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"The Legend Lives!"

Wow, what can I say? Hm... I can say a lot, actually. When I first heard that LttP (A Link to the Past) was coming to Game Boy Advance (GBA), my initial reaction was ''great, let's all go and ruin the graphics of one of the best games in history... and destroy its controls on the game boy...'' Could I have been more wrong? Doubtful.

LttP has been completely taken from its original makings, and completely deposited on the GBA! And then, they changed it. Now, before you go grab your Vampire-Slaying Wooden Stake and march on NoA HQ (Nintendo of America, Head Quarters), let me tell you the changes.

First off, they changed the inventory. This was the first thing I noticed. They just changed the shape of the item subscreen, allowing players to **gasp** KEEP the shovel. Woopie, huh? I know, its not the best addition in the gaming world, but hey, I like digging junk up. Other than that, all the items are in the same place. All the items are still there, all four bottles, the three magic spells, its all here.

Then, they changed how you save the game. Before, you had to save and quit, right? Well, either way, they have it set up so you can save anywhere, at anytime. Then you can continue. That's always a good thing. What's even cooler, is you can now start off from where you saved. No, this does not mean, save at the bottom of Turtle Rock at Trinexx and keep reloading until you finally can kill him. They don't have it set up QUITE that easy. But, if you save IN Turtle Rock, or just after leaving it, (Turtle Rock is JUST an Example) you'll start at the last door way you entered/left. This trick is also handy in the world map. Because if you save right after using a dark world/light world warp via a teleporter or a magical mirror portal, you start at THAT exact location. Once again, I say they have done a NICE job with this port.

So, you're wondering, ''It's a port? Ew, boo Nintendo, boo! Where's my wooden stake?'' I say: ''Nay, hold thyself steady, young hemoroids victim!'' Well, something along those lines. This is NOT a direct port. Hence why the game is actually called ''The Four Swords.'' Yeah, that's right, Nintendo isn't as cheap as you thought. So put down the stake while I tell you about the new game, Buffy.

The Four Swords is ACTUALLY a multiplayer game. (Hence the number Four) You can ONLY play it with a friend. Up to (you guessed it!) FOUR people can play at once, by using GBA link cables. There are a plethora of items in the game... pegasus boots, gnat hat, boomerang... and more. I don't know, or remember them all. The graphics in the Four Swords are pretty nice, also. They're a few miles ahead of LttP's graphics, and I like the improvement. The Four Swords (4S, for short) is using the model of the cel-shaded Link from the GCN, (Gamecube)which looks rather nice on the GBA.

4S allows you 3 different endings! Your performance in the game will earn you one of three keys, or none of the above. This could mean that there are FOUR endings! ''Dude, I'm getting a Dell!'' Err... ''Dude, I'm getting a Master Sword!'' There we go, that's better.

By completing LttP and 4S, you unlock a NEW solo-dungeon in LttP, which has a rather interesting surprise at the end... Let's leave it at that. Also, completing certain tasks while in 4S, you can unlock a NEW swordskill in LttP, and let's just say, ''W00t''.

Well, my fingers grow numb. We have reached the end:
--Final Count:
----Graphics: 10/10 (This is GAMEBOY people!)
----Story: 8/10 (Its the same basic shell, but with some tweaks)
----Innovation: 10/10 (None in LttP, but 4S is like a wet dream)
----Difficulty: 5/5 (5 means just right, 1 being too hard or easy)
----Replay Value: 8/10 (No direct changes in replaying it, but its fun enough)
----Gameplay: 20/10 (Two games in one! Well, I'll leave it at 10, but its still the best I've played on GBA in a long time!)
--Final verdict: 10/10 **not averaged** (Go get the game now!!!)

Well, yawn, that's all I can think of. I think its safe to assume that you won't march on NoA HQ, stakes drawn. Anyway, let me know if this review was helpful to you by answering the little thingy below!

And, thank you for reading my review! I hope it was helpful!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/15/02, Updated 12/15/02

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