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    Ring Locations Guide by Psxphile

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    Sonic Advance 2 (Japanese Version) for Gameboy Advance
    Special Ring Locations Guide 
    Version 0.55
    December 20, 2002
    Created by:  Gabriel "Psxphile" Hernandez
    Email Adress:  psxphile@yahoo.com
    This guide is copyright 2002 Gabriel Hernandez.  It was written _exclusively_
    for GameFAQs, (http://www.gamefaqs.com), and also, I have given express 
    permission to Sonic HQ (http://www.sonichq.org) to use the information 
    contained within this document as they see fit. No other non-private use is 
    permitted.  Sonic The Hedgehog (TM), Sonic Advance (TM), and 
    Sonic Advance 2 (TM) is (C) Sega Corp.
    --Update History--
    12/28/02 - Nothing added to guide itself.  Updated copyright information.
    12/20/02 - Created guide.  Every necessary zone covered.
    1) Introduction
    2) Special Ring Locations
    	a. Leaf Forest / Act 1
    	b. Hot Crater / Act 1
    	c. Music Plant / Act 1
    	d. Ice Paradise / Act 1
    	e. Sky Canyon / Act 1
    	f. Techno Base / Act 2
    	g. Egg Utopia / Act 1
    1)  ---INTRODUCTION---
    Hello, fellow Sonic fans.  Well, here it is...the next chapter in the Sonic 
    Advance series.  If you're here, then that means you're having trouble finding 
    those elusive Special Rings, huh?  Well, that's why I went and created this 
    little guide, so that hopefully, everyone will be able to grab all seven Chaos 
    I'll do my best to describe where you can find each ring (there's 7 in each 
    act).  I've also made double sure that *any* of the playable characters will 
    be able to get every last ring in the Acts I've covered, for the sake of 
    universal coverage.
    (Less work for me, too!)  
    Keep in mind:  while it MATTERS what Zone you're trying to get an emerald in 
    (the red one's only available in Leaf Forest, and the blue one only in Hot 
    Crater), it DOESN'T MATTER in what act you enter the Special Stage, so I'll 
    be doing Act 1 locations for each zone for now.  The only exception is Techno 
    Base Zone.  It would seem that it is impossible for Sonic to get all 7 Special 
    Rings in Act 1, so I covered Act 2 instead.  Remember that when you get there.
    You need to collect all 7 Special Rings in an act AND cross the finish line to 
    enter the Special Stage, without losing a life. What I've done is provided the 
    locations, and if possible, landmarks so that finding the rings won't be so 
    difficult.  Also, I've managed to put them in a fairly accurate collecting 
    order, to avoid alot of backtracking.
    Strap yourselves in.  It's gonna be a bumpy ride.
    a. --Leaf Forest / Act 1--
    1st Sp Ring - From the starting position, run forward.  Leap over every gap, 
    and continue.  You'll reach a loop.  Get on top, and continue up the rail.  
    You'll find the ring on top of the second loop.
    2nd Sp Ring - Fall down off the right side of the second loop.  You'll see a 
    blue spring.  Keep bouncing on it to go higher.  Use your character's UP+R 
    move to reach the ring.
    3rd Sp Ring - From there, jump into the area on the right adjacent to the blue 
    spring.  Look for a corkscrew loop.  Once past it, backtrack slowly and fall 
    underneath it for the next ring.
    4th Sp Ring - Continue forward.  You'll find a very large loop soon after.  A 
    ring is located inside at the top of the loop.
    5th Sp Ring - Get to the bottom area.  This one is over the 2nd body of water 
    you come to.  You'll have to skim the surface to get it.
    6th Sp Ring - Get back onto the high road.  Use a ramp to launch yourself atop 
    another big loop.  Continue along, jumping over gaps and use a second ramp to 
    launch yourself onto another loop, this one containing the ring.  Go ahead and 
    let the spring shoot you into the ring.
    7th Sp Ring - This one's located right before the beginning of the very last 
    grinding rail in the act.  To get there, drop down from the loop and continue 
    slowly.  When you reach a jump ramp, leap over and fall to the bottom area.  
    Backtrack a little past the loop behind you, as you'll need the speed.  Let the 
    spring there shoot you back up the loop and down the slope, lauching yourself 
    over from an upslope up to another platform with the ring.
    b. --Hot Crater / Act 1--
    1st Sp Ring - This one's just above the end of the overhead hand rail.  You can 
    reach the platform it's on by employing the ramp on top of a nearby loop.  Hit 
    the hand rail slowly, then leap off and aim your fall between the 2nd and 3rd 
    ring.  The speed booster and ramp will take you to the platform with the 
    special ring.
    2nd Sp Ring - After getting ring #1, backtrack and continue along the 
    bottom-most path.  After awhile, you'll find yourself in a pit room with two 
    spring turtle baddies.  Use the one on the left to reach a hidden ring inside 
    the left wall.
    3rd Sp Ring - After getting #2, continue along bottom path.  Eventually, you'll 
    run into a diagonal spring that will boost you up through a white floor 
    platform.  Backtrack to find the ring.
    4th Sp Ring - Follow the path after grabbing #3, and you'll grind a rail.  Allow 
    yourself to automatically leap off the  end and you'll make a grab for an overhang 
    hook that will propel you up.  You'll see a speed booster.  Jump over and kill the 
    baddie, then hit the speed booster.  HOLD RIGHT.  You'll go up an upslope and land 
    on top of a loop, with the ring.
    5th Sp Ring - After #4, drop down and go right.  When you reach the next 
    overhead hand rail, instead, drop down to the bottom area.  Continue along and 
    fall into the hole you'll find.  Allow the boost rings to guide you to the Sp 
    Ring and a safety hook.
    6th Sp Ring - Continue along the bottom.  After a fairly long and downward 
    slope, you'll hit and upslope with a spike trap next to it.  Use your momentum 
    to hoist yourself over to a hook that'll throw you upwards.  Use your 
    character's UP+R move to reach an overhead boost ring that'll get you to the 
    7th Sp Ring - Continue and you'll hit the mid-checkpoint.  Stay up on the 
    highest areas at all times.  After awhile, you'll hit a speed ramp that'll shoot 
    you over to a ring and a rail.
    c. --Music Plant / Act 1--
    1st Sp Ring - After start, travel along the high road, using the musical notes 
    to keep yourself from falling into the bottom portion.  Soon, you'll come 
    across a downward slope, and a diagonal cymbal spring.  Jump over the spring to 
    land on a platform with the ring beneath.
    2nd Sp Ring - Once that's done, fall into the bottom level of the act the first 
    chance you get.  Go through some musical piping and exit.  Keep to the topmost 
    area.  You'll find a cymbal spring that will vault you up past a grey line 
    spring.  Use that to reach an overhead ring.  In the case you originally get the 
    wrong cymbal spring (there are two), use the grey line spring to backtrack to the 
    start of the railing overhead.
    3rd Sp Ring - Use the same grey line spring to jump past the black note slope 
    overhead.  Continue forward, staying as high as possible.  After the 2nd rail, 
    you'll find a spring crab.  Bounce on its shell to reach the ring.
    4th Sp Ring - Get back into the bottom area.  You'll find yourself in a pit 
    with cymbal springs.  Use them to reach a hallway entrance in the right wall, 
    that leads to another spring.  Use that spring to take you up to the room with 
    the ring.
    5th Sp Ring - Continue along the bottom portion of the level.  Eventually, 
    you'll find yourself two pits with cymbals that spring you back up.  The 2nd of 
    the two pits hides a ring in its right wall.
    6th Sp Ring - Get back onto the high road.  Soon, you'll find a ledge that 
    contains two cymbal springs, one diagonal left, and one straight up.  Leap over 
    both springs and fall onto the platform underneath.  The ring can be found 
    nearby, you might have to vault up to reach it.
    7th Sp Ring - Get back into the bottom level.  Be careful, bottomless pits 
    abound in this section.  You'll have to travel through some piping.  
    Afterwards, keep going until you hit an upslope.  Kill the baddie, and jump to 
    the right.  Don't worry, the bottom's filled with cymbal springs.  On the next 
    ledge, kill the baddie.  Watch out!  There's a bottomless pit right beneath 
    you.  Jump to the right.  You'll land near a pipe with air holes (looks like a 
    clarinet).  Backtrack to find the ring.
    d. --Ice Paradise / Act 1--
    1st Sp Ring - Take the high road.  You'll want to hit the ramp fast to make it 
    to the rail.  Afterwards, keep going.  You'll hit another rail soon that'll 
    take you to ramp.  From here, you've got two paths to take that'll take you to 
    the same ring.  EITHER:  1)  Hit the ramp fast and use your UP+R move to make 
    the platform.  Use the nearby spring to get up and over the loop.  Go through 
    it, and you'll exit swinging on a crank.  OR:  2) Jump over the ramp and 
    continue.  You'll hit another ramp that'll throw you up to the crank.  The ring 
    is up on your right.  IN ANY CASE:  Use the swing to get up to the ring.  If 
    you're playing with Sonic, WATCH OUT.  You only get one chance to get the ring.
    2nd Sp Ring - Afterwards, drop down and continue to your left.  Leap over the 
    gap and there's the next ring.
    3rd Sp Ring - Drop to your left and continue along the high road.  You'll soon 
    stop near a rail.  Instead of using it, continue along the path.  You'll take 
    another rail that'll end up shooting you into the sky and to a swing.  Use it 
    to vault to a platform on the right with the ring.
    4th Sp Ring - Next, leap onto the platform on the right.  Continue.  Use the 
    spring and land the rail.  Grind to the right.  You'll hit a swing crank on the 
    way.  Use it to reach another platform on the right.  Hit the next rail fast, 
    as you'll need the momentum to make another rail right after.  You'll end up on 
    a platform with a spike trap and a spring.  Use the spring to reach an overhead 
    5th Sp Ring - You'll need to drop down a bit.  After you got the last ring, 
    you'll fall to a platform.  Instead of using the spring on the right, drop down 
    on the left.  You'll land on a rail, but ignore it.  Jump off to the left.  
    After dropping, you'll notice a round object to your right with three 
    openings.  Enter slowly to insure you leave out the bottom exit.  You'll drop 
    onto an ice slide.  At its end, leap to the floating platform, then again to 
    the ring.
    6th Sp Ring - Take the rail on the right and continue past the checkpoint.  Hit 
    the ramp, grab the swing, and keep going right.  You'll travel through two 
    loops and a spring before stopping on a ledge.  Drop down on the right and 
    slide down two ice slopes.  Either jump to the right or let yourself fall and 
    grab a swing with which to make it over the gap.  Continue and you'll see the 
    ring hovering over another ice slope.
    7th Sp ring - Keep going on the high road.  You'll ride the slide down.  Jump 
    to hit the speed booster, which'll take you to another ice slide.  Ride it to 
    the end, and continue.  Keep going along the high path, ignoring the rail.  
    After two loops, you'll hit a spring which'll send you onto a rail.  Use it and 
    continue.  The next thing you have to worry about is the speed ramp after the 
    loop.  Hit at full speed, and use UP+R to make the next ice slide.  From there, 
    it's just a few springs to the ring. * Whew!*
    e. --Sky Canyon / Act 1--
    1st Sp Ring - After start, keep to the top route.  After you go through the 
    series of piping and launched into the sky, use UP+R to reach the overhead 
    ring booster.  After the second booster, use UP+R again to get to the hovering 
    bouce pedestal and the ring.
    2nd Sp Ring - Get down from the tower, and continue the stage as normal.  Just 
    make sure you keep to the top paths at all times.  Eventually, you'll find 
    youself having to make a course correction thanks to a rogue fan.  Head to the 
    left, and when you finally hit a spin wheel, take heed.  It'll toss you the 
    left, in which case a fan will force you to change direction again.  When you 
    head right, leap over the fan and you'll land on the other side, where a ring 
    3rd Sp Ring - Once you get the second ring, have the spring toss you up and 
    continue on the top-most rail.  Soon you'll be taken up by a gust of wind.  
    Remember this area, you'll be coming back later.  Proceed to the right, 
    bottom-most path.  Allow the spin wheel to toss you upwards toward a floating 
    hook and a ring.
    4th Sp Ring - Afterwards, drop down on the left and allow yourself to fall past 
    the spin wheel.  Once you land, head left.  Hit the first spin wheel head-on 
    to be taken upwards.  You'll have to make a light jump to hit the spin-wheel 
    correctly so that it may toss you up to a ring.
    5th Sp Ring - With the fourth ring in tow, allow yourself to be caught by the 
    spin-wheel again so that you may be dropped below.  The propellor will keep you 
    alive.  Head left.  The springs will take you back to the gust of wind, dropping 
    you off in a familiar place.  Now, take the floating bouncing pedestals to the 
    right.  Past the speed ramp is a spring and a large wall.  Press against the 
    wall while bouncing off the spring to enter a hidden passage.  On the other 
    side, a wind gust will take you to the next ring.
    6th Sp Ring - Continue towards the right.  After a few leaps and bounds, you'll 
    find yourself next to a blue spring.  Use it to get to the top of the left 
    tower.  From here, you'll have to travel left, bouncing off floating platforms.
    This is one of the hard ones.  Watch out for a spike trap during the mid-point.  
    Also, be wary of the moving platforms, one of them travels upwards into the 
    ceiling.  On the other end, you'll find the ring.
    7th Sp Ring - Drop down off the tower, and head right.  It doesn't matter which 
    route you take, they both end up stopping at a spin wheel that will toss you up 
    to the next route, heading left.  Avoid the speed booster and continue.  Down 
    the slope, you'll pass one lay of pipe, then another.  You'll want to jump and 
    land on the second, as it has the last ring on it.  Afterwards, jump back.  
    Now, head back and use the speed booster, otherwise you won't make it to the 
    finish line.
    f. --Techno Base / Act *2* (remember, it's TWO)--
    1st Sp Ring - After start, head right and jump on first rail.  Following spring 
    will take you to ring.
    2nd Sp Ring - There are two ways to continue from here.  EITHER: 1) Drop down 
    off the left side.  Make sure the energy bridge is on before heading right.  
    Keep going.  OR: 2) Head right, and bounce over to the ledge. IN ANY CASE:  
    Avoid the spring and head right into a ring booster.  Grind the rail.  The 
    springs and bumpers will all get you to where you're going.  At the end, you'll 
    find yourself between two lifts, with the ring right beside you.
    3rd Sp Ring - Take the left lift.  Go right.  After the speed booster runs out, 
    go through the ring booster.  Immediately hit UP+R to make the next ledge.  
    Continue and you'll grab the ring after you hit the ramp.
    4th Sp Ring - You'll want to hit the two grid spheres to make it to the next 
    platform.  Go right.  Bounce off the spongeboard and continue along the top-most 
    route.  Hit the speed booster and you'll soon get the ring.
    5th Sp Ring - Coming down, you'll hit a speed booster.  Follow the route.  
    You'll end up on a rail.  Continue, hitting two springs on the way.  You'll 
    find yourself in a giant loop with a platform in the middle.  Jump onto the 
    platform to grab the ring.
    6th Sp Ring - Follow the loop down.  At the bottom, head left.  There's a rail, 
    but ignore it.  Instead, jump so you pass throught the rail.  You'll fall a 
    loooooong way before you hit bottom.  Saves time, really.  Just be sure you're 
    headed straight down.  You'll land near two bird baddies.  Go right.  When you 
    get to the energy bridge, let yourself fall through.  Continue.  A spring, 
    ramp, and spring later you'll be bumping off the walls.  Allow yourself to go 
    as high as possible, you'll see the ring at the top.
    7th Sp Ring - Once you grab the sixth ring, head for the alcove on the right.  
    Take the lift box and continue.  After the bumpers, slow down.  Hit the nearby 
    spring to go straight up onto a rail.  At the end lies the last ring, jump to 
    collect it.
    g. --Egg Utopia / Act 1--
    1st Sp Ring - There's a ring waiting for you right above the entrance of the 
    very first corridor.
    2nd Sp Ring - Continue.  Use the spring, and hit UP+R to reach an out-of-sight 
    swing.  Head to the left.  Be sure to use UP+R at the end of the rail to reach 
    the next ledge.  After some time, you'll go through a loop and hit a ramp.  
    You might want to use UP+R for a bit more height here.  Grab the pole, and jump 
    off to grab the visible ring on the right.
    3rd Sp Ring - Continue right.  Hit the spring, and use UP+R for more height.  
    Grab the pole, and jump to the right.  Continue and you'll land on a loose 
    platform that will begin sliding downward.  Stay on the platform until you can 
    see the tip of the next rail, and jump.  Grind.  At the end, let the spring hit 
    you up higher, and grind the bottom rail.  Once you hit solid ground, double 
    back.  Drop down the left side, you'll land safely.  Continue left, avoiding 
    the machine that throws you forward.  Grab the swing and leap to the left.  
    The ring awaits on the other side of the spring.
    4th Sp Ring - Head back to the right.  A change in gravity will have you on 
    ceiling.  Continue right.  Gravity will revert.  At this point, you'll see a 
    spring.  Hop on it, and use UP+R to gain height.  Grab the right pole, and 
    jump off to the right.  Use the machine if you like, just go right.  Make sure 
    you hit every spring and machine you see.  Afterwards, you'll find yourself 
    sent into the air.  Push left and try to get the starting end of an overhead 
    hand rail.  Use it.  Once you get off, head left for the ring.
    5th Sp Ring - Jump off the right edge.  Ignore the gun turret.  At the bottom, 
    a speed booster will send you down a rail.  It'll drop you off near a spring.  
    Instead of using it, drop off the left side.  Continue to your right.  Let the 
    speed booster on the left take you through the group of springs.  Once down the 
    rail and past s'more springs, you'll go through a loop.  You should see a 
    checkpoint on the other side.  Hit and continue to the right.  Let the sliding 
    platform take you to the other side of the gap.  Gravity will reverse, continue 
    right.  At the end of this new spring orgy, you'll end up at a dead-end with 
    a ring.
    6th Sp Ring - From the dead end, drop off the right side, and hit the speed 
    booster.  When you get to the gun turret, aim at a medium-high level and fire.  
    You'll land near a machine and an arrow sign.  Use the machine.  Continue 
    right.  Slow down once past the loop.  Jump over the spring and drop off the 
    side.  You'll hit a rail.  It'll take you to the ring.
    7th Sp Ring -   Continue right.  Let the springs do their thing, and hit the 
    speed boost.  Continue, hitting every spring and speed boost.  You'll be sent 
    upwards near end tail of a rail.  Backtrack from here to find the ring.  *Oy!*
    Suggestions?  Comments?  Did I forget anything?  Not descriptive enough?
    Send me an email: psxphile@yahoo.com
    On second thought, hold your comments.  I won't be available online much after
    the holidays, so I will be unable to reply or even READ any emails you might
    send.  Sorry, but that's how the Spin ball bounces.  That also means this 
    guide won't be updated anymore.  That's life.
    In any case, thank you for reading.  Ciao!

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