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"Buy one remake of a brilliant game! Comes with a new, brilliant multiplayer game!"

Well, I've seen a lot of remakes of the Gameboy Advance. Some are very good, while others brim on the edge of ''Goddangit''ness. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords is a game that takes part in being an ''uppercrust'' game of the revamps. Since it's remade from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, you know it's going to be good.


Alright yeah, this is no doubt gonna score REAL high due to the kind of game you got goin' here. First I'll explain about the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Brought back from the glorious days of the SNES, Zelda:Lttp worked out spectacularly well on the GBA format. The control layout is brilliant for the rather limited number of buttons the GBA hosts. Of course, the gameplay itself is precisely the same as the one on the SNES. Complex dungeons lined to the brim with puzzles, a vast overworld with hundreds of things to do, and hidden among are the secrets that Zelda games always boast.

Now, Four Swords is a totally new game added on for multiplayer delight. In my opinion, the Four Swords concept is incredible! Link splits himself up to four times, and a different player controls each Link. Together, you and your friends will explore four different dungeons. Although there are only four dungeons, there are several different layouts for each. In other words, there are something like 8-12 different dungeons to compete in all together (not including the training level). The dungeon puzzles are fresh new ideas from the Nintendo. New enemies and mind-boggling puzzles are designed specifically for multiplay, requiring you to use teamwork to achieve victory. You see, you can wield one kind of item at one time (which will take the place of the A Button) and you usually need to wield a variety of skills to get through areas. Teamwork is a high priority. However, the players will be competing for rupees. Even though the rupee count is a total of all the characters, you are working to get as many rupees as you can. Remember that you must get rupees to help the party anyway. If someone gets knocked out, you need rupees to bring them back. At the end of the dungeon (after the boss is defeated), the players will dump their rupees out, and the one with the most earns a Triforce Medallion. These are kept count of, and you will relish in gloating over your massive number of these. THE GAMEPLAY OF FOUR SWORDS/LINK TO THE PAST IS A PERFECT 10/10!


Blarg. I'm sorry to say this, but blarg. The story to both of these games is subpar at least. It's not a big factor at all, but that still does not kick the fact that the story is very formulaic, providing no twists or real character relationship. It's not a big factor, so it won't take a lot outta the whole score. Actually, it's what dropped the score. THE STORY SCRAPED UP A MEASELY 4/10.


Of course, it's a remake, the visuals are going to be pretty dang old. Of course, while it is well dated, the game tends to maintain a sense of charm. The Graphics for Four Swords is pretty much the same story. They do look a little cleaner and are much more animate in Four Swords though, and that's a nice look. GRAPHICS COMES UP COOL WITH AN ABOVE PAR 7/10.


Zelda has always been synonymous with a great soundtrack. Catchy incarnations from older games makes up the music to Four Swords and A Link to the Past. Keep an ear out for newer tracks as well, as most of them are welcome to these two games. Oh yeah, they also added a little bit of voice for Link in the remake. He yells now and such o.o' SOUND WORKS GREAT FOR 8/10!


Are you frickin' KIDDING ME? This is a Zelda game! This is Zelda:A Link to the Past! The difficulty is very well calibrated, both in the complexity of the levels and puzzles, the ferocity of the bosses and monsters, and working to find EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME! There are TONS of stuff to get, and it will take a while to explore EVERY suspicious lookin' bush about this world.

That plus the Four Swords game that just keeps adding hours and hours onto this game. Own your friends while working to beat Vaati. Just watch and laugh as your Triforce Medallion count goes higher and higher! REPLAY EASILY PICKS UP A 10/10! (Please note that the game will end...but it's still way too much fun!)


+ Pros:
+ Four Swords is awesome. 'nuff said.
+ Saying more, Zelda:LttP is all around GREAT.
+ Well calibrated difficulty.

- Cons:
- The story needs work...
- The game will end...


A definite buy. This game is great to play by yourself, with friends, and just about anywhere thanks to Mr. GBA. I don't think any place rents GBA I'd just buy it and have fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/07/03, Updated 02/07/03

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