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Reviewed: 03/21/04

Another reason to buy GameBoy Advance

Golden Sun 2 The Lost Age is the second brilliant game made by Camelot in a row. Amazing graphics just like the first Golden Sun. A cool tweaked Gameplay that effect the game dramatically. Nice sound but can get a little repetitive. And another save the world game plot that some how never gets old. All these features make one of the many reasons to buy the GameBoy Advance.

Story Line 9

The story line is another typical save the world theme with a few twists to keep you guessing about the game. But I can tell you it starts right after Isaac and his gang beat Saturos and Menardi on top of the Venus Light. Felix, Sheba, and Jenna all escape from the Venus Light House and to another land with Saturos's Lackey Alex. The story line can seem to be deep but it really is not. The twists in the story line will keep you on the edge of the seats that you are on until the end of the game.

Graphics 10

These graphics are breathe taking. Cool crisp sprites. Bright and colorful with spine tingling special effects on the summons. Felix and his gang are done very nicely with detail. This game did not make much improvement from the first Golden Sun but then again it did not need to. This game reaches into the middle of the Nintendo 64 graphics and the Playstation. These graphics are top notch for the GameBoy Advance. The Golden Sun series might have the best graphics on the GameBoy Advance which is saying something. I also noticed that it is one of the few games on the GameBoy Advance that did not outline everything in black. Like Mega Man and Pokemon.

Gameplay 10

Gameplay is where this game is at it's best. Djinn are in this game like the old game so a whole boat load of them 56 of them to be exact. Only 28 of Djinn were in the original Golden Sun. If you did not play the first game Djinn are powerful little creatures you catch all through out the game. If you use a Djinn's power during battle you can use summons. If you have used multiple Djinn you can get more powerful summons. Djinn all so if you equip them will give your character better stats and more Psynergy which is basically magic. There are four elements for Djinn and Psynergy. Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire. In this game you can use different types of Psynergy to solve puzzles. Like the Psynergy *Move* it can push or pull any block or pillar out of the way or onto a switch. Buying new weapons and training are two ways to beat bosses or levels you are stuck on. Now in this game unlike Golden Sun you can ride on a boat to get to new places and explore new areas. Very important.

One of the worst things Camelot did not improve on was the cut scenes for there is still a ton of talking. If you do not like waiting through long cut scenes this game will not be a good game to buy. Puzzles in the Golden Sun games can get confusing so if you do not like to think a lot about what you are doing do not touch this game. Also it has been reduced in difficulty because the random battles on the world map seems have become more scarce than in the original Golden Sun. But the dungeons are bigger and longer than the other game.

Another feature is that you can battle against your friend in this game too. All you need are 2 Gameboy Advances 2 Cartridges and 1 link cable to hook up the gameboys. You can also do that and see how many battles in a row you can win with out dying. The controls are smooth and easy to use. Golden Sun The Lost Age is a game with almost perfect gameplay with a few glitches and flaws that keep it from perfection.

Sound/Audio 7

This game has medicore sound track that can get quite repetitive. But the awesome sound effects keep it from collapsing. Clear crisp summoning noises that you will remember for a long time. The monster's cry of anguish out loud when it dies. The sound is probably the worst part of one of the best RPG's I have ever played. The sound is just above average but nothing special like Chrono Cross or anything.

Replay Value 8

This game has quite a good replay value just because of it's length. Which is a good 40 hours of pure bliss. But then you can collect all the Djinn after you are done with the game the first time. Or you can do that battle thing with your friend that I told you about back in the gameplay section. Then there is the monster survival thing that you can do. All in all there is a lot you can do in this game after you beat it.

- Awesome Battle System
- Breathe Taking Graphics
- Long game that will last you a while
- Lots of things to do after done with the game
- Good plot
- Great sound effects
- To much talking during the cut scenes
- Can be hard at times and confusing
- Repetitive music in areas of the game

Final Word

This game will be one of the first games you should buy if you are planning on buying a GameBoy Advance along with the original Golden Sun. You can not stop playing once you start. The gameplay is fun and enjoyable. A good game for newcomers to the Role Playing Game world. Also a good game for any hard core Role Playing Game person like me out there. If you don't buy this it is a huge missed opportunity for you. It is only Thirty bucks at one of your nearest gaming stores. You will not regret buying this game unless. You are not patient to listen to there cut scenes or you like action games and not puzzle solving Role Playing Games. Buy this game

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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