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"Golden game for the 2nd time in a row"

This game is a must own and let me tell you why. (By the way: This is my first review, ever)

First of, I don't speak Japanese. And I can't read it either. It's hard to rate the story when you don't what's it's about. It takes place after Golden Sun and you play as Felix. This time, he is the mute.

The graphics are awesome for a 2d game. I really liked the summons a lot. And the other in-battle effects are also great.

And because the game is 2d, it also plays a lot faster than all those 3d rpg's. I hate it when it takes ages. Battles pretty fast too. You can also cancel big parts of summons so you don't have to watch them over and over. This game is just a fast as the first one. The only thing that can be annoying are some of the long conversations.

I had something too complain in the first part. The game wasn't long enough. Well, it was. But I wanted more. Because of the fast speed you could finish the first part with everything except for the leveling up in 20 hours. This game is a lot longer. It'll probably take you 25 to 35 hours to finish it for the first time, and then there are a lot of sidequests to accomplish. It may sound short but remember the fast speed of the game. Most rpg's may take longer too finish, but i've been yawning just cuz it doesn't go fast enough. In this game you won't have any trouble with that. It's exciting too the end. (Even more if I could understand Japanese)

The controls are easy too learn. You can go to your menu with the SELECT and A buttons. The A button is also used too confirm choices. The B button cancels stuff and if you hold that button while pressing a directional button, you can run. The start button brings up another menu, in which you can save. And the L + R buttons are used too use psyenergy (That's how they call magic in the game)that you registered on those buttons. That's all. Simple, not?

This game plays really smooth. It has a lot of puzzles. Most are easy, but there are some really hard puzzles. You get them one after another. The battle system is simple, but great. The commands and spells have a little icon in front of it so that you can understand most of the battle, if you can't read the language. (like me) There also are a lot of creatures you can collect. They are called Djinni. They were already introduced in the first part, and there were 28 Djinni too collect. In this game there's a total of 72 Djinni, but the only way too get them all is too transfer data from the first part. I'll explain that later. The Djinni adds a lot of strategy into battles. If your not prepared before boss battles you're dead meat. If you used at least 1 Djinni, (It's written in red, if you did. Or else white.) you can use them too summon other creatures. You can use a maximum of 4 of the same kind of Djinni, to summon. In the first part you could only summon Djinni from 1 element at once. In this part you can find combo tablets to combine them. Another really cool thing of this game is that you can transfer your data from the first part. You can do it the easy way, a link cable and 2 gba's. Or the hard way. There is a gold, silver and bronze password to use. The gold one is six pages long and transfers a lot of stuff. The silver is short compared too the gold one and transfers less. The bronze just transfers your current level, and Djinni. I highly advice you too use the golden password or link cable. That way, you can transfer all your hard work.


This game is a must have for everyone who likes rpg's, or likes games with a long storyline. In my opinion it's a lot better and more fun too play than many disapointing rpg's that came out recently. This game, and the first part were the first games that I say they're at least as good as Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals. That's my favorite rpg. This game also proves that 2d rpg's have a lot more variation that 3d rpg's. It's a must buy for everyone that doesn't dislike rpg's. It's worth, getting a Gameboy Advance just for this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/10/03, Updated 02/10/03

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