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    FAQ/Walkthrough (EUC) by Hairy Sniper

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    Samurai Evolution (Gameboy Advance)
    Samurai Evolution Walkthrough 
    Version 1.0
    07th August, 2003
    Unpublished work Copyright 2002 Hairy Sniper
    E-Mail: aleung3@bigpond.net.au
    1. 	Dream 
    In the beginning, the main character is sleeping and meets a girl named 咤 
    in his dream. You can now choose the sexuality of your character, male (槻) 
    or female (溺). The main story will be the same, the only difference will be 
    the choices and supporting characters appear during the game. The ending 
    script will also be different slightly. This walkthrough followed the story 
    of the male character. After that, choose "で朕が橿いから ウサギ", then 
    "酷溺に匯桑貌栽う雑の兆念で", then "このままほっておけないし" and "サクラはが便る". 
    2. 	Home 
    You wake up and have breakfast with his sister. You can choose to have 
    (サンドイッチ眉猟嵶) or (滅雑ト-カ), which are both health remedy. You will 
    then receive the encyclopedia (咤忽為親). After that, you can take the 
    elevator to go down.
    3. 	Apartment 2nd Floor 
    On 2nd floor, talk to the girl on the right hand side. She will give a 
    message from your mother 噴梧 (ト-カ), as well as a bag (弌淫), a stamp of 
    approval (咫霜) and a letter to him. Choose (縮えてくれ) and go back to your 
    home in 4th floor.  
    4.	Home 
    When you go back to your room, you will see a girl sleeping in your bed ^_^. 
    Wait! She is the girl 咤 in your dream! Choose (軟こす) to wake her up, then 
    choose (膿くつねる), (卦す) and (宛坪する). Leave the building and take your 
    first step to your hometown 叫咤脅. 
    5. 	Airport 
    Following 咤 direction, go to the airport 腎雇 (large building with a big S 
    on the roof) in the south. A man named 戦簸 tells you that the plane is not 
    ready and asks you to bring 咤 to walk around the town. 
    6. 	Town 
    Bring 咤 to visit all building in town. You must bring her to the glossary 
    shop 花 and buy her some candies. Inside the shop, choose (おいしい) and get 
    the candy (滅雑エックス). Then, bring her to the stadium 佛媾祇魁 (look like 
    a Japanese temple), which is just a little south from shop. You will find 
    you sister dueling with someone. Chat with her once she is finished. When 
    she is completed. 
    7. 	Airport 
    When you come out from the stadium, it starts to rain. You can now go back 
    to the airport 腎雇. However, 戦簸 is not there. Therefore, you have to 
    bring 咤 back to your home. In the 3rd floor of the apartment, the Sakura 
    Tree 咤雑峯 in the middle of the building will be destroyed by a group from 
    the World Uniting Association. Their leader 孅 appears and knocks out 戦簸 
    and you. He then kidnaps 咤. After孅 leaves, 戦簸 teleport the unconscious 
    you out. During your little coma, you meet a boy named 扮隻 in your dream. 
    8. 	Hospital  
    You will wake up in the 2nd floor of the hospital 匳垪. Goes to the elevator,
    and the huge TV in the room will broadcast a speech from the World Uniting 
    Association. 戦簸 then comes in and he wants you to become a Samurai 冷別 and
    give you a Medal of Sword 州嫗 and a blade. He will teach you the combat 
    commands and you just have to follow his instructions to perform attack 婉,
    change blade 偉 and other combat commands. After the training, you can pick 
    one sword from the three. It doesn't not matter which one you pick. You can 
    collect all of them later in the game (much later). 
    9. 	Town's South Side Exit 
    Leave the town from the south side exit, a samurai named 弌鑓 will appear. 
    He will challenge you for a duel. This fight is easy. Just keep using 
    special attack. After around two to three rounds, you will beat him. Choose 
    "埴と揖じ" after the fight.
    10. 	叫咤脅 to 海勸 Road 
    Leave town now and head to 海勸. Just follow the road. You can level up a 
    bit here if you want. Just fight monsters here and go back to heal inside 
    the hospital in town 叫咤脅 by talking to the girl in the right. There is a 
    samurai willing to challenge you alone the road (you can see him on the 
    screen). Sometime you will have random samurai challenge as you walk 
    outside town (like those monsters).
    11. 	2nd Town 海勸 
    Enter the next town 海勸. You will meet a girl named 恃恃直壼芝. She comes to 
    help you at the request of 戦簸. Choose "少巡しつつもついて佩く". And follows 
    her to the secret base 蜘畜児仇. Choose "だいたいOK" and "亅薦する" to get the
    quest notes "ヒミツ返嬖".  
    12. 	Spring Bath House
    Leave the secret base and enter the spring bath house 梁畑 in the north. 
    Talk to witch 喇紗旋 to learn than something strange had happened in the 
    ninja house 般宀塁 and caused the heavy rain in 海勸. This will be your first
    quest. You can talk the counter lady to restore health for free here!
    13. 	Town 海勸
    Leave the spring bath. Talk to the monk named 埼刔 near the red door like 
    structure and the man named 丐望 standing next to the ninja house in the 
    northern part of the town. You learn the secret about the stone statue in 
    front of the ninja house. 
    14. 	Apartment 2nd floor (Hometown 叫咤脅) 
    Go back to the first town 叫咤脅 and talk to the monk named 堝今 in the 2nd 
    floor of the large apartment (where your home is) to get the new stone 
    statue "キツネの墳". 
    15. 	2nd Town 海勸 
    Go back to the ninja house 般宀塁 in the second town 海勸. Replace the old 
    statue with the new one (by pressing action in front of the status) and the
    raining problem will be solved.  
    16. 	Arena
    Talk to the master in the Arena 況室魁 (building with a sword symbol on top 
    of it). He tells you that he will not fight you until you have more than 
    three blades.
    17. 	Spring Bath House 
    Go back to spring bath house 梁畑. 弌鑓 will come out from the male bath 
    room and talks with you. Choose "猝犬垢" to get the love song - Shining of 
    Love "駅姫 握の描高". With this, you can get as many blades as you want. 
    First, choose to learn this song from the menu. Go out town and encounter 
    some monster. You can then choose to sing the love song. If you were to 
    success, a heart shape will be appeared on top of the monster. You can 
    choose to accept "こちらこそ" or refuse "まっびらお僅り" it to become your 
    blade. To improve the chance of success, reduce the monster health as low as
    possible or level up your character to higher level. There are other more 
    powerful love songs you can buy in shops in other towns. 
    18. 	Arena 
    Once you have three or more swords, enter the arena 況室魁 in海勸 again. Talk
    to the master and choose "薬媾する" to challenge him. Win the duel and you 
    will get the Dragon Eye Technique "霜凛の宝'. Remember to buy some remedies 
    before the fight.
    19. 	海勸 to 鷲岬 Road 1st part
    Time to hit the road again. Leave the town from its north side exit. There 
    is a samurai challenge before the cave 菜寒岻挟. Fight the samurai named 別煮
    to gain entrance to the cave. 
    20. 	Cave 
    Defeat 別煮 and enter the cave 菜寒岻挟. There are some treasures of remedies
    inside the cave. There is also an ice block in the middle of the cave. You 
    can only destroy the ice block and get the candy (滅雑エックス) behind it 
    after you get the Dragon Claw Technique "霜廢の宝". 
    21. 	海勸 > 鷲岬 Road 2nd part 
    Exit the cave and follow the road. You will meet another samurai named 怕 
    near the entrance of the next town 鷲岬. You can win a special attack scroll
    壌麗 from him. However, it is recommended to ignore him for the time being 
    and go to heal in the hospital first and come back to duel with him later. 
    22. 	3rd Town 鷲岬 
    Enter the third town 鷲岬. Go to the northern part of the town and talk with
    a woman named 暗碩性. She will fight you and will become a blade for you if 
    you were to win (easy fight).  
    23. 	Western Apartment  
    In the 3rd floor of the western apartment in town, there is a girl named 
    屮椅. If you were to be at level 20 or above, you can have a duel with her 
    (She has three blades). She will become a blade for you if you were to win 
    the fight. (A very high attack power blade!)
    24. 	Arena 
    Talk to the master the arena 況室魁. However, he will not fight you unless 
    you have your own secret special attack technique 安吶. (What an excuse!) 
    25. 	Town 
    As you leave the arena, 弌鑓 appears again. Talk to him and choose "猝犬垢".  
    26. 	Stadium 
    There are three stadiums in this town. Each has four samurais, which you can
    fight and get lots of experience. In the middle of the stadium (and from now
    on, any stadium in any town), there is a picture handing on the wall. Click
    the picture to reveal a secret passage. Inside the secret room is an old 
    master. Talk to him and he will assist you to use your collected scrolls 
    壌麗 (get from samurai challenge or buy from shop) to combine your own 
    secret special attack technique 安吶.
    27. 	Arena 
    Go back to the arena to fight the master there and let him be the first one
    to taste your secret special attack technique. ^_< Beat him and win the 
    Dragon Wrist Technique "霜欄の宝".
    28. 	Temple  
    After you get the Dragon Wrist Technique "霜欄の宝", you can go to the temple
    鉱咄紡. On the top floor, you can have a duel with a samurai named 侮表. You
    will need the Dragon Wrist Technique to destroy the ice block in the middle.
    Win the fight and 侮表 will become one of your blades.
    29. 	鷲岬 > 楳畢 Road  
    Leave the town through the western exit. There are a number of large rocks 
    blocking the road, but your newly learned Dragon Wrist Technique "霜欄の宝" 
    can easily destroy them. One of the treasure chests is actually a samurai 
    (more like a ninja to me) named 児 (ハジメ). After wining the duel, choose 
    the choice with your name in it. 
    30. 	4th Town 楳畢 
    Used some remedies before entering the town. As soon as you arrived the town
    楳畢, you will see a samurai frightening a woman. It is, of course, your 
    job to stop him. The samurai is just a normal enemy here. However, since the
    re is not health replenish hospital or spring during your last trip, you and
    your blades may have wear off quite a bit. Save the woman and she will give
    a gift "励桑の榊". 
    31. 	Spring Bath House 
    Defeat the enemy in front of the spring bath house 梁畑. Enter the 2nd floor
    and meet with 戦簸 and companies. Rest and defeat the other enemy in town. 
    32. 	Underground Passage
    Defeat the enemy blocking the entrance to the underground passage. Enter and
    meet with 弌鑓 again. Choose "社怛を需姫しにはできない" and 弌鑓 will tell you
    that he is searching for his elder sister. For some reason, he will then 
    fight you. (?) Beat his sorry ass and he will leave. Continue on and defeat 
    the enemies. I will recommend defeating all of them to get the experience. 
    You can go back to rest in the spring bath house in town if you were needed.
    Continue on the passage.
    33. 	Green Holy Beam 
    Enter the Green Holy Beam 楳匐囮庠 area. Enemies will surround you. 
    Fortunately, your father will come to save you and give you the ultimate 
    song - Galaxy Meteor Shower "安吶 咢采送佛嚏". Talk to your father again to 
    regain your health.
    34.  Green Holy Beam's Top Floor 
    On the top floor, you will meet the Great Wizard 寄詫宀 - your mother 噴梧 - 
    who is confronted by V, top lieutenant in the World Uniting Association. 
    She is also the sister of 弌鑓 (that is why he fight you before). He 
    followed you to here and tries to convinces V to stop. However, she knocks 
    him out cool. Now choose "社怛を需姫しにはできない". Your father appears again, 
    but is defeated by V. He then transforms into a crystal "ヅハの潤唱墳". 
    You will then pick it up and now you can choose: pick "嗔をoる高の薦を李む" 
    to have holy status or "黍を註るの薦を李む" to have dark status. Whatever 
    you choose, you will still be the good guy. The only different will be your 
    portrait during fight (whether you have a pair of white wings (holy) or black 
    wings (dark) on your back) and your status alignment (some swords will evolve
    to holy or dark variance depend on your status alignment). Choose whatever you 
    want and fight V. Defeat her and your mother 噴梧 will give you the song - 
    White Spirit 2 "易の至の赤惇2". Leave the top floor and have a chat with Fighter
    King 俚袋藍 named 署肝 (キンヅ). 
    35. 	Town 
    After a long chat, go back to 2nd floor of the spring bath house to chat 
    with 戦簸 and 弌鑓. You can challenge the master in the arena now. The 
    requirement is to bring a blade with trust higher than 80%, which you should
     have mastered by now. (If the blade were to have the same holy/dark 
    alignment with you, its trust increases 10% every time your win a fight 
    until you reach 100%. If the alignment were to be different, its trust will 
    only increase 5% a time.)  Win the fight and you will get the Water Dragon 
    Technique "邦霜の宝". 
    36. 	Green Cave 
    Go to the cave in the middle of town with a label of hole "伊" and you will 
    reach the Green Cave 楳奬挟厨. You will need to use the Water Dragon 
    Technique "邦霜の宝" to walk across the lake. 
    37. 	5th Town 奬始 
    When you first enter the 5th town 奬始, go to the 2nd floor of the resident 
    house left to the entrance. Buy the song - Smooth Thinking "安x 記ぃ襪" 
    with 5000G. 
    38. 	Arena 
    The requirement to fight the master here is to have learned three or more 
    songs. This fight is quite difficult and should buy a lot of remedies prior 
    to fight him. Defeat him and you will get the "クラアクのサイン" and the 
    Dragon Claw Technique "霜廢の宝". 
    39. 	Church 
    Enter the church and you will meet samurai 児 again. Choose "はい" and you 
    will get special attack Golden Dust "安x 署m". Choose "Bれて佩く" to 
    accompany him to go inside. However, he stresses his back on the way and 
    you have to go in solo. The enemies here is very strong. Hence, a great 
    place to level up! ^_^ Just bring more remedies or go back to heal in church
    40. 	Church's Top Floor 
    On the top floor, a holy witch named 憩櫛 and girl in red named 啾磁 is 
    dueling. (If you were to choose a female character, you will meet a boy 
    named 翫屎 instead of 啾磁.) 啾磁 will leave once she was defeated. 憩櫛 will 
    chat with you. Choose "はい" in the conversation. Samurai 児 will then come 
    in and he is the grandfather of 憩櫛. 憩櫛 will join you on your journey to 
    the next town 兆硬塁. 
    41. 	Church 
    憩櫛 will accompany you to the entrance of the church. You will meet 扮隻 
    again here. He will ask you to go inside the church to have a look and you 
    will fine 咤 lying on the floor. Talk to 咤 and choose "膿くつねる". Suddenly,
    孅 appears out of nowhere and knocks out 憩櫛. He will then try to steal the
    song scroll. Choose "赤惇は局さない。".
    42. 	Hospital 
    When you wake up again, you will find that 憩櫛 and you are lying on bed in 
    the hospital. She is severely injured and cannot accompany you to 兆硬塁. 
    She will give you the plane ticket "蒙艶チクット" (finally, we can take the 
    plane instead of walking!) and song - White Spirit 3 "易の至の赤惇3". 
    43. 	Airport 
    Use the plane ticket you get from 憩櫛 and go straight to the next 
    destination 兆硬塁. 
    44. 	Arena 
    Talk to the master in the arena of 兆硬塁. He will ask you to acquire 100 
    gold coins from the game center 嗄老字嶄伉 before he will accept your 
    challenge. (what the...?)
    45. 	Game Center 嗄老字嶄伉
    You can use 1000G to buy 100 gold coins in the counter or play the various 
    mini games to acquire the coins. I will suggest to buy the gold coins since 
    you must have lots of money by now.
    46. 	Arena 
    Give the master 100 gold coins and you will have a duel with him. Defeated 
    him and get "サムライハ-ト" and the Dragon Flight Technique "霜敬の宝". 
    47. 	Southern Exit
    Go to the southern exit of the town and you will meet 啾磁 (or 翫屎 if you 
    were to be female) again. Defeat her.
    48. 	兆硬塁 > 海勸 Road  
    Continue from the southern exit and follow the road back to the 2nd town 
    海勸. There are some special elevated places which will required the Dragon 
    Flight Technique "霜敬の宝" to walk across. 
    49. 	Cave
    There is a cave in the end of the road. Inside the cave you will meet a 
    woman named 厰磁. Defeated her and she will leave. Remember to get all the 
    treasure before leaving the cave. ^_^
    50. 	海勸 to 叫咤脅 Road (same as 叫咤脅 to 海勸 Road)  
    Leave the cave and go to the outskirt of your hometown 叫咤脅. You will meet
    扮隻 again and he will recover your health for you. Go inside your hometown 
    51. 	Hometown 叫咤脅
    Go inside the underground street though the little house with a label of 
    "励" on top.
    52. 	Underground Street 
    There are many samurai in the underground street. You do not have to fight 
    all of them. If you were to choose the left road, you can avoid a lot of 
    fight. Again, I suggest you to fight all of them to level up your character.
    53. 	Bottom Level
    In the bottom level, you will see that your sister 市匚 (or brother 屎忱 if 
    you were to choose to play as 市匚) has been controlled by V. You have no 
    choice but to fight! It is quite a tough fight. Defeat them and your sister 
    市匚 (or brother 屎忱) will become your blade! Go through the door to your 
    final destination 帑咤脅. 
    54. 	Final Destination 帑咤脅
    Like the underground street, there are enemy encounter everywhere. It is 
    recommended to gain some level for your blades and your character here, 
    especially your new blade 市匚 (or 屎忱). ^_< The minimum level will be about
    30, but it is recommended to go to level 40 or higher before challenging 孅.
    55. 	Arena
    Enter the arena on the south side of the town. The game will prompt you to 
    confirm your action because this will be your final fight. After that, 啾磁 
    (or 翫屎), 憩櫛 and 弌鑓 will appear to accompany you. However, they were all
    defeated easy by孅. It is all up to you now! Fight 孅 with all you have 
    (you should have plenty of remedies and upgraded blades) and remember to 
    recover when your health drop below 200HP. Defeat him and you will get 
    "アキラの潤唱墳", " オボロの潤唱墳", "オボロの晩芝" and the rest of the White 
    Spirit song's scroll "易の至の赤惇". Combine them all to create the complete 
    White Spirit song "易のガイスト". Remember to learn it. 
    55. 	Hospital
    After you defeated 孅, you mother 噴梧 appears and bring you and your friends
    to the hospital. Everyone live happily ever after... do they? 
    60. 	Ending
    After the long chat, the word ENDING appears the ending credit will roll. 
    Please save your game and choose "そして......".   
    61. 	Dream... Again 
    You are in your dream world again. But guess who you meet this time? This 
    time you meet you! And even more wired, he (or she, if you choose...) starts 
    to attack you! You will have no choice but to defeat you... him (or her...) . 
    After the fight, he (or she...) will become your blade too! You think getting
    your own sister (or brother...) to become your blade is wired enough... 
    62. 	Hospitals 
    You will then wake up. Talk to 署肝 who is inside the room. When you leave 
    the hospital, 嚥憩 will have a chat with you.  
    63. 	Arena
    Enter the arena and talk to 弌鑓. Choose "はい" and give him the 
    "オボロの潤唱墳". Leave and 戦簸 will appear and have a chat with you.
    64. 	Holy Sakura Tree
    Enter the Holy Sakura Tree 咤峯 located in the very north of the town. Talk 
    to your mother 噴梧 in the very top floor. After that, enter the stares 
    behind her. You will meet 咤 in there. Choose "匯偖に叫咤脅で頂さない" and then
    "頭圭のほほを膿くつねる" during the talk.
    Go back to town. Suddenly, 啾磁 (or...) appear and you have to follow her back 
    to where 咤 was. You will see that 扮隻 is standing next to the unconscious 
    咤. In fact, 咤 is the legend Hopeless Night "蒸李岻匚"! What 扮隻 wants is 
    to awaken the power of Hopeless Night inside her to destroy the world! 孅 
    kidnapped her to keep her away from fulfilling 扮隻's evil plan! (So 孅 was 
    sort of a good guy, too bad that he never has the chance to explain -_-!) 
    So, 咤 awakens and transform into Dark (菜) 咤.
    65. 	Final Fight (Part 1)
    Before the fight, make sure you and your blades are all in full health and 
    upgraded. Make sure your blades have penetration attack. It is also 
    recommended to have the 屎忱 (yourself) blade (or...) to learn the special 
    attack - Flower King "雑藍諜気", which is extremely effective powerful attack
    against 扮隻's blades. From this point on there will be no break between 
    the last two fights. So, get ready before hand! 
    When you fight 扮隻, it is recommended to use penetrating attack to kill him
    to reserve health and remedies for the final fight (really hard!). 
    66. 	Final Fight (Part 2) 
    After you beat 扮隻, you have to fight with 菜咤 immediately. This fight is 
    very difficult. Apparently, 咤 is controlled by 蒸李, which use 咤 as a 
    blade in the fight. If you were to kill 咤 who has a much shorter life then 
    蒸李, it will be game over. It is recommended to build your synchronization 
    to 100% and sing the song - Galaxy Meteor Shower "安x咢采送佛嚏". This will 
    reduce half of 菜咤's health. Then, attack 菜咤 with your strongest 
    penetrating attack to kill 蒸李 before you kill 咤. This is the only method 
    to beat this game. 
    67. 	Real Ending... Or Not?
    After you destroy 蒸李, 咤 will recover her memory. Choose 
    "頭圭のほほを膿くつねる" and then " もちろん" to end this game. After the ending 
    credit, you can access you last save and go back to the world to complete the 
    many side quests in game and collect other blades. 
    Unpublished work Copyright 2003 Hairy Sniper 
    This document is protected by US Copyright Law.  It is meant for private use 
    only.  This FAQ may not be referenced or altered without permission from 
    myself.  This FAQ is a GAMEFAQS Exclusive and may not be hosted elsewhere.
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    specifically mentioned herein.  

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