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"You Mean I Can Do More Then Just Attack Chickens?"

Everyone has his or her favorite Zelda moment. Whether it is pulling out the Master Sword over and over again in Ocarina of Time, seeing Link’s true form in the Dark World, or just slashing some chickens, everybody had something that has stuck with them for years. All of this and more can be found in Nintendo’s release of A Link to the Past/Four Swords for the Game Boy Advance. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m happy to see an old favorite on a new platform. In this chapter of the Zelda saga, Agnium, the trusted wizard of the king has captured Zelda and has created a plan to free the evil Ganon from his prison known as the Dark World. So, Link picks up a lantern and begins his fight against the force of evil. But is this new version any good? And what is this “Four Sword” people talk about? Read on to find out.
Four Swords is a new multiplayer adventure for you and up to four friends, and this is unlike any other adaptation to a game ever created before. Friends can link up their Game Boy Advances to fight Vaitti to save the world once again. In this scenario, you can use teamwork to help complete dungeons that you couldn’t complete by yourself, using some new items as well. But there also is a catch. The player with the most money at the end of each stage will get something extra… So while your working together with your friends for the greater good, you are also maliciously searching for rupees, by any means necessary.
I’ve rambled on for long enough, and most people skip this part anyway, so lets get on to the actual review.

GRAPHICS—How it Looks 8/10

This is a handheld system, so obviously you shouldn’t be expecting New-Gen graphics *Ahh, New-Gen graphics.* Ahem… yes, well, for a handheld system it is very good. Some of the lighting effects before someone throws an absurdly large energy beam at you can be impressive, and there are a lot of colors for them to mess with. I have seen better (Golden Sun), and worse (Yu-Gi-Oh Dungeon Dice Monsters) but these graphics are good enough.

SOUND---How it Sounds 8/10

Sound isn’t that important in a game to me, and it can be very hard to rate. My thought process, to put it simply, was: Nothing really good + Nothing really bad = Good rating. That infernal beeping when ever you gat close to dying never helps, and those yelps of Link, which by the way is the closest we will probably ever get to hearing an actual Link voice, is kind of annoying. I usually play with the sound turned off anyway.

GAMEPLAY---Story, Controls, Fun Factor, and All that Stuff 8.5/10

The controls work great for this type of game, and the epic story, which I won’t spoil here, keeps the player playing in Four Swords as well. Link’s array of weapons range from a bottle to a magical ice rod, and are fun to mess around with when you are not trying to solve challenging puzzles, or talking powerful bosses. There are plenty of mini-quests as well. The conversion from systems did not occur flawlessly however. Sometimes while running from an enemy, he will stand in the exact place as you and you will continue to be damaged. When this happens you can’t do any thing but keep moving, and try to shake him off. This is a design flaw, which lowers the value of the game. In order to complete Four Swords completely, you would have to go through it four times. This is a bit tedious, but the dungeons have a random counterpart, so at least part of the game would be different.

EXTRAS---The Stuff that doesn’t Fit Anywhere Else 9/10

A Link to the Past/Four Swords shares a unique bond. For example if you receive a new sword in A Link to the Past, you will automatically have it in Four Swords. The connection works both ways too. Completing Four Swords fully will unlock something completely new in A Link to the Past, exclusive to this game pack. Four Swords itself counts as an extra because you get two games in one.

FINAL DIAGNOSIS---8.5/10 = 9/10 Worth your Money, no Matter What Kind of Games you Like

This game is defiantly worth your hard earned cash (or your parent’s). I would recommend it to anyone. The Zelda franchise lives on. Spread the word.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/08/03, Updated 02/08/03

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