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    * Super Mario World Two: Yoshi's Island FAQ\Help Guide *
    Author: Jdude84
    E-Mail: Jdude84@hotmail.com
    Version: 1.5 (FINAL)
    Version History
    July 31st, 1999 - Started This FAQ, Everything's New!
    November 16th, 1999 - In an attempt to make this worth reading, i added a boss 
    guide which should help a bit, and i also re-formatted the faq to look a bit 
    better IMO. Final Version
    1) Tips And Tricks
    2) Game Genie Codes
    3) Boss Guide
    4) Credits
    5) Legal Stuff
    6) End
    1) Tips And Tricks
    Bearded Yoshi 
    At the title screen press: UP, UP, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. Yoshi will have a 
    beard and be wearing sneakers. 
    Submitted by Ronald Lopez
    Bonus Games 
    To play the bonus games at any time, hold Select and press X, X, Y, B, A on the 
    map screen. A menu will appear with all of the mini-battles, two of which can be 
    played against another person. 
    Bonus Levels 
    At the end of every world there are two question mark boxes. When you get a 100 
    on every level on that world those two levels will appear. 
    Submitted by Steve Meyer (SMeyer9861@Aol.com)
    Extra Lives on World 1-7 
    For nearly unlimited lives in world 1, try this: 
    Grab one of those baddies that roll up in a ball. 
    When you get to a point where you see the middle ring, don't go to it. Instead, 
    go to the other side of the pipe that you just went pass. 
    When shyguys start coming out the pipe, spit the ball out. 
    Grab the ball before it stops rolling. Repeat the same process over and over 
    until you gain some men. 
    If you wait until the ball stops you'll have to do the process again. The same 
    thing goes if you destroy the ball and you'll have to grab another one. 
    Another problem is if you're not standing on the right spot. If you're not, the 
    ball will go over the pipe instead of bouncing back and forth between the pipe 
    and the stuff you can destroy with your eggs or by ground pound. 
    Submitted by Michael Moran
    Extra Lives on World 4-1 
    To gain all the lives you want, try this: 
    On Stage 4-1 (with at least 3 eggs [maximum 5 eggs]), grab a shell. But do not 
    make a egg out of it. 
    When you get to a point where there's two tunnels with piranha plants, kill the 
    plants with the eggs. 
    Stand on the tunnel facing the pipe with the shyguys jumping out. 
    Make sure that the shyguys are jumping out the tunnel. Then spit the shell out. 
    The shell should go back and fourth between the shyguy pipe and the pipe that 
    you're standing on killing the shyguys coming out the pipe. 
    Be careful, because if a shyguy is standing too close to a pipe and the shell 
    hits it, the shell and the shyguy will be destroyed. 
    Find a Hidden Beanstalk 
    When you are on level 1-7 at the end after you have gone through the tunnel, 
    there is a log. Go to the top tip of the log and jump. Then a bouncey ball will 
    come out. Jump on that and you will go up. Then go to the left and roll the 
    rock. A question mark will appear hit that and you will go up a beanstalk. 
    Hidden Door 
    In Sluggy the Unshaven's Fort, go in the door at your left at the start. Next, 
    use a POW or ? bubble item. A door will appear. Go through it to recieve a 
    secret code! 
    Submitted by Timothy Karplus (pak4@cornell.edu)
    Raphael's Train 
    On level 5-8, most people cannot get 100 points because they're missing a flower 
    and a few red coins. To find these, get to the second rotating wooden beam, and 
    jump in the gap between the beam and solid ground. You'll find a train room. 
    Hold Y to accelarate, and drive around the tracks to collect a flower and some 
    red coins. 
    Submitted by Timothy K. (andy@penelope.bio.cornell.edu)
    2) Game Genie Codes
    C2EE-649F       Infinite lives
    C23F-ADDD       Star timer doesn't decrease when hit
    D9B7-0023       Start with 5 lives
    DCB7-0023       Start with 10 lives
    FBB7-0023       Start with 25 lives
    74B7-0023       Start with 50 lives
    17B7-0023       Start with 99 lives
    DC36-010D       Continue with 5 lives
    FB36-010D       Continue with 10 lives
    7436-010D       Continue with 25 lives
    1736-010D       Continue with 50 lives
    1736-010D       Continue with 99 lives
    1D26-AFA1       Power-ups don't get used up
    D98A-AF7B       Red !'s stay on for over twice as long
    DB8A-AF7B       Red !'s stay on for over four times as long
    5E8A-AF7B       Red !'s stay on for a very, very long time
    C2C8-A465       After using the magnifying glass, hidden items are always 
    CB69-006D + 3069-00AD                   All levels are completed with 100 points
    CB8A-64D5 + 108A-6405 + 3C8A-6465       Always score 100 points
    3) Boss Guide
    World 1-4 
    The start of the easy bosses begin! Here you need to hit the big dope
    with 6 eggs, and simply move around to avoid him jumping on you. If you
    run out of eggs the eggplant nearby can assist you.
    World 1-8
    VERY Similar to the before boss, six hits again, only this time yellow
    slime guys fall form the ceiling trying to hit you, which you in turn,
    can eat for ammo. Very simple, if the first boss was easy.
    World 2-4
    Here you battle a ghost, and as we all know from the days of mario, a
    ghost will 'dissapear' if you look at it. So, look away, and bank an egg
    at the guy. He gets bigger and bigger so watch out, you can also use the
    bats for ammo. 5 hits will dipose of him.
    World 2-8
    Strangely, this is the easiest boss in the game, and you don't even need
    eggs! All you have to do is push it off the cliff before it pushes you off.
    It's you against two shy guys, so you know this is an easy fight.
    World 3-4
    This is fun, but yes, easy. You are INSIDE a frog's throat, and you have to
    hit the little ball at the top. Simply dodge the incoming food, turn the shy
    guys into eggs, and instand ammo. Eight hits will make lil' froggy croak!
    World 3-8
    Very similar to the boss in 2-4. Here you must his a pihrana plant THREE times
    on the band-aid on it's naval. Use the water skimming trick you learn earlier in
    the game.
    World 4-4
    This is pathetic. Here you face 2 huge kirby like creatures, slam them to make
    smaller creatures, those to make them even smaller, etc, etc. Really sad, as 
    don't attack, just walk around.
    World 4-8
    Kinda fun, really easy. You need to hit this turtle 3 times before he'll crack.
    To hit him, hit him 3 times with an egg to flip him on his backside. Then, slam
    him once, which is a 'hit'. Repeat three times to win. Also, bounce on his small
    head and he will cough out eggs.
    World 5-4
    Yawn, do i really have to write this up? Ok, there is an eggplant nearby for 
    and you have to repeatadly hit the blubber guy until his heart is exposed, which 
    must then hit. Repeat this 3 times, and he's dead. Oh well, there's always 
    World 5-8
    Ahh there is nothing more fun than killing an pudgy, ugly crow on a small globe.
    Nintendo IS creative, that's for sure. All you have to so is pound posts in so
    they appear on the other side, and hit Rapheal. This is fun, but easy, as usual.
    Oh well...
    World 6-4
    Another easy one. Here you need to destroy the blocks over the lava with eggs,
    therefore causing the big tin can to fall in. Really simple, especially since
    you've made it this far!
    Final Boss - Baby Bowser
    Bowser is divided into three stages, and presents a small challenge thankfully!
    Stage 1
    The easiest stage, here bowser takes 3 hits. You must slam the ground to make it
    go up and down, making bumps, that hit the baby king. Three times and it's onto
    the second stage.
    Stage 2
    Now bowser is REALLY big and really mad. He will throw rocks on the platform you 
    are on, making it really small. Get the eggs that float around, and hit him. It
    takes a while to get used to the different aiming, but you shouldn't have too 
    trouble. After a few hits, it's onto the final stage!
    Stage 3
    Now he's really pissed, and moves even FASTER. If that isn't enough, he throws 
    rocks, making the platform you are\were on virtually non-existant. Hitting him 
    the same, only you have MUCH less time as he is quicker, and you have to be VERY
    careful not to fall off the minute platforms. After a bit of this you'll win, 
    get to watch the cheesy ending, oh well, it was a cheesy game!
    4) Credits
    Gamesages.com - Copied Tips From Their Site.
    world-of-nintendo.com - Copied Game Genie Codes From Their Site.
    me - I wrote this very short FAQ.
    5) Legal Stuff
    You may not reproduce this faq in any way, shape, or form. Reproduction of this 
    FAQ without my consent is prohibited, this document is copyright 1999, all 
    rights reserved. The most updated version can ALWAYS be found at 
    http://www.gamefaqs.com if you are reading this FAQ from another site, and have 
    a question be SURE to check the one out at GameFAQs first before you ask. For 
    you site owners out there wondering if you can use my FAQ just e-mail me with 
    your name, e-mail, web URL, and where you found this FAQ. I'll probably give you 
    permission to use it, so don't hesitate to mail me.
    6) End
    So bye now...go see some of my other FAQs! they are all gound at 
                                            ©1999 Jdude84

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