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"Camelot Has Made Another Golden Great!"

Ages ago, or so the stories tell, the power of Alchemy wrought the base elements of humanity into thriving civilizations, like lead into gold. That power eventually began to corrupt the hearts of men, however, and four Elemental Lighthouses were constructed to seal it away deep within Mount Aleph's Sol Sanctum. Two of the lighthouses have since been lit. Your party seeks to light the remaining two and thus release the power of alchemy. Will their actions bring about another golden age or the destruction of the world.

Story: 8/10
In the original Golden Sun, you strove to stop Saturos and Menardi from activating the four Elemental Lighthouses that seal the power of Alchemy. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, you play as a new group of characters seeking to activate the two remaining Lighthouses.

All of the characters you control in Golden Sun: The Lost Age are adepts, people who are able to use psychic energy, also known as Psynergy. Psynergy is similar to the usually magic in an average RPG and allows you to use all four of the elements: Venus (Earth), Mars (Fire), Jupiter (Wind), and Mercury (Water). Throughout your adventure, you will encounter elemental spirits know as Djinn. Djinn affect not only your psynergy, but your class. The more Djinn you have, the stronger you will most likely be.

Like your average RPG, the main force pushing you along is the story. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, you play the role of Felix. Felix is an adept and specializes in the Venus element, or Earth. Kraden also accompanies you throughout the game. He wants to see what happens when the power of Alchemy comes back to the world. He has many theories about what is happening to the world and how, without Alchemy, he believes it is dying. There are three more main characters: Jenna, Sheba, and Piers that will follow Felix. Their main goal is to master the powers of the elements and return the power of Alchemy to the world. A very deep, complicated story urges you to continue after every town, dungeon, and boss you beat. The only disadvantage is that it isn't the fastest game ever. Cutscenes often last four to five minutes, which in the heat of the moment, seems like an eternity. But if there weren't cutscenes, we would have no idea what's going on and there wouldn't be any point in playing. A solid 8.

Gameplay: 10/10
Golden Sun: The Lost Age is a great game because of the Story and Graphics, but there wouldn't be any point in playing if it wasn't fun. In towns, you walk around, explore, and talk to the various locals. In the world map, you walk around and enter battles or other towns. In dungeons you solve puzzles and defeat bosses. Sounds familiar, huh? If you've ever played any RPG, you know what to expect.

For the battles, its your party against theirs. Basically, they line up on one side and you line up on the other. You can see your health and psynergy points on the top of the screen. You can attack, use psynergy, Djinn, items, or defend. If you attack, you use your equipped weapon. If you use psynergy, your character can use any of their specific spells. If you select to use a Djinn, they can attack, heal, revive, or shield your team from enemy attacks. If you use a Djinn, it will be put on standby. When a Djinn is on standby, it can unleash a powerful summon. By finding more djinn and combo tablets throughout the game, you can unleash more summons. Summons are the most powerful way of attacking an enemy. If you use an item, you can do anything from attacking with Diamond Dust to healing yorself with herbs. As usual, defend allows you to take less damage if you are attacked by an enemy.

One of the features of Golden Sun: The Lost Age is to transfer your previous clear data from the original to unlock a number of special events. This feature also allows you to transfer your character data for Isaac, Garet, Mia, and Ivan to your new Golden Sun. You can transfer your data via password or via the Gameboy Advance Link Cable. The latter method transfers all of your data, while the password transfers a different amount of data depending on the code type: Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

The usual for any RPG. A very good 10.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics in Golden Sun: The Lost Age are amazing to say the least. You can tell the difference between towns just by the types of houses in them. Very articulate and sharp. You can tell that a sword is a sword and an apple is an apple, which is pretty much enough for me. But the graphics go above and beyond the bar set by the original. The world map is in full 3-D, the battle scenes are smooth and detailed, the characters run and walk easily, and the towns are all unique. With great variety, sharpness, battle animations, and detail, Golden Sun: The Lost Ages' graphics get a 10.

Music and Sound: 10/10
The sound and music is great. That’s all there is to it. Every town, dungeon, and battle area has their own music. It is just like the music in the original Golden Sun, but adds some new music t the battle areas such as the sea and in most dungeons.

The sound is also amazing. The sounds go right along with their battle animations and actions. From a “bump” to a “bang,” they’re great.

Controls: 10/10
The controls are the exact same as Golden Sun. A is select, hold B to run, and the L/R buttons can be used as Psynergy ''hotkeys.'' Like every Gameboy Advance game, they are easy to learn and run smoothly. Once again, Golden Sun earns a 10.

Fun Factor: 10/10
From weapons, spells, and items to djinn, battling, and dungeons, Golden Sun: The Lost Age is a great game and is a ton of fun for both casual and hard-core RPG Fans.

Replay Value: 6/10
No RPG that I know of has Replay Value. I mean the game is going to last you a LONG time, but after you 100% complete it, you probably aren't going to pick it up again. I can't blame Camelot nor Nintendo because no RPG is going to have as much replay value as say a Fighter or Racing Game. You might want to pick it up and play it all over again, but if I were to 100% complete for a first time, I wouldn't do anything but level up on this game... I don't think I should count this category though because if you want replay value, you're not gonna pick up an RPG. I could expect a second quest like in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, but the first play through was definitely good enough for me.

Final Impact: 9/10
A great overall RPG. It could have been better, but it did the job. I loved the gameplay and graphics that now make the Golden Sun series stand above the others. I can only hope for there to be more games in the future.

I would highly recommend you pick Golden Sun: The Lost Age up as soon as possible. It will last for way over 40 hours, which for a Gameboy game, is incredible. Go get it now!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/24/03, Updated 04/24/03

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