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"Two words. My God!"

I, like any other rpg guru can appreciate a well made and thoughtful game. Camelot has undoubtedly undone themselves once again. This game is amazing plain and simple!

The graphics is where this game shines! It is nothing short of the best on the gameboy advance. The character sprites are very interactive, using a wide range of emotions and gestures making the game quite enjoyable. The bosses look great and so does the world map. The weapons, like the previous games are very nicely design and so are the summons which explode with colour and life. The new unleashes look great and have sweet names like Stone Justice!

The story, the backbone of any good rpg is solid. It opens and expands well on the events that took place in the the previous book; Golden sun. The story in The Lost age takes place shortly after the events in Golden Sun. The main characters from the previous golden sun are gone and new heroes are available. The game begins with the protagonists stranded on an island due to the events at the end of Golden sun. Its all very interest! The main character Felix has his own plans for lighting the elemental light houses which hold untold power! We, as the reader are unaware of his motives but become clear as the game progresses. The previous heroes from Golden sun become available as a certain point during the course of the game. At that time there will be a total of 8 characters to choose from to make a party of 4!!!

The gameplay like the first is amazingly innovative. No other game has such an interesting battle system. The use of Djinn setup and allocation is crucial to victory. The puzzles are even harder this time around and some dungeons are insanely LARGE. There are a ton more sidequests which reward explorers with new Djinn or combo tablets. Combo tablets or combination tablets are ancient scrolls that allow Djinn of different elements to fuse creating even more powerful summons!! The bosses are rarer this time around but when you do fight them prepare for a battle!! Another innovative feature in this game is the transfer of data from Golden sun. Players whom played the first game can now transfer data such as level, Djinn, stats, money and item to The Lost Age. There are 2 ways to transfer one via link cable. The other is a tedious written code. The written code, depending on whether you've chosen Gold, Silver or Bronze can be as long a 6 pages!! Trust me it takes a while. With a transferred data pack new options will be available including a new super hard dungeon and an unbelievably powerful summon!

10/10 The music is so great you'd think it was done by Squaresoft!! The world theme is different than the first which is very refreshing. It has an adventurous feel to it which promotes exploration. The dungeon themes are great.

This, like many other rpg game does not require any replay but people bent on accomplishing any and all sidequests might be willing to play over.

To rent or buy:
Stupid question! Buy, obvious!!
This is the best game for the Gameboy advance! I suggest picking this one up as soon as possible!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/09/03, Updated 04/09/03

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