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Reviewed: 01/03/05

What do you get when you mix a classic with a new? Why, a great thing; a great thing indeed.

You're wondering, what is this great thing, right? Well, it's the classic A Link to the Past with the new Four Swords.
Now, when I hear people at school going "ALttp is pure crap" I wonder what games the play; and aren't pure crap. LttP was released way back in the day, for the SNES. It provided multiple hours of entertainment. It was just like any other Zelda game, getting the Triforce back into good hands.
Now, what is this new Four Swords? Well, it is a new multiplayer game. Sadly, you need two GBAs and two LttP games and a cable to play it, though. But it is fun. Zelda is captured by Vaati; the worst baddie there is, and you must save her.


LttP is very fun. You have this new World Map, which is a very great thing. You can easily access it, too. Nice dungeons, too. And with all these new enemies, you won't be bored thinking of how to destroy and kill them. It is pretty hard for new players and pretty easy for old players. You decide what you are. Controls are amazing, just amazing. And since it is a port from the classic, they probably had to think hard of how to make the controls good for the Game Boy Advance. Well they did it perfectly! Well..... almost. I hate picking up pots with R, it should be A. Ah well, it's still pretty damn amazing.

TFS is a nice, new game. You can play with 2-4 players. Very, very enjoyable. It features about 3 worlds, with many different maps in them (you must complete two levels in order to finish a world) which are all random. I've only played with one other person, but with the more people you play, the more maps there are. It gets very difficult, as you are to cooperate with people and at the same time compete with them. Controls are basically the same as LttP, but they can get tricky. Beware.


The story for LttP is pretty amazing. The Soldiers have gone wild at Hyrule Castle, all because of Agahnim. Agahnim is an evil wizard, who once served for the king. Princess Zelda, as usual, is trapped. "I do the cha-cha like a sissy girl" is what always goes through her mind. I mean, how do you always get trapped like that? Either way, you must save her, and then collect some pendants. Then retrieve the Master Sword, and save the Triforce. But the location is unknown. How will you find it? Now, I told a friend all about this story, and his response was "It really bored me..." I then told him to listen, then he did, and it changed his view. So, listen!

TFS story, we are on now. It isn't nothing too scary, just save the princess from Vaati and seal him away. As usual, the princess is kidnapped. Oh well. You must go through 6 different levels before you can even face Vaati. Now, you must cooperate with other players to get to Vaati, but at the same time you must compete with them to get the highest score. Nothing too major with the story, though. Collect rupees for the highest score, beat Vaati and seal it away.


LttP's graphics... are amazing! Just amazing. It is a very nice upgrade from the original LoZ. It truly does reach the GBA/SNES quality. The enemies look wonderful. The characters, items and effects are nice. I really can't say much, it's just wonderful.

TFS introduces a new series of graphics, cel shading. Very nice. So nice, that it was in future Zelda games (the Wind Waker, TFS for gamecube). Now, these look simply drawn, but I can most likely assure you that they took some time to draw. Also, it may appear to be very kiddy like. BUT IT IS NOT! It is not a kiddy game, and the graphics are not kiddy! Graphics are real wonderful, to sum it up.


Oh god. I love the music. If it was a female, I would make out with it. But it's not, so I won't. The music for LttP is... you think of a new word for great. Ah yes, great. The music for LttP is great. It has these calming themes, and some themes which put pressure upon you. From the time of which you wake up in your house to the time of the ending, you shall love the music. It's just too good for me.
Now, for the sounds of LttP. Not much for this, just swords clashing with guards, the scream of bosses, and explosions and other things. Some things sound good, some sound like evil screeches ripping your ears off. Depends, however, on the background influences and such. Background music, to be exact.

Music for TFS is pretty much the same as LttP; with maybe one or two exceptions. However, it is still wonderful, from when you see the Four Sword until you beat the game. It adds more pressure to you, and I hope you aren't too much into the game to not recognize the music. Because if you are, maybe you should just stop playing and listen for a minute.
Sounds are pretty much the same as LttP. Can be good, can be bad. Depends on the mixture of music in the background, and the actual sound with no music. That will output the actual sound, to a liking or disliking.

Replay Value

I assure you that you will play LttP more than once. As soon as you get a taste of all the bosses, you will want more and more. Until you burn your battery out. But you will play LttP more than once. It takes about 7 hours to complete, as some things aren't hard, while others are. Once you do learn everything, though, it would be easier. If not, harder. This game is just too addicting.

Strangely... TFS has even more replay value! That is most likely due to more maps, which appear at random. Let's just say there are 5 maps per area. There are 4 areas in total. That's 20 maps. And I'm only including with just 2 people in total. More people, more maps. That should tell you something. It doesn't take much to beat this game, though, maybe a few hours. I completed it first night I played it! Maybe 2-5 hours to give an estimate, but I may be wrong.

Now. Some of you sick and weird people may be thinking "Link makes me hard, especially the sexy green cap!" or some other sick thoughts. And, at the same time, some more normal people might be saying "The original is far, FAR better". But, you know what I say to you? Buy this game! It is indeed very, very great, and you will not be disappointed.

Once again, buy this game. Got it?

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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