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"Old School Goodness... Game & Watch Gallery Strikes Again!"


Hello everyone! As you already know, this is the fourth G&W game so far. I really like the other three versions, so I decided to try this one. For the record, it surpassed my expectations! This is my third review, so lets get down and discuss Game & Watch Gallery 4!

Game Play-9

This game is soooo fun! But also soooo difficult! If you are thinking of playing this game, then you better be prepared, because your in for a lot of patience a discipline if you are thinking of getting many stars for each game. For those of you who don't have any prior experience with any G&W(Game and Watch)games, than listen up. There are a total of six starting mini-games. Notice that I said ''mini-games,'' because they are short, but amusing little games. There are two modes you can play, classic and modern. You can also set the game to easy or hard mode.

If you look over to the right side on the menu, you will notice that are more games to play, but you just have to unlock them. How you ask? By collecting stars. In order to get stars, you must get 200 points in a single game. You can get a maximum of 5 stars on each mode. There are only 4 modes that can receive stars in each game, that would make a possibility of 20 stars per game! Starting out with six games means ending up with 120 stars(Excluding unlockable games)! Please, don't get angry that you can't get stars on certain games. Like I said before, playing this game the whole way through will require LOADS of patience and discipline. Some of them even I can't do, but I still haven't given up yet and neither should you!


G&W graphics can't be compared to PS2, Gamcube, or X-box. Why? Because the gameboy Advance doesn't use 3-D graphics in case you haven't noticed. As long as the gameboys are small. It won't have 3-D graphics! So I have no choice but to give it this.


Sounds a lot like every other G&W game. There are some new ones and some old ones. I still like them though. Old school goodness...

Time Taken

Lets just make this a simple as possible. You will have to fork over hours and hours of your valuable time to finish this game completely. I have played so far at least 22 hours(although it doesn't tell time, just a low estimated guess). But that's just me. You, on the other hand, may be better at these kinds of games and it may only take you at least 25 hours. I would say 40 hours for a normal player to fully complete everything.

Game Play-9
Time Taken-Between 22 and 50(depends on the player)
Overall Final Grade-9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/02/03

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