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"A great game with some new additions, but to some people, can only ever be novelties."

Hello, my name is superfeeniman, and I am here to give you a review on this good port with new additions, called The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past. This is my first review for GameFAQs, so sorry if some of this doesn't sound as good as a it should. I tried to make this as an enjoyable experience as possible, so be lenient on clicking yes or no at the bottom please. You may also wonder what I meant about some of the new additions being novelties. Well, I am talking about The Four swords subgame you get with this new port, and I will tell you why later.

Well, since most of you already know what the music is in Zelda games anyway, I won't really bother with specifics. it's just the usual tunes, The Overworld Theme in all Zeldas and some good dungeon themes. They are all good. I think they imported sounds from the 3D games and put them in this one for when Link is yelling and attacking, and they sound pretty good too. the rest of the sound effects are good like when you break a vase, and they are what you would expect from a Zelda game. However, a lot of sounds are reused for different enemies and the music is replayed a lot. So I can only give this a 4.

STORY 8/10
If you have ever played two or three Zeldas, you can pretty much guess what this is about. You wake up, the princess is telepathically telling you to rescue her, blah blah blah. it's the same old stuff, but it's not horrible, in fact most Zeldas have pretty good plots if you like what they're about, and this one is no exception. Also, while this may seem similar to other Zelda's stories (mostly OoT), it was pretty original for it's time. Character's dialogue is okay and fits for this game, but there's no really ground-breaking aspects. Don't come into this adventure expecting a terribly involving story. Gets an 8 for introducing the master sword and one of the really memorable races.

There is not much to say here, but everything looks great for a 16-bit game. There's no slowing down or any long loading. All screens load in about a half a second. There wasn't a terrible amount of enemy graphics, and a lot of them got used a few times, but ther are all cleverly made. I just wish they could have used the great Link sprites in The Four Swords in the main game. I give this 8 for good graphics in the main game, and great ones in The Four Swords.

The Four Swords extra game is a great addition for this port. It's graphicly great and the teamwork and other new gameplay aspects here make this game fun and very original. You could waste five to ten hours on it alone. DAMN GOOD ADDITION. I give it a 18 only because I wish you could play this game without two gameboys.

I will separate this into three sections. Control, Replay Value, and Fun factor. Here they are:

Nothing bad to talk about here. Everything is responsive and fine. All the buttons are easy to get to and only some of them may take a few hours to get memorised in your brains. Mostly just the L and R buttons. I give it 12 for some hard to get used buttons

The replay value can basicly be as much as you want it. If you got everything your first try you might not like to play again, but due to how fun it is, you will want to. There are plenty of side quests to while you are doing the 30-40 hour main quest. I give it 12. Nothing to special.

This is basicly why you would want to buy this game. It is very fun and most people would like almost every aspect of it. There are only a few things that might get boring. These are either the dungeons, which can sometimes get boring, but usually pick up the pace as you go through them. Almost all you do here is fun, even when you are traveling around the big overworld since there are plenty of side quests for you to do while you are doing that. The Four Swords is also great fun and just makes this game better. I only give it a 26 because it gets boring at times when you are searching for stuff or back tracking, and if you don't have anyone else who has this that goes to your house and you may not be able to get into The Four Swords. There is also a new minigame and dungeon that are pretty good and are definitely worth your buying.

OVERALL 88/100

Rounded to 9/10 to fit gamefaqs.

Rent or Buy? Rent if you have the SNES version, to see all the new stuff. AND BUY IF YOU DON'T. DEFINITELY BUY! Also, even if you already own the other version, a few more touch-ups on the main game and The Four Swords may even be worth the purchase alone, since you can buy this for under 20$.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/12/05

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