• Easy Item Obtainment

    This trick can only be done once you've reached the Fangorn Troll boss fight. Fight the big troll and the little troll, using the health font in the upper right corner if you need to. Once you kill both trolls, they should drop items. Since this is a boss fight, the items tend to be of better quality & more rare than usual. Collect the items, then save. Load up the save to fight the trolls again. Do this as many times as you want/need to get really good stuff. I myself, after many attempts, got the Glamdring "Unique" sword for Gandalf, as well as other good stuff for both Legolas and Aragorn. It's best to do this at a really high level, like 30+ to make the actual fight easier. Having Ent Water also helps. Make sure you are fully healed before saving.

    Contributed By: HayateMurasame.

  • Getting 65,000 Armor Class.

    Whenever you find an item that gives negative melee armor (i.e. An item that has -1 melee armor), unequip all other items that add to your melee armor. Now, with your armor class at 0, equip the item with -1 melee armor. This will cause your armor class to go negative, but instead of being -1, it results in a glitch, giving you over 65,000 armor class.

    Contributed By: cook hax.


  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Gimli (Multiplayer)Beat the game with 2 characters
    Misty Mountains (Multiplayer)Collect all 8 Artifacts in the game
    Special MovieBeat the game with all characters

    Contributed By: Invisible and zephyrmaster.


  • Copy Items

    In multiplayer mode, player A gives item(s) to player B. then player A quits WITHOUT saving. When the screen says the GBA lost connection, player B saves the game and quits. Player A will still have the item and player B will have the copied item.

    Contributed By: hypermow.

  • Legolas' Overdraw Code

    While playing as Legolas, hold down the B button until your bow charges. Then, while holding B, switch to overdraw and charge it by holding A. After overdraw is charged, release the B button, and then release the A button. You can now walk with a charged Overdraw.

    Contributed By: birdieball.

  • Secret Ringtone

    Enter a level with a forge, go to the forge and buy as many things as you can until you have below 30 gems. Exit the forge, then use all your SP and reenter the forge. Try to buy items and continue buying items until you hear a music sequence (it sounds like a "ringtone").

    Contributed By: Psycho_D.

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