Review by Megaman1981

Reviewed: 04/10/05

Mario's Cement Factory? It's more like Mario's "Cookie Dough" Factory.

Nintendo made a ton of money in the late 1990's by re-releasing some of their classic Game and Watch titles from the early 1980's. All of them have been remade using Mario and his cast of characters. For those of you that don't know, Game and Watch games were sold separately, and actually looked like the Game Boy Advance does today. They were basically handheld video games that actually had a clock built right it. There are six games that have been redone for Game and Watch Gallery 4. I will describe each game. Also as a nice bonus, the classic versions are included as well, although they aren't anything to ride home about.

Fire is a very fast paced game. The object is to catch the characters as they fall out of the burning building. You have to bounce them several times in order to ensure their safety. Be careful, the characters that fall each have different speeds. Boxing is a version of Punch-Out, but with Mario characters. Luigi will box characters such as Waluigi and Wiggler. Rain Shower has several Nintendo characters in baskets on clothes lines, and Mario's job is to prevent Bowser from dropping water balloons filled with paint on them by moving the lines.

Mario's Cement Factory is all about making sure you get the yummy cookie dough into the baking ovens. Of course, our old friend Boo will try and mess you up. Donkey Kong Jr. Mario has captured Donkey Kong, and Jr. must rescue him. This game was in Game and Watch Gallery 3, but this version has better graphics. Donkey Kong 3 is a game that pits Mario vs. DK. Your job is to send Boo to DK's side of the screen.

All of these games are rather easy at the beginning, but get very hard as you earn more points. In addition, the graphics are top notch, and the music is fantastic. The graphics are better than Game and Watch Gallery 2 and 3. I must add that most of the classic versions, while nice to have, are really boring and aren't worth your time. Still you have to play them if you want to unlock everything.

Of course this game has lots of replay value. All of the games are fun, but as you get better at them, and earn more points, you can unlock more games. They include, Chef, Donkey Kong, Fire Attack, Mario Bros. and Octopus. You can also view classic Game and Watch titles, and eventually play them. They include, Bombsweeper, Climber, Lifeboat, Manhole, Mario's Bombs Away, Parachute, Safebuster, Tropical Fish, and Zelda. Unfortunately, none of these versions are updated; they are simply like their original versions. It is worth noting that there are some titles that were in the previous Game and Watch games. In all, this is the type of game that will keep you busy for months. Buy it now.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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