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"The second in the golden sun series, and even better than the first!"

When I first beat Golden Sun, I wondered when the second part of the story would come out... and this is it! This game uses pretty much the same engine as the first, however, it is much longer and way more complicated, and much more fun and elaborate!

The Graphics were just amazing, even for GBA! The spell effects were just magnificent, and the graphics in towns were just incredible, even the world map graphics were really something, and the battle graphics... were just incredible. For a Game Boy advance game, the graphics were just astronomical.

When I first started playing this game, I thought it'd be the same as the golden sun, just like a sequel... but I was way wrong. Your main character is Felix, who doesn't talk, and it takes place after the events of the 1st Golden Sun. The 4 original Golden Sun stars DO appear in the game however.

This game plays a lot like the first one, only with quite a few changes, but still generally the same. Same Djinn system, same battle system, even the same item system. If you were familiar with the golden sun game engine, then you'll be familiar with this one too. But there's not much more to say here.

10/10 (I wanted to give this 25/10 so bad...)
For being on a GBA, this game sure has kickass sound and music! The music is just the best, and there's sound effects for practically everything! The battle themes are awesome, and most of the music in towns give that great feel too... and battle sounds are just great... sounds for everything, from casting spells to moving to slashing your sword (or other weapon)! The sounds in this game really amazed me, even on the overworld map, there's sounds for everything you do! Wonderful.

What can I say? Just like any RPG, GS:TLA has great replayability value. So many sidequests, items, and ways to level up and fight, this game has quite some replayability value! The only reason it got an 8 is because sometimes it can get a bit tiring, make you want to stop playing... but other than that, kickass replay value.

To rent or buy:!
You're wondering whether to buy this game or just rent it? You really have to think about it? Buy this game as soon as it comes out, as soon as you can, as soon as you have the chance. Do whatever it takes to get this game! You won't regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/12/03, Updated 02/12/03

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