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"Great game that you pour hours into"

Well, do you remember the classics? Oh, you don't? You were too young? Well! Hmmmmf! Here there are for you to enjoy! (Heck I wasn't even born yet!)

The concept of the games are so simple that they become an addiction. This is a series of ''6'' games with ''4'' different modes. (Well there's actually an extremely difficult star mode) The object of each game is simple. You just tap a button. There! Lets take Fire for example. What you do in Fire is you move your characters back and forth and catch the falling people. Not to complicated. BUT IT'S SO ADDICTING!

Now the game and watches have 2 modes and 2 difficulties in each mode. There is the classic mode and the modern mode. The classic mode is a direct port of the game and watches. In other words, black figures. The modern mode has better graphics and some new innovations, but none that take away from the ''classic feeling''.

All the game and watches come with an explanation for how to play them. The games also come with tips and tricks for them. So in other words, you won't have to try to figure out how to play.

Now the graphics for the Game and Watches definitely vary. As you can tell from the classic mode and the modern, there is a HUGE difference. Now, the classics is very sharp but is just black crystalline characters. The modern mode graphics on the other hand, are great! There not the best graphics but still great.

The sound and music in the Game and Watch Gallery 4 are superb. They fit the mood and the style of each came. Even the beeps in the classic mode sound great! The down fall is that the music is only in the modern mode. That's not really a down fall though considering that they are meant to be direct ports. Also, if you dislike the music, you have the option of turning it off.

The replay value in this game is extraordinary! There are many unlockables that are featured in the game to have you playing for hours to come. Some include more game and watches, the star modes, the game and watch history, and much more! Also the games are just pure fun and never get old. It is always fun to go back and try to get the high score.


Overall, Game and Watch gallery 4 is a great game that will have you coming back for more.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/19/03, Updated 06/19/03

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