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Reviewed: 04/20/03 | Updated: 04/20/03

Best GBA Game Ever!

I loved the first game, but when I got this game, I couldn't believe how much better it was! This game has the same old great Golden Sun qualities plus many more into the second story of Golden Sun!

Plot: 9

In this game, the plot continues from the first game. Except for one thing. You play has Felix. Felix and his party are the opposing foes to Isaac from the first game. Felix's goal is to light the remaining two lighthouses to make the power of the elements spread through the world. The power of the elements are put into these orbs called the Elemental Stars. When a star is placed into the correct light house, that element is released and the light house becomes lit. So, in order for the elemental power to spread through the world, all four lighthouses must be lit. The elements are Fire(Mars), Earth(Venus), Water(Mercury), and Wind(Jupiter).

Graphics: 10

This game has the same awesome graphics as the other one. It has the cool looking summons of the Djinn, the exotic temples and lighthouses, and the creatures that you need to fight. This game has many other different graphical things in it too. There are a variety of different trees, buildings, scenery, and psynergy spells that will make you keep on experiencing the power of this game.

Sound/Music: 10

This game still has its classic main theme from the previous game. It has new sound effects of sword clashing and psynergy spells too. The battle music and out side of battle music change from place to place. Sometimes the music can be eerie, or sometimes the music can he cheerful when in a happy town. The Sound and Music of this game fit right along with where you are in it.

Controls: 10

This game has great controls too. You can program what psynergy and what djinn you want on set or standby simply. The Controls are set up so that a young player can learn them without having much troubles. Also, if you miss something and you need to learn how to do it, you can go to help options which can teach you how to use psynergy, or function your djinn. The producers of the game did a great job setting up the controls.

Game play: 10

This is the best part of Golden Sun. In the game you don't only fight countless battles to level up, but you have to go through mazes and puzzles. To play this game, you need to think about things before doing them. You need to explore. You need to talk to the many people and use your mind read psynergy to get the information you need to go on. Also, the game is very complex. There are many side quests that you may miss if you don't talk to the people of town. For example, most people will talk about what the main problem is, or what just happened that you need to go fix. But some townsfolk worry about other things that don't go along with the main plot. This is why the game play of Golden Sun is its best feature.

Replay Value: 7

This is the low point to Golden Sun. Since the hardest things about the game are puzzles and mind confusing things, once you've gone past them they are easy the second and third times. That's why a first time player could beat the game in about 60 hours or more, but then a second or third time player could beat the game in about 30 hours. But, sometimes there are so many things that even you could forget in the game, so that is why I gave this a seven.

Rent or Buy: Buy

This game goes on a long time, and if you would like to complete everything such as getting all the djinn, finding the rare weapons, finding Djinn Fusion tablets, and many more things, you are not going to have enough time to finish all of it buy renting it.

Overall: 9

This game has given me a great experience in playing RPGs. I also think this is the best RPG out for the GBA as of now. All of the aspects to this game are great which makes the game near perfect. I loved this game and I hope everyone else that plays this game will love it too!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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