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"Great Gameplay DOES make a Great Game."

I’m a diverse gamer, but I have always thought that the Zelda games were rather fun. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is no exception. It succeeds on many, many levels. Let’s take a look at how I scored it:

Graphics/Sound: This may just be the most fluid game I’ve witnessed for the Game Boy Advance, graphically. The bright, vibrant colors bring you into the thriving, yet dangerous, kingdom of Hyrule. The scenery, animations, characters, and effects all blend together greatly to form a cartoon-like atmosphere. Possibly the coolest graphical surprise I found was when I shot a ‘baddie’ with an arrow and it stuck in his body. Hey, it might not sound as cool to you, but to me that’s real neat. Now on to sound. The music works well with the atmosphere. It is a mix of classic Zelda tunes and some newer Link sounds (like when he swings his sword). I’ve heard that the sword-swinging grunt that Link seems to yelp after every swing can get annoying, but I don’t mind at all. The ‘clang’s and ‘ding’s all sound top notch. The music sounds grainy during the menus, but all in all the video and audio are superb. 9/10

Gameplay: What can I say? A Link to the Past is just…fun. And a WHOLE bunch of fun at that. The dungeons will entertain you for some time, and exploring Hyrule (light and dark) is extremely addicting. And the tight story adds some spice to the mood. The only real fault that I could find with the controls is that the sword button is: ‘B’, whereas I’m used to having my main attack button as ‘A’. A minor complaint, and it only takes a few hours of playing to get the hang of it. Now, the dungeons can be a little tricky, but once you figure out the puzzles (which are so cleverly designed) it’s a hacking-monster, pushing-buttons quest until you get to the boss. That may be a turn-off for some, but I found it quite good fun. Add: a save-anywhere feature, and, yes, mutliplayer (a game with separate quests called “Four Swords) and your gameplay-o-meter should be through the roof. 10/10

Replay: Goodness! This game will surely have you busy for days, and I know I’ll be playing this game in future months. And if (I say ‘IF’) you get tired with single player, just hook up with your friends and enjoy the fine, fine multiplayer. This is a must buy for fans of Zelda, Gameboy Advance owners who crave some old-school fun, and if you have ever played Graal Online and liked it. 10/10

My Final Thoughts…: A superb hand-held that excels in single-player, and multiplayer. A great game for you to add to your GBA collection. Overall Score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/08/02, Updated 12/08/02

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