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"Not better than the first, but still a great RPG!"

Golden Sun: The Lost Age is the sequel of the surprise-Rpg from Nintendo: Golden Sun.

It's caracterized by great graphics (still almost the same as the first game), good musics and, this time, a GOOD storyline that fill all the plot holes remained empty in the first.

We can see Nintendo gained MUCH experience from Golden Sun, as this sequel is more like a Final Fantasy than a normal RpG. It has lot of sidequests, a super boss (the STRONGEST ever seen, believe me!) and the possibility to control all the 8 characters (the 4 from the first game and the new 4).

Also gaining levels is not so hard, since there are 3 monsters in this game that give A LOT of Exp (nearly 5000 and so a kill) and if you encounter 2 of them in the same battle, they can revive eachselves (and that means: unlimited EXP).

A good thing to notice is that Isaac (which, with his friend, will join up later in the game) finally can talk...thus Felix, the main hero of this sequel, cannot...too does cost so much adding main character's dialogues? I don't know...

Well, let's get into the game ratings!

GRAPHICS: Pretty much the same of the prequel, but with some addings...there are many different weapons (but still they look all the same on a character...) and their unleash powers have great effects. Also there is a special attack that seems like a summon of the'll see...

Cities have gained a BIG indian style...infact most of them will have tents, totems, statues and indian-like people...odd...I've liked Tolbi and other big, normal cities in Golden Sun...too bad they've changed them too much!

There is a new character...beside him, you control 3 yet-seen characters...their sprites are all the same (as well as Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia ones, though)...

Your friends will again be asking you thing at you'll have to answer Yes or No but still it doesn't matter for the storyline (the effects are the same of the prequel).

Still, there are the ''cloud emoticons'' as in the prequel but Camelot has added some more...find them by yourself!

As for battles, there are MORE Djinn (yep!) and their unleashing effects are great! (Plus, there are Djinn that unleash some strange making a character disappear, like the ''Hide'' move of a Bard, and another that stops ALL the attacks that have should be performed after him...odd!).

The battle sprites of old characters are always the same...

Uhm...not to mention the intro, wich is WONDERFUL! You must see him, it is like reality! (Maybe are just artworks, but they're still GREAT!)

Overall, Camelot has done a good job...not so well (they could have changed something) but Golden Sun's graphic are, however, the best you can see on the Game Boy Advance. 9/10

SOUNDS: Even they are pretty much the same as the prequel. You'll also recognize some musics (like the ''Battle Victory'' one) from the first game. Well, this is a bit nostalgic...

There are different battle musics (beside the battle one, the boss one and the final boss one)...basically: later in the game you can control 8 characters...but only 4 will can switch them in the status screen..when you have a party with Felix and without Isaac you'll hear a battle tune (the GS:TLA one) and when you have Isaac, without Felix, you'll hear the old GS one. Pretty good! There are other battle tunes but...find them by yourself!

Sound effects are almost the same too. You always hear a weak noise when you hit an enemy and a louder one when you either critical hit him or unleash the weapon's special power on him. So, normal ratings.

''Voices'' aren't changed too, but there's still the GS rule: the younger, the louder. ^_^

You can also hear the Final Battle Music from Golden Sun by fighting someone important...I don't want to spoil anything!

Ah yes, there is a Sound Test option (unlike Golden Sun...too bad...but I'm still of the idea they didn't think of that at time) have to do something in the Battle Arena...(this is a review, not a code list!)

OVERALL: Nice new musics, and it's fine hearing some old tunes too. Camelot has done a good work! 10/10

STORYLINE: It isn't the simple one of the prequel. In the prequel you had to prevent the 4 beacons to be lit. Now...well, you MUST do it, since you control Felix, Jenna's brother...

You may ask: then why Isaac and the others, who were against Felix, join him? Well, basically because they understand the truth: there is a village under the Mars Lightouse and if the 4 lightouses aren't lit in time, it'll be destroyed!

It may contain a little spoilers but it is the main storyline: when all the beacons are lit, the Golden Sun will arise, granting eternal life and others... the way...where did Alex go...? See it by yourself!

There is a BIG change from the first game! Finally, like other RPGs, you can use a ship to travel across the seas of Weyard (the world of Golden Sun). Unlucky you will not be able to see Angara and the visited Gondowan anymore, but you'll discover MANY new lands, cities, and DIFFICULT dungeons!

It seems that the ship can also cross rivers...wonder when and how? ^_^

Obviously, instead of Saturos and Menardi from the first game, there are two new villains (as well as Alex...)'ll find who!

Basically, a trip of 8 boys to lit the two remaining Lightouses and arise the Golden Sun! Great work, Capcom, you filled up all the Golden Sun's holes! 10/10

GAMEPLAY: Can I tell you a thing? It's THE SAME as the first one, except for new field Psynergies and some little addings...well, look for Golden Sun reviews if you want infos on Djinn and other things. Basically the addings are these: There are, now, 11 DJINN PER TYPE, BESIDES THE ONE FROM THE FIRST GAME ... yes, you're reading well, that's mean a total of 72 Djinn!! can only have 72 Djinn if you use a password from the previous game...and only by having all the Djinn you'll be able to fight the Super Boss and do the Secret Dungeon...

Yes, it means that you have either to finish once Golden Sun or retrieve a password from some Internet sites or from a friend...otherwise, you'll not be able to complete Golden Sun: The Lost Age at 100%.

If you don't transfer, Isaac and his party will only have a few Djinn when they join you (even if you can find 4 Djinn from the first game in well!).

When the old party joins you, when you enter a battle you'll not only have Fight and Run, but also means that you can actually switch your fighting character with some others that aren't Final Fantasy X...but be warned: you can do it only with ONE character per turn...and, once a turn...! But a good thing is that you can switch even K.O. characters, unlike Final Fantasy X!

I think I've explained everything about the new changes from Golden Sun to Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Well, Camelot surely has surprised me for the Transfer option!

Ah, I forgot, if you don't want to copy a password (it can be 6 pages long...) you can always use a Link Cable...but you'll need two GBAs, and obviously the cartridge of Golden Sun (with a game finished) and the cartridge of Golden Sun: TLA.

Overall, another great work! 10/10

REPLAY VALUE: A lot: when you begin a new game once you've beaten it, you'll be able to choose the Hard Mode...well, the only thing that changes is the monsters' strength! So, if you want some challenge, try it! 8/10

DIFFICULTY: HIGHER THAN GOLDEN SUN ... if you don't like'll be easily dispatched by some though bosses...I personally like training and I've lose MANY times, too. Golden Sun: The Lost Age is no more a straight forward game where you have only to pound, heal,'ll need GOOD strategies in order to dispatch the bosses (unless you're at level 99...but I don't think you are, right?). A bit too high, I think. Some bosses can really be painful...6/10

OVERALL: Even if I think it's not better than Golden Sun, Golden Sun: The Lost Age is anyway a GREAT Rpg! Just don't miss it, since it has the best graphics you can see on the GBA! The story is better, though, than the first one, so another GOOD reason to buy it! Camelot, we want a PERFECT Golden Sun 3!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/28/03

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