"This game is a real blast from the past!"

In November of 1991 Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto released one of the greatest games on the SNES. A game that many companies tried to surpass, a game with such amazing graphics, sound, gameplay and storyline it left hundreds of gamers wanting more until its triumphed return on the N64. It was a video game that many gamers called a masterpiece. This game was The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and it is and forever will be the greatest game on the SNES. Eleven years have passed and Nintendo with the help of Capcom has ported this masterpiece with a new multiplayer game, they’ve called it The Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords.

I know what you're thinking.
Is this classic and the new added game worth my money? Can this game still entertain me after playing all the Grand Theft Autos, Final Fantasies and Metal Gears? And is this just some way for Nintendo to cash in on a classic game? The answer to all these questions is YES!

Story 8

Many of you already know the plot for LTTP, but if this is your first time playing it or you somehow forgot, (shame on you!) then I'll explain. But let’s get one thing straight, the storyline for LTTP or any Zelda game for that matter isn’t going to hook you to this classic game, the gameplay will. The story for LTTP is a very simple one, it begins in the land of Hyrule where an evil wizard has decided to open the door to the golden land, but the doors had been sealed off many years ago by seven sages. The only way to open it is by sacrificing the descendant of the sages, Princess Zelda is one of these descendants (no surprise there). Now it's up to young Link to save her from that mean old mister wizard. A few of the dialogs in the game have been changed. The most notable is the infamous “Zelda is your...”line, it has now been changed to “It’s your destiny Link”. Despite these changes, the storyline is still the same as the original. For Four Swords, Nintendo has decided to add a whole new storyline (Didn't expect that from a multiplayer game huh?). In the game the evil wind mage Vaati has escaped and has decided to wreak havoc on the world, but not before marrying a certain female (guess who). Link must now stop this evil with the help of a new sword and three other...LINKS?

Gameplay 10

Like all Zelda games the gameplay is where it always shines the best. LTTP’s puzzles and bosses will have you wasting numerous batteries. The game also has a few changes, one of theses changes is the ability to save anywhere and appear on the last place you’ve saved (something that couldn’t be done with the original). Also if your a fan of GTA's nonlinar gameplay you'll be happy to know that LTTP had this kinda of gameplay back in the days. Four Swords's teamwork gameplay will have you and your friends beating the tar out off bosses, since many bosses can’t be beat with just one player fighting the boss while the other players just sit back and watch him get annihilated. The bosses aren’t the only thing which will need more than one Link to do the job; puzzles will also need to be done with a team.

Graphics 10
The graphics for LTTP has been left intact, which is a good thing. It's amazing to see that a 1991 game has graphics that surpasses many GameBoy Advance games. Even thought Link always looked funny with his pink hair, (Yes it's pink) everything else looks beautiful. FS graphics surpass that of LTTP's. The character design for FS are really awesome (It kinda of resembles GameCube's upcoming Zelda game) and the colors really give the game a beautiful look. It's a shame that one can't experience a beautiful looking game on a big screen.

Sound 10
*Takes a moment to listen to LTTP's music*...It's great to hear the Overworld music once again. The entire musical score for LTTP is just amazing. My only complain was Link's voice sample from the N64 games, at first it seem cool but after a while it gets annoying and you'll try other ways to defeat the enemy without using the sword (since Link's battle cry is only heard when he uses his sword)

Replay 10
If you aren't playing thru LTTP's dungeons or doing any silly side quest, then your playing with your friends FS. You'll be playing this game over and over again. You'll probably come to the conclusion that Zelda should rescue herself, but by then you would have played the game multiple times.

Buy it or rent it?
If you have never played LTTP, are a hardcore Zelda fan or have three friends who own a GameBoy Advance then this game is for you. But if you have already played LTTP and don't have any friends to play Four Swords with, then it's better off you just rent the game.

Overall 9
It's really great to play a classic game once again, it really bring back memories from ones youth. It's also nice to have a multiplayer game you can play with your girlfriend (just don't push her off a cliff). I just feel that Nintendo was better off making a whole new Zelda game from scratch. But then that would've meant that a new generation would never had know that amazing game that is LTTP.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/04/02, Updated 12/04/02

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