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"A definite improvement"

STORY 8/10: YES!!! Camelot has fixed this problem. You actually stay on your main quest the whole time. Or at least any little side-quest has something to do with the main one. And all of the random side-quests are optional. There are a few sub-plots and plot-twists which make the story more interesting. You now play as Felix. At the beginning of the game you learn that you must light the beacons of the elemental light houses instead of preventing them from being lit or else the world of Weyard will wither away. Saturos and Menardi were defeated atop the Venus Lighthouse in the first Golden Sun, so you are the only hope left to light the rest of the beacons. The fate of Weyard is in your hands. I think the main plot is even better.

CHARACTERS 2/10: Camelot may have fixed their story problem, but they still didn't fix this one. The characters still don't have a personality, and your main character still doesn't even talk. There really just there. The stuff they say still really doesn't help. Camelot, if you ever make a third game of this, please, fix this little flaw so it can pass as an RPG.

GAMEPLAY 9/10: I think I played this game more than I even played the first game. Now, I think this is a true traditional RPG quest. The map is much bigger, you get a ship to sail around the world in, and you get eight characters. The puzzles you have to do, I think are even more challenging. It's worthy enough to be an RPG (If you don't count "Characters") and best of all it's still fun and addicting. I'd say that this is the best GBA game out there.

GRAPHICS 10/10: The graphics are about the same. Same visual affects, same smoothness, I don't think there's any improvements there, but the graphics are still amazing. For a GBA game that's unbelievable. As a matter of fact, there are more attacks introducing some new and even more jaw dropping visual affects than before. Camelot has done it again. If they can do THAT on a GBA game, imagine what an Xbox or PS2 game made by them. It would be insane.

SOUND 8/10: There sound is exactly the same. Camelot did not change anything about the sound or add anymore sound affects. There are some moves from the first game that they added sound to and he changed some sounds on moves, but they aren't new sound affects. If you play both Golden Sun games, you'll see what I'm talkin' about.

MUSIC 9/10: There are some new songs in this game, that make this game worthy enough to be even a movie. There are a lot of old songs from the first game, but there are some new songs that I find even better. They have soundtrack in the game you can listen to. You can choose from 96 songs. There not all good, but a lot of them that are only in this game are.

LENGTH 8/10: YAY!!! This game is a whole lot longer than the first game. Because there is so much you have to do. Of course, Camelot never fixed that little "over load of dialogue problem" but it's still a lot longer even without the dialogue. The first time I beat it, it took me somewhere in between 40 and 45 hours. Like the first game, it takes a lot shorter if you replay it. It takes half as long when you beat it again.

BATTLE 7/10: The battle sequence is still pretty much the same simple thing. There are no new types of attack There are still only Attack, Magic, Item, and that weird, confusing Djinn and Summon thing. At least in this game, you actually find summons instead of them just happening on their own. I think that's a bit more like a good RPG. The random battle monsters are still very easy to beat, but the bosses however are actually worthy bosses. They are more challenging and some have a special way to beat them. Some side-quest bosses are almost impossible. You get eight characters, so like in most RPGs you have more characters in all than the amount you can have in battle. Like in the first game, you get only four characters, and four characters is the amount you can have in battle.

REPLAY 6/10: There are more reasons to replay this game than the first one but not much. There are some opportunities that you can miss, as in you can't go back and get them. There is also, hard and easy mode you can beat it in. After you beat the game once, you can replay in a higher or lower difficulty. After your done with that, all thats left is the monster battles and the multi-player. Both get boring after a while.

OVERALL 8/10: This game is almost the same exact thing as the last, but not quite. There's a longer and more interesting quest, it's more of a common, traditional RPG, and it's overall better than the first.

BUY, RENT, OR NEITHER: I would rent this game for the same reason as the first one. (see my review for Golden Sun) There is a pretty good chance that you won't like it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/13/04

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