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    Boss FAQ by ND9k

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    "A Link to the Past: Boss FAQ"
    v3.0 02/13/07
    by Joseph Mostarda (e-mail: jmostarda@live.com)
    Table of Contents:
    Section I (Copyrights)
    1.01 - Copyrights
    Section II (Bosses of LttP)
    2.01 - Armos Knights
    2.02 - Lanmola Trio
    2.03 - Moldorm
    2.04 - Agahnim, Pt. 1
    2.05 - Helmasaur King
    2.06 - Arrghus
    2.07 - Mothula
    2.08 - Blind
    2.09 - Kholdstare
    2.10 - Vitreous
    2.11 - Trinexx
    2.12 - Agahnim, Pt. 2
    2.13 - Ganon
    Section III (Bosses of Four Swords)
    3.01 - Nightmare Plant
    3.02 - Ice Monster
    3.03 - Master Flame
    3.04 - Vaati
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    Section 1 - Copyrights
    1.01 - Copyrights
    Feel free to download this FAQ for your own personal use. All
    I ask is that you don't sell it for profit or any form of 
    commercial means. I also grant unlimited permission for this
    FAQ to be posted on any other website, so long as proper credit
    is given to me as the author of this FAQ.
    Section 2 - Bosses of LttP
    2.01 - Armos Knights
    Location: East Palace
    The first bosses of LttP are not terribly difficult. Concentrate on killing
    them one at a time. Start from the right corner, and work your way left. Each
    knight takes about three to five arrows to kill. However, they are constantly
    moving. Therefore, stay near the right corner to avoid their stomping. The
    best time to hit them is when they stand in a line, near the back of the 
    arena. When you are down to the last knight, it will turn red and move faster.
    Wait for it to track your position, then quickly move to the left. When it
    lands, hit it with an arrow quickly. It only takes four arrows shots to kill
    the final knight.
    Item Earned: Pendant of Courage
    2.01 - Lanmola Trio
    Location: Desert Palace
    At the end of your quest in the Desert Palace, you must face a Lanmola trio.
    There are many ways to go about killing them, but the safest method involves
    staying near the door. Always keep your sword charged, and as soon as the head
    of a Lanmola pops up, hit it! Each Lanmola takes six hits to die. When you are
    down to the final Lanmola, it will shoot a ring of debris and move faster.
    Do you best to avoid the Lanmola's debris, and continue to charge your sword.
    Fortunately, you only need to land two more hits to win!
    Another strategy for the Lanmola trio involves the Ice Rod. All you have to
    do is hit one when it pops up. Since the Ice Rod is very effective, you only
    need to hit each Lanmola twice to win!
    Item Earned: Pendant of Power
    2.03 - Moldorm
    Location: Tower of Hera
    The next boss battle can be extremely easy, or very difficult, depending on
    your skill level. All you have to do is strike Moldorm's tail six times, but
    every time you strike it, you fly backward. This wouldn't be a problem if it
    weren't for the arena, which is nothing but a pit! So, you must strike the
    boss at an angle where you will fly back, but not off the arena! A good 
    method is to get Moldorm's attention, then run in a circle around the center
    pit. When you get close to Moldorm, strike its tail. Immediately reverse 
    direction, and then repeat the process.
    Item Earned: Pendant of Wisdom
    2.04 - Agahnim, Pt. 1
    Location: Hyrule Castle
    Get ready to face off with the dark wizard himself! Agahnim is not easy, and
    you will quickly be thrown into the fire if you aren't prepared! Make sure
    you have a minimum of two fairies, and having a potion or two doesn't hurt,
    either. Agahnim has three attacks: chain lightning, blue energy, and fireballs.
    The latter is the key to defeating him. Whenever he launches a fireball, get
    the Master Sword ready. You must deflect the fireball and launch it back into
    Agahnim! Once it finally hits him, he will go to the top of the room and
    launch chain lightning. Get to the top of the room with him to avoid the
    chain lightning. After that, he will hurl globs of blue energy. Just move up
    and down until they fade away, then get ready to deflect another fireball.
    2.05 - Helmasaur King
    Location: Dark Palace
    The first boss of the Dark World isn't terribly difficult, but sure is large!
    You will have little room to run around, so make every shot count! The first
    step to defeating this monstrosity is to destroy the helmet. Quickly shoot
    bombs at it, or smash it with the Magic Hammer. Once the helmet is gone,
    strike the green jewel with your sword. After you do, the helmet will return.
    Repeat the process. Beware, though; the Helmasaur King has some tricks up
    its sleeve. It will do a frontal charge attack, but that is very easy to
    avoid. Next, it will hurl fireballs at you. Stay near the bottom and as far
    away from them as possible; they explode quickly, and sparks fly everywhere.
    Finally, once the Helmasaur King's tail begins to swing, do your best to
    avoid it; it causes quite a bit of damage. 
    Item Earned: Magic Crystal
    2.06 - Arrghus
    Location: Swamp Palace
    This swollen jellyfish is mad! It charges around the room, sending a team
    of puffballs to harass you! To counter its attacks, ready the Hookshot and
    pull each puffball off Arrghus one by one. A few swipes will kill the
    puffball. Repeat the process until every puffball has been pulled off. When
    the core of Arrghus has been exposed, it will charge even faster. Swipe at
    it with your sword or arrows. It doesn't take long to defeat Arrghus.
    Item Earned: Magic Crystal
    2.07 - Mothula
    Location: Skull Dungeon
    Get ready for the toughest battle yet! Not only does Mothula take a major
    amount of hits to die, the arena shifts and shoots spikes! Do your best to
    cope with the arena's movement, and stay far away from the moving spikes. 
    Whenever Mothula comes near, strike it with your sword. While you can use
    the Fire Rod, hitting it with the Master Sword is faster. As with most bosses,
    Mothula gets a little quicker near the end of its life. Keep hitting it to 
    finally defeat it.
    Item Earned: Magic Crystal
    2.08 - Blind
    Location: Theives' Town
    That beautiful maiden... isn't so beautiful after all! When exposed to the
    sunlight, she turns into Blind. Blind is not easy to defeat; you must strike
    his head repeatedly until it comes off. As the head flies around, Blind will
    grow yet another head. Strike at that one until it comes off. Soon, you will
    have heads everywhere! Avoid them, and keep striking at Blind until it 
    finally falls for good. Collect your crystal!
    Item Earned: Magic Crystal
    2.09 - Kholdstare
    Location: Ice Palace
    When you first meet this boss, it will be encased in ice, and icy chunks from
    the ceiling will be falling endlessly. As soon as the battle starts, use the
    Bombos spell to melt the ice shield. You will then be left with three eyes.
    Use the Fire Rod to inflict damage against them. Each eye takes about 7 hits
    to be defeated, so if you run out of magic power, just whack with your sword.
    Item Earned: Magic Crystal
    2.10 - Vitreous
    Location: Misery Mire
    Perhaps the strangest boss thus far, Vitreous is nothing but a group of eyes!
    Much like the battle with Arrghus, you must first defeat the tiny eyes with 
    your sword. However, they are sent out in pairs of two, so your Hookshot is
    not effective. Once all the eyes are defeated, Vitreous itself will emerge.
    It will shoot chain lightning, so stay in either corner at the bottom of the
    arena. After shooting, it will fly around to harass you. Take it down with
    sword swipes or arrows, then avoid more lightning. Each round, the intervals
    get shorter, so you must work faster and faster! When it is finally done for,
    collect the crystal!
    Item Earned: Magic Crystal
    2.11 - Trinexx
    Location: Turtle Rock
    When the battle begins, get your Fire Rod ready. You should take out the ice
    head first, because it causes the most damage to Link and it also freezes
    the floor, making movement difficult and clumsy.
    Next, ready the Ice Rod, because you going after the fire head! Avoid the
    molten breath and lashes from the stone head, and just keep firing the Ice
    Rod at the fire head.
    Once only the stone head of Trinexx is left, it will move extremely fast 
    around the arena. The only part that is vulnerable is the midsection of stone,
    but it is hard to hit because of the constant movement and charges of Trinexx.
    Whenever Trinexx moves at an angle in front of you, charge your sword to 
    strike all parts of the midsection. Each strike causes Trinexx to move faster
    and cause more damage, so be extremely cautious.
    Item Earned: Heart Container/Magic Crystal
    2.12 - Agahnim, Pt. 2
    Location: Ganon's Tower
    After fighting sub-images of bosses Link has faced in the past, he is now
    ready for the second battle against Agahnim. While nothing attack-wise has
    changed from the first battle, Agahnim now moves faster and casts clones.
    To detect the clones, look for two fake Agahnims that are slightly clear and
    see-through. As like last time, deflect the fireballs into the real Agahnim,
    but take cover; the fakes shoot fireballs, too! 
    2.13 - Ganon
    Location: Pyramid of Power
    For the first part of the battle, Ganon throws a silver trident at you. Just 
    like a boomerang, it circles back to Ganon. Just as Ganon throws and catches the
    trident, that is when you should strike him with your new Golden Sword. After
    about 7-8 hits, he will move on to the next stage of attack...
    As if the trident weren't enough, Ganon now shrouds himself with a fireball
    shrine. When the fireballs are released, quickly get up there and whack away
    at Ganon! However, be careful; the fireballs turn into Link-seeking bats!
    After many hits to Ganon, he will proceed into stage 3 of his attack. Stay 
    near the center of the arena, because Ganon will jump, which gets rid of the
    outer row of floor tiles. (NOTE: If you fall, the whole battle starts over.)
    Again, once the fireballs are gone, you have a moment to quickly strike
    Finally, you'll emerge into Ganon's final stage of attack. Don't think it gets
    any easier, though! In fact, this final stage of attack is harder than the
    other three stages combined! Ganon will equip the Darkness technique, which
    makes him invisible. The only way to see him is to use the Fire Rod to light
    two torches near the bottom of the arena. After they are lit, you will have
    a few moments to hit Ganon. After you hit him, he will turn blue, and you must
    then ready the Silver Arrows and shoot him! Repeat this process until Ganon
    is, once and for all, defeated! Next step: pat yourself on the back! You just
    won LttP!!
    2.14 - Doppelgangers 
    Location: Palace of the Four Sword
    The first Doppelganger you battle with is wearing a green tunic. Whenever he 
    finishes dashing, quickly swipe him with your sword! It will take eight hits
    to bring down the first Doppelganger.
    The second Doppelganger always has a red tunic on. He has the same dash attack
    as the green Dark Link, but can also use the powerful Hurricane Blade attack.
    It takes eight hits to defeat this Doppelganger, who is vulnerable after
    lunging at you with the Hurricane Blade attack.
    Wearing a blue tunic, the third Doppelganger has the same attacks as the last
    two, but can also use a strong Jump Attack. However, after performing each
    attack, his sword will be stuck in the ground for a second, giving you just
    enough time to strike at him. Like the other two, it takes eight hits to 
    destroy this one.
    The final Doppelganger is also the strongest of the four. Not only does he use
    the attacks of the previous three Doppelgangers, he can also shoot fire from 
    his sword! The only time he is vulnerable is when he uses the Jump Attack or 
    shoots fire from his sword. As the strongest of the four Doppelgangers, it will
    take twice as much work to bring him down: sixteen hits!
    Section 3 - Bosses of Four Swords
    3.01 - Nightmare Plant
    Location: Sea of Trees
    It takes teamwork to defeat the Nightmare Plant. The key to victory is to 
    strike the right body part that matches your color tunic. For example, one of 
    the heads of Plant Nightmare is green, and the other is purple. That means the
    green Link should strike at the green head, while the purple Link should strike
    at the purple head. After defeating all four heads, handles of vines will 
    emerge from the boss. Everyone must pull on the handles until the core of the 
    boss is exposed: a multi-colored blossom plant. It will have two colors, and 
    whatever players have those colors on their tunics must hit the boss at the 
    same time. For example, if the blossom is red and green, both the red Link and 
    green Link must strike Plant Nightmare. Keep doing this until it is finally 
    3.02 - Ice Monster
    Location: Talus Cave
    Ice Monster takes teamwork to defeat. First, everyone must grab the Pegasus 
    Shoes. Next, all team players must simultaneously charge into Ice Monster, 
    until it eventually freezes onto the frigid wall. Once it is frozen, then 
    everyone must hack away at it. From there, Ice Monster will jump back into 
    position, where all must start dashing again. After a few more rounds, Ice 
    Moster will transform into a small, bubbly creature. Each bubble has a color, 
    and each player must strike the colored bubble that matches their tunic. After
    about ten hits from each player, Ice Monster will be defeated.
    3.03 - Master Flame
    Location: Death Mountain
    Like the battle with Agahnim, Master Flame shoots out deflectable fireballs.
    However, each fireball has a certain color, and that fireball can only be
    deflected by the player whose tunic matches that color. While everyone else
    uses their shields to deflect tongues of fire, the player with the matching
    color tunic must hit the boss with the deflected fireball. As soon as he does,
    a new fireball with a different color will be spewed. The corresponding player
    must then go deflect it. You must repeat this process several times to be
    3.04 - Vaati
    Location: Vaati's Palace
    In the first stage, everyone must collect bombs and throw them into a vortex.
    If timed correctly, the bombs will explode just as they get near Vaati. When
    he falls, everyone must then close in and swipe at him. He will get back up
    and the process will begin again. This goes on for about 5 more rounds, then
    he teleports and starts a new phase of attack!
    In this next stage, Vaati will reveal his claw arms. If anyone gets too close,
    the claws will stab that player. However, when Vaati gets ready for an attack,
    his arms open up very wide, and a color is revealed on the arms. Whoever has
    the same color must be brave and get up there to attack! Once everyone has
    attacked at least once, you'll move onto the final stage of Vaati's attack...
    Vaati will grow many eyes, but three will be a certain color. The colored 
    eyes are actually bombs, and they shoot off at random times. Whatever player
    has the same color as the bombs, they must reflect the bombs back into Vaati,
    a la the battle with Agahnim. Once everyone has deflected the bombs, Vaati 
    will finally fall, and Princess Zelda be saved!
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