Review by Xeo019

Reviewed: 08/14/08

A Satisfying Sequel

When I first played Golden Sun, I couldn't help but feeling a little left short of the complete story. I wanted to know more. I wanted to do more. So when GS2 came out, I had hopes and I had expectations. As we all know, a lot of RPG's out there have mediocre endings and a lot of loose ends that are not tied up by the climax. For a solid storyline and fast-paced RPG gaming, this is the game for you.

Story: 10/10
The Story revolves around the two games and is about two heroes, Felix and Isaac on opposite sides of a race to save humanity. This story picks up where Golden Sun left off. It tells the story of Felix and his sister Jenna on a race to light the four lighthouses of Mars(fire), Mercury(water), Venus(earth), and Jupiter(wind). As the story develops, you find that you are actually the real villains in GS and much more. A truly invigorating and original story with many unexpected and shocking twists. Truly deserving of a flawless 10/10

Sticking to the true mechanics of RPG's TBA(turn based action), you select moves that your characters utilize to lower their enemies HP in an attempt to completely deplete it, in which case the enemy is incapacitated. If all enemies are defeated, you win the battle. However, if all members in your party is incapacitated, its game over. What makes this gameplay truly unique is its fluidity and perfect timing and execution, coupled with breathtaking 3d graphics and detailed environments. And when you're not busy in battle, you're busy searching for the countless Djinn(elemental creatures that you can set/assign to your characters to be used in summoning techniques or strengthening your characters) and summoning tablets, along with finding the perfect weapon/armour set for your characters or playing devastaing linked battles with your friends who have the same game.

Sound: 9/10
The sound is memorable and easy to lsn to but it gets boring after about 50 hrs of gameplay by which time u can get ur mp3 player and bust in some tracks.

The graphics really deliver. The graphics for Golden Sun and Golden Sun The Lost age are some of the best graphics I've ever seen on the Gameboy advance. Even though the overworld is flat and almost 2-dimensional, the sprite outside of battle is 3-d and beautifully animated. The Psyenergy's outside of battle are interesting and help serve to make puzzles more interesting than they actually are. Also, every new weapon you get changes the image of the weapon your character is holding in the battle screen. Some weapons can even unleash special powers which are all unique and different from each other.

In my heart, I really couldn't only give this game a 9/10. It deserves higher. Its ending ties up loose ends well and is one of those games where the final chapter closes the book to it forever. I have never even thought of a sequel to this game nor will one rightfully co-exist with this series unless it is based on a different time and place. The concept is beautiful and when a fantasy flick draws you into its world and can make itself seem almost lifelike, then that's true art. The Golden Sun series is the stuff of legends, almost up there with living omega legends like the Final Fantasy series, the god of RPGS.

Buy or Rent: In case you haven been reading above, this is a definite BUY... if you're into TBA RPG's.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Golden Sun: The Lost Age (US, 04/14/03)

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