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Well well, I can't be more impressed by this game. I saw this game online at an auction website, and I got interested. I went to look through reviews at gamefaqs and got really attracted to the game by the high marks the reviewers gave. So obviously, I bought it!

Story - 9.5/10

I have never played any RPGs that have such incredibly complicated storyline. I still don't get the idea of lighting lighthouses to save the world or something, anyway, it's a good idea to play the original Golden Sun(which I don't own) before playing this, as this game continues from the previous game.

You play as Felix, and you start your journey with Kraden, Sheba, and Jenna. Kraden is an old scientist, Jenna and Sheba are adepts like you but of different elements and are female. Kraden is just needed for the storyline and appearing during certain events, otherwise, he has no real use to you as he can't fight.

This storyline is complicated, yet you don't really have to understand it to play this game.

Graphics - 10/10

Wow, wow, what do we have? The graphics of this game is like, so well detailed till no word could describe it. The towns have houses beautifully colored(mind you, not exceptionally colorful houses in kiddy games), trees and rocks that blend in with their surroundings well.

The rivers, seas and waterfalls have water with the correct shade, the cliffs are quite realistic, what more natural scenery would you expect? The vines(not those that you use to climb up cliffs) actually swing in the wind, now now, which game actually has this kind of awesome animated graphics?

Battles scenes are fine, characters doing normal attack would jump to the enemy and slash them then jump back. Occasionally, their weapon unleashes a special power that does more damage, and that's one of the spots where they shine better. When a character uses a Psynery, the graphics gets even better. A small tornado can be well detailed and even waves of water unleashed can be beautiful. Now to summoning Djinns. This is the spot where the game graphics REALLY shine. Each Djinn looks special in their own ways, they looks very much like 'gods'. When they unleash their power, it looks PLAIN cool. I can't describe it with words, you'll have to see it yourself.

This game has graphics comparable to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance(Mind you, this is FINAL FANTASY, even if it received poor critics, it is still a FF game), Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town and more...

Sound/Music - 10/10

The music is mainly played by flute and other instruments(which I do not know what are those...), and you'd want to know I'm a big fan of music played by flutes. The town music all suits the town's environments, flutes and drums for an old village, a soothing music for a peaceful town and everything else you could imagine.

Dungeons have exciting and scary music that suits it perfectly, it brings the excitement or fear out of the player.

When you're battling, the music isn't really bad, but tend to get repetitive when you're not using attacks that make a lot of noise. You won't actually get sick of the music, but hey, it could use some improvements.

I don't like the music on the world map, it is way too repetitive. Everytime you exit a town, you'll hear that music. I'll just ignore it anyway.

The music that plays while you're sailing is pretty cool...

This spot shines as I always use headphones while playing my GBA, I recommend using headphones too, cuz you'll be able to hear the detailed music without being interrupted by noises in the surroundings...

Gameplay/Controls - 8.5/10

This game requires the usage of Psynergy, which is an interesting command. Some Psynergy can be used outside battles to move stuff and for other uses, but most of them are for battle. You'll slowly be able to use more Psynergy as you advance through the game and level up. You can burn your enemy to the deepest level of Hades with a flame attack , you can also freeze an opponent dead, this game requires you to think properly what you are going to do.

You can use Djinns or equipments to change a character's class, but finding equipments that actually change your character to a PROPER(I mean those that don't have lame skills) class is not easy.

Djinns can also be summoned in battle to do a special effect, like damage the enemy badly or heal your party. However, after summoning them, it'll take some time before they recover and become available to summon again.

The controls...Nah, unless you have a GBA SP(which I unfortunately don't have), it's not easy to run diagonally or hold the up or down button for a long time. Personally, it doesn't actually bother me much, but to make gaming easier, I suggest getting a GBA SP.

Replayability - 8/10

As if it wasn't hard enough to get through those puzzles already, now if you were to start a new game after you've completed the game, no, you'll get totally sick of it. I mean, getting through even just one of those puzzles don't take a minute or something. They sometime takes hours. Time to figure out how to get through the puzzles + Time used up for random battles + Time used for completing the puzzle = insane. However, you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you've completed the puzzles. So, summarizing all these, 2 marks are deducted for having insanely long cutscenes and puzzles.

Once you've completed this game, I suggest you ditch it for at least 3 months or so before starting this game again. But then, you'll probably get hooked on other games already.

Buy...or Rent?

I personally don't recommend this game for young children below 9, but renting it isn't what you would want. You'd spend too much time on the puzzles to enjoy it. Buy or don't buy. Your choice. Recommended for 11 year old and above.

Overall: 9.2/10 (Rounded off to 9/10)

Have fun with this great game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/14/04

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