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    Riddle Quest FAQ by KrysT711

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    			      GAME BOY ADVANCE
    	   		  +++ RIDDLE QUEST FAQ +++
    Version 1.25  /  09-07-2003
     FAQ created by ... KrysT711
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    01. Version History
    02. Introduction
    03. The Riddle Quest
    04. Copyright Info
    05. Credits / Contact / Links
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    Version 1.25 :: Fixed and added some things here and there.
    		And I finally got around to updating something.
    Version 1.2  :: Fixed up some minor errors in the guide and added a neat
    		fact about the wood carvings near the end of the Riddle
    		Quest section.
    Version 1.16 :: Just mentioned that green soldiers also work if you need
    		to get a Slime. Thanks to everyone who told me about that.
    Version 1.15 :: Added an alternative way to get a Red Rupee.
    		Edited a few things here and there.
    Version 1.1  :: Fixed typos and such.
    Version 1.0  :: Made the Riddle Quest FAQ.
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    With the revision of the Super Nintendo game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link
    to the Past, came along an addition called the Riddle Quest. Though the
    whole entire thing may seem like a pain, after you have completed all
    of the Lumberjacks' riddles, you will get a new sword technique as a
    Hope this helps a number of people, including some from the message
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    Playing the multi-player game, the Four Swords, you can earn 10 medals
    if you collect the most rupees. Once this amount of medals are collected,
    it unlocks the Riddle Quest. In order to collect the items you will go
    after, you need the Bug-Catching Net. To get the net, you first need
    at least one Bottle in your inventory. Once you have a Bottle, talk to
    the sick child in bed and he will lend you his Bug-Catching Net.
    Just as soon as you get the 10 Triforce Medals and the Bug-Catching Net,
    you can begin the Riddle Quest, simply go inside the Lumberjack house,
    which is located north of Kakariko, and east of the Lost Woods. It's
    found in upper Hyrule, right next to Death Mountain. Once inside, talk to
    the Lumberjack, Q. Bumpkin who will give you a Basket (which was what the
    ? mark in the Item Menu). Once he tells you a riddle, you can set off and
    search for the desired item.
    Please note that I did the Riddle Quest AFTER completing the game, so
    remember that some enemy locations or the items in the trees will change
    after you defeat Agahnim for the first time.
      Clue: "Cock-a-doodle-doo!
    Answer: A Cucco.
    Where?: A bunch of cuccos are around Kakariko Village.
      Note: Q. Bumpkin sends a woodcarving of a Cucco to your house.
      Clue: "The scissors by the water..."
    Answer: A sand crab.
    Where?: Either by Zora's Waterfall or near the cave with the Ice Rod in
    	Lake Hylia.
      Clue: "It's shiny and red."
    Answer: A red rupee.
    Where?: Here's one way I've found to get 20 Rupees. Go the Great Swamp
    	and drain the water. Pick up the fish and move up a screen. Throw
    	the fish into the deep water (the dark blue water). Wait a second
    	or two and the fish will thank you. As a reward, he will throw
    	you 20 Rupees. Just make sure that you don't collect the rupee
    	by accident or else you will have to drain the water and get 
    	another fish again.
            An alternative way is to get a Golden Bee and sell it to the
            man in Kakariko Village that offers you a Magic Bottle. That way,
            you can get five red rupees and it's easier to move out of the
    	way and pick one up.
    	[ Suggested by Lance Black ]
      Clue: "It's moist and fresh..."
    Answer: A fish.
    Where?: In the Great Swamp, go inside the Swamp Ruins (that large
    	structure). Push the blocks aside and pull on the right lever.
    	Go outside and a fish will be flopping around.
      Note:	Q. Bumpkin sends a carving of you, Link, to your house.
      Clue: "BOOOM! Skitter-scatter..."
    Answer: An octoballoon.
    Where?: Fly to the 8th Flute Warp point (which is the sand-like area at
    	the bottom of Lake Hylia) and wait until the large balloon enemy
    	explodes. Grab one of the smaller versions before they disappear.
      Clue: "Sprinkle and watch it wobble..."
    Answer: A slime.
    Where?: Find a blue or green soldier (I am not sure about red ones) and
    	either cast the Quake Medallion on simply just use Magic Powder
            on them. The soldier will transform into a slime.
    	[ Thanks to everyone who told me that it does work for green
    	  soldiers ]
    	Octoroks also turn into a slime by either sprinkling them with
    	Magic Powder or by casting the Quake Medallion.
    	[ Thanks to BRIAN11 ]
      Clue: "It munches on nuts..."
    Answer: A squirrel.
    Where?: When you enter the screen with the Master Sword pedestal, grab a
    	squirrel that passes by.
      Note: Q. Bumpkin will then sends you a wood carving of Zelda.
      Clue: "Pull it out, but... too bad!"
    Answer: A fake Master Sword.
    Where?: A few fakes are around the Lost Woods. But the closest one to the
    	Lumberjack House is actually a screen away. On the north-west side
    	of the screen with the Lumberjack house, is a passage to the Lost
    	Woods. Go through there to find one (and a thief, a soldier, and
    	a cukeman).
      Clue: "It's red and sweet..."
    Answer: An apple.
    Where?: Travel down one screen from the Lumberjack House. Dash into the
    	lone tree that's BENEATH the ledge with the large rock.
      Clue: "A spectacled wanderer..."
    Answer: A cukeman.
    Where?: Find one of those walking, green, fish/cactus-like things, for
    	example, there's one near the Potion Shop or the one on the same
    	screen where I mentioned the fake Master Sword, and sprike Magic
    	Powder on it.
      Note: Q. Bumpkin will teach you his family's secret sword technique...
    To do the secret sword technique, "Charge up your sword and press the B
    Button many times. Then your charge will last longer." Actually, I find
    the way to do this technique is to charge your sword regularly, but after
    you hear the first sound that shows that it's charged up, continue to
    hold down the B button. After you hear the sound a second time, release
    but continue pressing B rapidly. With this new sword technique, you will
    spin like a tornado, but remember to watch your MAGIC METER.
    And here's a neat little tidbit about the carvings:
    If you sprinkle Magic Powder on them, they will change! For example, if
    you sprinkle Magic Powder on the Link carving once, it wood carving will
    sparkle. Sprinkle it again, the carving is now in color. Sprinkle it once
    more, at Link will be in his Pink Rabbit form!
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    The Legend of Zelda  Nintendo.
    This Guide  KrysT711, 2002-2003.
    As you should know, this guide is to be used for personal use ONLY! You
    may not put this on your site or use it to make a profit. However, if you
    do wish to use this guide in your site, simply e-mail me and I will most
    likely consider it. But from there you cannot distribute this guide or
    alter it in any way.
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    And thanks to whoever is reading this guide, whether you like or not.
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