"Mr. Game & Watch is back, and still cool."

I remember my first Game & Watch game... Game & Watch Gallery 2 for Gameboy Color. I loved it, so I bought this game, and it is one of the best games ever for me.

The Graphics in Game & Watch Gallery 4 are nice. The Classic versions of games are exact replicas of the classic Game & Watch games. So they have very little color, but still look nice, because they are still classic. The Modern versions have average graphics. They are nothing special.

The sound in the Modern versions are very, very nice, but just a tad too repetitive. The sound in the Classic versions is pretty good, but they had to keep it at beeps and boops so it would be classic, so it is fine.

This is the best part of the game. You have a bunch of never-ending mini games to play. And there is the Modern and Classic versions. Plus, if you're real good you can play hard mode and see how you do. You collect stars from getting points in the mini games. When you get a certain number of stars you can unlock new things, even new games to play! So the gameplay is never ending and it is quite hard to unlock everything in the game.

The controls in this game are simple. Games usually require no more than the D-Pad and the A or B buttons. If you find the controls hard, go throw your Gameboy away RIGHT NOW. Okay? Good.

Replay Value-10/10
The replay value in this game is wonderful... you can play the same game over... and over... and over... and not get bored! This game would be great for long car trips.

Even though there is average graphics and repetitive sound, this game is still great.

Buy or Rent
If you like Classic games, buy. If you like newer games and you are interested in this either rent or buy Game & Watch Gallery 2 for Gameboy Color for cheap, and if you like it, buy this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/04/04

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