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    Secret Levels FAQ by EOrizzonte

    Version: 1.0a | Updated: 09/30/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     __     __  __  __          __  __   __     __  _       __      __  __    ___
    |  |  ||  ||   |  |   \   /|  ||  |||  |   |  || \ |  ||  ||  ||   |         |
    |_ |  ||__||__ |__|   |\ /||__||__|||  |   |__||  ||  ||__||\ ||   |__    ___|
      ||  ||   |   | \    |   ||  || \ ||  |   |  ||  ||  ||  || \||   |         |
    __||__||   |__ |  \   |   ||  ||  \||__|   |  ||_/  \/ |  ||  ||__ |__    ___|
                 __     __  _____   _____   _   _   _    / /  _____
                 \ \   / / |  _  | |  ___| | | | | | |  /_/  |  ___|
                  \ \_/ /  | | | | | |     | | | | | |       | |
                   \   /   | | | | | |___  | |_| | | |       | |___
                    | |    | | | | |___  | |  _  | | |       |___  |
                    | |    | | | |     | | | | | | | |           | |
                    | |    | |_| |  ___| | | | | | | |        ___| |
                    |_|    |_____| |_____| |_| |_| |_|       |_____|
                      _   _____   _       _____   _     _   ____
                     | | |  ___| | |     |  _  | | \   | | |  _ \
                     | | | |     | |     | | | | |  \  | | | | \ \
                     | | | |___  | |     | |_| | | \ \ | | | |  | |
                     | | |___  | | |     |  _  | | |\ \| | | |  | |
                     | |     | | | |     | | | | | | \ | | | |  | |
                     | |  ___| | | |___  | | | | | |  \  | | |_/ /
                     |_| |_____| |_____| |_| |_| |_|   |_| |____/
                        SUPER MARIO ADVANCE 3 - YOSHI'S ISLAND
                                   SECRET LEVELS FAQ
                                     Version 1.0a
                           For the Nintendo Game Boy Advance
                                Author: Efrem Orizzonte
    This document is (c)2002 Efrem Orizzonte. It cannot be reproduced, be it 
    partially or entirely, without the author's explicit permission. Publishing of 
    it on any Web site without the author's permission is illegal, as is using it 
    in any form to make profit. This document is for private use only, and it is 
    not to be sold for cash.
    The author of this document is not an English-speaking person, so please be 
    comprehensive if you find any mistakes in the document. If you have 
    suggestions, corrections, questions, or comments that may be useful and that 
    are pertinent to the subject of this document, please send an e-mail to the 
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                              efroriz at hotmail dot com
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    update to the document, and you will be given full credit for it.
    4. CREDITS
    Version 1.0 [9/21/2002]
    About everything of interest on the secret levels of Yoshi's Island has been 
    inserted in this first version. If you find anything that I have missed, feel 
    free to let me know.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Version 1.0a [9/30/2002]
    How absent-minded can a man be? I had completely forgotten about the special 
    ending triggered once you get six stars for completing each and every level in 
    the game with a perfect score. Details can be found in the second-to-last 
    paragraph of Section 2.
    The secret levels are the most significant innovation to be found in the GBA 
    version of Yoshi's Island. In fact, they are six brand-new, never-seen-before 
    levels that weren't present in the Super Nintendo version of the game. To 
    clear up any doubts about it, let me inform you that secret levels have 
    nothing to do with extra levels. An extra level is unlocked when you get a 
    perfect score of 100 in each of the eight levels of a world (secret level not 
    included), while to open up the secret levels, you just have to beat Bowser in 
    the final castle and beat the game. Furthermore, secret levels are represented 
    by a yellow square with the word "Secret" written in it on the level selection 
    screen, while extra levels have a red square with the writing "Extra" as an 
    Secret levels aren't exceptionally tough, and certainly not as much as the 
    horrifingly difficult extra levels. Still, they will require you to play 
    through them a few times in order to discover their every secret, for they 
    present a selection of conundrums that will make you scratch your head more 
    than once. And let's face it, secret level 6 is hard. It features a series of 
    traps, pits, and spikes that's unmatched by almost every other level in the 
    game. But apart from that, the secret levels can also be fun. Nintendo wanted 
    to be sure that even those who played the game on the Super NES had something 
    to try this new version for, and although it's nothing to die for, it's still 
    a nice addition to an already wonderful game.
    What do you get for completing the secret levels? Well, the 100 points you can 
    get in each of them will boost your total score for the world you're in. If 
    you can score 1000 points in a world (that is, if you get 100 points in every 
    one of its ten levels, extra included), the word "PERFECT" will appear briefly 
    on the level selection screen, and a star will appear next to the title in the 
    game selection screen and in the title screen for Yoshi's Island. Therefore, a 
    total of six stars can be obtained, showing your mastery of the game. 
    However, there's still something for those persistent enough to get the grand 
    total of 6,000 points available in the game. When the result has been 
    achieved, a secret ending scene will be triggered, showing a group of prancing 
    Yoshis and a message that will say you're the (insert number here)th Yoshi to 
    visit Yoshi's Island. Although not officially confirmed, the number shown 
    probably represents the number of lives you've used to get to the end of your 
    This guide was created to help you find your way through the six secret levels 
    of Yoshi's Island. It provides complete walktroughs, and it will focus 
    especially on finding all the red coins and flowers that you need to achieve a 
    perfect score at the end of each level. I hope you can make it without my 
    help, but in case you're stuck, well, look no further than here. And most of 
    all, have fun. 
                                      ~SECRET 1~
                                ~Exercise in the Skies~
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    As a warm-up to the secret levels, this one is even too hard. A series of 
    rapidly moving platforms, extreme balancing sections, and a brutal final 
    section will probably make more than one player scream in frustration. But 
    once you get the feeling for the level, it proves no harder than some regular 
    World 5 and 6 levels.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Go right and jump on the red platform. At the top of its movement, jump to 
    make it on the platform above. Now ride the next red platform, and stay on it 
    until it gets to a U-shaped rail. Now, when it's going up on the left, jump to 
    reach a series of red platforms. Use them to go up, collecting the coins, and 
    at the top left you'll find a [red coin]. From here, use a couple of eggs to 
    pop the winged cloud and get the first [flower].
    Now fall on the right of the thin walls, and you'll land on a red platform. It 
    will take you to the right. When it leaves the rail, it will start falling and 
    take you to a small platform with two [red coins] above it. When you see the 
    platform, quickly jump and hover past it, then fall back on the platform 
    that's coming from below. At the top of its movement, jump as high as you can. 
    If you made it right, you'll reach an area in the sky.
    In this area, press the red switch, then run to the right. Be very careful not 
    to step on grey platforms while you go right, because they'll fall if you do. 
    So step only on the red "!" blocks, and when you get to the second [flower], 
    come back using the grey platforms. This area also contains 4 [red coins]. 
    When you go back down, touch the Middle Ring and enter the door.
    Get the eggs if you need them, then step on the rotating wheel and stand on 
    its right half to make it roll to the right. Along the rail you'll find 3 [red 
    coins] and a 1-up in the winged cloud. When the rail ends, wait for the cactus 
    to shoot, then shoot it to stun it for several moments. Now quickly start 
    moving the next wheel to the right. The winged cloud holds the third [flower]. 
    When you reach the door, don't enter it - instead, throw eggs at the dirt wall 
    on the right to create a passage, and go there. Press right to find a secret 
    Use the red platform, and at its top jump to get to the wheel above. Now 
    carefully balance yourself as the wheel rolls down the rail, and collect the 
    three [red coins] here. When you're done, jump left to the cloud, and go left 
    to return to the previous area. Enter the door.
    Those two winged clouds both hold stars, but it's hard to get them as you roll 
    down on the wheel. Use the next wheel to collect two [red coins] among the 
    gold ones, and at the end of the rail, jump on the red platform. At its top, 
    jump up and hover to the right to find another red platform. Ride it down and, 
    when it goes back upwards, jump through the wooden platform to find the fourth 
    [flower]. Go up, touch the Middle Ring, and exit right.
    Use the winged cloud for stars or coins, then step on the boulders below to 
    make one of them fall. Go down and prepare for the hardest section in the 
    level. Board the red platform and stay low to avoid trouble. After a row of 
    coins (two of which [red]), the platform will leave the rail. Jump between the 
    boulders and quickly collect the two [red coins], then board the next 
    platform. It will take you to the final [red coin], and the final [flower]. 
    Now comes the true hard part. You have to use the thin platforms to go up, but 
    while you climb, huge boulders will slowly come down from above, blocking your 
    path. You only have one chance to use each thin platform, so the trick here is 
    to float as much as you can. This way, the screen will scroll upwards and 
    boulders will fall, freeing the way up above. You should also use boulders as 
    steps to make difficult jumps. You'll probably need to try this more than 
    At the end of this mad climb you'll get to a dirt platform with a red switch 
    on it. Press the red switch and quickly use the red blocks to go up, but 
    beware because boulders will also fall here. Past this section is the goal.
                                      ~SECRET 2~
                                ~Mystery of the Castle?~
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    A very convoluted castle stage, full of spikes and side paths. Exploring this 
    level will probably take more than one try, but in the end, this is arguably 
    one of the easiest secret levels, so don't give up.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The first section is pretty simple. Just hover to the left, past the spikes, 
    and eat the bats for eggs. Two [red coins] are found here, one of which is at 
    the top of the last group. You'll need an egg to get it. Also at the end of a 
    jump you may uncover a winged cloud containing starts, but it's hard to get 
    them. At the end of the room, stock up on eggs and enter the pipe.
    Go up and shoot the yellow platform to unfold it, and use it to go up. Take 
    the two coins, one of which is [red], and shoot the [red coin] in the narrow 
    passage above. Go still up, and wait for the pitcher to run out of eggs before 
    you proceed up and through the door.
    You'll have to be extremely careful here, because the floor is completely 
    covered with spikes. Go right, and when you get to the pitcher, wait for him 
    to run out of eggs. Go right and shoot the green flip block to flip the green 
    spiky platforms. Now go right, but be very careful because a pitcher is 
    waiting for you below the second platform. If you move out of the way, he'll 
    shoot the green switch and most probably screw it all up. Jump on his eggs to 
    make sure they can't reach the switch, and when he's out of them, shoot the 
    red flip block and go right, then down. Here, the platforms will sink into the 
    lava in their movements, so you'll have to pay attention. Step on a platform 
    when it comes out of the lava, then wait for it to go down, and before you 
    touch the lava, jump and float to make it on the next platform. Shoot the 
    colored blocks to create platforms, but note that the second block will create 
    a platform that will also sink into the lava. Above it is the first [flower]. 
    Collect it and go through the door.
    You're back in the previous room. Go right and up, touching the Middle Ring as 
    you go, and enter the pipe at the upper left. Stock up on eggs, then shoot 
    through the dirt cluster above to make at least one boxer fall. Wait for him 
    to come right, then bounce on him and hover to reach the two [red coins] and 
    the door above. Enter the door.
    Pay attention to the ceiling. You will see two different pieces, and a 
    breakable block between them. Shoot it to break it and a small bouncy arrow 
    will fall. Jump on the ceiling and go right to enter a hidden pipe. Inside, 
    jump over the two evil flowers and they will hit the walls, killing themselves 
    and revealing the second [flower]. Take it and exit. Jump in the second thin 
    passage from the left to reveal a hidden winged cloud with stars, then enter 
    the door. Use the bouncy arrows to collect the coins (two [red]), and find the 
    two winged clouds containing stars (left) and a 1-up (right). Now exit, go 
    right, and enter the next door. From here, it's up the pipe on the right.
    Collect the eggs and touch the Middle Ring. Go up and left, past the one-way 
    gate, and shoot the dirt cluster. Now go up and board the red platform, and 
    jump at the top of its movement to reach the upper zone. Use the yellow 
    platforms to go up, and be careful of the spikes and the flames. Especially 
    between the first two yellow platforms, make a low jump to make sure you don't 
    hit the spikes above. At the top, hit the winged cloud for a 1-up. Go right 
    and past the Koopas, then eat one of them. Carry its shell up and left, then 
    release it before the thin platforms and follow it to see it collect the third 
    [flower] for you. Do the same with another Koopa shell for another 1-up from 
    the winged cloud. Now proceed to the right, then up for a [red coin], then 
    down. This area is full of bandits, so be careful in your jumps. One of them 
    has a [red coin]. Descend to the bottom and go left. Use the bouncy arrow and 
    destroy the breakable blocks above to release a strange, rubbery creature. 
    Jump on it and it will allow you to move to the left, over the spikes. This 
    path will lead you to a key. Press Down to get rid of the rubber guy, and go 
    right. Break the blocks in the floor and eat the round arrow platform. Release 
    it on the right, and use it to go up and get the two [red coins] between the 
    thin platforms. Now eat the round arrow platform again, and go up and left. 
    You'll come to a bed of spikes. Use the arrow platform to go left and up to a 
    locked door. Enter it.
    Touch the Middle Ring and collect the eggs. Eat the white arrow platform and 
    release it at ground level. Shoot it to make it rotate, and ride it to the 
    right. Here, rotate it again (or get the other platform) and go down, shooting 
    the fourth [flower] as you go. At the bottom, rotate the platform once more 
    and go left. At the end, stock up on eggs and go up. Eat the arrow platform 
    and use eggs to destroy the three leftmost spikes above. Go right and use the 
    platform to collect two [red coins], then return to the platforms on the left 
    and use the arrow platform to go up through the hole you created. Activate 
    your target and hold it above your head. When you're almost touching the 
    yellow jelly, shoot an egg to rotate the arrow platform and make it go to the 
    right. Enter the door below.
    Press the red switch and quickly run to the right. The coins between the 
    platforms hide five [red coins], and near the end of the lava pool is the 
    final [flower]. You'll probably have to float to reach safe ground at the end. 
    Now enter the door and you'll be back to the room with the rotating arrows. 
    This time, just go down, left, up and to the right to the easy-to-reach door. 
    Enter it. Back in the high room, go to the bottom, break the blocks, and enter 
    the pipe. Now go right, grab the final [red coin] from the Shy Guy before he 
    flies away, and hit the goal.
                                      ~SECRET 3~ 
                                  ~Go! Go! Morphing!~
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    This unique level features all the morphings available in the game, and throws 
    them up together to create some very bizarre combinations that will lead you 
    to exceptionally well-hidden treasures. However, thanks to a short morphing 
    time, slightly sluggish controls, and once-in-a-level opportunities to get 
    your hands on some collectibles, it can easily get on your nerves. But it's 
    great fun to use morphings in new ways, and it's nice to see that the car 
    morph geats a second appearance.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Immediately drop into the water, and go right to collect the [red coin] in the 
    row of gold coins. Eat the frog from below. Go back, then go right to the egg 
    block, and from there jump and hover to the left to reach the platform above 
    the entrance. Here you'll find a secret winged cloud with a 1-up. Return to 
    the egg block and jump up and left on the platform for another secret winged 
    cloud, this one holding stars. Go right, kill the piranha plant, and proceed 
    to the next winged cloud, which has some more stars for you. Go ahead, and 
    eventually you'll find a red coin just before a one-way gate. Go through the 
    gate and up. Eat the frogs and shoot the winged cloud for stars, then jump and 
    float to the left to find a single [red coin]. Kill the three piranha plants 
    to get access to a [red coin], then go down, touch the Middle Ring, and go 
    right to the next area.
    Get the submarine morph and go left for a [red coin], then back and down. Go 
    around the block anti-clockwise for a [red coin], and take the morph. Go 
    right, and as soon as the wall finishes above you, go up and into the tiny 
    passage on the left. This way, you'll get the first [flower] and another 
    morph. Proceed, collecting the [red coin] in the following group, and yet 
    another morph. Before the next morph you'll find three [red coins]. Renew your 
    transformation, then go round the spinning maces and down on the right to find 
    a passage with a [red coin]. Go round the spinning maces again, and you should 
    barely reach the transfer block. Go up to touch the Middle Ring, then go 
    through the door.
    Use the bouncy arrow to go up, and shoot the winged cloud. Morph into a train 
    and enter the nearby rail. Take the first left, ignore the second crossroads, 
    and at the third, go still left. Then, it's right and up to the end of the 
    railway. You'll touch a transfer block as you fall. Jump up and left to 
    collect the second [flower]. Go back to ground level and take the first train 
    morph you'll see on the right. Stay on the right and you'll enter a spiraling 
    path. When the road splits into two, go up to find a [red coin] on the tracks, 
    then go on until the railway ends. Press the red switch and quickly travel to 
    the far right, where a transfer block awaits. Go up and through the Middle 
    Ring, then enter the door.
    Now comes the hard part. Morph into a mole and climb down the wall on the 
    left, then when you get to the opening, enter it and start digging. Go up to 
    reach the third [flower], then quickly go back down and dig to the transfer 
    block. From here you'll immediately fall on a helicopter morph. Now things 
    will get tough. It is important that you IGNORE all those gold coins. Follow 
    them, collecting some on the way, but don't try to get them all. Remember, 
    until you hit a transfer block, should the timer run out you'll be returned to 
    the helicopter morph, from where you'll fall to your doom. So, fly to the 
    right and you'll come to a mole morph. Use it, then quickly go left, down the 
    wall, and into the dirt cluster. There are three [red coins] here, but your 
    main concern is to get the next morph in the cluster. Get the first red coin 
    in the first group of coins, then go down and dig to the right, then up to the 
    morph. The other two red coins are nearby. When you have them, go down and to 
    the transfer block.
    Whew! Time to hit another Middle Ring. Go down on the right to find a hidden 
    cloud with a 1-up, then go back up and left. There's a winged cloud just below 
    where the Middle Ring was. Hit it for a mole morph. Morph and enter the dirt 
    cluster below. Dig until you see four coins in a square opening, and at that 
    point, dig all the dirt around. Your morph will end soon, but don't worry. Now 
    go down to the bottom, right, and shoot the dirt above you. Then, go right for 
    a [red coin]. Come back to where the dirt was, and shoot the winged cloud 
    above you for a helicopter morph. Now fly up the passage you cleared and make 
    your way through the tunnel to the fourth [flower], then you'll be returned to 
    where the morph was. 
    Now go left, eat the three tiny creatures, and use the bouncy arrows to go up. 
    Go slightly right and on the platform, and shoot the [red coin] above. Now go 
    down to find a winged cloud with a mole morph. Now you'll have to go right, 
    down the wall, and on the ceiling below to reach another chopper morph. When 
    you have it, fly to the left. When you're into open space, go down and fly 
    _below_ the wall and to the right. At the end you'll find the final [flower]. 
    Then, you'll be returned to solid ground.
    From now on, you don't have to worry about not making it in time, because in 
    the last part of the level, morph bubbles will respawn should you not reach 
    the transfer block in time. So, go where the Middle Ring was and go right. 
    Morph into a car and go into the tiny passage. What you have to do now is ride 
    the moving platforms until you get to the high ground on the far right. To do 
    this, you must drop from a platform on another when the second is at its 
    lowest possible point. It's not that easy, so if you fall, try again, then if 
    you still can't do it, let the transformation wear out before you retry. When 
    you finally get back on the ground, proceed to find the last three [red 
    coins]. Watch out for the one-way gate on the ground, or you'll have to do it 
    all again. When you finally make it to the transfer block, go a little to the 
    right to find the goal.
                                      ~SECRET 4~
                              ~Fight Toadies w/ Toadies~
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    An entertaining level that will see you bouncing and floating your heart out, 
    trying to get height to reach new zones. Some clever secrets have been 
    scattered here and there, and there's a fast and furious final section that 
    will test your jumping skills to their fullest. Not that hard altogether.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    In this first section, you'll have to clear the gaps between the platforms by 
    bouncing on the Koopa Paratroopas. The first winged cloud has some stars, and 
    you'll find the first [flower] at the end of the second gap. After that, 
    you'll find the Bullet Bills. Go to the far right and down to find 2 [red 
    coins], then you'll have to make it to the top of the shaft by bouncing on the 
    Bullet Bills. A particularly tricky part will see you bouncing on two Bullet 
    Bills in sequence, with no platform between them. If the upper one shots 
    before the lower one, you'll have to bounce on the lower one and float while 
    waiting for the upper Bill to shoot again. At the top, collect the coins to 
    find a [red] one, and float to the passage on the left to find a secret winged 
    cloud with a 1-up. Go right, touch the Middle Ring and proceed.
    At the beginning of the next section you'll have to bounce on Shy Guys on 
    stilts to get past the spiked floor. Then, you'll find a large pit. Balloons 
    will raise from above, and you can use them to go up, but for now, just go to 
    the right side of the pit, where you'll find an opening in the wall. Eat a 
    Koopa before entering this passage, then go right and bounce on the Paratroopa 
    to get on top of the wall. Go left and drop the Koopa shell so that it hits 
    the winged cloud, releasing a door. Enter it.
    Kick the Koopa shell and run after it. This way, you'll see it hit every 
    balloon, racking up some extra lives for you, until it passes through a narrow 
    opening and gets the second [flower]. Now exit through the pipe and go back 
    left, and this time, use the balloons to go up. At the top, go right. Soon 
    you'll come to another spiked floor. To clear it, hit the Shy Guys on stilts 
    from the front until at least one falls over the spikes. Then, bounce on him 
    and float upwards. You'll find two [red coins] and the third [flower], which 
    you have to get using eggs. Now fall through the one-way gate. On a mushroom 
    at the bottom-right part of this pit is a winged cloud with a 1-up. Take it or 
    leave it, then proceed right.
    Touch the Middle Ring and prepare for a nasty section. Fuzzies are everywhere, 
    and you also have to stand on unstable platforms. Stay in the middle of them, 
    or they'll fall soon after you've stepped on their edges. At one point, you'll 
    also have to bounce on a Bullet Bill to clear a wide gap, only to land on yet 
    another unstable platform. After that, you'll have to go through a series of 
    narrow platforms, and get past an immense gap with the aid of Koopa 
    Paratroopas. A total of ten [red coins] await to be collected in this area. 
    When you finally reach solid ground, continue right.
    Touch the Middle Ring and make the difficult jump by bouncing on the 
    Paratroopa. Watch out not to float right on those spikes! You'll also get the 
    fourth [flower], and two [red coins]. Now the screen will start to 
    automatically scroll to the right. There's a series of platforms here, and on 
    almost every one of them there's a Bullet Bill ready to shoot! Don't jump too 
    soon or you'll almost surely get hit. When you come to a section where moving 
    platforms get you to single coins, grab the third coin, for it is a [red] one. 
    When the Bullet Bills are over, there's one last fall-and-bounce that will 
    lead you to the final [flower] and [red coins] - and to the goal.
                                      ~SECRET 5~
                                   ~Items are fun!~
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    The design of this level is incredible. With the goal in the second screen and 
    no apparent solution to some out-of-reach items, it's sure to have you 
    wandering around for a while. And there's an awesome secret that can leave you 
    scratching your head for days to come. Yet, once you find the solution, 
    everything will suddenly become easy. This is quite possibly the easiest 
    secret level, but it's also a brain teaser. 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Eat the green watermelon on your left, then go right, shooting enemies. When 
    you see the winged cloud, shoot it for stars, then stand on the step and float 
    to the left to uncover another winged cloud. Collect the stars and proceed 
    right. Now, bounce on the penguin and steal her children, then enter the pipe.
    Go left and past the penguin (steal her children too, if you can). Go to the 
    end of the platform and shoot a penguin to the group of coins, one of which is 
    [red]. The penguin will come back to you! Now go to the far right and do the 
    same to catch the first [flower]. Now, collect the [red coin] and the two gold 
    coins, then press the red switch and step on the platform that will appear. 
    Now wait for the timer to run out. When you hear the last sound of the 
    countdown, jump and float. The blocks above you will disappear, allowing you 
    to get up to the switch. Press it and go up, collecting the [red coin] in the 
    highest group, then stand on the green pipe and jump up and past the wall. 
    Behind it is a secret winged cloud with stars. Now go back upon the wall, and 
    jump left towards the other wall. Go left until you fall, and proceed to the 
    pipe entrance. Enter the pipe to find a room with two bandits, two green 
    watermelons, and lots of winged clouds. Most clouds contain 1-ups. Eat a 
    watermelon and jump to get the bandits' attention, then stand below the middle 
    opening and shoot them for a ton of extra lives! Watch out tough, as one of 
    the clouds on the right also hides a bandit. If you need it, a third 
    watermelon can be found in the rightmost cloud. You can even re-enter this 
    room to rack up as many extra lives as you wish! When you're done here, exit, 
    fall down and float, and return to the red switches. This time, enter the pipe 
    at the top.
    This room is very important, and you'll have to return here two more times 
    later on. For now, use the bouncy arrow to go up, and shoot the winged cloud 
    to make a door appear. Make sure it lands on the dirt below, then enter it. 
    Before entering the next door, notice the red blocks around the walls.
    In this snowy area, go as far to the right as you can, shoot the winged cloud, 
    and eat the red watermelon. Now go left and up the wall, and when you get to 
    an ice block containing a small bird, melt it with fire to get access to the 
    upside-down pipe. Enter it. Watch your steps in this slippery room, but don't 
    worry too much - if you fall, you'll be back to the room below. Get the two 
    [red coins] on the upper right, then eat the red watermelon below. Use it to 
    unfreeze the second [flower], and the exit pipe. Back in the previous area, go 
    to the rightmost pipe and enter it. Also enter the next one and you'll find a 
    Middle Ring. Go down the first pipe and use the bouncy arrow and the green 
    watermelon there to collect some extra lives and stars and, what's more 
    important, the key. Now go back up and exit through the upside-down pipe.
    Now you're above the entry area! Steal the two penguins and grab the 1-up from 
    the flying Shy Guy, then start digging in the dirt. You'll find two [red 
    coins] and some secret winged clouds, containing stars and 1-ups. Along the 
    right wall you'll find a cloud with a door inside. Enter this door and you'll 
    find a roomful of bandits. Shoot them with penguins to defeat them, and you'll 
    obtain two [red coins] and the third [flower]. Now exit and return to the room 
    past the red switches. This time, you'll want to get to the red switch first. 
    When you're there, dig the thin dirt platform above, then hit the switch. Now 
    quickly shoot the winged cloud to make the door fall to a red platform. Enter 
    it. Notice that the blocks are yellow now? It's the second of three different 
    passages in this room. Go through the door.
    Eat the red watermelon and use it to unfreeze the icy one. Get rid of your 
    fiery breath, and eat the icy fruit. Now go right until you get to the last 
    pipe. From here, jump left and go in that direction until the two [red coins] 
    at the end of the area, then go back to the pipe. Climb on the ice cubes on 
    the right, and freeze the enemies there with ONE breath. Once they're frozen, 
    bounce on them and float above the wall. Now proceed to the right with the 
    ski-lifts, collecting the two [red coins], and at the end fall down. Use the 
    red switch to create a platform, and freeze and defeat the two monsters to 
    find the fourth [flower]. Now exit through the usual route, ignoring the 
    locked door, and return to the underground room with the door in the cloud. 
    This time, you want the door to be on the ground at the bottom of the room. 
    The intersection room will have green blocks.
    In the snowy area, enter the first small pipe you'll find. Here, eat the red 
    watermelon, and prepare to use it wisely. With every watermelon you get here, 
    you'll have to use one breath to unfreeze the subsequent watermelon, and the 
    other two to create steps to go upwards, to the top of the room. So now, eat 
    the watermelon, bounce on the arrow, and melt the ice cube left of the one 
    containing the watermelon. Now, unfreeze the red fruit, then use your last 
    fiery breath to melt the block left of the upper watermelon. Collect the [red 
    coin] there, and eat the second watermelon. Keep going upwards, using the 
    first fiery breath to unfreeze a watermelon, then the other two to make room 
    for you to proceed. At the top you'll find a [red coin], and the final 
    [flower]. Now go back down and exit. 
    Go right and above the pipe. On the right is a secret winged cloud with stars, 
    if you need them. Go over the left wall and to the left for a [red coin], then 
    down the rightmost pipe. This time, open the locked door. You'll find a room 
    with a Middle Ring, then you'll be above the area right of the level entrance. 
    Go to the far left to find a secret winged cloud with stars if you still need 
    them, then dig into the dirt to find the final four [red coins]. At the 
    bottom, go right and straight to the goal.
                                      ~SECRET 6~
                               ~Endless World of Yoshis~
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The final - and most frustrating - secret level in the game. It will go hard 
    on you since the get-go, and will provide you with tough puzzles and some 
    totally cruel jumping sections. Completing this level will take a while, since 
    it's both long and difficult, with a lot of rooms and spikes, and lava 
    everywhere you turn. But if you can actually complete it, only the extra 
    levels can offer you a higher degree of challenge.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The first section is an automatic side-scroller, so start moving now. Watch 
    out for the Shy Guys on the first few platforms. The high pole you'll find 
    before the first group of three coins can be pounded for a [red coin], and 
    you'll find another [red coin] in the middle of the second group of three. 
    Look out for missiles from the three balloons, and be ready to shoot a piranha 
    plant after them. Now comes the really hard part, with a lot of Wigglers 
    coming from the right at various altitudes, the screen scrolling at high 
    speed, and narrow platforms to navigate. Float a lot to make it past this 
    section, and the scrolling will slow down a bit. Now you can use eggs to 
    defeat the spear Shy Guys, or just jump behind them and eat them. The group of 
    coins holds another [red] one. Don't touch the Middle Ring yet, but jump on 
    the wall on the right and uncover a secret winged cloud with stars. Now touch 
    the Middle Ring and go down the pipe.
    This section is pure hell, as you have to fall down a long way while avoiding 
    a lot of deadly spikes. Float like mad if you want to stand a chance, but be 
    prepared to lose some lives. Also know that you'll have to repeat this section 
    twice more. If and when you make it to the bottom, ignore the Middle Ring and 
    go right. Watch out for the Bone Fish from below, and for bouncing fireballs 
    from the right. Maneuver well or you'll most likely fall into the lava, and 
    get the [red coin] along the way. At the far right is a door. In the next 
    room, enter the upper door.
    Hit the winged cloud for stars, then go left, collecting coins. The lone coin 
    suspended above the spikes is [red]. Watch out for the sparks, although 
    they're fairly easy to avoid. After this, you'll have to fall back down 
    through the spike pit. At the bottom, go left, collecting the [red coin] and 
    avoiding the lava spitters and the Bullet Bills, until the door. As before, 
    enter the upper door. Repeat the same pattern here, only blind ghosts will 
    take the place of sparks. After a [red coin] and another fall past the spikes, 
    touch the Middle Ring and go right again. Past the first door, ignore the 
    upper one and go for the one on the left. Here, take the upper exit.
    Go left and push the rubbery block towards the spike hole, then pound it to 
    stretch it. Position it so that it covers the hole, then shoot the winged 
    cloud. Activate the red switch that'll appear and quickly push the rubbery 
    platform to the left and against the wall, so that it returns as before. Use 
    it to reach the first [flower] above. Now return to the entrance and shoot the 
    winged cloud to create a giant flower ladder, and continue up there. Eat the 
    green watermelon and use the bouncy arrow to go up. Here, shoot the three 
    batters to collect the coins (one is [red]). Then, go back down and shoot the 
    two coins on the right (one is [red]). Be careful of the seed-spitting 
    monkeys. When you're done, go left and through the one-way gate. Go up until 
    you find a Chomp Rock. Push it down on the left, then _slowly_ push it down on 
    the right. Here, push it towards the batter and he'll hit the boulder, making 
    it roll to the right and uncovering a secret winged cloud. Shoot it to create 
    another giant flower. At the top here is a key, and a Middle Ring. When you're 
    done, exit through the door.
    Back in the lava room, go left and through the door, then through the door on 
    the right. Now enter the upper door to reach another area. Go right and you'll 
    see the second [flower] on top of the wall. You can shoot it with an egg 
    (recommended) or wait for a Shy Guy to come near you and jump. When he's 
    jumping, bounce on him and float above. It's an absolutely millimetric jump, 
    so shooting is easier and faster. When you have the flower, go back to the 
    entrance and shoot the winged cloud to make a flower grow. Go up and you'll 
    find two bubble makers. Jump on them while they're facing right to make them 
    spit out bubbles, and bounce on the bubbles to reach the three coins above the 
    wall (one is [red]). Now go right and through the one-way gate, and into the 
    door. Back again in the lava room, go to either door and choose the opposite 
    lower door twice. You'll get to a room with a locked door. Enter it.
    Fall down and you'll find a Chomp Rock. You have to ride it past the spiked 
    floor. Shoot an egg at the coin above the pit for it is [red], then jump over 
    the wall and go down the pipe. Now, ignore the Middle Ring and eat (but don't 
    swallow) the stretched Shy Guy you'll find. Take it below the Middle Ring and 
    spit him out at the base of the steps going left. Here, wait for him to face 
    left, then jump on him. He'll spit some bullets and collect the third [flower] 
    for you. Now swallow all the Shy guys there, then carefully push the Chomp 
    Rock to the right. You want to do this slowly, so that you can position the 
    Rock on the one-way gate to keep it open. When it's in position, go right and 
    you'll see a winged cloud behind a one-way gate. Wait for the gate to open, 
    and shoot the cloud to get a key. Return to the left with Chomp Rock, touch 
    the Middle Ring, and go up and through the door.
    Here comes a very nasty area. You have to cross it as Super Baby Mario to 
    collect all the [red coins], but the road is long and the stars last very 
    short. You have to run around each platform but the first one in order to 
    collect the red coins. If you know you're not going to make it, make sure 
    you're on the upper half of a platform when the star power runs out, so that 
    you can go back to the entrance and get another star. When you've cleared the 
    round platforms, you'll find a short flat one, then you'll have to float past 
    a long row of gold coins. If you get past this, run right and up to get a red 
    coin, then quickly go back before the spikes and drop into the shaft for 
    another red coin at the bottom of a row of coins. Above the nearby spikes is 
    one more red coin, then you can hit the dotted block for coins until the timer 
    runs out. You should have collected a total of seven red coins in this area. 
    Now ride Poochy to the right (all coins here are gold) and exit through the 
    Go right through the one-way gate, then eat the watermelon and go up and left. 
    Shoot the batter there to get one [red coin] and a 1-up from the winged cloud, 
    then proceed right. Shoot the batter and he'll send your egg against the 
    catcher up there. The pitcher will fall on the spikes below, so you quickly 
    step down on the left. This way, the pitcher will try to shoot you and he'll 
    collect the fourth [flower] for you. Now go up and right and you'll come to a 
    moving platform on a rail. Ride it upwards and watch out for the many pitchers 
    that will try to knock you down. When you reach the big bouncy arrow, don't 
    use it, but fall on the right. Below the platform with the pitcher is a 
    passage leading right. Follow it and you'll find the final [red coin]. Stand 
    on the highest mushroom and wait for a pitcher to shoot you, then jump and 
    bounce on the egg to reach the upper section. Here, use the bouncy arrow.
    Almost there! This is a replica of the final section of World 1-1, but this 
    time around, Kamek will kick in to spoil an otherwise easy party. Avoid him 
    and you'll eventually come to three winged clouds. The middle one has the 
    final [flower], and the goal is a little to the right.  
    4. CREDITS
    Thanks to...
    Nintendo Co., Ltd for releasing their most appreciated - and rightly so - 
    Super Nintendo platform game on the Game Boy Advance. Going back through 
    Yoshi's Island proved satisfactory enough even today, seven years and tons of 
    3D after the original Super NES release.
    CJayC for keeping up GameFAQs, without a doubt the most significant FAQ site 
    on the Web. Also thanks for posting nearly all my FAQs on the site.
                                 ~Yoshi's Island FAQ~
                            Copyright Efrem Orizzonte 2002

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