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Opening: Prepare yourselves as we dive into the world of Golden Sun

Golden Sun The Lost Age is a game made for RPG and Adventure gamers. If you are looking for a lengthy and mind consuming game or just trying to get out of the real world for a while, this is the game for you. I was skeptical at first when I put the game into my GBA, but I was thrilled with game and its just perfect features. Another great thing was that the price was so affordable that you could use pockest cahnge to buy this game. At such a low price for the perfect game, it is an opportunity you just cannot pass up. You will want this game in your GBA case to play art your leisure.


Finally a game with the best graphics in the world. GS:TLA brings to you a world inhabited by both people, werepeople, and monsters that have been unnaturally powered. You will be amazed at the graphics and details of the map, world, wepons, and monsters. Everything about this game's garphics is awesome.



This game is perfect. You have the option of uploading your data from Golden Sun 1 to Golden Sun 2, to continue your game with your hard earned stats. There is also a battle option on the main menu where you can fight all the enemies you have faced so far in the game, which is really fun. You have unlockables such as weapons, TEAM MEMBERS, and items to progress you through the game. In case you were wondering yes there are many temples/ dungeons to work your way through. You will need to use all your cunning to get you through some of the best dungeons I've ever played. The bosses you fight are just a great, alot of them are a welcome challenge to test your skills as a Golden Sun warrior. There is this animal/creature called a djinn that you get to have the pleasure to hunt down, fight, and capture. When you capture a certain amount of Djinn your character class will change. Did I mention you can use Djinn to summon Godlike creatures to attack your opponents? You can collect Djinn to be a little extra power for you and your TEAM. You travel from town to village to statue to mountain to river to swamp, pretty much anywhere you want to go. Later in the game you will be able to obtain a ship to allow you to sail across the ocean to get to other continents. You have awesome, colossal attacks that are visually beautiful to look at, to beat your enemies with. As you defeat enemies, you will gain levels and learn new attacks. The type of attacks you use can be physical or what is called Psynergy. Throughout the game you will find items yo upgrade your Psynergy and blades or staves. In the long run you will have hours and hours of play.



The sound is great, but there isn't any loud fast, spirit rising music to get you puimped up to slay some monsters. Don't worry though, because the sound is still superb. The one major problem is that there is lots and lots of reading, if only some GBA game would step up and take charge of voice-overs. The menu and the selection sounds are superb. There isn't any annoying kind of tone that will make you want to rip your hair out like in some of those other games. Overall this game has great sound.

SOUND 9/10


GS:TLA is one of the few games that you will want to play again, and again. There are so many towns, villages, sidequests, and weapons that you will want to visit or find them all. The Djinn are fun to get all of as well. There is a bunch of djinn to hunt down and find. Lots of people to talk to as well. Youw will be engrossed for hours of replayability. You will be surprised how much you passed up in your haste to get to the end to see the outcome of this game.



The story in GS:TLA is great. You start out where you left off from Golden Sun. You are Felix who is on a mission to light the 4 elemental lighthouses, to save the world from destruction. The only problem is that in the beginning you spend about 20 minutes just reading panel after panel of text. Throughout the game you will encounter enemies, different lands, friends, villages, towns, all types of land forms, and much more. Your character will progress as well as your allies. You are Felix who is on a mission to light the 4 elemental lighthouses, to save the world from destruction. If you were to fail, the worst imaginable would happen.

STORY 8/10


I hope you enjoy the second installment in the Golden Sun Series, because I know I did and others will as well. You are in for some great mind bending puzzles, and exploring ahead of you. Enjoy this great Gameboy Advance Game!

Final Rating 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/30/04

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