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"This is why Zelda is so cool."

A long time ago, when I was just a wee child, something great happened to me. I played A Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo. Ever since I have been a huge video game fanatic. A Link to the Past is the game that made me liked video games. It is my second favorite game of all time. I now have this great game on my GameBoy. A portable A Link to the Past is a very good thing to have. I owe a lot to this game; it is a true masterpiece.

Storyline: 9/10
It was a stormy night in Hyrule. Link was sleeping and was met by a strange woman. It was Princess Zelda. She tells Link that she is being held prisoner at the castle. Link leaves the house, and sneaks into Hyrule Castle. His uncle gives him a sword and a shield. Link’s mighty adventure begins to unfold. Link obtains the Pendants of Power, Courage, and Wisdom. He must be quick, because the evil wizard is killing innocent maidens to grow stronger. The wizard obtains the Golden Power, and even creates a Dark World of destruction and despair. Link obtains the almighty Master Sword and goes through many dungeons collecting interesting items. The story was well planned, and a truly memorable one.

Graphics: 10/10
They have greatly improved over the SNES version. At first I was skeptical on the of what the looks would be, however they rival Golden Sun as the best for GameBoy Advance. They are bright and colorful a lot of the time, but have the potential to be dreary. The graphics are excellent for GameBoy Advance.

Music/Sound: 9/10
The Zelda theme is excellent. The overworld, castles, and Lost Woods have very good songs. The instruments used are very medieval. No beeps and boops with this game. The music fails to have any totally awesome songs. The songs are good, but not memorable like other Zelda games. The sound is perfect. The swish of a sword, the blazing of a fire, and music sound great. Like I said earlier, it does not sound like a robot is singing, the songs are fully orchestrated. The music and sound are both good, I have no complaints with either.

Gameplay: 10/10
A Link to the Past shines above all others in this category. If I could go over the score of ten, I would. Link roams the land of Hyrule, encountering the King’s army, and other unknown dangers. As you move along in your adventure, you collect many items, really awesome items. There are 4 different swords, a power glove, ice rod, fire rod, boomerang, bow and arrow, 3 kinds of shields, 3 kinds of armor, and a hook shot. Those items are only about a third of all the items you can obtain. There are at least 10 large palaces you must conquer, and countless bosses. The palaces can be very long and difficult. The puzzles are often very tricky unless you really know what you are doing. It is a fairly difficult game to beat. Most gamers should be able to beat it in a reasonable time. The many items, different landscapes, and many enemies make the gameplay better than that of any other game.

The new GameBoy Advance version allow up to four players play at a time. An entirely new adventure, the four swords, is for multiplayer. It is fun being able to play Zelda at the same time as your friends. There are 4 large levels to choose from, which will keep you busy for a while. I really enjoyed the new multiplayer adventure, especially with three of you pals playing with you. The multiplayer is as good or better than any other GBA game.

Replay Value: 9/10
There are hundreds of different ways to go through the game. I am not kidding, you have the freedom to skip around different parts of the game. You could skip a part of the game, and then come back to it. Many places require some sort of sequence but there are many ways to complete the game. Also, the fact that the game is so fun will lure you back. Although there is hardly anything new the second time around, the different possibilities of completing the game makes the replay value deserve a ten.

Overall: 10/10
A Link to the Past is my second favorite game of all time, only behind Earthbound. It defines the name of a true adventure. Despite the many different Zelda games, I think this one is the best. Having this game portable is great. This game is highly recommended by me. There have been many wannabees of this game, but there is only one Zelda. A Link to the Past is the best game for GameBoy Advance.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/03/02, Updated 12/05/02

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