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"The best handheld RPG ever! you have to play it!"

The first Golden sun for GBA was a great RPG, it sported nice graphics, sweet sound and a perfectly good storyline,
I have long awaited for Golden Sun: The lost age, and I'm not disappointed at all. It starts off where the first Golden Sun left off. I won't spoil anything, you have to get it and see for yourself! You can transfer your characters, items, Djinn and money from the first Golden Sun Via Password or game link cable, if you do this I hear you can even get different side quests and summons...

Amazing! This is a direct sequel to the first Golden Sun, So you might be lost without first playing Golden Sun, but the story is good enough that even if you haven't played the first Golden Sun you can still enjoy and understand it. I loved the storyline and the way it unfolds. It builds off Golden Sun like a movie sequel, but this lives up to the hype, The story will have you coming back for more!

Wow! thats what I said the first time I played this, now the graphics haven't changed much from the first Golden Sun, But that is not a bad thing at all, saying that these are the best graphics on the Game Boy Advance (SP) system.
You will be amazed that Golden Sun: The lost age can sport such nice visuals. The graphics compare to a psone game, they are very colorful and fun to look at.

The sound is good too. I actually enjoy the music on Golden Sun: The lost age. It is upbeat and goes good with the theme of the game, I.E If something sad has happened, it plays sad music, if something exciting is happening you'll hear exciting music, The sound quality is great, and if you have a pair of headphones the sound is even better!

I'm hooked! once you start playing you won't be able to stop. The battle system is great, you can use Djinn's, a elemental creature that has a elemental force, (For example the Djinni ''Cannon'' is a Mars Djinni,)You can use the Djinn's elemental forces to help raise the stats of your characters, you can also summon Djinn's. There are four different elements of Djinns.
The game play and story is based around Psynergy, A strange power that only Adepts have, The adepts are elemental too, like Djinn, you can use psynergy in the game, there is two types of psynergy, There is the puzzle type, You can't use it in battle but you use in to solve puzzles in caves and towns, Then there's the battle type, You use it in battle to attack enemys, In example Fume is a fire attack that causes fire damage to a enemy.
Now another cool thing is the detailed towns, when you go to towns you can meet people, buy items, Armor and weapons, And sell weapons too.

The characters are great. You play as Felix, a 18 year old brother to Jenna, Jenna is also in your party that you start out with, she is a friend to Kraden, the old Scientist of Alchemy (it's basically Pysnergy, mentioned above) and then there is Sheba, They are all Adepts of a different elemental race. other characters join up with you later in the game, but I won't spoil it for you.

There is puzzles in the dungeons, caves and towns of Golden Sun: The Lost age, This adds to the fun of the game, most of the puzzles are to get Djinn, but always do the puzzles and who knows what surprises you might find! To get though the puzzles, you need pysnergy, using puzzle psynergy you can get though the levels.

Yes, This is one of the best games for GBA(sp), it has 35+ hours of game play. This is a most have if you like RPG's and have a GBA(SP).
This game is deep enough that it has replay value.

GAME 10/10
STORY 9/10
SOUND 8/10

Hope you liked my review and it helped you! :’)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/17/03, Updated 04/17/03

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