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Reviewed: 06/10/03 | Updated: 06/10/03

This is, hands down, one of the best GBA games to date.

I am going to state this right off the bat: Golden Sun: The Lost Age is one of my favorite Game Boy Advance games. Golden Sun: The Lost Age is a Role-playing game sequel to the popular game Golden Sun. Actually, it is more of a continuation of the first Golden Sun, as it starts off where the original Golden Sun left off. Everything about this game is just so awesome; the battle system, the story, the music, the graphics, and just about everything else. While playing the game, the only thing I could think of was “Damn, this game is fun!” Throughout the entire game I found hardly any flaws. Golden Sun: The Lost Age is an truly engaging, great RPG experience that will keep you hooked through all 40 hours of it.

Game Play- 10

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age basically your goal is to get to the last two lighthouses, and you face many problems along the way. Most of the game goes like this: you go to a town, and then go to a dungeon, then explore, and then repeat while progressing through the storyline. In the dungeons you will usually acquire a Psynergy. Psynergy are things that can be used on the map, for example move a boulder out of the way, or they can be used to attack in battles. There are also things called Djinn in Golden: Sun The Lost Age. Djinn are little animal type things that once you fell in battle you get them to use in battle. Using multiple Djinn at one time will let you use a summon, which are the strongest attacks in the game. The controls in this game work fine and there are no problems. In battle you can do a few things: Use a basic attack, use a Psynergy Attack, use a Djinn, use a summon, use an item, standby, or run. You control four people in battle, so you get to attack four times per turn. There are two types of battles, random battles and boss battles. In most places you can come across a random battle, which are fairly weak enemies. Boss battles usually occur at the end of a dungeon. Bosses are strong and hard to defeat. There is more I could tell you, but some of it would contain spoilers so I will just tell you this: I have barely scratched the surface of Golden Sun: The Lost Ages Game Play and it is the best part of the game.

Story- 9

The Golden Sun games have one of the most in-depth stories out of all of the GameBoy Advance games. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age you play as Felix, along with his friends Jenna, Sheba, and Piers who continue their quest to light the Elemental Lighthouses, to save the World of Wayard from destruction. If you haven’t played the original Golden Sun the story will not make sense to you. Anyways, every few hours there is some type of story development and overall the story is very complex. I have no complaints with the story other than the fact that its hard to start playing Golden Sun: The Lost Age if you have never played the original Golden Sun because you wont get the story.

Graphics- 9.5

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age the graphics are extremely good. The dungeons, towns and other areas like that look slick and the graphics work very well. The world map doesn’t have the best graphics but it also gets the job done well and I have no complaints with it. In battle, all the sprites and battle animations look cool. The battle animations use the most of the Game Boy Advances power, and they have awesome effects. My only complaint is when you’re in battle the background looks a little pixilated.

Sound- 8.5

The sound is basically composed of a lot of epic-sounding tunes, which sound very good. There are not very many sound effects in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, with the exception of using Psynergy, the bleeping as the text rolls across the screen, and the sounds when you are in a battle. Not too much to complain about here, overall the sound is very solid.

Replay/Length- 9.5

Golden Sun: The Lost Age will last you about 40 hours your first time through and throughout the entire game you will never get bored. On top of that, if you want you can try to find all of the djinn, summons, and the best weapons and armor for each character. Plus there is a battle room where you can face your friend, and if you don’t have a friend to play against you can face random enemies there. If that’s not enough, once you beat the game you can play through the game on easy mode (you start out with the same levels as you were when you beat the game) and hard mode (enemies are stronger). There is a ton of replay value in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Final Score- 9.3 (Note: Not an average, GameFAQs score is a 9)

So to buy or rent?

Like I have already stated, Golden Sun: The Lost Age is one of my favorite GameBoy Advance games and it is without a doubt worth owning, even if you don’t like Role Playing Games. I do, however, suggest that if you haven’t already buy the now cheap original Golden Sun to know the story in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and to transfer your data for when you meet up with Isaac (The main character in the original Golden Sun) before you get Golden Sun: The Lost Age. This is a very awesome game that you don’t want to miss.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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