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Reviewed: 01/01/03 | Updated: 01/01/03

One of the most frusterating games I've ever played

Hello, this is Cool mario. This game is the first game I got for my Game Boy Advance, since I got it for christmas, and one of the most frusterating games ever. You die SO MANY TIMES!! That beeping sound when you are low on life is very annoying and its about the only thing you hear in this game because you are low on life just about the whole game, but I'm getting a little ahead of myself right now, anyway on with the review.

Story (7/10 for Link to the past)(8/10 for Four Swords)
Same as always, Zelda is captured by an evil wizard named Agahnim, and Link has to save her, but there is actually an eviler person who is controlling Agahnim, but I won't spoil who it is. In the first part of the game, you have to beat three dungeons to get Pendants to try to get the master sword to beat Agahnim. After you beat Agahnim, you have to beat more dungeons to get crystals to save sages. It's hard to tell about the story without spoiling parts of the game.

In four swords, this is the story from the manual.
Long ago in the kingdom of Hyrule, there appeared a Wind sorcerer named Vaati. Vaati could bend the wind to his will and used this power to terrorize many villagers of Hyrule. In his assaults on the villages, Vaati would kidnap any beautiful girls who caught his fancy. Many knights from the castle and other brave men set out to subdue the sorcerer and rescue the girls, but each one fell in turn to Vaati's awesome power. Just as people had begun to lose hope, a lone young boy traveling with little but a sword at his side appeared. When this boy heard what was happening, he said only, ''I will defeat this sorcerer.'' He boldly entered Vaati's palace, mystically trapped the evil sorcerer inside the blade of his sword, and returned the young girls to thier villages. The boy went deep into the forest and disappeared. The villagers asked the girls how a bow so young could have saved them all and defeated the sorcerer when no one else could. The girls told a story of how with just a wave of his sword, the boy's body shattered into four pieces, each of which then formed a complete copy of the boy. These four young boys then worked together to defeat the sorcerer. The people did not believe the story, but they called it the FOUR SWORD nonetheless. As rumors of the blades power to divide a person spread, the people built a shrine to protect it. Princess Zelda of the land of hyrule was a beautiful young girl born with the mysterious power to sense approaching forces of evil. For this reason, she was assigned with the sacred duty of protecting the shrine of the four sword and the blade itself. One day Zelda was in Hyrule castle when she sensed that something unusual was occuring at the four sword shrine. She asked a boy named Link, whom she trusted above anyone else, to accompany her to investigate the happenings at the shrine...

Gameplay (6/10 for Link to the past)(9/10 Four Swords)
Learning controls is easy for both games. In Link to the Past, you have to use many weapons, and items to defeat very hard enemies. In four swords, you have to work as a team with your friends to finish the dungeon and collect as many ruppees as you can. Link to the Past is a very frusterating game. In my opinion, you get Tunic upgrades WAY too far into the game. You die just about every minute because the enemies usually take out two hearts everytime they hit you, even if you have a lot of heart containers! This game doesn't have a counter that counts how many times you die thankfully... mine would be over 200 right now and I'm not even done with the game yet. The dungeons are very confusing and almost impossible to complete without a guide, and most of the bosses are very hard to beat. Gameplay loses most of it's points because of how frusterating this game is, but Four Swords is really fun to play. Four swords makes up dungeons depending on how many times you have gone to the level, and how many people are playing. You almost never play the same dungeon twice, and the person that collects the most ruppees gets a Triforce Medal, and if you get enough triforce medals, you can unlock a secret in a link to the past!

Sound and Music (5/10 for Link to the past) (7/10 for four swords)
AHH! That beeping noise is driving me insane!!!! The game makes a very annoying beeping noise when you are dieing, and you will be dieing throughout most of the game. Thank you Nintendo for putting a Volume Changer on the GBA! The music isn't much varied in this game, for both, A Link to the past, and Four Swords. You hear the same music throughout most of the game, which is annoying because it isn't that good to begin with. When you slash your sword, Link will yell and go ''HA!'' and make slashing sounds from Majora's Mask, and when he falls down a hole, he will yell. When he slashes, it's a little annoying especially when you have to slash a lot.

Replay value (6/10 for Link to the past) (8/10 for four swords)
After you complete a link to the past, there isn't much left to do except get all of the heart pieces and get all of the upgrades. For Four swords, it is fun to see all of the different type of dungeons, because the dungeons change depending on many things, so you can vary how many times you have played, and how many people you are playing with to see different types of dungeons!

overall (6/10 for Link to the past)(8/10 Four swords)
These are the Averages for the games. I put a 7 for the total because it is right between these two scores. As you can see, I like four swords a little more because, it isn't as frusterating as A Link to the Past, and very fun to cooperate with other players to get something done!
I Reccommend you buy this game if you like adventure games, don't get frusterated easily, like cooperating with others, or some combination of those.

Thank you for reading!

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