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"Zelda at its finest on a portable handheld!"

Introduction- The Zelda series was first started in 1987 with 'The Legend of Zelda' for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was awesome. Incredible puzzles, colorful battles, challenging dungeons and a unique and never before seen story kept gamers wanting another Zelda. Finally in 1991, Nintendo released 'The Legend of Zelda- A Link To The Past'. This game was a hit sequel and also was popular among Nintendo fans. Since then, Nintendo has released two other Zeldas on the N64- Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. All Zeldas have enjoyed major success due to the fact that each game has shown much innovation. However, when Nintendo announced that they would remake A Link To The Past and add a multiplayer on the Game Boy Advance, some fans really wondered whether the classic would be worthwhile to bring back. And simply put, the answer is yes! Read on to find out why this game is the whole darn reason to buy a GBA and why some Zelda fans say this game is still the best Zelda game to date.

Graphics-10/10 For a Game Boy Advance, Zelda: A Link To The Past/Four Swords has argubaly the best graphics ever to grace the screen of a Game Boy Advance. Link looks very detailed as you can clearly see his stylish green tunic, his pointy elf hat and his dangerous sword and protecting shield. Other characters you meet along the way also look detailed, too. Environments are large, and look very realistic. People playing this game should have no problem telling a difference between a bush and a stone. Some Game Boy Advance games the environments look too simple and too plain, but in Zelda:Lttp, this is the total opposite. Overall, the graphics are some of the best I've seen on the portable GBA.

Sound-10/10 This is another category which Zelda excels in. Zelda:Lttp has some awesome tunes which will be a pleasure for your ears to hear. The classic Zelda theme is used in this game, along with a number of notable soundtracks which you may be later humming. The music also fits the mood of the game. For example, when it's raining and dark in this game, the game plays a very creepy and scary theme. Sound effects are also really well done, too. You can clearly hear Links voice when he jumps down from something or when he releases his sword after it being charged. Some people say his voice is annoying, but I don't think thats the case. As long as you are not charging your sword every 5 seconds, you should not be annoyed in the least bit. I am actually quite glad Nintendo decided to add Links voice on the GBA. It adds more realism to the game and at least you know Link is not a mime, and he shows some character/emotion.

Control-10/10 Once again, another category which Zelda aces... AGAIN! Controls on this game are very simple and easy to learn. When you first start playing this game, some buttons may not feel right when you push them. After about 5 minutes, most people should find the controls come as second nature. Overall, the controls have no bad points/weaknesses. I would have to say the controls in Zelda:LttP are flawless. That's right you heard me. Flawless.

GamePlay-10/10 GamePlay is by far the most important element of any game. Zelda:LttP has the best gameplay which I have played in a videogame. The idea of playing as Link, upgrading your stats, collecting cool items, exploring Hyrule, playing through massive dungeons, playing challenging bosses and saving Hyrule is too much for me to handle. There is so much for you to do in this game. I have played many games where this is little to do and this wrecks the gameplay horribly. Even the idea of walking around with a sword and shield and exploring every nook and cranny of this game is fun. Zelda gameplay is incredibly fun and addicting.... Trust me, you probably won't play a game in your life with better gameplay then Zelda:LttP.

Storyline-8/10 Zelda:LttP has a very standard Zelda storyline. Basically, Three godesses (Power, Courage and Wisdom) have created Hyrule and they have sealed the Triforce in the Golden Land. Eventually, an opening to this Land was found and knowing that evil could get the Triforce, the King ordered Seven sages to seal this opening. The plan succeeded and then an evil sorcerer named Agahnim used his magic powers to make the Hyrule Castle guards evil and take control of the Hyrule Castle. He kidnapped the maidens, one whose name is Princess Zelda. Then one stormy night, a Forest boy named Link is woken up from his sleep. Princess Zelda appears in his dream and she says, '' Help me! I'm trapped in the Castle dungeon.'' Not wasting any time, Link heads out in the forest to find his uncle and set things right... And The Legend of Zelda begins....

Replayability-9/10 I wouldn't worry about the replayability in this game, considering the main quest will take a player around 20-25 hours to beat it. Plus add on all the extras in this game and I say this game will probably take you a solid 30 hours to complete. And, you also got the Four Swords, the other half of this 2 in 1 Game Pak. I haven't played the Four Swords as of now, but I'm willing to bet its just as fun, if not better, then the Link To The Past section of this game. Four Swords is cool as you can link up to four people (each with their own GBA and Zelda:LttP/Four Swords Game Pak)and at certain parts you must work against eachother, and others you must help eachother out.

Final Recommendation/Rent or Buy? This is a solid and excellent effort put out by Nintendo. Give them credit. They brought back an 11 year old game and polished it up and added even more to it. Simply put, Zelda:LttP/Four Swords is a great Zelda experience on your GBA and is a major reason to pick up a GBA, if you don't already own one. I bought my GBA partly because I wanted a portable Zelda game and I like this game a lot. As a matter of fact, I strongly recommend this game to anyone. From a Zelda n00bie to a Zelda ace, everyone should be able to have lots of fun with this game. Naturally, I would recommend a purchase here. Don't bother renting it. Your wasting your money. Just go out and buy this game now. You won't be dissapointed.

Overall Score-10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/27/02, Updated 12/27/02

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