Where can I find the Magic Hammer?

  1. I haven't played this game since the SNES. So I really can't remember.

    Items I have:

    Bow and Arrow
    Magic Powder
    2x Bottles
    Ice Rod
    Bug Catching Net
    Book of Mudora
    Magic Mirror
    Master Sword
    Shield L2
    Green Tunic
    Pegasus Boots
    Power Glove
    Zora Flippers
    Moon Pearl

    Do I need another item to get the Hammer? I went to the fortune teller and he told me to jump into the Smithy's well, but its surrounded by pegs. I have all three pendants and Zelda has just been kidnapped from the sanctuary..

    User Info: xLolita

    xLolita - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Okay, I found it. So nevermind. But, in case anyone else asks...

    You go into the front gate of the Castle and go through the doors on the left. There is an exit from the castle on the left side. Go out of that. You'll see another entrance but it is guarded by some kind of laser. Hit it with your Master Sword until it disappears. Once you finish the castle, the evil wizard will turn the palace into a portal to the Dark World so you're free to roam. It's inside the place you find crystal #1..

    User Info: xLolita

    xLolita - 7 years ago 0 0

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