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"A Worthy Sequel"

I played the original golden sun because my friend recommended it to me. I went into it expecting a typical RPG, several problems but usually worth playing. I was in for a treat. It had a fantastic storyline and great gameplay. Ever since i finished with that game, i have long awaited its sequel. This game is finally here, and it was worth the wait.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics couldn't be better. They match the graphics of Golden Sun in every way. Monsters are beautifully created and everything is very realistic for the Gameboy Advance. They took the GBA and stretched it to its limits. This is currently the game with the best graphics on GBA in my opinion.

Sound: 10/10

Many tunes have returned from the original Golden Sun, but this game is not without its originality. It still has its new songs in places. The sound of psynergy and weapons hitting the enemies is clear and precise. Everything is distinguishable and sounds as it should in a game like this.

Plot: 10/10

The plot to this game is spectacular. The last game had a good plot, and this one just continues the story. At the beginning it gives you a recap of everything that happened in Golden Sun. For those who haven't played Golden Sun, it allows them to play this without wondering what is going on. For those who have, this is still not a time-waster as it reminds you of everything that happened. This is good for players like me who beat Golden Sun long ago, and needed that recap. Anyway, this game continues that wonderful story through a different perspective. You take control of your old enemies and see it from their side. It is an interesting twist for a game's sequel to take, but you are in for a treat with some of the plot turns in this game.

Gameplay: 9/10

The most important thing in a game is its gameplay, and this game has an excellent gameplay, but there could have been some more new things to distinguish it from its prequel. This game brings back everything you loved from Golden Sun, plus more. The psynergy is back, along with many new techniques, the djinn are back with many new friends, the weapons and artifacts are back with some new ones, the summons are back with new ones, and all of the old items are back with some new ones added. Many games' sequels are almost like remakes of the old with a new scenario. However, this game adds a considerable amount of new things.

The caves and dungeons are also quite changed. Many new psynergy are needed to navigate through like whirlwind and move were in Golden Sun as well as this game. There are many new ideas added to contribute to the complexity of the puzzles in this game. These mazes and puzzles are longer and harder to figure out than they were in the last game, but there's always something to encourage you to continue. The only thing that i find wrong with the gameplay of this game is the travel method. It is still a burden to travel from place to place and backtrack to do things that you couldn't do when you were there the first time. However, even this does not take away from the great new fun and enjoyment the gameplay of this game has to offer.

Replay Value: 7/10

This game would be fun to play once over. You can experience what you had before and get things you missed or didn't discover the first time you went through, however you probably won't play it after that. The Battle Arena will add to some replay if you have friends or a strong team you like to battle with. The transfer data option from the original Golden Sun will also add to the urge to get teams better and continue on this game. However, there are not so many new things in this game to make you want to play over and over again.

Overall: 9/10

The long expected sequel to Golden Sun has not disappointed me in the least. I didn't expect much of anything more from the game that continues one of my favorite RPGs that I've ever played.

Rent or Buy?

If you have played Golden Sun and like it, it is a definite buy. If you've never played Golden Sun but like RPGs, i recommend the original Golden Sun first, but this game is one you would want to try.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/18/03, Updated 04/18/03

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