"A simple port? Probably!"

Back when this game first came out, it was the best thing since toe nail clippers. I loved it. You loved it. Your dog loved it. Now that this has a brand new adventure in it (a MULTIPLAYER adventure), its even better. The Four Sword, which is the multiplayer adventure (up to four players...duh) where a minimum of two players is needed for the puzzles. Now how could I give it anything less than perfect? Read on, my friend.

Visual: Wonderful, wonderful! A perfect port of the Super Nintendo's version with a couple of added snipits. Sparkly swords, that Chris room that I keep hearing about, blah blah blah. Not the best, but still a 9.

Sound: An added ''Hyah!'' is put in...everytime you swing a sword, which can get very annoying if you have to pay attention to everything. All of the music is ported over real nice, and is very nostolgic, but no new phat beats, yo. 8.

Multiplayer: Its Zelda, its multiplayer, it makes julian fries! I'd try to make the fries out of it when you're done playing. Multiplayer for Zelda is something me and my friends have been waiting for, and is executed beautifully. Capcom gets an A+ for this work (assuming they did it). Now with every good thing theres a bad thing, the bad thing about The Four Sword is its short! I had this beaten in under 2 hours. Weapons from various Zelda titles make it over, like the Roc's Feather and Magnet Glove, also you use the boomerang in training, but NEVER in the quest which never made sense to me. Yes, I have a life. Puzzles were on the easy side, some very thought provoking ones come to mind, battles were on the real easy side, but fun. Link gets a facelift, too. Even though it was short and easy, its MULTIPLAYER, its great! 10.

Originality: Its a PORT. With the massive waves of ports coming to the GBA, its hard to tell your fingers from your toes. Everything remains true, though, to the original, and the original rocked. Still, though, its a friggin port, Nintendo...GIVE US A NEW ONE! One as good as Link to the Past. Simply put, port, port, and more port. 1.

Now for the conclusion. If you don't have a Link to the Past, never beat it, never played it, never heard of it, BUY THIS. Its a great game. If you have some friends who like Zelda or friends at all, get a few of 'em together to play The Four Sword. Beat The Four Sword and return it, thats what I did.

(Don't beat me up, this was my first review)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/05/02, Updated 12/05/02

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