. He did save a man named Hsu however. To keep things simple the 
    cause of this is the bad translation done by the English translators. They 
    probably forgot that they named him Hsu in the previous game and came up 
    with Ulmuch instead for this game...
    Dummied out monsters
    As you might have notices most of the monsters in the game consist of
    series that typically feature three variations of the same monster. Even
    the monsters of which only appear in single or doubles almost all have a 
    third monster that wasn't used in the game, but is present in the game's
    code. They even have proper names and could have been used as such, but
    never appear anywhere. Here's a short list of the additional hidden monsters
    that are found inside the cartridge:
    Aeshma        (3rd variant of Aka Manah    / Druj           series)
    Dark Murder   (3rd variant of Assasin      / Slayer         series)
    Dragon        (3rd variant of Blue Dragon  / Cruel Dragon   series)
    Crazy Gorilla (3rd variant of Chestbeater  / Wild Gorilla   series)
    Poison Shell  (3rd variant of Conch Shell  / Spiral Shell   series)
    Dinosaurus    (3rd variant of Dino         / Dinox          series)
    Bane Wight    (3rd variant of Doom Sayer   / Lich           series)
    Winged Runner (3rd variant of Emu          / Talon Runner   series)
    Spirit Army   (3rd variant of Ghost Army   / Soul Army      series)
    Mini-Death    (3rd variant of Gressil      / Little Death   series)
    Kobold King   (3rd variant of Kobold       / Wargold        series)
    Estre Baron   (3rd variant of Living Armor / Puppet Warrior series)
    Baboon Goblin (3rd variant of Goblin       / Alec Goblin    series)
    Momangler     (3rd variant of Momongo      / Squirrelfang   series)
    Weird Nypmh   (3rd variant of Pixie        / Faery          series)
    Fell Raptor   (3rd variant of Roc          / Raptor         series)
    White Wolf    (3rd variant of Wild Wolf    / Dire Wolf      series)
    Skinwalker    (3rd variant of Wolfkin Cub  / Wolfkin        series)
    Elder Wood    (2nd variant of Woodwalker                    series)
    Estre Wood    (3rd variant of Woodwalker                    series)
    Sky Dragon    (3rd variant of Wyvern       / Sky Dragon     series)
    Statistic Boosting Item List
     This is not so important that I want to spend an entire section on, but 
    here is a list of where you can find all the Statistic Boosting Items in 
    this game. I listed these because they are very rare and also, because this 
    is the only way to increase your character's stats manually. In total there 
    are exactly 10 stat increasing items in both games combined.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Apple (Increase Attack +3)
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    1. Alhafra
     Check jar on the first floor of the inn.
    2. Madra Catacombs
     Use "Frost" on the water puddle in the center of town. The chest is easy 
    to reach after that.
    3. Gaia Rock (Exterior)
     Follow the most northern path in the rocky maze near the mountain's top.
    4. Kalt Island
     Use "Catch" on the tree to the left of this settlement
    5. Magma Rock
     Dropped item Mimic
    6. Mars Lighthouse
     At the entrance near the left elevator pad
    7 - 10
     Transfer from GS1
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Cookie (Increase max PP +5)
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    1. Air's Rock
     Near the left wall, use "Whirlwind" on the Wind Stone here twice
     (See walkthrough for more details).
    2. East Indra Shore
     Use "Frost" on the water puddle, then examine the wooden box to the left.
    3. Taopo Swamp
     Collect from the chest on the first screen. Get there by navigating 
    through the swampy area.
    4. Prox
     In the left jar outside the inn
    5. Mars Lighthouse
     Dropped item Mimic
    6. Treasure Island
     One of the six chests in the second room (requires "Grind" to get)
    7 - 10
     Transfer from GS1
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Power Bread (Increase max HP +5)
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    1. Kibombo Mountains
     On the second screen drop the crate on the Kibombo Warrior. This allows 
    you to reach the chest without getting caught. After the war is settled you 
    can just collect it for free.
    2. Alhafran Cave
     Inside the jar in Brigg's Cell (Enter from the back once he escapes).
    3. Ankohl Ruins
     In plain sight after you activate the first Stone Face.
    4. Contigo
     In a barrel next to the Sanctum
    5. Treasure Island
     Dropped item Mimic
    6. ?
    7 - 10
     Transfer from GS1
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Hard Nut (Increases Defense +3)
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    1. Yampi Desert
     Inside the cave to the east in a chest on the center platform.
    2. Gabomba Statue
     Dropped item of the Mimic
    3. Tundaria Tower
     In the eastern room with three ice pillar and a chest with Crystal Powder
    4. Lemuria
     Use "Growth" on the plant to the east, then "Cyclone" on the bushes on the
     lower ledge.
    5. Trial Road
     After using "Whirlwind" on the big Wind Stone collect it from the chest on 
    the upper ledge.
    6 - 10
     Transfer from GS1
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Mint (Increases Agility +3)
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    1. Dehkan Plateau
     Fall down the most upper crack after the chest with an Elixir.
    2. Gabomba Catacombs
     Use "Cyclone" on the bushes in the second room.
    3. Apojii Islands
     "Cyclone" the bushes in the lower right corner of town
    4. Tundaria Tower
     Follow RURULDRURUR at the 2nd black ice field to reach the chest
    5. Jupiter Lighthouse
     Use "Cyclone" on the bushes to the right of the first Cyclone Teleporter
    6. Jupiter Lighthouse
     Dropped item Mad Plant
    7 - 10
     Transfer from GS1
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Lucky Pepper (Increases Luck +2)
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    1. Mikasalla
     Look in the barrel near the oven inside the local inn.
    2. Kibombo
     Jar on near left wall of the village
    3. Aqua Rock (Interior)
     In the room on the left side where you find the Aquarius Stone
    4. Shaman Village
     Can be reach after Trial Road in the right jar inside the Shaman's hut
    5. Trial Road (Cave)
     Dropped item Mad Plant
    6. ?
    7 - 10
     Transfer from GS1
    That's it for all the statistic boosting items in this game. You'll have to 
    transfer the last few items from GS1 to get all 10 of each type, however.
    BGM Test
     Save your game and go to the Battle Arena. Talk to the person in the lower 
    left corner, while holding the 'R' Button. This opens up the BGM Test mode 
    where you can listen to all the BGM from both games. Note that most of the 
    music will become available as you progress through the game. Some of them 
    will only be active on a 'Clear Data' file!
     0 => Lemurian Fountain & Battle Lobby
     1 => Main Opening Theme
     2 => File Select
     3 => Venus Lighthouse (Lower Regions)
     4 => Dice Games in Contigo
     5 => City theme
     6 => Kandorean Temple
     7 => Daila
     8 => Apojii Islands
     9 => Izumo (after Serpent defeated)
    10 => Izumo (before Serpent defeated)
    11 => Sad theme
    12 => Kandorean Temple - Interior
    13 => Kibombo & Naribwe
    14 => Prayer to Gabomba Statue
    15 => Lemuria
    16 => Madra
    17 => Kalt Island & E Tundaria Islet
    18 => Garoh
    19 => Yallam
    20 => Yepp's Song
    21 =>  "       "  (identical?)
    22 => Air's Rock
    23 => Aqua Rock
    24 => Madra Catacombs
    25 => Alhafran Cave
    26 => Gaia Rock
    27 => Gabomba Statue - Interior
    28 => Jupiter Lighthouse
    29 => Magma Rock
    30 => Mars Lighthouse
    31 => Tundaria Tower
    32 => Taopo Swamp
    33 => Ankohl Ruins
    34 => Karst & Agatio's theme
    35 => Brigg's theme
    36 => Evil Approach
    37 => Shaman Village & Loho
    38 => Sheba's Problem (just after the boat gets wings)
    39 => Trouble
    40 => Golden Sun: the Lost Age Opening theme
    41 => World Map - Boat
    42 => World Map (1)
    43 => World Map (2)
    44 => World Map - Flying
    45 => Running in Altin Peak (GS1)
    46 => Trial Road
    47 => Jenna's Battle theme
    48 => Felix's Battle theme
    49 => Mini-boss Battle theme
    50 => Boss Battle theme
    51 => Sea Battle theme
    52 => Karst & Agatio Battle theme
    53 => Serpent Room
    54 => Doom Dragon Battle theme
    55 => Battle Victory fanfare
    56 => Battle Game Over
    57 => Hamma's theme
    58 => Saturos & Menardi theme (GS1)
    59 => Sheba falls of Venus Lighthouse (GS1)
    60 => Trouble (GS1)
    61 => Slaying the Dragon
    62 => Sea of Time
    63 => Rise of the Sun
    64 => Prologue
    65 => Parents dying on the Mars Lighthouse
    66 => Credits
    67 => Final Scene
    68 => Last Goodbyes
    69 => Vale (GS1)
    70 => Kolima (GS1)
    71 => Bilibin (GS1)
    72 => McCoy's Place (GS1)
    73 => Tret Tree (GS1)
    74 => Fuchin Temple (GS1)
    75 => Kalay (GS1)
    76 => Ship on Karagol Sea in trouble (GS1)
    77 => Colosso (GS1)
    78 => Tolbi (GS1)
    79 => Anemos Sanctum / Sol Sanctum (GS1)
    80 => Kolima - Cursed (GS1)
    81 => Lighthouse Aerie (GS1)
    82 => Altin Peak (GS1)
    83 => Bilibin Cave (GS1)
    84 => Desert (Yampi / Lamakan / Suhalla) (GS1)
    85 => Suhalla / Lalivero (GS1)
    86 => Crossbone Isle (GS1)
    87 => Altmiller Cave (GS1)
    88 => Babi's theme (GS1)
    89 => Sailing on Karagol Sea (GS1)
    90 => World Map (GS1)
    91 => Venus Lighthouse - Upper level (GS1)
    92 => Isaac's Battle theme (GS1) 
    93 => Mini-Boss Battle (GS1)
    94 => Boss Battle (GS1)
    95 => Saturos & Menardi Battle theme (GS1)
    96 => Fusion Dragon Battle theme (GS1)
    How to find out your enemies' Elemental Weakness
     If you don't know which to which element an enemy is weak you can easily 
    check it by looking at the end of the line, when you perform an attack.
      'Damage here' !!! = Enemy is weak to this element
      'Damage here' !   = Enemy is not weak nor strong (normal) to this element
      'Damage here' .   = Enemy is strong against this element
     It can be quite convenient to find out which type of element you need to 
    use on your opponent. Of course there are more uses for knowing your 
    opponent's weaknesses and strength see the sections below here for 
    additional data on those.
    Special Djinn Kill Bonuses ("Dark Panther Method" for enlightened people)
     Many people know this common and nifty trick already, but if you don't 
    read on. If you can kill an enemy with a Djinn Attack of which the element 
    is the weakness of that enemy you will see that the enemy will make a 
    second Growl and changes color several times before it dies. Next to that 
    you receive 133.3% of the regular Experience and Coins, on top of that the 
    chance for an Item drop get Quadrupled too (ICC lowers by 2). This method 
    is handy if you wish to gain more experience or if you want to increase 
    your chances for one of those Rare Item Drops like the Tisiphone Edge.
    For example take the Wonder Bird, which is weak to Water and has ICC 8 for 
    dropping some Dark Matter:
     Regular Kill                  Djinn Kill (Mercury Djinni in this case)
     ------------------------      ------------------------
     Exp. :  8622                  Exp. : 11496(!)
     Coins:   333                  Coins:   444
     Dark Matter Drop: 0.8%        Dark Matter Drop: 3.2%
    As you can see the numbers can increase quite a lot, when you are fighting 
    a strong enemy. 3.2% is still not much chance for an Item Drop, but there 
    is a way to increase this to 100% by exploiting a little programming glitch 
    using RNG methods. I don't have much experience with RNG methods so I would 
    like to refer the reader to other documents (for example on Gamefaqs.com) 
    that provide information about these strategies.
     Luckily for you these kills only work in your advantage; if you kill an 
    enemy with a Djinn against which the enemy is strong you still receive 
    normal Experience and Coins.
     There is however one small drawback to this method that may cause this 
    method to fail sometimes. The elemental power of the attacker must be at 
    least 41 points higher than the elemental resistance of an enemy. For 
    example a Druj is weak to fire (Fire resistance = 72). So the attacker must 
    have at least 72 + 38 = 110 Mars Power the moment he/she unleashes the 
    lethal Mars Djinni, if it is less the Druj will not flash and does not drop 
    more Exp. & Coins then usual.
     As a final remark I would like to say that this method for getting more 
    Rare Items is by some people also referred to as the "Dark Panther Method" 
    for he was the first person to find out about these properties.
    Abusing RNGs (Random Number Generators) for your benefit
     This game (as well as GS1) uses 2 RNGs (random number generators) to 
    determine everything that should happen with a 'random' chance. Computers 
    however are actually not suitable to generate true random numbers, because 
    they behave deterministically (i.e. applying the EXACT same input from the 
    same starting state always yields the same results). This leads some people 
    to find strategies that abuse these RNGs so they can force specific 
    outcomes, which should normally be determined by pure chance.
     Golden Sun actually has a pretty simple RNG function that can be abused 
    very easily to get the specifically required result time after time. The 
    first RNG is used in battle and determines the whether weapons use their 
    unleash, attacks cause a status or a monster drops his item. The other RNG 
    is there to determine randomness of effects in the field. Below I've listed 
    several exploits that allow you to get certain things done (100% of the 
    time), which are normally near impossible to attain in one single attempt.
     GS:tLA however has a slightly modified RNG which makes it harder to exploit 
    some of the quirks that were possible to do in GS1. The Perfect Bonus 
    strategy for Tolbi's Lucky Dice will NOT work in Contigo's booth. The 
    reason for this is that the Field RNG is modified in such a way that the 
    generated numbers depend on the button presses, when the games starts 
    (regardless of a hard or soft reset). The Battle RNG is still the same so 
    it is still possible to get all the ultra-rare items with 100% success 
    rate. The only problem is finding a fixed monster battle after starting the 
    game. In some cases this can also work into your advantage as well, as some 
    hard to find enemies in GS1 (e.g. Thunder Lizard and Grand Golem) may 
    appear right away. Take note that it is still possible to get the desired 
    results with the Field RNG, but it requires good timing skills.
    Field RNG
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     -None yet. I heard of a method to get the Excalibur by forging
      Orihalcon at Sunshine, but I don't know how it works.
    Battle RNG
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    This random number generator can be abused in such a way that you can 
    always get the required item drop from an enemy. This can be very handy if 
    you wish to get an item that is extremely rare like the Lachesis' Rule from 
    the Mad Demon. It has normal drop rate of 0.4%, and even with a Djinn Kill 
    it is only a mere 1.6% chance (see above in the stuff section).
    You can get the item guaranteed if you manage to kill the required enemy 
    when the RNG has used exactly 28 numbers. To be honest the number turns out 
    to be 31 deploying the Djinn and killing the enemy consumes 3 more random 
    numbers. So to keep things simple I will stick to 28. Furthermore, there 
    are other magic numbers too, but they won't work on enemies with extremely 
    rare item drops. The question is how do you know at which number the RNG 
    is? You can't see it and even if you could you wouldn't know at which 
    random number it is. The solution to this problem is using the following 
    method in general:
       -Restart your game with a Hard Reset by turning the power switch Off
        and On. When you reload your game the battle RNG resets and it will be
        on the first number; this is your reference point.
       -Enter the battle with the enemy that has your item of choice. This has
        to be the very first battle you come across, at least for the strategy
        I am going to describe below. This part is harder in GS:tLA as the
        other RNG is harder to exploit, so just get lucky to find the required
       -Use exactly 27 random numbers before killing the specific enemy that
        holds the item with a Djinn Kill. The death of the enemy will use
        another random number, hence it will be on 28 (your magic number) when
        it is downed.
       -If the monster had the flashy colored death with a double growl AND the
        RNG was on number 28 THEN you will automatically receive the item you
     In case there are any other monsters left in the battle you can finish 
    them off any way you like, just make sure you complete the battle. The item 
    is going to appear no matter what in the battle end messages if these first 
    four steps are completed. This sounds complicated, but it not too hard. 
    Below I will provide a short list of all the RN eating battle methods. If 
    you don't want to spend time on creating your own RNG methods just look at 
    the examples below.
    Type of event in battle     | RN usage     | Example
    Start of Battle             | 1            |   -
    Enemy's Turn (per action)   | 1            |   -
    Enemy's Death               | 1            |   -
                                |              |
    Attack (w/o Unleash)        | 1            |   -
    Defend                      | 0            |   -
                                |              |
    Psynergy: Attack            | 2 per target | "Briar" on 3 targets = 6 RN 
    Psynergy: Heal              | 2 per target | "Wish" on 4 allies   = 8 RN
    Psynergy: Additional        | 1 per target | "Resist" on 4 allies = 4 RN
    Psynergy: Ailment Status    | 1 per target | "Bind" on 1 target   = 1 RN
     There are some initial requirements that have to be met or else the 
    following strategies will NOT work. 
     First point: Make sure that the Djinn Kill will cause the double growl and 
    colored death of the enemy, because if the elemental power of the character 
    that unleashes the Djinni is too weak the Djinn Kill itself will fail 
    rendering the entire strategy to be doomed (see Djinn Kill Bonuses for more 
    information on this topic). Therefore you should stick to the Djinn setup 
    with Isaac having all Venus Djinn and Mia getting all the Mercury Djinn and 
    so on for the others. Just make sure the power of their natural elemental 
    type is as high as possible. In this game you also want to avoid using 
    Mold, Whirl, Gale and Gasp as their unusual attack pattern may cause the 
    RNG to fail.
     Second point: As you can see in the methods below there is one initial 
    attack in the second turn for most of the strategies. This means that the 
    Djinn unleashing character has to be slower than the fastest member. This 
    could give rise to a problem if you need Ivan to unleash his Jupiter Djinn, 
    because he is by far the fastest member. In order to overcome this give 
    somebody an Elven Shirt, Running Shirt and/or Running Boots to boost the 
    agility to a level that he/she can outrun Ivan.
     Third point of interest: you have to make sure the statistics of your 
    characters are not too weak/strong, because prematurely killing on of the 
    enemies in the group will consume an additional RN and thus screws up the 
    entire strategy once again. If this happens, just use a weaker version of 
    the Psynergy that is mentioned (e.g. use "Flare" instead of "Flare Storm"). 
    Now without further ado here are some strategies I came up with for 
    collecting those pesky ultra rare item drops. There are strategies here for 
    the following enemy / item combinations in order of appearance in the game 
    we have:
      Dropped Item           Linked Enemy
      ---------------        ---------------
      Staff of Anubis  <->   Red Demon
      Prophet's Hat    <->   Dread Hound
      Otafuku Mask     <->   Gressil
      Tartarus Axe     <->   Minotaurus
      Unicorn Ring     <->   Sea Dragon
      Aura Gloves      <->   Magicore
      Healing Ring     <->   Nightmare
      Feathered Robe   <->   Wild Gryphon
      Aeolian Cassock  <->   Wyvern
      Rising Mace      <->   Blue Dragon
      Mist Potion      <->   Grand Chimera / Macetail
      Rune Blade       <->   Lesser Demon
      Hiotoko Mask     <->   Little Death
      Clotho's Distaff <->   Minos Warrior
      Gloria Helm      <->   Aka Manah
      Giant Axe        <->   Earth Golem
      Tear Stone       <->   Gillman Lord
      Sylph Feather    <->   Great Seagull
      Salamander Tail  <->   Pyrodra
      Blessed Mace     <->   Turtle Dragon
      Triton's Ward    <->   Ocean Dragon
      Atropos' Rod     <->   Fire Dragon
      Riot Gloves      <->   Minos Knight
      Star Dust        <->   Sand Scorpion
      Mythril Silver   <->   Soul Army
      Tisiphone Edge   <->   Cruel Dragon
      Dark Matter      <->   Wonder Bird
      Golem Core       <->   Bombander
      Lachesis' Rule   <->   Mad Demon
      Orihalcon        <->   Sky Dragon
     Fourth point: you canNOT wear any cursed equipment on any of your 
    characters. This because cursed items eat up additional RN, causing any of
    the strategies to fail. Using the Cleric's ring won't make any difference,
    if you are stuck with such an item you must unequip it at a Sanctuary.
     Last note: I will leave out the Battle Start, 'Enemy' attacks and 'Enemy' 
    dies after the first strategy. Also note that the enemy will NEVER attack 
    the very first turn, when you load a new game. This makes this kind of 
    strategy even better to use, because your opponents won't do anything the 
    first turn (but they do use up 1 RN per enemy though).
    Staff of Anubis
    Dropped by:    Red Demon
    Location:      Gabomba Statue
    Weakness:      Wind
    Battle Entry:  2 enemies (1 of them is a Red Demon)
    RN Action                     Target
    -- -------------------------- -----------------
     1 Battle Start               -
     9 Jenna -> "Aura"            all Allies
    13 Sheba -> "Storm Ray"       Red Demon
    17 Felix -> "Earthquake"      Red Demon
    21 Piers -> "Cool"            Red Demon
    23 Skip enemy turns          - (no attack, because this is the
                                                first battle)
    27 Jenna -> "Fume"            Red Demon
    27 Sheba -> Unleash Gale      Red Demon
    27 Felix -> Defend            -
    27 Piers -> Defend            -
    28 Red Demon dies!!!          Staff of Anubis
    Prophet's Hat
    Dropped by:    Dread Hound
    Location:      Gaia Rock
    Weakness:      Water
    Battle Entry:  2 enemies (1 of them is a Dread Hound)
    RN    Action                     Target
    ----- -------------------------- -----------------
    1 + 5 Sheba -> "Storm Ray"       Dread Hound
        9 Felix -> "Earthquake"      Dread Hound
       17 Jenna -> "Aura"            all Allies
       21 Piers -> "Cool"            Dread Hound
    2 +25 Sheba -> "Storm Ray"       Dread Hound
       27 Felix -> Defend            -
       27 Jenna -> Defend            -
       27 Piers -> Unleash Sour      Dread Hound
       28 DreadHound1 dies!!!        Prophet's Hat
    Tisiphone Edge
    Dropped by:    Cruel Dragon
    Location:      Islet Cave
    Weakness:      Fire
    Battle Entry:  2 enemies (1 of them is a Cruel Dragon)
                   -After going back near the entrance to the third or so
                    hallway, save and hard reset.
                   -Walk until a Cruel Dragon appears. So long as it is paired
                    with another monster, you're fine. If it is alone, reset
                    and try again till you find a pair.
    RN    Action                     Target
    ----- -------------------------- -----------------
    1 + 5 Isaac -> Clay Spire        Cruel Dragon
       13 Jenna -> Aura              all Allies
       17 Ivan  -> Shine Plasma      Cruel Dragon
       21 Garet -> Flare Storm       Cruel Dragon
    2 +27 Isaac -> Clay Spire        Cruel Dragon
       27 Jenna -> Defend            -
       27 Ivan  -> Defend            -
       28 Garet -> Mars Djinni       Cruel Dragon
       28 Cruel Dragon dies!!!       Tisiphone Edge
     ~~~~~More to come~~~~
    The credits go to:
     Camelot Software Planning:
      For creating this brilliant 2-part RPG game.
      For putting this up the website.
      For reading this FAQ.
      As I enjoyed making this FAQ.
     Lord Torrent: 
      He gave me additional information about the monsters, such as a complete
      attack list and some of the statistics that I was missing like the ICCs.
      His Password Editor is the only and the best one of its kind. It allows 
      you to create as many custom passwords for GS:TLA. See the link below to
      get the editor.
     A True Gamer:
      Located an error in the Ultimate transfer password; I missed the Lifting
     Jeff Leyden:
      For correcting the mix up between the effects of Power bread and Apple.
     Tim Assman:
      -Used similar type of lay-out for the class Psynergies, which looks much
       better than the original lay-out that I used.
      -Found out about a glitch that makes a particular room in the Mars
       lighthouse dead easy to pass.
     Taren Long:
      For informing me that the Dark Panther Method will only work if the
      Elemental Power of the attacker is higher in some degree than the
      resistance of the enemy. 
      Found out that I missed the "Revive" Psynergy in the list of cures for
      the Downed Status.
     Jeffrey Ng:
      -Informed me about the Wheat Sword rumor
      -Explained the Trial Road item duplication glitch
      -Clearing up the RNG value of 31 instead of 28, but my tactics work
      -Corrected Crystal's weakness to Wind (not Earth)
      -Told me I missed a step in the Water area of the Mars Lighthouse
      -I forgot to add: Ocean Dragon / Triton's ward to the rare item drops
       of the optional dungeons
      -Explained about the secret of setting all Djinn in one go; saves you
       much time!
     Sephiroth leonhart:
      He found out about my mistake that items aren't transferred if you are
      playing a new game in Easy mode. 
     Tim Sears:
      RNG strategy for the Cruel Dragon's Tisiphone Edge.
     Matthew Casler:
      Bug problem related to Piers & the Lash Pebble in Lemuria 
      Found out that the water in Daila's temple will only reside after
      rescuing Tavi & Riki in the cavern.
     Chris Maka:
      Located the problem of the GBA SP linking problem. The game link only
      works on original GBAs with an old fashioned wired link.
      Reminded me that I missed to spell out that cursed items can screw up 
     the RNG methods for item drops. He also found a method to gain an
     infinite amount of Game Tickets.
      Located my oversight of not including the Fur Coat into the Collector's
     password, as this item cannot be collected in GS:tLA.
     Death by Trumpet:
      Informed me about the Sand raising glitch as described in Appendix F. 
     Juanita Garcia / ReyJavikVI:
      For clearing my info about the non-issue with Piers and the Lash pebble
      in Lemuria.
     soulflame / Brian Smith:
      Fixed the messed up description of Game Ticket and Lucky Medal.
      Cleared to me that Felix had the Jupiter star rather than the Mars star
      in the introductory section.
      Some additional info on RN data and critical hit boost percentages
      of certain items.
     David Grimaldi:
      There is an (optional) use for "Halt" in this game after all!
      Noticed I missed the Puppet Warrior in the monster list for Treasure
     James Lau:
      Found out about a glitch to make cracks appear in thin air in the Mars
      Noticed my error in unlocking "Send" option in GS.
      Fixed an error in the section numbering during the introduction of 
      Chapter 9.
      Cleared out that the Gabomba tile puzzle is randomized in each game!
     Wolf Link:
      Corrected the minimal amount of elemental attack power that is required
      to get a double growl for a successful Djinn Kill.
      For finding the glitch in Shaman village where you can jump over a
      rock (it behaves like a water puddle).
      Some additional hints on the Lucky wheel.
     Gabriel //:
      Corrected the Jupiter -> Venus Djinn for Ivan in description for Doom
      Dragon's battle to make him a Necromage.
     Joseph Ngynen:
      Noticed I missed the Oil drop usage by Sea fighter in Brigg's boss battle
     Archit Bansal:
      Addition of the missing Faery Vest in the armor description list
     James Davis:
      Told me the effect of the 6th linked event (talking to Dora)
     David hernando Muro:
      Noticed Haurus costs only two Mars Djinn instead of 3
      Found a missing weasel's claw in Moapa's residence, fixed two errors
      in the RN drop table, corrected Taopo swamp's name, and found another
      missing antidote in Madra.
     Izzard Axel:
      Explaining what Dullahan's Elemental Swap effectively does
     Gee Eerstling:
      Found a genuine glitch in game at Taopo swamp
    Iron Knuckle 2005 - 2010 (c)
     Nothing out of this walkthrough may be copied for use on own websites, or 
    own profit. The following link is the only website on which my FAQ / 
    walkthrough is available, if you wish to upload the FAQ to your own website 
    please notify me before doing so. If I am interested enough I will grant 
    permission for an additional upload.
    Website locations
    Other Interesting Links
       This is the home Directory of Paulygon; you can get the Password Hacker
       here too.
       A video link to a battle against Dullahan using my strategy. It shows
       how Dullahan can be defeated on low levels without taking any damage at 
       A video link to the battle against the Doom Dragon created using the
       strategy previously mentioned in the FAQ. It's still nice to show the
       Dragon can be in a single turn (for each head). But now there's a more
       usuable strategy available in the video below.
       A video link to the battle against the Doom Dragon created using the
       current strategy mentioned in the FAQ. You'll find this more usuable as
       it requires much less effort of the player to get these levels and 
       items as they are all pretty common. For the tradeoff of an additional
       turn which ends with using Lull you can still slay the other heads in
       single rounds. ^_^
       KrrA_InAgOtAbLe's video for an infinite amount of Game Tickets.
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    If you want to ask / contribute / correct anything about this Walkthrough / 
    FAQ about Golden Sun, mail to knuckle_iron(at)hotmail(dot)com . Only send 
    mail that has to do with this game. ALL OTHER MAIL WILL BE IGNORED. I don't 
    mean to be rude, but this is a Gamefaq. Please, don't submit anything that 
    has been done already in this FAQ. In the section below this you can see a 
    list with examples of things that are incomplete.
    Unfinished business
      - More information about the spells like the individual base strengths
      - Any Classes/Monsters/Items/Psynergies/Unleashes/Summons that I missed
      - Any interesting passwords (e.g. ones with nice features)
      - Any other special things that I missed or goofed up about
      - Any RNG methods (not only dropped items)
                                  - -= END =- -

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