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"Dream come true again!!"

Fun game.This game is great so far. I have olny had it since yesterday, but so far it is awesome.

The graphics are good in this game. They are just like the 1st golden sun's graphics, but maybe a little but better. These graphics have been fine with me because they aren't blurry.But I would call them ''smooth'' either. They still don't make the game look bad. If you liked GS1 graphics, then you will love these too. Maybe even more, but that is for you to decide. I am just giving my opinion on these graphics.
I like the controls in this game, because they are simple. They aren't hard to use at all. You will adapt to them as soon as you play. They are perfect for me. I am sure you will enjoy them to. They aren't hard at all, like I said before. That is why I gave them a 9/10. They are very good.
The sound in this game is great. They have put good songs in for all the different places in the game, like the world map, battles, mountains, ocean, and towns. They have music that I enjoy and I think the music was well picked for this game.
This game has a good storyline. You may not get the beginning if you didn't play GS1(golden sun one). It may be a little confusing but you will get it because they kinda replay the ending in GS2 that was in GS2. It was confusing for me at fist even tho I beat the fist golden sun.It was because I hadn't played it in awhile so I kinda forgot what happened.But still I give GS2 a 9/10 for the storyline because it is very good. You will enjoy it.
Game play: 9/10
The overall game play for this game is awesome. There is so much to do, and so many people to see. You will always find yourself doin somtin unless you beat the game. But it will take you awhile to beat it because it is a very long game. So don't be mad because you might think it is short from what you have heard from a friend. Don't believe him/her...they are wrong it is long and exciting. You will come across many bosses, caves, dungeons, enemies, items, weapons, armor...etc.(you know what I mean)

I gave everyone of my categories a good rating, because this game is great. It is any person that loves rpg's and a game boy's dream come true. Since I have had it, I have enjoyed it very much, and I am assuming that you will too!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/16/03, Updated 04/16/03

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