Review by Shirogoshi X

"A flawless remake with a few touch ups."

I was sitting at home, waiting for the next Zelda game to come out. I got my hands on Zelda: the four swords and I was pleasantly surprised at what i saw. A remake of Link to the Past which was released on SNES about 8 years ago. I will rate this game in 4 categories; Gameplay, sound, Graphics and Overall.

Gameplay: Excellent. The controls are set out in a similar way to the SNES' original control scheme. Sword button is B, Map button is L, Action button is R and secondary weapon is A. I wish you could've changed the sword button though because Im more used to the Sword button being A. You can't actually ''use'' the shield either. You have to position yourself so that projectiles bounce off of it. Another thing that needs some work is the fact that Link isn't very fast. These are only minor however compared to the excellent gameplay and hours of fun this game brings. 10/10
Sound. The sound isnt exactly original, since most of it's been copied off of Zelda Ocarina of Time for the n64, E.G. when Link falls, when he uses his sword, etc. It is pretty authentic in other parts though, like when things deflect off Link's shield, it makes a ''ding'' sound. The music is good too, especially in dungeons. The music isnt unnecessarily pleasant. Dungeon music actually gives dungeons a ''dungeony'' fell. Its like you're actually in a dungeon! 10/10
Graphics: Now here's where the game gets let down a little bit. Graphics on handhelds are never that good. This game is no different. Link looks like a cute little elfish creature instead of a serious elfish creature in this game. This game graphics are actually a little bit of a downgrade from the super nintendo version of LTTP. Houses look a little duller, and Link himself looks quite dim indeed. If you were looking for a graphical masterpiece, look elsewhere. Graphics aren't really important, but they do make people buy games. 8/10
Overall: Overall, an outstanding game. The graphics are flawed, but are made up for by excellent gameplay and sound. In my opinion, if you're a Zelda fan or not, you'll love this game. Its definitely the best game in the vast series(In my opinion)and if you don't buy it, you're definitely missing out on a great game.

RENT OR BUY?: If you already own LTTP for SNES, rent and see if you like the update and choose if to buy or not. If you dont own LTTP, Buy. Its worth every penny.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/07/02, Updated 12/07/02

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