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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shifty50fs

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/11/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     _______ _            _    _       _     _     _ _   
    |__   __| |          | |  | |     | |   | |   (_) |  
       | |  | |__   ___  | |__| | ___ | |__ | |__  _| |_ 
       | |  | '_ \ / _ \ |  __  |/ _ \| '_ \| '_ \| | __|
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    The Hobbit
    Document by: Dan Boyer
    * CONTENTS  *
    A. Documentation
    1. Legal Statement
    2. Timeline
    B. Preliminary Information
    1. Controls
    2. Basics
    3. Misc.
    C. Walkthrough
    1. the Shire
    2. Lone-Lands
       -boss fight: large hornet-
    3. the Wild
       -boss fight: octopus-
    4. Rivendell
      -elven target practice-
      -elven sheep herding-
    5. Misty Mountains
       -boss fight: hermit crab-
    6. Goblin Cave
       -boss fight: wolf-
    7. Carrock
       -boss fight: vines-
    8. Mirkwood
       -boss fight: spider-
    9. Lake-Town
    10. Lonely Mountain
    11. Smaug's Cave
    12. the Tombs
    13. Battle
       -boss fight: mounted spear thrower-
    D. Items
    1. Runes
    2. Items
    E. Concluding Information
    1. Conclusion
    2. Special Thanks
    |                                              |
    |(A)           DOCUMENTATION                (A)|
    This document is copyright (c) by Dan Boyer in 2003.
    This document may not be used in any public item, including websites,  
    without permission from Dan Boyer.
    Permission may be attained via E-Mail (shifty50fs@msn.com).
    This document may not be reproduced or distributed for profit.
    * TIMELINE *
    November 30, 2003 - 4:21 PM - began work on this FAQ, played the game to
    gather information for formatting
    November 30, 2003 - 7:05 PM - setup this FAQ, wrote controls, background,
    and the basics
    November 30, 2003 - 11:18 PM - wrote the walkthrough for the Shire and part
    of the Ruins section.
    December 10, 2003 - 8:42 PM - after several days of work and neglecting this
    timeline, I have completed the walkthrough, though it is missing three runes.
    |                                              |
    |(B)       PRELIMINARY INFORMATION          (B)|
    * BACKGROUND   *
    This game is modeled after the book of the same name written by J.R.R.
    Tolkien.  The book is a prelude to the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy made
    even more popular by the incredible movies that are based on them.  The
    story follows Bilbo on an adventure that traces his acquisition of the One Ring,
    which comes to be the focus of the trilogy.  His adventure begins one day
    when he is greeted by the wizard Gandalf and later a gang of dwarves who
    seek his aide.  They desire to return to the Lonely Mountain, which was once
    theirs, and take it, and the treasures within, back from the dragon who took it
    over.  Bilbo, they believe, will be perfect for stealing back the mountain
    * CONTROLS  *
    D-Pad - the directional buttons move your character and move through menu
    choices.  Bilbo has the ability to turn in increments of 45 degrees.
    A - the A button is the action button.  It is used to confirm menu choices, pass
    through dialog, and pull switches/open doors/etc.
    B - the B button utilizes the item equipped in the B slot.  This item can be
    changed by accessing your satchel (pressing select).
    L - the L button utilizes the item equipped in the L slot.  This item can be
    changed by accessing your satchel (pressing select).
    R - the R button alternates between normal walking mode and stealth mode.
    When in stealth mode, your character walks slowly and quietly, enabling him
    to sneak past others.
    Select - the select button accesses your satchel, allowing you to use and equip
    Start - the start button pauses the game and brings up the game options menu,
    which allows you to resume play, go to your last save point, access sound
    options, or enter sleep mode.
    * BASICS *
    Bilbo, though short and plump, is astoundingly agile.  He is capable of climbing
    vines, grabbing, shimmying across, and hopping onto ledges that are several
    feet above his head, and dropping down from incredibly high cliffs.  Aside
    from this, Bilbo can operate switches, buttons, certain cupboards, chests, and
    doors.  He can swing a sword or walking stick, and can use small explosives.
    He is also an accurate rock thrower.  He cannot however swim, so he must
    stay in shallow water.  When he chooses to, he can use his agility to be very
    sneaky and move without a sound to go unnoticed.
    To jump a gap, approach the gap and continue running in the direction you'd
    like to jump.  Bilbo will automatically jump.  To climb cliffs, approach them and
    continue pushing the up directional button.  Bilbo will automatically grab the
    ledge.  Pressing the left or right directional buttons will make him shimmy
    across the ledge.  Pressing down will cause him to hop back down, and pushing
    the up button again will make him jump up onto the platform.  To go back down,
    approach the ledge and press down, putting you into the hanging position, from
    which you can move just as previously described.
    Operating switches, buttons, doors, and chests is accomplished by pressing the
    A button while within a certain proximity of the item.  The same button is used
    to engage in conversation with other characters.  When you acquire a weapon,
    it can be equipped by accessing your satchel, using the directional buttons to
    highlight it, and pressing either L or B.  If you press L, it will go into the L slot
    and, during game play, be used when you press L.  Likewise for when you
    press B.
    By pressing A near a jar or special kind of rock (the light gray circular ones),
    Bilbo can pick it up and throw it as a weapon.  Sometimes he finds things in or
    under the jar or rock, aslo.
    Bilbo also has a special move.  If the B button is held, he will charge up.  He
    is fully charged once two rings of power are surrounding him.  Letting go
    of the B button will send him tumbling forward, damaging any enemies he
    Along the way, Bilbo will have the opportunity to record information in his
    journal.  By doing so, you are saving your game.  Any time you see an open
    book floating in a green circle, this is a save point and should be used to give
    you a place to start from later.
    * MISC.*
    Through the following walkthrough I will be explaining the methods for
    solving puzzles, performing tasks, defeating monsters, and navigating mazes.
    To do so, I must use directional terms.  To avoid ambiguity, all directions will
    be in reference to the screen, not the direction the character is facing.  Also,
    the terms north, south, east, and west may be used to refer to up, down, right,
    and left, respectively.  The term back wall indicates that the wall located in
    the upper portion of the screen is being spoken of.  By saying clear the room,
    I mean for the player to kill all enemies and smash all jars that are located
    within a room or area.  Any other terms that are confusing may be inquired
    about through e-mail.
    Each room or scene of the game has a set number of enemies, but those
    enemies can be any of the monsters available in that portion of the game, so
    the one I name may be incorrect at times.  If it is, you will probably be facing
    an animal of equal strength to the one I name, so there won't be any problems
    fighting them that won't be addressed in the walkthrough.  I don't want to
    receive e-mails telling me I put a rat in a room where you faced a bat...its just
    because the game randomly picks what enemies appear to shake things up and
    increase the games replay value.
    |                                              |
    |(C)             WALKTHROUGH                (C)|
    * THE SHIRE *
    The game begins in the Shire, a hilly region of Middle-Earth inhabited by
    hobbits.  Your character, Bilbo, is conversing with the wizard Gandalf.
    After the conversation, Bilbo goes into his house.  When you gain control of
    Bilbo, go north into the next room, continuing north through the next screen,
    and into the bedroom.  Use the A button to open the chest in the left side of
    the room to find some meat.  Exit the bedroom and head left.  In the middle
    of the back wall of this room is a cupboard that contains some meat.  Next,
    exit the house completely.  
    There is an old lady blocking your passage to the right, so go left, talking to 
    the old woman beforehand if you so choose.  In the next area, a hobbit will be
    playing with fireworks.  He will proceed to give you five of them.  Equip the
    fireworks and place one on top of the boards you see in the left side of the
    screen.  Clear the area quickly to avoid being hurt.  Enter the well after the
    explosion to find a chest containing a shield rune.  To return to the surface,
    climb the two cliffs on the back wall of the well.
    Move up from the well and open the round brown door to enter the home of
    Grandmother Boffin.  She is sick in bed in the right side of the first room.  She
    asks you to find her medicine.  Enter the room to the north.  The medicine
    Grandmother Boffin needs is in a cupboard in the upper left corner of the
    room.  Take the medicine back to Grandmother Boffin and she will give you
    the key to the chest located in the lower left corner of the room you found the
    medicine in.  Go back outside and return to Bilbo's house, continuing right on
    the path previously blocked by the old lady.
    In this area, there is a home in the upper right corner.  Enter it and talk to the
    woman inside.  She will blow up a firecracker in your face...lovely.  To make
    up for it, she gives you a piece of meat and tells you to eat it to heal yourself.
    Exit the house and press R when you reach the bottom of the stairs.  Sneak
    past the sleeping dog and open the gate to the south. 
    In the next area, there is an old woman who, when you speak to her, informs
    you that her cart is stuck in the mud.  Being a friendly hobbit, you should to
    around to the left side of the cart (careful to stay in the light blue, shallow water)
    and push it onto dry ground by walking right into it.  As a reward you will be
    given some meat.
    After receiving your reward, head to the right, as the house in the upper left
    corner of the area does not serve any purpose other than distraction and time
    consumption, just like a majority of this unduly lengthy sentence.  Go up the
    stairs and talk to the man by the fence for another quest: destroy the jars in his
    yard.  Walk up to a jar and put it on your head by pressing A.  Pressing A
    again will throw the jar in the direction you are facing.  Sometimes an item will
    fall from the jar when you pick it up.  Once you have destroyed all the jars, the
    man will give you some meat.  If you want more items, you can enter his house
    and come back out to find the jars have returned...the man really needs a trash
    can or something.  Exit the area to the right and enter the Green Dragon Inn.
    Talk to the people inside to find out that a bunch of dwarves are headed to
    your house.  Go outside and return to  your home.  Enter it and you will
    be greeted by a swarm of dwarves and Gandalf, who will eat supper and leave
    you with the dished (don't worry, you don't actually have to do them).  When
    you get out of bed, exit your house, saving on the way out of your bedroom.
    Head back to the Green Dragon Inn.  Here you will recieve your first weapon,
    a walking stick.
    * LONE-LANDS *
    After having traveled the Great East Road, the group is forced off by a flood
    and must travel through the forest and the ruins contained in it.  Here you will
    face your first enemies, so equip your walking stick to the B slot (or L slot if
    you prefer).  From the start, take the path to the north.  You'll have to use your
    walking stick to kill the rat ahead.  One or two hits will do it, allowing you to
    continue north.  Another rat and a hornet must be killed before you can
    proceed.  Cross the shallow water, careful not to drift off too far to the right
    or left and drown, and kill the rat in your path.  If you look carefully, there
    is a chest behind the tree to the left.  You have to go in front of the tree to get
    around it and for your trouble you will get a pile of fire crackers.  Continue up
    the path killing each of the creatures you encounter.  Follow the path as it turns
    to the right, ignoring the chest on top of the cliff for now.  In the next area, hop
    down the cliff just past the entrance.  
    Enter the dark hole in the cliff to the left of the screen.  Kill the two bats in the
    cave and smash the jar.  Then walk over the small crack in the right side of the
    screen, which causes you to take a huge fall (trust me on this).  When you land
    you'll have the choice between two switches.  The left one raises a platform
    that allows you to continue on, the other drops a rock on your head...its your
    choice.  Climb the platform and the next cliff, entering the next room and
    killing the attacking bat.  The dots on the floor are holes from which spikes
    will emerge.  To get by you must press R and sneak across.  Before doing
    so, walk to the upper left corner to lure the bat out so you won't have to fight
    him on the spikes.  Continue north once all this is done with.  Kill the creatures
    in this room and out through the other side.  Here you can open the chest you
    once had to ignore.  In it you will find a life rune, which will increase your HP
    capacity by 5 and fully heal you.  Hop off the cliff and exit the area to the
    Climb down the cliff again, but go south instead of into the hole.  You'll
    have to kill the bug on your way.  In the next area, walk around to the front of
    the ruins, killing the rats as you go.  In the wall, there is a small dark hole that
    you must climb into in order to enter the ruins and get around the deep water.
    When in the ruins, go up to the back wall and climb down the ledge.  As soon
    as Bilbo hits the ground, start swinging his walking stick, because he'll be facing
    two bats and a rat at once.  In this area you will find a puzzle.  There are four
    moveable rocks on the ground and four outlines spaces.  Obviously, you must
    push the four blocks onto the spaces.  There are many ways to do so, but I
    tend to push the upper right block into the top spot first, the lower right
    block into the right spot, then the upper left block over and down into the
    left spot, and finally the lower left block down and over into the bottom spot.
    I don't think there is a way to mess the puzzle up and cause it to be impossible
    to complete, but if you manage to, you can reset it by going back outside and
    coming in again.  Once you solve the puzzle, climb up the platform that rose
    up and exit the area.  From here, climb up the ledge above Bilbo, move him
    to the right and climb up another ledge.  Take out the two creatures on the
    platform and exit to the south.  Climb down the two ledges and kill the hornet
    that attacks you.  Exit the area to the right.
    Here, Thorin and the other dwarves will ask you to find something that can
    get them through the rocks that are blocking the way.  You are told to search
    the ruins to the north, so climb the ledge and walk into the ruins.  Here lies
    another rock puzzle and its even simpler than the previous one.  Push the
    rock all the way to the right side of the screen, into the outlined spot.  As soon
    as you do, a bunch of bats will mysteriously appear and attack.  Once they are
    defeated, climb the platform you raised with the puzzle.  Here Bilbo must use
    his muscle to push the large statue in the right side of the screen all the way
    to the upper left corner of the screen, into the outlined spot.  Kill the bats that
    appear, but before climbing the platform, flip the switch to the right of it.  Once
    you do this, climb up and push another statue over the small wooden bridge and
    into the outlined spot.  Same deal...kill the bats, flip the switch, climb the platform.
    At the top, Bilbo will have to make his first jump, walk over a bridge, and open
    a chest to find the tinder and flint for making fire.  Now backtrack all the way
    outside where you are told to search the ruins to the south since you did not
    find anything that will help destroy the rocks.  
    Follow the dwarf south and climb down the cliff.  To get past the water, follow it
    to the left where you will find a shallow area that you can walk over.  Continue
    on to the southeast until you reach a wall, at which point, head north.  Follow
    this path around the wall and into the ruins.  Kill all the enemies and smash all
    the pots in this area, then take the right path out.  Here you must climb up the
    two ledges on the back wall and press A next to the braziers.  Follow the dwarf
    out and then take the left path.  In this room, take out the creatures and then
    push the statue into its proper place.  To the right of the statue's spot is a ledge.
    Jump onto it, kill the enemy up there, and push the statue into place.  Climb
    down and head west.  Here you will find two ledges to climb and another
    statue to put in place.  You'll hear a peculiar sound once the third statue is in
    place.  Hurry back to the main room and kill the bats and rats again.  Now go
    through the door that opened up.  Here you will find three switches.  All three
    switches must be flipped to operate the bridge, but if they are flipped in the
    wrong order, a rock falls on your head.  First, flip the one closest to the door,
    next flip the one farthest from the door, and finally flip the one in the middle.
    Cross the bridge and open the chest.
    Equip the thunderclaps in your secondary weapon slot, keeping your walking
    stick equipped in the other.  Place one in front of the cracked rocks above the
    dwarves.  Thunderclaps fire in the direction you are facing when you place
    them, so be sure to face the rocks.  Head north through the hole you created
    and save your game.  Head to the northeast, killing whatever gets in your way.
    Run northwest in the next area and you will come upon a cliff short enough for
    little Bilbo to climb.  Follow the path to the southeast and go through the door
    to the dilapidated castle.  In the upper right corner of the building there is an
    extremely damaged stretch of wall.  Fire a thunderclap at it to knock down
    parts of the wall, allowing you to climb up the remnants.  Go to the right from
    here and down a small cliff.  Run to the right once more and climb the cliff to
    the north.  Go around the wall and climb down one of the two cliffs where you
    will be faced with four hornets.  Approach them slowly so they attack one at a
    time.  After they are dead you will encounter your first boss fight.
    Boss Fight: Large Hornet
    This is a really easy boss with a simple pattern.  It flies out from one of the four
    corners of the screen in a straight line towards Bilbo.  The easiest way to beat
    the hornet is to stand in the muddy portion of ground in the middle of the field
    and run five or six steps in the direction the hornet is flying (left or right), turn,
    and swing at him.  This will send him backwards and, if timed correctly, keep
    you from getting hit.  The bug has around 25 hit points, so it will take quite
    a few hits to finish him off.
    When the large hornet is destroyed, a platform is raised to the north.  Use it
    and several other ledges to scale the castle wall.  At the top, there is a switch that 
    raises a wall to stop you from leaving, bridges the gap in the castle, and lowers
    a bridge across the waters below.  Climb down the castle wall and cross the
    water.  In the next area, Thorin will tell you to investigate the strange light
    ahead, so follow his order and go east.  You discover the light to be coming
    from a campfire made by three trolls.  Bilbo decides to pickpocket them.  No
    matter what you do, you get caught.  The dwarves come to help you, but they
    are captured.  Luckily, Gandalf tricks the trolls into arguing until daylight,
    causing them to turn to stone.  
    Talk to Gandalf and the two dwarves.  They tell you to search the area for the
    troll cave and to look under rocks.  First, run south past the trolls.  You'll see a
    stone like the ones used in puzzles.  Push it to receive a key.  Go back north
    and climb the short cliff there.  Climb another cliff.  To the right is a gap in
    the ground.  A portion of it is too large for Bilbo to jump, but the part along
    the back wall of the hill is small enough for him to safely hop across.  Use the
    vines like a ladder to climb the hillside and enter the door at the top of the hill.
    Clear the room of enemies and proceed to the right.  Clear this room also.  Push
    the stone from the lower portion of the screen onto the green button near the
    entrance.  Push the block up then over so it doesn't get stock on the rock
    formations.  Return to the first room of the cave and go through the newly
    opened door in the upper left corner.  Clear this room and push the puzzle
    rock.  This reveals a hole that you can enter.  In this room you find a chest
    containing thunderclaps.  After getting these, climb up and out of the hole using
    the cliffs on the back wall of the cave.  Once back in the main cave, climb the
    cliff along the back wall.  When you enter this room, approach the swords and
    barrels.  This will prompt Gandalf and Thorin to enter.  After they claim their
    swords, enter the small hole in the upper left corner of the room to get a skill
    rune and more thunderclaps.  Return to the treasure room and place a
    thunder clap in front of the small knife hanging on the wall in the upper right
    corner of the room and claim the knife as your sword.
    * THE WILD *
    You start out surrounded by enemies, so battle yourself to loneliness on your
    isolated bit of ground.  Once its clear, equip your sword in place of your
    walking stick.  To get to the wolf on the other side of the gaping hole in the 
    ground, flip the switch on the back wall next to the ditch.  This will bring out 
    a bridge for you to cross.  When you have crossed, walk to the northeast.
    Kill the enemies on your side of the river, get on the left side of the large flat
    topped rock, and push it into the water.  Walk onto the rock and, if you can,
    kill the animal on the other side while standing on it.  Proceed to hop the rest
    of the water and exit the area to the right.
    There is an old man standing in this area.  Talk to him and he'll give you a key
    to his house, asking you to clear his home of rats.  Go back left and cross the
    river again.  Head south until you reach a cliff.  Down the cliff is the old man's
    cottage.  When you enter the home, there are only two rats inside.  When you
    defeat these, four rats pop out of the left and right side walls.  When these are
    sliced and diced, six more, the final wave, come out from the walls.  Go through
    the door to the north and clear this room of rats.  Return to the main room and
    go to the left, into the old man's bedroom.  There are three rats in the room.
    When you approach them, they scurry into a nearby piece of furniture.  Swing
    your sword at the furniture and the rat, along with several buddies, will jump
    out.  The old man will tell you an important secret.  "Use Elrond's name to cross
    the bridge."
    Return to the area where you met the old man.  You will find Gandalf here and
    he will teach you how to throw rocks.  When he gives you the rocks, place
    them in the weapon slot that isn't taken up by your sword.  Press the
    corresponding button to bring up the aimer and release it to through in that
    direction.  Head right and save your game at the partially hidden save point.
    Go north, around the path and jump the gap.  Climb down the cliff, but do not
    let go of the ledge before shimmying to the right as far as you can.  When you
    drop down, kill the enemy there and jump into the hole.  Here you must kill
    three creatures to open the door that you need to take (its in the south).  Follow
    the cave path, killing two creatures, and flip the switch on the wall near the exit.
    In the next room, kill the enemies, but don't flip the switch.  Go south, clearing
    the area of resistance, and exit to the left.  Here you have your next boss fight.
    Boss Fight: Octopus
    This is a pretty interesting fight.  To hurt the octopus, stand at the edge of the
    shallow water, in front of his head, and swing your sword as much as you can.
    Shortly, he will get mad, duck his head down (making him invincible) and start
    swinging his octet of arms about wildly.  Getting hit by tentacles doesn't hurt
    you very much, but he happens to be causing rocks to fall.  To avoid the rocks,
    avoid the shadows that appear below as they fall.  When the storm of rocks
    dies down, and the octopus raises his head again, go in for the attack.  He may
    hit you with his tentacles, but pay no attention until rocks fall again, at which
    point you should run around once more.  Eventually, he will get so angry that
    he will cause a number of rocks to fall on his own head, killing him.
    Use the fallen sea monster's squishy head as a stepping stone to cross the water.
    Exit using the cliff on the left.  Take the life rune from the chest, save your
    game, and exit to the south.  Outside the cave, follow the thin grassy path to the
    northeast.  Go to the north of this area (don't try to jump the canyon stunt man)
    and climb the cliff.  On this platform you'll find a canyon fit for a hobbit-sized
    daredevil like yourself.  Climb onto the vines and crawl to the right.  Dismount
    onto the next platform and crawl down the other set of vines.  Go to the left
    to get the chest that once tempted you.  Now go to the upper right corner of
    the screen and use a fire cracker to burn down the dead vines covering a cave.
    Take the skill rune inside and exit.
    Exit the area to the right.  Aside from three monsters, there are nine rocks in
    this area to look under.  These tend to have numerous tokens.  There's a
    monster in the upper right corner hidden by the tree...I don't know its
    significance or what it is.  Run to the southeast.  After clearing the area, use
    a thunderclap on the north wall next to the tree where there are cracks.  In
    this cave are two chests containing meat and thunderclaps.  Go north and
    walk onto the bridge, pressing A at the roadblock.  This brings up a screen
    with six dots, the letters D-O-L-N-E-R and the option to go back or exit.  Use
    the sword to highlight the letters E-L-R-O-N-D in that order (remember the
    old man's secret?).  If you make a mistake, use back to back up a letter.  This
    lowers the road block and lets you pass.  Walk across the bridge and approach
    * RIVENDELL  *
    Rivendell is an elven city where Elrond, the elven king, lives.  Follow Elrond
    and Gandalf out the door to the south and outside.  Go left on the white
    sidewalk.  At the end of the sidewalk, climb down the front edge and keep
    walking left until the path turns up to the northwest.  Climb the cliff in the north
    of this area and hop into the well to get some thunderclaps.  Get out of the well
    climb down from the cliff, and go left again.  Follow the shallow water around
    the island and save your game.  Continue on the water and climb the cliffs
    next to the waterfalls until you are out of the area.  Use a thunderclap on the
    cracked wall of the rock wall to the north.  Return to the house of Elrond.
    Follow the white sidewalk to the right of the house's entrance this time.
    Dismount at the end and climb the long staircase to the right.  Take the path to
    the north.  Go to the left and go through the door to find food, spring water,
    and thunderclaps.  Return to the top of the staircase.  Take the path to
    the right.
    Elven Target Practice
    Talk to the elf at the end of the path and he will let you play this game.  When
    you agree to play, a sling is placed in your B weapon slot.  The sling throws
    stones the same way you were taught to through rocks.  When the targets pop
    up, shoot them from right to left by taking 1-2 steps to the left, aligning yourself
    with a target, press up to aim, and tap B.  At the end of the row, return to the
    right side.  The key is not to rush, as you have plenty of time to complete this
    game and you only need 10.  Within the amount of time given, its easy to
    accumulate over 20 hits.  If you win, you get some stones.  Play the game until
    you have 20 stones, which is your limit.
    Elven Sheep Herding 
    Return to the entrance of Elrond's  house and go down the stairs.  Go south 
    and talk to the elf surrounded by  sheep.  This is a pretty tough game to beat.
    The object of the game is to get all of the sheep in the pen, which is in the 
    upper right corner of the screen.  The sheep try to get away from you
    whenever you get near to them.  To get them to move up, you must get below
    them.  As you move them up, walking on their left side will make them move to
    the right and walking on their right side will make them move to the left.
    Unless the sheep are extremely close together, it is best to take them to the 
    pen one at a time.  Avoid getting the sheep in corners and do not let them go 
    into the left corner next to the pen because it is really difficult to get them out.
    Using sneak mode will usually allow you to more accurately move the sheep,
    but is too slow to use the whole time.  From the start, I push the sheep sitting to
    the left of the rock in, then go down to get the one on the right side.  The rest
    are in the lower left corner.  As you approach the group, they'll split up, so try
    to take one at a time without sending the rest into the very corner.  Your prize
    for this is a skill rune.  Any subsequent wins at the game will get you a bag of
    After gaming to your content, go back into Elrond's home to learn about the
    sword's you took from the trolls and to have Elrond read you the secret moon
    letter's on Thorin's map.  They say, "Stand by the grey rock when the thrush
    knocks, and the setting sun will shine upon the keyhole."
    Leaving the relaxing atmosphere of Rivendell, you are immediately reminded
    of the harshness outside world, as you are faced with the infamous Misty
    Mountains, where it is raining heavily.  The group, ignoring Bilbo's request
    to linger in the lovely land of the Elves a bit longer, pushes into the
    Misty Mountains in search of a place to camp for the night.  Before you leave,
    Elrond gives you the sword rune.
    Go north as instructed.  Clear the next area of enemies, climb the cliff, and
    jump the gap, walking up to the next area afterwards.  Destroy the four rocks
    ahead and climb the vines.  Going north, turn right in front of the six breakable
    rocks (after destroying them if you wish).  Descend the cliff and hop onto the
    adjacent platform.  From here, head north until meet an elf who says he's
    missing a dog.  Climb the vines to the far left of the elf, hop the gap and ascend
    to the next platform.  There are vines on the back wall of this area that can be
    climbed and lead to a switch that will help you out later.  When finished, return
    to the last area.  Drop off of the cliff in front of the vines into a hole that
    leads to a cave.  One of the enemies in the room (the one in the middle) will
    give you a key when destroyed.  The exit is to the south and takes you to an
    area that may look familiar, though you are in a different part of it.  Drop down
    the cliffs and pick up the six rocks blocking your path.  Head right as before,
    but don't climb the cliff that takes you back to the elf.  Instead, continue right.
    In extreme right of the area are vines.  Use them to enter the cave suspended
    above your head.  Within this cave is a caged dog that can be freed with the
    key you got earlier.  For your efforts, you will receive a skill rune.
    Now, head northeast to meet up with the dwarves.  When you attempt to exit
    the area, Fili and Kili are asked to scout ahead for a campsite, and you decide
    to join them.  Follow the path up, climbing cliffs and vines, all while avoiding
    the falling rocks.  They come from random points, so I can't tell you exactly
    how to avoid them, but when you hear them bounce, look for the shadow to
    appear and move away from it immediately.
    At the top of this mountainous obstacle course sits a decision of left or right.
    First, go to the left, staying left through the next two areas, taking you to the
    bridge you had operated earlier.  Cross it, descend the vines, and talk to the
    elf who is still standing there.  He'll give you two spores, which confuse your
    enemies.  Now return to the right to the area you climbed up to from the
    bottom of the mountain.
    Go to the right.  In this area, follow the path up, hop across the gap between
    the platforms, and attempt to enter the door.  Due to darkness, Bilbo cannot
    enter the cave.  Luckily there lies a brazier to the left of the door, which can
    be lit with a tap of the A button.  Enter the cave and go through the linear
    Once out of the cave, descend from the platform on which the exit lies.  Go
    left and climb up the cliff at the end of the path.  Enter the cave in the area at
    the top.  This small cave consists of just one room and leaves you outside next
    to a brazier.  If you attempt to re-enter, you are told it is too dark, raising the
    question, "How did Bilbo see coming the other way?"  Oh well.  Climb the cliff
    and drop down into the hole to reach the lair of the area's boss.
    Boss Fight: Hermit Crab
    This boss has an annoying pattern similar to the smaller hermit crabs you have
    faced throughout the adventure.  He starts out traveling around invincibly and
    will hit you for about 20 points damage since, as far as I can tell, it is impossible
    to evade him in the tight quarters of his lair.  After this, he will make his way
    to the bottom right corner of the room.  Follow him.  He will go under ground
    and come up spinning (his manner of digging).  At this point he is no longer
    invincible.  If you let him go, he will dig under ground and chase you around,
    popping up to deliver around 12 points damage to you.  To keep him on the
    surface, you must strike him as soon as he comes up and continue striking him
    until he's dead.  If he gets away from you, chase him down.  Any time you
    get below 15 hit points, it is wise to replenish your health.  It is best to just
    ignore his smaller henchmen.  For winning this fight, you receive the key to the
    Go north through the door.  In this room, you find a chest containing a life
    rune.  Go to the left and follow the path to the exit.  Descend the cliff and
    head up the mountain to the northwest.  Climb the vines on the back wall
    of the cliff.  On this platform, walk to the right and drop down, leaving Bilbo
    hanging on the side of the mountain.  Shimmy to the right until you can safely
    let go onto the platform suspended to the right.  Jump across the gap and
    enter the cave.
    Fili and Kili are already here, and everyone agrees it is a nice cave to sleep in.
    Bilbo ponders the reason for its lack of inhabitants, but nobody pays attention
    to him.  The trio reports back to Gandalf and company, and everyone returns
    to the cave for a night of dry, safe sleep.  During the night, however, a crack
    in the wall opens and goblins enter, taking the dwarves and Bilbo captive.
    Gandalf manages to rescue them, but Bilbo is separated from the group in the
    * GOBLIN CAVE  *
    Take the path to the right first.  Kill the two goblins and flip the switch along
    the back wall.  Return to the first area and take the path to the north.  Hop up
    the platform, using the wooden structure you raised with the switch in the
    previous area.  At the top is a goblin and a chest with a shield rune in it.  Return
    to the first area.
    Go to the left this time.  In this area you must face some goblin spear chuckers.
    To avoid their projectiles, move vertically when they throw.   Head to the
    left again.  Here you will be attacked when you enter.  Continue to the left.
    In this area, you really just have to ignore the spears being thrown at you, as
    you will be hit more if you try to kill the goblins.  Exit the first platform (hop
    across the gap in the southwest corner.  Aim a rock at the switch to the south
    of the platform you land on, causing a bridge to span a nearby gap.  Exit this
    platform to the northwest, and cross the bridge in the southwest of the following
    Step on the green button down screen in the next room.  This will cause the
    floor to fall out below the sleeping goblin, allowing you to safely exit the room
    to the southwest.  Dash across the back wall of the next room to avoid the
    goblin projectiles and exit the room in the upper left corner.
    In this room, take the left path.  Sneak past the sleeping goblins to take the key
    from the chest and sneak back out.  Take the right path this time and kill the
    goblin guard awaiting your entrance.  In the lower right corner of the room is
    an imprisoned goblin.  Use the key to free him and you will receive the
    strength rune.  Return to the main room and save your game.
    Climb the northern wall and kill the pair of goblins at the top.  Enter the room to
    the right and kill all the goblins.  To the right of the pillar and almost halfway
    between the front and back walls (closer to the back), is a crack in the ground.
    Stand there and you will fall in front of a lake.
    At the water's edge in front of you is a ring.  Walk around the water to the
    northwest and you will encounter Gollum.  He will engage you in a riddle
    contest, which you will win by accident.  Follow him to get out of the area.
    Head north after you pass him to find yourself in a room full of sleeping
    Sneak to the back wall and climb the cliff (you have to get out of sneak mode to
    climb).  Take the key from the chest at the top, hop down, and enter stealth
    mode.  The exit is in the lower right corner.
    Hop the gap and head north.  Continue north to find three chests.  They
    contain meat, thunderclaps, and a life rune.  Return south and jump down
    the cliff over the black boulders and take the meat from the chest.  Head to
    the right.  Follow the dwarves to the right.
    Jump the gap and fling yourself down the huge pile of rocks.  Exit to the left.
    Continue left and jump down the pile of rocks.  To the right is a chest that
    contains some meat.  Jump down the rock pile to the south.  Exit to the right.
    After jumping down the pile of rocks in front of you, there are two rockslides
    that you can take.  First, take the right one and follow the path it sets you upon
    into a cave that contains some elven spring water.  Exit the cave and climb the
    cliffs to the right of the cave's entrance.  Follow the path to the left and use
    a thunderclap to blow up the rock blocking the walkway in the next area.
    Jump down the pile of rocks and take the left rockslide this time.
    Head to the right and clear the next area, leaving the area to the northeast.
    Continue northeast through the next area.
    Boss Fight: Wolf
    The wolf will be positioned on a large rock.  He will bark and send forth
    several of his brothers.  He will then rush to the bottom of the screen and start
    rhythmically pouncing.  When he jumps, run away.  Once you are safely out
    of his way, run towards him, strike him with your sword, and run away to avoid
    his next pounce.  Another way to win, if you lots of health, is to just stand in the
    middle of the bottom edge of the screen when he rushes forward and just
    constantly swing your sword at him.  Your attacks are fast enough to kill him
    (usually) before he can kill you.  Since in this game you usually have copious
    amounts of food and spring water, I usually just use this method.  Its faster and
    easier.  It is not, however, guaranteed.
    When the wolf is destroyed, the northeast corner opens up.  Exit that way and
    watch the cut scene.
    * CARROCK *
    Climb into the cave above your head.  Drop down the cliff, take the
    shield rune, and exit to the south.  Go south (you have to go around rocks)
    from the caves exit to get a skill rune.  Walk back up and take the right path.
    Travel through the serpentine pathway.  In the next area is a chest, the path
    to which is blocked by a rock that you can lift and throw.  Inside the chest is
    a skill rune.
    Follow the path through the grass until you come to the edge of the Great
    River of Wilderland.  Follow the water's edge north and enter the cave in this
    area to get a shield rune and some meat.  Return to the area where you
    encountered the river.  After killing the enemies in the area, push the large
    flat topped rock forward 3 steps, down 5 steps, and over until it falls in the
    Hop from rock to rock to the right.  When you come to the last rock, hop to the
    rock to the north and continue in that direction onto an island.  Hop to the
    right and exit the area to the northeast.  Save your game and follow the path
    to the northeast.  Cross the next area and exit to the right, proceeding through
    the following serpentine path.  Go southeast through the next area.
    Go north through the green grass.  Along the back boundary of this area is
    a chest partially hidden by some trees.  It contains some meat.  Exit to the
    southeast.  There is a brown bush in front of the tree in the center of this
    meadow.  Use a firecracker to burn it down.  In the hole you discover, there
    is a life rune, meat, and some thunderclaps.  Use the cliffs to climb up out
    of the hole.  Exit the are to the right.  Continue to the right.  If you stand
    in front of the cave, you will be trapped by vines.  Enter the cave.  In it you
    will find the source of the thumping sound you've been hearing of late.
    Boss Fight: Vines
    This is a pretty tricky fight.  There are vines all over the place and when they
    are killed, they reappear next to you.  Controlling the beastly vines is a heart
    like lump in the back wall.  You cannot hit it with your sword, so clear a path
    so you can stand in front of it.  Use all 15 of your thunderclaps on it to destroy
    it.  If you don't have 15, finish it off with rocks and stones.  Save your game
    outside and head right.
    Gandalf will take you to Beorn's house, where you will spend the night.  When
    you wake up, enter the room in the southwest corner of the house.  Light the
    brazier in the upper left corner and push the bookcase to the right, revealing
    a doorway.  In the hidden room, you will find a life rune.  Exit the hidden
    room and return to the main room of the house.
    Now go into the room in the lower right corner of Beorn's house.  Light the
    brazier, push the bookcase, and enter the wine cellar.  Descend the stairs and
    walk around to the upper left corner of the cellar.  Push the wine shelves out
    of the way.  Walk along the right side of this room and climb the ledge you
    come to.  Follow this walkway around to get elven spring water, thunderclaps,
    and some meat.  Return to the main room of the house and Beorn will tell you
    it is safe to go outside.
    Go out side, and walk around his house to the left.  Exit the area to the north.
    Beorn will be here and he will tell you to kill the bug in his garden.  The
    bug pops its head out of the holes in the garden.  Smacking it 10 times will kill
    it and Beorn will give you a knobbed walking stick.  Exit through the
    northwest corner.  Enter the doorway in the upper right corner of this place.
    Inside is a partially hidden brazier to the left of a moveable bookcase.  Behind
    the case you'll find some thunderclaps.  Exit the hidden room and return to
    Beorn's front yard.  Inside his house are three chests containing meat,
    thunderclaps, and elven spring water.  Exit the house and leave the area to the
    right to find Beorn at his gate.  Talk to him to go to Mirkwood Forest.
    * MIRKWOOD *
    After Gandalf leaves the group, Thorin warns everyone not to get separated.
    Everyone leaves and Bilbo is immediately separated from the rest of the group.
    Kill all the dark squirrels and go northeast.  The next area has a chest that
    contains spring water.  Follow the path until you reach the swamp.  Where
    you will find Gandalf and cleanse the pool of water.  Now you must use the
    logs to cross the pool.  
    When standing on a log, you can walk along its length normally.  Walking
    along its width will cause it to roll.  Walking left causes the log to move right
    and vice versa.  Stand on the first log and press left until it is in front of the
    horizontal log.  Move onto the horizontal log, roll it down, walk onto the
    second vertical log, and use it to get to the next horizontal log.  Press up to roll
    this log downward.  Walk onto the vertical log and roll it to the shore.  When
    you reach the shore the controls will switch so be careful not to hold left when
    you hit the shallow water or you will walk off the log and drown.  Exit the area
    to the right.
    Follow the path down, save your game, and continue following the path around
    the pushes, exiting to the north.  Go through the next screen to the right.
    Continue right and then up to the north east to meet up with the dwarves.  They
    tell you to hunt squirrels.  Go left and then down from the area you are placed
    after the conversation.  Walk to the right to find the place where the squirrels
    hang out.  Squirrels will steal items from you (usually food or rocks) if they
    get close enough.  Six will appear on the screen.  Kill them all, exit the screen
    to the right, and re-enter to cause six more to appear.  Continue doing this until
    you have killed 15.  Then return to the dwarves.
    The dwarves will reward you with some darts and you will appear in the next
    part of the forest.  There is a large ravine with several islands of land for you
    to hop across.  The exit is straight across.  If you jump to the second platform
    and hop down, this path will take you to a save point.  When you exit the
    area you will see some elves.  The elves disappear and you are left in
    darkness.  Bilbo falls asleep and awakens, faced with a large spider.
    Slash the spider and Bilbo will name his sword Sting.  Run to the right and
    kill the spider in the next area.  At this point, you must search the forest for
    12 of the dwarves.  They are wrapped up in webs and hanging from trees.
    Go to the south to find the first one, the second one is to the right.  Cut the
    webs blocking the north path and head in the direction, where you will find
    another dwarf.  Cutting the webs blocking your way, go north to free the
    fourth dwarf.  From here, go left, where two dwarves await you.  To the south
    is a seventh dwarf.  Exit this area to the right.  Continue right and head south.
    Free the dwarf and go back north.  Head right and free the two dwarves in this
    area.  Cut the webs to the north and free the dwarf in the path.  Further north
    is the final dwarf.  Head north to the clearing.
    Boss Fight: Spider
    In this fight, you face a HUGE spider.  You have to hit its eyes to hurt it.  It
    doesn't retaliate for a while, but after about the 20th slice, it will start attacking.
    Count your slices and at about the 20th one move out of the way.  It should be
    smoking and it will release a bunch of smaller spiders.  Just keep all the other
    spiders off of you and wait for the big spider to die.  If it doesn't, you may have
    to go hit it a few more times.
    After he is dead, go northeast.  Here, talk to the elves, and you will all be taken
    to the home of the wood elves.
    * WOOD ELVES *
    Equip the ring and Sting.  If the wood elves catch you, you will be jailed in the
    entrance of the level.  To avoid getting caught, slip on the ring when wood
    elves are around.  Go through the door to the north, slip on the ring and
    exit to the northeast.  The cave in this room contains a chest with some meat.
    Continue through the room.  Go down the stairs in this room and go through
    the door unseen.  Walk invisibly around the wall and through the exit to the
    northeast.  Climb the ledge on the back wall of this room (it has a moon
    engraved on it).  The cave at the top contains some meat.  Outside the cave,
    go northeast.  Go through the cavern to collect a life rune.  Go back to the
    entrance of the first cave, descend the ledge, and walk through the door to
    the left.
    Walk invisibly through the north exit and enter the next area, leaving it through 
    the door to the northwest.  Continue to the northwest and sneak across the
    next room.  The cave in the next room has three chests which contain (left to
    right): meat, a shield rune, and a brand new, incredibly useful...nothing.
    Leave the cave and walk invisibly to the left.  Climb the stairs in this area and
    walk through the door to the north.  Continue to the north, walking around the
    barrels in the middle of the room.
    An elf is blocking the right path so you need to lure him out.  To do so, I
    usually stand in the upper left corner of the room, remove my ring until the
    guard next to me moves, replace it, stand where he was, and remove it again,
    until the lower guard moves.  Then I sneak past both of them, leaving to the
    This next room takes you in a big circle, but there is a doorway to the northeast.
    Descend the stairs to get two pieces of meat.  Go through the door to the north
    to get some meat and a skill rune.  Returning to the previous room, exit to the
    northwest.  Through the cavern you will find two pieces of meat, some spring
    water, and a music box.
    Return to the previous room and leave it to the left.  Climb the stairs and go left.
    Continue left and exit the circular room (the exit is between two barrels).  Lure
    the elf blocking your way, and exit the room to the north.  Go to the northeast,
    descend the ladder, take the meat, and ascend the other ladder and leave to
    the left.
    Stand invisibly in front of the dog, equip the music box, and use it to put the dog
    to sleep.  Once the dog is soothed into sleep, walk through the door to the
    south.  Walking unseen, go to the southwest and climb down the ladder.  Light
    the brazier left of the door to open it.  Inside are four chests containing three
    pieces of meat and some pure elven spring water.
    Exit the room and head left.  Press R and sneak up to grab the keys next to
    the sleeping elf.  Continue sneaking to the left to come to the hall of cells.
    Enter the two rooms on the back wall, followed by the lower left room.
    Continue down the hallway, past the four doors.  Use the music box to put
    the dog to sleep.  Approach the barrel on the rug and a dwarf will enter.  Push
    the barrel over the trap door and step on the green button.  Repeat until all the
    dwarves are through.  Now go back to the hallway with the four doors that you
    didn't enter.  Enter the upper right door, sneak over the spikes, and enter the
    door to get two more dwarves.  Sneak back to the hallway and enter the lower
    right door.  Run across the floor (I haven't figured out how to avoid the spears).
    Get the three dwarves and run back to the hallway.  Do the same thing for the
    lower left door.
    You must put the colored statues over their respective flame.  The flames fire
    at you in clockwise order, so use this information to avoid the fire.  Use the
    statues for cover if you have to.  The door will open and you can save Thorin.
    Go back to the barrel room and send the rest of the dwarves on their way.
    When all the dwarves are gone, stand on the door and throw a rock at the
    * LAKE - TOWN *
    Bilbo washes up on the shore and comes out of his barrel.  Head right.  Push
    the rock in the next area down one step and over to the right four steps, then
    walk across and go to the right.  An old man will ask you to return his dog to
    him, so run to the right.  Chase the dog north twice and then to the left twice.
    Chase it to the right and then down twice to get to the house.   Force the dog
    around the house to the owner, who will give you a jump rune.
    Jump across the water and head south.  After talking with the dwarf, jump over
    the gap in the bridge.  Hear you will meet with men who allow you to stay
    with them for several days.
    There is food in the house you appear next to.  After getting it, head north.
    Jump across the watery gap and go north.  Go right twice, past the elf, and then
    south.  Climb the stairs next to the fisherman and continue south.  Walk past
    the person feeding bird and climb down the two sets of stairs.  Hop across the
    platforms to get a life rune.  Return to the dock and go north.  Jump the gap
    in the docks and talk to the dwarves, heading north afterwards.  Following
    the dock around, you come to the ferryman who will take you to the Lonely
    The ferryman will leave you and Thorin will rally the dwarves up the mountain.
    Follow them left, then head north.  Climb the cliffs to the north.  Continue
    fighting your way north until you get to another cliff.  There is a dead end path
    in the bushes in front of this cliff.  At the end is a stump, which, when sliced,
    gives up a skill rune.  Keep going up the mountain once you've gotten it.
    Eventually you will come to Thorin, who tells you to scout the entrance
    ahead for any sign of the dragon.  Exit the area to the northeast.  Hop the gap
    and climb the vines.  Climb down the cliff in the lower right corner and exit
    the area.  Jump over the gap and climb the ledge, walking up the screen at
    the top.  In the next area there is a short cliff to the left and a short cliff to the
    First, climb the left cliff, entering the cave to the north.  Climb one of 
    the ledges that are behind the torches on the sidewalls.  Enter the door at
    the end of the room.  Cross the lake on the floating rafts, moving from raft to
    raft only when they are aligned, avoiding the large axes.  In the next room,
    Bilbo will run from a troll.
    The goal of this area is to steal items from the trolls by sneaking up to them and
    pressing A.  If you are seen, Bilbo runs out of the room and the troll disappears
    from the room when you return.  It comes back if you leave and re-enter the
    room again.
    After regaining control of Bilbo, enter the room to the south and sneak up to
    the troll, avoiding his sight and hearing.  Press A to get some meat.  Sneak
    behind him through the door to the east and run through the next two rooms.
    Sneak up to the troll to steal a bag of tokens.  Sneak out the west exit and steal
    a shield rune.  Go back to the last room and exit to the south.  Exit the cave and
    return to the area of the mountain with two cliffs.
    Having climbed the left cliff, climb the right cliff.  Ascend the vines and jump to
    the right, exiting the area to the northeast.  Continue through the next area to
    the northeast.  To the north, after climbing the vines, Bilbo will notice a stench
    and smoke, indicating the dragon's presence, so he rushes back to Thorin.
    Thorin tells Bilbo to find the secret entrance.  Moving left, drop down and
    hang onto the ledge.  Shimmy to the left and climb up to the save point.  After
    saving, continue left.  Cross over the log bridge, causing it to fall.  Climb down
    the cliffs that it had once spanned to get to a cave that contains a shield rune
    in its northwest corner.
    Return to the area where the log bridge was and exit to the northwest.  Go
    north through the next area, jumping gaps and climbing vines to do so.  Climb
    the vines in the next area, drop down onto the ledge they're growing on and
    shimmy to the left.  Exit the area to the north.
    Follow the path northeast, climb the cliffs in the next area, and head left at the
    top.  Go around the dead tree by climbing the cliff and descending the vines.
    Here you see two odd looking, suspended rocks.  These will fall soon after
    you jump on them, so don't be slow about hopping over the giant gap.
    Your path will be blocked by a large tree suspended by a rope.  In the
    middle of the rope, there is a break.  Stand on the edge of the gap as close to
    the front wall as possible and aim your sling at the break (you have to face the
    back wall to do so).  This will cause the log to fall into place as a bridge.
    Go up the path and hop the gap (the brush pile hides no secrets).  Follow the
    path up, hopping a gap and climbing a cliff in the next area.  At the exit of the
    area, you will be asked to save.  As you continue up the cliff, you find that the
    dwarves do not know how to open the door to the cave.  Talk to Thorin and
    he will give you the key.
    Now, recall the secret moon letters on the map, read to you by Elrond.
    "Stand by the grey rock when the thrush
    knocks, and the setting sun will shine upon the keyhole."
    * SMAUG'S CAVE *
    Stand against the back wall to the right of the grey rock on which a bird sits
    and press A to open the door.  Thorin then tells you to explore the cave.
    Enter the cave and climb the ledges immediately (almost) in front of the doorway.
    Down the path is a doorway.  In the next area, you'll notice an exit to the right
    of where you enter.  Going in this room will allow you access to a life rune.
    After getting the rune, go back out to the hall.
    Continue straight down the path through several areas, until you come to a
    large doorway.  Inside is the dragon Smaug and all his glorious treasures.
    Though Smaug seems to be sleeping, sneaking alone will not get you by, as
    he will spot you and flame you, causing you to suffer a slow, agonizing death.
    Slip on the ring and snag the goblet in front of Smaug's head.  It has shimmering
    gems lining its rim, so it is easy to spot.
    You will then be transported back outside, where, when you show the goblet to
    the dwarves, they will say it looks valuable.  Bilbo states that he will go back
    inside and see what he can find.  Returning to Smaug's treasure, Bilbo will be
    caught by Smaug's impeccable sense of smell.  Smaug will then blow fire at
    you.  To avoid death, you must run back outside.  The splits in the pathway
    may trick you, trap you, and lead you to be burned.
    Immediately run south.  There are three path splits and to exit, you must go
    right, left, left, respectively.  Climb down the ledges and run out the door to
    safety.  Bilbo will reveal Smaug's weakness and soon the dragon will come out
    to raid Lake-town.  The thrush flies off and tells a man of Smaug's weakness
    Head back to the treasure room, where you can save and Thorin will tell you to
    find another way out.  Walk right until you come to a dwarf who tells you that
    Thorin gave everyone the right to choose their own share of the treasure.
    Head south from there.  Climb the ledge in the lower right corner of the room,
    take a left at the top, and drop down pile of gold to get the Arkenstone, which
    mischievious Bilbo claims as his own.
    Climb the ledge again and head north, taking a left in the next room.  Go past
    the large stairs and down to collect the coat of mithril.  Ascend the stairs and go
    left in the next room, saving as you go.  Follow the hall north and take a left
    in the following area.  To the north is another raft puzzle that is very simple,
    but tests your patience because the last raft is so incredibly slow and has the
    longest path to travel.  You will find a switch in the next room.
    Go back over the rafts, and exit in the southeast corner.  Go through the
    northeast door in the following area and go through the door in the room.
    Follow the path around to find yourself outside, where a siege begins.
    You are charged with a task of damming the river.
    Go back outside and push both large rocks in one step and down two steps.
    A large pool will then be formed.  If you re-enter the cave, Thorin will tell
    you to go to the lookout point and wait for Dain's army of dwarves, so go
    back outside and exit the northeast.  Follow the path up the mountain.
    Eventually Bilbo will see Dain's army and decide to give Bard the Arkenstone
    in exchange for a peaceful solution to the siege.  Descend the cliffs to the right,
    and enter the cave on the back wall of the platform.  Here you will face
    several waves of enemies and receive a key.  Use the key on the chest in the
    upper right corner to get a shield rune.  After getting the rune, return to the
    entrance of the dwarf fortress.
    Talk to the dwarf in the lower right corner of the area and relieve him of his
    watch duty.  Once he leaves, descend the stairs he blocked.  Follow the path
    down the mountain, until you come to an area with downward leading cliffs
    and an upward leading path.  Take the northern path, climb the cliff to the right
    and hop across the gap to get the bladed walking stick.  Exit the area and
    descend the previously mentioned cliffs.
    * THE TOMBS *
    At the bottom of the cliffs, walk right.  Follow the path all the way down the
    mountain until you come to an area with green tinted (I guess they're mossy)
    rocks.  Go south through several areas until you come to an area with bushes
    blocking your path.  Equip the bladed stick and use it to briefly destroy the
    bushes.  In the area to the northeast, you will find a chest containing a key.
    Return to the locked gate (the first area with green rocks).  Go through the
    gate and save your game.  Enter the tomb to the left.  The first room's exit
    is to the left.  In the following room, you will face several ghosts.  Ghosts
    disappear momentarily when you hit them, and must be hit 2-3 times.  Switch
    back to the sword for fighting them, as it is much faster.
    Once the ghosts are dead, go through the newly opened door.  There are four
    switches in this area that must be flipped in the proper order.  The order is:
    upper right, lower left, upper left, lower right.  Climb the platform and push
    the rock on it into its proper place in the outline drawn in the lower right
    corner (remember those?).
    Climb the platforms, fight the ghost above, and descend the ledge to the right,
    exiting in that corner.  Kill the enemies in the next room and sneak across
    the spikes in the south.  Pull the switch to drop a statue.  Sneak back across the
    spikes and push the statue into its proper place in the northwest.  Carefully
    moving across the spikes again, exit to the south.
    Back in the main room, a door will be lowered and platform will be raised.
    Go through the door that was opened and kill the enemies within.  Flip the
    two large switches on either side of the room.  Climb the left cliff and push the
    rock across the two bridges you formed, resting it on the button and going
    through the door it opens.
    Kill the enemies and use rocks to flip the three untouchable switches.  A chest
    will appear that contains a key.  Return to the main room and climb the platform
    in the south to get to the chest.  Open it to find the Diamond of Dale.  Exit the
    tomb to the south.
    Head east, lighting the braziers positioned on the back wall along the way.  Go
    through the wooden door you come to.  Save your game, light the chalices,
    and enter the tomb to the right of the tree.
    Climb the cliffs in front of the entrance and light the chalices to lower the grey
    block in the west.  Descend and use the grey block to climb up onto the
    platform it sits below.  Go left, climb the ledge to the north, head left, and
    descend the ledge there.  Exit the room to the left.  You must exit the next room
    to the left also.
    Here you will see a bouncing chest.  Opening it will unleash a ghost which,
    when killed, will hand over a key.  This key should then be used on the door
    in the previous room.  Climb the ledge in front of the entrance to come to a
    multitude of switches (5).  To best illustrate the order in which they should be
    flipped, here is a simple diagram.  The numbers indicate the priority of the
    switch (1 gets flipped first, 2 gets flipped second, etc.).
    |                               |
    |   (2)  (1)  (5)  (3)  (4)     |
    Once the door drops, go around the wall ,either left or right, and drop down
    the ledge.  Enter the small hole revealed by the lowered block to collect the
    Garnet of Girion.  Exit the cave once the gem is in your possession.
    Enter the tomb to the right.  Use thunderclaps to blow up the two cracked rocks
    that area up the left and right paths, then destroy the other rocks blocking the
    way.  Once they are gone, push the blocks that are near the entrance up and
    onto the buttons in the north of the room.  There is a skull in the upper left
    corner of the room that you should blow up with a firecracker.  It will reveal
    the third button, which you should cover up with a rock.  You can use the same
    rock for each switch, making the puzzle faster and easier to manage.
    Climb the platforms and go the door.  Climb the ledges to get around the block
    wall.  In the next puzzle, you must push the three moveable statues into the
    three spots so that they match the three already in place in the right side of the
    screen.  Once the statues are in place, a switch will appear.  Flipping it will
    reveal three more switches.
    Go to the three switches.  Once again, there is a particular order in which the
    switches must be pulled.  Pull them in this order: Left, Right, Middle.  The
    small switch will reset and you must pull the three large switches again, this
    time in the following order: Right, Middle, Middle, Left, Right.  In the third
    round of flipping, flip them in this order: Right, Left, Middle, Left, Left, Middle,
    Right.  The platform will finally be raised so you can proceed.  Enter the room
    to the north to get the Orb of Erebor.  Exit the tomb and save your game.
    Head south through several area.  You will come to a grey block, stopping
    your progress.  To the right are three slots that match the gems you found.
    Press A in front of each slot to clear your way.  Climb the various ledges and
    exit to the south.  Use the ring to sneak past the guards and enter Bard's tent.
    Bilbo will offer Bard the Arkenstone of Thrain to avoid conflict, risking the loss
    of his share of the treasure and the retaliation of the dwarves.  Bard admires
    this.  Outside, you will see Gandalf.  Thorin and Bard confront each other, but
    Gandalf warns of an approaching Goblin army.
    * BATTLE *
    Bilbo must escape the area to the safety of the shores.  Exit the area to the
    southwest and continue going down the mountain, passing elves and dwarves
    as they fight.
    Eventually, you get ambushed by three axe wielding goblins and three spear
    chuckers.  Kill the goblin axes first, since they do more damage.  Stand in
    such a way that you attack all three at once.  When they're dead, move on to
    the spear throwers.  When it is all clear, head south.
    In the next area, you find a dwarf fighting tons of goblins.  Stand where you
    are and kill the goblins as they attack you.  Stay out of range of the spears and
    constantly swing your sword.  Eventually, the shields will fall back.  Wait there
    until the dwarf kills the spear thrower who is still attacking.  Now head south
    for round two.
    Go south until goblin axes attack, then back up out of range of the spears and
    kill the attackers.  Do this until the shields fall back.  The dwarves will then tell
    you to run south to safety, though running south provokes a huge swarm of
    goblins to attack.  They're really easy to beat though, as long as you back
    up against a bush or tree to prevent being surrounded and constantly swing.
    To the south you will fight another shield battle, in which you should use the
    same tactics as before.  Further down the mountain you will see the first
    dwarven casualty and will have to fight the goblins who killed him.  Head
    south and you will be forced to the left by wolves.
    Boss Fight: Mounted Spear Thrower
    The last boss is a tough one.  He runs back and forth throwing an array of
    swords.  If you walk in front of him, he will turn and charge downward.  By
    standing in front of the bushes by the entrance, you are safe from the spears.
    As he comes towards you, run out, avoiding the spears, so that you end up
    standing in front of him.  Immediately turn around and run right a bit.  He will
    charge downward.  On the way back up, hit him and run to the safety of the
    bushes.  The bladed stick will do more damage than Sting.  Soon he will begin
    to stop on the left or right side.  He throws three sets of spears, then pauses.
    During the pause, attack.  Eventually, he will start chasing you, stopping,
    swinging a sword, and pausing.  Once, again, attack during the pause.
    Goblins and wolves will attack after a while.  Whip out Sting and take them
    down.  During this time, the boss will be still.  Take the chance to deal a lot
    of damage to him.
    When the boss dies, rocks will fall and Bilbo will be swept away into darkness.
    When he comes back to consciousness, he find the war is over.  Thorin is on
    his deathbed and apologizes for his words at the gate before he dies.  Bilbo
    takes two small chests of silver and gold and returns to the Shire to rest.
    |                                              |
    |(D)                ITEMS                   (D)|
    * RUNES *
    Runes are small rocks with ancient writing etched upon their surfaces.  With
    runes in your possession, certain attributes, discriminated by the writing on the
    rune, are granted to you.   There are six types of runes in this game.
    Life Rune - the life rune is an extremely helpful rune, as it increases your HP
    capacity.  With each life rune you collect, Bilbo adds 5 points to his possible
    HP and refill his HP.  There are 9 life runes, allowing you to obtain a total of
    75 HP (including the 30 Bilbo starts with).
    Shield Rune - the shield rune increases Bilbo's defenses.  Obtaining a shield
    rune reduces the damage Bilbo takes when hit by an enemy.  There are 9
    shield runes in the game.
    Skill Rune - the skill rune increases Bilbo's attack ability, making him a more
    effective fighter.  There are 9 skill runes in the game.
    Sword Rune - the sword rune, seemingly, is the same as the skill rune, though
    because there is only one, it implies that it is a much more powerful upgrade.
    Jump Rune - the jump rune increases the distance Bilbo can jump.  It basically
    allows you to jump again in mid-air.
    Strength Rune - the strength rune increases Bilbo's strength, allowing him to
    carry more stackable items.  An important example is his food capacity.  It goes
    up from 30 to 50.
    * ITEMS *
    Throughout the game, Bilbo accumulates many items which can be used in many
    ways to help him through his adventure.
    Walking Stick - the walking stick is a slow, rather weak weapon.  It is also a bit
    clumsy to aim, since it smacks straight down rather than side to side.  However,
    you will only need to use it during the first two levels where enemies are weak.
    It is obtained outside of the Green Dragon Inn at the end of the first level.
    Sword (Sting) - the knife that Bilbo uses as a sword is a very powerful weapon.
    It is speedy and has a wide attack, increasing accuracy.  Once you get it, equip
    it.  It is obtained in the troll treasure cave in level 2.
    The One Right - the One Ring allows Bilbo to become invisible for about 30
    seconds.  It does not save you from enemies, however.  It is really only useful
    in the wood elves level.  It is obtained from Gollum in the Goblin Cave.
    Music Box - the Music Box soothes animals to sleep with its sweet melody.  It
    is helpful when trying to get by dogs.  The box is obtained from the wood
    elf level.
    Rocks- these are smalls rocks that Bilbo is able to palm and throw at enemies.
    They aren't all that powerful, but they can be useful for hitting enemies who
    are on different platforms while staying out of range of their attacks.  They can
    also be used for flipping switches that you cannot reach.  Rocks are first given
    to you for use in the Wild and your rock stockpile can be replenished by
    picking up those that enemies happen to drop.
    Stones- stones are similar to rocks, but they are the proper shape and size for
    use in Bilbo's sling, which he receives from an elf in Rivendell.  Flying from a
    sling, they cause more damage than rocks that are simply thrown.  They serve
    the same purposes as rocks, they're just better, so they should be used in place
    of rocks unless they are in short supply, which is a rare occurrence.  Stones
    can also be used to flip switches.  Just like rocks, they can be found among the
    items left by fallen enemies.
    Spores- spores are a rare item in the game, and aren't very crucial to success.
    Throwing these at enemies will cause a cloud of spores to confuse them.  The
    enemy will then move about with question marks (obviously indicating
    confusion) floating about its head.  It will no longer attack Bilbo and will
    occasionally drop items.  Spores can be found in the Misty Mountains and
    the Lake-town.
    Darts- darts are more very similar to rocks and stones, differing only in look and
    damage dealt.  All the same rules apply, though I've never tried using a dart on
    a switch.  You receive darts after hunting squirrels for the dwarves in
    Food- food, mainly consisting of apples and meat, is Bilbo's source
    of HP.  Apples count as one piece of food and meat counts as two.  Each piece
    of food heals 5 HP when eaten.  Food is abundant in the area, as it is dropped
    by most enemies, can be found in chests and buildings, and is awarded to you
    for completing certain tasks.
    Spring water- pure elven spring water, like food, replenishes health.  It,
    however, heals 50 HP.  Spring water can be in the same ways food can
    be, but it is a bit more rare.
    Firecrackers- firecrackers are first given to Bilbo in the Shire.  They are small
    explosives that deal a minimal amount of damage and have the capability of
    destroying certain objects made of wood or brush.  Firecrackers are placed
    directly in front of Bilbo and he must run away to avoid the explosion.
    Thunderclaps- thunderclaps are first found in the lone-lands.  They are large
    explosives that cause a large amount of damage and have the capability of
    destroying certain objects made of wood, brush, or stone.  Thunderclaps are
    placed in front of Bilbo and shoot forward in the direction Bilbo was facing
    when he placed them.  They explode on contact.
    Tinder & Flint- tinder & flint, working together, create sparks, which can ignite
    a flame in certain circumstances.  This can light caves that are too dark to see
    in.  Tinder & flint are found in the lone-lands.  This item does not need to be
    equipped for use.  Simply press A when near something flammable.
    Mithril Coat - this item, found in Smaug's cave, is a chain mail shirt made of the
    incredibly strong metal, Mithril.  It doesn't play much of a role in the game,
    though I think it probably raises defense, similar to a shield rune.
    Tokens- tokens are coins dropped by enemies.  Accumulating fifty tokens
    grants Bilbo an extra life.
    Keys- keys open doors that are locked.  They can be found in chests, under
    rocks, in the possession of enemies, and similar places.
    |                                              |
    |(E)        CONCLUDING INFORMATION          (E)|
    This was a very fun game and writing the FAQ was enjoyable.  Hopefully this
    document helped you with any puzzle problems you faced.  If not, feel free
    to contact me:
    Send me any comments, questions, or suggestions.
    Thanks to:
    CJayC and gameFAQs,
    Tool, APC, the New Deal, and the Disco Biscuits,
    Batgirl for her help.

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