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"Are you sure this game shouldn't be called Platinum Sun?"

This game is the best game for GBA that I've played, and the second best overall game that I've played. It has so improved from Book I, and it's just amazing. The game took me 40 hours to beat (it keeps track of the time), however, I'm not the best game player in the world. -_- This game had me up until 2 in the morning, I swear, it's so addictive. One of the best games ever.

Gameplay & Control - 40/40
Gameplay and control are the biggest issues, in my opinion, that make up a game. Control is great. Like most RPGs, you can either walk or run, running is of course faster. Unlike most RPGs, this game doesn't have block movement. I'm not saying block movement is the worst thing in the world, but it's kind of nice not to move in blocks. Also, in some RPGs you can only move 4 cardinal directions, but in this game you can move all 8 directions, cardinal and diagonol. This game allows you to jump across short gaps, which adds whole new possibilities for puzzles. Gameplay is good also. You get to use some ''Psyenergy'' outside of battle, for overcoming obstacles and solving puzzles. Like most RPGs, it has the random monster battles inside some caves and towers. The battling is neat, vast, yet easy to get used to. You can of course, attack, defend, use an item, or use Psyenergy, which proves very helpful. You can also use Djinn, small monsters who each have their own special purpose and power. Once you do, they turn to ''set'' mode. The more set Djinn, the more gods you can summon! You can even use some items you have equipped on you, example, there is a bracelet you can equip that also puts a curse on monsters if you use it as an item. As you can see, the control and gameplay is very vast, while still being easy to grasp.

Graphics - 30/30
Oh. My. God. The graphics in this game are totally amazing. I know what the GBA is capable of, I've played a lot of games (including the original Golden Sun), but this game redefines ''real''. From shadows to bubbling water, this game goes so in-depth, which means all the stuff's suspicious, experiment with it all, and try everything! Not only will the key objects stand out, but everything will, so you'll want to experiment with everything! The people are very detailed, even when they don't have their close-ups. When you do see their close up, it has a lot of detail to it! I bet there are between 75-100 characters with close ups, if not more, so a lot of work was put into the characters. In battle, they get really detailed. Just the backgrounds alone drawn up for every scene are so detailed and amazing. Let alone the moves for Psyenergy, Djinn, summons, items, special effects, and more! Again, the graphics are so near perfection, there is not much more I have to comment on.

Music & Sound - 20/20
There are two things here, music and sound. I like scene-appropriate intense music, and sound that is fitting for the action. This game has that. Most of the music is very enjoyable while playing, if not all of it. The music has a lot of background to it too, which makes it more fun to listen to. They have sound for just about every action. In battle, if you summon a water god, it makes a swooshing sound of the water going. Same with if you jump, or use Psyenergy outside of battle. It has a lot more in-battle sounds too. Even when you talk to people, you can hear the pitch of their voice. I see no flaw with the music or sound, so it's pretty much all fine, in my opinion.

Replayability & Extras - 7/10
Hm.. yes.. well.. it took me 40 hours to beat this game, lol, and I do believe it will be another good 3 months before I consider playing it again. However, it has 3 handy save slots in case I want to. But what this game lacks in replayability, it certainly makes up in extras! There are a lot of items, but that's not too unusual for an RPG. However, there are some really great items which are optional, but will help you a lot. That's always a nice extra to have. The Djinn as well are a nice extra. In the 2 games combined, there are over 50 Djinn! If you don't want to record a password, or if you haven't played the first one, there are still over 25 Djinn in this game alone. They are fun to catch, and require a bit of extra strategy and skill for the witty ones. Combined, I had about 50 Djinn, and I can tell you that the search and puzzles weren't easy, but it was an extra little fun experience. Also, some towns have fun games like dice, slots, a wishing well pinball-themed game, and more. It is fun to do the extras in this game while you play. They add to the fun, they do.

Overall - 97/100: 10/10
97/100, one of the best games I've played.

Buy, Rent, or Not Even Try? - Buy!
Buy it! You'll like having this game for fun when you're bored, or to replay some more at a later date. Plus, in the time you get to rent this game, you may not complete it! =p It's a very good game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/24/03, Updated 04/24/03

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