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"Nothing short of a legend..."

Despite the long wait for the sequel to Golden Sun, I guarantee you, veterans, and new guys, you will be satisfied. Your hunger for great gaming will be filled. Golden Sun: The Lost Age is soon to be released in the U.S., and I guarantee you after reading this review, you will be standing in line waiting to purchase it.

So, I shall begin.

Storyline (Gameplay)/Sound: 9/10
Spectacular storyline. Golden Sun: The Lost Age is a great game with a spectacular and original story to it. It has different elements of fun (no pun intended). The story is an inspiring tale of a peoples' plight. The game is so intricate and careful that it is almost definite that you will want to play more and more. Addiction to Golden Sun: The Lost Age is key. The gameplay is really cool, and will inspire you to keep on playing. Despite the longevity of the game, and the confusion some have about what character you control, the storyline is great, and it will all work out once you play more. As I said, addiction is the key.
The sound on Golden Sun: The Lost Age is more or less the same as the first title's. But for those of you who are brand new to it, I'll introduce you. The music in battle, and in the overworld map view is great. It fits in perfectly with the rest of the game. Sound effects give great addition to attacks and fullscreen summons. With a great amount of variety in the different sounds, you can be self-assured that Golden Sun: The Lost Age won't be a game full of repeats and clashing sounds that shatter your ears.

Characters/Control: 10/10
The characters in Golden Sun: The Lost Age feature some old favorites, but many new faces as well. With more mysterious people, and more allies, who can go wrong. The key to this is being patient with the story of every character, because it might take a while for their whole story to be unveiled. The characters also host a most amazing rank of faces, attitudes, and beliefs. Returning characters such as Isaac, host newfound traits, some of which not experienced in the first title. Felix renders new beliefs, and some other hidden characters arise telling truths and/or lies of current characters thus telling more of this challenging game.
The game has the same elements of control as the last title. The game is easy to learn in about 5 minutes or so. Sort of like a 3-step process. The button accuracy is great with not too sensitive, or too insensitive controls. The GBA is made to play Golden Sun/Golden Sun: The Lost Age comfortably without much hassle. Using the D-Pad you control your filed movement and/or selection. A/B are used to accept or decline commands and also pick up items. and R/L are used for setting moves or other special abilities included with the game itself. The movement is easy, nothing with the ''button mashing method'' or the ''light tapping senses.

Graphics/Scenery: 10/10
Graphics = Stunning. The best graphics GBA can produce. Top of the line. Cream of the crop. These clichés barely scratch the surface of what I'm trying to explain, you'll need hands-on or eyes-on experience to see what I mean when I say ''stunning'' The graphics are nothing like pixilated, 56K computer graphics, nor like X-Box graphics, but they are unique in their own way and style. The graphics are the spectacle of the game, for if it were not for graphics, this title wouldn't be so popular. Because there is one thing people like besides the ''feel'' and ''taste'' of a game...they like the ''look'' of it as well. The gorgeous 3D graphics are immaculate, beautiful, untouched, and utterly ''to die for''. With smooth moving images and a great running engine, you can't go wrong.
Scenery in the game is awesome. You can't have graphics without something to enthuse them, right? The beautiful and crisp scenery of Golden Sun: The Lost Age is amazing. Delicately intricate trees, water, and everything being lusty with crystal clear texture, there is only one thing that can make it look even better...Game Boy Advance SP. You can't go wrong. Scenery is pretty much just the same as graphics, just more specific.

Replay Value: 9/10
Besides going back to search for elemental djinn, and secret weapons, you can pretty much say you have beaten the game. But without the extras, and ''need'' items, you'll find the game a bit harder. So the replay to GS:TLA is key. You might actually want to go back and retrieve items and/or djinn.

Buy or Rent:
Buy. This game is too hard to complete with a measly ole rental. And why rent the greatest game for a handheld system? Buying it is the better choice. (It makes great for showing off too. =P)

Overall: 10/10
Great game. Great investment. Greatness all around.
This is definitely one of the greatest game you could purchase for your GBA. Dust off that GBA, and pick up this title as soon as possible!

(I apologize if there are grammatical errors and/or spelling errors.)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/13/03, Updated 04/13/03

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