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    Program Error Numbers and Passwords by Unknownthing

    Version: 1.63 | Updated: 09/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Battle Network Rockman Exe 3:  Program Error Numbers and Passwords
    Version:  1.63  September 25, 2003
    This list created by Unknownthing.
    If you want to contact me, I can be found at the 'RockmanExe 3' message board at GameFAQs
    sometimes.  (www.Gamefaqs.com)
    If you really want to E-mail me.  Then I suppose you can send it to the following address:
    Be forewarned that I do not check my mail very often and that any mail sent could be easily
    mistaken as junk mail.
    This is basically a list containing the name of the known programs that can be obtained
    and used in the NaviCustomizer in Rockman Exe 3 along with their names, error number,
    and passwords.
    Basically, some programs cannot be used because the program is not compatible with RockmanExe's
    current style.  When this happen you will notice that a message with an error number
    (ie.  Error A3) will be displayed in the Information box of the NaviCustomizer screen.
    Using the correct password RockmanExe can bypass the incompatibility issue and hence still
    be able to use the program normally.  To be able to input the password a KeyItem known
    as KaidzoShell (aka ModTools in english version) is required.  When you are able to input
    passwords, press the Select button when the error is displayed in the information box to bring
    up the Password Input interface.
    As of January 13, 2003 - A new section called the 'EX Codes' have been added to this FAQ.
    These passwords can be used when there is no need to input a password for an Error Number.
    These passwords can give Rockman the effects of a program/plus part without having to put the
    program itself into the NC (Ie. Using the HP+100 password will give Rockman 100 more HP
    without having to put the HP+100 plus part onto the NC).  The only setback is that
    you can not use any incompatible programs since you can only input a limit of 1 password.
    So it's either an incompatible program like DarkLicense or an extra effect like HP+100.
    Check the general walkthrough FAQs for information on how to obtain the KeyItem.
    Also check the general walkthrough if you are not familiar with the basis of the game.
    For more information concerning the NaviCustomizer consult one of the already existing
    NaviCustomizer FAQs.  As of now Zidanet129's NC FAQ is currently the only in-depth NC FAQ.
    You can also check Zidanet129's NC FAQ for more info concerning ExCodess.
    This FAQ is intended as a quick reference for these passwords.
    So you can search for the password of a program by using the Ctrl-F function of
    Internet Explorer and using any of the following as search terms:
    1)  The name of the program  (ie.  BreakBuster)
    2)  The ErrorNumber of the program.  (ie.  Error :  A2)
    3)  The name of the style the program is learned from, use the keyword 'Special'
    as the search term if the program is not learned from a style.  (ie.  Guts)
    On to the list...
    The Program, ErrorNumber, and Password List
    Note:  The following is an example of how the Password Input Interface looks like.
           The numbers 1, 2 and 3 represents the characters located after the Z on the 
           password input interface which cannot be displayed in this text as it is not an
           Ascii character.
    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
    P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 [Enter]
    Guts Programs
    Error :  A1
    Name  :  SuperArmour
    Code  :  GYU2OPZQ
    Extra :  KTEIUE2D
    Error :  A2
    Name  :  BreakBuster
    Code  :  3GKQ2RSQ
    Extra :  SI1IEMGO (Custom-2)
    Error :  A3
    Name  :  BreakCharge
    Code  :  LO13ZXME
    Extra :  SKDSHUEO (Custom-1)
    Ground Programs
    Error :  B1
    Name  :  SetGreen
    Code  :  JHGIUTOP
    Error :  B2
    Name  :  SetIce
    Code  :  ALSK3W2R
    Error :  B3
    Name  :  SetMagma
    Code  :  Y2UOMNCB
    Error :  B4
    Name  :  SetSand
    Code  :  1LSKUTOB
    Error :  B5
    Name  :  SetMetal
    Code  :  BM2KWIRA
    Error :  B6
    Name  :  SetHoly
    Code  :  UTI3OMDH
    Custom Programs
    Error :  C1
    Name  :  Custom1
    Code  :  X2CD3KDA
    Error :  C2
    Name  :  Custom2
    Code  :  UTIXM1LA
    Bug Programs
    Error :  D2G
    Name  :  DarkLicense (Normal) [Custom-1]
    Code  :  OI1UWMAN
    Error :  D2C
    Name  :  DarkLicense (Custom, Brother, Ground) [Custom-1]
    Code  :  WS1FS1AQ
    Error :  D2S
    Name  :  DarkLicense (Shadow, Guts, Shield) [Custom-1]
    Code  :  P3TOSIIS
    Team/Brother Programs
    Error :  E1
    Name  :  MegaFolder1
    Code  :  P2I3MSJL
    Extra :  JDKGJ1U2
    Error :  E2
    Name  :  MegaFolder2
    Code  :  UTIR1SO2
    Extra :  3DIVNEIQ (Custom-1)
    Shield Programs
    Error :  F1
    Name  :  Block
    Code  :  QSAO3C3L
    Extra :  ZBKD1UEW
    Error :  F2
    Name  :  Shield
    Code  :  NC1FKSA2
    Extra :  EIR3BM3I
    Error :  F3
    Name  :  Reflect
    Code  :  ITA2CRWQ
    Extra :  SK13EO1M (Custom-1)
    Shadow Programs
    Error :  H1
    Name  :  ShadowShoes
    Code  :  A3DJMNB1
    Extra :  GKHU1KHI
    Error :  H2
    Name  :  FloatShoes
    Code  :  UTIW2SMF
    Extra :  PEOTIR2G
    Error :  H3
    Name  :  KawarimiMagic
    Code  :  SK3LROT1
    Extra :  L3KJGUEO (Custom-1)
    Special Programs
    Error :  G2G
    Name  :  GigaFolder1  (Normal, Bug) [Move-PoisonPanel]
    Code  :  CVVDS2WR
    Extra :  KSIK1EIG  (Move-PoisonPanel glitch)
    Error :  G2C
    Name  :  GigaFolder1  (Custom, Brother, Ground) [Move-PoisonPanel]
    Code  :  TIS3LAEJ
    Extra :  KSIK1EIG  (Move-PoisonPanel glitch)
    Error :  G2S
    Name  :  GigaFolder1  (Shadow, Guts, Shield) [Move-PoisonPanel]
    Code  :  TUIEO23T
    Extra :  KSIK1EIG  (Move-PoisonPanel glitch)
    Error :  S2G
    Name  :  SaitoBatch  (Normal, Bug) [HP/2]
    Code  :  AX1RTDS3
    Error :  S2C
    Name  :  SaitoBatch  (Custom, Brother, Ground) [HP/2]
    Code  :  TU1AW2LL
    Error :  S2S
    Name  :  SaitoBatch  (Shadow, Guts,  Shield) [HP/2]
    Code  :  F2AAFETG
    EX Codes
    You can input one of these passwords when you do not need to input
    any passwords to bypass an Error Number.
    Name :  HP+100
    Code :  JIEU1AWT
    Name :  HP+150
    Code :  U2IEOSKW
    Name :  HP+200
    Code :  ASK3IETN
    Name :  HP+250
    Code :  SIE1TMSD
    Name :  HP+300
    Code :  SEIUT1NG
    Name :  HP+350
    Code :  GJHURIE2
    Name :  HP+400       (Custom-1)
    Code :  AWE3ETSW     
    Name :  HP+450       (Custom-1)
    Code :  3MZNBXH1     
    Name :  HP+500       (Custom-1)
    Code :  2YTIWOAM
    Name :  HP+550       (Custom-1)
    Code :  O3IUTNWQ     
    Name :  HP+600       (Custom-2)
    Code :  ZMJ1IGIE     
    Name :  HP+650       (Custom-2)
    Code :  SRUEIT3A    
    Name :  HP+700       (Custom-2)
    Code :  AKZ21UMW  
    Name :  HP+800       (Move-PoisonPanel)
    Code :  DMGEIO3W     
    Name :  HP+900       (Move-PoisonPanel)
    Code :  SM2UIROA
    Name :  HP+1000      (Move-PoisonPanel)
    Code :  CNJDU2EM
    Name :  ShinobiDash
    Code :  SKJGURN2
    Name :  UnderShirt
    Code :  UIEU2NGO
    Name :  AirShoes     (Custom-1)
    Code :  ZN3UDOIQ
    Name :  FastGauge    (Custom-2)
    Code :  XBCJF2RI
    Name :  HumourSense
    Code :  SJH1UEKA
    Name :  SuperArmour
    Code :  KTEIUE2D
    Name :  BreakBuster  (Custom-2)
    Code :  SI1IEMGO
    Name :  BreakCharge  (Custom-1)
    Code :  SKDSHUEO
    Name :  MegaFolder1
    Code :  JDKGJ1U2
    Name :  MegaFolder2  (Custom-1)
    Code :  3DIVNEIQ
    Name :  MegaFolder3  (Move-PoisonPanel)
    Code :  URY33RRO
    Name :  MegaFolder4  (Move-Poison Panel)
    Code :  FFIM1OWE
    Name :  MegaFolder5  (Move-Poison Panel)
    Code :  SKFBM3UW
    Name :  Block
    Code :  ZBKD1UEW
    Name :  Shield
    Code :  EIR3BM3I
    Name :  Reflect       (Custom-1)
    Code :  SK13EO1M
    Name :  FloatShoes
    Code :  PEOTIR2G
    Name :  ShadowShoes
    Code :  GKHU1KHI
    Name :  KawarimiMagic (Custom-1)
    Code :  L3KJGUEO
    Name :  GigaFolder1   (Move-PoisonPanel)
    Code :  KSIK1EIG
    Version 1.63 - All listed codes have been tested and are confirmed to work for both
                   the Regular/White and Blue/Black Version.
    [September 25, 2003]
    Version 1.62 - Added Ex Code for BreakCharge. Fixed comment on SuperArmour Ex Code
                   (there is no Custom-2 glitch).
    [August 1, 2003]
    Version 1.61 - Fixed ErrorCode B4.
    [July 29, 2003]
    Version 1.60 - Added EX Codes for HP+150, HP+500, HP+650, HP+700, GigaFolder1
    [July 19, 2003]
    Version 1.50 - Added EX Codes for HP+900, HP+1000, FastGuage, MegaFolder4, MegaFolder5,
                   Reflect, KawarimiMagic
    [June 20, 2003]
    Version 1.40 - Added EX Codes for HP+550, HP+800, AirShoes, SuperArmour, BreakBuster,
                   MegaFolder2, MegaFolder3
                 - EPs are now called EX Codes following the convention used by the Japanese
                   websites and boards.
    [April 3, 2003]
    Version 1.32 - Added EP for HP+450
    [February 10, 2003]
    Version 1.31 - Added EP for HP+600
    [January 24, 2003]
    Version 1.3 - Added EPs for HP+250, FloatShoes
    [January 21, 2003]
    Version 1.2 - Added EPs for HP+350, HP+400, Shield, ShadowShoes
    [January 19, 2003]
    Version 1.1 - Added EPs for HP+300, HumourSense, MegaFolder1, Block
                - EPs for programs listed in the Program, ErrorNumber & Passwords list
                  are also added there.
    [January 19, 2003]
    Version 1.0 - Added final ErrorNumber password, F2.
    [January 15, 2003]
    Version 0.9 - Added passwords to ErrorNumber D2S, F1, H1, G2S.
                - Added Extra Program Effect Password section
    [January 13, 2003]
    Version 0.8 - Added passwords to ErrorNumber A2, B6, C1, E2
    [January 11, 2003]
    Version 0.7 - Added hints to the passwords for error
    (Released)    number A2, B6, C1, E2, F1, F2, G2S, and H1.
    [January 3, 2003]
    Version 0.6 - Added password for error number S2C.
    [December 31, 2002]
    Version 0.5  - Created list of known programs and their error numbers
    (Unreleased)   and all known passwords.
    [December 30, 2002]
    All Codes obtained from:
    1)  Battle Network Rockman Exe 3 by Capcom
    2)  The Japanese Webpage & MessageBoard of
        -Errors:  A2, B6, C1, E2
    3)  MarshMallowMan for:
        -Providing webpages containing ErrorNumber hints and passwords
        -Hints: A2, B6, C1, E2, F1, F2, H1, G2S, S2C.
        -Extra: HP+200
        -Clarification of the 'ExCodes'
        -Errors:  D2S, F1, F2, H1, G2S
    4)  Zidanet129 for:
        -Stating the existence of 'ExCodes'
        -Extra: HP+100, HP+900, HP+1000, ShinobiDash, UnderShirt, FastGauge, MegaFolder4,
                MegaFolder5, KawarimiMagic
    5)  Webpage & MessageBoard mentioned in (3)
        -Hints: A2, B6, C1, E2, F1, F2, H1, G2S, S2C.
        -Extras:  HP+250, HP+300, HP+350, HP+600, HumourSense, MegaFolder1,
                  Block, Shield, ShadowShoes
    7)  Another Webpage and MessageBoard also mentioned in (3)
        -Errors:  D2S, F1, F2, H1, G2S
        -Extras:  HP+150, HP+400, HP+450, HP+500, HP+550, HP+700, HP+800, AirShoes, SuperArmour,
                  BreakBuster, BreakCharge, MegaFolder2, MegaFolder3, FloatShoes, GigaFolder1
    8)  Theta11 for the information of the EX Codes that can be obtained from the 
        RockmanExe: Transmission game.
    Well, thanks goes to:
    1)  Capcom for creating and releasing the game, Battle Network Rockman
        Exe 3.
    2)  MarshMallowMan for the things he did mentioned in the Credits.
    3)  Zidanet129 for the the things mentioned in the Credits as well.
    4)  The Japanese sites also mentioned in the Credits.
    5)  GameFAQs for having a message board where people can gather and
        discuss about the games.
    6)  Many of the people of the Rockman Exe 3 GameFAQs message board.
    7)  Any other people I may have missed.

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