GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File06/16/03chaolover6464K
100% complete game save. Chao Garden 99999 rings. All level 99 Chaos Chao in Chao Garden!
Save Game File04/07/03mclucchesi64K
100% Completed with all 5 characters with everything unlock included Super Sonic
Save Game File04/11/03SoulReaverKain64K
A 100% Complete Save, everything unlocked. Rare Tails Chao in the Tiny Chao Garden.
Save Game File10/03/04DragonMan31064K
all 7 chaos emeralds for all characters including amy. Metal sonic chao in chao garden.
Save Game File04/04/03MetalSonic78964K
All characters unlocked, with all Chaos Emeralds. Every extra is unlocked. Tiny Chao Garden has over 30,000 Rings.
Save Game File04/03/03Nomia Karen64K
All emeralds for all characters, Chao Garden has 99999 Rings, Sound Test Unlocked, and Extra Stage with Super Sonic.
Save Game File06/04/04Mr Biz64K
All emeralds, Chao garden unlocked, Amy unlocked, true area 53 unlocked.
Save Game File10/15/03Strong Bad 12364K
Everything unlocked, about 50000 rings. Hero flying type chao in tiny chao garden.
Save Game File09/03/06IRON_KNUX64K
Everything. Amy, 99999 rings, True Area 53.
Save Game File07/31/03Sceptre64K
Finished XX as Sonic with all emeralds. TCG doesn't seem playable though...
Save Game File04/03/03MrFunsocks64K
Game beaten with everyone, but Amy. Everything unlocked.
Save Game File02/12/05JIRAXYS64K
Have a Omochao in the Tiny chao garden,lv:99.
Save Game File08/08/04Mechalon64K
Max Rings, Metal Sonic Chao, must use Tiny Chao Garden code to get him
Save Game File03/22/03goldmario64K
Save not completed. 2 Chaos emeralds with Tails, 1 with Sonic, 2 with Cream, and 1 with Knuckles. XX Zone beaten with Tails.
Save Game File04/16/04Gold Mage64K
Super Sonic, Amy Rose playable, Sound Test, Tiny Chao Garden are all unlocked.
Save Game File07/29/03Sceptre64K
Up to Ice Paradise Act 1 all 7 emeralds and cream and tails uinlocked
Save Game File07/30/03Sceptre64K
Up to Techno Plant One All Emeralds

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File07/31/04linkmasterv164K
100% complete with PSO aquired Official Tails Chao in Tiny Chao Garden
Save Game File04/12/04rael050564K
All completed and unlocked. Rare Knuckles with 4000 stats in garden. 5310 rings in garden.
Save Game File03/16/04Triforcer64K
Everything Unlocked, Green Chao in TCG, all Emeralds, All Levels!
Save Game File03/18/06the zelda master64K
Game fully completed with all 7 Chaos Emeralds. Has newborn Tails Chao in the garden.
Save Game File08/04/04SUPER SONIC 12864K
Hyper Knux Chao. 9999 in all stats!
Save Game File02/12/05JIRAXYS64K
LV:99 Egg chao in the Tiny chao Garden.

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Japan)

Save Game File12/20/02Nigoli64K
100% Completed with All Emeralds for All 5 Characters with Boss Attack, Chao Garden having 99999 Rings, Sound Test Unlocked, and Extra Stage with Super Sonic.
Save Game File01/05/03ReyVGM64K
All Levels Open With Sonic, No Gem Collected.
Save Game File01/10/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Game 100% Done, only thing left to do is play with the thing in Chao Garden
Save Game File01/09/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Game up to Zone 3, Music Plant, and Act 1, Cream has been unlocked
Save Game File02/02/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Game up to Zone 6, Techno Base, Act 1. Cream has been unlocked. Tails already unlocked. Knucles unlocked and up to Zone 4, Ice Paradise, Act 1.
Save Game File02/08/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Knucles unlocked: Area 7 Egg Utopia, Act 1; Sonic: Area 6 Techno Base, Act 1; Cream: Area 2 Hot Crater, Act 1; Tails: Area 1 Leaf Forest, Act 1

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Europe)

Save Game File10/12/08aitorsuomi64K
100% COMPLETE, all chaos emeralds, metal sonic chao in garden

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (Europe)

Save Game File03/12/04s990183264K
100% complete, all characters unlocked, all emeralds, rare level 99 Shadow Chao in Tiny Chao Garden.

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