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"Not as good as Oracles, but still good."

Another Zelda game developed by Capcom and Published by Nintendo. This game is an enhancement version of The Link to the Past that was first released on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System, Im sure everybody knows it...if you don' This review is about The Link to the past and not the 4 swords.

Gameplay : 8/10
Well its all basically the same with most Zelda games...dungeon here, new weapon, fight bosses....But Its fun and cool! I don't have a problem with that, i hope you don't. *Glares* I can say there is alot of exploration. One thing very neat about this game is the fact that, when you slash your sword, Link yells *STRIKE*, er.....something like that. It's the same as Young Link in OOT is all i can say. Link looks kinda funny and weird....he runs odd as well.
Another addition to this is the ability to spin attack, yes i know all Zelda games have this BUT this time he glows and he spins with a yellow glow....OH! Nice, yeah...Too bad he won't go spinning and traveling at the same time.

Story : 6/10
Same old Story...ugh, Saving something/ and there. >:( But dont let the Story stop you form enjoying this game at all! The story's arent even the icing on a cake, it is like the cherry. It's no problem at all....But if you are a hardcore Zelda fan, then you will like the story!

Graphics : 9/10
It's a GBA title, so fairly descent graphics....Not impresive but descent. It's way better than LTTP on NES...yeesh! Links model looks different than from the 2 Oracle games.

Controls : 10/10
What can i say, its the same good old controls we are all used to in a Zelda game.

Sound : 9/10
Great sounds as always, but like i mentioned already...Link's *STRIKE* (If i spelled it wrong, i dont care :P ) are sorta choppy but its very wicked to hear that on this title....although it can get annoying at times.....No worries, i just shut off the biggie, enjoy listening to that every 5 seconds. Fine with me.

Replay : 7/10
It is a fairly easy/fun game. So playing over again wouldn't be a hassle....But i would play it again in a couple months so i could possibly forget the game. YEAH!

Well definately buy if your a Zelda fan....and if your not, well stilll buy because this is a good game! This would be a good addition to a collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/03/02, Updated 12/03/02

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