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"Classic Zelda with a bonus, wake up!!... Oh god it's not a DREAM!"

A Link to the Past, it's a great game that came out in 1991, I missed out on the super nes days, my parents never bought me one and I was far too young to have a Job. So I got screwed out of the best games because Snes was amazing. Ten years later GBA is released and I get a second chance, man I'm so glad they are rehashing old hits, cause many of them beat the hell outta todays games.

Graphics 9.6/10

A artsy anime style world awaits you, with the classic overhead view. Enemies are well done and there are many of them, some of them are even gigantic which is impressive on the little screen. Water looks as real as it can get on the GBA and there are even some good layering techniques like in the Lost woods! Fire is well done and some slight lighting effects with the lantern are a welcome effect in Link to the past. I wish they had made Link's hair blonde though, I've never understood why purple was the choice here, but then again if they changed it people would complain that it's not the same Link and that nintendo ruined the storyline. Four swords is graphically more impressive than A Link to the past, with much more detailed environments and more moody settings all in all. Link's design is much different which is welcome because the games don't seem to be linked in terms of storyline.

Sound: 9.9/10

Everything is beautiful in this game, all the music fits every area and is a pleasure to listen to. The themes scream explore and adventure and push forward the noble character you are supposed to be. Sound effects are varied and well done, they've even added Link's trademark scream every time you swipe your sword. Depends how easily annoyed you are but this can get a little much for some people, I don't find a problem with it though as it's not the same scream over and over. Speech isn't present but that isn't expected for GBA at all. The zelda theme in this game is my personal favorite nothing lights a fire under me quite like this one.

Gameplay: 10/10

It's zelda, is there really a question? This game has tons of puzzles mostly involved moving blocks or using items. Secrets galore, finding all of the heart pieces can be quite the challenge. Items are a joy to use whether dashing around in the Pegasus boots or just shooting an enemy in the forehead it's all fun, upgrades to weapons are found throughout the game and it's great because it doesn't have to happen but if you poke around here and there and actually explore and try new things, this game will reward most of the time. The multiplayer four swords is so well put together, playing with your friends will be a blast, puzzles take team work yet you are also competitive in gaining rupees and items, so make sure your buddy doesn't toss you off that cliff!

Replay: 9.5/10

Link to the past alone I can play many times, it's that type of game that you'll wanna play through over and over, it's getting harder and harder these days to find single player games that are so much fun that you wanna play again. Add the four swords multiplayer game and I think we have a contender for Game of the Year, but everyone always looks at the consoles for that answer so I doubt it will happen.

Final Word: 39/40
Out of 10 : 9.8/10

Got a GBA? Buy this game! Don't have a GBA? Buy a GBA and then buy this game, it's amazing.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/06/02, Updated 12/06/02

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