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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mastersord

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    Walkthrough for Tales of the world 2 - Narikiri dungeon
    I. Intro - Why did I write this?
    II. The basics 
        -Game Play
        -Town map
        -World map
        -Out of battle
    III. Codes
    IV. Credits
    I. Intro - Why did I write this?
    I learned a lot about this game while playing it, but that information 
    may be lost by now.  I'm recording what I know here.  The walkthrough 
    available here at gameFAQs is useful, but it's hard to follow and I feel
    I can shorten and summarize it in a few paragraphs.
    II. The basics 
    If you've come here, most likely you don't know how to read Japanese.
    Lucky for you, people have been translating this game as a ROM.  Sadly, 
    the actual cartridge will not come out in the US to my knowledge.  
    Ok, if you want to play this game you have 2 options:
    1) Import the game from Japan and take a year or 2 to learn enough 
    Japanese Kanji to understand the game (does not apply if you already 
    know Japanese!)
    2) Use an emulator or flash cart and find the ROM and translation patch
    (Links not provided!).
    This walkthrough uses the existing translation patch's descriptions.
    Now onto the good stuff!
    When you hit start, you won't be able to recognize the menus, so I'll 
    make a quick diagram of them:
    |Skill   |	Time	 	|	Gald			     |
    |item    |			      |				     |
    |--------| 			      |				     |
    |Clothing|			      |				     |
    |--------|			      |				     |
    |status  |	Character	      |		Character	     |
    |--------|			      |				     |
    |Order   |                            |                              |
    |--------|                            |                              |
    |AI      |                            |                              |
    |Recipes |                            |                              |
    |--------|                            |                              | 
    |Quest   |			      |				     |	
    |--------|	character             |		Character	     |
    |Albums  |			      |				     |
    |--------|			      |                              |
    |save    |		              |				     |
    skill - Allows you to check and set skills. Should be self-explanatory.
    item - Divided into several sorting options:
    |new         |
    |All         |
    |expendables |
    |food        |
    |Roots       |
    |Accessories |
    |Equip       |
    "New" shows the last 8 items you picked up.
    "All" shows all items you picked up.
    "expendables" shows all non-clothing items which can be used in dungeons. 
    "food" is all cooking ingredients.
    "roots" show all clothing roots you picked up.
    "accessories" shows all accessories you picked up.  These have various 
    effects when equipped.
    "Equip" allows you to equip an accessory to each main character.
    Clothing - This is where you look at and choose your costumes:
    |Choose   |
    |Look     |
    "choose" allow you to pick a costume for each main character to wear.
    "Look" allows you to look at all the stats and skills of each of your 
    Status - You can view your stats and skills from here
    Order - lets you pick your starting battle positions and which character 
    you want to lead.  The leader is who you control directly.  It took me
    a long time to figure out how this works.  You have to hit up and 
    highlight the "leader" icon.  Then move it to the character you want to 
    control directly.  Direct control means you can set skills to certain 
    button combos.  This is Frio's control method by default.
    AI - Determines how the characters fight when you aren't controlling 
    them directly.  I haven't played with this much:
    Fight Freely - balanced use of skills and normal attack
    Go All Out - Uses all skills and power moves
    Defend - Doesn't do anything unless attacked
    Hold back - More conservative use of skills than fighting freely
    Use no skills - uses only normal attacks
    Recipes - You learn recipes throughout the game.  Here is where you can
    select to make them.
    Quest - Shows number of quests you received and quests you've completed.
    When you finish a quest and forget to say yes when asked if you want to
    go back to town, go to this menu and you can answer the question again.
    Albums - Here you can view stuff you have seen:
    Clothing - List of all costumes you've made in the course of the game
    Cameos - Biographies for tales characters you've met
    Battle mode - controls AI of non-leader characters
    Message speed
    Button config
    save - MAGIK BUTAN!  w00t!!!
    Game play:
    The game-play goes like this:  You hang around town and do random missions.
    Not all the missions are random though.  
    Missions are divided into several categories:
    Find item missions:  You have to search a specific dungeon for a specific 
    item.  Pay attention to what item they want you to get, because some items
    are more useful to you than the reward you get for retuning them.
    Fight monster missions: The NPC or character will ask you about a specific 
    monster.  The monster will be in a specific dungeon.  Find it and kill it!
    Keep an eye on these as well as many monsters have valuable items you will 
    want to steal before you kill the monster.  You can find out what by looking 
    up the monster's name in the clothing root chart.  Sadly, until I find a 
    monster modifier code, I don't plan on writing up a steal item FAQ for all
    monsters in the game.
    Scan monster missions:  Like above, but you only have to scan the monster by
    using spectacles on it or using the skill "inspect eye".  You might not 
    recognize these when you get them, so make a habit of scanning every new 
    monster you encounter.  This will also fill your album.
    Clear monsters missions:  Same as "fight monster missions", except in these 
    missions, you search the dungeon for several of the monster in question.  When  
    enough groups of the monster are defeated, you win.
    Delivery missions:  You'll get something to deliver to another character or NPC.
    Keep an eye out for clothing roots you might need!
    Ranking missions:  These are randomly handed out by Tales characters when 
    they're in town.  The idea is to earn a certain amount of EXP during the
    mission and you get a prize plus a stat boost to your costume depending on how
     much you earn.  The highest hit count for combo attacks also gets factored in 
    as a boost to your rank in the end.  Bigger combos also give bigger EXP bonuses 
    after battles, so try for as many of these as you can!
    Event missions:  These are missions you have to look out for!  After event 
    missions, new monster groups are unlocked and the dungeons get a bit harder.  
    Some monsters, like the fake chests, get replaced by other monsters after a 
    certain event mission, so don't forget to scan and steal from them!  When you 
    have the option of doing an event mission, hold off on it.  You can still get 
    random missions from the other categories.  Event missions can be recognized by 
    a few things:  1) an NPC or character only wants you to go to a certain dungeon 
    without giving you any other task while there, or meet a character you haven't
    encountered yet.  2) The end result of the mission is a boss battle with a tales
    character.  The biggest clue that an event or event mission has been triggered, 
    is a dialogue scene (talking between characters), and/or a sudden music change.
    Note that event missions must eventually be completed in order to 
    advance the plot of the game.  
    Don't get these confused with the other mission types
    Missions take place in one of several dungeons:
    Hunters' forest
    Dark drifts
    Water castle
    10,000 year ice cavern
    Ordeal tower
    Floating city
    Illusion castle
    The last 1 must be unlocked by story progression events.  Floating city 
    can be accessed by getting the witch costume.  You can get into ordeal tower, 
    but you need to beat the golem to advance beyond the doorway. 
    There is also an 8th dungeon called the maze of Dragons, which only has 1
    mission.  You unlock it towards the end of the game.  Saying more will spoil 
    Now when you get a mission, what do you do?  Pay attention to the highlighted
    words in the description the NPC or Tales character gives you.  Do they mention 
    an item, monster, character, or dungeon?  Make note of them.  You can also 
    check back with the description by going to the 8th menu item from the top.  
    The 2 characters will talk about the mission they're on.  If the mission doesn't
    mention a dungeon or room in a dungeon, go back to town and just keep hitting L 
    or R buttons to hear the various rumors.  Eventually, you’ll always hear 
    something about your mission objective and where to go if you persevere long 
    enough (20-50 presses have always eventually worked for me).  
    Now you know where to go, what else should you do?  See which Tales characters
    are around and pick one to go with you.  Mint is available all the time, and 
    she is a good healer, so I would pick her as your 3rd partner (unless you think
    you can handle the dungeon without healing!).  To recruit her for the mission, 
    just talk to her and pick "yes".
    Town map:
                 Polpol's forge----Elder's hut-------Alleyway
                       /               |                |
                 /-Cafe Bec-------Central Plaza------Pub Rose
               /-                      |                |\
             /-                        |                | Stebia's Clothing
    Fundackle's shop-\           /Regunia Church\       |/
                      Anasui St.<      |         >Regunia St. 
                                 \     |        /    
                                  --Town gate---
    World map:
    10,000 year ice cavern
          |    \
          |  Old water castle---Temple of the----floating city of the dead
          |    /                  Giant Tree     /         \
    Illusion castle-------            |          |         Tower of ordeals
                          \        Town-\        |                 /
                           \          |  Maze of Dragons\         /
                            \         |                  >-Hunters' forest
                             \        |                 /
                              -Dark drifts--------------
    You should also pick some costumes to work on.  If you're just starting out,
    thief, scholar, and merchant are quite useful.  You should get a good thief as 
    soon as possible because you can gain a lot of precious items from one.  You're
    gonna need one for Tales character costume roots.  The scholar will be the
    screen-clearer when he/she reaches a high enough level to learn their best
    spells.  Merchants gain money while walking around.  A good source for income
    for the beginning of the game.  You get the merchant root from Gamel at the
    beginning of the game when you first speak to him and I think you get another
    for doing one of his quests.  When you have a good thief like Chat or Suzu,
    you can make 10-100x more by stealing and selling stuff.  Except for your
    scholar, don't worry about the element of the costume.  I recommend the water
    scholar (Oceanographer) because it learns Undine which is a good screen clearer.
    Until you get a Klarth costume, you should have another scholar or mage of a
    different element in case you run into a resistant monster (and YOU WILL!!)  
    You should also have either a fighter or swordsman.  I skipped over the melee 
    classes because I tend to use screen-clearing mages most of the time.  Melee 
    costumes are good for building up a costume so you can make a Tales character 
    costume.  You need a level 15 costume of the correct type and element to tailor 
    into a Tales character costume.  Let me take some time to explain how tailoring 
    You get clothing root items which turn 1 costume into another.  
    Steel sword = swordsman
    Kunai = ninja
    Lock pick set = thief
    Stethoscope = doctor
    Silk hat = magician
    Cards = gambler
    Lexicon = scholar
    Pouch = merchant
    Guitar = musician
    Bible = priest
    Dancing shoes = dancer
    Black belt = fighter
    Pince-nez = carouser
    Frying pan = wonder chef
    Alchemy proof = wizard/mage
    Long bow = archer
    Cat toy = katz
    Beauty lotion = model
    Tales character costume roots = tales character costumes
    You also get stones which change the costume's element:
    Green stone = wind
    Yellow stone = earth
    Violet stone = lightning
    Black stone = dark
    Blue stone = water
    Red stone = fire
    White stone = holy
    Iron ore = Origin
    Fashion mag = neutral/no element (also returns clothing to Narikiri base class)
    At Stebia's shop, you can combine these items with your costume to change it.  
    You can also combine anything else you have to give your costume a stat boost 
    (tailoring).  Be warned though, that the more times you combine an item with 
    the costume, the more expensive the costume gets to tailor again.  The price 
    caps at 9999 gald.
    You can change a costume back to it's neutral form by tailoring it with it's 
    root again (does not work with tales character costumes)
    Tales character costume roots can be gotten a number of ways:
    -as dungeon treasures or mission items (Rare)
    -By stealing them from certain enemies
    -by stealing them from boss fights (rare)
    -as rewards for A rank and S Rank from ranking missions
    -as part of normal character dialogue.
    -As rewards from boss fights
    The same applies to normal costume roots, but they can also be bought in town 
    as the game progresses.
    Do not tailor these roots into other costumes!  Once you use them, you lose 
    them and you may have a tough time getting them back!  
    Except for Valkyrie, Celsius, and Dhaos, you can re-get any costume roots you 
    may have lost.  There may yet be a way to get those 3 roots again, but from 
    what I know, the bosses can only be fought once.
    You only have 25 costume slots for both characters to share.  If you need to 
    switch genders on a costume, buy fashion magazines and use 1 or 2 of them to 
    switch genders on the costume.  You can also sell extra costumes.
    During the game, you gain experience points which go towards the level of 
    your current costume.  The max level a costume can be is 60.  Note that 
    tailoring one costume into another will have no impact on it's level or 
    additional stats from tailoring and ranking missions.  Therefore, you can 
    start a costume off as something that levels quickly and easily, then 
    tailor it into something else and it will retain it's level and stat 
    While in a dungeon, you will have random battle encounters.  The 
    triggering of these battles is based on the number of steps you take. The
    battle its self is based on the room you are in when it occurs and an RNG,
    which is changed every time you switch rooms, areas, or maps.
    Stealing items is very difficult in this game.  It may take several refills 
    of your TP before you are successful.  Do not get discouraged.  Improving your
    speed stat may increase your success rate, but it may still take you 20-50 
    tries before you are successful.
    Note about stealing:  It's been suggested that the speed stat improves 
    success rates of stealing items.  Also, a Suzu costume seems to make the best 
    You can change costumes outside of battle by using change sticks, so keep 
    them stocked along with any available gummies.  In fact, if you can afford it, 
    buy 15 of everything Fundackle has to offer.
    You can take along a 3rd and 4th party member during missions by talking to 
    them after accepting missions.  Only characters you've encountered are 
    available.  If the character you want is not in town, but you have 
    encountered him/her, you can check the rumors and they should be in one of the 
    dungeons you've explored.  Take on a mission and before completing said 
    mission, go to that dungeon and look for the character.
    Besides costume roots, most useful items can be stolen from various enemies.  
    If you encounter the "fake" chest monster, you can steal an elixir from it 
    and run away and do it again.  Keep this in mind because elixirs restore HP 
    and MP fully as well as cure status effects, but are never sold in town.  The 
    only other way to get them is in random chests in dungeons.
    Out of battle:
    You can get random items from chests, plants, and bags.  These items are 
    randomly scattered in the dungeons and regenerate when you sleep at the church.
    Rumors in town can also tell you what dungeons various accessories can be 
    located in.  Keep this in mind!
    III. Codes
    All Items
    42003B8C FFFF
    00000027 0002
    82003BDA 00FF
    Full library code:
    42003F90 FFFF
    00000026 0002
    Monster data
    82003F90 0FFF
    42003F92 FFFF
    00000008 0002
    42003FA6 FFFF
    00000009 0002
    Costume data
    42003FBA FFFF
    0000000D 0002
    Character intro data
    82003FD6 FFFF
    82003FD8 FFFF
    All recipes
    82003F52 FFFF 
    Infinite Gald
    82003258 C9FF
    8200325A 3B9A
    9999 Max HP Furio
    82003182 270f
    9999 Current HP Furio
    82003186 270f
    9999 max TP Furio
    82003184 270F
    9999 current TP Furio
    82003186 270F
    8200318a xxxx (0000-270f)
    8200318C xxxx (0000-270f)
    8200318E xxxx (0000-270f)
    82003190 xxxx (0000-270f)
    82003192 xxxx (0000-270f)
    82003194 xxxx (0000-270f)
    32003196 00xx (values not known yet)
    32003198 00xx (values not known yet)
    9999 Max HP Karo
    820031be 270f
    9999 current HP Karo
    820031c2 270f
    9999 Max TP Karo
    820031C0 270F
    9999 current TP Karo
    820031C4 270F
    820031c6 xxxx (0000-270f)
    820031c8 xxxx (0000-270f)
    820031ca xxxx (0000-270f)
    820031cc xxxx (0000-270f)
    820031ce xxxx (0000-270f)
    820031d0 xxxx (0000-270f)
    320031d2 00xx (values not known yet)
    320031d4 00xx (values not known yet)
    Each costume is stored in a data block.  To access the next one, 
    set you calculator to hexadecimal mode and  to each code address, 
    add (38 times (n - 1)) where n = the slot of the costume counting 
    downward from the top.  That's 38 in hexadecimal which is 56 in Decimal.
    Appearance and name:
    3200325c 00xx (00-c8)
    [Value list made by RoJ from www.cmgsccc.com]
    00: Crashes Game
    01: Cless
    02: Chester
    03: Mint
    04: Klarth
    05: Arche
    06: Suzu
    07: Stahn
    08: Rutee
    09: Leon
    0A: Philia
    0B: Woodrow
    0C: Chelsea
    0D: Mary
    0E: Kongman
    0F: Johnny
    10: Rid
    11: Farah
    12: Keel
    13: Meredy
    14: Fog
    15: Chat
    16: Race
    17: Dhaos
    18: Lilith
    19: Celsius
    1A: Mirald
    1B: Ami
    1C: Dymlos
    1D: Narikiri (Boy)
    1E: Narikiri (Girl)
    1F: Swordsman (M)
    20: Swordsman (F)
    21: Fighter (M)
    22: Fighter (F)
    23: Archer (M)
    24: Archer (F)
    25: Cleric (M)
    26: Cleric (F)
    27: Ninja (M)
    28: Ninja (F)
    29: Wizard (M)
    2A: Witch (F)
    2B: Merchant (M)
    2C: Merchant (F)
    2D: Gambler (M)
    2E: Dancer (F)
    2F: Wonder Chef (M)
    30: Wonder Chef (F)
    31: Carouser (M)
    32: Carouser (F)
    33: Doctor (M)
    34: Nurse (F)
    35: Musician (M)
    36: Musician (F)
    37: Scholar (M)
    38: Scholar (F)
    39: Katz (M)
    3A: Katz (F)
    3B: Magician (M)
    3C: Model (F)
    3D: Valkyrie (F)
    3E: Driller (M)
    3F: Thief (M)
    40: Thief (F)
    41: Firesword (M)
    42: Firesword (F)
    43: Galesword (M)
    44: Galesword (F)
    45: Hailsword (M)
    46: Hailsword (F)
    47: Berserker (M)
    48: Berserker (F)
    49: Thundersword (M)
    4A: Thundersword (F)
    4B: Holysword (M)
    4C: Holysword (F)
    4D: Demonsword (M)
    4E: Demonsword (F)
    4F: M. Fencer (M)
    50: M. Fencer (F)
    51: FervFighter (M)
    52: FervFighter (F)
    53: Galefighter (M)
    54: Galefighter (F)
    55: Snowfighter (M)
    56: Snowfighter (F)
    57: Rockfighter (M)
    58: Rockfighter (F)
    59: Thunderfighter (M)
    5A: Thunderfighter (F)
    5B: Monk (M)
    5C: Monk (F)
    5D: Champion (M)
    5E: Champion (F)
    5F: Iron Fist (M)
    60: Iron Fist (F)
    61: Shooter (M)
    62: Shooter (F)
    63: Snowarcher (M)
    64: Snowarcher (F)
    65: Hunter (M)
    66: Hunter (F)
    67: Thunderarcher (M)
    68: Thunderarcher (F)
    69: Shourikou (M)
    6A: Artemis (F)
    6B: Sniper (M)
    6C: Sniper (F)
    6D: Powerarcher (M)
    6E: Powerarcher (F)
    6F: Shaman (M)
    70: Shaman (F)
    71: Pilgrim (M)
    72: Pilgrim (F)
    73: Prophet (M)
    74: Prophet (F)
    75: Vile Monk (M)
    76: Vile Monk (F)
    77: Fire Ninja (M)
    78: Fire Ninja (F)
    79: Tempest (M)
    7A: Whirlwind (F)
    7B: Mist (M)
    7C: Tsunade (F)
    7D: E. Spider (M)
    7E: E. Spider (F)
    7F: Jiraiya (M)
    80: Kunoichi (F)
    81: Evil Seal (M)
    82: Evil Seal (F)
    83: Shadow (M)
    84: Shadow (F)
    85: Ninja Boss (M)
    86: Ninja Boss (F)
    87: Flare Mage (M)
    88: Flare Witch (F)
    89: Wind Mage (M)
    8A: Wind Witch (F)
    8B: Aqua Mage (M)
    8C: Aqua Witch (F)
    8D: Earth Mage (M)
    8E: Earth Witch (F)
    8F: Thunder Mage (M)
    90: Thunder Witch (F)
    91: Enchanter (M)
    92: Enchantress (F)
    93: Necromancer (M)
    94: Necromancer (F)
    95: Wizard Lord (M)
    96: Witch Lord (F)
    97: Spy (M)
    98: Spy (F)
    99: Pirate (M)
    9A: Pirate (F)
    9B: Bandit (M)
    9C: Bandit (F)
    9D: Phantom Thief (M)
    9E: Phantom Thief (F)
    9F: Assassin (M)
    A0: Assassin (F)
    A1: Treasure Hunter (M)
    A2: Treasure Hunter (F)
    A3: Fire Dancer (F)
    A4: Travelling Performer (F)
    A5: Water Ballerina (F)
    A6: Tap dancer (F)
    A7: Maiden (F)
    A8: Idol (F)
    A9: Shadow Dancer (F)
    AA: Temple Dancer (F)
    AB: Volcanist (M)
    AC: Volcanist (F)
    AD: Meteologist (M)
    AE: Meteologist (F)
    AF: Oceanologist (M)
    B0: Oceanologist (F)
    B1: Geologist (M)
    B2: Geologist (F)
    B3: Inventor (M)
    B4: Inventor (F)
    B5: Theologist (M)
    B6: Theologist (F)
    B7: Astromonist (M)
    B8: Astromonist (F)
    B9: Physicist (M)
    BA: Physicist (F)
    BB: Trickster (M)
    BC: Illusionist (M)
    BD: Conjurer (M)
    BE: Juggler (M)
    BF: Gourmand (M)
    C0: Gourmand (F)
    C1: Priest (M)
    C2: Priestess (F)
    C3: Druid (M)
    C4: Druid (F)
    C5: Mystic (M)
    C6: Mystic (F)
    C7: Bishop (M)
    C8: Bishop (F)
    C9: I (XD the blue fuzzy animal)
    3200325d 00xx (00-ff) (WARNING:  When you change the level of the 
    costume, it rearranges all them by lowest level at the top. While 
    the codes are active it will change the stats of each costume as it 
    cycles.  I may need to use a joker code with this one.)
    82003268 xxxx (0000-270f)
    8200326a xxxx (0000-270f)
    8200326c xxxx (0000-270f)
    8200326e xxxx (0000-270f)
    82003270 xxxx (0000-270f)
    82003272 xxxx (0000-270f)
    Bonus Ability:
    32003274 xxxx (00-B0)
    Skill 1:
    32003277 xxxx (00-E7)
    Skill 2:
    32003278 xxxx (00-E7)
    Skill 3:
    32003279 xxxx (00-E7)
    Skill 4:
    3200327a xxxx (00-E7)
    Skill 5:
    3200327b xxxx (00-E7)
    Skill 6:
    3200327c xxxx (00-E7)
    Skill 7:
    3200327d xxxx (00-E7)
    Skill 8:
    3200327e xxxx (00-E7)
    Skill 9:
    3200327f xxxx (00-E7)
    Skill 10:
    32003280 xxxx (00-E7)
    8200328C xxxx
    8200328E xxxx
    Stebia's shop codes
    Each costume is stored in a data block.  To access the next one, 
    set you calculator to hexadecimal mode and  to each code address, 
    add (37 times (n - 1)) where n = the slot of the costume counting 
    downward from the top.  That's 37 in hexadecimal which is 55 in 
    Appearance and name:
    32012F40 00xx (00-ce)
    (See table above)
    32012F41 00xx (00-ff) (WARNING:  When you change the level of the 
    costume, it rearranges all them by lowest level at the top. While 
    the codes are active it will change the stats of each costume as 
    it cycles.  I may need to use a joker code with this one.)
    82012F4C xxxx (0000-270f)
    82012F4E xxxx (0000-270f)
    82012F50 xxxx (0000-270f)
    82012F52 xxxx (0000-270f)
    82012F54 xxxx (0000-270f)
    82012F56 xxxx (0000-270f)
    Bonus Ability:
    32012F58 00xx (00-B0)
    Skill 1:
    32012F5B 00xx (00-E7)
    Skill 2:
    32012F5C 00xx (00-E7)
    Skill 3:
    32012F5D 00xx (00-E7)
    Skill 4:
    32012F5E 00xx (00-E7)
    Skill 5:
    32012F5F 00xx (00-E7)
    Skill 6:
    32012F60 00xx (00-E7)
    Skill 7:
    32012F61 00xx (00-E7)
    Skill 8:
    32012F62 00xx (00-E7)
    Skill 9:
    32012F63 00xx (00-E7)
    Skill 10:
    32012F64 00xx (00-E7)
    82012F70 xxxx
    82012F72 xxxx
    32012F40 00xx (00-ce) -slot 1
    32012F78 00xx (00-ce) -slot 2
    32012FB0 00xx (00-ce) -slot 3
    32012FE8 00xx (00-ce) -slot 4
    32013020 00xx (00-ce) -slot 5
    32013058 00xx (00-ce) -slot 6
    32013090 00xx (00-ce) -slot 7
    320130C8 00xx (00-ce) -slot 8
    32013100 00xx (00-ce) -Slot 9
    32013138 00xx (00-ce) -Slot 10
    Instant win (but no exp or gald)
    3200d13e 0000
    After-battle treasure mod
    3200d138 00xx
    xx: 00-9C
    Hit L to set enemy health to 1 (may kill one or more of your 
    74000130 01FF
    820115de 0001
    74000130 01FF
    8201172a 0001
    74000130 01FF
    82011876 0001
    74000130 01FF
    820119c2 0001
    Hit L for instant win (may kill 1 or more of your team!)
    74000130 01FF
    820115de 0000
    74000130 01FF
    8201172a 0000
    74000130 01FF
    82011876 0000
    74000130 01FF
    820119c2 0000
    No random battles:
    32001Ca0 0057
    Constant random battles.  Hit L and walk:
    74000130 01FF
    32001Ca0 0000
    Change map code:
    74000130 01FF
    82003C24 xxyy
    Hit start and enter the menu first.  Then hit L
    For xxyy:
    0403 = water castle 1F
    0405 = picking area
    0407 = world tree altar
    0408 = Labyrinth B1
    1402 = ordeal tower floor 3
    1500 = mine no. 3
    1505 = bird's forest
    1506 = Illusion castle b2 
    xx = room
    yy = dungeon
    For yy:
    00 = dark drifts
    01 = ice cave
    02 = ordeal tower
    03 = water castle
    04 = floating city of dead
    05 = hunter forest
    06 = illusion castle
    07 = world tree
    08 = labyrinth
    Note that you'll need to play with xx in order to get to a 
    room where you aren't stuck
    Play with the values yourself.  
    [This code made by masa7su from www.gameFAQs.com]
    255 combo points plus lots of exp after battle
    3200D123 00FF
    Costume pointer for Frio
    32003180 00xx
    xx = costume location.
    Here is how this works.  Select clothing in the start menu 
    and go to the second option so you see all costumes for both 
    characters in one list.  Then starting from 0, count the 
    costumes going downward in the list.  Then convert this number 
    to hexadecimal and put it in place of xx.  That will change 
    your costume.  It seems to work fine even for Karo's costumes, 
    and you now have perfect, real-time manual control of Karo's 
    costumes by putting them on Frio.
    and here's one for Karo, though I doubt you'd want it.
    Costume pointer for Karo
    320031BC 00xx
    Combo counter for ranking missions
    32003D7D 0063
    50,000 EXP counter for ranking missions (Will give you rank A 
    and the character's costume root)
    82003D80 C350
    99,999 EXP counter for ranking missions (Will give you rank S+ 
    and a random tales costume root)
    82003D80 869F
    82003D82 0001
    Battle counter for ranking missions 
    (Press L+Select to set it back to 20)
    74000130 01FB
    32003D7E 0014
    (Press R+Select to set it to 0.  Next battle you encounter, or the 
    current battle you are in will end the mission) 
    74000130 02FB
    32003D7E 0000
    IV. Credits
    -Kajitani Eizan from GameFAQs:  Translation patch for this game, 
    various corrections to my initial work.  
    -masa7su from GameFAQs:  Writing the first FAQ on this game and 
    supplying much information on the various aspects of the game
    -RoJ from www.cmgsccc.com: Costume value list for costume codes

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